From first sexual stirrings through exploration to loss of virginity
I am trying to write stories that will appeal to women, as well as men. Although this story is fiction some of the events and situations are based on events from my life and from the lives of my gal pals who have related their supposedly true stories to me. This story includes sexual awakenings of children which I believe to be realistic and not at all uncommon. We then follow Steve and Nancy through their teen years necking and petting, and finally having sex at age 17. Is this all that perverted or is it realistic and common? Really, how many 18 year old virgins exist in our society in this day and age? I welcome your comments and especially specifics on what you like or don't like, where I am hitting the nail on the head and where I am weak. Now the story:

My earliest memories go back to way before first grade. I remember just about everything from the time I was five years old and some things from much earlier.

I grew up in a non-traditional family environment. I mean, our Moms were lesbians, although we didn't know that or understand it until we were much older. In the beginning it was just our Moms and my "twin sister" and I. Nancy wasn't really my sister, but I didn't know that or understand it until later. Nancy and I were born the same day. We slept together in the same crib, and later in the same bed, and we were bathed together in the same tub until we were almost five years old. I remember being in the bath tub with Nancy and some toys, a rubber ducky and a little boat. I don't remember noticing the difference between boys and girls. We simply played with our toys together in the tub.

At some point Aunt Katherine, my other Mom, she was Nancy's Mom, had taken us to the swing in the trailer park where we lived. Neither Nancy nor I could swing on our own. We couldn't make the swing go, so "Aunt" Katherine, that's what I called her, Nancy called her "Mom", anyway she pushed the swings and made us go really high which made butterflies in our stomachs. At least that's what Aunt Katherine called it when we got all tickled and laughing so hard we almost peed our pants.

Not long after that I learned to make the swing go myself and I encouraged Nancy until she got hers to go too. We still preferred to have one of our Moms push us, because that made us go higher and get more butterflies in our stomachs. One day as I sat on the swing Nancy came up and straddled me sitting on my lap, face to face. I moved to try to make the swing go, then she moved. After a few tries we got the swing to go. Each time either of us moved to make the swing go it pressed our pelvis' together and rubbed them against each other. It felt good. It made "butterflies in my pee pee." I was not aware, or concerned about whether or not Nancy got "butterflies in her pee pee", but looking back on it, I guess she did. It became one of our favorite activities. Whenever we did it we always sang the same nursery rime:

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the water spout
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again

I have no idea why we sang that but we always did. One day Mom (my Mom) came out to check on us and we were swinging face to face, Nancy straddling me. My mother asked what we were doing and I just told her "swinging". She asked why we didn't use two swings and I told her with complete innocence "because it makes butterflies in my pee pee this way." Mom told us we couldn't do it that way anymore. When we asked why she told us "It's not nice". I guess we were about 5 years old at this point, and still sleeping together.
That night I heard the Moms talking about needing more bedrooms and buying a house. Not long after that we moved out of the trailer into a three bedroom house. It looked big to me then, but when I visited that house years later I saw that it was a very tiny house. Our first night in the new house I was shown that I had my own bed room and Nancy had her own bed room. Nancy started crying and saying she didn't want her own room. "I want to sleep with Stevie in OUR room" she said. The crying was to no avail. We were put to bed in our own rooms. When I was in bed I could hear Nancy crying and I almost cried too, but after a few days we got used to the new arrangement. No more baths together, even though we still only had one bath room. No more swinging together on the same swing. No more sleeping together.

Now you may wonder why we lived in a trailer park and how our Mom's were able to afford to buy a house, so I'll tell you some things that I learned years later. Mom, my Mom, was a good girl growing up. Her parents were religious and made her go to church every Sunday. In 11th grade Mom got a boyfriend who was one year old than her. He was in 12th grade and his name was Steve. Near the end of her junior year in high school Steve took her to his Senior prom, and that night was the first time Mom ever had sex.

After the end of the school year they spent the whole summer having sex, then when Mom started school for her senior year Steve joined the army. They planned to get married when Mom finished high school. Well, Steve wasn't gone more than a couple of weeks and Mom found out she was pregnant. Steve was going to come home for Christmas and they were going to get married. Then Steve and some other soldiers wrecked a jeep on the base and Steve was killed. Mom was left pregnant and when it started to show her parents threw her out of the house. I didn't know the whole story until I was grown. When I was a kid I just new that the soldier in the picture was my father and that he was dead.

Our other Mom, Aunt Katherine, was a different story. I was grown before I learned that whole story as well. She was attracted to girls instead of boys and when she made a pass at a cheer leader in 11th grade all the other kids started making fun of her and calling her "Lesbo" and "Dyke" and other names. Aunt Katherine denied it and said she liked boys and to prove it she set out to screw the whole football team, one guy at a time. Aunt Katherine ended up pregnant about the same time as my Mom. After she got kicked out by her parents she and my Mom had to drop out of high school without completing 12th grade. They rented an old two bedroom trailer in a dumpy trailer court across the street from a diner, near the hospital and the community college.

They worked at the diner and after Nancy and I were born they took turns taking care of both babies and working at the diner. Every other semester my Mom went to the community college and every other semester Aunt Katherine went to the community college. With the two of us kids, working at the diner, and going to school they never got any rest and not much sleep at all. They didn't have a car either. So, Nancy and I, our earliest memories are of the trailer park and our Moms working a lot and going to school. Finally they got one beat up old car and started taking some training at the hospital and at other places. Eventually Mom, my Mom, became an X-Ray technician and Aunt Katherine got some certifications and worked in the lab at the hospital. At first Aunt Katherine just drew blood, but later she got the training and certifications to run the analysis on peoples blood.

They were finally making a living and saving up a little money. That's when they bought the house. Things went on about the same for the next several years. Nancy and I were like brother and sister but we didn't take a bath together anymore.
When Nancy and I were about ten years old Nancy all of a sudden got bigger than me. By the time we were twelve she was a lot bigger than me and she had tits. I knew about tits. I was living in a one bathroom house with Nancy and our two Moms. The Moms didn't walk around naked in front of me, but I saw them in their underwear or sleepwear sometimes and when I had to get the laundry basket I'd look at their bras. Mom wore a 36B and Aunt Katherine wore a 36C. Nancy hid her bras and didn't want me to look at them. I teased her a little when she got her first "training bra". I became interested in tits and I was trying to get a peak at our Moms when I could, especially a peak at Aunt Katherine with those 36C's.

When we were in 7th grade, we were 12 years old and Nancy got a boyfriend, Larry Johnson. He was a big kid, 8th grade and he'd flunked a grade so he was two years older than me. He was also muscular. What boyfriends are for 7th grade girls is like going steady means he carries her books. I didn't like it that she had a boyfriend and I didn't like Larry. He was a bully, a blow hard, and he pushed smaller boys around, including me. Nancy completely ignored me. I was small and skinny and Nancy looked to me like she was turning into a grown woman.

We walked through a wooded area going to and from school. I was walking home one day and I heard screaming. I ran toward the screaming and when I got closer it sounded like Nancy. I dropped my books and ran as fast as I could toward the screaming, off the path and into the woods. That's where I came up to Larry Johnson holding Nancy down on the ground. He had torn her shirt and had her bra half off and was trying to pull down her underpants. She was kicking and flailing her arms, but Larry was so much bigger than her that she was helpless. As I ran toward them I saw a rock about the size of a brick. I picked it up and when I reached them I slammed it up against the side of Larry's head. He fell over on his side, silent, apparently dead.

Nancy was blubbering incoherently. I put my arms around her and helped her up and helped her get her torn blouse back on as best I could, then I checked Larry. He was breathing. After a short discussion Nancy assured me that she could make it on home and told me to go back to school and get some help for Larry. I ran all the way back to school and went to the principal's office. "Stevie, what can I do for you?" He said. "I think I just killed Larry Johnson" I replied. After a short discussion an ambulance came and I showed the guys with the stretcher where I'd left Larry. They loaded him up and took him to the hospital. The principal told me to be in his office the next morning with my mother.

When I got home Nancy ran up to me and threw her arms around me and said "Oh, Stevie, you are my hero. If you hadn't come by and saved me Larry would have...FUCKED ME! I asked her why she wanted a boyfriend who was such an asshole in the first place and she said "Oh, Stevie, I never wanted Larry Johnson for my boyfriend. It's just that you never paid any attention to me. I thought I might get some reaction out of you if I had a boyfriend." And I told her "Nancy, I thought you weren't interested in me. You got so big, and you got.....well, you got TITS!" Then Nancy told me "Stevie, don't you know, you are the only boyfriend I ever wanted." I stammered "But you are so much bigger and I'm scrawny...and..." Then Nancy said "Stevie, girls get puberty sooner than boys. I'll stop growing soon and you will catch up and then you'll be bigger than me, and your voice will get deep, and you'll be over six feet tall..." So I said "Well, maybe, but that's a long time in the future." and Nancy said "I'll wait, Stevie, I'll wait for you." and she threw her arms around me and kissed me full on the mouth. It was a strange sensation. Kind of wet and a little bit slobbery.

The next morning Mom and Aunt Katherine and Nancy and I all went to the principal's office. There was some discussion about what happened, and the principal told us that Larry Johnson was going to be OK and he'd be back in school within a couple days. Then the principal asked me if I was going to apologize to Larry and I asked "Apologize? For what? For saving my sister from getting beaten and raped?" Then the principal started in on something about "Well, we really aren't sure he was actually going to do that..." and Nancy jumped up and yelled at him "Yes he was. He tore my blouse half off, had my bra loose and was trying to get my panties off". "Are you sure you didn't do anything to provoke him? Lead him on?" asked the principal. At that point Aunt Katherine grabbed Nancy and stormed out.

Mom and I were sitting there and then the principal asked me "Are you going to promise me you won't hit anyone in the head with a rock again?" And I said "As long as Larry leaves my sister alone, I'll let him live." The principal turned red in the face but didn't seem to know what to say. After a few minutes my Mom left and I went to class.

The next day Larry was in school with a bandage on the side of his head. When nobody else could hear he said "I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna beat the holy livin' shit out of you. You just wait." I was scared of him. He repeated his threats often, but he never touched me or Nancy again. Now that I look back on it, I think that bully was afraid I would kill him. I was only 12 years old, but I think if he'd ever messed with Nancy again I would have. It's not that I am a violent type, or have an uncontrollable temper. As a matter of fact, I never got in another fight, never hit anybody again, not ever.

School ended for the year and we turned thirteen. Nancy was doing some baby sitting for extra money. I went to Peterson's Market and asked old man Petersen if he had any work I could do. He was a nice old guy. He and his wife ran this little grocery store on the edge of town a few blocks from our house. The store was part of a bigger building with some other small shops in the part of the building not taken up by the market. The Peterson's didn't have any kids. The old lady used to give me a free sucker when I was little. Mr. Peterson gave me a broom showed me some things to do around the store. As time went on he showed me how he wanted all the cans taken off a shelf, then wipe down the shelf, then wipe off the tops of the cans, and stack them neatly back on the shelf, with the oldest dated cans in front. Anything with an expiration date less than two weeks away went in the half price bin. Anything with and expiration date less than one week away went to the Salvation Army down the street. Over time I learned to stock, inventory, order, and eventually cashier and make bank deposits. Now I'm getting ahead of myself. I started at age 13, I didn't make bank deposits until many years later.

When school started in the fall we were in 8th grade. I carried Nancy's books. Some of our friends thought it was weird to have my sister as my girlfriend, but I explained she was my step sister. Nancy's friends kidded her about having a boyfriend who was "a little shrimp." Things went pretty well. Larry Johnson had moved on to high school. The Mom's bought a second car and it was almost new. They kept the old car. Nancy and I thought they must be making a lot of money. As for Nancy and I, we decided that it was time to get serious about growing up. We started saving most of what we earned. Mr. Peterson kept me working hard, but he was patient. Mrs. Peterson was like a grandmother to me. She still worked at the store but with me there she was able to cut back a little. Mr. Peterson could do the paperwork that she used to do and I did a lot of the cleaning and stocking that he used to do.

I was making a lot more money than Nancy. We had almost $200 saved up when we asked the Moms to take us to the bank to open an account. Nancy acted surprised when I asked that it be a joint account with her because "most of the money is yours, Stevie". "No" I said. "It's ours". Before I knew it school was almost over for the year, we were almost fourteen years old and one morning I got up and discovered to my great surprise that I was taller than Nancy. Turning fourteen I encountered a new problem. I had boner all the time. I woke up with a boner. I went to sleep with a boner. I learned to jerk off. Nancy and I started kissing a lot. That made my boner worse. Whenever the Moms weren't around Nancy and I would make out. We rolled around on the floor, we dry humped on the sofa. We "swapped spit" by the barrel.

One afternoon during the summer between 8th and 9th grade, not long after our 14th birthday, we were making out for about three hours when we heard the Mom's coming in. We hopped up on the sofa and sat there looking at the TV as if that was what we'd been doing the whole afternoon. Then my balls started to hurt. I'm talking about the worst pain of my life. They felt like somebody had laid them on a table and whacked them with a sledge hammer. I couldn't walk and I didn't know what to say or what to do. Finally, when Nancy was in the bathroom and the Mom's asked me to come set the table and I couldn't walk Aunt Katherine asked me what was wrong. I finally managed to tell her that my balls hurt real bad. Aunt Katherine asked "What were you and Nancy doing this afternoon? Were you making out?" My Mom said "Oh, my God, I hope he didn't get Nancy PREGNANT!"

Aunt Katherine said "I think he has blue balls, and if that's the case then he certainly didn't get Nancy pregnant." Then Aunt Katherine told me to come with her and she took me back into her and Mom's bedroom and said "OK, young man, drop trou." I looked at her blankly and she said "Pull your pants down" I was embarrassed to death. Aunt Katherine explained "When a boy has a hard on for several hours he can get blue balls. The only way to fix it is to cum." I looked at her blankly and she said "You have to have a release." and with that she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled my pants down. She cupped my balls in her hand, and even though she was barely touching me it hurt like hell. They were drawn up tight. Then she grabbed my dick and started working it. In about two seconds I had a boner. Aunt Katherine walked over to her night stand and got a tube of something. It wasn't toothpaste, it was a gel. She put some on her hand then rubbed it on my dick and started jerking me off.

After a few minutes I started squirting spurt after spurt of cum all over her hand, her arm, her blouse. When I was finished Aunt Katherine said "Teenagers masturbate. They all do it. It's OK to do it. If you and Nancy are going to make out, you just see that you masturbate and you don't stick that thing between Nancy's legs. Your mother and I love you and Nancy more than anything, but having you at the age of 17 made life very difficult for us. We don't want you and Nancy to make that mistake. Now zip up your pants and lets go eat dinner." My balls still hurt but only a little They hurt the rest of the day and still hurt when I went to sleep that night, but not anywhere near as bad as they did before Aunt Katherine jerked me off.

After dinner the Moms took Nancy outside and had the pregnancy talk with her. I couldn't hear what they said but Nancy told me all about it the next day. She thought we were were going to get in trouble for making out but we didn't. Our Moms were cool, but concerned. Nancy and I agreed we'd wait until we were 18 years old and out of high school before we "did it for real" but we kept making out every chance we got. We made out on the floor, on the sofa, on Nancy's bed, on my bed. Sometimes at night after the Moms were asleep Nancy would sneak into my room, or I'd sneak into hers. Eventually I was feeling her up and sucking her tits every chance I got, but we didn't fuck.

9th grade started. I got quite a bit taller. Some of the kids at school started calling our Mom's "Lesbos" and "Dykes". We denied they were gay even though we knew they were. We had heard them in their bedroom at night, so we knew what was going on. They were good Moms and we knew they loved us. Besides, we had grown up without ever having Dads. What Mom and Aunt Katherine had seemed normal to us. We'd never known anything else.

Tenth grade: I played basket ball and ran track. Nancy played volley ball. We continued to work, me part-time at the Market and Nancy baby sitting and doing other odd jobs, whatever she could find. One day Nancy came by Peterson's Market to see me and Mrs. Peterson asked Nancy "How would you like to work here, part-time?" Nancy was almost jumping up and down with joy. Mr. Peterson put up a sign over one cash register that read "Beer-Cigarettes" and over the other cash register a sign that read "No beer or cigarettes". The law was you had to be 18 to sell (or buy) cigarettes and 21 to sell (or buy) beer. With Nancy running the "No Beer" cash register and Mr. or Mrs. Peterson running the other one, me cleaning and stocking, the market hummed. When things were slow sometimes only the "no beer" register was open, but we had a bell we could ring to alert Mr. Peterson when I customer wanted beer and he could run out from the office and ring it up. Most of the time he could stay in his office doing the books and ordering, which gave Mrs. P more time off.

We saved all the money we could and as our 16th birthdays approached and 10th grade was almost over we had more than $2,000 in the bank. Sixteen, do you know what that means? It means one of the biggest days in a boy's life. DRIVERS LICENSE! Our 16th birthday fell on a Saturday so we had to wait until Monday to go get our licenses.

Monday afternoon both Moms took off from work early and took us over the the drivers license office. We paid our own fees out of our own money and walked out with our licenses. The Mom's let us take to older car for a joy ride and we drove to the other side of the lake where we tried out the back seat. We just made out, humped, got half naked. We didn't fuck. On the way home Nancy said "Steve, should we get a small car that gets good MPG or a car with a big back seat?" I laughed, she laughed. At home we surfed the net for cars for sale. We looked at ratings, blue book and for sale posts. It looked like $2,000 would buy a very old VW or Toyota or other small car with very high miles or ....we found a "bluemobile", ten years old, 26,000 miles, one owner, garage kept. What's a "bluemobile"? Its a car that blue hairs would drive. You know, old ladies with white hair that go to the beauty parlor and get their hair done and it almost looks blue. The term is used regularly by the kids at school, as is the term "bluemobile". What I wanted was a sporty small car. This was a white Buick with full vinyl top, one owner, garage kept. It would use a bit more gas than a small car, but a good small car would cost twice as much. We decided we could buy a lot of gas with the money we didn't spend on a smaller, sporty car.

The next day, after school, we went to see the Buick. It was being sold by a man about sixty years old. The car had belonged to his father and mother. The father died a few years back and the mother died recently. The man selling the car said none of the grandchildren wanted it. They wanted small, sporty cars. We gave the man a deposit, all the money we had on us, and agreed to come back the next day with the rest of the money. We had to go get or savings out of the bank. After talking with the Moms we decided to put the car in Aunt Katherine's name to save on the cost of insurance. The Moms said "You know what this means? Grades, and other behavior, you know what's expected. If you misbehave or get bad grades we take the keys." Next day we got the car and guess where we took it on our first ride? The far side of the lake where we tried out the back seat and found it to be almost as good as the sofa at home. We humped and kissed, felt each other up and made out like crazy, but we didn't fuck.

In case you have forgotten what it's like to be sixteen years old and in love, let me refresh your memory. We held hands, we held feet. We watched TV touching, we did homework touching. There was a constant flow of electricity back and forth between us. We kissed, we french kissed, we worked on each other's ears and necks. When we had privacy I sucked Nancy's nipples. Her tits weren't as big as her Mom's but they were perfect, with pink nipples that stood up when she was turned on. When Nancy wore thin shorts and we humped she got so wet it looked like she'd peed her pants. Sometimes I came in mine.

We had some friends at school, other couples. Our best friends were "Hoss" and Diane. Hoss's real name was Eric, and we called him Eric until high school. Eric got big and played football. In the locker room and shower all the guys would see him with high huge cock swinging as he walked and said he was "hung like a horse (or hoss). The nick name stuck. He was "Hoss" from then on.

Diane was Nancy's best friend and she was a cheer leader. She was one of the prettiest girls in school and popular but when she and "Hoss" started going steady it was like they were totally committed to each other. Well, at age 16 everything is forever, isn't it? Diane lived in a really big, nice house with a pool. She had a party and invited a bunch of her and "Hoss's" friends. It was a pool party of course. Hoss was laying on a chaise lounge and Diane came up and straddled him, right in front of all the other kids. They had on swim suits, but she had her crotch right on Hoss's cock and she was grinding on him. I was laying on my back on the chase lounge next to Hoss and Nancy came up and straddled me. My cock was laying on my lower belly pointing up toward my navel and Nancy was sliding up and down on it.

I looked over at Diane and Hoss and Diane looked me right in the eye as she was sliding up and down Hoss's cock. I looked up at Nancy and she was looking over at Hoss. I think she was looking him in they eye too. It was the most erotic sensation I'd ever experienced but it only lasted a few seconds. Some of the other couples were saying things like "get a room" and "Hey, can't we get a turn on the chaise lounge?" There was laughing and horse play and it kind of broke the spell.

I was playing basketball and running track at school. Mr. Peterson gave me keys to the store so that I could work late at night when the store was closed, trying to make it so I could work and still be in sports at school. I was running 30 miles per week for training, so I couldn't work as many hours at the market. Nancy was working more hours at the market than I was. We were nearing the end of our junior year and of course we planned to go to the prom. Some of our friends, including Hoss and Diane, were having sex. Others were planning to "do it for real" on prom night. It was getting harder and harder for Nancy and I to resist the temptation to "go all the way". Some of the other couples we knew told us they were on the pill. They had chipped in and rented a mailbox at the local UPS store in the name of the high school glee club . Using prepaid VISA gift cards several couples were buying birth control pills over the internet. Nancy and I talked it over several times. One night Nancy came into my bedroom after the Moms were asleep. "Steve, I want to give you a special present for your 17th birthday. I want to give you my cherry."

We got a prepaid VISA gift card and clicked the pills on the internet. When they arrived at the glee club mail box they were postmarked from India. Some of the other couples told us theirs came from India, others said China. Nancy started on the pills six weeks before our 17th birthday. The prom came and went, school ended for the year and the big day finally came.

The Moms went to work and we had arranged the day off at the market. I took a shower and waited in my room, naked, while Nancy took one too. She took forever. Finally she walked into my room with wet hair, wearing a towel and nothing else. She said "Happy birthday, Steve. I'm all yours" then she unfastened the towel and let it drop on the floor. There she stood, the most beautiful seventeen year old girl in the world, perfect tits and when I looked down I couldn't believe my eyes. She was shaved completely bald! We had seen this on the internet but I'd never seen a shaved pussy in real life.

My cock was instantly rock hard. Nancy came over to the bed and kissed me, then she laid down beside me on her back. I leaned over and kissed her and started working on her ears and neck, gently nibbling her ears and grazing my teeth on her neck, giving her little gentle bites on the back of her neck. That always drove her crazy. I kissed down her neck to her tits and nipples, and down to her belly button, and down and down. I gently rubbed my cheek and then my whole face all over her smooth, shaved pussy, then I started to kiss and lick all around. Then, for the first time in my life I tasted her, my first taste of pussy, Nancy's beautiful, virgin pussy. As I gently licked and stuck my tongue in Nancy started to moan. I continued until she came, then I moved back up to her mouth and kissed her. I had her juices all around my mouth. Nancy said "Now it's my turn" and moved down to my cock and licked it and the took it in her mouth and gently sucked for about half a minute, then I said "That feels better than anything I've ever felt in my life, but you have to stop now." She understood. She laid on her back again.

I got on top of Nancy, between her legs. She spread her legs wide and said "Go ahead, Steve, I'm ready, as ready as any girl has ever been in the history of the world." I placed my cock head at her opening and she helped me guide it in but once my cock head was in I couldn't get it in any further. I was pushing pretty hard and Nancy was straining up with her hips. It wouldn't go in. Nancy said "Steve, roll over on your back." I did and Nancy got on top of me. We got my cock positioned again and got the head in. Nancy was now in control of how hard to push down onto my cock. She moved up and down a few times then with a great groan she used all her body weight to come down hard on my cock and forced it almost all the way in. Something broke through and she let out a little whimper and got still. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "It did, but not so much now. It feels nice, close, I'm so full of you." Then she started to move sliding me in and out. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I guess Nancy knew it too. She said "I came when you ate me, but I can't come again right now. Go ahead, I want to feel you cum inside me." I let loose, and for a moment I thought I'd lose consciousness, pass out. Everything was bright white for a few seconds, as I felt spurt after spurt of my semen going out of my cock and into Nancy. When I could see her face again she was smiling, more than smiling. She had a radiant look of absolute joy on her beautiful face. After a while she rolled off me. My pubic area was covered in a mixture of our juices and her blood.

I guess Nancy saw the look of concern on my face. She said "It's OK, it's not that much blood. You popped my cherry, Steve. It's what I wanted for my birthday. " "It's what I wanted too. Any regrets?" "Oh, no, never. I'm yours, all yours, forever and ever." After a while we got up and went to the bathroom and got in the shower together. Then we went back to bed and made love again. This time Nancy came, and came loudly. Within a few weeks we had developed our rhythm and I practiced holding back my orgasm to the point that Nancy could reach orgasm almost every time, and often two and sometimes even three times.

We were doing it every day, usually several times per day. We did it in my bed, her bed, on the sofa, in the bathroom, on the kitchen table and on the living room floor. We did it in the car parked on the other side of the lake and in the stock room at the market one night after closing time. We tried every position we could find on the internet. Nancy let me come on her tits, and made me cum in her mouth, then she swallowed my whole load and smiled up at me. She made me come in her mouth at least once a once a week. I tied her to to the bed and tortured her with gentle teasing and licking until she squirmed and pleaded for me to stick my cock in her. She tied me down on the bed and grabbed the headboard and fucked my mouth until she came.

One day Nancy tied me down on the bed and went to the bathroom. She came back with a warm, damp towel, shaving cream and a razor. "No! No!" I said. She just smiled at me wickedly and said "Hold still." I was nervous having a razor shaving my balls and pubic area but Nancy was careful. When she was finished I was completely bald, like the guys in the porn videos on the internet. Nancy got on top of me and took my cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy, and started grinding. I couldn't believe what it felt like. Her baldness against my baldness. It was strange but very erotic. We both liked it a lot. We shaved each other often after that.

Summer went by in a flash and it was 12th grade, we were seniors. Nancy and I continued to work at the market, I played basket ball and ran track. Most of the other senior couples were doing it, a few without proper precautions. One girl got pregnant, married, and they were living with her parents when graduation time approached. I was finally winning some track meets, running the longer distances. County wide and regional races were coming up and I was still running 30 miles per week for training. With school, running, and work at the market, and making love with Nancy ten or fifteen times a week I wasn't getting much rest, but I kept going. Yes, ten or fifteen times a week. I'd sneak into Nancy's room after the Moms were asleep and we'd make love. Then usually again early before the Moms woke up.

Nancy and I decided that we needed to have a heart to heart with the Moms. We sat them down one night and said I said "We need to talk. Please just listen for about two minutes, then you can say whatever you want. We are going to be 18 years old in a couple weeks. At that time there are two things that can happen. Either we are going to move out and get our own apartment, live together and sleep together, or we are going to move into one bedroom here and pay some rent and help out with expenses and sleep together here. Either way, we will continue our educations. It would be much easier on us if we could live here, much cheaper than getting our own apartment, but we need to sleep together, openly." I spoke calmly even though I was extremely nervous.

Nancy was quiet. The Mom's just sat there for a couple minutes, then Aunt Katherine said "Excuse us, we'll be right back." The Moms went to their room and shut the door. After about five minutes they came out and Mom, my Mom, said "We've talked it over. You can stay her but Nancy has to get on the pill." Nancy replied "I'm already on it." Then Aunt Katherine said "Where did you get it?" So Nancy told her about the internet and India. Aunt Katherine said "That counterfeit stuff from India and China isn't dependable. It may be good, or maybe not. We need to get you to the Doctor and get you on the real stuff." A few days later Aunt Katherine took Nancy for a gyno exam and got the prescription. We paid for it out of our money, of course.

Epilogue: This story ends for now, just before Steve and Nancy turn 18. Will they stay together, marry, be faithful to each other forever? Or will they have other sexploits? Do you want to find out?
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