Darren Daly learns the advantages of a bigger-than-average cock...
The last thing Darren Daly remembered from that Tuesday morning was falling, as if in slow motion, towards the ground at the skate park. He'd overdone it this time, gone for the arial 720 that he knew he couldn't do. But he'd always had that overconfidence which came with the body he'd been given, which was both a blessing and often a curse. He was not that muscular for a 17 year old, tall and fairly skinny, but he was well endowed for his age, and was always wearing skinny jeans to show it off. At this point, however, none of that mattered, since he couldn't use it at all while out cold, lying on the warm Tarmac with blood staining his temple.

The first thing Darren remembered from that Tuesday afternoon was waking up in a hospital bed. His clothes had been changed for him, and he was wearing one of those hospital gowns with no back. Blinking deeply a few times, like an animal seeing the sun for the first time, he took in his surroundings. His skateboard was next to the bed, there was a sharp pain above his right ear, and...

There was also a woman. Not just any woman too, but a young, extremely attractive woman dressed as a nurse, inspecting something in the cupboard opposite the bed. This action was causing her to bend over slightly, allowing Darren to take in her stunning, round ass, which caused her outfit to strain slightly. It was mesmerising to his 17 year old eyes, and he gazed for a while, just taking it in.

He gazed for possibly too long, however, and soon his soft package started to grow under the covers. The thin hospital sheets did not do much to conceal this, and he rolled onto his side in order to hide it as much as he could. The rustling noise made by the covers caused the sexy nurse to turn around, allowing Darren to take in her beautiful face.

She had round eyes, dirty blonde hair and full lips which Darren couldn't help but imagine wrapped around his now expanding shaft. He had to use so much restraint to stop himself from staring at her ample bosom, also straining against the outfit. The uniform displayed just enough cleavage to tease without her being too slutty, but the two points poking into the fabric showed that she was clearly braless. She was, in the eyes of any 17 year old male, perfect.

"Ah good, you're awake. You've been out for a while." She had an Italian tinge to her accent. Even better. "But it's nothing to worry about, just a tiny bit of concussion. You're probably fine, but it might be worth x-raying just in case. Will you follow me?"

Darren followed with a mixture of eagerness and reluctance - he was finding it difficult to mask the bulge in his gown. As he walked, it bounced along under the material, straining slightly with desire. She lead him down the corridor to a darker room, and once they were inside, told him to stand against one wall and wait while she fetched something. Darren hadn't said a word, just taking her in while trying hard not to stare. As he waited, his brain raced through thousands of images, trying to make his erection subside. Little did he know how futile this would be.

When she returned, she had a large tub of something in her left hand. Darren, confused, finally spoke: "Sorry Doctor, but what is that?"

Her eyes twinkled pleasantly, as she said "Not doctor, I'm Nurse Rossetti. But please, call me Cristiana. This is all part of the x-ray treatment. I notice you haven't been for a check-up for while, so I need to do a full body scan. You're going to have to take the gown off I'm afraid, and this needs to go all over your body to... help the process".

Darren could have sworn that he saw a smirk in that brief pause, but he disregarded it because of the nerves which he suddenly had. He was still sporting a semi, which could increase at any moment, and she was just the person to set him off. But it was medical, she knew what she was doing, and he obliged. He turned and slipped off the gown, keeping his cock close to the wall trying to hide it as long as possible. As he turned round, Darren saw her unscrew the lid of the tub, and take a large glob of what looked like lotion in her hand.

And then she started to rub it all over him. She started with his hairless chest, rubbing his nipples and stomach with small circles, working the lotion all in. He tensed slightly as she covered his arms, shoulders and abs, and her cool touch aroused him even more. Then the moment of truth came, and she moved downwards, crouching lower as she went. Cristiana covered his legs first, working up and down the left, then the right. He looked straight ahead, trying not to make eye contact as she finally reached his cock. As soon as her moist palm made contact, it bounced slightly, and she chuckled. She continued, taking a bit longer here, making sure it all rubbed in. Darren's now moist body was glistening in the dim light, and Cristiana continued to rub his now fully erect dick with lotion. It was heaven.

She didn't let up with this action, and soon he was no longer at half-mast. His cock stood proudly to attention as Cristiana's long fingernailed hands rubbed the whole length. Every so often those nails would scratch slightly, sending a sensual shiver through his body. Due to the teenager's extraordinary length, she was having to use both hands to stroke his huge cock effectively, and Darren loved it. She could see from its current state that he wasn't just blessed with length, but girth too, and her hand only just wrapped fully around its circumference. She gave him a seductive look.

"I knew it would be this big when I changed you earlier, you're quite the unique kid. Tell me Darren, have you ever seen a naked woman before?"

Darren shook his head slowly as he stared into the deep blue eyes of the young nurse. She didn't break eye contact, but started to unzip her uniform from the top, and soon bared her breasts to the horny teen. They were just as he'd imagined, round and firm, and he dared to reach out and take one in each hand. She purred as he touched her sensitive breasts, and he moved his hands around as if he was a master potter.

She continued to unzip as he worked, and soon slid out of her outfit. She took his right hand and placed in it the tub of lotion. "Go on," she whispered in his ear, and without question he followed the instruction. He rubbed her all over, slowly and seductively, working his hands around her breasts and equally round ass until she gleamed just like him. She had turned around for this part, curving her back and presenting both succulent cheeks to him. Playfully, he slapped them one after the other, and they jiggled with the vibrations caused. This woman could have been a pornstar, from a video Darren had seen, but no. She was here, standing in front of him, all his. She turned around again, and he finally started to stroke her moist pussy, starting with two fingers on the outside, then inserting them both. She moaned right into his ear as he fingered her, and his cock jolted again.

As he worked, she leant forward and kissed him deeply and passionately, their tongues swirling around in an endless second. She broke, and he leaned in for more, never wanting that to stop, but given her next action, would have later regretted a continuation. She slid to her knees and took the 8 inch pole of uncut meat in her mouth, stroking it again as she sucked. He could feel her tongue caressing the tip, and electric jolts darted up his spine each time it hit the back of her throat. She devoured it hungrily, not letting up for a single second.

He looked into her eyes, and saw something more than passion there. It was lust, and he knew he could be rougher with her. He placed both hands on the back of her head, intertwining his fingers with her soft hair, and started to force her head deeper onto his shaft. She made a gagging noise, but showed no signs of stopping. He went faster and faster, taking in the rhythm of her head and the seductive slurping sounds, until finally every muscle in his body seized up, and his hard-on expanded as far as it could go, blasting cum into the back of her throat.

She had not broken eye contact with him, and without a word, got up and swallowed, licking her shiny lips. "Can you take more?" she asked quietly. He looked down at his cock, still standing to attention, and smirked, as if to say: "Can you?" To show him her answer, she lay down on the floor and moved her long, shiny legs apart. He knelt before her, and leant forward until he was on top of the slutty nurse.

And then he plunged all 8 inches of teenage confidence into her shaved slit. They both moaned with the action, and he moved his hips back and forth, back and forth. Once again rhythm took over, and his hands continued their previous work on her exquisite breasts. Her juices were flowing all over his lower body, and he could smell the strong, erotic stench of sex filling the room. All pain was removed from his body, he'd even forgotten the reason he'd been brought to the hospital, simply bliss was there as he pounded her smooth body with all his force. She was screaming with pleasure this time, moaning her approval.

"Oh yes. Oh fuck yes" she cried out. "Don't stop, don't you dare stop. Fuck me harder Darren Daly. Fuuuuuuuu..."

The pink lips of her moist cunt seized his cock as he humped her, and her juices flowed all around. He built up more speed, sweat now mixing with the lotion, and eventually it happened again. Darren plunged deeply into her once more, and released everything he had. The warm spunk flowed out too as he pulled out, as if uncorking champagne. She leaned forwards, and licked him clean.

"Thank you Darren," the Italian goddess said. They reclothed and exited the dark room, which was still filled with their erotic aromas. All traces of pain or concussion had disappeared. The teen, young in age but now more of a man than ever, took his skateboard and rode out of the hospital carpark. His friends would never believe him, but they didn't have to. He smiled to himself and looked around at the building one more time, to see Nurse Rossetti, Cristiana, blow him a final kiss - an image that would stay in his mind for many, many years to come.

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2014-04-24 07:04:53
That was my point exactly author, leave out the details!! Of course he doesn't need a head CT in the story. Keep it very generalized, don't go into specifics, I reiterate, that was my whole point. I am trying to help you here, others are gonna jump down your neck and give you negative votes for these oversights. I have given you positives on both your submissions. Take your writing more seriously if this is something you aspire to do. There are plenty of stories here that are " light hearted," don't use that as an excuse to submit work that doesn't meet the standards you know you are capable of achieving. In other words, don't be lazy and submit pieces that you know are subpar for your abilities. Understand I am not saying this to "pissy" or mean. I am really looking forward to watching you mature as an author. :)

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-23 13:07:04
Great story for a teen wet dream.



2014-04-23 01:04:02
Dear Anonymous Reader,

Many thanks for your comments, and I know that with practice, my writing will get better. The two stories were actually written 3 years apart, this is the more recent, and I decided to post them together. For me, erotic fiction is about the sex itself, and side details are more embellishments than key details. The hospital thing is basically just an excuse to write a sexy nurse - she wants to fuck him, what's she going to care about the x-ray process?!

I do appreciate your ideas, but I'm very keen that it's light hearted more than anything. My sex writing needs improvement, and that's the focus now. Does he really need a CT scan in the story? No. Just get to the sex.

Please do come back to what I write next. I do like to get feedback.

Darren Daly

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2014-04-23 00:42:19
Again, rushed, poorly researched, and unrealistic. Instead of trying to post two stories, concentrate your effort on one at a time. That's quite enough for you to handle at this stage. I would be careful about writing details in a story about something you have no experience with or haven't researched. I am referring to the "medical aspect" of your story. By all means write he is in the hospital but leave out the details unless you're going to do the research. For example, if a patient is brought in after a head injury and is unconcious they immediately go for a CT scan. They don't wait for them to become concious before acting. Also your descriptions of X-ray processes were totally flawed as well. You will be a good author if you slow down and take the time to write one story and make it as error free as possible. Again, best wishes. :)

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