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this story is part two of a mother with two young boys who is now hooked on young cocks and decides to have the young man who baby sits her boys when she goes out with the her girl friends


Andrew had asked me and the boys out to celebrate his 19th birthday next week but my husband was coming home early from his trip abroad so I had to ring Andrew and tell him that we couldn’t make it and the reason why,

Oh that’s’ ok Mrs. Miller I do understand there was a hint of disappointment in his voice,
I’ll tell you what how about you come over to my house as you normally do next Friday and instead of me going out with the girls,
I can do you and the boys a meal and have a late celebration for your birthday how does that sound?
That’s great Mrs. Miller I would love to come over next Friday,
Ok I will see you then I did sense a difference in his voice when I asked him over,

As the week went on my husband told that he was going to take the boys away camping for the weekend a bit of father /sons bonding,
‘Err! I was planning to?
‘Planning what?
‘Oh it doesn’t matter’

This was my opportunity to get Andrew to myself without the boys it had been a couple of weeks since my husband had come home and was due to go away again soon so I understood why he wanted to be with his boy’s,
So did I but with a different reason,

I love my husband and the sex is great when he’s home,
But! What I needed now was a young cock in me I hadn’t been with anyone since that night with the two young men in the car I needed to be fucked by a young cock the thought just made me want it more,

I wasn’t going to tell Andrew that the boy’s were away with their dad for the weekend,
I was planning to celebrate his birthday in a different way I was going to make sure that when he seen me dressed up he wouldn’t be thinking about the boys only thinking of fucking me,
As it wasn’t going to be long before he was moving and going on to college,
I would have to look for another baby sitter for the boy’s
So this would be my only chance to be fucked by this young man’s cock before he leaves,

As Friday was upon us I said goodbye to my husband and the boys see you all Sunday have a great time,
“We will Mom”

I decided to make a meal for Andrew and me I was planning on wearing my dress that zip’s up the front the one I wore when I was fucked by the boy’s I felt that this was my lucky dress and its easy to tease someone with this one,
The zip can be pulled down at both ends allowing me to flash my bust and legs at the same time,
I was not planning to wear any underwear or bra I wanted to feel the material against my naked body I also wanted to tease and make this young man want me so bad that he will do anything I ask him too,

As for my heels I think the open toe strapless ones should do the trick,
I was now getting very wet and excited as to the thought that I was going to seduce this boy and make him fuck me I could feel my juices starting to run down the inside of my thighs Oh god I thought he better hurry up soon otherwise I’m going to have to bring myself to a orgasm’

As the doorbell ran my heart missed a beat this is it I thought,
I opened the door and said?
”Hi Andrew come in”
Hi Mrs. Miller!
“Look Andrew please call me Amy tonight”
As he stepped into the hall his eyes said it all! He could hardly take his eyes of me and stuttered the words?
Wow Mrs. miller you look fantaaaassstic!
“Why thank you Andrew”
Look I’m sorry but the boys have gone away with there father for the weekend and I didn’t want to disappoint you again so I thought that you and I could celebrate your birthday together if that ok with you?

Are you kidding me I would love to celebrate my birthday with just you?
Great the sit down and I’ll get us a drink
Wine be ok with you‘
Yes that’s great!
As I went into the kitchen to get the wine from the fridge I undid my top zip a little more and also pulled the zip up the front a bit more I was now showing my a lot of my inside thigh as I walked back into the lounge I noticed right away his eyes were staring at my legs,
I bent down to hand him his glass of wine and made sure he got an eyeful of my breasts,

I could start to hear him breathing heavy as if he was about to have an orgasm
I’m so up for this I though?
Would you like to come through to the dinning room Oh and bring your wine with you I’ll get the bottle from the fridge,
As I walked in front of him I made sure he got a good look at my legs?
As we sat down to eat I asked him when he was going to be moving on to college
As I would have to look for a new baby sitter>

I forgot to mention to you that I have a younger brother who wouldn’t mind helping out with the boys;
This just gets better?
How old is he!
‘He’s sixteen in a couple of weeks time?
Perfect I thought he’s just the right age for baby-sitting and a future young fuck buddy,
Bring him with you next time and introduce him to me I think he would be perfect for me if he’s as good as you been,
Thank you for that I have really enjoyed looking after the boy’s for you and will miss them when I go,
You will keep in touch won’t you?
Of course I will,
Good eat up I have a surprise for your birthday?

We had now had quite a bit to drink and I was feeling a little drunk, as was Andrew,
Right are you ready for your present!
Oh yes!
Can you guess what it is!
Ok let’s go into the lounge as we sat down I made sure I sat opposite him I then Crossed my legs over giving him a full view of my naked pussy,
I then looked over to see he had a look of shock on his face,

Go on tell me what would you like for your birthday then!
“Well you see I have always wished that one day I could be hear alone with you as I have always thought that you are so attractive and that one day you might consider Err having sex with me?
‘There I’ve said it!

Oh I see so you thought I would like to have sex with you on your birthday what ever gave you that idea?
Look Mrs. Miller I’m so sorry I must have read the wrong signs I just thought with you dressed up and having this dinner together! I think I best be going?

No don’t go I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea you see I do like you and with you going off to college I wanted to make this birthday very special for you so why don’t you take your cloths off so I can suck that big hard young cock of yours,

I then stood up and unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor,
I stood up in front of him totally naked as he removed his pants his cock was so big!
Wow what a cock it was I couldn’t wait to suck it,
Then I grabbed his cock and started to lead him upstairs, as we were about half way up,
I couldn’t wait any longer so I turned to face him sat on the stairs leaned backwards and opened my legs and told him to put his cock in my pussy and fuck me

I needed his cock so bad as he pushed his cock into me I said I want you to fuck me all night?

Boy did he know how to fuck me I was now so fucking horny ”Oh fuck me Oh fuck Oh fucking hell Oh shit Oh shit Oh fuckinnnnng hell” as I was about to cum all over his cock,
When his cum exploded inside my pussy it felt so fucking good cumin together,
‘Oh shit Oh fucking shit he said as he cum in me that was amazing you are so hot,
I needed to fuck you I’ve’ waited so long for this day and to do this do with you was awesome do you think we can we fuck some more ’

Oh yes babe we can like right now!

We then carried on upstairs to the bedroom and I pushed him back onto the bed and started to suck his cock until he was hard again,
I needed his cock in me so bad so I grabbed his cock and sat on him and I rode his cock for the next hour I must have cum at least another two times that night and by now I was so full of his cum and felt so satisfied with my young cock,

Andrew stayed the night in our bed and he fucked me another two times before he left in the morning what a fucking I had received and there’s more to come from where that came from,

I was yet to meet his brother and who know were that will lead as for my husband well I can’t wait for him to go back abroad so I can continue my quest for more young cock I was now a young cock slut and I loved it.

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2014-09-21 08:06:07
Good story if u knew how 2 panctuate it.

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2014-04-29 20:17:27
Lack of punctuation made this story difficult to enjoy. Keep practising and you will become better with time.

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