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The rich always get what they want.
Rohit Varma was the man. From a young and aspiring business entrapenure in India to an industry mogul in a mere five years, he made his millions by the time he was twenty in the exotic porn industry. He had all the money and beautiful pussy he could dream of, but it all went to shit when his business partner got busted for human trafficking. Varma slipped away like the slithering snake he was and ratted out all the other partners in exchange for immunity and a safe asylum. But he had to give up his riches. So that's how he ended up applying his knowledge and running an exclusive modeling agency in beautiful sunny Cali. The very same company I, Erin Day, had just started a job in. It was a lesser job than I was used to - pushing papers the entire day - but the offer was too good and the job too comfortable to refuse. I was working directly for the bosses son, Raahi, the director in charge of the building, which wasn't as bad as it sounded. Not even in the least bit.
I knew this little history lesson because Raahi couldn't shut up. He'd always brag of his father's exploits and conquests. Although he yabbered like it was going out of fashion, Raahi was cool kid. He prefered the shortened Rai for his name. At twenty three, fresh out of college, pretty boy looks and a wallet that could drop panties in seconds, he had it all. He didn't have to work a day in his life, but his father Rohit forced him to sit in an air-conditioned office to oversee the other employees - or subjects as he called them. It was pivitol for the family to show it's face around it's own business, his father said. Raahi didn't work at all. All he did was fuck around and try to get into everyones' pants. Girls and guys, it didn't matter to him. And his father condoned his behavour.

I asked him once why not a preference and he replied, "Pussy is amazing. I have to admit. But a cock, ah, a good cock will blow your mind," he said with a smirk. "God made both men and women for our pleasure. Why say yes to one and no to the other? Why reduce your pleasure by half when you can have twice as much fun?" I had to agree with him. Though the thought of a man was enough to draw a cringe across my face and clench up my arse, he did make a good argument.
He seemed overly friendly. Perhaps it was part of his game, but I seemed to like him. Now, as the first few months flew by, I could tell he tried hitting on me every now and then, but I'm easy going so I let it slide. He caught on pretty quick that I wasn't interested and diverted his atention to another intern. Nadia - a hot young thing with a spunky attitude and loose legs. She had a twinkle in her eyes that was enough to drive a man over the edge. I swear you'd blow your load just looking at her mischievious face.
Although I brushed off Rai's advances, we became pretty good friends. We actualy had a lot in common and would always strategise as to which newbie was next or which ass was worth a tap. But I had the feeling that his eye was always on me. There is some kind of strange appeal the unconquered had to the adventurer. Whether he still had his mind on me or not, I wasn't sure. But he was a friend, and a rich friend who always invited me to the most exclusive parties in town. With the amount of chicks, drugs and alcohol freely available, it was really difficult to say no.
He always played my wing man and hooked me up with the wildest girls ready to get down on anything and he'd go off doing his thing with whoever. Something about these rich kids though, they didn't care what sex you were. They were there solely for the high times.
On one of those wild nights though, feeling pretty comfortable around me, he indirectly tried his luck. He told me that the new intern was in the club and wanted both of us.
"Dude, she's begging man," Rai said.
"So what? You go in first? I don't know about having your sloppy seconds, though. That's just too much for me."
"Dude, she wants us both! As in 'together'. As in 'at the same time'." He exaggerated the last word with a huge grin.
"What? She's a scrawny chick. Her arse can't take two dicks? Can it?"

"Only one way to find out." He said flashing his pearly white teeth.

"Ah, I can't do that man, that's too much."
"Come on, bro. I hook you up with pussy all the time. Tons of pussy!" He was making it difficult for me. "Give me this one shot. Come on, bro! She's hot as fuck. I gotta tap that ass."
"I don't know, Rai. This is too much."
"I'll let you fuck my sister." I turned to look at him. The moment hung in the air, he knew he had me. The music pounded hard and and I felt the base hit my soul, the strob light flickering behind him as if playfully hypotising me as the thought of Priya completely enveloped my mind. He was serious. "Come on. One fucking threesome and my sis is yours to do whatever the fuck you want." His juicy minx of a sister. Who in their right mind would say no to that heavenly arse? Just barely an adult, yet still full of that youthful appeal that drove my cock insane. Fuck! I couldn't say no.
"Deal! Hit me with a line," I asked.
"Oh hell yes!" Rai was beaming between the ears, his smile flashing stronger than the strob light behind him.
"Just give me a fucking line and let's do this shit."
He dropped to the table and whipped out a small tube from his jacket pocket and spread a neat thick line then handed it to me. "Fuck yeah! Devil's threesome is the best kind of threesome dude. You won't regret this." I handed him the tube after I was done.

"Shut the fuck up. Your sister is mine now," I said. He laughed fully before slapping my hand. Both of us, now juiced, strutted to the backrooms.


Nadia was waiting at the bar with some of her friends. She was stunning. A bit scrawny but exotic looking. Dark skin and big eyes, she looked eager for a fuck. And she was going to get it good.

Rai walked over to her and moved her along into the rooms. Before she got in I was already striping the clothes of her back. I don't know what came over me but I wanted to fuck her so bad. Maybe it was the thought of finally getting to taste Priya that drove me on, or maybe that coke was laced with something more potent to rile me up into the mood for this. I don't know what it was but I suddenly had my game face on.

I ripped off her underwear and threw her down into the soft cushions of the broad sofa and dived into the valley between her legs. Her pussy was shaved bare and scented with the most enticing fragrance that drove my tongue deep within her moist walls. I had her bucking her hips in seconds. Her hands grabbed the back of my hair as she grinded my face into her. I could taste the sweet juices as it gushed out into my waiting mouth.

"My turn!" Rai said as he tried to flip her over, not giving her a chance to calm down from her high. She still seemed eager as she unzipped my cock and engulfed it in her sexy mouth. Her tongue swirled around my shaft in magic circles and I moaned in ecstasy. This girl had skills. Slowly she swallowed my entire cock as Rai pumped her wet pussy at the other end of the broad sofa.

I closed my eyes enjoying the moment of bliss as Nadia deep throated me in ryhthm to Rai's thrusts. I have to admit that he was right. I wasn't regretting it. The thrusts slowed as I felt her hands tug down my jeans. My cock slipped off her mouth and my mind slowly swam back to where we were. My eyes shot open as I felt a wet finger slide into my arse. This girl definitely knew some tricks. My cock was throbbing like crazy, precum drooling from the tip like I've never seen it do before.

I closed my eyes again enjoying her fingers play at my arse. Her mouth consumed me again, but this time she was more vigorous and eager for it. I smiled as I looked down, but what I saw shocked me. It was Rai gobbling down on my dick. I froze. My arse clenched tight, locking Nadia's fingers in. Slobber and lipstick smeared all across her face, she grinned like a crazed whore as she twisted her finger inside me and squeazed my balls with her other hand. I swear my cock grew another inch.

I didn't know what to think. I was confused for the moment, but at the same time I was in a realm of pure ecstasy - a gorgeous women with her finger up my arse and my cock at the throngs of spewing it's load. If I really had to think about it, Rai knew how to suck a cock. That was as neutral as I could be because I don't remember ever coming so hard in my life before. And Rai lapped it all up like it was nothing for him.

"Now who's doing me?" He asked with a broad smile across his wet face. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. I looked on dazed and confused, my mind reeling in confusion after the most amazing orgasm I've ever experienced, and my cock still throbbing as hard as it's ever been.

Nadia backed into me, her hands feeling around my slimy cock. She eased my seven inches deep into her arse without a problem. Rai picked her up from her thighs and placed her legs over his shoulders before entering her vagina. We both found a rhythm pretty easily as Nadia rocked between the two of us in extraordinary rapture. She was far gone in ecstasy.

Her arse was tight as hell and I could feel Rai's dick slide in and out alongside mine through Nadia's tender wall. My mind drifted to Nadia, imagining the pleasure she must have been experiencing. I felt oddly jealous and began to wonder what a hard wet dick would feel like sliding in and out my arse, because from my end it felt amazing, but my face didn't look like Nadia's face. She was in sexual heaven, it seemed. Rai caught me in that moment and stared blatantly at me as he fucked her. His grin ever apparent, he knew that I was enjoying this.

"Would you like to suck me off, Eri?" He asked trying his luck.

"Sorry Rai, not today." I laughed.

"Ah, another day it is then," he grinned then we both laughed.

He dropped Nadia's legs aside and beckoned her to suck him dry. She happily accepted. What an amazing whore. I began to thrust harder into her. And Rai met my challenge and stared to fuck her mouth with a crazed passion. Thankfully for Nadia, it didn't last long before I burst a second time - this time deep into Nadia's arse. Rai then erupted into her mouth. And she swallowed it like a champ. I slipped out of her and watched my primordial ooze flow out of her gaping hole to stain the couch.

I laid back, exhausted. I could only imagine how Nadia felt. And as for Rai, he looked ready for the next round. I noticed he slid Nadia a wad of cash before he zipped himself up. I was too tired and too pleased to say anything. That cocky prick, Raahi! I should have known it was all a set up.

"Let's get out of here and find you my sissy," he said grinning again.


End of chapter


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Great story so far bro keep it up

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