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She continues to serve
Part 2

Martha sat on the bed in the Guest room at the Convent of St Angelique high in the Alps far from her home in Nebraska, where she had foresworn a life of materialism and pleasures of the flesh for a life of devotion and obedience.

The bed sheets stained with blood and slime bore mute testimony to her ordeal, her simple black robe thrown artlessly across a chair, she sat naked but for her black lace up boots.

Her head hung sadly down, and she peered sadly at her bruised and abused private parts between her outspread thighs, from where blood mixed with semen oozed slowly from her.

Sister Grace placed a hand on her shoulder, "I heard you, you wanted more."

Martha burst into tears, "I'm sorry, Sister, please forgive me."

Grace held her close, "We must cleanse your soul, come to the Lady Chapel,"

Martha reached for her robe. Grace stopped her, "No you must bear your shame for all to see, do not despair, we shall guide you through this difficult time."

Grace gently took Martha's hands and placing them behind her back began to wind
a bandage around her wrists, tightly so she could not free them, but not so as to cause discomfort, then taking a wider bandage and cotton pads she proceeded to blindfold her.

"You will be beaten to remove the devils lusts from your loins, and it is only fair that you know not who chastises you, it is the will of God not the will of earthly mortals that you are so chastised."

Grace then unlaced Martha's shoe's "You shall remain naked until the Devil is cast out, do not fear I shall guide you."

Grace gently guided Martha down the corridors, the cold of the worn stone floors chilling Martha's feet until they arrived, at the Lady Chapel, a smaller room at right angles to the main Cathedral like Church of St Angelique, with its magnificent golden alter.

Beyond the Lady Chapel lay a dressing room for the choir and in a corner a rough hewn cross, fitted securely into a deep socket in the stone floor and allegedly an exact replica of that at Gethsemane where Jesus died.

Grace guided Martha to the cross where first she place Martha's feet each side of the post before securing her with rough ropes then her hands were first released then tied with more ropes to the arms of the cross.

The first strike of the whip shocked Martha and she screamed but as the rhythm continued slowly, methodically and she heard the prayers said for her she realised the love her sisters felt for her, the prayers continued, the whipping continued in relays but instead of assuaging her guilt they instead inflamed her, her nipples stood out like rifle bullets and her tiny clitoris stood hard and erect peeking out from under it's hood, but even as they worked evil forces conspired to negate their efforts.

Doctor Fischer sat crunching numbers, with appropriate mitigation and passing the donation through multiple accounts and EU subsidies, he kept coming up with the figure of 102% , he would get three hundred and six thousand dollars in Tax offset for his three hundred thousand "Donation" he needed to confirm later but the though of the randy little American bitch whore nun was causing an erection which threatened to impede the steering of his Mercedes, he thought of her bleeding cunt dripping with his cum, and regretted she could not be stitched up and busted again like a Japanese whore.

Fischer studied figures while Martha stayed tied to the cross, they offered her a drink of vinegar the same as Jesus had been offered, but denied her the opportunity to be let down for even a moment so that her legs became stained as she could no loner resist her bladder and bowels need for relief, so as Fischer wallowed in opulent idleness Martha sampled the very depths of depravity.

Berhardt Fischer's fingers trembled as he locked his office door, dialled the Convent's number and asked to speak to the Mother Superior.

Fischers voice wavered as he spoke, he somehow found the will to lay out his perverted desires. The Mother Superior, listened, patiently, she asked him to wait a few seconds as she secured the door, then she returned to her chair, picked up the phone and asked him to repeat his request.

The Mother Superior's robes of red with the dazzling white headpiece richly embroidered with gold looked incongruous as she hitched the hem high around her neck placing her feet on the desk and spreading her knees wide apart as the sheer depravity of the man's ideas turned her on, the handle of her ornate gold paper knife slid easily between her soaking cunt lips and she began to pleasure herself at the thought of what Fischer proposed.

Fischer became agitated his trousers around his ankles he grasped his shaft and was slowly wanking himself as he spoke, he became less and less coherent as he became more aroused and just as the Mother superior herself reached the point of losing control and tipping into orgasmic bliss, his balls erupted sending spunk arcing over the papers on his desk.

Their deep breathing was almost comical as each tried to conceal their recent pleasure, but the following evening was agreed as was the one hundred thousand dollar fee, and the nature of the depravity.

Sister Grace was surprised to find that Martha was to suffer further indignities, and that she must rest, Mother Superior had sent clothing, a tight tee shirt and tiny Miniskirt, with four inch heels on the red shoes. and they took Martha down after over fifty hours of near constant beatings, they laid her on the cold stone floor and washed and scrubbed her, before dressing her as a slut and taking her to a Guest room where she ate heartily and fell into a contented sleep.

The Mother Superior came to see Martha the following Afternoon, She gently wok the sleeping girl and spoke apologetically. "My dear, you have the opportunity to serve once more."

Martha sensed the implications, but did not understand. "How can I serve again, he took my virginity, my honour, I have nothing to give."

Mother Superior steeled herself, "Your tormentor seeks to sodomise you to take and use of the other orifice, which is as yet pure."

Martha went visibly white "He wants to fuck my ass, is that it, how much this time, a hundred thousand, two, well I wont do it."

"A million"

The words hit Martha like a blow from a prize-fighter.

"You fucking take him up your ass." Martha cried.

The Mother Superior shocked her. "I would if he would pay even fifty Thousand, we need the Money." She thought of her Mercedes Limousine now almost two years old and the gold crosses Asprey had on display would not be there for ever.

Martha looked the Mother Superior in the eye "I fucking don't believe you."

The Older Woman looked back peering deep into Martha's eyes. "You are right, but I am old, too old, but you will heal, there will be no lasting harm."

"Then take him like I have, as if to make a child, break your vows for money."

The Mother Superior felt herself become aroused, and spotted a wonderful opportunity, "I shall offer myself as you suggest if you will do my bidding,"

Martha realised she had gone too far, "Please forgive me."

The Mother Superior smiled, of course, but I have agreed, I must keep my word, I shall offer myself to Dr Fischer for one hundred thousand dollars, if he refuses then he may not take you, are we agreed.

Martha nodded slowly.

Fischer arrived, and was ushered to the presence of Martha and the Mother Superior,
The Mother Superior addressed him.

"Doctor Fischer, Martha has made a condition, she believes I am unwilling to do what I ask of her, If you are to take her as you wish, first you must pay a fee of a Hundred thousand dollars and take me to your bed as a Woman."
Fischer looked stern as his heart pounded, the Mother Superior, the most unattainable of all, he often masturbated to her photograph, she was his dream woman, he knew she was young for her role, slightly younger than his fifty five years and as yet untouched he was sure, he would pay a Million, especially as he would get back more than he "Donated" from the EU in tax rebates.

Fisher spoke, such a sacrifice, "I shall pay a million dollars,"

The Mother Superior fainted, from shock some supposed, from lust in reality, and when she woke she left instructions for the Cardinals suite to be prepared for her degradation.

Martha was distraught. "I am so sorry; truly I am the Devils handmaiden."

Sister Grace comforted her, "It is economic necessity my dear and we shall be able to repair the roof and give to the poor this year thanks to your sacrifice."

The Mother Superior worried about her liaison, would he be disappointed, she had not had sex since her affair with Father Andrew ended with his promotion to headquarters three years before. she pondered how to present herself as she followed Fischer into the Cardinals suite, she indicated the bedroom, and locked the outer doors, Fischer allayed her fears and he came up behind her kissing her neck and cupping her breasts.

"I am nor a Virgin," She said, "Did you expect me to be so."

Fischer smiled, peeling off his jacket and trousers and hanging them over a chair back and then removing his shoes, socks and underwear, to stand naked but for his Rolex watch. "Andrew is a friend of mine"

The Mother Superior blushed and slipped the heavy robe from her mature body.
"Do I excite you," she asked somewhat superfluously as Fischer's Manhood strained to the limit.

They embraced, as if it was the most natural thing and slowly they turned and moved to the bed, she sank back and felt the manhood she craved slip elegantly inside her

She spoke quietly "I wanted you so much, I was so hurt when you wanted that slut"

He kissed her nose, "I would have chosen you, over her any day, but you seemed so unattainable and obsessed by money, nothing like Andrew described,"

She raised her head to kiss him, "be quiet and pleasure me properly" she ordered

He asked one more question "What's your name?"

"Rosa, call me Rosa."
Sister Grace ushered the other sisters away from the door of the Suite as the noises of joyful love making became embarrassingly loud.

Later much later Sister Grace came for Martha, "Mother Superior will see you now, she announced as if everything was normal, but as they entered into the Cardinal's suite all was very far from normal, the Mother Superior without her head dress her long auburn hair cascading around her shoulders lay in bed the sheets pulled up around her and her robe discarded.

Martha averted her gaze in embarrassment,

The Mother Superior spoke "Look at me child, I have fulfilled my side of the bargain, see" she slid from the bed revealing the evidence of recent sex running don her leg.
"Your time has been put back, Mr Fischer is exhausted, I shall remain with him until morning to nurse him back to full strength."

Martha felt real shame as she bowed and left the room. Grace followed, locking the door on the outside with the Great Key.

Fischer sat in an arm chair in the Ante room, resting, but as Rosa came for him and she gently caressed his balls he sprang again to full erection and pulled Rosa down to him.

They watched the morning sun rise over the Mountain peaks, Rosa leaning on the window sill of the Cardinal's bedroom as Bernhardt Fischer slowly fucked her from behind cupping her generous tits in his hands, and then passion over, his aching balls drained once again and her cunt leaking the fluids he had filled her with, they returned naked to the bed to rest, tiredness gripped them, their one night of love so nearly at an end and yet the temptation could no longer be resisted and as she spread her thighs his abused prick obediently sprang to life and they fucked once more.

They woke in early afternoon, he lying across her too exhausted to move after the mornings ejaculations, she revelling in his presence, she had decided, she would have him again, they would be lovers, she was the bride of God but when did he last give her an orgasm, he had deserted her she reasoned.

They brought Fischer to ravage Martha later that evening, but his strength and will power crumbled with her unconscious protests, her tight Anus too small and Fischer too exhausted to perform, he even tried fucking her from behind and changing holes in mid stroke but still she resisted him.

The Mother Superior was seriously displaced, Fischer was supposed to ravage the little slut quickly and return to her warm embrace, she hated him for cheating on her.

Sister Grace comforted Martha, "Do not despair my dear, in is Gods way, he moves in mysterious ways sometimes but always for the best reasons.

Martha complained "It was horrible and he could not enter, I am too small for him, I have to go through all that again."

Sister Agnes came up to them and conspiratorially handed Grace a simple wooden box, Grace recognised it and opened the lid to show Martha, revealing a blue velvet lining and tapered wooden rods a foot of so long and in decreasing diameter from some tapering from four to six inches down to one that started like a pencil and swelled to mere Inch yet it ended in a six inch half ball as did the others. A set of shaped rubber plugs nestled haphazardly in a separate compartment .

Grace explained "Sometimes the poor women cannot easily accept their new husbands within them, so the priest will assist them and by using these rods will exercise the muscles and stretch the orifice to pleasurable proportions, this one was used on a young boy just entering the priesthood, hence the addition of plugs but it will be ideal for you."

Grace asked for assistance "Sister Althea, Sister Magdalene, pray assist myself and Agnes to ease Martha's trial.

They stood Martha against the metal frame of the end of the bed and as the bar was almost exactly right for her to bend over keeping her legs straight yet her torso horizontal, they carefully took her hands and bound her to the bed frame then Sister grace took a towel and carefully forced it into Martha's mouth to stifle her cries, securing it with a bandage.

Agnes carefully selected the smallest rod and gently slipped it into the grey slime oozing from Martha's vagina, then with the rod made slippery lubricated by Gods own brand of lube she forced it into Martha's anus.

Martha's muffled cry confirmed their success and swiftly someone lubricated the next size and the next and as the poor girl screamed her anal canal was widened yet more to permit its new use.

Blood stained the tenth rod and the women knew they had pushed too far, even so on withdrawal Martha's anus would no longer close properly, a one inch hole remaining.
Sister Agnes took the black rubber plug marked number five and after coating it with copious amounts of lubricant scooped by her fingers from Martha's sopping cunt she forced it into the orifice with an audible plop.

Sister Grace comforted Martha "It is done child, now rest"

But Martha strained against her bonds screaming into her gag, and when Grace allowed her to speak she pleaded for the invader to be taken away.

Agnes released Martha's left hand and she immediately grabbed the plug and went to remove it, Agnes slapped her face and fetched a wide leather belt from her bag which she buckled around Martha's waist and then passed Martha's hands through two leather loops which she pulled tight and fastened the buckles.

Agnes chastised her "You cannot be trusted so we have to restrain you for your own good, we shall allow ten minutes for your functions each morning but otherwise until you have undertaken your task you shall remain like this."

Grace was more sympathetic, she cut away Martha's sluttish Tee shirt and removed her skirt to leave her bound and naked, Martha at once seemed a martyr where before she had been a whore and as Grace finished the sun shone through the narrow window illuminating Martha in its Golden glow, a golden statue about to be sacrificed to save others. As one the Sisters all knelt to pray, God had given them a sign.

Agnes felt for Martha, and her need to atone, she rummaged in the ancient bag, left from the days the Nazis had used the building as a command post and brothel at the end of the war, and plucked out a dog collar and leash, she fastened it around Martha's neck and with a shock she noticed the name tag attached to the collar: Bernhardt.

Grace cut a hole in a bed sheet and slipped it over Martha's head as a makeshift robe.

Agnes disagreed, "she needs to repent, not be pampered"

Grace agreed, "Yes, let us administer pain, to cleanse her soul."

Agnes produced little clamps from within the bag, in shining gold and silver their pupose obscure until Agnes gestured,

Martha smiled her naughty school girl smile and as they once again stripped Martha, and each working on a breast as Sister Magdalene inserted her fingers in Martha's sopping hole it was the work of a moment to kiss and arouse Martha's nipples from tiny buds to their full size where they could apply the clamps, Martha screamed ith the pain, it felt as if her already sensitive nipples had been torn off even before they hung little gold weights representing Mary and Jesus on each clamp.

They secured a row of three clamps to each of Martha's Labia lips with a little lead figurine attached and watched amazed as Martha's little clit strained, she should be in agony yet she had become aroused. Sister Magdalene had barely started to kiss and nibble at it when Martha's body writhed in orgasm.

Martha's mind was in turmoil as they led her from the room, her arse on fire so it seemed, she had difficulty in walking especially as she still wore whore's shoes with four inch heels and with her bound arms unable to save her as Grace led her by the lead. Agony and ecstasy flowed in equal measure from the clamps on her sensitive nipples and lower lips.

It all became too much, Martha stumbled and collapsed decorously to the ground, wailing into her gag, and as she lost control she disgraced herself splashing the corridor floor with her urine.

Agnes took the gag from Martha's mouth, soaked up the urine with it and pushed it back in Martha's mouth "you really are a disgusting slut" she announced with a sly wink.

They took Martha to a bare cell; stone walls oak partition walls nothing else.

"Pray my child, pray for salvation"

But it was not prayer exercising Martha's mind but physical things weights, she found the swinging of the weights stimulating as knowing it was wrong and evil did nothing to lessen her excitement as she found how slight movements sent waves of excitement coursing through her veins, she felt on fire and craved something anything to fill the void in her room, she lay on her belly humping the floor grinding her clit against a raised slab standing proud, sweat poured from her and he wetness dripped then spurted as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.

Rosa the Mother Superior nursed Bernhardt Fischer back to health, his failure to take Martha's anal virginity which could have left deep emotional scars was put into perspective as Rosa demanded and received regular penetrations, and as the high protein diet the sisters brought took effect they believed his strength was increasing and his orgasms and ejaculate became greater each time.

It was the evening of day four, Convent life continued near normally but without the cadre of senior nuns overseeing Martha and Bernhardt.

Agnes took Martha to the courtyard, she felt hundreds of eyes bore into her naked body, and standing by a hose pipe, Agnes removed Martha's Butt Plug and inserted the hose in a single motion, Martha screamed into her gag but the water pressure did its job emerging stained brown with her shit, leaving her clean inside for Bernhardt.

Bernhardt wanted to get back to Rosa, he was no longer interested in Martha's arse he had already found heaven between Rosa's legs, so he had donned a simple priestly red robe for the short walk to Martha's cell.

She was standing there, silenced by her gag, naked but for the high heels and belt, with her hands tied, he smiled "All ready" he asked, she nodded and bent over, the simple motion set her weights swaying arousing her beyond her control. He undid her gag, and kissed her lips, He gazed at her, how he wished for the days of ancient Rome when he would have been entitled to her and several more like her as slave girls, a wife such as Rosa and a slave slut such as this and a man could find true happiness.

Bernhardt pulled the Robe over his head, and walked behind Martha and aiming at her ass hole now gaping obscenely he gently pushed his manhood inside her, i was pleasant enough he thought, but Martha was overcome. and sarted to thrust back at him until they collapsed in a heap, Brnhardt sought to pull out but Martha would not allow it, "Fuck me you Bastard you wanted it now fucking do it"
He pounded into her and explored her vagina and clit with his fingers as they thrust brutally against one another he face crushed against the cold stone floor, the clamps forced into her breasts, agonising yet forgotten un noticed among the passion of the moment.

Bernhardt warned her "I am Coming"

Martha aware her jaw was slowly becoming dislocated whispered "Then fill me, fill me right up, keep fucking and fill me don't talk AAaaaggghhhhh.

They came together, in a heap indecorously on a stone floor.

Bernhardt lay still for a long time listening to Martha's breathing then he helped her up. "I am sorry, I was remiss, I should have untied you, he undid her belt, releasing her hands unclipped each clamp in turn and lipped off her shoes leaving her truly naked.

Her nipples throbbed with the returning blood, its supply cut off by the clamps and she understood his worries.

She stared at him. "It was horrible, I loved it, but I never want to do it again."

She sat down lay back and opened her legs, inspecting her sore lower lips she smiled coyly at him and as he approached she gently guided his manhood into her soft wet warm inviting love tunnel and he took he to a more gentle warm and loving paradise the place he and Rosa had so recently visited and he kissed her gently as her flooded her fertile womb with millions of tiny sperm.

Rosa refused to let Bernhardt leave until the cheque had cleared so it was a full fortnight later that a leaner fitter more relaxed Bernhardt headed back down the mountain road to the world of work.

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2015-09-14 01:53:28
Great story with anymore like this? This will make a great video or a graphic novel:-)


2015-08-30 08:52:54
An interesting parable about religious control of mind and body, indoctrination for total control, mental and physical rape. This shows the reality of religion, the subjugation of its believers, and their exploitation.
Perhaps not intended this way, but still a pointed picture of prostitution by the pontifs.

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Wow, I see Nuns in a whole new light. Respect.

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