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The Ticket XIV

This was an emergency meeting of our group of seven.. The noise level was atrocious everyone was talking at once. M was sitting there quietly, he was wishing he could join inand lend his voice to the confusion but...

He slammed his hand down on the table, the voices stopped and silence replaced the mass confusion.
“Gentlemen and Lady, Madame LaFoy nodded and smiled. She was so vain that she ate of the simple courtesy of the acknowledgment that she was there, We are in the midst of a crises each of us has been attacked some how. Our friend the Sheriff has been attacked twice. I will no longer try to hold you back. Be observant Night Walker has allowed the Air Force and the Army to use his property for war games. From observation it seems the Army are camped in the fields behind the Manse while the Air Force is spread out across from the new building that is being built.”

Jonas asked “Does this mean we can kill the Half Breed now?
M nodded.
The Sheriff commented, “We have to find another assassin the Scorpion is no longer reliable ...if he ever was.” All the time he was rubbing the red bump on his forehead.

For three more hours the planned together...while each one was making their own plans. Madame LaFoy was scheming on how to capture some of the girls and make whores out of them...Thinking that no way should one man control so many women.

Reyes Sneered as he walked down the stairs to his car, one change he had made was he now traveled with three of his body guards. Five blocks from the warehouse his car stopped at a red light. A Motorcycle pulled up along side the rider looked at the driver and smiled. On the back of the bike was a beautiful blonde in very tiny shorts she reached over ant touched the car's door. The light changed and the bike sped away before the car cleared the intersection the car was veering to the side. It hit and jumped the curb and rolled to a stop. The following pick-up stopped and two men jumped out of the bed and ripped Reyes out of the car and tossed him into the pick-up bed and they were gone.

Reyes stirred looked around and did not see anything around him that looked familiar. His nose was itching and he went to lift his right hand to scratch his nose only to find his arms were strapped down. He looked to his left and saw the IV in his arm and the saline drip. He tried to call out but his speech seemed to be slurred. He looked at the overhead light it seemed to be swaying and getting smaller then larger. He had been a drug dealer for many years and he knew he was being shot up with drugs. He began giggling and.....

Donald had observed the take down of Reyes and though these guys are good. He stopped by the ware house and slipped up behind the Homeless man in the wheelchair. “You need to make your way out of here they are onto you. Are you okay or do you need transport?”

“I have my own transport but thanks.” He looked over his shoulder but no-one was there, but he took him at his word and sped to the back side of this ware house where he had parked his Handicapped Van. A few minutes later and he was gone. He noticed something on his dash He pulled out his grabber and gripped it and dropped it into his lap where he could reach it. He picked it up and looked ...He found himself face to face with a Black scorpion set to strike...Wow it is a good thing it was in the small glass jar.


Donald decided it was time to …. Maybe enjoy himself...He was expecting a retaliation from Sheriff Jones. Even if he did leave a scorpion marker Things were still directed at Night Walker. He decided to stop by the line shack .

When he entered the line shack Maria was l was spreadeagled on the bed her skirt around her waist, right hand slowly stroking in and out of her red pussy. Donald couldn't help him self he pulled her hand away as he dropped to his knees and lowered his face into her crotch.

His mouth completely covered her pussy and his tongue went deep he licked and stroked and sucked on her pussy until she was starting to scream. She gripped him by the hair and began to pull him up her body. He stood and dropped his pants and entered her in one motion. It was almost like a war the passion was rampant as they struggled back and forth. With no air conditioning in the line shack they quickly became a sweaty cummy mess as they both lost their load but neither showed any sign of halting. After another 15 minutes they began to slow down Maria screamed and Donald reared up off of her and he rammed every inch into her tiny body as he unloaded then fell over onto the bed.

As Donald expected the Sheriff was planning an attack on the little house not knowing just how fortified it was. They were coming from the North . They came fast and hard as soon as they were in sight of the house they began firing. Suddenly large spotlights came on from either side of the road and a loud speaker informed them to cease firing are they would be wiped out.

Silence abounded until rifles bolts were slammed home … Then all they could hear was rifles hitting the ground. The front door of the little house opened and Jacob Littlestar and Sam Night Walker walked out.

“Well it looks like I picked a good night to come talk to you. Well boys lets round up this garbage.”
Altogether there were three Sheriffs Deputy’s and 6 pure miscreants. And no one was injured. They were all captured by the bivouacked soldiers playing wargames.

I asked Littlestar what was going to happen with the culprits “ Well the first thing is the Sheriff is going to have a lot of explaining and I think we will have a few squealers among this bunch.”

I laughed , “Think we will have a Sheriff soon.”
“Wouldn't be surprised.”

Donald stayed just out of sight his phone call seemed to prepare people quite well.
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