Chapter 4 is a compilation of four short stories about touching sleeping friends and the intense feeling when one of those friends fucks me for the first time in my life.

Since I discovered with Wayne about 18 months ago that I loved giving head and having my mouth filled with juicy cum, I had sort of made it my mission in life to try and suck as many penises as I could.
My problem however was that without revealing to all that I sucked cock, those that I did get were few and far between.
Apart from Wayne and before Nick there were only three others to be exact, and they had all been done under quite dubious circumstances.

Peter was my best friend at school. I caught a quick glimpse of his dick once at a swimming carnival and decided that one day I would ask him if I could suck it, but as usual I was too chicken shit to do it.

One night we had been out partying. He had way too much to drink, so decided to sleep at my place rather than walk all the way home.
I pulled the spare bed out from under mine; we stripped to our underwear, climbed in, said goodnight, turned off the light and went to sleep.
Well he did, I couldn’t sleep knowing that he was so close and that his cock was within touching distance.
I looked at the illuminated dial of my watch.
I had been laying there for an hour and I thought that if I was ever going to do this it may as well be now.
Slowly and gently I placed my hand on the covers right above his dick, feeling the slight bulge that it made. His breathing was slow and steady so I moved my hand under the sheets, and this time placed it right on top of his cock. It was so soft to the touch as I gently rubbed it and still he didn’t move, so slowly, very slowly I pushed the blanket aside and inched his underwear down.
Small, circumcised, with just a bit of dark brown fuzz growing above. I stroked it, then gave it a bit of a squeeze and felt it grow slightly. He was getting hard and I was too scared to move in case I woke him, so I just kept my hand in place. A minute later I was holding his lovely erection, thin, a bit over 6” long and bending up and to the left.
I leant over and gave it a quick suck, his breathing pattern didn’t change so I began sucking harder, after a few minutes his cock twitched once, twitched again, then he started to cum. It was so sweet, not like Wayne’s at all, not even the slightest bit of saltiness. I drank it all, replaced his underwear and blanket and slept soundly for the rest of the night.

I now realised that by getting my friends drunk enough I could do to them what I wanted. It wasn’t the best solution but at least I got what I wanted and they were non the wiser.

Kim was easy to befriend as he was new to school, was in my class, and lived the street behind mine.

One night sitting in beanbags next to each other watching the TV in my parents snooker room I offered him another beer.

“No, if I have anymore I’ll be sick”, he said.

I walked over to the fridge pulled out two more and handed him one. He just shrugged, finished the one he had and took a swill from the new one. We chatted for a while, I then got up and went to the toilet to take a piss noticing on my return that he’d passed out. I jumped down heavily into the seat beside him but he didn’t move. I shook his shoulder, ran my hand down over his chest and squeezed his cock but still he remained motionless. Slowly I inched his tracksuit pants down until this man-sized bulge appeared. I leant over, sniffed the musty male aroma that he exuded and gave it a bit of a chew through the material. I knew it was possible that I might get caught at any moment, but didn’t care as I pulled his underpants down to reveal the largest cock I had seen so far.
This was not a boy’s penis. This was a man’s cock.
Tucked between his legs, at least 8” long and so smooth. I lifted it up, kissed the head and then ran my tongue up from the base of his balls to it’s top. It began to swell and his foreskin peeled back as it continued to grow, until there in front of my eyes was this huge brown nearly 10” cock dripping with pre-cum.
I looked at it with amazement, how did such a small guy have such a big dick?
I pushed the head between my moistened lips and tried to force my way down to his pubic hair, but it was impossible, it was just too big. I tried again, but before I was half way down his shaft he came, not just a small amount either, he was literally gushing inside my mouth, so much and so incredibly thick. I gagged, but had no other option than to swallow, never in my life had I had to swallow such a huge quantity of cum. It took a good twenty seconds or so to stop and it was only after he finished that I noticed that he tasted really sweet and fruity like banana.
I tucked his cock back into this pants, covered him with a blanket, turned of the TV and lights and went to sleep myself.

Chris wasn’t ugly but he sure as hell wasn’t that good looking. He had few friends as he was a bit of a nerd, so to me he looked like an easy target.

He didn’t really drink either, so when he did it was not the slightest problem for me to get his cock out and in my mouth. It was about 5” long but quite fat at the same time, with tiny balls and the reddest pubes possible. The only problem was blowing him, he just didn’t want to cum.
I sucked for what must have been the best part of an hour but still I couldn’t get him to ejaculate. I chewed on his cock. I masturbated him as I sucked, but nothing. Finally I gave up, but just as I was about to pull his pants back into position his cock jerked up and down a few times and two large streams shot out over his stomach.
I had never licked cum up before but didn’t know what else to do so I did, it was a strange sensation but I cleaned him and swallowed it all.
I remember thinking as I went to sleep, that he was quite tasty.

All I can say about Nick the first time I saw him was that he was beautiful.

He was a year younger than me, long light brown hair with golden tips, beautiful tanned skin and jade green eyes.
He was really stunning.
I knew I had to move fast as soon friends would surround him making him too hard for me to isolate and make his cock my fifth to blow.

By the end of his first day I had found out where he lived, so it was quite easy on the second for me to wait until he left for school, bump into him and for us to walk the rest of the way together.
Getting him to my place however was not so easy, as he wasn’t allowed to stay overnight at other people’s houses. It took me a good two months of buttering up his parents before they let him stay the night, and that was only after they had met my folks.
My next problem was that he didn’t drink and I couldn’t get him to talk about sex, it seemed he just wasn’t interested.
Five times he had slept in the bed next to me and five times I had stayed awake for the entire night unable to touch what I wanted most.
The sixth time I had made up my mind, if I didn’t get to feel his cock that night I would dump him and move onto an easier target.

I waited until he fell asleep and then inch-by-inch moved my hand closer to him.
I was panicking.
I had always needed my victims to be passed out before I assaulted them, but this was the night and I was determined.
Finally I felt his leg. I placed my palm on his thigh and moved it slowly up until I touched his cock giving it a light squeeze. I knew he was sound asleep and I had already come this far so pushed the blanket aside and edged his underpants down to reveal his beautiful rock hard penis.
The moonlight from outside the window lit up his body, the sight was more than I ever imagined, about 6½ “ long, silky smooth, circumcised with masses of light golden pubic hair covering it and his balls.
I gazed down upon him. He was perfect.
As I wrapped my lips around his cock and sank it deep into my throat I failed to notice that he was watching me, I was in heaven and completely oblivious to anything else going on. Then it all happened so quickly, his hands grabbed my head and held it tight as he started pumping my mouth.

“You love sucking my cock, don’t you”, he said

I couldn’t answer as he had his full length down my throat.

“Lie on your stomach, I’m going to cum in you”, he said as he pulled it out.

I was frightened, I was scared, my secret was out, but I obeyed.
He spread my legs apart and I felt the wetness of his cock touch my asshole. I felt pressure as he pushed and then ever so gently eased the entire shaft into me. It didn’t hurt in the least, in-fact the sensation was amazing, I loved it, I grinded my ass into him as he pounded me hard. Then he pulled out, turned me over lifted my legs and pushed his hard on back into me.

“Fuck me” was all I could say. And he did, harder and harder.
I couldn’t stop it, my cock exploded and cum shot all over my stomach. Then he bent down and kissed me, his tongue deep in my mouth.
He whispered in my ear “I’m going to cum in you now”, and really began forcing himself into me as he held my shoulders. Another shot of cum squirted out of me, he moaned loudly, slowed his motion and then withdrew his dripping cock letting it flop on top of mine.
The first time in my life I’d been fucked. I was in love again.
Before the night was over he had fucked me 5 times and over the next 3 months until he got bored with me and moved on to another conquest the times were uncountable.

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