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Tensions coming to a head force Lisa and the men to make changes
“We’re leaving?” Jessica asked in disbelief. “But how?”

“We’ll have to sneak out the back.” Jim was saying as Josh came to look out the window with him. “One of us will have to go out the front, get the car. Pick the rest of us up down the road.”

“But they won’t let us go.” Jessica said, hysteria mounting. “They’ll find us!”

“We can hide pretty good Jess,” Scott said, moving to the window also.

“No,” Jessica said, “they’ll find us.” She didn’t doubt Jim, Josh and Scott’s abilities but she was even more certain that Angus and Riley would stop at nothing to catch her if she ran. They had made a point of telling her that several times a day, every day, for the past three years she’d been with them.

“Well then, we’ll fight them.” Josh replied, “If it comes to that …”

“We’d better get moving.” Jim added. “If we get cornered in here we’ll be up shit creek …”

“I’ll get the car.” Scott volunteered.

“Okay, we’ll meet you up the road.” Jim said moving to Jessica, and taking her arm leading her to the hallway, Josh right behind her.

For a moment, a brief moment, Jessica rejoiced at the idea of being free of Riley and most importantly Angus. It was so tempting to just go for it. Life would be so much nicer with Jim, Josh and Scott. She wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore.

But despite that, Jessica realized that if the men split up it would be much harder for her to get the justice she wanted for her family. She’d have to track Riley and Angus down separately … unless … unless Jim, Josh and Scott managed to gun them down. Kill them in a gunfight.

That wouldn’t be the kind of justice she’d been looking for or that her parents would necessarily have endorsed but it would be poetic justice. Killed by their own clan members. She certainly wouldn’t lose any sleep over that at night. As Jim propelled her toward the hallway she felt momentary joy at the idea of an Angus … and Riley … free life. But then she realized it wouldn’t necessarily turn out the way she wanted.

Any combination of things could happen … they could all end up dead, or just Jim, Josh and Scott and then she’d be stuck with Angus and Riley … images of the men gunning one another down ran through her head. Her heart squeezed as she imagined bullets ripping Jim, Josh, and Scott apart like they had her family … and there was that … right or wrong she love them. Jim, Josh, Scott … she didn’t want to witness their deaths … be the cause of their deaths.

She had no doubt that they were formidable adversaries but she had a hard time believing that pitted against Riley and Angus they could survive. Riley and Angus were the ones still going out on clan business. Even by Jim, Josh and Scott’s own admission they hadn’t been active in their cause in years. Her feelings for them were not logical, she knew. Not logical, and in these moments of clarity she realized that it was probably a mortal sin to love the killers of her family. But she did love them, she didn’t want them hurt, and she was running out of time to divert the bloodbath she was sure would follow their departure.

“No!” Jessica whispered. “No!” she said again, grabbing Jim’s arm and pulling him to a stop. “This is all wrong Jim, it can’t happen this way!”

“It’ll never work Jess.” Jim said. “There may be a flicker of a chance with Riley, but Angus … he’ll just keep on hurting you.”

“We don’t know that …” Jessica replied, looking from Jim to Josh behind her and Scott still at the door.

“Did you see Angus’ face?” Josh asked. “It’s his night with you. There’s no way that he’s not going to hurt you somehow!”

“I saw it Josh … trust me, I saw it.” Jessica said in a shaky voice. “But they just got back. You all said that they want something from me, that they could learn to love me too. If that’s true shouldn’t we try? I’ll focus on the cars … on getting Angus to let me work on the cars with him. Maybe that’ll be enough.”

“But Jessica, Angus … tonight. He’s been gone for a week and I think he needs some release …” Josh said, remembering the way Angus had been looking at Jessica. “And he’s pissed … Angus pissed is never good.”

Jessica nodded … her eyes wide with worry, “I know.” She muttered her resolve beginning to waver.

“Jess I know you said you could never use sex to turn things around with Angus or Riley, but that’s the only way this will work. The cars aren’t going to cut it babe.” Scott said. “If we’re going to stay you’re going to have to give him what he needs in the bedroom. But that’s okay … you love sex … it should be easy.”

Jessica winced. “Not the way he does it.” She said. “He’s very … rough.”

“I’ve been rough plenty of times.” Scott said.

“Not that kind of rough …” Jessica said, her voice trailing.

“You don’t … he doesn’t bring you any pleasure?” Scott asked. Jessica shook her head.

“Figures.” Josh mumbled, “Always thinking of himself …”

“Maybe I could give him some of my magazines … have a talk …” Scott was saying.

“That’ll go over like a lead balloon.” Jim said. “Jessica, have you ever told Angus what you like? Showed him?” he added when Jessica looked at him like he was insane.

“No. But I could … probably … if I had to.” Jessica said her voice fading as the reality of what she was saying sank in.

“No. No way. You shouldn’t have to!” Josh said. “We should go, now!”

“Think it through Josh.” Jessica replied, her voice trembling, reflecting the terror that gripped her, “What are the chances that Angus and Riley will let me go? What have they promised me over and over again would happen if I ran? They’re not going to let me go. And given that their kill count keeps climbing and yours doesn’t, how well do you think you’ll do against them?”

“We still practice … we have target practice every fucking day.” Jim sputtered, his pride clearly wounded.

“That’s good.” Jessica interrupted as she saw Josh and Scott preparing to argue too, “But when our lives hang in the balance is that good enough? I don’t doubt that you’re all very competent … I witnessed your competence first hand don’t forget …” Jessica added with a shudder, “But that was over three years ago. You know better than I do, are Angus and Riley a force you want to take your chances with? And think about it. Everything you’ve done for your clan. All the people you’ve lost, do you really want it all to end by you turning on one another? Killing the friends who are your only remaining family?”

Silence hung in the air. In some tiny distant part of herself Jessica knew she was crazy. Something was wrong with her. Why was she arguing so hard to save these men’s lives. Regardless of how good Jim, Josh and Scott had been to her lately it didn’t excuse everything they’d done to her, her family, the sixty some odd people they’d each killed.

But she couldn’t help how she felt. And at that very moment she didn’t have the capacity to do what she knew any other sane person would do and let her captors slaughter one another. And she didn’t have the energy or the time to feel guilty about it. She remembered what her parents used to tell her and her brothers all the time, “All you can do is try your best. It doesn’t matter what other people think so long as you can honestly say you did the best with what you had available to you. There’s no point in beating yourself up about something that you can’t change, just work with what you do have and make the best of it.” So that was that. She had these men.

“It wouldn’t be just Riley and Angus.” Jim finally said. There was little doubt that the clan leader, Paul, would make this his business. “The rest of the clan too. Paul would consider this an act of treason. For Riley and Angus he would come after us too.”

“Shit …” Scott hissed. Josh groaned. It seemed that neither he or Josh had considered the rest of the clan.

“I’m sorry Jess.” Josh said with a defeated air.

Jessica nodded … she was paralyzed by fear … they truly were trapped. She hadn’t equated the rest of the clan into the mix at all. She knew the clan was made of up many separate cells that was orchestrated by one central cell but it never occurred to her that they would care about her … would possible hunt her down. So in the end she really had no choice anyway. She had to make the best of her life here.

“None of this changes anything if either of them hurt you Jess.” Jim said, “Clan or no clan, if either of them hit you again they’ll answer to us. I promise.”

Any comfort Jessica could get from Jim’s declaration was decimated when Scott announced, “They’re coming back.” And hastily unlocked the door.


Riley had found Angus throwing his tools around the garage.

“I know what we talked about …” Angus growled stalking toward Riley, “But you don’t find it fucking suspicious that just as we decide to change things up, they’ve been changed up for us?”

“I know it seems suspicious Angus but unless they have ESP or some other form of mind reading abilities how would Jim, Josh, Scott and especially Jessica know what we’d been talking about?”

“Not fucking ESP …” Angus grumbled as he stalked around Riley. He knew there was no way they’d read his mind because if they had Jessica would have been handing him the salt … would have been sitting next to him …would have requested to spend time with him. Because that’s what he wanted, more than anything. It wasn’t until Angus had been immersed with the clan again for the first few days of the week that he came to the startling realization that the dreaming, day and night version, he’d been doing about Jessica was far more than just fantasy. It was a need.

And as it turned out Riley had come to the same conclusion, and then they’d spent the rest of the week doing nothing but talking about it. Long discussions about how they’d come home and move forward with Jessica … be less violent … find some better ways to keep her in line. They’d both agreed that her lacking sense of self-preservation required that. But they’d simplify the rules so it’d be easier for her to follow them and therefore she could feel freer with them, more relaxed. Which in turn would lead to things like her offering to get them a beer or lunch. So it was more than just a little disconcerting to come home and find her already doing that. Albeit not quite how Angus hoped it would be. Her interactions had been far more focused on Riley or the other men.

Angus stopped pacing as a thought occurred to him. “Do you think the guys heard something from Alisha or Hannah?”

Riley considered that before shrugging. “Possible I guess. But I doubt it. I’m pretty sure they’ve never met anyone from that cell. They’re from clear across the country. I only knew Ali from that judge hit five years ago.”

And he knew her in the biblical sense. She’d been a fuck buddy for a few nights back then and that’s why, when she’d shown interest in fucking again he’d jumped at the chance. The idea of having a willing and fully participating partner in bed was incredibly attractive. And she’d had a friend, Hannah, and Riley had encouraged Angus to spend a night with her. She was only there for a few days and then going thousands of miles away … it seemed a safe opportunity for Angus to also have a willing and fully participating partner in bed without worry of Angus getting emotionally hurt. It hadn’t taken a lot of convincing and so they’d each planned to get their rocks off. And that’s when they’d each and independently come to their startling realizations.

They didn’t need sex as much as they thought they did. Neither one of them could go through with it. Riley hadn’t even made it to the bedroom. He just knew it wouldn’t work. He couldn’t stop seeing Jessica every time he looked at Alisha. And it wasn’t even the Jessica in his bed that he kept seeing but the Jessica flying off of Ebony. The Jessica petting Ebony. Alisha hadn’t taken it well. She’d demanded an explanation for the change of heart but Riley couldn’t supply one. He couldn’t even explain it to himself.

Angus had made it to the bedroom, and even got hot and heavy with Hannah, kissing, touching, but he couldn’t get hard. He’d been harder than hell not even five minutes before they’d started but then his boner had simply wilted. Angus was beyond embarrassed but he had to give Hannah credit. She’d tried to help him along and when he finally suggested that he might need violence to fuck her she’d let him hit her a couple of times. But it didn’t work. He realized that the only time he felt any movement in his cock was when he thought about Jessica. And it surprised him even more when he realized that they weren’t all thoughts of hurting her. Just thinking of her seemed to work. Too stunned by his physical need for Jessica, he’d told Hannah to leave. She’d been pissed. But when he’d gone out later to the living room to have a drink with some of the other clan members he saw that Hannah had rebounded well and was busy making out on the sofa with some other guy. Riley had come out for a drink not long after also and that was when the ongoing discussion about Jessica had started.

And now here they were. Somehow between the day they’d left and this very second things with Jessica had changed. And not understanding it, not being part of it, left Angus with an all-consuming ache inside.

“Angus, don’t you think we may be making more out of this than we need to?” Riley asked.

Angus snorted. “Drop that “we” bullshit. You think that I’m making more out of it.”

Riley nodded. “Okay, I do. You know everything we talked about Angus. At some point you have to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.”

“Okay. Give me tonight. Just me and her so I can get a sense of where things stand. I just need a better feel for things.”

“But you’re not going to beat her?” Riley asked.

“No … swear to God Riley. I’ll fuck her but I won’t hit her. On my life.”

Riley nodded. And they headed back to the house.


Scott unlocked the door just as Riley got to the porch.

“What’s going on?” Riley asked as he and Angus entered.

He stared at the rifles in the men’s hands.

“Nothing.” Jim said. “I was just about to go clean the guns.”

“Going in the wrong direction for that aren’t you?” Riley asked. Josh and Jim stood with Jessica in the entrance to the hallway. Jessica and Josh facing one another, as if they’d been embracing. And Scott by the door, also gun in hand … yeah Angus and his instincts were definitely on to something.

“Angus is uncomfortable with the current situation.” Riley said. “He wants some alone time with Jessica, and given it’s his night with her … we’re going to give it to him.”

“You got a problem with that?” Angus demanded when he saw the expressions on the men’s faces.

There was the slightest shake of Jessica’s head, and all three seemed to relax. Angus narrowed his eyes at the men … he looked at Riley. It was evident from Riley’s surprised expression that he’d seen it too.

“I’ll be with the horses.” Scott said as if grudgingly resigned to something. “Josh, I need a hand.”

Josh hesitated, and then without looking around, followed Scott to the door.

Jim grabbed a couple more rifles. “I’ll be in the barn…. Cleaning the guns.” He said glancing at Jessica. She looked so scared that he almost changed his mind about going.

“Take your time.” Angus grumbled. Jim hesitated again but then Angus swung his eyes on him and growled, “What are you waiting for?”

Jim caught sight of Jessica from the corner of his eye and knew he wasn’t helping things. She kept scanning her eyes between him and Angus and despite her fear it was clear from her expression that she was willing Jim to hurry up and leave. She was without a doubt the bravest person he knew. Less than happy with himself or the situation, Jim forced himself out the door.

“I’ll be with the dogs.” Riley said to Angus following Jim to the door. “Remember what we talked about. We want to go forward …”

Angus nodded but his attention was on Jessica, who stood in the middle of the room, looking at him.

Right at him.

Fuck, this was so much like his fantasies … The only thing betraying her demeanor of calm was the nervous grasping and ungrasping of her hands. She looked like she could want him if he pretended just a little … he was going to fucking cum in his pants. Angus was breathing hard as he and Jessica silently looked at one another.

Jessica was going to pee her pants. She was so scared … her body was shaking so hard her teeth were rattling. She honestly couldn’t imagine that telling Angus what she liked during sex would in any way change things between her and Angus but Jim, Josh and Scott seemed convinced. She had to try even if it was just to reduce the amount of violence Angus inflicted on her. She shuddered to think about what would happen if she failed.

She so wanted to go to her zen place but she knew she couldn’t. Blanking out, clearing her mind, relaxing and letting whatever happen happen was too passive. She had to be active, reactive, proactive. Her mind scrambled, desperately searching for some way to be all those things despite her fear. And just as she began to despair about her lack of ideas, one came to her. Jimmy had suggested that if she’d pretend to be with him, Josh or Scott when she was with Angus or Riley it would help her to relax. She almost dismissed the idea. Jim, Josh and Scott were far to attentive during sex to make it possible for Jessica to pretend she was with them when she was with rough, mean and grabby Angus. But then she realized Scott was good at role play. It would be difficult given the level of brutality with which Angus always took her, but she could try to imagine that Angus was Scott and this was all a role play.

Yes … yes that was what she’d have to do. But where to begin? She didn’t know… she had no idea, oh God! He was losing his patience. As the silence stretched between them his already aggressive posture and expression intensified … the last remnants of hazel in his eyes greyed … Jessica’s heart was pounding so hard she was sure it was going to explode, she couldn’t think … her mind was blank. He took a step closer to her and she could see his permanently oil stained hands clenching into fists and that was when she remembered the cars. Scott had been setting her up with Riley to train the dogs … Jim had told her to use the cars to get to Angus even though Scott seemed to think it was futile. Futile or not it was all she could think of. She wished fervently that she had thought of the role play idea earlier so she and Scott could have practiced. As it was she had to dig down deep to find her voice.

“I know Scott said that I’d requested to train the dogs with Riley …” Jessica said in a hushed voice trying as hard as she could to keep her voice calm. To sound casual. “But I do really want to work on the cars with you.”

“Come here …” he growled. Jessica sucked in her breath and moved toward Angus. Much like her zen tactic Jessica forced all thoughts from her mind except the idea that this was not Angus. It was Scott. And he was going to be rough … inconsiderate, take what he wanted and not consider her needs. And she was going to have teach him what she wanted … Scott would want it to be as realistic as possible, he always really got into the role plays so he wouldn’t make it easy but it would be doable. Jessica felt the familiar and welcome feeling of calm roll over her. Everything was good with Scott … now everything would be good with Angus.

“I …” Jessica began as she neared him but didn’t get a chance to finish. Angus grabbed her, pulled her to him and brought his mouth down hard on hers. Jessica tried not to panic. Forced herself to relax, and to kiss him back.

He placed his hand on her breast and began to squeeze. He couldn’t believe she was kissing back. He slid his tongue between her lips. He tried to scoop her up but hadn’t realized they were so close to the sofa. He lost his balance and dropped onto the sofa, Jessica on his lap, momentarily breaking lip contact with her.

Jessica leaned away while grasping his hand in hers and pulling it from her tit.

“Come here,” he panted and took her tit again, pulling her mouth back to his.

“No … Angus, stop! Please!” Jessica had pushed his hand away from her breast and was now pushing against his chest with all her might, managing to get his mouth away from her by a millimeter or two.

“What the hell is the problem?” he demanded when he’d tried again to grab her tit and she’d pushed his hand away for a third time. “You were kissing me a second ago!”

“That hurts!” she said.

“Sure it does,” he said and gave up on the breast. He pulled her right leg back, parting her legs and began massaging her through her pants.

“Ouch!” Jessica said and struggled to sit up. “Stop it Angus … stop!” and the crack of skin hitting skin broke the air. Both Jessica and Angus froze. Jessica looked at her hand that hovered mid-air. Then she looked at Angus. She had slapped him, hard.

“I’m sorry …” she said bringing her hand to his cheek and rubbing it. “I didn’t mean it … but you were hurting me.”

“Jessica, I think you know what it feels like when I’m hurting you!” Angus growled. “Should I refresh your memory?” Fuck, this was so much like his fantasies he wasn’t sure it was real. It occurred to him, briefly, that he should be in protective mode at the very least. The slap had been anything but gentle, he’d have to take that up with her after, but right now all he wanted was to fuck Jessica the way he did in his fantasies and there was no protective mode in his fantasies.

“No! I’m sorry, I really am. Look, I don’t want you to stop all together … it would just be nice if it was a little softer … like this …” And Jessica brought her mouth gently over his. He forced his tongue in her mouth. His hand slid between her legs again prodding her hard. It hurt and she couldn’t understand why. Scott had been forceful before and it never felt like this … and then she remembered the sex book Scott had bought. It said a woman’s sex had to be wet in order for touching and intercourse to feel good. It had to be teased into wetness …

“No, no,” she said grabbing his hand and spitting his tongue from her mouth. “It can get rougher later, “she said brushing her lips softly over his while she spoke, “but it has to start gently. It hurts otherwise …”

Angus tried to reach between her legs again.

“Angus,” Jessica whispered, “would this be easier in your room?”

Now why hadn’t he thought of that? Getting up, he lifted Jessica over his shoulder and stalked down the hallway.

“Wait!” Jessica said when they passed the bathroom. “I need to go to the bathroom first.”

Angus hesitated as if unsure as to whether he was willing to take a delay. “And maybe you could put some cream on your hands … make them softer.”

Angus turned into the bathroom.

He couldn’t believe he was standing there applying cream to his hands while Jessica pissed. She stood to pull her pants up, and Angus was on her, sliding his hand through the soft curls of her pubic hair, his fingers searching for the part in her lips.

“Still too fast …” Jessica muttered as she pushed his hand away.

“Jesus Christ Jessica! I can’t wait any more!” Angus growled, he tried to find her lips again, both sets.

“Your room, we have to go to your room.”

“This is fine,” Angus grumbled.

Jessica ran her hand over the bulge that protruded from Angus’ pants. Angus moved away. Was she going to grab and pull? Jessica moved closer and returned her hand to the bulge. “Let’s go to your room Angus. I can … help you … and then we can start again, slowly. Please.”

She unzipped his pants, found the slit in his underwear and took hold of his cock. Angus almost came right then.

“Come on … “ she said and moved toward the door. Angus followed.

In his room, on his bed, he had the greatest urge to just tackle Jessica, but then she did something he hadn’t expected. She lowered her mouth to his cock, and tried to swallowed it. Angus felt such extreme pleasure that he exploded. He lay panting on the bed, afraid to look at Jessica. Surely she was disgusted with him. He hadn’t even had time to warn her … to remove himself from her mouth. Then he felt her hands on his testicles. He looked up and saw her swallow. She licked his shaft and then swallowed again. He was astounded. He put his hand on her head. She looked up and smiled.

“Better?” she asked. He nodded. He pulled her up to his chest.

“How did you … where did you learn …you’ve never done that before.” He said. She kissed his lips and smiled.
“Scott’s a good teacher. Ready to go slow?” she asked.

He nodded.

As far as he was concerned, they’d go any speed she wanted. She moved his hand to the curls between her legs.

“You’ve gotta start gently,” she said as she helped his fingers find the flesh between her lips. She rolled onto her back and parted her legs. He followed her and felt his manhood come alive again. He had to be dreaming. He was going to wake up and this was all going to be a really, really, good, wet dream.


“Jesus Christ Angus!” Jim hissed when Angus finally emerged into the living room. Trailed by Josh, a strange expression on his face. “Where’s Jessica, is she alive?”

“Calm down Jimbo …” Angus said in such a relaxed tone all of the men did a double take, “she’s in the bathroom … she’ll be here in a minute.” He turned to Josh, “Were you waiting outside my bedroom door?”

“We were all waiting outside your door!” Scott hissed. “Where the hell is she?”

Angus stood looking down the hallway.

“Here she comes now … “ he said and moved to the kitchen.

Jessica came into the living room, and looked not only fine, but happy.

“Are you alright?” Josh asked, not sure what to make of her smile and Angus’ mellow mood.

“Fine thanks,” Jessica replied.

Riley looked Jessica over. She definitely had not been crying, and there didn’t seem to be a bruise on her.

“Jess,” Angus said from the kitchen.

He’d placed a plate with a sandwich on it on the table and pulled the chair back.

“Thanks,” she said moving to the chair.

“You are very welcome … “ Angus replied in a dreamy almost surreal voice, and planted a kiss on her lips just before she sat. He turned to the fridge, took out the milk, poured it into a glass, nudged the fridge door closed with his hip and turned back to Jessica.

“And your milk …” he said placing the glass in front of her.

“Thank you,” Jessica said.

“You are very welcome …” he repeated. He slid his arms around her neck and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

“Angus!” Riley hissed and motioned him over with his head. Angus sauntered over in the same dream like way he had been speaking. “Are you on drugs?” he demanded.

“Well, if Jessica is a drug … then yes.”

“Angus!” Riley said his initial worry turning to downright terror. The other men moved closer. “You were in your room for the whole damn day! We barely heard a sound from your room, and Jessica has come out actually walking. And you … I don’t know what you are … did she make you eat something?”

“Oh, I ate alright,” Angus said and laughed. “I ate and I ate and I ate … she ate too. Did you know that she swallows? And I believe that for that I have you to thank! “ Angus said turning to Scott and shaking his hand.

“You’re … welcome … ” Scott replied understanding beginning to dawn. Relief flooded over him. “It’s okay guys … I know what happened. Holy crap Jessica!” Scott said turning to where Jessica sat finishing her sandwich. “I knew you were good baby, but I didn’t know you were this good!” he said waving his hand at Angus.

“Would someone care to tell us what the hell is happening?” Riley demanded.

Josh got the picture also. A smile grew on his face. So Angus hadn’t been getting the sexual Jessica up until then … well that explained everything. No wonder his balls were always in a knot.

“I’m going to lose it here!” Riley said. Jessica had finished her sandwich, put away the plate and moved to stand in the living room. Her cheeks felt hot and she knew they were flaming red. It made no sense … each of these men took her on a regular basis, but she just found it so embarrassing to be talking about it in front of all of them like this.

“Jessica …” Scott said placing his arm around her shoulder, ducking down to see Jessica’s face when she lowered it, “has been busy rocking Angus’ world, that’s all. Hey Jess, baby, what’s wrong … don’t be embarrassed, it’s good. You did good.” Scott said rubbing the thumbs of both hands on her cheeks as he crouched down in front of her and cupped her face. He peered up at her as she tried hard to hide behind the hair that fell in ringlets around her face.

“She did damn good.” Angus agreed and instantly got horny again. She looked so hot standing there, looking so shy even though she was so skilled in bed. Damn it, he needed her again. It wasn’t his day with her but he didn’t fucking care. He needed her and he needed her now. “Well, if you’ll excuse us, I’m going to take Jessica …” Angus said pulling her to him, “out to work on the corvette.”

“You’re what?” Riley asked. “Wait a minute. You and Jessica fucked all day long and now you’re willing to take her out to work on your car?”

“You bet,” Angus said and pulled Jessica by the hand toward the door.

Riley watched the door close behind Angus and Jessica. He was completely stunned. He looked at the remaining men, who looked strangely relieved.

“Are you sure he’s okay?” Riley asked pointing his thumb in the direction Angus went.

“Oh yeah, fine. Just think of all the good sex you’ve had with Jessica. Then imagine that Angus hadn’t had any … and now he has.”

“Okay,” Riley said, though he knew for a fact that Angus had had sex with Jessica many times before.

Jessica lay in Angus’ arms, her fingers stroking the hair on his chest, tracing little circles. They lay in the grass on the far side of the corvette. They were hidden from the house, but not intentionally. They’d worked on the car for all of five minutes before Angus could stand it no longer. With Jessica right next to him and memories of what they’d done, what she’d done, in his room, combined with her scent had made him reach for her. And then they’d done it at least twenty times, in every possible position. He’d tasted, really tasted her every inch of her body … and she’d done the same to him. He’d never felt so probed and touched before in his life. He loved it. Now he felt so spent. It was amazing that she wasn’t passed out from the effort she’d put in. Smiling to himself, he pulled her forehead to his lips, and kissed.

“You must be exhausted,” he said. She looked up at him and smiled.

“A touch,”

He couldn’t stop running his hand over her body, over and over again, everywhere. He still had the strange feeling that this was all a dream. His hand came to her tit. He massaged gently. He couldn’t believe that this body had been there all along and for years he hadn’t been able to enjoy it, to really enjoy it. And her tits. So small and round, and soft and warm … they fit in his hands, his mouth so perfectly … they’d been nothing but weapons before. Weapons to ensure his protection and weapons to inflict harm on Jessica. He’d squeezed them so hard before … little wonder Jessica kept reminding him to be gentle.

Jessica’s hand slid down his stomach. To say she was astounded by the change in Angus would be a major understatement. She wasn’t able to feel comfortable enough with him yet to give up the role playing with Scott technique, but she had moments of seeing Angus as Angus. And when she did it was pleasant and it gave her hope that perhaps it was a permanent change. But she knew she couldn’t trust it. At any moment he could change again and beat her, rape her. And that thought almost paralyzed her with fear so she’d have to fall back to the role playing. It also helped her to be the sexual instigator. One thing she’d observed through the course of the night was that the more she instigated sex with Angus, the more relaxed he became. And the more relaxed he was, the more relaxed she became … it was very enticing.

She was horny again. She wondered where all this sexual need and drive kept coming from. No sooner had she cum then she was ready to cum again. Mmm, and she knew a certain move that Jim, Scott and Josh all loved … she was pretty sure Angus would too.

She leaned in to Angus, rising on a knee, and he rolled onto his back. Her right hand slid over his cock and her fingers encircled his testicles at the base of his cock. Her left hand grasped the shaft.

For a brief moment Angus realized that he was in a very vulnerable position but rather than inflict violence Jessica’s hands brought blinding pleasure as they began to move. Her left, up and down the shaft of his cock, her right pulling firmly but gently on his testicles. Both hands began to move faster, stroking and pulling more forcefully. The pleasure was so intense that he couldn’t move. He thought he’d already felt the most extreme pleasure that he could, but this was too much. He became aware of a low, guttural sound around him, and realized it was coming from him. A sharp, almost blinding wave of pleasure overwhelmed him, and when he was done, all he could do was close his eyes and drift into oblivion.

“Jessica!” he growled and startled himself awake. He’d been out. He didn’t know for how long, and his first thought was that Jessica had surely disappeared.

“Hi,” he heard her say. Jessica poked her head poked out from around the front of the car. The hood of the car was still raised, and Jessica had dressed again. She was wearing his Harley cap, and her face was all covered in grease. Angus got to his feet. Jessica had folded his overalls and piled them neatly on the hood of the car. He hurried to put them on.

“Have a good nap?” she asked smiling up at him as he came around the car, pulling his zipper up. She stretched up to plant a kiss on his lips. “I think the alternator is shot.” She said pointing the socket wrench she held in her hand, at it.

“How long was I asleep?” Angus asked. He’d fallen to sleep, and Jessica was still here. Relief flooded over him. He pulled Jessica to him.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “but a long time … you know,” she said as Angus began nibbling on her ear, “I’m starting to get worried that you’re going to dehydrate.” She giggled as he nuzzled her neck, “You’re not replenishing the fluids that you’re expelling …”
“Don’t worry about me … “ he murmured as his hand slid between her legs, “I’ll be just fine …”

“I … hate … to … ruin …the …mood,” she managed at the moments when his tongue vacated her mouth, “but … “ she moved her lips to his neck, “I really need to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay … “ he said.

He followed Jessica to the house, and into the bathroom, the whole time admiring the wiggle of her backside. He stood back and let Jessica do her business. He felt so relaxed. There was something to be said about knowing that you could get laid whenever and wherever you wanted to … without resorting to violence. Jessica stood at the sink, washing her hands. Her backside wiggled even when she washed her hands. Unbelievable! Now he realized the one position they hadn’t done. It was amazing that it was missed, actually. He came up behind Jessica, just as she’d turned the water off. He put his arms around her and she turned to face him. Her face was wet, she’d cleaned the grease off. The wet look suited her. Anything suited her. He turned her away from him and pressed his bulging manhood against her. She tried to turn back to face him.

“Turn around … “ he said in a husky voice.

He’d slid his hand under her shirt, found her nipple … then slid the same hand down, slipping it behind the waistband of her pants, and found her pussy.

“Angus …” Jessica said, trying to turn back … “I have a better idea …”

“No … this is good,” Angus murmured. Jessica’s legs were spreading, but she was still trying to turn around.

“Get down …” he said.

This was just like his fantasies. A little resistance from Jessica, but knowing in the end he’d fuck her … up the ass, but this time, he wouldn’t hurt her. This time it’d be good for both of them. Except, Jessica wasn’t moving. She’d stopped rocking her hips along with the rubbing of his hand. Stopped pressing her pussy against his hand.

“What’s wrong?” Angus asked … maybe she had to pee again.

Jessica turned to face him. She moved in to him, and stood staring at his chest, her fingers teasing his right nipple.

“You okay?” Angus asked … he slid his hand between her legs again.

“Angus … I don’t want to do it that way,” Jessica said, and raised her eyes to look in his.

“Jessica, I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

Jessica shook her head.

“I don’t want to do it that way ever again.” She held his gaze. She lifted her hand to his face. “Just in my … the usual place. Not up my bum, okay? Please?”

“Jessica … “

She shook her head. “It hurts too much. Please …” she stroked his cock, “if you want to lie down, I’ll sit on your face. You liked that the last time … “ she leaned in and kissed his neck.

“Jessica,” he said, feeling like crap. The whole ass thing had really been to hurt her to begin with. Obviously it had worked. Really well. That intention was gone now but if she really didn’t want to do it, that was fine with him. The good old fashioned way worked just as well for him.

“You can still turn around. I’ll take you in your cunt, not your ass … okay?” He began turning her, but she grasped his arm with her hands. She looked terrified.

“Trust me Jessica, I promise … I won’t go in your ass. Okay?” He thought she’d refuse … and if she did, he didn’t know what he’d do. He didn’t really need to cum again, but he needed to know that she trusted him.

“Please …”

“Turn around Jessica … “ He said grasping her forearms more forcefully and turning her. She turned, but she was shaking.

“Shhh, shhh” he whispered in her ear as she whimpered. “Jess, it’ll be good, I promise. Trust me, okay?” He pulled her down to her knees and guided her forwarded until her head was on the floor and her ass in the air. With one hand, he played with her nipple, with the other, he rubbed her pussy meat. After a few minutes, her legs began to part more and she began to move with the rhythm of his hand. She moaned, and gasped with pleasure when his fingers slid into her hole, and then she sighed, and his hand swam in her juices. Angus pulled her by her hips toward him.

“Angus!” Jessica said lifting her head, panicking. She couldn’t pretend he was Scott anymore. This was too real, too terrifying.

“Head down Jessica!” Angus growled. He couldn’t stop now. Memories from past bathroom encounters had him ready to explode. She hadn’t lowered her head. Placing his hand on her head, he pushed down, with his other hand he grabbed her pussy and lifted upward. That was too much, he couldn’t wait any more, and he drove his cock into her hole.

Holding her shoulders, he pushed her back onto himself and despite his intentions of being gentle, he thrust as hard as he could until the pleasure overwhelmed him. He groaned and slid onto the floor beside Jessica.

“Jess?” Angus asked, lifting his head when he heard her sniffle. “Did I hurt you?”

“No. “ she said, shaking her head.

“Then, why are you crying?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re shaking … “ Angus said running his hand over her. “Jessica, I told you I wouldn’t … you didn’t believe me? Jessica, what’s wrong?” He demanded as she began to shake so much he thought she was convulsing.

“Angus,” she said leaning into him, putting her hands on his chest, “can we please not do it that way again. Please, any way but that way.”

“Okay, okay,” Angus said kissing her forehead and pulling her tighter against him. “I didn’t think you’d mind so much. We’ve done every other possible position … Jesus Jessica, what’s wrong?” he asked as she began to retch.

“I keep remembering … it was so awful … can we leave here, please?”

“Come on,” he said scooping her up and moving from the bathroom to his room. He sat her on the bed.

“Angus,” Jessica said grabbing his arm as he began to move away. “I’m sorry.” She had no idea what was wrong with her. Angus had only used her pussy as he’d said he would, there was no reason to be reacting like this. Besides, she’d done that position dozens of times before with Scott, and even sometimes with Josh. Both in her pussy and up her bum, and it had never bothered her like it had now.

Angus sat down on the bed. Jessica rocked herself onto her knees. She decided to try her next move with the real Angus. She didn’t think she needed to pretend any more … She crawled to the edge of the bed, swung her leg over Angus’ lap, and finding his cock erect, slid herself onto it, straddling him. As she slid up and down, she brought her lips to his. Angus brought his hands to her breasts, but he just couldn’t continue.

“Jessica,” he said between kisses, “you can stop.”

“It’s alright,” she whispered, and slid her tongue in his mouth.

“No it’s not,” he said and grasped her arms forcing her to stop moving. “You’re still shaking.”

“I don’t know why,” Jessica said, “but it’ll stop.” She leaned in to kiss him again.

“You said you remembered something awful.”

Jessica froze.

“You thought I was going to hurt you again, like before, didn’t you?”

Jessica nodded. Whenever Scott or Josh took her from behind, it felt good. With Angus, it had always hurt. Hurt more than anything else he’d ever done to her. It had hurt, and been downright terrifying. It seemed that she just couldn’t forget that fear.

“I’d told you that I wouldn’t. I promised.”

“I know Angus. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care if you don’t want to do it that way again,” Angus said, “but if I promise you something Jessica, you have to believe me. Have I ever lied to you before?” He asked when Jessica looked unconvinced.

Jessica thought about it.

Angus had done a lot of things to her over the years, but lie was not one of them. In fact, when he said something, he’d always followed up with it.

“No. You haven’t.”

“If I say it, I mean it. ‘K? “

“Yes,” Jessica said. And she began to rock her hips again. “Can we continue now?” She asked, her tone sensual again.

“We don’t have to,” Angus said feeling surprisingly disturbed by the fact that Jessica was so traumatized by the anal sex. It had been done with that intent, but then so had all the other sexual acts he’d forced on her. Her reaction had been involuntary, yet it spoke more to him than anything she could have done on purpose. He felt a pang of guilt. He almost didn’t recognize the feeling. Had it not been for the time he’d agreed to let Beth have an abortion, he wouldn’t know what it felt like. He had that same heavy feeling in his heart.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you ready again … “ she said reaching behind her with her hand and taking the base of Angus’ cock in her hand.

“No Jessica. “ He said laying his hand over hers. “You’ve done enough. I on the other hand,” he continued, while standing up, “have some catching up to do.”

Jessica had wrapped her legs around his waist. He lay her back on the bed, and she unwrapped herself, and lay with her legs spread wide. “Can you rub my G spot?” she asked, her head rolling in anticipation. Angus had brought his thumb to her clitoris.

“Your what?”

“G spot,” she replied and reached for his hand. She folding his thumb, third and pinky finger and inserted his pointer and index into her pussy. “Curl your fingers …” she panted. Jessica’s obvious excitement was arousing him. He curled his fingers.

“To the left,” she said shifting his hand over, “now tap … tap a lot.” Angus began moving his fingers back and forth. Jessica began to arch and moan and when she sighed a gush of fluid rushed out of her.

“Holy shit!” Angus said looking at the wet stain on the blanket. “What happened?”

Jessica took his hand and pulled him on top of her. “I ejaculated that’s all. That felt sooo good!”

“You can ejaculate?” Angus asked stunned.

“Mhhmm,” Jessica replied.

“Did you really learn all of this from Scott?” Angus asked lying beside her and rubbing her arm. Christ, if it was true, Scott deserved a medal or something.


“And the G spot thing?”

Jessica giggled, “Scott got us a lot of books. We read about it about as much as we practice.”

Angus made a mental note to get his hands on those books. He still couldn’t believe how the day had turned out. She didn’t hate him anymore, that was for sure, though he’d given her plenty of reason to. Jessica rolled onto her back. She played with his nipples, while smiling up at him.

“Ready for some more?” she asked. God, she was an animal. He wasn’t sure he could keep up. He ran his hand down her chest, to her stomach.

“What’s this?” he asked brushing his fingers over some red patches on her skin.

“Probably stubble burn,” Jessica replied. She brought her hand to his face and rubbed his five o’clock shadow.

“Really?” he asked, bringing his own hand to his budding beard. “Does it hurt?”

“I’m used to it. Stubble burn and calloused hands … you’re a man, that’s how it is.” She rolled in to him. “So?” she asked running her hand over his cock.

“I don’t believe it … but I think I’m ready for another. Should I look for that G spot again?”

“I sure won’t argue,” Jessica said rolling onto her back, flinging her arms above her head, and sighing as Angus slid his fingers into her. He lowered his mouth to the soft mound between her legs and decided that he liked this just fine, and regardless of how much he’d wanted to hurt her before, he wanted equally as much, to not hurt her now. He couldn’t take back the past, but he could sure as hell do something about beard burn and calloused hands.

The next day

Jessica watched Riley put Baby back in his crate. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, they’d had a great day training the dogs, yet something didn’t seem right. He’d been curt with her a few times, and hostile. She wasn’t sure what was wrong. She’d finally gotten Angus to mellow out … really mellow out, and now Riley seemed to be taking over for him in the grouch department. Jessica stretched and yawned. The warm sunlight and her lack of sleep from the night before with Angus made her extra lazy.

“Stop that will you!” Riley barked at her. Jessica lowered her arms in surprise.

“What did I do?”

“All your yawning and stretching. Christ Jessica, don’t you think I know you were ‘rocking Angus’ world’ last night … I don’t need you constantly reminding me!”

Christ he was pissed. First, Angus begged Riley’s night out from under him. He’d been too surprised to do anything but grudgingly accept a switch when Angus, at the last minute, asked him for a favor. Apparently the other men had already agreed to bump their nights by one for Angus. Then he exhausted Jessica so much that she could barely stay awake. How the fuck was he going to get off when Jessica was going to be falling asleep through the whole thing.

And Jessica was ‘rocking Angus’ world? What the fuck did that even mean? So Jessica didn’t look like at Riley like he was coming at her with a chainsaw anymore when he fucked her, what was ‘rocking’ about that?

He was so fucking horny, had been the whole week they’d been gone. He’d been thinking about taking things to the next level with her … maybe getting her to touch him. He was eager to have a hand other than his own on his cock again. Given how things had gone with Alisha it was clear that the hand would have to be Jessica’s and he had no idea how he was going to get that to happen. His only sexual experience with Jessica was her lying still and him fucking her. And now he doubted he’d get even that.

For a moment Jessica thought she was going to have to pretend to be role playing with Scott again. After things had gone so well with Angus she really hadn’t planned on it with Riley. But he’d looked so pissed off that she was gearing up to go to her role playing zone when something about his tone and body language made her pause. She wasn’t sure but in addition to being angry, he seemed jealous. She knew what she would do if it was Jim, Josh or Scott that she was talking to but Riley was not approachable enough for that. Role playing it was then.

“Riley,” Jessica said going to him and putting her arms around his neck, “are you jealous?”

“No, of course not! Why would I be jealous?” He asked looking down at her, surprised that she was in his arms, hugging him, seemingly at ease with him. He felt embarrassment consume him. Yes he was jealous. Very jealous. But he didn’t need her to know that. “You’ve been doing just fine for me … thanks.” He grumbled but the truth was he had no point of reference on which to make that statement. He really had no idea what she did for the other men. But given Angus’ transformation Riley was fairly certain that what Riley and Jessica did sexually was anything but fine in comparison.

“You know what?” Jessica said bringing her finger to his lips and tracing them with it, “Scott said there’s a nice watering hole somewhere on your property … said he wanted to take me there some time so we could swim … and sunbathe … and … you know … “

“Yeah, so?”

“Why don’t we go there. We can be the first to do all that stuff there … especially the ‘you know’ stuff.”

“Jessica, “ Riley said, his voice thickening as he became fully aware of her body pressed against his. Shit, he had to get her away from him or he’d never be able to control himself and the last thing he needed was that terrified look. “It’s completely open by that hole … no bushes or trees.”

“So?” she asked. His desire made itself clear to her, so she pressed herself even closer.

“So?” he repeated. He was going to lose it. He pushed Jessica away from him. “So, there’s no coverage there, no privacy.”

“That’s okay,” Jessica said moving closer again. “It’s in the middle of nowhere, right? Who do you need privacy from?” She couldn’t believe that she was so horny.

Scott hadn’t applied that cream for a couple of days … long enough for it to have worn off. And then after yesterday’s marathon with Angus, she should’ve been all sexed out … but she wasn’t. And … and, Riley was different. He wasn’t rough like Angus, in fact if anything he was Angus’ polar opposite. He was too reserved in bed. Maybe that was it. Maybe she wanted to make a change for Riley also. She pressed her body against Riley’s.

Holy fuck! He didn’t know what had gotten into Jessica but he was in no position to restrain himself when she pressed herself against him like that … made sexual suggestions like that. God he wanted to fuck her and as he tried to get himself under control his balls seized. Fuck it hurt! And he wasn’t satisfied with a possible hand job any more. He was pushed to the recesses of his most lurid fantasies … the ones he categorized as ‘never going to happen’, he needed Jessica’s mouth on his cock.

He’d had fuck buddies who had done it for him before … and Angus had said something about Jessica swallowing, though he’d taken that as an offhand comment not believing for a second that she would. But if she was rubbing herself against him and offering to go and fuck at the watering hole then damn it he wanted a blow job. But how to ask for it without ruining everything. If he scared her off he didn’t know what he’d do.

“Jessica … God, there’s no time … “ Riley looked like he was in serious pain. “We gotta go to my room!”

“Are you okay?” she asked moving back, Riley was almost doubled over.

“No!” he said. “Oh God it hurts!”
“What hurts?” she asked.

She began to move away, “I’ll go get Jim, he can bring you to the house.”

“No,” Riley said, catching her hand before she could go. “It isn’t anything Jim can help me with.”

“Then I’ll get Scott …” Riley was shaking his head, ”Josh, Angus?” Jessica was beginning to panic.

“Come here,” Riley said, “just calm down, and come here.” Jessica bent down next to him.

“Is it a heart attack?” Jessica asked, “I’ve read about CPR, I think I can do it …”

“No … Jessica. It’s not a heart attack … but you can help me. You are the only one who can help me …”

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“Get me to my bedroom … “

“Your bedroom?”

“Yes … and then you can …” Riley gasped from the pain.

“Call an ambulance!” Jessica demanded, panic back in her voice as she started moving toward the barn, “Riley, I’m going to get Jim now … he’s just in the corral, he’s the closest one …”

“Get back here!” Riley said so sternly Jessica turned back. “I don’t need you to get anyone, for the last time! I need you to get me back to my room and then maybe …” Riley hesitated. If he scared her off now he’d die … literally. His balls felt like they’d been kicked up to his teeth. But he could see panic returning in her expression, she just didn’t get it.

“Swallow Jessica … I need you to swallow for me.”

There, he’d said it. Now she was going to take off for sure, and he wouldn’t even be able to catch her. Come to think of it … he was the only one around, she could run away right now and it’d be a while before the others would have a clue. That thought was sobering enough that he felt the pain begin to subside. He reached out and caught her hand. Well, if she’d been smiling because she thought she had a way to escape … she wasn’t catching on fast. As he stood straighter, Jessica’s smile grew.

“Riley, “ Jessica said moving into his arms. Her hand slid down his chest, his stomach, and landed on the bulge that protruded from his pants.

“Uh,” he exclaimed as the pain resumed.

“We don’t have to go to your room for me to swallow …” Jessica said and massaged his cock.

“Christ Jessica, don’t do that! I can’t hold on if you do that!”

“Hold on to what?” Jessica asked as she slid her hand behind the waist line of his pants and down into his underwear. She took his cock in her hand, and Riley exploded.

“Oh God … sorry … “ He was so embarrassed. He tried to pull her hand out of his pants.

“Riley,” Jessica was saying. She placed her other hand on his chest, and then on his arm. “Riley … stop. It’s okay.”

“What a fucking mess! Get your hand out of there … Christ!”

“Riley,” Jessica said again, looking him in the eyes. “My hand is fine where it is.” She stroked his cock gently. “If you want, you can lie down and I can clean you up …”

“Here?” Riley demanded.

“Why not?”

“Because, the dogs can see … anyone can see.”

“Okay, “ Jessica said kissing his lips, sliding her tongue between them and teasing the tip of his before pulling back and asking, “how about in the barn?”

Riley looked at her in surprise. Why hadn’t he thought of that? Jessica could feel his muscles move beneath her as Riley lifted her into his arms. He held her close to him as he made his way to the nearest barn. He kissed her, his tongue exploring her mouth, and Jessica wondered vaguely how he could see where he was going. Once in the barn, Riley lowered Jessica onto a bed of hay. Sitting up she pushed him onto his back. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and then she began to lick. Riley felt a jolt of pleasure go through his whole body.

It was too much, too fast, he sat up and reached for her head, but spasmed with pleasure before he could reach it. He made a sound so guttural, Jessica wondered if she’d sucked too hard, but his hands had found her head and were making no attempt to move her. He fell back panting. A blanket of euphoria swept over him. He looked up and saw Jessica licking the last of his mess up. When she finished, she lifted her head, and slowly, deliberately, licked her lips. Riley felt like his head would pop off, she was so fucking hot. He sat up and slid his hand under Jessica’s shirt. He found her breasts, and methodically worked her nipples into stiffness. Pleasure was mounting … for him, but from the way Jessica was moaning, he had little doubt that she was enjoying it too. He slid his hand down Jessica’s pants, in hopes of escalating her pleasure, but he found her fully wet and she sighed as a new wave of liquid seeped between his fingers. He lost all control. He ripped her shirt and bra open, tore off her pants and panties and descended on every part of her.

Jessica couldn’t believe that the normally methodical, controlled, Riley was the wild man who now caressed, poked, pulled and tasted every part of her. He devoured each of her breasts, gripping each nipple between his teeth, pulling. His hand reaching around and under Jessica’s leg, his fingers working their way through the soft mound of hair, parting her lips and delving into the soft meat in between. Jessica gasped as they found the nub they were looking for. The sensation was overwhelming her, she threw her head back, her mouth involuntarily gaping open. Desire was building in her, and just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Riley lowered his head between her legs. A jolt, like electricity, went through her. He knew all the right places to kiss, lick, bite. The course hair on his chin prickling, scratching, stimulating, his fingers plunging deeper and deeper within her. Jessica arched as wave upon wave of pleasure rushed over her. As the intensity of the rapture subsided, a low steady desire took its place. She rocked her hips against Riley’s face. As he moved up, along her body, she pulsated her pussy against him. It never seemed that she could press hard enough.

“I’m going to fuck you Jessica … I’m going to fuck your fucking brains out! Spread your legs …” He felt Jessica open up for him and he thrust into her, hard and fast, a fury of motion. The forcefulness of it, the wild look of pleasure on Riley’s face, brought Jessica to climax just as Riley moaned with his release. Riley dropped on top of her, panting, exhilarated.

“Unbelievable!” Riley mumbled into her ear, as his thumb stroked Jessica’s cheek.

“Unbelievable,” Jessica agreed, remnants of pleasure still tingling within her. Riley nibbled Jessica’s ear. He shifted so he could bring his bent leg up firmly between Jessica’s legs. He slid it back and forth, Jessica moved with it. A never ending tingling eating her up. Riley’s thumb traced Jessica’s lips. She lay with her eyes shut, head slightly back, a soft moan escaping her every now and then. Riley watched her profile. He felt so alive! The circles his thumb made on her lips became smaller and smaller, until it slipped into her mouth. Jessica worked on it like she had on his manhood.

“Jesus Christ Jess,” Riley groaned in her ear as he rolled back on top of her, got up on his knees, pulling her up with him. He sat back on his heels, and lifted Jessica onto him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and rocked her hips. Riley tried to kiss her breasts, but there was no time …
“Fuuuuckkk!” he moaned as an incredible sensation began, “Jess! Oh fuck!” he yelled as he exploded deep inside her. He lay Jessica back onto the hay, collapsing on her. He couldn’t move. When Jessica finally opened her eyes, she had no idea how long she’d been asleep. Riley lay on his side, leg thrown over her, head propped on his hand. He was watching her, and smiled when she looked at him.

“That was …” He paused, at a loss for words.

“Amazing?” She asked. She’d just been thinking the same thing.

He nodded. Finally understanding what had happened to Angus over the past couple of days. Rocking his world seemed like a major understatement now.

“I can’t believe we did it in the barn,” he added, absent mindedly playing with her nipple.

“I can.” There was a huskiness in her voice that made Riley look up.

He had worked her nipple to an erect nub. He wondered if that look in her eye meant she could handle another roll in the hay. As if reading his mind Jessica turned toward him and rising to her knee she straddled him.

“You know,” he said, taking her by the knees and sliding her up from his stomach, to his chest, toward his face. “I was looking for a kiss … a nice, wet, kiss.” Jessica inhaled with pleasure as his hands took her butt and pushed her curly mound up to his lips. Sliding his hand under her legs, he used his thumbs to part her lips, and his face disappeared into her part. His tongue and teeth did their magic and Jessica felt her pleasure mounting. As she climaxed, Riley’s tongue slid in and out of her, pressing firmly on her clit. She spasmed, head thrown back, panting. When the sensation faded, she slid back on him, bent down to kiss his lips, and then slid back some more. She lifted herself onto his throbbing member and sank over it.

“Ahhh!” Riley exclaimed.

She lifted herself, up and down. She reached back with her right hand and cupped his testicles, rubbing, pressing firmly between his scrotum and his anus. Riley writhed beneath her, pleasure mounting.

“Uhhhh!” He yelled as he finally exploded.

He pulled Jessica down to him. “What the hell did you do?” he asked. “I’ve never felt anything like that before!”

Jessica smiled and kissed his lips. “It’s your sweet spot … “ she said as she settled her head onto his shoulder and draping her arm over his chest, her leg over his groin, she drifted off to sleep.

“It sure was sweet …” he agreed, and kissed the top of her head. He lay looking at the ceiling of the barn, listening to Jessica breathe as she drifted into a pleasure induced sleep. Riley felt giddiness growing inside of him. That was the best sex he’d ever had. He was a twenty-seven year old man, who until now, felt like a fifty year old man. He laughed, and then laughed some more. Now he was twenty-seven going on sixteen. He couldn’t believe it.

He had no idea how long they lay like that. He kept playing the whole thing over and over in his mind … especially the part where Jessica could have left him there, helpless, and made a run for it. But, she hadn’t. She hadn’t made a run for it then, and she hadn’t tried to escape in any way in the past six months. They’d made it … their plan had worked and way better than expected. Jessica stirred a little against him, and it brought him back to reality. He looked at his watch. They’d been in that barn for close to three hours. It was damn near dinner time.

“Jessica,” he whispered, and rocked her gently against him. “Jess … “ he kissed her as she awoke.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi … I fell to sleep … sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. But we should go back in the house … it’s dinner time.”

“Really?” she asked sitting up. Riley took one look at her sitting naked beside him, and had an instant erection. He reached for her clothes.

“You’d better get dressed quick, or we’ll never get out of here.” Riley watched Jessica dress and wondered what to do with himself. He was feeling things he’d never felt before … never felt before. Thank God he still had that night with her … because he was ready to remove everything she’d just put on … He forced himself to get up and get dressed.

“I destroyed your shirt.” Riley said eyeing the cotton that hung in shreds in Jessica’s hands. He still couldn’t believe he’d done that, he’d never just let go like that before … never been so animalistic before.

Jessica held the tatters to her chest and hugged herself.

“Actually, it was Angus’ shirt. I don’t think he’ll mind.” she said with a laugh, “It was for a good cause.”

“Amen,” Riley said. “Here,” he said holding his shirt up, “put your hands up.”

Jessica raised her hands and he lowered his shirt over them, and her head.

“Baling hay will never be the same again,” he said as he led Jessica out of the barn. She laughed, and he loved it. Back at the house something was cooking in the oven … it smelled great, but the house was empty.

“Looks like we have time for a shower,” Riley said, pulling a straw from Jessica’s hair.

“Or maybe a bath?” Jessica asked as they moved toward the hallway, but then they both froze.

Before them stood a man that neither recognized. Riley turned in the direction of the gun rack.

“Angus?” Jessica asked.

“Hi Jess,” Angus replied.

Riley stopped and turned around.

How the hell could that be Angus? But as the man moved into the living room, Riley could see that the clean shaven, combed haired, hatless, man in new jeans and a button up dress shirt, was actually Angus. He had his hand behind his back, and when he pulled it out, it held a bouquet of roses which he held out to Jessica.

“For me?” Jessica asked, reaching for the flowers. “Thank you Angus,” she said, moving closer and staring at him as if she wasn’t quite sure it was him. “You look so nice.”

“Thank you,” Angus replied, dipping his head shyly. He had the biggest smile on his face that Riley had ever seen.

Jessica reached up with her free hand and rubbed his cheek. “You shaved!”

Angus nodded.

“And are those new clothes?”

Angus looked down at himself. “They are. I bought you something too Jessica.”

He looked past Jessica to Riley, “I put it on your bed …I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not,” Riley said, floored by Angus’ transformation. The man never bought new clothes. In fact, the only change in wardrobe he ever made was to alternate between one pair of jeans and one shirt for another pair, from one day to the next.

Riley watched Angus look at Jessica. He looked bashful. It was as if Riley were looking at Angus from ten years ago. He was like a teenager. Riley felt a pain in his heart for him. He had fallen again. Despite all his care not to, Angus had fallen in love again, and from what Riley could tell, he’d fallen harder than he had with Beth.

“I have a roast cooking … some red wine … “ Angus looked up at Riley as if a thought suddenly occurred to him. “There’s wine for all of us Riley, that’s if you don’t mind Jessica having some tonight.”

Jessica looked to Riley. Her expression made it clear she wanted Riley to say anything that would make Angus happy. Riley could tell that she was touched by Angus’ efforts … he had to say that he was too.

“I don’t mind.” Riley said and was glad to see Angus’ face light up from ear to ear. Angus had been a long suffering soul … and Riley’s only best friend. He just hoped that things with Jessica didn’t end badly because that would be the end of Angus.

“How much longer on the roast?” Riley asked.

“About half an hour,” Angus said.

“Enough time to get cleaned up then,” Riley said.

“Thank you for the flowers,” Jessica stood on her toes and kissed Angus’ lips. “Riley, I should put them in water … “

“That’s okay, I can do it,” Angus said.

“We’ve got time Jessica, go ahead.” Riley said. Jessica went to the kitchen and left Riley and Angus alone. Angus fidgeted. Angus was not one to fidget.

“You look good Angus. The flowers and gift are a nice touch.”

“Thanks. I got her a dress. I figured it would probably be as much for us men as for Jessica … I think she’ll look good in it.”

“Good idea … I’m sure she’ll love it.”

“Okay,” Jessica said, returning. She’d put the vase with the flowers on the kitchen table.

“See you soon,” Riley said to Angus, and led Jessica to the bathroom.

“Shower or bath?” Jessica asked, circling her arms around Riley’s neck.

“We probably shouldn’t take too long,” Riley said grasping Jessica’s butt with his hands, “Angus is going to a lot of trouble for dinner. I’m putting my bet on the shower being faster than the bath.” He leaned around Jessica and started the water running.

“Angus looks really nice,” Jessica said, “I didn’t recognize him at all.”

“No, me neither. Let’s just hope the other guys don’t shoot him by mistake …”

“They wouldn’t do that!” Jessica said alarmed.

“Calm down Jessica … I’m just kidding. I’m sure one of them will figure out who he is.” Riley pulled Jessica’s shirt off.

Before she had time to lower her arms, he brought his hand to her breast. With his other hand he worked off her pants and then his own. He pushed her back into the shower and soon they stood under the hot, pulsating water. Riley grabbed the soap and began lathering Jessica. He wanted to enjoy this, enjoy the residual bliss that consumed him but Angus and his emotional surrender to Jessica nagged at him. He felt like he had to do his best to protect Angus, he had to hope that Jessica’s feelings for Angus had changed enough that she would want to protect him too.

“There’s something I have to tell you about Angus,” Riley said while he took an unnecessarily long time soaping Jessica’s pussy.

“I think it’s clean!” she laughed as Riley persisted.

“Oh, alright …” he said feigning disappointment. “The thing is … Angus has been hurt before … badly.”

“Hurt?” Jessica asked while she moved behind Riley and lathered soap on his back.

“By a woman.”

Jessica stopped lathering. Riley looked over his shoulder. “It was a long time ago.”

Jessica exhaled and started lathering again. “Well, that explains a lot,” she said.

“Yes it does.” Riley agreed, turning back to face Jessica … and then he paused. “Did that make a difference to you? That it was a long time ago?”

Jessica shrugged, “I don’t know.” Jessica replied. In truth she didn’t understand the momentary gut reaction she’d had. It had come and gone quickly but it had been a sharp twisting pain. “I guess it’s better that it was a long time ago … better that he’s not being hurt right now, right?”
Riley nodded, “But long time ago or not, Angus was decimated by her.”

“By Beth?” Jessica asked as she lathered his chest.

“How did you know her name?” Riley asked.


“How did you know her name? I never told you her name.”

“Because Angus used to have nightmares about her … he’d say her name all the time. And Jim, Scott and Josh have already mentioned her.”

“Really …” Riley asked, unsettled by the nightmares. In his mind, Jessica was the one with the dreams. It had never occurred to him that the men might have them too. What the hell did he talk about in his sleep?

“So, I just want you to know that you have to be careful with him.”

Jessica had been taking her time with Riley’s chest. Her fingers exploring every muscle, marveling that these muscles that had just been carrying her in the barn, fucking her, holding her, were the same muscles that had hurt her so often over the past few years. But Riley’s words brought her fingers to a standstill. She stared at his chest unsure why she felt this growing heaviness in her heart.

“Jessica,” Riley said, tilting her face up, his fingers gently pulling up on her chin, “Angus has worked very hard to not get emotionally involved since Beth. He’s done a great job of protecting himself, until now. You made it through his defenses and now he’s at you mercy. Literally. Jess, that man you saw just a few minutes ago, the shy, nervous, eager to please Angus, he hasn’t been around in years. I know it’s not fair, especially with what he … we … have put you through but I’m going to ask anyway, be gentle with him. I honestly don’t know what will happen if his heart is broken again. I hope …” Riley paused and unable to look her in the eye, he let them roam down to Jessica’s tits. His hands soon followed, his huge fingers caressing the outside of each of her breasts, “that we never have to find out.”

Jessica blinked back at Riley. For a moment she got the distinct feeling they weren’t talking about just Angus anymore. She didn’t know what to say. Of course she would hurt Angus, all of them, eventually. How else could she avenge her family. But until now avenging her family had involved taking away the men’s freedom. Imprisoning them for life so they could pay for what they did to her and her family. Never had emotions or feelings come into the equation. Jessica couldn’t understand why it should make a difference but somehow, inside, it felt different.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before.” Jessica finally managed to say, “So I have nothing to compare this to, I don’t even know what being careful with Angus means.”

Riley forced his eyes to hers. “Never? You’ve never had a boyfriend?” He asked in an incredulous tone, “So you were a virgin … your first time was with us?” He was astounded. He hadn’t fucked her until well after the others had so he never would have known that first hand but he found it hard to believe that a young woman as sexy as she was hadn’t had a single boyfriend, hadn’t fucked someone before her eighteenth birthday. As Jessica’s face flamed red and her eyes slipped away from his, a distant part of him wished he could feel the self-disgust that a revelation like that called for. They’d taken everything from her and here he was asking her to be gentle with Angus … and by extension himself and the other men. He did feel bad for her, but not bad enough. He still wanted her to be his. He wanted what they’d done in the barn, over and over again. If he were a decent man he wouldn’t want that, but he did.

“Jess …” He began, at a loss for what to do or say next. But when Jessica raised her eyes to his, blinking back tears, he knew that his mission going forward was to ensure Jessica never shed another tear. Not because of him. While he wanted to protect Angus, he couldn’t in good conscience make Jessica responsible for that. He cupped her face, his thumb wiping the single tear that rolled down Jessica’s cheek.

“I’m sorry. Just forget I said anything, okay? Why don’t we go see what Angus bought for you?” Riley said wanting to bring back Jessica’s earlier smile.

Jessica nodded. He followed Jessica out of the shower and was relieved to see that she’d moved passed the conversation and now seemed eager to see what Angus had bought. He watched her towel off so fast he had to laugh. Neither one of them were particularly dry when Jessica grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into his room.

“Oh my God!” Jessica said standing before his bed. “Oh my God! Riley, look at this dress!” She picked up a beautiful shimmering emerald green dress.

“Help me put it on!” she demanded.

When Riley had finished zipping it up in the back, Jessica turned to face him and held her arms out.

“Holy shit,” Riley said. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. It hung mid-thigh, the neckline was low, and it was off the shoulder. Jessica turned to look at herself in the mirror.

“It’s so beautiful!” Jessica said, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“No Jessica, you are the most beautiful thing here. I’m stunned. I can’t believe that Angus picked this out.”

“Me neither … and thank you,” Jessica said looking up at him with a shy smile before looking at herself again. For the first time since she’d come to this place Jessica actually looked at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers through her hair and studied her face. Even if she’d had the opportunity she wouldn’t have taken it, afraid to see what the men had done to her.

But now, observing herself in the mirror, she was surprised to see that given everything that her face and body had endured she didn’t look as bad as she thought she should. Her wet hair hung in ringlets around her face. She had dark rings under her eyes and healing bruises and cuts but Jim had been right, the tan seemed to hide them. And with the changes that were happening between her and the men she felt optimistic that no new bruises or cuts were to come. Maybe, over time, she could heal completely. She studied her hazel eyes … a touch of make-up would bring them out more. It was mind boggling to her that in a few short days she went from wanting to repulse the men to wanting to look good … for them and for herself.

“You know what I need?”

“What?” Riley asked, hesitant to hear her answer. She’d been inspecting herself carefully. Turning her face, spending time on her healing bruises. He couldn’t read her expression and it was dawning on Riley that between the conversation about her stolen virginity and the reminders of the abuse he and the men had doled out to her, she could easily go back to hating him … them.

“Make-up and a blow-drier.”

“You’re fine just the way you are Jess.” Riley said both relieved and eager to distract Jessica from any further self-scrutiny. He observed her in the mirror where their eyes met. She looked so small and fragile standing in front of his massive, muscular frame that Riley felt guilt grip him. It was an unfamiliar and unsettling feeling. Despite the bruises and fading scars Jessica looked hot to him. Clearly she wasn’t seeing the same thing because she moved closer to the mirror and really began inspecting herself. He didn’t want her to … not until she was healed. And maybe then the image of them standing together like this, the dichotomy of his size to hers, his power to hers, would somehow change enough so that he didn’t look so much like an asshole. “Look, you’re dressed up, Angus is dressed up. I’m going to see if I have anything decent to wear, and then we’ll go out and stun everyone with your beauty.”

Jessica nodded but didn’t look convinced that beauty was the word to describe her. Grasping her by her arms Riley maneuvered her to his chest of drawers, “I’ll need your help though … never dressed up before.”

Ten minutes later, Riley and Jessica headed to the living room. It was darker than usual. As they entered they noticed candles on the kitchen table, and on the end tables. Soft music was playing in the background.

“Jessica?” Jim asked, getting up from the sofa. He let out a whistle, that Scott and Josh repeated as they moved toward her. “You’re … wow!” he said kissing her cheek which glowed slightly pink as Jessica blushed.

“Thank you …” Jessica said, a shy smile on her lips.

“I don’t know what to say … “ Scott said leaning in to kiss her on the lips, “you’re stunning.”

“I … I … “ Josh stammered as he kissed her too. He stood back and looked her over. “I …” he tried again.

“Way better than the baggy men’s shirts and pants she’s always wearing, isn’t it?” Riley asked. He noticed that Josh, Jim and Scott had dressed up a little also. He grinned. He never would have guessed Angus as the type to plan a group date.

Angus came out of the kitchen and seemed unable to speak. Jessica went to him, into his arms and hugged him.

“Thank you Angus … I love it. The dress … everything.”

“You’re welcome. Thank you … for wearing the dress … and for the other night.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Well, if you’re ready, dinner is done.”

He led Jessica to the table, and the men followed.


“I don’t know what you’ve done to Angus, but I like it.” Jim said as he and Jessica slow danced around the living room. Dinner had gone well. Angus had surprised them with an incredibly decadent chocolate cake for dessert. They’d moved to the living room afterwards, and when “Stairway to Heaven” came on the radio, Jimmy asked Jessica to dance.

“I didn’t do anything,” Jessica said leaning against Jim.

“You’re drunk!” Jim exclaimed. She’d had a couple glasses of wine, more than she’d had ever had with them in one sitting.

“Is that what this is?” she asked.

“Mhm. Well, you did something alright, he’s a changed man!”

“Scott was right. Once I showed Angus what I wanted … to enjoy sex … things changed. Jimmy … thanks.” She said, rubbing her hand on his chest.

“For what?’

“For the other day ... protecting me. For everything you’ve done for me since I’ve been here, it’s made things easier. I hope you know that you are my best friend … “

“I know, you’re my best friend too.” he replied, “And I haven’t done nearly enough for you Jessica, for that I’ll always be sorry.”

“Mind if I cut in?” Josh asked as a new song began.

“Not at all,” Jim said and moved aside.

Riley watched Josh and Jim switch.

Okay, so he wouldn’t get to bed with Jessica until later … much later. At least they’d already had some fun at the barn. Jim, Josh, then Scott still needed a dance, and most likely, Angus.

“Did you say there was more wine?” Riley asked.

“Yup, I’ll get you some, “Angus said. Riley got up and followed Angus to the kitchen.

“What’s with the hand cream?” Riley asked indicating a new container that had appeared on the counter.

“For my … our hands,” Angus said, helping himself to a glob. “Jessica likes them soft …”

“Really?” Riley said, and helped himself to some also. “Thanks.” He said when Angus passed him his wine.

“Riley … how can things have gotten so good so fast?” Angus asked.

“I don’t know … I intend to get a better idea of that tomorrow from those three shitheads.” He said indicating Jim, Josh and Scott. “Something obviously happened while we were gone. But I’m glad it did. I’ve never been happier. And, just so you know … today, Jessica had a golden opportunity to run away if she wanted to. She didn’t take it.”

Angus nodded and smiled. “To be honest. Since the time that Jessica had the chance to saw me in half in the bathroom, and she didn’t, I somehow knew we could trust her. I mean I knew … but I didn’t know. Until now.”

“I know what you mean. “

“Scott’s finished his dance. Why don’t you take Jessica to bed. She looks exhausted.” Angus said.

“You don’t want your dance?”

“Sure, but she’s tired.”

“Go ahead Angus, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to miss a dance with you.”


Angus moved to the living room and cut in on Scott and Jessica. Riley smiled … he looked like a kid again, the way he moved across the floor. Just like he did when he had his first dance with Beth. This time it was going to turn out better, for all of them.

“Hi Jessica,” Angus said taking her in his arms.

“Angus … this was the best night ever! The dress is gorgeous, the meal and wine, were delicious, and you … you are very handsome.” She rose on her tip toes and kissed him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Jim told me that green was your favorite color. And he made some other suggestions … you’ll see tomorrow.” Angus said and brushed a loose hair from her eyes. Jessica reached up and grabbed his hand.

“Your hands … they’re so soft!”

Angus laughed. “It didn’t take you long to notice … I’ve only started using the cream today.”

“They feel good Angus.”

Angus pulled her closer. “They’ll feel real good our next night together, I promise you that.” And he put his lips to her ear, “And they’ll move nice and slow, nice and gentle, over all your tasty parts.” He whispered.

“I can hardly wait,” Jessica whispered back.

The song ended and Angus planted a kiss on the side of Jessica’s head.

“Good night,” he said as Riley came to take her.

“Good night,” Jessica said making the rounds, and then Riley picked her up in his arms. He carried her to his room and laid her on the bed. She was barely able to keep her eyes open. A minute later, she was asleep. He locked the door, and stood watching her.

He looked at the handcuffs that hung on the bedpost on her side of the bed. If he didn’t cuff her, this would be the first time ever, since they’d begun a schedule with her in their bedrooms, that he wouldn’t have done so.

He stared at the cuffs for a while. Well, he’d leave the cuffs on his headboard. Better not to jinx them.

He began to take Jessica’s dress off. To see her lying naked on his bed, brought back the memories from earlier that day. He crawled in under the covers, next to Jessica, and lay his hand on her stomach. He rubbed gently, and then moved his hand down to the soft curls between her legs. He stroked for a few minutes, but she didn’t react. She was dead to the world. He kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her. So, he’d have to wait till morning. Worse things had happened.

It was near lunch time and Riley and Jessica had yet to make an appearance in the living room. Angus, Scott and Jim sat in the living room waiting. Josh was standing guard dutifully by Riley’s door. Surprisingly, with the exception of an initial ‘Riley’s going to fucking lose it’, Angus had ignored what Josh was doing and instead paced the living room casting expectant glances down the hallway.

Jim and Scott were antsy too but for vastly different reasons. Over the past few days while Riley and Angus had been occupied with Jessica; Jim, Josh and Scott had been busy planning. They knew that they were going to have to answer to Riley and Angus about the past week but they wanted it to be on their own terms. And Jim in particular wanted them to be aggressive and radical about it. He argued that now, while Riley and Angus were thrown off balance by the dynamics of their new relationship with Jessica, was the time to push the limits of what they could get for Jessica. Jim’s plan was to tell Riley and Angus that not only had all the rules been removed for Jessica over the week, but she had also met outsiders, raced Ebony, and done anything and everything. imaginable. He wanted to gamble on the fact that their new relationships with Jessica would keep Riley or Angus from rescinding her freedoms.

But cooler heads had prevailed and Jim had to acknowledge that Josh and Scott had good reason to believe that in addition getting their asses kicked with that story, there was the risk of Riley and Angus tightening their reigns on Jessica out of fear of losing her. So instead they’d scaled the story back a little. They intended to recount actual events but embellish Jessica’s freedoms, removing rules and restrictions on where she could go alone on their property. Include Jessica’s control of pain medication and birth control and any and all things that would give Jessica as much freedom as she could get without Riley and Angus going ballistic. Scott had even brought all the medication from the barn back into the house and put it in the kitchen. They decided to exclude the encounter with the neighbors, the fact that Jessica was going to ride Ebony at the track, the talk about kill counts, the planned target practices, and their near mutiny. Those were five topics that Jim, Scott and Josh had agreed should never be shared with Riley and Angus because despites Jim’s desire to push the limits while the iron was hot, there was a good likelihood that Riley and Angus would react with extreme negativity and potentially with violence. After all, their near betrayal was something that not even a saint could be expected to forgive. Riley and Angus were no saints … Jim, Josh and Scott were certain someone would end up dead if that came out.

They’d decided to do it that day, as soon as Riley was up. But the longer it took him and Jessica to emerge the more nervous they became. So much rode on this. The most important thing being Jessica’s happiness, but not far behind were their plans with Corey and Shawn to have Jessica race Ebony. There was a lot at stake there. They’d paid a substantial entrance fee … not that money was an issue for them. Between the general funds available to the clan as a whole … funds stolen via various methods … and a lucrative living being made through the men’s side jobs with the horses, cars and dogs, the men were awash in money. But they had paid the entrance fee, they had many non- clan backers who Scott knew through the horse business betting substantial amounts on the race and if Jessica and Ebony won it would ensure that Scott’s dream of racing horses was formally launched. Not to mention the chance for Jessica to do something she loved, ride. And maybe she’d get to meet a few women she could be friendly with. Her excitement at the prospect of their neighbors including some women was very firmly etched in the men’s memories.

“What the fuck is taking them so long?” Angus demanded.

“I don’t know.” Scott said his voice dripping with sarcasm, “Maybe Riley’s pulling an Angus and they’ll be in there all day.”

“Fuck off!” Angus snapped but grabbed one of his Sports Car Illustrated and dropped onto the sofa.

Jim forced a chuckle … it was nerve racking waiting around. Lord knew that he, Josh and Scott had a shitload of work waiting for them in the back field. They’d decided to build a track so Jessica and Ebony could train. They still had a lot of digging and leveling to do … and he just wanted to get on with it so Jessica could use it as soon as Riley and Angus were away for an hour or so.

Finally there was some noise in the hallway and Riley, holding Jessica’s hand emerged. Riley looked somewhat miffed, and Jessica looked worried. Josh trailed after them and he looked like death warmed over. Jessica moved to give morning kisses starting with Angus who had propelled himself off the sofa when he saw her.

“Good morning,” Jessica said melting into his arms and kissing him.

“Morning … are you okay?” he asked studying her face.

“I’m worried about Josh.” She replied. Angus followed her gaze when she turned to look at Josh who had dutifully followed her over to Angus.

“What the fuck …” Angus exclaimed when he saw how tired he looked. “Josh you look like shit.”

“That’s what happens when you camp outside my bedroom door all fucking night.” Riley grumbled.

Jessica moved to Josh and cupped his cheeks, “Josh you have to sleep. Please.”

“I’m fine Jess, honest.” Josh said but he looked like he’d fall down at any moment.

Jessica shook her head, “No you’re not, and you’re coming with me.” Josh groaned as she pulled him back down the hallway. Jim and Scott shared a look … hopefully he’d be awake enough to remember to fill Jessica in on the plans. They hadn’t had a moment alone with her and it was important that she knew what they were keeping from Riley and Angus so she didn’t mistakenly mention it to them.

“What the fuck is his problem?” Riley demanded.

“It’s a long story,” Scott replied, “but one we’d planned on telling you right now.”

“I think you’d better.” Riley agreed.

Jessica returned and from her expression it was clear Josh had told her. She looked nervous as she melted into Scott’s arms, “Good morning,” she said kissing him before moving into Jim’s arms, “I’m really worried about him Jim he’s going to make himself sick.”

“I know Jess but I honestly think he just needs more time. Everything will be okay. ” He added with a wink when Jessica gripped his arms hard and used her eyes to try and convey her worry about the plan with Riley and Angus. He knew how to distract her. “I was going to make some lunch since none of us have eaten yet … do you want to make it?”

“Yes!” Jessica exclaimed, “Oh, I’ll make some tuna casserole, is that good for everyone?” She looked around clearly excited. It was easy to see that Riley and Angus could think of better things they’d rather she be doing. Jessica’s cheeks flamed red as a shy smile spread across her face.

Jim could see the direction this was going but he knew how to cut it off at the knees. “Angus, don’t you have something for Jess?”

“What?” Angus asked blinking at Jim.

“The things you picked up yesterday.”

“Oh … right.” Angus said and taking Jessica’s hand he pulled her along with him to the sofa where he lifted a bag from the coffee table. He looked inside, and scratched his head. He was still confused by the advice Jim and Scott had given him about the contents. He sighed and pulled a portable CD player and some CDs out of the bag.

“No way!” Jessica exclaimed. She looked through the CDs. Brittany Spears, Pink, and some mix CDs.

“Thank you!” she said and threw her arms around Angus’ neck … then Jim’s, Riley’s and Scott’s. She was so excited.

“A CD player?” Riley asked.

“Yeah. We don’t have a computer so an MP3 player wouldn’t work …” Jim replied.

“Oh!” Jessica said bouncing with excitement. Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to listen to the music and dance like she’d always done at home while she did chores. “I’ll go make lunch!” She exclaimed and moved to the kitchen where she popped on the headphones, a CD, and began to dance around the kitchen as she cooked.

“Now’s a good time for that explanation.” Riley said.

Scott motioned to the sofa so Riley and Angus dropped onto it. Jim and Scott dragged over dining room chairs and straddled them.

Scott was nervous as hell … the plan had a chance of going horribly wrong. But if it went right it had a huge payoff for Jessica. Without a clue what to expect from Riley or Angus he forced himself to say, “It started with Jessica helping us with chores.”

Through the whole story, Riley and Angus would flick their eyes over to Jessica who, oblivious to what was happening, continued to rock out in the kitchen.

The range of emotions that rolled over their faces changed from surprise, relief, happiness to sadness and anger. While Riley sat rock still on the sofa, squinting at Scott and Jim as they spoke, Angus had leaned forward planting his elbows on his knees his huge hands clasped together, and he swung his hard stare between Jim and Scott as they took turns speaking. Throughout the account Riley and Angus interrupted with questions, challenging and arguing throughout. It was clear though that they were, as Jim had expected, off balance. So their challenges ended in grudging acceptance. For some reason Angus had argued long and hard about Jessica’s period being as painful as it was. It had come up during the discussion about Jessica controlling pain medications and birth control and for whatever reason Angus did not want to believe that every part of Jessica was in excruciating pain without the medication. Finally, in exasperation, Scott had told him to ask Jessica himself and that shut him up.

“And she jogs with us in the mornings …” Jim added as a final note. It hadn’t officially started yet, but he figured he’d throw it in for good measure.

Silence ensued. Riley and Angus looked overwhelmed.
“So …” Angus finally said, a look of complete bewilderment on his face, “She won’t marry us?”

Jim and Scott glanced at one another and visibly relaxed. If that was what Angus was going to concern himself with, everything was going to be fine.

“No.” Jim said.

Riley and Angus shifted their eyes to Jessica. She was gyrating her hips in the kitchen as she got plates out of a cupboard. It was more than a little distracting but the sting of disappointment kept them focused.

“Not unless we treat her equally. That’s what marriage means to her.” Scott said.

‘Equally.’ The word ricocheted through Angus’ mind. As he watched Jessica dance around in the kitchen an overwhelming feeling of possessiveness swept over him. It wasn’t jealousy like he’d felt with Beth. He had no trouble sharing her with the men, and he truly wanted to do whatever he could to make her happy. But, the equality that she would be seeking from the mainstream idea of marriage, could never be hers.

She belonged to him. Heart, body, and soul. And if she was doing something that he felt was too dangerous for her … like riding full speed on that black fucking monster of a horse of Scott’s … she would have to stop. He would order her to stop. And if she didn’t want to listen … Angus paused to assess his feelings, something that felt very foreign. What lengths would he go to if she didn’t listen. He was surprised yet happy to find that he felt no desire to inflict violence on her. He liked the idea of a slap during sex … consensually, but using violence to control her the way she would need to be … no. He didn’t want to hurt her anymore.

So what did that leave? Consequences of some sort … he eyed Jim and Scott. Were they, let alone Josh, capable of doling out consequences for Jessica? He was going to have to raise it with them, and with Jessica. He didn’t want any misunderstandings. He just wasn’t sure how. Things were so different now. His usual method of strong arming people into doing what he wanted didn’t seem useful anymore. He glanced at Riley.

He’d seemed to be contemplating something too but Riley finally said, “Not that marriage ever crossed my mind. I was just concentrating on getting her to … stay. I don’t understand how you managed to have these conversations with her.” He said looking at Jim and Scott. “They’re … very personal.”

“I bet that if you were to try now, you would have the same kinds of conversations. Jessica had been sure that you hated her. She was very defensive around you, but not now.” Jim said

“And the horse racing. Isn’t it … dangerous?” Riley asked.

“She’s not going to run away Riley.” Scott said. “She said so herself … but we told you how she could have, and didn’t. Trust me, she’s here to stay.”

“That’s not what I meant. She can fall and kill herself.” Riley replied wincing at the prospect. He remembered when Jessica had fallen of Ebony in the corral that time, he’d felt like he’d been kicked in the balls. Angus grunted his agreement and it was clear to Riley, Jim and Scott that he was agitated by the possibility.

Scott looked to Jim for help. He began to wish they’d kept the horseback riding a secret too. While keeping the official race in which Jessica was going to jockey for him a secret they had divulged that she raced the horses on their land for timing and horse training purposes. Now he wished they hadn’t. Both Riley and Angus looked on the verge of forbidding Jessica to ride and that was going to upset her and be disruptive to the training schedule. He, Jim and Josh had even spent their free time over the past few days out in the field building a track on which to race … he hated the idea that it might not happen.

Jim returned Scott’s silent plea with a look of incredulity … the two men who’d been so bent on beating and killing Jessica initially now were going to make a big deal about something that she was perfectly capable of safely doing? But Jim couldn’t point that out because despite how things had improved between Jessica, Riley and Angus, Jim was not convinced that anything had changed in the way Riley and Angus viewed him. It was entirely possible that if he argued for Jessica riding, Riley and Angus would adamantly oppose just on principle.

“You should see for yourselves,” Jim said. Despite there being no evidence of this in the past, maybe there was a chance they’d be reasonable once they saw how capable Jessica was.

“I don’t want her on that fucking horse, period.” Riley grumbled but he wavered on his resolve as he watched Jessica shimmy while she stirred the pot in the kitchen. They were all in a much happier place and he was very aware it was no thanks to him. Through the whole account Jim and Scott gave of the past week Riley felt completely lost. Everything they had done was so opposite to what he would have done, yet it had worked. Under no circumstances did he want to go back to the way things were so he had to find a way to function in their new world. “But I’ll come see for myself. When do you intend to let her race again?”

“She will probably want to ride as soon as possible. Riding usually means racing.” Scott replied

Angus was momentarily pulled out of his internal turmoil over consequences and how to discuss them with Jim, Scott, Josh and ultimately Jessica. “Do you all wait for her to say what she wants?” Angus demanded. Jim and Scott had explained why Josh was behaving as he was and Angus could understand to a certain extent. But despite having done equally bad, if not worse, things to Jessica himself, he could never be repentant in the way Josh was. Not that he didn’t want Jessica to be happy, he did, but there had to be some thought put into what Jessica could and could not do. To give her free reign was irresponsible. Josh had wigged out, that was plain to see, but Angus hoped that Jim and Scott would be more level headed because if they weren’t, there was going to be a problem. Not just with him but Riley too … Riley lived and breathed consequences.

“No.” Jim replied with a cautious tone. While Riley and Angus seemed to be taking things well so far Jim realized now … hopefully not too late … that Riley and Angus’ naturally controlling and authoritarian tendencies were potential points for contention between them and him, Josh, Scott. He knew that it was vital to a peaceful and rewarding existence for Jessica that he, Scott and Josh find a way to influence Riley and Angus away from their authoritarian ways. He didn’t know exactly how to do that but he did know that much like the quiet way he had tried to influence them in the past, it was going to take a lot of finesse and patience. And unlike the past, he, Scott and Josh couldn’t let them get away with anything that hurt Jessica in any way. Their duplicity had to end. To balance the two approaches was going to be nothing short of a miracle. He could feel the responsibility weighing on him but he rallied to rise to it.

“That’s just Josh’s … peculiarity.” Jim continued trying to choose his words carefully, “But … in line with that whole equality thing … we try not to “let” her do things. She needs her freedom, she cherishes her freedom. You can see the difference it makes.” Jim said tilting his head toward Jessica who was now rocking her hips as she grated cheese.

“And about the racing …” Jim continued. He already knew that if Riley and Angus dictated that Jessica couldn’t race the horses, he, Scott, Josh and Jessica would continue in secret. One way or the other she would race both here at home and at the track. But doing so undermined all of their relationships. It wasn’t healthy and something Jim strove to avoid. “In a few days Ebony is going to be a sire for one of Scott’s clients. It’s really important that he save his energy for that. He’ll be gone a few days … when he gets back, Jessica can show you how she races. Sound okay?”

Riley and Angus nodded but they seemed unsure.

Riley fell back against the sofa. “More happened here then I’d thought.”

“Way more.” Angus agreed.

“I’m not sure how I feel about most of this.” Riley said. “Never mind Jessica,” Riley continued, looking up at Jim and Scott, “But you guys broke all the rules. You, betrayed us … I mean, despite the fact that it’s turned out really well. I’m thankful of course … but part of me … ” Riley’s voice trailed off.

“Yeah. Me too.” Angus said staring at Jim and Scott, his expressions continuing to alternate between happiness, disappointment and anger. “Betrayals a bitch …” he grumbled.

Jim and Scott shifted in their seats. They looked at each other, both thinking that Riley and Angus didn’t know the half of it.

“I understand how you must feel.” Jim said trying to find a way to smooth things over. “But please, don’t take this out on Jessica. It’s between us … and I know I’m probably not in much of a position to make suggestions but I will anyway. I think you should wait for a while before you reach any conclusions. See how things go with our new … arrangement. You’re happier already,” he said waving his hand toward Angus and his new appearance. “I know it goes against the grain … but sometimes there are rules that need to be broken in order for change to happen.”

It took a few minutes but finally Angus and Riley nodded. Jim was relieved. No outbursts, no threats, no violence.

“And …” Jim said a brainwave coming to him. A way to appease Riley and Angus, but at the same time keep his promise to Jessica about running in the mornings and shooting practice. If he was vague enough he could avoid telling them specifics and still be truthful. “As a way to apologize I’d like to give you my night with Jessica and I’m sure Scott and Josh would do the same … “ He shifted his eyes to Scott who looked less than impressed. “The only thing that I ask is that Jessica can help out with the chores in the morning. The rest of the time, she’s yours.”

“Bribery … great.” Riley mumbled.

“Is it working?” Jim asked.

There was a moment of silence while Riley and Angus sat thinking.

“I’m still pissed at you.” Riley finally said. “It makes no sense, I know. Things are so much better now … but it still doesn’t sit right.”

“Amen.” Angus muttered.

“But I’ll take your offer.” Riley continued. “Angus, you can have tonight since I just had a night with Jessica. I’ll take tomorrow, if you’re offering too Scott.”

“Sure.” Scott said, not really sure at all but he figured Jim had to have a method to his madness. He always did.

“But there’s more …” Angus said leaning forward, elbows on his knees. He pinned Jim with his grey eyes and alternated his stare between Jim and Scott.

“I have to tell you right now, so there’s no misunderstanding, Jessica belongs to me. Hold on!” he said raising his hand to stop Jim before he could speak. Angus struggled for the words to say what he wanted. Goddamn it…. expressing himself to anyone but Riley wasn’t easy. But he had to. Things were moving too fast and he felt like he was getting lost in the changes.

“She belongs to all of us, I know.” Angus said, “But I’m trying to explain my take on things so I’m speaking for myself, and I’ll make sure Jessica knows this too. Jessica belongs to me. I’m willing to go along with most of this. I want her to be happy … sure I do. She’s welcome to a lot more freedom. I’ll go along with all of that. But if there is anything that I disagree with, like potentially this horse racing, I will say no. And Jessica will listen. I’m not willing to negotiate on her safety.”

Angus looked between the men as silence ensued. From the corner of his eye, he could see Riley nodding.

“And what if she doesn’t?” Scott asked suddenly sure that things were about to revert to how they had been.

“There would be consequences.” Angus said, “But not like before. I’m in no way interested in beating Jessica so you can stop looking at me like that!” He snapped.

“Sorry.” Scott said.

“So, exactly what kind of consequences?” Jim asked.

Angus exhaled. He looked to Riley and he seemed as perplexed as Jim and Scott.

“Just like we were doing recently. With removal of privileges. That kind of thing.” Angus said with a shrug. That made the most sense to him.

“Seems pretty authoritarian …” Jim said quietly.

“And?” Angus demanded. “That girl needs some boundaries.” He continued, memories of her falling off of Ebony in the corral running through his mind including the smile she’d had plastered to her face. She’d taken ridiculous chances to get away, and now Jim and Scott’s recount of Jessica jumping the river on horseback made Angus doubt Jessica’s abilities to police herself. “She’s a danger to herself sometimes. I have no issues with protecting her from her own lack of good judgment.” Angus added.

“I agree.” Riley said and couldn’t help but be impressed with the way Angus was handling things.

“I’m fine with that.” Scott said, knowing full well that he already had a way to deal with her craziness. He knew without a doubt that he’d have to dominate Jessica again. The only unknown was, when. “So long as we aren’t ridiculous about it. She needs room to breathe and to have some independence.”

“Jim?” Riley asked.

“I don’t know.” He said glancing at Jessica dancing freely in the kitchen and then back at the men. “I don’t want to have a long list of rules that Jessica needs to live by. She’ll never like that.”

“I doubt there’ll be a list.” Riley said.

“This is Jessica we’re talking about …” Angus grumbled. “Just kidding.” He said when Scott and Jim looked worried. “I’m serious when I say that my limits for what I’m willing to let her do are pretty high. It’s simple … can she kill or maim herself? If the answer to the question is yes, then my answer is no. Other than that, we’re good.”

“And how are we going to let her know about these things she’s not supposed to do? I guarantee you that giving her a ‘don’t kill or maim’ yourself guideline to work with, won’t work. We’ll be punishing her for things she didn’t even know she wasn’t allowed to do.” Jim continued.

“Just like before.” Scott added.

Angus shook his head.

“Before we were always trying to figure out what she was going to do next to escape. Now … we’ll just deal with things as they come up. It’s not a big deal.” And as if to prove it wasn’t a big deal, Angus shrugged and fell back against the sofa, all signs of tension disappearing.

“And Jessica will have a chance to prove you wrong?” Jim asked. “She’ll have the opportunity to argue and demonstrate her side of things? Like with the horse racing?”

Angus exhaled.

“She’ll have the chance to prove us wrong … I don’t think you’re going to be too crazy about whatever it is she’s trying to do either. And she will have the opportunity to present her case. I will listen with an open mind … and listen to your opinions too.” He looked down at his hands that lay balled up on his thighs, ashamed to realize that he’d been the reason for so much sneaking around.

“We have to keep communication open. I don’t want any more secrets. What?” he asked when he looked up to find the men staring at him in stunned silence.

“Who the hell are you?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, the Angus we know is all about fire and brimstone certitude, not calm and reasonable dialogue. Appearance wise you’re a great imposter but personality wise, you suck.” Scott said.

“Ha, ha.” Angus grumbled but when Riley looked as surprised as Jim and Scott he knew he deserved their skepticism. He cleared his throat.

“I know I haven’t demonstrated this before, but I am capable of reflecting on my behavior.” He said. “I was a real asshole in a lot of ways, and I’m pretty sure I still am. But I realize that you guys tried to tell me things and I didn’t listen. I’m still pissed off at you … but I will try to listen.”

“Okay …” Riley said when Jim and Scott continued to stare. “Since we’re learning from past mistakes … what are we going to do when we disagree about something? One of us can say no to something, and some of us may not agree that it’s an issue. Like this racing thing. In the past we started off reaching consensus … which at the time was easy to do. Then I became the decision maker. Obviously I was way off the mark on a few things too and I have to tell you that I’m completely out of my element right now. So when we don’t agree, what do we do? Well?” Riley prompted when no one said anything.

More silence, but Jim was casting uneasy glances at Angus.

“Spit it out Jim.” Angus finally said.

“You say you want communication and that you’ll listen. But what will you do when you hear something you don’t agree with? Like now? Jessica doesn’t just belong to you. She belongs to us. And because of that, the only way a decision can be fairly made is by consensus. But … “ he continued, raising his hand to interrupt what Angus was about to say, “consensus doesn’t always work. If we can’t all agree, then it’s majority rules … and Jessica gets a vote.”

Angus squinted his eyes at Jim. His instinct was to say no. To say no, and argue that it made no sense to give a vote to the person about whom the vote was taking place in the first place. But Angus’ instincts took him in some really wrong directions before. Jim seemed to be getting things right. His only option was to suck it up and follow Jim’s suggestions.

“Okay.” Angus said in resignation. “If you say majority rules, then majority rules.”

“That makes six of us voting.” Riley said. “What if it’s a tie?”

With Riley’s questions, Jim had closed his eyes and brought his hand to his head. He was getting a headache. But Riley and Angus were right. To avoid problems, it was best to figure these things out now.

He opened his eyes as he realized that Josh was still sleeping. “Maybe Josh should be here for this …” he said.

“I think it’s safe to assume what his response to everything will be ‘whatever Jessica wants, Jessica gets.’ We’ll fill him in later.” Scott said. “With what we’ve discussed so far I don’t think he’ll have any strong objections.”

Jim nodded. “Fine.” He said. “If it’s a tie, we discuss some more, revote. Do that a couple of times and if we’re still tied … pull it from a hat or something. And we’ll just have to live with the outcome.” The other men nodded their agreement.

“Good. Now we have to make sure Jessica knows …” Angus said.

“And what’s your plan for letting her know?” Jim asked with an expression that made apparent his lack of confidence in whatever method Angus would choose.

Once again Angus sighed. He was in over his head. He gave up.

“I’ll follow your lead.”

“Lunch is ready!” Jessica yelled from the kitchen … music still blaring in her ears.

“Just do me a favor.” Riley said before they got up. “Wait till Angus and I are able to come out and watch her race before she does again. We want to be sure she’s safe.”

“Sure. No problem.” Scott agreed. This was far better than the alternatives.

The men sat around the dining table.

Riley and Angus kept staring at Jessica.

She smiled when she noticed, shoveled food into her mouth, and then paused when neither Riley nor Angus ate.

“Is it okay?” Jessica asked. “I just realized that I put a whole lot of cheese in it.” She looked down at the casserole on her plate. “I didn’t think to ask if you liked a lot of cheese or not.”

Riley took a mouthful … “No, it’s great Jessica … really good.” He added when he realized just how good it actually was.

Angus took a bite also, and nodded.

“Is everything okay?” she asked when they returned to staring at her.

“Jim and Scott just finished telling us what happened here while we were gone.” Riley said.

“Oh.” Jessica said, not sure how to read his or Angus’ expression. She had assumed they’d wait until Josh was awake to have that conversation. If she’d known the conversation was going on while she was cooking she would have been a bundle of nerves. She hoped that the relative calm around the table meant that things were okay but the indecipherable expressions on Riley and Angus’ faces as they stared at her left her unsure.

“About the horse racing …” Riley began.

Jessica froze. If he told her she couldn’t ride again, she didn’t know what she’d do.

“As I understand it, Ebony will be ‘busy’ for a little while. But when he’s available …Angus and I would like you to hold off on racing him until we can come and watch.”

“Oh … oh … okay.” Jessica said.

“Jim … “ Angus prompted, nodding his head at Jessica.

“Right.” Jim leaned forward trying to think of the best way to present the vote plan. “While on the topic of horse racing we had a discussion about handling situations where some of us may not agree with your participation in certain activities. I think you’ll find it fair.”

“These would be really rare situations.” Scott jumped in. Jessica had gone very still realizing that riding may not have been the only freedom she should have been worried about losing.

She shifted her gaze to Scott.

“Like horse racing? She asked. So there was a chance she wouldn’t be able to ride … her heart sank.

“Right.” Scott said. And Jim detailed the process for her.

She seemed to relax somewhat but she shot furtive glances at Riley and Angus.

“Do you understand Jess?” Scott asked.

“Yes. It’s a veto rule.”

“Right.” Scott agreed. “That’s perfect ‘veto rule’ … exactly.”

“You seem a little skeptical.” Angus said as she continued to glance at him. “I don’t blame you. But I promise, I will abide by this.”

“Me too.” Riley said when her eyes moved to him.

And then Riley and Angus exchanged a look. It didn’t escape either one of them that Jessica had not questioned Jim or Scott’s ability to stick to the plan.

“Are you okay with that?” Jim asked Jessica.

Angus stifled a groan. Why was it so hard to adjust to Jessica being asked for her opinion? By the way Riley had snapped his eyes on Jim when he’d asked the question, it seemed to Angus that Riley was having a hard time too.

“Yes. It’s nice to have a vote.”

“And ah …” Riley began, “there was some talk of you deciding that you wanted to stay here. That you didn’t want to run away … escape?”

“That’s right.” Jessica said. She felt like she should add more, but she couldn’t think of what to say.

“Well. Then, you’ll have to be patient …” he began slowly as the implications finally began to really sink in. Nothing was the same. What had Jim and Scott said? She’d been roaming around their property unattended all week? That was so hard to adjust to. “Rules that we had in place. I guess they don’t apply anymore. But, please be patient with me.”

“Us …” Angus threw in.

Riley nodded. “Us. It’s hard to change everything instantly. If you could let us know before you go off on your own for the next little while we’d appreciate it.”

“Um, ok.” Jessica said still bewildered that Jim, Josh and Scott had decided to let her start doing that. She hadn’t all week but when she’d been putting Josh to bed he said as of now she was free to go anywhere on the property she wanted. He’d warned her to stay out of the tree lines or brush though due to the bear traps still set there.

“It won’t be forever.” Riley added mistaking Jessica’s response as reluctance. Though he felt completely lost and unsure of himself, he knew this was the right way to go. After all, the others had already given Jessica freedom and she was still sitting across the table from him. And for this he knew he should be grateful to Jim, Scott and Josh but all he could feel right then for them was anger. The feeling of betrayal washed over him again. Though he didn’t want to be away from Jessica, he was glad that he had errands in town. He needed some space from the men.

Jessica nodded. There was an odd tension in the air and even though it was, for once, not directed at her, Jessica felt the need to escape it. “I’ll put some casserole aside for when Josh wakes up.” She said and retreated into the kitchen.

“I’d better get going.” Riley said.

“You two fuckwads go too.” Angus grumbled. He needed them gone. Everyone gone except him and Jessica.

“Angus …” Jim began.

“Just go Jim!” Angus interrupted him in a low growl.

When neither Jim or Scott moved Angus glared at them but his voice was quiet when he said, “I’m pissed at you guys, not Jessica. She’ll be fine but I can’t promise the same for you if you don’t get your god damn asses out of here now.”

“Fine.” Scott said standing. Jim took a little longer and Angus had the distinct feeling he was going to argue about going. But then he stood and followed Scott and Riley into the kitchen to say goodbye to Jessica.

Alone with Jessica at last, Angus watched Jessica move around the kitchen and contemplated asking her about her periods. Memories of all the times he’d taken Jessica during her at that time of the month, washed over him. All the times he’d nearly ripped her tits off. And here these assholes were telling him that even thinking about her tits when she was on the rag hurt her.

They should have told him as soon as they knew, Angus fumed. But then, would he have listened? In fact, had he known, he probably would have used the information to hurt Jessica more. There was no doubt that he’d been an asshole but he still felt betrayed by Jim, Scott and Josh.

Looking at Jessica’s soft mounds under her shirt, watching them bounce as she scrubbed the casserole dish, he felt unsettled. Something twisted deep inside him, something he didn’t recognize and it wasn’t a nice feeling. But it didn’t stop him from getting a hard on. Memories of the other day, of how she’d tasted, images of the liquid squirting out of her as she’d cum brought Angus to a full erection.

Finished with the pot, Jessica began to gather the dishes on the table. Holy fuck he was going to cum in his pants … Angus closed his eyes trying to control himself. God, Jessica had turned him into a pre-ejaculator. He listened to the dishes clanging, trying to forget that it was Jessica clanging them but moments later silence echoed in the dining room. Angus opened his eyes and saw Jessica observing him. As soon as he looked at her, a smile spread across her face. Leaving the dishes she’d piled, she moved to him.

“So that’s it …” she said, placing her hand on his cheek.

“What is?” he asked, confused, and so hoping he wasn’t going to explode right then and there messing his underwear in front of her.

She moved her hand to his forehead brushed her fingers on his hairline, stroking his short hair. “The guys were right … When you used to look at me like that … so hard, I mistook it for anger … hatred. It used to scare me … But it wasn’t that at all, was it? You wanted … me.” She slid her hand down Angus’ chest, to his lap and wasn’t the least bit surprised to find him in full erection. She leaned in to him, and he pushed his chair back. Jessica slid onto his lap, seating herself on the bulge in his pants. Angus gasped.

Jessica took his right hand from her waist and pressed it against the V between her legs, and took the other and slid it up her shirt to rest over her bra on her breast. She rubbed his bulge, and kissed him. Really kissed him.

Angus pulled her to him, hard. He petted the warmth between her legs, grabbed and stroked the soft mass under her bra, and he tried to press his cock against her, slamming her against the edge of the table … without thinking he reached out and swept everything off the table … dishes crashed to the floor, breaking. Pushing the chair back, wrapping his arms around each of her legs, he lifted and pitched her onto her back on the table. Ripping her pants open he slid them off, pulled her shirt up to her neck, releasing her tits from her bra. Sliding his fingers in her he took her tit in his mouth.

Jessica gasped and shuddered, causing a moment of clarity for Angus. As bad as he wanted to fuck her he had to know about the supposed pain of her period. She’d done more than gasp and shudder with him in the past and some part of him had to know if he’d been inflicting more pain and suffering than he’d known. He pulled his fingers out of her and laid his palm gently and firmly on her pubic hair. He moved his mouth from her breast, up to her ear. Jessica was still pressing herself against him … gasping.

“I’m sorry Jess.” Angus said … fighting to control himself.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked. “Why are you stopping?”

“You’re time of the month … does everything hurt more then?”

“What?” Jessica asked clearly confused but she didn’t care for an explanation right then, “Please don’t stop …” Jessica moaned and slid her hand down to his cock. Angus caught her by the wrist and held it in a firm grip. “Please Angus, I’m so … ready …” she said urgently, pressing herself against him.

God she was making this hard!

“Jess. Just tell me if your tits hurt more when you’re on the rag.” Angus panted against her mouth, “Jim and Scott said that you hurt … everywhere …when you’re on the rag. Is that true? I need to know.”

Jessica’s breathing was slowing. She began to relax beneath him. “It’s true.” She said, wrapping her legs and her arms around him. “But when I take medication … I’m fine. The pain goes away.”

Angus dropped his forehead onto her shoulder. He fought hard for control.

“Did you hear me?” Jessica asked when Angus hadn’t moved. “The pain goes away … Can we finish now?”

“What about all the times that I raped you? You weren’t okay then … even without your period … but especially with it. I can remember you screaming Jessica.”

Jessica was silent.


“Angus, you’re not freaking out like Josh … are you?” she asked.

“No …” he said laughing despite himself. “I’m not nearly as good a man as Josh is. I feel awful about what I’ve done to you. I’ll never do it again … but Jessica, I need to fuck you. I can’t stop.”

“Then don’t …” she said pulling him closer again, moving against him.

“Christ …” Angus hissed and pinned her to the table and began to kiss his way from her shoulder to her tits. He alternated between the two, nipping the nipples, pulling them until Jessica gasped. Taking a whole tit in his mouth, one at a time, licking, gnawing. His other hand found her hole again and rammed into it. Jessica arched beneath him.

“Don’t stop! Angus, don’t stop!” her head snapped from side to side, the pleasure was amazing, and then she came. Her pussy pulsated against Angus’ fingers and he couldn’t believe the strength of it. And then there was the sound of liquid hitting the floor as she came … hard. Angus struggled to pull his pants down and then he thrust into her. The table groaned with the strain as he pumped, clutching Jessica’s shoulders, holding her in place. Jessica raised her legs, and Angus moved one hand down to hold her right knee back.

“Holy shit Jessica!” he screamed as he finally exploded. He pumped for half a minute more, and then collapsed on top of her. He kissed her. Kissed her lips, kissed her cheeks, her neck, and he pressed himself against her. She couldn’t move, but she didn’t want to.

“Jessica.” He whispered in her ear. “I’ll never hurt you again, I promise.”

“Thank you.” Jessica whispered back.

Angus pushed himself up onto one arm and looked down at Jessica.

She smiled back at him but shifted slightly beneath him trying to get comfortable on the hard table surface.

“Shit Jess … here get up.” He said suddenly realizing that he was crushing her.

“Oh … we made a mess!” Jessica gasped looking at the broken dishes, scattered cutlery and pool of liquid on the floor.

“Yup, we did.” Angus agreed and grinned at Jessica when she looked at him. “And it was fucking great.”

“It sure was.” She agreed with a satisfied smile. Angus gathered up Jessica’s clothes and helped her redress. As soon as she was dressed she began picking up broken pieces of plate.

“Give me that …” Angus said taking the pieces from her hand. “I’ll take care of this. You park your shapely, soft, kissable … fuckable, ass down on the sofa and relax.”

“There’s a lot to clean up.” Jessica exclaimed,”I want to help.”

“Stubborn as always …” he muttered scooping Jessica into his arms and carrying her to the sofa. He lowered her onto it.

”Here …” he said reaching into the same bag that he’d early extracted the CD player and CDs. “Scott suggested getting you this book … he said it had nothing to do with sex and that it was part of a series you wanted to read. Sit back and enjoy … I’ll take care of the damage from our sexclone.”

Jessica laughed until she saw the book he’d handed her, and then she squealed in delight and threw her arms around Angus.

“Thank you!” she muttered. “I’ve been dying to read this book.”
“Don’t thank me.” Angus said. “Thank Scott. I just hope that you’ll share enough with me from now on that one day I’ll know what book you’ve been waiting to read.”

“Jessica?” Josh asked from behind Angus. Angus spun around … he’d forgotten that he’d still been sleeping.

“Are you okay Je…?” Josh asked, but his voice faded as he took in Angus with his pants still unbuttoned, the mess around the table, the liquid splashed across the floor, and then Jessica, hair disheveled, cheeks blazing red, and shirt inside out and backwards. And as if to avoid leaving any doubt that she and Angus had just fucked, two huge hickeys glared at him from Jessica’s neck … Angus had a matching pair.

“I’m great.” Jessica said. “Sorry about the mess.”

“I’m working on it …” Angus added, moving back to the table and beginning to pick up the remaining shards of glass.

“Oh Josh, I have lunch for you in the fridge.” Jessica said sitting up.

“I got it … “Angus said, raising his hand …”just read!”

Angus moved into the kitchen and put the plate of casserole into the microwave.

“Um, you may want to eat at the coffee table until everything’s cleaned up.” Jessica said, lying back on the sofa, head on the armrest, legs bent.

“I’ll bleach the dining table.” Angus said bringing Josh the plate.

“If Jessica was on the bottom … I don’t really care.” Josh said taking the plate and seating himself on the floor, leaning against the sofa … his head and shoulders against Jessica’s bent legs.

Angus paused.

Josh rolled his eyes to meet Angus’. And a second or two ticked by before both Josh and Angus erupted into laughter. Cheeks pink with shyness, Jessica couldn’t help but giggle as she brought her hand to Josh’s head. She ran her fingers through his hair.

“Trust me.” She said, “Bleach it.” That brought on more laughter.

Josh finished eating and went to help Angus clean-up.

Forty five minutes later they were all on the sofa. Josh leaning against the arm of the sofa, legs stretched out, around Jessica, reading a comic. Angus on the other side of the sofa in much the same position, reading a car magazine. And Jessica lying back against Josh, with her legs resting on Angus’ lap, reading her novel. Angus was rubbing her feet while attempting to read. But he just couldn’t concentrate. Jim and Scott had said that Josh didn’t wig out until well after the three of them had given Jessica the chance to escape. So he couldn’t blame the decision on insanity. Even though Scott and Jim had explained how they’d reached the decision to do it, Angus just couldn’t fathom taking the risk.

Jessica was the most relaxed that she’d ever been since she’d been kidnapped by the men. It felt good to be in Josh’s strong embrace … to actually feel safe there. And having Angus massaging her feet, not being afraid of him, of any of the men was surreal. She was engrossed in her book so it took her a while to realize that Angus seemed to rub her feet in waves. There seemed to be a pattern of steady, active rubbing, then a lull with hardly any rubbing, and then a steady active rubbing. After this happened several times Jessica peeked over her book at him and found him staring at Josh. Moments later his eyes whipped down to his car magazine and he kept reading. Jessica went back to reading but when it happened again Jessica looked over her shoulder at Josh. He was reading his comic, but when Angus would begin to stare, Josh would shift his eyes to look at him. When Angus dropped his gaze, Josh would do the same. Neither one looked angry … their body language seemed relaxed, so Jessica tried to go back to reading her book. But eventually Jessica felt like she was watching a tennis match, looking between Angus and Josh.

“Is there a problem Angus?” Josh finally asked.

“Jim and Scott told Riley and me what happened while we were gone.” Angus said.

“Okay.” Josh said. “And the question remains … is there a problem?”

“I’m just trying to figure out how you could do it. How you could gamble it all like that?”

“Do you feel like you’re gambling right now?” Josh asked, trying to re-evaluate Angus’ demeanor. He seemed pretty calm … unusual for Angus.

“No, not really.” Angus replied, his eyes settling on Jessica’s who for her part was listening to the conversation and looking at Angus as if she was wondering the same thing. It felt so surreal, good but surreal, to be gazing into Jessica’s eyes so easily … all because Jim, Josh and Scott had been willing to take the chance on her. He knew he never would have been able to and he doubted Riley would have either. It was enough to make him question every instinct he had.

“Then you know exactly how I felt.”

Angus shook his head as he muttered, “How was it so easy for you?”

“It wasn’t,” Josh said with a shrug. Looking down at the top of Jessica’s head as it rested on his chest he remembered the terror he’d felt in the barn as she’d walked out the door. Jessica tilted her head up to look at Josh entwining her fingers with his. She worried that his mental state was going to deteriorate further, he’d sounded so sad.

Tugging gently on Jessica’s hand, he gazed down at her, “Not easy at all the first time.” He paused wondering where they’d all be if Jim hadn’t had the foresight he had but then he swung his eyes back to Angus, “But Jim insisted and it worked out. And now we have to make sure that Jessica’s decision to stay was worth it.”

There was a sadness and what Angus could only describe as desperation to Josh’s tone and demeanor when he spoke. It startled Angus. He hadn’t realized the extent to which Josh was affected until that moment, but then Jessica swung her eyes back to Angus and clearly expressed in them and in her expression was the love she felt for Josh and the undeniable terror she had about his state of mind. Jealousy gripped him and with it an all-consuming fury. He wanted that love, he wanted that concern, it ate him up. Only Jessica recoiling away from him stopped Angus from lunging forward and grabbing her.

“You think I don’t fucking know that?” Angus demanded while struggling for control. “Just because you, and the other two fucktards did it first doesn’t mean that Riley and I don’t want to make Jessica happy as much as you do.”

“Good to hear.” Josh replied in an equally angry voice, “Surprise us all by actually doing it …that’d be a first for you.”

Josh tensed beneath her and from the way Angus strained forward, Jessica was certain they were going to fight. Despite the fact that Josh was just as large and muscular as Angus, Jessica couldn’t stand the thought of Angus hitting him. She desperately wanted to keep Josh’s body from being as broken as his psyche seemed to be.

“Please don’t fight.” Jessica said raising her hands in front of her, as if they alone would protect Josh, “Please …”

Angus mustered his last ounce of control and resisted responding to Josh. Instead he locked his eyes on Jessica again. “I did say I needed some time.” Angus said.

Jessica nodded. “You’re trying, that means a lot.”

All Angus could muster was a grunt. She was still worried about Josh, he could see it in her expression. Jealousy lingered. He didn’t trust himself to say anything so he didn’t.

A car pulled up outside … and moments later Riley stalked into the house scowling. Body rigid, clearly furious, he dropped into the armchair.

“What the hell happened?” Angus demanded, not missing the fact that Jessica had turned into Josh, face partially buried in his chest, when she saw Riley’s expression.

“We’re going out again …” Riley growled.

“What? So soon? When?” Angus asked.

“A week.”

Angus was too stunned to comment. His jealousy intensified, Josh, Jim and Scott would have Jessica to themselves again. Just how were he and Riley supposed to compete with them for Jessica’s trust and affection when they were always away for work?

Jessica’s heart pounded hard in her chest. Riley and Angus were going to work again. What did that mean? Were they going to kill people? Oh God … she couldn’t live with that. Jim had said that maybe she could get them to stop. Fear gripped her. The prospect of raising that topic with Riley and Angus sent ripples of cold terror through her body. She had to ask Jim about it as soon as she could. She had a week to convince them not to do it. A week to beg them to change their very livelihood … their reason for being. She trembled uncontrollably at the thought. Despite how much nicer Angus and Riley were being to her now she had no idea how they would react to her request. Maybe they’d hate her again.

Josh felt Jessica trembling against him and wrapped his arms tighter around her, pulling her hard against himself. Jessica buried her face in his chest.

“Riley’s not mad at you Jess.” Josh whispered in her ear just as Riley calmed down enough to take in the scene.

“What’s going on?” He asked, casually at first, but when he saw how pissed off Angus looked he straightened in the chair. “What’s wrong with Jessica?” he demanded, glaring at Josh, and the hard edge to his voice triggered another wave of shivers rippling through Jessica.

“I don’t know.” Josh replied, his tone equally hard, “But if I were to guess I’d say that you coming in here looking like you’re going to kill somebody may scare the shit out of her.”

“Oh,” Riley said taken off guard. He hadn’t considered that his demeanor could have been so misunderstood or misinterpreted. He looked to Angus for support but found Angus looking equally surprised.

Leaning forward in the chair Riley planted his hand on her lower back.

“Jess,” Riley said, “I’m not mad at you. I’m pissed at someone else.”
A car pulled into the driveway as Jessica peeked up at Riley from Josh’s chest. She could tell that scaring her bothered him. Turning in Josh’s arms she sat up. Reaching for Riley’s hand and then Angus’. Jessica looked between them. “Please don’t go to work.” She said. “Don’t hurt people anymore … please.”

Riley and Angus gaped at Jessica. They couldn’t have been any more surprised if she’d told them she was the Tooth Fairy and sprouted wings and a wand.

Scott and Jim walked in the door.

“What the fuck is going on?” Scott demanded. Dropping the shopping bags he’d been carrying he scanned the room, the men, Jessica.

Beside him Jim did the same, “Josh, Jess, what happened?”

Riley and Angus exchanged a look when Jessica barely reacted to Scott and Jim’s tone. It wasn’t lost on either one of them that Scott and Jim had spoken just as sharply as Riley had earlier and Jessica showed no fear of them.

“Riley and Angus have to go out again in a few of days.” Josh said.

“So soon? Do you know why?” Scott asked, groaning inside. It was easy to see that Jessica was thinking about Riley and Angus’ kill counts. She looked from Scott to Jim and back again with a pleading expression.

“No.” Riley grumbled in response. “All Sean said was that it had nothing to do with Kevin and that they’ll call when it’s time.”

“I think it may be a good idea to find out what the nature of the job is.” Jim said to Riley, emphasizing the word ‘nature’. Willing Riley to catch on but then confused by the rage that transformed Riley’s already unhappy appearance.

“Thanks for your help Jim.” Riley growled in response, “But we were getting to that without you.” From the corner of his eye Riley could see Jessica shrinking back against Josh. “God damnit!” He swore turning on Jessica, “You do remember that this is what we do, who we are, right?”

Jessica was nodding and she looked scared and immensely sad. She resisted the urge to hide in Josh’s arms again and went to her role play zone. She had to believe Riley and Angus really loved her and therefore they wouldn’t hurt her. Acting on that premise Jessica slid onto Riley’s lap, pulling Angus along by his hand. Cupping Riley’s face with her free hand she looked directly into his surprised eyes. “Please Riley, it hurts me to love someone who kills people.”

“Well that’s fucking convenient.” Angus thundered when all Riley could do was stare at Jessica. Jessica turned to find Angus’ face bright red, vein in his forehead bulging, “So you can love these three shitheads cause they don’t work but Riley and I get the shaft because we do!”

Jessica slid off Riley’s lap and into Angus’ arms, melting against him even though he was rigid with rage. She cupped his face too and planted small, light, kisses on his lips. “But you can stop. You don’t have to work anymore. Please don’t do it anymore.”

“It’s not that easy.” Riley said after a few moments of silence. He ran his hand through his hair in despair. The transformation in both Riley and Angus from angry and aggressive to sad and lost made Jessica’s heart ache. “There are rules, expectations … and as much as we may want to Jessica, we can’t just change them. This next job is purely reconnaissance … just intel gathering. We’re not even taking guns. No one’s going to get hurt, I can promise you that, but we have to go.”

“But what about next time?” Jessica asked.

Riley shook his head. “I don’t know. Let’s take it one time at a time, okay?”

Jessica nodded. She could live with that, for now anyway. “Thank you Riley, thank you Angus.” She added hugging and kissing Angus and then Riley.

An awkward silence hung in the air. Jim, Josh and Scott exchanged glances, all very aware that their realities could be subject to change. There was no way that Riley or Angus were going accept being the only ones doing the dirty work any longer and in truth neither Jim, Josh or Scott could blame them. It was also obvious that Riley and Angus wanted to kick their asses. They both glowered at them. Jim fervently hoped that they didn’t do it in front of Jessica. The last thing she needed was to see them fight. In fact, that was the last thing Riley or Angus needed too. As the silence dragged Jessica seemed to be inspecting Riley and Angus. Looking between them at first, scrutinizing their expressions, Jessica cocked her head from one side and then the other, before running her fingers through Riley’s hairline with one hand, and Angus’ with the other.

“Something wrong?” Riley asked, not sure he had the wherewithal to cope with any more surprise requests by Jessica.

Jessica shook her head, “Not wrong … “ Jessica said, “Just … you’re mad … are you mad at me?”

“Not at you.” Angus grumbled throwing meaningful glances at Josh, Scott and Jim.

Riley nodded his agreement and caught Jessica’s wrist, pressing her hand to his mouth. “Nothing for you to worry about.” Riley added trying to smile reassuringly but he could tell he was failing. Jessica slid onto his lap, melted into his arms, resting her head on his chest. It was all she could think to do. Both Riley and Angus looked as angry as they ever had in the past but for some reason now, rather than fear them and want to hide from them, Jessica wanted to take their anger away. Their expressions, so hard, cold, angry, no longer repelled her. They’d proven they wouldn’t hurt her even when they were mad. As had been her instinct while role playing Jessica had an inexplicable desire to get as close to them as she could and cuddle the anger away even without the role playing. Riley looked down at the top of Jessica’s head in surprise as she glued herself to him. Realizing that she seemed to be there to stay, Riley wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. If he’d felt off balance before he felt triple that now. He wanted this to last forever and he could tell from the look on Angus’ face that he did too. For the life of him he didn’t know how that was going to happen. They were who they were, they had responsibilities. He was so confused, how could things have gotten so much easier yet so much more complicated?

Angus stared at Jessica. All he wanted was to be alone with her. Riley would deal with Jessica’s request. That wasn’t Angus’ department. He did what he was told, end of story. All he wanted to do was impress on her that she belonged to him. She was his. He wouldn’t make it to ten o’clock, fuck … he needed her now. The car … he had to get her out to work on the car with him. He’d fuck her and more … much more … the wildest, raunchiest idea came to him. His cock, rock hard, strained against his pants and this time he didn’t give a fuck who saw it so long as Jessica did. As soon as she was out of Riley’s arms, he would take her.

More awkward silence. Jim could tell that Riley and Angus were overwhelmed, but they weren’t the only ones. The conversation about working hadn’t been expected and now Jim, Scott and Josh had to face the reality that they could end up back in the field. Raising their kill counts, making Jessica love them less. The tension was too much, they needed a distraction. Clearing his throat Jim lifted the bags he’d brought in.

“We bought some stuff for you Jess.” He began, handing her a bag. “And a few new outfits that Scott and I thought you may like.” He handed her another, bigger bag.

“Outfits?” Jessica asked excited. Sitting up Jessica reached for the first bag. “Oh wow, thank you!” she said as she pulled some short sleeved tops and shorts out of the big shopping bag and looking them over. “You have good taste!”

“Hey I don’t know about taste …” Scott said, “but anything I can picture you looking hot in … I buy. Jim picked those ones.” Scott added when Jessica inspected another shirt and short set.

“Did you get me a razor?” Jessica asked looking up at Scott and Jim.

“No … shit!” Scott swore. “Fuck, I wasn’t thinking, I’ll go into town tomorrow and get you some.”

“Why the fuck do you need a razor?” Riley demanded only realizing how sharply he’d spoken when Jessica blinked at him. For a moment he thought she’d pull away from him but instead her lips shifted into a small pout.
“I can’t wear shorts and short sleeved tops without shaving my pits and legs.” Jessica replied in an incredulous tone.

“What are you talking about?” Riley asked “You barely have any hair.”

“I do have hair.” Jessica countered. “I never really cared before because I wanted to be as repulsive as I could be to you. But now I want to get rid of it. It definitely looks better in shorts and t-shirts.”

“It’s really not necessary Jessica.” Angus said. Somehow the idea of Jessica with a sharp object still caused him concern. He looked at Riley and recognized that he was feeling as much out of his element as Angus was. Jim, Josh and Scott seemed to be light years ahead of them. And little wonder considering the bond they had with Jessica. Shorts, t-shirts, razors … He began to wonder if he’d every understand how to function in this new reality. Despite how pissed he was at the three of them, Angus had to concede that in matters related to Jessica he had to yield to their direction.

“If I shave, when you rub my legs they’ll be really smooth and soft.” Jessica said to Angus. As if to illustrate point she brought Angus’ hand to her left thigh and Riley’s hand to her right thigh and rubbed it back and forth over Riley’s oversized jeans that covered her legs. “Trust me … you’ll like it.” Jessica added.

“Given that Jessica is free to do what she likes,” Jim said, “Scott getting her a razor is a good idea. I mean, it’s hair. It’ll grow back.”

Well, no time like the present to follow Jim, Josh and Scott’s lead.

“I have to go into town tomorrow anyway … got some dishes to replace …” Angus said with a wink at Jessica, “I can pick it up.”

“Dishes?” Scott asked.

“Our lunch dishes met a rather interesting demise.” Angus said, his voice growing husky at the memory, his eyes glancing at the dining room table before settling on Jessica.

Jessica blushed.

“The lunch dishes? Oh.” Riley ended when Jessica turned bright red, fell back against him and buried her head into his chest. Riley couldn’t help but look over at the dining room table. He never would have thought of doing it there … “The table? Really?”

“Good choice …” Scott said looking at the table too … imagining what it would be like. He was pretty impressed that Angus would come up with something so … passionate.

Jim shook his head. It was a good thing Jessica didn’t seem to mind some diversity in sexual taste because there was no way he’d be caught dead having sex on a dining room table.

“Enough already … “ Josh growled.

“What’s the problem?” Angus asked.

“You’re embarrassing Jessica.” Josh said nodding at Jessica, whose face was still buried in Riley’s chest.

“Oh. Sorry,” Angus muttered.

And then he remembered the joke.

She’d been embarrassed about that too, but not with Josh.

Now was not a good time to ask, but he really wanted her to tell him it. Not so much for the sake of hearing the joke … but to show that she was as comfortable with him as she was with Josh. The fact that he hadn’t done anything much to cause her to be comfortable with him didn’t escape him. But he’d work on that.

“I’m sorry too.” Riley said. Something about Jessica’s shyness endeared her to him. He felt an unfamiliar squeeze in his heart when Jessica nodded into Josh’s chest and then sat up … her cheeks still blazing. When she looked into Riley’s eyes, and smiled a shy smile he realized that he liked her. He already knew that he wanted her … lusted after her and felt for her something he could only describe as love. But he’d never realized before that there was a real distinction between like and love. She had some little quirks, and boy did he like them.

“Should I put on the new clothes? See what they look like?” she asked.

When the men nodded she slipped off Riley’s lap and picked up the bag of clothes.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” She said and disappeared down the hallway.

Both Riley and Angus got up and watched her go.

“This is nerve wracking.” Riley under his breath. It felt so foreign to have Jessica moving around freely, unsupervised, unguarded.

“She’ll be fine.” Jim said.

“I don’t like this feeling.” Riley added and looked over at Angus. He looked just as worried but he didn’t say anything. Didn’t move. He just stood looking down the hallway.

Minutes that felt like hours later, Jessica came back down the hallway. And you could have heard a pin drop.

“Holy shit Jessica,” Scott finally broke the silence.

Jim exhaled through his teeth, “You’re … hot.”

“Fuck yes!” Scott said, impressed that Jim had chosen so well. Jessica was smiling and looking down at her new t-shirt and shorts.

Aside from when Jessica was naked with them, the men had never seen this much flesh exposed on her. Their baggy clothes covered just about everything when she wore them, and hung off her in ugly misshapen forms. But this shirt and shorts … not only were her arms and legs bare, but the shirt was cut low so the men could see the beginning mounds of her breasts. And it and the shorts hugged her body … so close that every curve could be seen.

When Jessica looked up from the examination of her clothes, a jolt of pleasure shot through her when she saw the expressions on the men’s faces. And the bulges in their pants. Suddenly she felt like she’d come to a deserted island inhabited by starving men, and she was their dinner. She shuddered as tingles of anticipation shot through her.

“Jessica is working on the car with me.” Angus finally said and strode forward to take Jessica’s hand. As if afraid that one of the other men would snatch her, he pulled her into his embrace and walked her ahead of him out the door.

The slamming of the front door was met with silence. The others looked at one another as if in a daze.

“Holy fuck.” Josh finally exclaimed. He had almost forgotten himself and his promise to Jessica and dragged her off to his room.

“I’ll say.” Riley added. He dropped onto the sofa.

“It’s official.” Scott said to Jim. “You pick her clothes from now on.”

Jim nodded. “That was even better than I’d imagined. Now if you’ll excuse me … I need to go to the bathroom.” And he strode down the hallway.

As Angus ushered Jessica down the porch steps and across the lawn to the garage, he held her arms in a firm grip.

“Don’t we need overalls?” Jessica asked as she walked as fast as possible to keep up with Angus’ pace. She was excited to be working on the car again … though admittedly surprised.

She heard Angus give a low, throaty chuckle from behind her as they reached the garage and the car that sat outside it. Angus maneuvered her to the other side of the car, out of any possible view from the house and pulled her to a stop. His arms still held her firmly so she couldn’t turn around.

She felt his hot breath on her ear and neck as he said quietly, “I have overalls in the car. Brand new ones even.”

Jessica tilted her head into Angus, partially because his hot breath tickled her, and partially because she was trying to see into the car.

“But we won’t be needing them quite yet …” Angus growled and pulled Jessica back, hard against him. She felt his cock press into her lower back. Jessica gasped at the suddenly clenching between her legs. She wanted him … so bad.

“Put your arms against the car …” Angus ordered and guided her arms up to the frame above the car doors. He pushed Jessica forward against the car. Christ, he was going to explode! As he undid her shorts, his mind worked.

He’d borrowed the magazines and books from Scott and God did they fuel his imagination. Scott had mentioned having toys available should he want them, but toys just didn’t work for him.

Jessica gasped as Angus jammed her shorts down and then reached down to lift each of her legs, one after the other, so that shorts and underwear fell away.

With one hand he pressed against her back, melding her chest to the side of the car. With the other he slid up her thigh and found her pussy. With a growing sense of urgency he thrust his fingers into her.

No. Toys didn’t work for him, but he had other ideas.

First he’d take the edge off …

“Angus!” Jessica moaned as both his hands wrapped around her legs. He pitched her forward against the car hard, and then lifted her onto him. He entered her pussy from behind and simultaneously pulled her down by her legs as he thrust himself up into her as hard as he could.

“Cum now Jessica!” he ordered, with a low guttural whisper in her ear. He had ideas alright. He heard Jessica panting but rather than speed his thrusts he kept them slow and steady, and deep.

After this, he’d have time to try most if not all of his ideas. He’d make the time. Some of the magazines had shown pictures of fisting. As he plunged into her again, he wondered, as he had when he looked at the magazines, how big an item Jessica’s pussy could take.

And this whole ass business. Even though he’d said he didn’t care if he never took her up the ass again … he realized while looking through the porn that he was wrong. He did want to take her up the ass. Bad.

She hadn’t complained about this … about him taking her from behind. Maybe it was more about where they were when he fucked her ass. He’d hurt her in the bathroom and the bedroom a lot. Maybe out here, she’d be okay.

He’d know for sure in a minute or two. He could feel his release coming, and Jessica’s pussy was contracting so hard on his cock and she was moaning so loudly that he was certain she was about to cum. Then he’d see. If she didn’t cry … didn’t shake. He could try to go further. Not all the way right away, but further.

“How big is your hole Jessica?” he muttered into her ear. “I know you can take my cock … and it’s big, if I do say so myself. And I know you can take two or three fingers… but can you take my fist?”

Jessica’s breath caught. Oh God … she felt an intense pleasure growing in her, everywhere.

“Or …” Angus said, his eye straying to the inside of the car, to the gear shift. It was an automatic, the kind with a really wide gear head and shaft. “Can you take something bigger? Something much, much, bigger …”

“Angus …” Jessica moaned.

Angus slid his right hand around to the front of her pussy and began stroking her clit as he continued to drive into her. That was the last straw … pleasure so blinding that it was almost painful shot through her.

“That’s it Jessica … Fuck, that’s it! God your wet … God your pussy is so wet …” He growled as he exploded inside her.

His thrusting slowed. Eventually he fell against her and they leaned against the car, panting. Minutes passed, and Angus had to fight against an overwhelming relaxation that swept over him. His eyelids drooped. He forced his eyes open and he could feel Jessica droop beneath him. Her breathing was light and regular. She’d fallen to sleep.

Well. No shaking or crying. That was a good sign.

He had no intention of wasting time with sleep. His eye fell on the gear shift again and his cock got rock hard.

“Jessica …” he growled into her ear. “Wake up … wake up.” He repeated as he turned her to face him. He leaned her against the car and kissed her lips.

Her head lolled from one side to the other. Her lips unresponsive.

“We’re not done yet Jess …” he said and slid his hand under her shirt, under her bra and began pulling on her nipple. He pulled progressively harder.

“Hmmm,” Jessica muttered, raising her head slightly, looking at Angus from under heavy lids.

Angus undid her bra and let it fall to the ground.

“Jess … I’m going to take your shirt off. I need you completely naked … God … if you don’t want your new shirt ripped to shreds, you’re going to have to lift your arms.”

“Okay …” Jessica murmured and her arms flopped as she tried to raise them over her head.

Angus pulled her shirt off over her head and with some maneuvering managed to get her arms out. Jessica was like jelly.

Shirt tossed to the side Angus stepped in front of her, one hand going to a breast and kneading, pulling, the other sliding into her pubic hair, his fingers finding her part and slipping into it.

“Holy shit …” he muttered as his fingers swam in juice. God he wanted to squat down and lick her … he needed to taste her juices. But Jessica was barely able to stay up. She was so drowsy, her muscles so relaxed.

Angus looked into the window of the car again. That could work. The front seats reclined almost all the way, he was sure, and he could slide the seats completely back. That should give them room to maneuver around the gear shift. And then when it was time, there would be room for him to lower Jessica onto the gear shift.

He growled with pleasure as he envisioned it.

He pulled Jessica to him and supported her against his hip as he opened the car door and ducked his head in. With one hand he lifted the leaver to lower the passenger seat, and pushed it with his shoulder. Once it started lowering he was able to push it the rest of the way with his knee.

He could smell Jessica and his mouth began to water.

“Lie down Jess …” he said as he lowered her onto the seat. Her head lolled back and forth as he lay her down. He looked down at her. For good measure he pushed her legs apart. Far apart. Then he shut the door and ran over to the driver side. Setting the seat in the same position as Jessica’s he climbed in and shut the door.

He climbed over the gear shift … and kneeled on the floor in front of Jessica’s parted legs. He barely fit, but he ignored the tight space. He ran a hand over one of her breasts, then the other, pulled one nipple, then the other, then he slid his hands behind Jessica’s knees and pushed her legs up and out.

She was open. Completely open and he could see the liquid around her hole. He felt saliva run down his chin … he was drooling like a starving man who just notice a fat juicy steak in front of him. With a growl he thrust his mouth into the pink wet meat. He chewed, he licked, he thrust his tongue into her. He found her clit and nipped, sucked, licked.

“Mmm …” Jessica began to moan. He looked up to see her looking down at him.

“Angus …” she gasped, overcome with pleasure at the site of his wet face and the look of hunger on his face.

“Keep your legs open.” He said gruffly and lowered one hand to her pussy and shoved his thumb into her hole. Jessica moaned.

“From now on …” he said, pulling his thumb out and shoving it in again, “when we’re together, your legs are not to be closed. They must always be slightly apart … if you’re on your back, they’re to be open like this … understand?”

“Yes,” Jessica whispered, overcome with pleasure again, feeling breathless.

Angus slid his pointer finger into her hole along with his thumb.

Jessica gasped.

“You’re about to have a whole lot of shit … a whole lot of big shit … put into you …” he licked her pussy as she came and more liquid oozed out. She shuddered.

“My thumb, my finger, how about four fingers?” He asked as he inserted four of his fingers.

Jessica arched her back and moaned.

“What about my fist … “ he growled and made a fist. He looked at it and then at the gear shift. If he shoved his fist in now, he’d stretch her for the shift. And that would take the fun out of it.

Jessica had raised her head to look at him. She looked excited yet slightly concerned. He brought his thumb to her clit and rubbed. Then he kissed her pussy.

“We’ll try my fist later …” he said, and Jessica lowered her head onto the head rest. Relieved but almost let down. She shuddered with anticipation. “But I have something better than my fist … and you’re good and wet. That’s good, you’ll need to be …”

He was so erect he felt like his cock would explode. Really explode, not just spew sperm from it, but like a bomb or grenade … explode. He wondered why he’d never thought of it before … combining his two passions. Jessica, and cars. This was going to be mind blowing.

Wrapping his arms around her legs he pulled Jessica down to him, until her pussy was pressing against his thigh where it was planted between her legs as he loomed over her, his face in hers. He licked her lips, then nipped them.

Jessica responded with a kiss that made his balls ache. She was waking up. When her lips finally released his, he shifted, turning so that he was kneeling on the front seats, facing the windshield.

“Straddle me …” he ordered while pulling on one of her nipples. Jessica scrambled up, threw her leg over his legs and holding his shoulders with her hands she moved to lower herself onto his hard cock.

Angus grabbed her by the hips and stopped her before she sank onto his shaft.

“Remember what I told you earlier?” he asked when Jessica raised her eyes to his. “About a whole lot of shit going into you pussy?”

Jessica nodded and felt a shiver run through her. The tone of Angus’ voice, the look on his face, he was excited about something and there was a glint in his eye that made her wonder if she should be worried.

Angus chuckled, and lowered his head to nip one of her nipples and pull it with his teeth.

“What is one of my great loves Jessica ….other than you.” He said once he let the nipple snap back to its original position and bent to nip the other one.

“S s sex …” Jessica gasped as he pulled the nipple longer and further than the other and at the same time teased it with his tongue.

Angus let it go, raised his eyes to hers and chuckled.

“You got me there.” Angus growled unable to keep a smile from spreading across his face. “Sex with you is right up there on my list of favorite things … okay, what’s another of my favorite things?”

This whole time, Angus kept her hovering over the shaft of his cock. As the tip of his cock brushed her pulsating pussy fire shot up her abdomen. Jessica just wanted to plunge onto him … feel him in her, reach the orgasm that was just on the brink of over taking her.

“Jessica,” Angus said in a low growl. He could see her needs plainly in her expression. She wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

“Please Angus …” she said in a breathless rush. She kissed his lips, slipped her tongue into his mouth. She wanted to reach down between them and guide his cock into her, but even though Angus was holding her hips she didn’t feel stable enough to move either of her hands from the seat backs that she was using to hold herself up.

“Answer my question Jessica … what else do I love?”

Jessica tried to focus on him and she saw his eyes momentarily flicker around the car.

“Cars?” she answered but clearly couldn’t make the connection between his love of cars and what they were doing now.

Angus nodded and that dangerous look in his eye returned. A smile that made Jessica’s breath catch spread across his face. It was menacing … yet thrilling, sexy.

“You’re going to fuck my car …” he growled.

Jessica froze. She looked around the car, and her complete bewilderment was obvious.

Angus chuckled and leaned in close so he could whisper in her ear.

“There’s a gear shift behind you … I’m going to lift you on to it. You will ride it …” Jessica looked behind her quickly and gasped. It wasn’t the usual ball gear shift with an average sized ball handle and thin shaft. This was the misshapen, almost oblong head with an off roading button on the side. The shaft was wide and pyramid shaped.

Jessica lurched forward against Angus. He took the opportunity to slide his hands from her hips down behind her butt cheeks, between her legs and rub his fingers in her pussy.

“Angus …” Jessica said, a note of alarm in her voice.

“You’re still so wet …” he growled stroking her, “that’s good.”

“I can’t …” she stammered against his chest. At this point she was pushed so hard against him that she couldn’t lift her head up …”it won’t fit …”

“Sure it will … we’ll make it. You’ll want to sit pretty straight, may make it easier.”

“Angus …” despite the horror that was growing within her, she was getting excited. Terrified but excited.

“This is how it will go …” Angus murmured as his finger found her clit and stroked. Jessica began to rock with the pleasure that was mounting.

“I’ll open you as much as I can. I’ll lift you onto the gear shift. I expect you to find a way to lower yourself onto it Jessica. Do you hear me …” he growled. God the anticipation was unbearable … “we’re not leaving here until you take then entire shaft inside of you. It can take minutes or it can take hours … I don’t care.”

Jessica was beginning to pant from the ministrations of his finger.

“You don’t get to cum until it’s inside you …” Angus growled again, and slowed his rubbing of her clit to a complete stop.

“No …” Jessica whimpered. She’d been so close!

“I’m going to open you now.” Angus said, and sliding the finger tips of both hands into her hole he pulled her hole apart. Jessica gasped at the discomfort mixed with pleasure.

When it seemed her hole would open no wider, Angus lifted her. With a grunt he moved her back and a moment later she could feel the hard head of the gear pressing against her hole and Angus’ fingers. Then Angus removed his fingers and it was just the gear head. It was hard and didn’t quite seem to be fitting in her opening.

“Spread your legs …” Angus ordered. Jessica did. Angus slid back and lowered his face so he could see where she sat on the gear shift. “Dear God Jessica, you’re too tight.” He breathed.

“We’ll have to stretch you …” he said and wrapped his arms up from underneath Jessica’s legs he began to pull her down onto the shaft.

“No Angus … it’s not lined up …” Jessica muttered as pain shot through her.

“Then line it up!” he ordered and stopped pulling her down. “Use your hands Jessica, open yourself around it … now!”

Jessica reached beneath her and began shifting herself and the hole around the hard head that pressed against her. As she did that, Angus began rubbing her clit again. With his other hand he helped her. At one point he slipped his finger into her again and pulled as hard as he could, spreading her over the head.

Jessica gasped with discomfort but Angus gasped with pleasure as he saw the head disappear into her.

He wrapped his arms around her legs again and began to pull her down, further and further onto the shift.

He alternated between watching the shaft disappear into her, and the expression on Jessica’s face. As he pulled and it went deeper and Jessica whimpered in pain mixed with pleasure he knew he’d cum.

“Jesus Christ Jessica,” he said suddenly getting to his knees. “You keep working your way down on the shaft, and open your mouth! Open your god damn mouth!”

Jessica did and Angus raised his cock up as close to her face as he could get it. Cum sprayed out all over her. Some of it got in her mouth, on her chin, all over her chest.

Just as quickly as he’d emptied himself, he felt hard again.

He got back down and began pulling her lower.

Jessica groaned as he pulled and pulled. Angus watched until there was no shaft left to see.

He moved back and looked up at her.

“You’ve done it … it’s all in. Now you can cum.” He said beginning to rub her clit. “But I want to see you move on it. Back and forth, up and down … now …” Jessica tentatively raised and lowered herself. The shaft was hard … so hard, and so big, but eventually it was easier to slide up and down.

And the pleasure was beginning to mount as Angus rubbed, and sometimes pinched her clit. He raised up on his knees and took one breast than the other in his mouth.

As Jessica began to moan, another idea came to him. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

He left her breasts with nips and pulls on each nipple that left each one extended well beyond its normal length, and moved to her side.

He slid his hand down the crack of her ass.

Where was that hole? He searched with his fingers. The size of the shaft pushed Jessica’s anus into a tiny little pucker, but he found it.

Jessica was so busy moaning, riding the gear shift and enjoying the way he fingered her clit that she didn’t notice Angus near her ass until he slid is pinky into it.

Jessica tensed and looked into Angus’ eyes.

“I need your ass too …” Angus muttered and grasped her lower lip in his teeth, nipped. “Not like before. I promise you, it won’t be like before. We’re starting with my pinky … “ he said sliding it in and out, wriggling it inside her.

“Now my pointer …” he did the same with each finger, “my thumb.” He said and Jessica bucked a little as he shoved it into her.

Angus moaned, he was going to explode again.

Jessica noticed and grasping his cock in her hand she began to stroke.

“Two fingers …” Angus panted as his cock throbbed. “Three, four …” he wedged four of his fingers in Jessica asshole and she threw her head back, screaming as spasms of pleasure rocked her body.

“Oh my God …” Angus exploded too but he still had the presence of mind to slide his fingers into her pussy too, pushing past the gear shaft, stretching her further.

“Christ Jessica, your pussy is so strong …” he grumbled as he felt the walls of her canal pulsate against his fingers and the shaft. “I need to be in you. But first.” He said looking at her as she sat on the shaft, head lolling from pleasure … fingers from his one hand in her pussy, fingers from the other in her ass.

“I’m going to make you cum again, while you’re on the shaft. You’ll pull off while cumming and slide onto me … understand? Jessica do you understand?”

He asked as her head flopped toward him.

She nodded. Her eyes half closed.

He extended his thumb to her clit and her legs jerked. Jessica’s head snapped up with that and she was very alert.

Angus stroked it again, and her legs spasmed violently.

“Sweet mother of …” Angus muttered as he stroked again. This time sliding his fingers in and out of her ass at the same time.

Her spasming legs, the shaft in her, his fingers in her, the look of worried excitement on Jessica’s face brought his manhood to full erection again.

“I … I’m “ Jessica tried to say as he continued to stroke, eliciting spasms, “sensitive …” she managed.

“I’ll say, and I love it.” He increased his strokes and slowly, her legs began to jerk less.

“You have my sperm on your hand …” Angus said as he watched her face, enjoying the variety of expressions that flitted across it.

Jessica raised her hand that had stroked him to pleasure and sure enough it was dripping in sperm.

“Lick it clean …” he ordered. “But slowly.”

A soft moan escaped Jessica as she raised her hand to her mouth and slowly stuck her pointer finger, covered in cum, into her mouth and sucked it clean. As she moved from finger to finger Angus felt the pressure growing in this cock.

“Once you’ve ridden me Jessica … you’re going to suck me off. Suck and swallow … uhhh!” he groaned as Jessica finished with her fingers and began to lick her palm off.

“Christ Jessica,” he growled as she began to moan also, and rock against the gear shift as pleasure mounted.

Angus pulled his fingers out of her ass and curled them into a fist.

“I’m going to do something Jessica and I need you to stay on the shaft. You don’t move away, you need to push yourself down. I’d hold you down but then I have to stop rubbing your clit. Can you do that?”

Jessica noticed that he’d vacated her ass.

“I’m not sure Angus … I can’t promise.”

“Then, do you want me to stop rubbing and hold you down?”

“What are you going to do?”

“It’ll be a surprise. A painful, pleasurable surprise. But, I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with your ass and my fist.”

Jessica inhaled with a sharp gasp.

For a moment he thought she was going to ask him not to do it. If she did, he didn’t know what he’d do. He really wanted to fist her … and he really thought she’d end-up enjoying it if she let him.

“So … do I hold you down?” he asked again, cautiously, afraid of her answer.

Slowly Jessica nodded.

“I won’t be able to … sit still … on my own.” She whispered.

She was scared … that was for sure. But she’d agreed. And she looked somewhat excited … he was sure that was what the look was.

Angus grunted and got to his knees.

Jessica missed his rubbing of her clit … she’d been so close.

He wrapped his arm around her chest, over her shoulder and pressed her down.

She felt her pussy tighten. She was terrified, but the fear was bringing on a yearning deep within her. The pleasure from her previous mind blowing orgasm still tingled throughout her.

She felt his fist push its way between her butt cheeks and one of his knuckles nudge her anus.

“When this is over …” Angus whispered into her ear, “and you’ve ridden me, and sucked me off … it’ll be your turn. I’ll lick your pussy, your asshole, I’ll eat you until you scream for me to stop. Maybe you won’t be able to scream for me to stop because you’ll be nothing but a quivering bundle of nerve ends …”

As he spoke he nudged her anus harder and harder, and as soon as he had an entry way, he pushed. His fist found resistance and Jessica bucked. He held her hard, but she bucked harder.

Angus pushed harder …”lean forward a little ..” he muttered and pulled her forward.

Jessica gasped, the gear shaft not making forward movement possible but the minor shift seemed enough and Angus’s fist made entry.

“Angus!” Jessica yelled, but he kept pushing. There was a burning but oddly stimulating feeling as Angus wiggled and twisted his fist into her tight place.

“Stay put Jessica. I’m going to rub your clit … but I’m not far enough into you with my fist so I’ll still be digging. You, do not move. Do you understand … do not move!”

“I don’t think I can help it …” she replied as Angus shoved his fist in harder.

“Help it Jessica.” He growled and moved his arm, hunkering back down to find her clit.

Jessica fought every impulse to pull away, but as soon as Angus pinched, pulled, rubbed her clit pleasure pulsed through her and she pushed herself closer to his finger, lower on the shaft, lower on his fist.

“Don’t cum …” Angus warned as she moaned and her head began to snap from side to side.

“I have to … I can’t stop …” Jessica replied.

Angus growled, pulled his fist out of her ass, pushed up onto his knees, taking Jessica by her pits, pulled her off the gear shift so fast that the suction and friction burned her.

Jessica cried out.

“Sit on me!” Angus ordered, and after unscrambling her legs and turning to face him Jessica bent her legs on either side of him and sunk onto his cock.

“Je… su…sus …” Angus panted as pleasure shot through him. Jessica’s pussy pulsated around his shaft. As she rode him, Angus pulled her against his pelvis, trying hard to rub against her clit with his shaft. He grasped her butt cheeks with his hands, pried them open and stuck fingers from both hands in her anus, prying her open, he thrust his fingers in and out.

Jessica screamed. At the top of her lungs, she screamed as pleasure rocked her.

“Jessica!” Angus said, her screams cutting through this pleasure induced haze. But the look on her face told him that it was nothing but pleasure that Jessica was screaming about.

He pushed up and covered her mouth with his. He kissed her and she tried to kiss him back, but pleasure rolled over her in waves, and she continued to scream around his lips.

Angus exploded in her and eventually Jessica slowed her rocking … stopped her screaming and fell against Angus’ chest.

Angus slid his fingers from her ass, brought one hand to cup the back of her head, holding her against him. The other wrapped around her ass and pulled her harder against his pelvis.

He opened his eyes and grunted. Out the side window he saw Riley, Josh, Scott and Jim standing, rifles in hand, staring at the car.
He raised his hand and gave a thumbs up sign.

Obviously Jessica’s screams had been loud enough and urgent enough that the men had thought she was in trouble.

He saw Riley’s lips moving in swear words that Angus couldn’t hear.

Scott had a huge grin on his face, shook his head, and planting the rifle over his shoulder, headed back to the house.

Jim didn’t look quite as amused, but he too turned back to the house, followed shortly by Riley.

Only Josh continued to stand and stare at them.

Angus exhaled.

“Jess ..” he mumbled into her hair.

“Hmmm,” was all she could manage.

“Your screams got the guys’ attention.”

Jessica tensed and groaned.

“Josh thinks I’ve hurt you. He’s standing outside staring at us.”

“Oh …” Jessica gasped into his chest.

“Now I don’t know about you, I sure as hell don’t care if he watches while you suck me off … but it may help with his mental state if you were to look over at him and indicate that you’re okay.”

Jessica felt Angus stiffen within her.

Yes, she’d be sucking him off soon and there was no way she wanted Josh watching.

She felt so relaxed she didn’t’ think she could move, but Angus had begun to rub her ass, and even brought one hand to rub the side of her breast. She knew she had to let Josh know she was okay.

She forced herself to push up. She braced herself against his chest, and she glimpsed Angus staring at her mouth just before she twisted her torso toward the window.

She felt the red flush on her cheek. How embarrassing!

She waved at Josh and smiled. He didn’t seem convinced because he narrowed his eyes and stepped closer to the car. Jessica shook her head vigorously and pointed at the house.

“Please …” she mouthed to him, “I’m okay. Please go back inside …”

Josh stopped mid stride and looked uncertain.

“I want you to.” She mouthed.

“I love you.” Josh mouthed back.

“I love you to.” Jessica replied.

“Times up Jess …” Angus muttered, “my cocks ready for your wet, wet, mouth …”
“Go back!” she mouthed again and just had time to see Josh turn slowly and head for the house. Angus pulled her back around by her shoulders and she could see that he was fully erect.

Angus managed to pull his eyes from her mouth and was surprised to see her face flushed red. He brought his hands to her face, his thumbs rubbing across her cheeks.

It crossed his mind that perhaps he should make sure she was okay, but when she raised her eyes to meet his, he almost came. Her eyes were huge, innocent, yet … smoldering.

“Take me in your mouth!” Angus ordered, anticipation coursing through him. “Take me right down your throat!” He growled as he felt the warmth of Jessica’s mouth close around him. He threw his head back, and pressing his hands on her head, thrusting his pelvis up hard, he sighed with pleasure.

“She’s fine.” Scott said. The men were back in the living room and Josh was stalking around like a crazed lion.

“She was fucking screaming!” Josh snarled and kicked the sofa before continuing his course around the living room.

“She was getting off for Christ sake!” Scott said, flopping onto the armchair.

Jim sat on the sofa, Riley had been standing watching Josh pace, but now all three snapped their eyes on Scott.

“What?” Scott demanded.

“She never screamed like that for me …” Jim said quietly.

“Me neither.” Riley reluctantly admitted.

Josh refused to say anything. He stood, his body rigid, glaring at Scott.

“How ‘bout you Scott?” Jim asked, “She scream like that for you?”

Scott looked at the men and wondered if an honest response was a good idea. Riley and Jim looked like their egos had deflated down to nothing and Josh looked like he wanted to murder him.

But then he realized that given Angus’ history with Jessica, it was likely the men thought Angus had abused her in some way. They’d never believe Angus hadn’t hurt her unless Scott told the truth.

“Yeah. Yeah, sure she did.” He replied.

He could tell that they didn’t like that answer. Jim stiffened, Riley looked like he thought Scott was lying and Josh looked like was going to pummel him and then string him up for good measure.

“Why didn’t we ever hear her?” Jim asked. “With Angus we heard her from fucking outside. Actually, from inside a car, that was fucking outside.”

Scott shrugged. “It was late. We were in my room. I assumed you were all asleep.”

Riley raised his eyes to the window. “What would you have to do to make her scream like that …” he asked.

He just couldn’t understand it. She had definitely gotten off with him. Obviously not in the early days. When he’d first started sleeping with her, he was now very aware, she hadn’t enjoyed herself at all. But he was sure … sure, she had in the barn … and since.

“Scott?” Jim prompted when silence hung in the air.

Well, his answer wasn’t going to help Angus’ cause any, that was for sure.

“You gotta kinda, hurt her a little.” Scott replied and was actually surprised that given the expression on Josh’s face, that he wasn’t dead.

“Hold on!” Scott said when Josh swung his gaze from Scott to the door and then began stomping toward it.

Scott moved into Josh’s path.

“It’s hurting her in a good way …” Scott said.

Josh grunted and tried to side step Scott, but Scott moved in his way again.

“You know what I’m talking about Josh … I know you do. Before you became …” Scott paused, “Er, non-sexual …” he said the words slowly, looking around to Jim and Riley for help but all he got was a shrug from Jim and a blank stare from Riley.

“Before this …” he said waving his hands up and down in front of Josh, “you did things to her. I’m sure of it. Things that were uncomfortable, but got her off. You know, pleasure and pain? They go together.”

Josh stood still. Eventually his head drooped. He got it. Sticking his thumb up Jessica’s ass probably wasn’t the most comfortable thing he’d done to her … but she’d gotten off. She didn’t scream though … it was probably a good thing. He couldn’t handle the extra guilt.

“Pain? Pleasurable pain?” Riley muttered.

“I gave Angus my magazines. You should ask him to let you borrow them.” Scott said.

Jim exhaled. He wondered if Jessica really liked this pleasure and pain thing. He hoped she could live without it because he just couldn’t see himself doing that to her.

If Riley and Angus kept to their word, he’d take Jessica running tomorrow morning and he could ask her then. Though he was beginning to wonder if she’d be able to walk much less run by the time Angus was done with her.

Angus opened his eyes to see the curls of Jessica’s pubic hair out of the corner of his eye. He was so exhausted, and he was certain Jessica was too.

He didn’t know how long they’d been asleep, but after she’d swallowed his load, Angus had kept his word and went to town on her pussy.

He ate, and she came, so many times that eventually they must have just passed out.

He tilted his head and saw Jessica, her head turned to the side, sleeping.

His left hand covered her breast, and his face lay on her pussy.

He inhaled deeply … not a bad way to wake up.

The sun was still out, that was a good sign.

Squeezing her breast in his hand, slowly, fully, he slid up alongside Jessica.

Jessica moaned, lifted her head onto his arm, turned her body in toward Angus and let her forehead drop against his chest. And drifted off to sleep again.

He ran his hand along the length of her body.

When Jessica stirred against him, he kissed the top of her head.

“You have one good set of lungs baby …” he muttered.

Jessica answered by kissing his chest and pressing her face harder against it.

“Sorry …” she said quietly. “I just couldn’t help it.”

“Sorry … hell, don’t be sorry. That was fucking great!” Angus said, and reached down under her chin and tilted her face up so he could see it. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the red creep back into her face. He wondered if she did this with all the men, or just him.

But then she smiled and kissed his nipple.

“It was, wasn’t it?” she said.

“Fuck yes …” he said.

Angus slid his hand to her breast again and flicked her nipple.

“I think it looks longer now, don’t you?” he asked with a chuckle.

Jessica reached up and slid her hand into his, intertwining her fingers with his and pulling his hand down from her breast to lay on her hip.

“I just hope they’re even.” She muttered, and he laughed again.

“I know we just finished one hell of a sexathon …” Angus said, “but I’m thinking ‘bout the next time already. Next time … will you let me take you up the ass?”

Jessica raised her eyes to his with an expression that indicated that she thought he’d missed the boat or something.

“With my dick Jess, not my fingers … or fist …”

Jessica inhaled as a tingle began in her pussy and her ass.

“It doesn’t have to be in the bathroom or the bedroom.” Angus said misinterpreting her expression, “Out here’s fine … or wherever ..” his voice trailed off.

Jessica moved up and kissed him.

“Of course I will.” She said.

“Good, then maybe I can fist your pussy while I fuck your ass …” Jessica looked down as Angus’ cock popped up between them. It was amazing he could get it up after the workout it just had, but even more amazing that she wanted it up … wanted it in her.

“And maybe you can go down on the gear shift while I fuck you …” Angus said with a laugh.

Jessica smiled.

“I hope your car enjoyed itself …” she said.

“I’m sure it did. Did you?”

Jessica nodded, and another intense spasm erupted between her legs … and again when Angus pushed her away from him so that her bum pressed against the gear shift.

“And maybe …” he said in a husky voice as he pressed her harder against it, “then you can sit on the gear shift with your asshole …”

Jessica began to get excited but then she became painfully aware that she had to go to the bathroom.

“That …” she said with a pause and a shudder of anticipation, “would be fantastic. But, right now I have to go to the bathroom.”

Angus froze. He was just about to take her lip in his teeth, he was so primed … oh well. Truth be told, he had to go to the bathroom too.

He sat up and looked around.

“Your clothes are outside. I’ll get them.” He sat up and looked down the length of her body. He remembered with renewed pleasure the reaction his body had had when Jessica first came out in the tight fitting shirt and shorts.

“I don’t know what Jim was thinking, buying you those clothes. Christ Jessica, the way they fit you, you may as well be walking around naked. I thought I’d have to fight off the others. Shit …”.

Jessica had relaxed back onto the car seat and closed her eyes. Angus looked at her and wished he could find some way to skip the whole bodily function thing. Surely she could squat outside next to the car and go real fast.

“It just seems like that because up till now I’ve been wearing clothes that are ten times too big for me.” Jessica said in a sleepy voice. She was feeling really, really relaxed. “Besides, Jim usually knows what he’s doing.”

There was a pregnant pause. Angus felt a ripple of jealousy run through him. Jessica had sounded almost reverent.

“Right.” He grumbled.

Jessica opened one eye and peeked at him.

“Weren’t you the one who wanted me to walk around naked?”

Angus stared at her. Unsure how to take that statement until Jessica’s lips curved into a small smile.

“That would’ve been a disaster.” Angus answered, trailing his hand along Jessica’s thigh. “With those vultures,” he said tilting his head toward the house, “we would’ve tripped over each other’s dicks to get at you twenty-four seven.”

Jessica closed her eye and her smile faded. Something about the conversation made Angus feel unsettled.

“I never really meant it.” Angus said. He slid his hand up to where Jessica’s hand rested on her abdomen and took a hold of the tip of her pinky. “I threatened to make you walk around naked to scare you.”
He tugged on her pinky a little as silence hung in the air again.

“Jessica …” he said and waited for her to open her eyes and look at him. But once she did, he had a hard time maintaining eye contact. “I’m really, really, sorry for what I did to you. How I abused you all that time. ” He said and forced himself to look her in the eye. “I was an asshole. I can’t take that back. I’m sorry. All I can do is promise to never do it again … and I do. I promise.”

Jessica looked at Angus and again couldn’t believe the transformation that he’d gone through. His eyes kept slipping from hers and he lowered his head in a bashful way. He truly looked sorry.

“Thanks.” Jessica said. And wrapped her pinky around his thumb.

“Can … can you forgive me?” he asked quietly.

Jessica blinked at him. That was the last thing she’d expected him to say. Could she? Could she forgive him and the others? She searched her feelings. Replaying memories of the awful things done to her and tried to weigh if they could be forgiven.

The silence was loud. So loud Angus was sure he’d never heard a noise so deafening. With each moment of silence, Angus’ head hung lower.

Jessica considered each man … acts of indecency that came from each one, and time and again the only one of them who had not been completely vile to her was Jim. And even he had enough acts of brutality against her that he couldn’t be let off the hook completely.

Finally Jessica knew the answer. Without exception, and uncategorically, the answer was no. She could not forgive them.

But should she tell Angus that?

Jimmy had said to be honest. No matter what, be honest.

Jessica took a deep breath and exhaled causing Angus to flick his eyes up to hers.

“No.” The word came out in an even and strong tone. And Angus looked like he’d been punched in the stomach … hard.

“I can’t forgive you Angus. I can’t forgive any of you. But I can get over it and move forward.”

They looked at each other. Jessica slipped her hand further into his, entwining her fingers with his.

So this was what Jim and Scott were talking about. Brutal honesty. Painful, brutal honesty. He probably didn’t even deserve that, but he’d take it.

“Is that possible?” Angus asked.

“It has to be … I’m doing it. My parents used to always say that the problem with the world was that people felt that they had to forgive one another to get along. But there are some things that just can’t be forgiven. It’s better to just accept that and move on anyway. If everyone could do that, we’d have world peace.”

Angus didn’t know how to respond. The topic of her family was never broached between them except in the form of him torturing her with nasty statements and conjuring painful memories. But she’d mentioned them as if it were normally part of their everyday conversation. She didn’t even look upset in any way.

“I think you’ve done it too.” Jessica added. “You hated me and my family for what happened to your family. I doubt that you’ve forgiven us … but I gather from recent events …” she waved her free hand between them and a shade of pink colored her cheeks, “that you’ve managed to move past that.”

Angus couldn’t say anything. He just stared at her.

Jessica stared back. But after what seemed like an eternity, she began to worry. While Angus’ expression hadn’t changed … he still looked at her with sheepish eyes and what Jessica could only describe as humility … he seemed frozen. Maybe honesty wasn’t the best policy in this case. But Jessica soon rejected that conclusion. It felt right. Very right.

She couldn’t think of anything to say and if her need to go to the bathroom wasn’t as urgent as it was becoming, she would have just waited for Angus to make the next move. But she couldn’t.

“Angus …” she said, shifting a little to try and relieve the pressure in her bladder.

“Sorry …” he muttered, whereas before he couldn’t maintain eye contact with Jessica, now he couldn’t seem to end it. “I can’t think of what to say right now.”

“Me neither.” Jessica said, “But, I really have to go to the bathroom.”

“Oh …” Angus said blinking like he’d come out of a trance … “shit, sorry.” He said pushing himself toward the door and basically falling through it once he’d pushed it open.

Once out of the car he struggled to get his clothes on and then gathered Jessica’s … each article of clothing was flung in every direction.

Jessica had moved to the open door and Angus helped her dress.

When they were done, Angus kissed her on the lips, took her hand and led her to the house.

Inside they found the others waiting … and by the expressions on their faces their patience had run out.

Josh headed right over to Jessica.

“Are you alright?” he demanded, reaching for her forearm but freezing mid-air. Jessica’s face flamed red and she seemed to shrink behind Angus.

He let his arm drop. God, he’d embarrassed the hell out of her.

“Sorry …” he mumbled.

“It’s okay.” Jessica said. “Sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean to be so … loud.”

Her face flamed red and none of the men could help but follow Josh’s lead and hang their heads, sharing her embarrassment. Despite that, Angus was very aware that Jessica was hiding behind him. Just like she’d always done with Jim. He snaked an arm behind his back, behind her and pulled even tighter against his back.

“It’s fine Jess … don’t worry about it.” Riley muttered. Jim, Scott and Josh nodded in agreement.

“Dinner is ready.” Scott said.

“Right. We’ll wash up first.” Angus said, moving toward the hallway, towing Jessica along behind him.

“We’ll serve it in about ten minutes.” Josh said, “So be fast.”

Angus threw him a look and kept moving.

“Ladies first.” Angus said indicating the toilet once they were in the bathroom.

As Jessica rushed to the toilet she pondered whether Angus’ rules were considered void like the other rules or if they were exceptions. By the time she’d wiped, she’d concluded that she wouldn’t take any chances … so when Angus moved to the toilet, Jessica undressed, and stood facing him.

Naked, arms behind her back. He’d always demanded that she present herself to him in the bathroom and the bedroom. Even if this rule remained in effect, at least now Jessica’s heart didn’t pound in fear. Only in anticipation. Despite feeling pretty sexed out, she still felt a thrill shoot through her as she anticipated another out of the world orgasm.

When Angus turned from the toilet, his breath caught. Jessica stood before him, naked as a jay bird. Breasts, with nipples fully erect, thrust out toward him.

“Holy shit Jess …” he said with a low growl … a lazy grin on his face as he moved to her and took a breast in one hand, and cupped her butt cheek with the other. “You’re an animal. Are you ready to go again?”

“Ah, sure …” Jessica answered as Angus lowered his lips to hers. The tentative tone of her voice made Angus pause. He leaned back to look at her. She looked a little confused.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Well … kind of. I’m just a little sore right now. Not to mention hungry. Really hungry.”

Angus closed his eyes. Of course she was sore, of course she was hungry. Probably starving.

“Okay. We’ll get cleaned up and go eat. But, what’s with this …” he said indicating her body, “if you didn’t want to go at it again?”

Confusion clouded her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked taking a step back. He lifted his hands and looked her over. Maybe he’d hurt her somehow.

“Your rule.” Jessica said. “The one about undressing and presenting myself to you.” She added when Angus didn’t look at all enlightened.

Angus turned white and his jaw dropped.

“My rule? Christ Jessica, the rules are gone. Except the veto rule, remember?”

Jessica nodded, but she looked at him with an expression that made it clear she didn’t believe him.

“Don’t you remember?” he asked. “We just talked about it this morning … “

“Yes, but this was your rule. I wasn’t sure that the discussion this morning would cover it too.”

“Well, it does.” Angus said. He was beginning to feel sick to his stomach. All of these things that he’d done to torture her. He just wanted her to forget them … and she obviously couldn’t.

“Okay. If you’re sure …” She was looking at him with uncertainty again.

“You don’t trust me …” he gasped, realization hitting him like a ton of bricks.

It was Jessica’s turn to be shocked. “Don’t trust you?” Jessica repeated with a snort, “I let you impale me on your car’s gear shift Angus. If that isn’t trust I don’t know what is …”

Angus blinked. That was true. He looked so forlorn that Jessica moved into his arms.

“I just didn’t want to take a chance on making you angry. That’s all.” She said pressing her face into his chest. Kissing it.

“I won’t hurt you again Jessica. Never like before. I promise.” Angus tilted Jessica’s chin up. “You do believe me, right?”

Jessica nodded.

“And that whole ass thing …I’m sorry I tried again. I know you don’t like it. I won’t do it again.”

Jessica was shaking her head.

“It’s okay Angus. I kind of enjoyed that.” She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest.

“You did, didn’t you? You enjoyed it all.”

Memories of the expression on Jessica`s face played over in his mind and looking at it again he realized that she`d been terrified. Terrified right up until the gear shift had been completely inside her and she`d started to feel pleasure.

Why in God`s name did she let him do it?

“Jesus Jess … why did you go along with …” but as he spoke the image of her expression came back to him and he knew why. Horror, disgust, disappointment all swept over him. She’d done it because she’d thought she had to. She’d never had a choice with him before. And now he wondered if that had really changed at all. He couldn’t imagine stopping. He couldn’t picture her saying no, and him actually listening. Maybe that would never happen for her. And although he loved her, he couldn’t see that changing. All he could do was hope that she never said no.
“Angus? Are you okay?” Jessica asked when he stared at her.

“Weren’t you scared?” he asked.

“ A little maybe.” Jessica said, “But it seemed pretty kinky and I like that.”

“You like kinky … “

“Yup.” She said kissing his chest.

“And I guess I have Scott to thank for that.” Angus said … a feeling of jealously mixing with the gratitude sweeping over him. He couldn’t fathom how Scott had done it.


“But you’re sore …” he said sliding his one hand down to rest on her butt, his other hand to rest on the curls that covered her pussy.

“Yeah …” she said smiling and bringing her finger up to trace his lips. “Given what I had shoved up there, I think it’s pretty reassuring that I’m sore … don’t you?”

Angus watched laughter roll across her face. Her eyes twinkled with it.

“Jesus Jess …” he muttered, shaking his head. “Reassuring, sure.”

“Plus, I’m bleeding a little … must be from your well hung car,” she added with a giggle.

“Oh … uh, are you okay?” Angus asked in alarm, his fingers caressing her pussy as he stepped back and looked her up and down. “Maybe you should take some medicine, if it hurts … like when you’re on the rag.” He made a mental note to ask Scott whether Jessica minded sex while on the rag. He didn’t like the idea of not fucking her for a whole week. It crossed his mind to ask her, but something felt off. He suspected that she’d go along with it just to make him happy and he didn’t want that.

“Angus, Jess!” Josh’s voice accompanied four loud bangs on the bathroom door. “Dinner’s ready!”

Jessica and Angus jumped, and Angus noted, with relief and immense happiness, that Jessica clung to him.

“We’re coming!” Angus snapped. He pulled Jessica against him in a bear hug and kissed the top of her head. “Let’s get cleaned up before they break down the door …” he muttered.

An hour later they’d eaten a quiet dinner. Jessica’s face alternating between a light pink and bright red color as the men, Riley, Jim and Josh contemplated what it would take to make Jessica scream like she had with Angus … their thoughts were obvious by the expressions on their faces.

After they’d finished eating, Jessica sat on the sofa with Jim, and Josh, getting ready to play cards.

Riley had met with the clan during the day, so once Angus and Riley helped Scott wash up the dishes they were going to sit at the kitchen table and plan for the upcoming job while Scott joined Jessica, Josh and Jim for cards.

As they cleaned all three men kept glancing over at Jessica as she giggled and joked with Josh and Jim while they sorted the cards. Eventually it dawned on Angus that he had the perfect opportunity to ask Scott his question about Jessica and fucking while on the rag.

“Ah, Scott.” Angus said while taking the clean dish from him and drying it. “Does Jessica … “ Jessica’s laughed interrupted the question.

All three looked over at the couch. Jessica was practically writhing on the sofa, laughing so hard. Josh and Jim also. It reminded Angus of the joke she hadn’t wanted to tell him.

It reminded Riley of it too, “You guys seem to have some really funny material …” Riley grumbled.

“You were saying Angus?” Scott asked trying to divert their attention from the trio on the couch. The last thing he, Jim, and Josh needed was for them to be even more pissed off at them and Riley looked like he was getting grumpy.

“Does Jessica like fucking when she’s on the rag?”

“No.” Scott said, “At least I don’t think so. I’ve never tried. Why, do you like it? When she’s on the rag I mean …” It’d never occurred to Scott to try it.

“Makes no difference to me.” Angus said quietly, looking over at Jessica again.

“Riley?” Scott asked.

“Nope. Never really considered it to be an option.”

“Why don’t you just ask her?” Scott asked.

“I would.” Angus said, “But I think she may just say it was okay to avoid making waves.”
Riley grunted agreement.

Scott wasn’t so sure. “Just tell her to be honest. If she isn’t honest with you then it’s her problem if she gets stuck doing something she doesn’t want. What?” he demanded when both Riley and Angus looked at him like he was the village idiot.

“Easy for you to say.” Riley said. “You’re not the one who has to play catch-up.”

Scott was about to argue that compared to Jim, Scott was in the same boat as them but thought better of it when he saw Angus’ dejected expression.

“Christ Angus, it’s not that bad.” Scott said.

“Oh yeah? I’ve got her tonight, and I can’t fuck her.”

“She’s not on the rag.” Scott said glancing at Jessica again, “She just finished last week.”

“I know but she may as well be. Our … adventure … in the car made her bleed a little. I’m thinking she deserves a break but I don’t know how to be with her without fucking her. Up until now, when she was with me I either ignored her or fucked her … not really options now. I don’t know what the fuck else to do.” As the realization sunk in for Angus he started to feel queasy … what the hell was he going to do with her?

“Oh man …” Riley muttered. It was the same for him. Ignoring her or fucking her weren’t really good options anymore, especially when she was on the rag… now what?

“You could talk to her …” Scott said. He’d meant it sarcastically but when he saw the looks of apprehension verging on terror on Angus and Riley’s faces he regretted being so flippant. “No seriously … talk to her.”

“About?” Riley asked.

“You have interests in common. Riley, she loves training the dogs with you … Angus she loves cars … just like you.” For a moment Scott’s wording brought a smile to Angus’ face. She loved cars alright … one car in particular …

Scott misread his expression as one of understanding and agreement. “Sure … sure, look through those mechanic and car magazines you have with her … she’d love that.”

Angus was slowly nodding his head. He could do that.

“And I guess I have some dog breeding magazines I could share with her.” Riley said.

“That’s perfect!” Scott exclaimed. “She loves puppies too. Maybe she could help you breed some of your dogs.”

Both men were nodding.

Angus was still nervous about how the night would go but at least he had some idea of what to do.

“Anything else?” Scott asked as he passed the last dish to Angus.

“Naw, thanks.” Angus said.

“Thanks.” Riley said.

Scott went to join the others. Riley watched him drop onto the sofa and jump in to the conversation and banter so easily. “It’s so easy for him.” He muttered.

Angus nodded. “It’s so easy for them.” he said.

“It didn’t always used to be.” Riley said. “I remember when she hated them.”

“I remember when she hated us. That’s changed now.”

“True. But something is still missing for us.” Riley said.

“Yeah. Maybe some of it is just time. They had a lot more time with her than we did.” Angus grumbled, feeling his anger at that injustice igniting again.

“We need to start changing that.” Riley said as they moved to the kitchen table and spread out the papers for their upcoming job. “And I say that when Scott takes Ebony out for breeding, they all go with him. That way you and I have her for several days … alone.”

“Perfect. Now let’s get this shit done. I need to scrounge up those magazines.” Angus said.

They looked over the papers for a few minutes before Angus’ eyes strayed back to Jessica. He couldn’t concentrate and he surprised himself by saying, “How much longer can we do this shit Riley? You heard her … there’s no way she’s going to love us if we keep active in the field. Besides, while we’re off being assholes, Jessica’s feeling closer and closer to those guys.” And that was the biggest reason he didn’t want to go out any more. He didn’t want to be away from Jessica any more than he had to. He knew they could always send Jim, Josh and Scott into the field but they’d been out of it for so long Angus had little doubt they’d catch a bullet the first time out. Jessica wouldn’t like that, he was sure and despite how pissed off he was at them, he didn’t want them hurt either.
“I know.” Riley said locking his eyes on Jessica too. He was quiet for so long that Angus began to think he’d pissed him off. “The only option is to stick with intel jobs. I’m not sure how to convince Paul but I’ll find a way.” In truth Riley hadn’t contemplated changing his and Angus’ duties before. Dealing with Paul was like dealing with a live grenade. No one knew what would set him off and he’d always found it safest to stay out of his way in the past. But remembering the look on Jessica’s face when she’d asked them to stop hurting people left little doubt in his mind that something had to change. Change in the clan meant dealing with Paul.

“Let’s get this job done.” Riley continued, “No one gets hurt anyway, and then we’ll have to talk to the guys and come up with a plan. One thing is for sure though Paul will be pissed which means he’ll be even more of an asshole.”

Angus nodded. He was beginning to feel like he was suffering from some attention deficit disorder. No sooner had this conversation ended than his attention was back on Jessica. The others had dealt their cards and Angus realized that he wanted to hear what they were saying. He strained to hear them.

As the cards were dealt out, Jessica seemed very relaxed.

‘The amazing sex may have something to do with that …’ Jim mumbled to himself, feeling more than just a little inadequate. He shook his head. He was sure that if he put his mind to it he could make her scream … his way … but it didn’t make him feel any better.

He knew it was ridiculous. His relationship with Jessica, sexual and non-sexual, was just fine. And he’d never been very worried about the sexual side of things. He had Jessica’s heart and trust and that was everything he needed and wanted, but somehow the fact that Angus had produced such a visible change in Jessica’s demeanor in a way that Jim just couldn’t imagine doing himself, made him feel uneasy. Feeling envious of Angus about anything related to Jessica seemed so foreign.

He could see that Josh and Scott noticed it too but while it threw him off balance it seemed to make them happy. This advancement in such a positive way with Jessica seemed to relax Josh almost as much as it had Jessica, and Scott seemed amused, almost giddy, as if Angus’ effects on Jessica were an unspoken challenge to Scott to raise the bar on his own dealings with her. Jim shook his head, wondering how sex, something that he’d once thought was pretty basic and simple, could suddenly seem so advanced and complicated. In any case, the evidence that Jessica needed and thrived on what Angus had done was right in front of him … he’d have to figure out how he planned to respond. For the first time he wondered if he should be paying more attention to sex.

“What’s the bet Jess.” Josh said. Scott managed to pull the short straw to be Jessica’s partner again.

“From you … I want … “ Jessica had a mischievous look on her face and she was rubbing her hands together, “you to sit and watch the Twilight movies with me.”

“Aw Christ Jess!” Josh replied with more animation than he’d had since he’d wigged out over raping Jessica, “I hate those movies!”

Jessica was laughing. “I know, I love them though, and I want you to watch them with me.”

Back at the table Angus had been observing the whole exchange.

“Angus …” Riley said raising his voice and snapping his fingers to get his attention.

“Sorry …” Angus muttered and reluctantly turned his attention back to the papers before him.

Riley looked over his shoulder at Jessica and then swung his gaze back to Angus. “You know … they’d probably let you play.”

“Looks like a four player game.” Angus answered. “Plus I’m not much of a card player.”

“Neither am I but I think it may be a good idea for you to start to pick it up. I’m willing to. I’m sure they’d teach us.” Riley said. And an exciting thought came to him … maybe he could play chess with Jessica. It was his favorite game. Riley felt relief intermingle with excitement now that he knew what he’d be doing with Jessica on his night with her. Reading the dog training magazines with Jessica had seemed lame to him but now he had something he could see working.

A couple of hours later Angus and Riley had completed their preparations.

It was ten o’clock, Jessica and the others seemed to be done their game, and Jessica looked really tuckered out. Angus had every right to take her to bed … but he was still hesitant. He’d found some car magazines, put them on his bedside table. And by the look on her face it was likely she’d just go to sleep anyway … but to Angus that would be really disappointing. God, he was afraid to be alone with her but he didn’t want her to fall to sleep. How fucking messed up was that?

Maybe he’d have a beer … take the edge off. Supposedly Jessica’d had beer before and didn’t like it. She’s liked wine at dinner the other night. He looked in the fridge. Well, there was some white wine left. He poured her a glass. If she didn’t want it, he’d drink it too. His edge was feeling pretty sharp right then.

“Would you like some wine Jess?” he asked. She sat on the sofa between Jim and Josh, and he extended the glass to her.
“Thanks.” She said standing up. “Here sit down.” She said taking the glass and pulling his arm so that he moved to sit on the sofa behind her. She batted his arms out of the way and plopped herself onto his lap, and wiggled back until she was leaning on his chest. His physical reaction to her made him groan. How the hell was he going to keep his hands off her now?

Jim looked at his watch. Five after ten … and Angus wasn’t dragging Jessica off to bed. That was a first. By the look of her, she needed to go to bed. She’d been tired before. Now after a couple of sips of wine she was beginning to drift off on his lap. He sure hoped Angus planned to let her sleep because she was going to need her energy for their run the next morning.

“I’ll take that …” Scott said, catching the glass of wine just before it slipped from Jessica’s hands.

“Guess I’d better take her to bed.” Angus said, leaning over to see her face. Jessica was fighting hard to keep her eyes open. He felt a mixture of disappointment and relief … well, if she went to sleep right away he couldn’t fuck things up with her. That was reassuring but not very fulfilling … he wanted more … more of a relationship, but he didn’t trust himself to have the restraint necessary to build it.

“Don’t forget about the deal.” Jim said as Angus chugged the rest of his beer.

“What deal?” he asked when he’d finished and lowered the beer bottle onto the coffee table.

“Tomorrow morning … I’ve gotta get Jessica from you early for a couple of hours. Remember?” Jim said when Angus looked at him like he was a brick short of a load. “For chores and stuff.”

“Oh yeah.” Angus said but settled back against the sofa. He remembered alright. “What exactly does ‘and stuff’ entail?”

Jim hesitated for a moment. The running would be no big surprise. Shooting practice … he decided to only bring that up if he had to. “Jessica jogs with us in the mornings remember? We have to do the chores extra early in order to make sure we have the time for jogging.”

Angus and Riley remembered all right and it was clear from the way that Jessica sat up on Angus’ lap, suddenly alert that she was looking forward to it.

“Fine. What time do you need her?” Angus asked distracted by Jessica’s alertness … he’d get time alone with her after all, damn it, why did he feel so nervous.

“I’ll come get her.” Jim replied.

“Right. Okay Jess, ready for bed?”

“Yes.” She got up and said goodnight to everyone and then taking Angus’ hand she followed him down the hallway.

Inside the room Angus turned his back to Jessica, to lock the door. For once he was locking it to keep people out rather than Jessica in … though he was in no hurry to let her go. Once he locked it, he took a deep breath and lent his head against the door. Jessica was behind him, in the room, and really quiet. If he turned around and she was naked, presenting herself to him again … they would do nothing but fuck. All night long. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Feeling no confidence in his powers of self-control, Angus turned around.

And Jessica stood in the middle of the room.

Fully dressed.

He exhaled in relief. But it was short lived because suddenly he felt at a loss for what to do next. He rubbed his palms on his thighs … they were so clammy. And he felt kind of … shy. He forced himself to look at Jessica. This was stupid. Why was he acting like an eight year old boy? His gaze found Jessica looking shy also. She was twisting her hands together and swinging her body slightly from side to side.

Given everything they’d done together over the past few days, especially earlier in the car, Jessica was surprised to find herself feeling a little shy and embarrassed around Angus. Like she had with Scott. And she was even more surprised to realize that Angus seemed to be feeling the same way. He seemed unable to meet her eyes and he kept rubbing his hands on his thighs. Jessica felt something melt inside … she’d never seen Angus look nervous before.

“This is a little awkward … isn’t it?” she asked. Taking a tentative step toward him.

“Yeah. Ah, I kind of thought we’d skip fucking tonight. Try talking, or something … if you want, that is …” he added quickly when Jessica looked at him in surprise.

“I’d love it. Should I put some pajamas on?”


“Should I get some from the other guys? Or just wear one of your shirts?” Jessica asked. She’d never worn pajamas with Angus before so she’d never had a reason to have any in his room.

“One of my shirts.” Angus said skirting by her to his dresser doing his best to avoid any contact with her. One touch and he knew he’d be all over her. He handed her a large cotton shirt, and tried not to look too closely while she changed, leaving only the shirt and underpants on. Suddenly it dawned on him that he should wear something to bed too. He’d never slept in anything but the nude. But that wouldn’t work tonight if he planned to keep it a fuck free night. He grabbed a clean shirt, put it on and left his underwear on.

Angus turned to see Jessica watching him. God, he was pitching a tent … he folded his hands over his groin.

“Angus, I’ll take care of that for you …” Jessica said moving toward him, eyeing the bulge in his underwear. She felt a warmth growing for Angus, she was touched that he was trying so hard … even wearing pajamas for her.

“No Jessica, stay right there.” Angus said raising his hands. “I can do this. I have some car magazines on the bedside table we could look through …”

“Really?” Jessica asked moving to the bedside table. “These are wicked!” she exclaimed with excitement. She scrambled onto the bed, grabbed a magazine and began leafing through it. Angus stood watching her … thrown off by the sudden change in her demeanor. She looked like a kid in a toy store as she ogled over each page … and ‘wicked’? Where the hell did she pick that up?

“Are you coming?” Jessica said when Angus hadn’t moved. She pulled back the blanket and patted the bed beside her. Angus climbed in beside her and without looking up from the magazine, Jessica moved in close to him, nuzzled her head under his arm and flopped down against him. “Look, this looks like your corvette but it’s a year older … “ she jabbed a finger at a yellow corvette on the page.

Jessica seemed so different. So, free. As much as Angus wanted to fuck Jessica, he was suddenly struck with a completely different yet equally strong drive to know everything there was to know about Jessica. He felt like he wanted … needed to ask her every question he’d ever had for her.

He pulled her harder against him so suddenly that Jessica jumped, “Oh.” She said and looked up at him, expecting to see lust in his expression. Instead she found determination.

“Jessica. How did you know there was water in my fuel line?”

Jessica blinked. Surprised by Angus’ line of thought.

“Um, well … your engine was running kind of rough. It wasn’t surprising when it stalled.”

Angus stared at her. “But how did the water get in there? It never occurred to me to check for water because I couldn’t see how it would get there.”

“You have to have a small leak somewhere.” Jessica said. “Every morning you had condensation all over the car. Eventually it leaked enough water into the engine.”

“Condensation …”

Jessica was nodding her head. “It happened to my dad all the time. His favorite car was this lemon he’d bought just after I was born. He didn’t have much time to work on it, but when he had some spare time, we would fix it up together. He had a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in his gas tank. It got flooded all the time. Finally my mom got tired of fixing it so she and my brothers chipped in for a new … well, newish, tank. It was used, just not as decrepit as his original one.”

“Your mom? Your mom worked on the car too?”

Angus sounded so incredulous that Jessica did a double take.

“Yeah …” she said. “My brothers too. We’d all work on it … it was a family project. And my mom was really good at it to.”

Angus pictured the whole family in overalls poking around under a car. He shook his head. Her family seemed downright weird. Nice in an odd way, but weird. And then he remembered what Jim had told him and Riley about her parents and their parenting style.

“Is what Jim said true?” He asked. “Did your parents never say no to you?”

“That’s true. They didn’t believe in limiting us …”

“Limiting you … Christ … Jessica, I hope you realize that there’s a real good possibility that we’ll say no to the racing, right? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard no from us enough times now … but just to be clear, we may say no … and if the vote goes in our favor you will have to listen.”

Jessica nodded. She was sad to think about life without racing. Here at home especially, she’d been enjoying that so much. And she’d looked so forward to racing at the track. She assumed Jim, Josh and Scott intended to tell Riley and Angus about that at some point. But she didn’t want to dwell on that instead she decided to follow-up on something in Angus’ reaction that had piqued her curiosity. He’d seemed so surprised that her parents had been so supportive. It made her wonder about his parents.

“What were your parents like?” she asked, looking up at him.

“My parents?” Angus asked completely taken by surprise. “You want to know about my parents?”

“Yeah. Did they say no to you all the time?” Jessica asked beginning to think that it may be part of the reason Angus had been so angry. His parents and that woman, Beth.

Thinking of Beth, Jessica began to feel guilty. She remembered the conversation she and Riley had. She knew that she was eventually going to hurt him … she was going to hurt all of them. Not physically. She hoped they wouldn’t be physically hurt though she knew she couldn’t be sure of that. But when she finally figured out how to avenge her parents, to get justice, she would do it. And that would hurt them.

“My parents … “ Angus began, picturing a fleeting image of the man and woman he had called mother and father for a short period of his life. He barely remembered them. But what he did remember wasn’t all warm and cuddly like it would appear Jessica remembered her parents to be. What he did remember was a bitter old man and a sad middle aged woman who was too spineless to stand up for her children when the old man got into a rage and beat the crap out of them.

“My parents died when I was eight.” Angus said.

“Oh, “ Jessica said the word as if the death of his parents was breaking her heart. Silence hung in the air. Jessica sat with her head lowered. After a minute or two Angus tried to see around the hair that hung over her face but he couldn’t. Finally he hooked her hair behind her ear. Her expression made his blood run cold.

She looked like she was about to cry.

“Jessica, what’s wrong?” he demanded, tilting her face up by her chin.

“Did my family kill them?” she asked, her voice a whisper. “Is that why you hated me so much?”

“What? No …” Angus wanted to tell her that he hadn’t hated her. But it was too complicated for him to fathom how to explain. He’d hated what she’d represented … not her personally.

While he grappled with his emotions and how to explain what they’d been in the past, Jessica looked relieved for a moment, and then almost as quickly looked sad again.

“So, then you were alone? At eight?” Jessica asked.

“No. Not alone. My older brother was ten when they died. Riley’s parents took him and me in. But you’re going to have to ask Riley about his folks. They’re not really mine to discuss.” No way was he going to be the one to tell her that Riley’s dad was a son of a bitch with a God complex who treated Riley’s mom like shit.

Nor the fact that many people in the clan believed that it may have been Riley’s mom who had tipped the police off to their whereabouts on the day the cops had raided their hideaway. The day she’d been killed. The day, most of the men’s family members had been arrested and eventually ended up in prison where none of them would survive.

“For the record … my parents died in an unrelated incident. Neither sets of parents were the encouraging kind. And I didn’t hate you. I hated what you represented. The distinction probably makes no difference to you, but it does to me.” Angus said.

Angus let go of Jessica’s chin to run his hand through his hair. Holy Christ, he’d been feeling more emotion in the past five minutes than he had in the past three years. It was painful. And what hurt even more was when Jessica closed her eyes and lowered her head. Something about the movement made it loud and clear to Angus that she didn’t believe him.

“There is a difference Jessica!” he growled. God it hurt. It felt like someone had taken his heart in their hand and squeezed. But even this pain didn’t prepare him for Jessica’s next statement.

“Do you remember when I … I … shot Scott?” She said in a hushed voice.

“Jessica …” Angus growled again. Could this get any worse? Yes, yes, he’d beaten the crap out of her. Words couldn’t describe how awful he felt about that … would there be anything he could do to wipe that from her memory?

Jessica looked up at him. “When I was in your room. I remember that you were speaking to someone on the phone. Someone named Beth.”

Angus couldn’t breathe. His eyes were glued to Jessica’s and for some reason the look on her face reflected how he felt. Horrified, tortured, pained, broken. Why in God’s name did she look like that? And why couldn’t he say anything, do anything. Even just ask her to stop. He couldn’t stand to see her like that and he couldn’t stand to think or talk about Beth. Not with her.

“When you were on the phone …” Jessica continued, “you looked … destroyed. And you looked angry. You hated her … and I saw that same look on your face when you looked at me. All the time. Angus … what happened between you and Beth?”

Angus jerked back as if Jessica had electrified him.

Jessica brought her hand to his cheek. “Riley told me you were hurt by her. “

“Riley should keep his thoughts to himself!” Angus grumbled finally getting his mouth to work.

“He was afraid I’d hurt you too.” Jessica said.

Angus exhaled. “Jessica, I really don’t want to talk about Beth. Especially not with you. And it wasn’t you I was seeing when I looked at you like that. I took the opportunity to get my anger at Beth out on you. I really didn’t see you as you until recently. And I’m sorry for that.”

They stared at each other. Jessica nodded.

“I believe you. But why do you not want to talk about Beth with me?” Jessica asked. “I thought we were friends now.”

“We are Jess … I don’t want to talk about Beth with any of my friends. But you’re a different kind of friend than Riley or the other guys. And Beth. She was a long time ago and a lot of things happened then that I’m not proud of. I don’t want any more secrets between us but this just is not the kind of thing I want to discuss with the kind of friend you are …”

Angus stopped talking. He couldn’t explain it right.

At the mention of secrets, Jessica felt the guilt come back. She still had some. Meeting the neighbors, planning to race Ebony at the race track. Neither one of them were little. A shiver ran through her as she realized that either one of the secrets would likely cause both Riley and Angus to go back on their promises to not hurt her. She could see them beating her. And they would be really angry at Jim, Josh and Scott.

At the risk of being beaten she would tell Riley and Angus the truth. But much like the secret she’d kept about Jim’s television, she didn’t feel that they were her secrets to tell. Jim, Josh and Scott were supposed to keep her away from outsiders … Jim, Josh and Scott were the ones who were with her when that rule was broken … and they planned to break it again at the track.

She couldn’t tell. She’d have to ask Jim, Josh and Scott to.

“Jessica, you look … you seem to be thinking hard about something. Say something, please.”

Jessica blinked. What was the last thing he’d said? Something about the kind of friend she was … Jessica forced herself to smile. “The kind of friend I am?” She said trying to forget the guilt. “Do you mean a girlfriend?”

Angus nodded. “I guess, since I hear that you won’t marry me.” It was Jessica’s turn to flinch. If not hurting Angus emotionally was the goal, she was failing. He sounded so sad.

“Sorry.” She finally said. “I just don’t think your definition of marriage is the same as mine.”

“If you’re using your parents as an example of marriage, then our definitions are not the same. You know, you keep referring to ‘your parents’. Like they were one unit. Did they agree on the same things all the time?”

Jessica shook her head. “They disagreed a lot … but eventually they’d come to an understanding.”

“Funny. It was the same with my parents. My dad would say something, my mom would disagree, and my dad’s backhand brought them to an understanding.”

Jessica blinked. “Do you agree with that?”

Angus raised an eyebrow. “How did your parents reach an understanding?” he asked.

“They’d talk. Each had a point of view. Each would support their point of view. Eventually one would be persuaded to the other’s side.”

Angus stared at Jessica in astonishment. The more she spoke, the more it sounded like she was talking in another language. He’d always known that she’d come from another world. He just hadn’t realized how vastly different it was from his own. Possessiveness swept over him. He needed her to acknowledge that she was living in his world. He was willing to alter it a little … but he couldn’t go so far as stepping into her world.

“And what would they do if they couldn’t agree?” he asked. He sounded angry and it caught Jessica by surprise. She moved away from him so she could see him better. Angus took her by the shoulders and pulled her back against him. “This is your place. Don’t move. What would your parents do? When they couldn’t agree?”

Jessica raised her hand to Angus’s face and smoothed her hand over his cheek, trying to wipe the anger away.

“They’d agree to disagree.” She said.

“How exactly does that work in a marriage?” He asked, with a snicker, his tone incredulous.

Jessica shrugged. “It didn’t happen often. But the few times it did … they did their separate things.”

“I don’t know how to do that.” Angus said.

“I know.”

With those words, panic overwhelmed him. “So, if I got us married tonight, you wouldn’t honor it?” He demanded.

“Angus … you’d marry me against my will. How could I honor something I didn’t agree to?” Jessica asked.

A flurry of emotions flitted across Angus’ face. A distant memory of his mother yelling, ‘I never wanted to marry you’ at his father pushed him over the edge. Desperation brought the fight instinct out in him.

“You belong to me!” He bellowed, clutching her tight against him.

“I know … I know …” Jessica said rubbing his cheek harder … faster. He was beginning to scare her. She’d never seen him look so lost. Despite being a grown man and incredibly strong, Jessica felt like she was in the presence of eight year old Angus. The little boy who was suddenly alone and scared and desperate. Jessica felt for that part of Angus and she wanted more than anything to help him heal so he could handle his emotions. Undoubtedly that boy overshadowed everything Angus did in life. “Angus … Angus, look at me!” She said trying to get up on her knees and turn to him but he clutched her hard against him.

“Angus … look at me!” Jessica repeated and finally Angus fastened his eyes on hers. “I know I belong to you. I’d really like to get up and hug you. Can you let me go please?”

Angus sat and stared at her for a minute without moving. Finally he began to calm down. A minute more and he loosened his bear hug. Jessica turned to push up on her knees next to him. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He hugged her back. And then he pushed her back from him so he could see her face.

“So where does that leave us? Besides unmarried.” he asked.

Jessica shrugged. “Boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Doesn’t that rely on the same principles as marriage?”

“Right. Maybe we’re just a couple of people who belong to each other?”

“Maybe.” He agreed. It was ridiculous. He’d never been crazy about marriage to begin with … why he was making such a big deal about it was beyond him. And then he realized that while marriage was never a high priority to him, it may have been for Jessica at one time.

“Was … was marriage something you wanted? In life, I mean.” He asked.

“I assumed I’d get married at some point.” She said. “But I hadn’t really given it much thought.”

He exhaled with relief, well at least they hadn’t stolen that from her. Holy shit he was tired. All of the emotion had sucked the energy right out of him. But then a thought occurred to him.

“You’re not willing to marry Jim either?” he asked. He knew she’d said no to Josh, Scott and Jim. But he wondered what she would have said if it had just been Jim who’d asked.

“No …” she said but there had been a hesitation.

“You don’t sound so sure.”

“Why would you think that?”

“There’s something different between you and Jim. Josh and Scott too, but Jim’s different. Somehow Riley and I just can’t …” Angus paused. He closed his eyes. “We just can’t catch up.”

Jessica watched Angus until he opened his eyes. When he looked at her, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

“You’re right. There is something different. I don’t think it’s something that any of us can change overnight. I feel a little more … free … with them. But I love you all the same. And I don’t want to marry any of you. Not even Jim.”

Angus thought about that. Maybe she honestly didn’t want to marry any of them but she did concede feeling differently around the other men. Somehow he and Riley had to fix that. “So what can Riley and I do to make you feel freer with us?”

Jessica looked into his searching eyes and then sat back to think.

Angus took her by the arms and pulled her closer to him. “I’m serious Jess. I’m asking you to tell me. What can we do?”

Jessica shrugged. “This was pretty good. Talking.”

“You talk with them? About things like marriage?”

Jessica nodded.

“What else?”

Jessica nodded her head toward the side table. “Magazines are good. Reading them together.”

“Okay. What else?”

“Um. We all love music. Do you sing or play an instrument?”

Angus shook his head. “I don’t play squat and the last time I sang someone called the humane society. They wanted to help the poor cat that was being strangled.” Angus added when Jessica looked confused. A huge smile swept across Jessica’s face and she broke out into a fit of giggles. Angus couldn’t help but laugh with her.

“Okay, forget music.” She finally said between laughing fits.

“Good idea. What else?”

Jessica shrugged again. “Cards. We play games a lot. Do you want to play cards with us?”

“Sure. I don’t know how though.”

“That’s okay. We can teach you.”

Angus smiled. Riley had been right. That memory reminded him of their game earlier in the night, Jessica laughing so hard.

“What were you all laughing at earlier tonight. While you were playing cards?” he asked.

“Laughing?” Jessica asked trying to remember. “Oh yeah. Just a couple of lines from some TV shows we’ve watched. Well,” she decided to clarify when Angus’ face fell, “to be exact it was mostly Jim and I watching them and Josh and Scott watching them on their own. But it was still funny.”

“What was so funny about them?”

“Well,” Jessica said, beginning to giggle again, “There’s this show called Seinfeld. The main character is a comedian and one of his jokes has to do with sneezing.”

“Sneezing …”

“Yeah …” Jessica said getting more and more into the tale she patted him on his chest and pushed back for more room. “So he says, why is it that when people sneeze the custom is to say ‘Bless You’? He thinks it would just be funnier to say something weird like, ‘you’re so good looking’. So when Jim sneezed, Josh, Scott and I said, ‘you’re so good looking’ at the same time.”

Angus looked at her, not sure that he liked that she’d moved away from him again, and not following why it would be funny to tell someone they were good looking when they sneezed. He shook his head. As far as her moving away from him, he had to get a grip. She was allowed to do whatever she wanted … within reason, and he had to get back to that reality. “So that’s why you were laughing so hard?”

“Well, that started it. Then we started talking about the masturba…” Jessica had been looking at Angus but just before her voice trailed off, her eyes seemed to really focus in on him. And a light pinkness spread across her face.

“Were you about to say masturbation?” he asked watching as a new wave of redness swept over her cheeks as she nodded.

“They made a comedy about masturbation?”

“It was one of the episodes. The three main characters bet who would go the longest without masturbating. One of them was out in less than ten minutes.”

Angus was really not getting the humor in it.

“That wasn’t the funniest part. What we were laughing at was that Scott and Jim said they figured I would’ve been out in less than a minute … “ Jessica’s cheeks flamed red when Angus’ stare intensified. “That was the funny part.” She added. Looking down at Angus’ stomach where her finger traced a line down his shirt from his chest to his waist.

Angus caught her finger in his hand and waited for Jessica to look up at him.

“You masturbate?” he asked.

Jessica nodded, and turned redder. “Scott taught me too.”

“So you’d enjoy sex … “ Angus said. That was how he did it. “He’s a fucking genius.”

Jessica’s face was flaming red but she was looking right at him. God, they had to change the topic and fast. This was so much like his fantasies … he was going to lose control.

“I’d like to see that some time …” Angus said. “I would really like to see that some time, but, not now, ‘cause I promised both you and me that this would be a sex free night. And if I’m to keep my promise, this …” he said raising her hand to his mouth and nipping her finger, “has to stop stroking down to my cock.”

“Sorry …” Jessica said with a giggle and tried to take her hand back, but Angus held on to it.

“Do you get embarrassed like this when you talk to Jim, Scott or Josh?” he asked, taking her hand with his up to her flushed cheek where he ran the backs of his fingers across it.

“A little, sometimes.”

“With Riley?”

Jessica nodded.

“Is it because you don’t feel as comfortable with us?”

“I guess. Subconsciously maybe. My body just kind of reacts.”

“Hmmm. Well, I like it when your body reacts.” Angus’ fingers had found Jessica’s lips and started tracing them. His body was starting to react. Shit … he cleared his throat and dropped his hand.

“I was going to ask you about that joke … the one you were too embarrassed to tell me when Riley and I came home the other day. But I’m guessing that based on the redness of your face at the time it had to do with sex. I still want to hear it … soon. But tonight probably isn’t the best idea …”

Jessica nodded while stifling a yawn. Angus looked at his clock. It was one in the morning.

“Will you tell me later?” he asked.

Jessica nodded. “The others wanted to hear it too … maybe I’ll just tell you all at once.”

“Sounds good. “ he cleared his throat again. “So in order for Riley and I to make you more comfortable around us we should, talk with you, play cards, read magazines, and watch TV with you. Is that about right?”

Jessica nodded but as if someone had flipped a switch, she was suddenly fighting to keep her eyes open.

“I know you have an early morning tomorrow.” He said, unable to keep the resentment out of his voice. “So I’ll let you go to sleep in a minute. But first … you asked me earlier if I agree with how my father treated my mother …”

Jessica forced her eyes open and nodded.

“No, I don’t. I get a little crazy about you Jess …” Angus said. “but if I veto anything it will be because I love you and I honestly believe I’m doing what’s best for you. Not because I’m being petty and cruel, and making myself feel better by beating you down. I want you to remember that. Always.”

Jessica nodded and her head lolled to the side.

“Lie down Jess.” Angus said helping her under the blankets. Reaching over he turned off the light on his bed stand and lay down beside Jessica, pulling her close. “If I make it through tonight without jumping you, this night will have to go down in the anals of history as the first sexless night we’ve had together.”

Jessica was half asleep, but she giggled.

“What?” Angus asked but he suspected she’d caught his joke.

“Annals … “ she muttered. “Our anals will go down in the annals of history …”

This time Angus laughed. “Yours will for sure.” He said and laughed until he heard Jessica’s soft snore.

Angus jerked awake the next morning to the sound of several loud thuds on his bedroom door.

“Jess … time to go.” Jim said from the other side of the door.

Jessica sprang up on the bed beside him.

“Coming!” she called. “Can I go Angus? You should keep sleeping … “

Angus grunted and nodded.

“Thanks.” Jessica said planting a kiss on his cheek and heading for the bedroom door.

Angus fell back to sleep and when he jerked awake again it was fifteen minutes later.

‘God damn it’ he swore to himself as he forced himself to sit up. He was tired. Really tired. But he was damned if he was going to let those three fuckers get further ahead with Jessica while he slept.

He’d get Riley up, they could go to town early, get their errands done and be back by mid to late morning and get some time in with Jessica.

By the time he’d stumbled out to the living room, Jessica, Jim, Josh and Scott were gone.

“We missed them?” Riley asked, coming down the hall, rubbing his eyes.

“Yup. Doesn’t matter. Get dressed. Let’s go to town, get what we need and get the hell back here. I had a hell of a conversation with Jessica last night … I’ll fill you in on the way.”

Two hours later Riley and Angus pulled into the driveway.

As they unloaded their purchases, Riley ran through everything that Angus had told him, again. Particularly the parts about Jessica’s parents, her feelings about marriage, and what they needed to do to make her feel more ‘free’ with them. Riley turned to stare at the big screen TV that sat in the back of their car. He still couldn’t believe that he’d insisted on buying it. But as he relived the moments that the thought occurred to him, he got angrier and repeated now what he’d told Angus at the time.

“Fuck them. If she likes TV then we’ll fucking give her TV. We’ll give her the fucking biggest, fucking big screen TV she’s ever seen. And a god damn satellite dish. Let’s see how free she feels around us then!”

Angus was keen to go along with the purchase, though he’d barely watched TV in his life.

Sweating from the exertion of lugging the TV into the house and the satellite onto the ground near the front porch Riley went back to the car to check if they’d missed anything.

Arm braced on the roof of the car, Riley leaned into the open car door of the driver’s side and scanned the car. And then his eyes fell on the gear shift. A thrill ran through him just like it had when he’d mentioned to Angus that he didn’t know how to make Jessica scream like he had. And in a moment the thrill was replaced by awe and followed quickly by anxiety. Just as it had when Angus had gone into graphic detail about what he’d done to Jessica in his car.

Riley shuddered. The awe he felt was for Angus for thinking up something like that, and for Jessica, for actually going ahead with it. The anxiety was for him. He’d never be able to come up with something like that. He looked at the gear shift again. It wasn’t the gear shift. This was Riley’s car, not Angus’, but Riley knew that the size of the gear shift in Angus’ car was much bigger. Now he understood what Scott meant by ‘hurting her a little’ to get Jessica off, but Riley couldn’t fathom how in God’s name Angus had got Jessica to go along with it.

Angus had said he’d prepped her … got her excited. But still … Riley had gone through Scott’s magazines … including the more hard core ones. There were a few things in the bondage ones that got him excited but none of them actually detailed the steps up to the bondage. He hated to admit it, but he was a vanilla lover. Christ! The worst thing was that maybe Jessica would have been alright with that … but Riley wasn’t. He didn’t want to be boring in bed. He just didn’t know how to do anything different.

Fleetingly he remembered the day in the barn. Jessica had been willing to do it right out in the open. Riley had been too embarrassed to. Maybe next time he’d have to follow Jessica’s lead a little more.

“Got everything?” Angus asked from behind him.

“Yeah.” Riley stood up and slammed the door shut.

“Should we go find Jessica?” Angus asked.

“They gotta be back by now.” Riley said scanning the area with his eyes but there was no sign of them anywhere. His eyes lingered on the kennel. He had work to do, but he just didn’t want to do it. The dogs would last a little longer. They still had plenty of food.

“Now remember. We pay attention to what the others do with her. More specifically, the way they interact.” Riley said, reiterating the plan they’d devised, as he and Angus stalked toward the barn in unspoken agreement that it was the most likely place they would be. They checked the barn first, no sign of them. But all of the horses were accounted for. They moved toward the corral. Still no sign of them.

“Listen …” Angus said just as they were about to give up and go back to the house to wait for them. Riley stood listening and soon he heard what Angus had. Voices. And they were coming from the field behind the bank of shrubbery and trees behind the corral.

Angus moved toward the sound. Riley followed, but when he heard the lilt of Jessica’s laugh his hand shot out and grabbed Angus’ arm. Angus stopped and looked at him and Riley’s mind worked hard to catch up with what his body had already figured out.
“What is it?” Angus asked when Riley stood staring at the trees.

“I don’t think we should let them know we’re here.” Riley said.

Angus followed Riley’s gaze to the trees. “We’re going to spy on them?”

“Let’s call it observation.”

“K, let’s do it.” Angus said and they moved toward the trees … walking as quietly as they could. As luck would have it, there were two trees, obscured by bush that each could lean on and have a perfect view of the clearing beyond. A look passed between them when they saw Jessica, Jim, Josh and Scott in the clearing. They were all dressed in running shorts and shirts, had running shoes, baseball hats on, and looked as sweaty as hell. Jessica looked just plain sexy. How Jim, Josh and Scott could keep their hands off of her, neither Riley nor Angus could understand.

The four stood in a wide circle kicking a soccer ball back and forth between them. Josh had his back to them. Jessica was to their left and facing them, Jim to her left, facing them, and Scott was to their right facing them. Riley and Angus held their breaths. Any one of the three facing them could probably see them if they looked hard enough into the trees. But they weren’t looking. They seemed to be deep in conversation and Jim didn’t look overly happy.

“Maybe you should get your eyes checked.” Jessica said.

“Great.” Jim said as he kicked the ball, hard, to Scott.

They’d been target practicing and he couldn’t hit the long distances worth shit.

“That’s not awful Jim, just be glad you found this out here rather than in the field.” Scott said.

“Do you guys not get physicals or something?” Jessica asked.

“We’re not the police Jessica …” Scott said, not missing a beat as he received the ball Jim had kicked to him and then sending it on to Josh. “No health benefits, and no physicals.”

“That’s just stupid.” Jessica said. “It could get Jim killed. And if you’re not getting physicals, it means that Riley and Angus aren’t either. What if their eyes are ba …” Jessica caught herself, glancing Jim, “What if they need glasses too?”

“Good point,” Josh said, kicking the ball to Jess, watching her pass it to Jim. “Doesn’t Paul have a doctor on his payroll?”

“He does,” Scott said, “but as far as I know he and his chapter are the only ones that have access to him. Can’t hurt to ask him though I guess.”

“Yeah …” Jim said receiving the ball and rather than passing it on to anyone, he began to dribble it toward Jessica. “We’ll suggest physicals to Riley and Angus. Now let’s see if you’re as much of a hot shot in nets as you are on the field … dribble left, feign right … “ he said as he picked up speed and Jessica began to position herself to stop the ball. “Dodge left … right!” Jim yelled as he kicked the ball by Jessica just as he pulled her to him and picked her up in a bear hug. He whirled her around while she kicked her legs and laughed.

“And that … “ he said, putting her down, and backing away from her, pointer fingers of both hands jabbing in her direction, “is how it’s done.”

Jessica giggled and cupped her hand to her ear, “Muscle bound jerk says what?” she asked and laughed even harder when Jim pressed his hand over his heart and feigned feeling immense pain.

“And the gloves come off.” Josh said as he and Scott laughed too.

“Well this muscle bound jerk says … eat my shorts.” Jim replied unable to resist following Jessica’s lead in using punch lines from their favorite TV shows to insult one another.

“You know what?” Josh said to Jim as he passed him and headed to Jessica, “You and Bart Simpson have way too much in common …”

“Yeah, we’re cool.” Jim stated.

“No. You both suffer from ‘Little cock’ syndrome …” Josh said. “She told me …” he added pointing at Jessica as he moved behind her. Jessica swatted Josh but otherwise laughed.

“Well, I haven’t actually seen Bart Simpson’s cock.” She said. “But based on what I have seen …” she continued, waving her hands at Jim, “I’d say it was ‘a cute case of little cock’ syndrome.”

“Holy fuck …” Jim said, shaking his head and laughing, “That’s hitting below the belt.”

“Good one Jess!” Scott said, howling with laughter.

“Ha, ha, ha … “ Jim said trying to look mad. He looked anything but.

“Hi five.” Josh said while laughing and raising his hand. Jessica turned and smacked his hand.

“Okay,” he said stepping back from Jessica and planting his legs in a boxers pose. He, Jim and Scott had decided that if Riley and Angus had to hit them to get their frustrations out about Jessica, they wouldn’t fight back. So long as it was a planned, controlled, agreed to. But all three knew that there was a chance of a full on fight at any time. Especially if Riley and Angus found out about Jessica meeting the neighbors. And although they knew they would make Riley and Angus really work at it, none of them were delusional enough to think they could fight either one of them and win. In a gun fight, yes, but hand to hand combat, chances were slim to none. But to give themselves something of a chance Josh, Jim and Scott had been talking about sparring again to get back in shape. And of course Jessica had seen right through their cover story.

Not only had she seen through it, but she’d revealed that she had taken self-defense classes before they’d kidnapped her and suggested that with some better training she could help defend them if it came to that. Horrified by the idea of Jessica pitting herself against Riley or Angus for any reason much less to defend them, Josh, Jim and Scott had drilled it into her head that she was never, ever, to do anything of the sort. But when she had reluctantly agreed, Josh took every spare moment he had when Jessica was out of hearing range to convince Jim and Scott that Jessica had to train with them. At the very least she’d have a better chance of defending herself and that was all that mattered to Josh. So Josh took every opportunity to test her. He was impressed with what he had seen so far. “What do you do when someone comes at you straight on? Like this …” and he reached to grab Jessica by the head.

Jessica deflected his arm, ducked and stepped back.

“That’s it, that’s it!” he said, obviously impressed.

Angus and Riley glanced at each other confused, Josh was teaching her to fight now?

“I told you, it didn’t help me at all with you guys. Nothing I did could stop you.” Jessica said and from the expression on her face, she was very frustrated.

“What are you talking about?” Josh said. “You just got away from me and when we were play fighting earlier you clocked me a good one … trust me.” He said rubbing his jaw.

“What good are self-defense moves …” Jessica said moving to Josh and caressing his jaw, “when they don’t defend?”

“You’re pint sized compared to us Jess.” Jim said, bouncing the ball on his knee. “It’s better that you knew something … rather than be completely defenseless.”

“Plus there were five of us and one of you. No amount of self-defense training was going to help you there. I’m sure your parents were envisioning you dealing with one assailant. Not five.” Scott added.

“You know who would teach you some great self-defense moves?” Josh said, taking her hand from his cheek and squeezing it between his hands. “Riley. He put the Kung in Kung Fu.”

“Really?” Jessica asked, definitely not seeing Riley as a martial arts master.

“No.” Josh said, while Jim and Scott laughed their heads off. Angus glanced at Riley and saw him wince. “He’s not into martial arts really but he is really good at boxing and general fighting. He used to give us pointers all the time.”

“Yeah, back in the day when we used to work out together.” Jim added.

“Did you stop because of me?” Jessica asked moving to stop the ball when it had bounced the wrong way off his knee and rolled away.

“Yeah. Kind of hard guarding you without dividing responsibilities up.” Jim said. “It just worked out this way.”

“Well, you’re not guarding me now. Shouldn’t we have asked them to come out with us?” Jessica asked. “You know, Angus was asking me last night how he and Riley could get more time with me.”

Jim scratched his head. “Yeah, well …”

“I’m not so sure how they’d react to the target practice we’re doing.” Josh said.

Angus looked at Riley, who shrugged. Why they would care about the guys doing target practice was beyond him. They used to do it together all of the time … like Jim had said.

Guilt washed over Jessica when she was reminded of the secrets they were keeping.

“I think we need to tell them.” Jessica said. “About that and about our plans with Ebony.”

Jessica looked from Jim to Scott to Josh when none of them responded. “I thought we didn’t want any more secrets.” She added. “You told me to be honest always.”

“You’re right Jess.” Jim said.

“I agree.” Said Scott but it was obvious to Angus and Riley that he wasn’t eager to do so. “Why don’t we wait until they’ve seen you race. They really have to see that first otherwise they won’t keep an open mind …”

“You do realize what’s probably going to happen when we tell them right?” Josh asked.

Jessica nodded. “I thought about that last night … “ This time Riley shot Angus a look and wasn’t surprised to see shock on his face. “And I won’t hold it against them. I know it will be a gut reaction … they’ll probably feel bad after … but I’m willing to take the chance just to get rid of these secrets. Angus doesn’t want secrets any more … and neither do I. The truth is worth a beating.”

“There’ll be a beating alright.” Scott said pacing, “But I’m pretty sure you won’t be the one receiving it.”

“What do you mean?” Jessica asked.

“Jess, none of this is your fault.” Jim said. “Riley and Angus will know that … they won’t be mad at you. No one is going to beat you. Ever.”

“I’ll make sure of that …” Josh muttered.

“Then who …” Jessica began to ask but realization set in as she saw the worried expressions on the mens’ faces. “No. No. You guys can’t fight. Not because of me. There has to be a way to tell them without fighting.”

“Don’t worry Jess. There won’t be any fighting.” Scott said in a tone that made it very clear that he was resigned to something. Jessica’s eyes snapped to him.

“What do you mean?” she said worry obvious in her voice.

“He means that we’re not going to fight.” Jim said. “If they want to beat the crap out of us … so be it.”

“No!” Jessica gasped.

“It’ll be fine Jess. Don’t worry about it.” Scott said.

“Maybe I should tell them … by myself. And I’ll make them promise not to hit you.” Jessica said.

“No.” Scott shook his head. “This is our mess, and we’ll tell them. After they see you race, we’ll tell them.”

“Everything?” Jessica asked.

Scott nodded. “Everything. But when I asked you if you knew what would probably happen when we told them I wasn’t talking about beatings. I was talking about the fact that they’ll probably veto the race. It won’t happen.”

Jessica looked surprised. And then a little sad. “I hadn’t thought of that. Is there any chance that they would only veto part of it? You know, my part of it? It’s your dream Scott … “ She paused and looked completely frustrated, and upset. She put a hand to her forehead. “Maybe … maybe that secret is something we should keep.” She said quietly.

Angus growled and lurched forward but Riley grabbed him by the arm and pressed his finger to his lips when Angus looked back at him, anger and exasperation evident on his face.

“They’re talking her out of it!” Angus hissed.

Riley shook his head, “Be quiet and listen!”

“I appreciate the thought Jess but it’s not worth it. I’m pretty sure I’ll fulfill my dream eventually. Once they’ve calmed down. I’d much rather tell them the truth. If you don’t mind losing the chance to race.”

Jessica nodded. “We’ve got to tell them.”

“Okay then. After Ebony gets back from his stag gig … and they see you race. We’ll tell them.”

Jim kicked the dirt as silence hung in the air.

“God damn it … I wish I could think of a way to tell them so you could still race Jess. Nothing is coming to me right now, but I’ll think about it and come up with something.”

A huge smile spread over Jessica’s face as she watched Jim’s brow wrinkle in concentration.

He flicked his eyes up just as she closed her eyes to remember her oldest brother Jeffery and her God father … who was so much a family friend she called him Uncle Pete. Jim reminded her so much of them. Always seeing things that others didn’t, always thinking so far ahead.

“What?” Jim asked unable to help matching her smile.

Jessica opened her eyes. Josh and Scott were watching her too.

“What were you thinking about?” Josh asked.

“My brother, my uncle and Jim.” She said and closed her eyes again, really concentrating on their faces … the details.

“What the fuck!” Angus mumbled while Riley and the other men groaned.

Jessica opened her eyes at the noise.

“Are you okay?” she asked surprised by how ashen the three men had gone.

“How in God’s name do your brother, your uncle and Jim end up in the same thought?” Scott demanded.

“Yeah …” Jessica said cocking her head to one side. “That is a little weird, isn’t it?”

“A little?” Josh asked.

Jessica shrugged and reached out with her toe to pull the now forgotten soccer back toward her. She began to dribble it, turning in a circle.

“Weirder things have happened you know.” She said as she picked up the pace of the dribbling.

“I don’t think so.” Josh countered.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure they have Josh …” she said. “Roswell, Lochness Monster, Sasquatch … ”

“Jessica!” Jim said, “Stop dribbling that damn ball and tell me why you were thinking about them and me. You’re freaking me out here …”

Jessica looked up at the tone of this voice and the ball got away from her. Josh scooped it up.

“Answer his question.” He said planting the ball between his hip and his arm. “Please.” He added.

“Well, I was just thinking about how much my uncle and brother would have liked Jim. If they’d lived and gotten to know him.” Jessica said. The pained looks on the mens’ faces caught Jessica off guard. “I’m, I’m sure they would have liked you too Scott and Josh …” she said in a rush, “it’s just that they were a lot like Jim … they had a lot in common.”

“Jim.” Scott said. “Has a lot in common with your brother and your uncle. How’s that?”

“Yes,” Jim said quietly, “How’s that?”

“They all have vision.” Jessica said and then corrected herself, “Had vision. My brother and uncle had vision.”

“Vision?” All three demanded … in the trees Riley and Angus had grumbled the same.

“Oh, not the kind you need to get checked …” Jessica said quickly realizing too late that Jim might get upset about his target practices issues again. “But the ability to see things about a situation that others can’t. The ability to see what the future could be if certain steps were taken. That kind of vision.”

Silence hung in the air.

Angus pushed from the tree. He’d had enough of eavesdropping. As enlightening as it had been, he needed to be able to ask Jessica questions. But Riley grabbed his arm and shook his head.

Angus pointed into the clearing, as if the group standing there was explanation enough for why he couldn’t stay.

“Not yet.” Riley said, but he too was on the verge of crashing into the clearing and demanding to know the secrets, and why in God’s name Jessica was thinking about her brother and uncle.

“Jessica. I don’t have any more vision than these guys.” He said indicating Scott and Josh, “And I highly doubt your brother and uncle have anything in common with me … and I know they wouldn’t like me.”

“You do have vision. You got us here Jim.” Jessica said raising her hands and indicating the men, herself, and the clearing. “You got us here and you even brought Riley and Angus along. That’s what I call vision.”

“She’s right.” Scott said. “You did get us here.”

“What kind of visions did your brother and uncle have?” Jim asked, realizing to his surprise that Scott was right … about Jessica being right.

Josh dropped the ball to the ground and sat on it.

“Well …” she said, that huge smile coming back to her lips. She walked over to Josh and into his arms, lowering herself to perch on his leg. Josh pressed his head against her arm.

“Jeffery always had a way of getting us out of trouble. We’d do something stupid and our parents would get mad, and then he would just find an explanation about what we’d done that they just couldn’t argue with. And ironically whatever he’d argued as a plus about what we’d done would come back and be proven to be true. It drove my parents crazy. They said he could swindle the devil if he put his mind to it.”

Josh pressed his forehead harder against her and closed his eyes before he said, “I thought your parents never said no to you.”

Jessica tilted her head against his.

“No … if there was anything we wanted to try, they would encourage us. But they weren’t too keen on us sneaking out of the house to go to cross country motorcycle races and stuff like that. Course on that one both Jeffrey and my parents turned out to be right. Jeffrey wiped out and broke his leg … but the club did end up going pro.”

Jessica sighed wistfully remembering details.

“Your parents didn’t let you ride?” Scott asked surprised. It seemed her parents had a limit after all.

“Oh they did. We had our own bikes. But they didn’t want us racing with the extreme clubs. They were late at night on week nights and there were no rules … really.”

“Figures …” Scott mumbled.

“So how did they stop you from going?” Jim asked.

Finally the smile slid from Jessica’s face.

“Eventually my parents shut the races down. They were illegal. Luckily the club began following regulations and had so many good riders that they went pro.”

“By shut them down, do you mean busted them?” Jim asked.

“Yeah. We weren’t very popular there after that. As you can imagine.” Jessica said and sighed.

“Holy shit.” Scott muttered.

“Yeah. It sucked.” Jessica agreed.

Josh slowly slid his head left to right without losing contact with her arm. He was beyond being surprised at this point … he was beginning to think that if they hadn’t kidnapped her, something else would have got her. Something ridiculous like her space craft would explode while she was returning from colonizing Mars or something.

“What about your Uncle?” Jim asked.

“He wasn’t really your Uncle, was he?” Scott asked.

“No, he was my God father … but he knew my parents since they were kids. He was there for them … and for me, always. That’s how he ended up dying in the attack.”

Silence ensued. Partially because there was a sadness in Jessica’s voice when she had spoken. And partially because Peter Hartnett was not dead. At least he hadn’t died in the attack.

Josh, Scott and Jim looked at one another. There was an easy way to alleviate her pain … tell her the truth. But it was also one of the reasons Jessica wanted to stay with them. She thought she had no one left. Would she stay if she knew he was alive?

Riley and Angus watched and held their breaths. They couldn’t believe that this was the same Jessica they knew. With Scott, Jim and Josh, she was a fountain of information. She seemed to say anything that came to her mind.

And like the others, they felt her pain. Felt the guilt that came with keeping the secret, but knew without a doubt that they’d never tell her the truth. The cleaner a break that she had from her family the better. And besides, Peter Harnett had gone off the map. For all they knew, he really was dead.

But the moment Josh decided to tell her, the men could all tell. They could see it on his face.

“Jessica, there’s something we have to …” he began. Both Angus and Riley took a step toward the clearing.

“Know.” Scott said, interrupting Josh and glaring at him.

“Yes, something we need to know about your Uncle.” Jim added, “What kind of visions did he have?” He continued when Josh opened his mouth again. Scott moved next to Josh and cuffed him on the back of the head when Jessica was looking the other way at Jim.

Josh shot daggers at Scott but then he seemed to give up and he lowered his forehead against Jessica’s arm again. With the crisis diverted, Angus and Riley returned to their trees.

Jessica seemed to be thinking when suddenly her head shot up and she looked pale. Uncle Pete … he had been the one to figure everything out.

“Jess?” Jim asked in alarm. She turned her face toward him but didn’t seem to see him.

“Jessica …” Scott said grabbing her shoulder. Josh had lifted his head and tightened his hands around her waist. “What’s wrong?” Scott demanded.

Jessica shook her head.

“Nothing … I’m just remembering. One of Uncle Pete’s visions was about you.”

“Us?” Josh asked.

“The clan. He figured out that something was wrong. That the arrests were too easy.”

“What are you talking about?” Josh asked.

“There was someone on the inside.” Jessica said turning to face him. “Someone who was setting the Clan up. Getting them arrested, and then killing them in prison. That was why he was with us. My parents were going to drop us off at home and then they were going with Uncle Pete to the prison. To move the clan members to a safe house.”

Silence engulfed them.

“Why didn’t you tell us this before?” Jim demanded. But he knew he wouldn’t have believed her. He believed her now … but had she mentioned it any other time he wouldn’t have believed her. And Angus … Angus would have beat her within an inch of her life.

“Okay … forget that question.” Jim said when she turned incredulous eyes on him.

“I can understand why you wouldn’t have said anything at first. But now? Lately?” Josh asked.

“I … forgot.” Jessica said. “And, it doesn’t make a difference anyway does it?”

“Right.” Josh said. This was too fucking intense. He couldn’t handle it and he was not sure Jessica could either. She seemed to be shrinking into his lap. It was time to do something different. Something fun. They could come back to this later.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys but it’s too damn hot to play soccer.” Josh said. “Why don’t we go to the watering hole? Swim a little?”

“Oh yeah!” Jessica said in excitement, clearly happy to change the topic also. “Can we ask Riley and Angus to come too?”

“We sure can.” Jim said. “If they’re back.”

“Oh, wait a minute.” Jessica said, her excitement fading. “I can’t go swimming.”

“Why not?” Jim, Josh and Scott asked in unison.

“Well, for one thing, I don’t have a bathing suit. And for another, I need tampons, I’m still bleeding a little from yesterday.” Jessica said her cheeks turning pink at the realization that they had all heard and maybe even seen her and Angus.

“Bleeding?” Jim asked, “You just finished your period, why are you bleeding?”

“He fucking hurt you didn’t he!” Josh thundered when Jessica turned bright red.

“No … no Josh,” Jessica said patting his chest, trying to calm him. He looked ready to hunt Angus down. “I’m fine, really. We just ran two miles and target practice, and now soccer, if I were hurt I couldn’t do those things … it was just some … stretching, that’s all. Honest.”

“Okay.” Jim said feeling anything but … Josh didn’t look completely appeased and even Scott, who’d argued it was all normal, seemed surprised that she couldn’t swim because of it. “Well, if you’re sure, you can still go swimming … First off, you don’t need a bathing suit. In fact, given the way everyone reacted to your shorts and t-shirt you should never wear a bathing suit. If you want to swim, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt. And I’ll run into town and buy you some tampons. No sweat.”

“Really?” Jessica asked.

Riley grabbed Angus’ arm and motioned him to follow him.

He led him back to the corral.

“Bastards …” Angus grumbled. “They’re keeping even more secrets! Let’s go find out what they are! And what the fuck is this with Jessica’s Uncle? Do you think it’s true?”

“I don’t know.” Riley said trying to make sense of it in his mind. He thought back to when they’d got the info about when and where her family would be travelling. It had been sudden. Only a day or so before they ambushed Jessica’s family. But that in itself wasn’t unusual. Definitely not proof positive that someone within the clan was killing off members and had provided intel to Riley and his men just to stop Jessica’s uncle and parents from exposing him or her. He shook his head to clear it. “It doesn’t matter for now. But as for the secrets, we have to pretend we didn’t hear anything they said.”


“They plan to tell us. In their way, in their own time. I have a feeling it’s better that way. I don’t want to fuck things up.”

Angus curled his hands into fists but tried to think through his anger.

“I don’t know if I can pretend I don’t know.” He said.

“Look, they want to go to the water hole … and we have the TV and satellite to setup. There’s plenty to distract us. We’ll tell Jim, Josh and Scott that they have to take off tomorrow. I don’t give a shit when the horsefuck is scheduled … they’re going tomorrow. Then they’ll be back faster and we can see Jessica race. We should know everything in a few days.”

“I don’t think I can wait.” Angus said.

“Fine. Fine. When those assholes are gone, maybe Jessica will tell us. She wanted to. You can make another one of your date meals … it’ll be just the three of us. I’m sure she’ll tell us, and she should also be mentioning her Uncle.“

“Okay fine. And then when they get back, I can’t wait to break each one of their fucking noses!” Angus grumbled.

“You may want to rethink that.” Riley said.

Angus looked at Riley like he was crazy.

“How do you think Jessica will take it?” Riley asked.

“Shit! Fine … no broken noses.”

“Hey good timing!” Scott said as he, Jim, Josh and Jessica appeared around the corral. “Everything alright?” he added when he saw the expressions on their faces.

“Fine …” Riley said. But Jessica, Jim, Josh and Scott had slowed their pace and Jessica’s smile faded. And when she looked at Angus she blanched. Riley followed her gaze and saw that Angus was slower at snapping out of his anger. Much slower.

“We’re fine … “ Riley said taking a step closer to Angus and elbowing him. “Fucking smile. You’re scaring Jessica.” He muttered to Angus under his breath. Luckily Jessica and the others were still a good thirty feet away so his subtle elbow jab and muttered messages went unnoticed.

Angus managed to plaster something that resembled a smile onto his face.

“That’s right.” Angus said through gritted teeth, “Everything’s fine.”

Jessica took a step closer to them. She was watching them … studying their faces. Riley elbowed Angus again.

“Smile better.” He hissed.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Angus hissed back.

“You want to rip their heads off and it’s obvious. Look at Jessica … she knows something’s wrong.”

“Damn it.” Angus swore to himself. Jessica looked really worried. He had to get a grip or he was going to scare her off again. Not what he wanted. He cleared his throat, remembered what she felt like against him, and worked really damn hard to look relaxed.

It must have worked because suddenly the men relaxed and Jessica seemed to skip over to them, leaving the other men trailing behind her.

Excitement twinkled in her eye as she asked, “Do you want to come swimming with us?”

She was just about to go into Angus’ arms when she skidded to a halt.

“Um, I really stink. Maybe I should kiss you once I clean up?”

“I really don’t care Jess. I’d like the kiss.” Angus said.

“I’m serious Angus.” She said as she moved into his embrace. “Plug your nose or something … I’m really gross.”

Angus grabbed her by her upper arms before she could move in to kiss him. His eyes bore into hers as he leaned in close to her and inhaled deeply.

“You always smell good to me Jessica.” He said in a tone so guttural that Jessica caught her breath. Her body tingled everywhere. Angus leaned in closer. “And you taste even better.”

Shivers ran up and down Jessica’s body as Angus leaned in and fastened his lips to hers. He drew her closer, and slid his tongue into her mouth. He explored every part of her mouth … her teeth, her tongue, the insides of her cheeks, her throat … before reluctantly pulling back. “There will never be a reason that I wouldn’t want to kiss you Jessica. Remember that.”

“Jessica.” Riley said as she pressed her body against Angus’.

“Hmmm?” Jessica asked and shifted her eyes dreamily over to Riley. “Oh … oh … sorry!” Jessica said seeing the hurt look on Riley’s face. She moved back from Angus. She felt awful. It was her night with Riley and she was all over Angus. Her cheeks flamed red, she was so turned on and she could tell by the way Riley looked her over that it was obvious. She moved to Riley and melted against him … bringing her lips to his.

How the hell was he supposed to compete with Angus’ kiss? Intellectually he knew it wasn’t a competition but emotionally he felt the need to surpass Angus’ effect on her.

“I’m sorry man …” Angus said quietly seeing how upset Riley was. “I shouldn’t have done that. I lost control …”

Lost control. That was the problem. Riley couldn’t lose control.

Images from those hard core magazines flitted through is mind. If he were honest with himself he’d admit that he was more than a little interested in them. In performing the acts depicted on the pages with Jessica. The problem was, he was afraid. Afraid of taking the control required to be the master … and afraid of how Jessica would react.

Would it be too similar to when they took her prisoner? Would she balk at the role playing, at being subservient, at being tied up and being violated by fucking machines … in the pussy, in the ass and in the mouth?

God he was horny. And she was … sore … so he couldn’t even try anything that night. The sound of the other men clearing their throats as they approached reminded him that this wasn’t the time to try and find out how far she’d let him go.

He blinked. He’d have time for all of that. He’d figure it out. He knew he would, and he wasn’t below asking Scott or Angus for advice. But right now … right at that moment he had to follow Angus’ kiss with one of his own, and unless he tried to take on the master role …tried to live out his fantasies, he was going to pale in comparison.

“Fuck it …” he muttered against Jessica’s lips and taking her arms he pushed her hands behind her back, held them firmly with one hand and cupping her head he looked her in the eye and said “I’m not going to stick my tongue down your throat right now. Just kiss me on the lips and we’ll move on. But know that I will get my full kiss. When you least expect it, I’ll get it.” He pressed his lips hard against hers and when he lifted his head Jessica was staring at him. Surprise was evident in her expression … surprise and desire. She was pressing herself against him now and she flicked her tongue over her lip.

Damn, Riley forgot he was sporting a five o’clock shadow. There was definitely a little red rawness around her lips where he had kissed her. For a moment he felt bad about it but then he remembered the magazines. Stubble was the perfect masters’ tool.

Jessica was breathless. And horny. Angus and Riley both seemed a little over sexed. Angus was no surprise really, but Riley … and the way he was looking at her right then … he looked dangerous. Not dangerous in the way he’d used to … but bedroom dangerous. Suddenly Riley’s already brown eyes seemed to go black as his body tensed against her … and then they slid down to her lip. He leaned forward and licked her lip … right where his stubble had scraped her.

“Jess, you okay?” Josh asked from beside her.

“Y ..y ..yeah.” She managed.

And then, though Riley’s eyes remained black, his lips morphed into a sultry half smile. He looked up at Josh, and then the others. Aside from Josh’s never changing expression of concern, the others wore expressions that were hard to read. But it was his night with her. He had rights. Slowly, purposefully, Riley let go of Jessica, took her by her forearms and turned her around to face the other men. Then he pulled her against him, circling his arms around her and pressing his cheek against hers.

“You were saying?” he asked quietly in her ear.

“We … we are going swimming.” She managed despite the evidence of his desire pressed into her back. “Will you come with us?”

“Sure. But we have something back at the house for you to see first. It may take us a while to get it set-up so it’s usable.” Riley said.

“Really?” Jessica asked pressing her cheek into his. “Can we go see?” Her voice lost its breathlessness and excitement replaced it.

Riley couldn’t help but laugh. Jessica’s enthusiasm was contagious and suddenly he was anxious to show her the surprise. He loosened his grip and let her drag him behind her as she hurried back to the house. The others followed.

“What the hell …” Scott asked when he saw the box for the satellite dish on the ground by the porch. “Holy crap.” He added as he heard Jessica squeal. Walking into the living room he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Is that what I think it is?” Josh asked.

“It’s a TV and it’s huge!” Jessica’s exclaimed, jumping up and down … hugging Riley, hugging Angus.

“Holy shit … you bought that?” Jim asked in awe. “What is it, 73 inches?”

“82.” Riley said.

“Shit!” Jim exclaimed.

“But we have to set it up. The satellite is outside and needs setting up too.”

“We’re on it.” Scott said, rubbing his hands together.

“I should shower.” Jessica said lifting her arms and looking from one of her pits to the other, a look of disgust on her face.

Riley and Angus looked at each other. Had she not listened to a word Angus had said?

A low growl rumbled from Angus’ chest, but sheer frustration played across his face. He had every intention of demonstrating to Jessica that there was absolutely nothing disgusting about her. He glanced around the room to see exactly who was paying attention to them, but the TV was a great distraction. Even Josh was busy unpacking the TV and reading the instructions.

He stepped closer to Jessica, essentially wedging her between him and Riley.

“You’ve always been stubborn and at times …” he made a sound that sounded like a chuckle but was devoid of any real laughter, “at most times, you have been disobedient. But being obtuse is a new development. If it were my night with you Jess, I would take the opportunity right now to make it very clear to you that there is absolutely nothing about you that can be gross. Ever.”

Jessica gulped and involuntarily took a step backward bringing her right up against Riley. Riley felt a sudden surge of desire pulse through him. His balls contracted and his cock practically jumped out of his pants as he realized that he would make that point to her for both him and Angus. He’d take her for her shower … and a lot more.

“I’ll get the message across.” Riley said and slid his hand down her pelvis.

Jessica gasped. Holy crap she didn’t think she could take much more of this. Was there such a thing as death by horniness?

Angus worked hard to get himself under control. Right. It was Riley’s night, and he had already overstepped his bounds once today. He forced his eyes away from Jessica and up to Riley’s.

“I’m sorry about that kiss earlier it’s your night, I shouldn’t have. Are we okay?” Angus said.

Riley nodded. “We’re fine.”

“I bought that razor for you Jess.” Angus added, “It’s in the bathroom.”

Jessica opened her mouth to say thanks, but nothing came out. She was far too horny.

“We’ll be back … in a while.” Riley finally said, and pushed Jessica ahead of him down the hall to the bathroom.

No sooner had he closed the bathroom door than he spun Jessica around to face him and he locked his lips on hers. Pushing his tongue between her lips he backed her up across the room until she hit the wall. And then he pressed himself against her as he invaded every part of her mouth. Jessica kissed back. She kissed back a lot but while her mouth was fully engaged Riley could sense that her body wasn’t. She kept pressing herself against the wall, away from him.

“What the hell are you doing?” he demanded pulling away from her mouth and glaring down at her. Jessica was panting trying to catch her breath. Her breasts heaved against him so he slid a hand up to cup one and knead it.

“Jessica!” He growled when rather than answer she tried to kiss him again.

Jessica looked confused as she looked up at him.

“I thought I was kissing you.”

A crooked grin spread across his face and it looked so sexy Jessica gasped as renewed spasms rocked her pussy.

“It takes more than your mouth to kiss me Jessica.” He said.

Confusion flitted across her face again.

He chuckled … “It takes your body too. Why are you not kissing me with your body Jessica?”

His answer came in the change of her expression. She wrinkled her nose and she drew back just like she had in the living room when she’d mentioned the need to shower.

“You really don’t listen do you?” Riley grumbled.

“Just let me shower … please Riley, this is so unnecessarily gross …” Jessica had slid her hands up between them to Riley’s chest and was pushing against him … squirming, trying to move him back. That was the last straw for Riley. He was willing to give her more freedom, let her make some choices about her body, but when she insisted on making choices for him, he couldn’t abide it. He felt the need to own her, to take the risk and be her Master.

He grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up, pulling her arms up with it. He pulled it over her head, leaving her arms tangled in it.

She looked at him in surprise.

He brought his hand to her elbows and pinned them against the wall above her head. Her armpits were fully exposed. Jessica’s cheeks turned red. She could smell the rank odor emanating from them. And to Jessica’s horror, Riley lowered his face to one pit and inhaled. And then he kissed it. Kissed the hair that grew there. And then he licked it.

Jessica tried to squirm again but Riley raised his knee between her legs and lifted her off the floor, sliding her up along the wall. And he slammed her elbows against the wall.

“Don’t … move …” He ordered glaring at her until she gave up on trying to lower her arms. The embarrassment was killing her.

“Now ask me to lick your other armpit.”

Jessica’s jaw dropped.

“That’s right. You’re going to ask me. And then you’re going to ask me to eat you out …”

“Oh God no!” Jessica groaned. “Riley … please, please, don’t do this!”

“Jessica!” Riley barked and his face rearranged itself into something so severe that Jessica almost peed herself.

“In case you haven’t noticed … you’re in trouble here! You can bullshit Angus and you can bullshit yourself into thinking that all we are to each other are people who belong to one another and that we’re not husband … husbands and wife. And I mean our definition of husband and wife, not yours.”

Jessica caught her breath. Angus had told him. And now Riley looked really mad. She knew she should have been worried, but all she could feel was a mounting pleasure.

“But … “ Riley continued, “I’m telling you right now that when you and I fuck … I am the boss. I own you. You listen to me. And when I tell you to do something … you do it. And just in case you think I’m not serious … in case you think all I can manage to be during sex is boring …”

“Riley you’re not boring!” Jessica gasped. Holy cow, he was comparing himself to the others. Jessica’s heart broke a little for him. She wanted to comfort him, reassure him, but anger flashed in his eyes.

“Things won’t be boring. Ever. I’ve been looking through Scott’s magazines. And do you know which ones I like the most? The ones where the man is the master and the girl is the slave. Bound and gagged, Public Disgrace, Public humiliation, Wired Pussy … “ Riley paused for effect, and he got it.

Jessica’s eyes became as big as saucers. Jessica had looked at those too. She had not spent nearly as much time with them since the themes involved women being tied, chained, subdued. Too close to her real life. That had disturbed her, but what had disturbed her more was that part of her liked the images. Now, knowing Riley would take the role of master, Jessica could picture herself liking it … until she envisioned herself tied up and unable to move. Fear rippled through her.

Riley saw it. But the fear was mingled with obvious desire. So he would go slow. Build up to it. That suited him.

“So … if you don’t want to have to start calling me Master … you had better ask me to kiss and lick your pit.”

“Please … please, kiss and lick my pit.” Jessica whispered.

“Louder!” Riley ordered.

Jessica repeated it and as she did Riley smiled. And then slowly, deliberately, he moved his face to her other pit and inhaled.

“I love your sweat.” He said as he lowered his lips and kissed, and then licked. He licked the complete area. When he was finished he raised his head, traced her lips with his tongue and then pinned her with his eyes again.

“Now … ask me to eat you out.”

“Riley …” she said in strangled voice. She was horny as all hell but just couldn’t imagine him down there. Not in that mess. “Please … I’m bleeding and I’m sweaty … don’t go down there … it’s gross!”

Riley didn’t move, didn’t say a word, just stared at her.

Finally enough time passed that Jessica was getting scared.

“First off …” Riley finally growled. “You barely bleed even when you’re on the rag, which you’re not. And, I told you I love your sweat. The smell, feel, and taste of it. So you can call me Master when you ask me to eat you out … just to get a feel of what it will be like to call me that forever if you don’t be good. And so help me Jessica, if you don’t ask me right now I’m going to take you out to the kennel and let the dogs eat you out.”

Jessica’s breath caught. There were those magazines too. But those she categorically couldn’t get into. It surprised her, and scared her that Riley even considered it.

“Master, please eat me out.” Jessica said, loud and clear.

Riley smiled. He had thrown the threat out there and he’d seen the revulsion on Jessica’s face. Well, at least he knew her limits.

“That’s better.” He said. “Now listen to me carefully so you don’t miss anything and have to suffer the repercussions. You’re going to get undressed. I’m going to do the same. You’re going to kneel on the floor. Ass in the air, legs wide. I’m going to slide my head between your legs. You’ll part your lips with your fingers, and lower your pussy to my mouth. And while I eat you out, you’re going to pull on your nipples. Pull them hard. When I’m done eating you out I expect them to be fully erect and pulled so long it’s obvious to me that you pulled them till they hurt. Do you understand?”

Jessica’s breath caught, but she nodded.

“Say it out loud.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You have thirty seconds to get undressed and in position.” He said and letting go of her he stepped back. Jessica fell to the floor. Surprise registered on her face, as it did Riley’s. He reached out and grabbed her just before she slammed onto her butt. He’d forgotten that he was holding her so high off the ground with his leg. He pulled her to her feet, searching her face with his eyes the whole time … making sure she was okay.

“Thanks …” she whispered. “Master.” She added.

Riley held her in place and ducked his head down to get a better look at her face. She looked up at him and her lips turned up into a small smile. Riley smiled too, relieved that she seemed to be ready to play along.

“You have twenty seconds left.” He said looking down to ensure her feet were actually on the floor.

Jessica pushed away from the wall and pulled her shirt the rest of the way off. She shed her bra, underwear, shorts and moved to the center of the room.

Riley was watching her with appreciation as she sank to her knees, thrust her ass in the air, spread her legs … bending down he could confirm that her hands tugged on her nipples, one after another.

Riley got undressed and then went over to her.

Jessica gasped when he slapped her ass. It wasn’t too hard, but hard enough. Then he slapped her other butt cheek. As the skin on her butt turned pink, Riley lowered himself onto his back, and slid himself between her legs.

He looked up at the curls above him.

“You have five seconds to open yourself up for me … and then feed yourself to me.”

Jessica put her forehead on the floor, and slid both her hands back to her pussy. Her fingers slid into her part and she pulled her lips back as far as she could. She heard Riley chuckle as she spread her legs wider, lowering her pussy until she could feel Riley’s breath on her meat … and then his tongue flicked her, and a second later his mouth engulfed her. Riley wrapped his arms around her legs, grabbed her ass and pressed her hard against his mouth.

“Riley!” Jessica moaned and then remembered her nipples. She took a nipple in each hand and pulled. Harder than she normally would have. The pain from her stretched nipples mixed with the mounting pleasure growing between her legs as Riley bit and gnawed her clit made Jessica’s head roll from one side to the other. Riley’s stubble scratched her pussy too and Riley took full advantage of it, making full circles with this chin on her meat as he ate.

And then Riley slipped both his thumbs into her, and it was the last stimulant her body could take. Wave upon wave of pleasure rocked through her. She repeated his name, over and over, and pulsated her pussy into his mouth as she came over and over. As orgasms calmed Jessica began to drift off to sleep.

Riley licked until her legs twitched and then he rolled onto his right side, rolling Jessica over with him. He slid up her body and grasped her breasts.

“Very impressive …” he said, looking at the tall, hard nipples and then taking each one in his mouth by turn, nipping them.

“Hmmm, “ Jessica mumbled, flitting her eyes open when he bit her, closing them when he stopped.

“Wake up Jessica … we’re not done yet.” He pushed her breasts together with this hands, slid his cock between them and began to thrust.

Jessica opened her eyes and found the tip of his cock poking out from between her breasts intermittently.

“Fucking your tits … that’s the alternative to intercourse when you’re on the rag. God Jessica … “ he muttered as pleasure mounted. “I’ll cum right in your face … you make sure you catch it all in your mouth and swallow … God …” He muttered again and his pumping became frenzied.

“Here it comes … open your mouth!” he ordered and Jessica did. Seconds later cum spewed out from between her tits and filled her mouth. Jessica swallowed, and swallowed some more.

“That’s it … that’s it …” he mumbled. When his seed stopped flowing he moved his cock closer to Jessica’s face. “Now take it in your mouth and clean it.” He said, sliding his cock between her lips. She sucked it, licked it, until no sperm was left.

“Jesus …” he said, collapsing on top of her. He kissed her forehead and rolled onto the floor beside her. Jessica lifted her head as he slid his arm under it, and she curled into him when he pulled her close.

Jessica fought the fatigue that tried to take her over. Her body tingled with satisfaction and she loved the feeling of being in Riley’s arms, but she needed to talk to him. And not as Master and slave. Her finger traced the rippled muscles on his chest and she couldn’t get the word ‘boring’ out of her mind. Her heart squeezed. How awful did it have to feel to think that you were being compared to someone else in bed.

Suddenly Jessica realized that Riley was being quiet. Too quiet. He was stock still. Jessica’s finger paused on his chest as she listened for the light snores that would indicate that he was sleeping. But none came.

“Jessica … “ Riley said when he realized that she had realized that he was waiting for her to come back from wherever she’d gone in her head. It occurred to him that maybe her disgust with the idea of him going down on her while she was bloody and sweaty could have had more to do with the fact that it revolted her, rather than her wanting to be clean for him. What if she didn’t want to kiss him now? What if she was sickened by him.

“Mmhm? Master?” she asked. Her tone sounded light, playful.

“I really enjoyed that.” He said. “Does that gross you out?”

Jessica lent her head back to look at him. He sounded hurt. Maybe, maybe it was her. Maybe she did something to make them think she didn’t enjoy herself … that she favored one of them over the other.

“No.” She said. She looked worried. “Did I act like it grossed me out?”

“Nah. I got the feeling you were enjoying yourself …” Riley said lowering his hand to her nipple and pulling gently. “But you really didn’t want me to go there … just wanted to make sure you didn’t … find me gross now.”

“I definitely don’t find you gross.” She said. “It’s just kind of embarrassing. I’d really rather be clean for you. That’s all.”

“Cleans nice too.” Riley said. “But dirty spices things up a little.”

“Riley …” Jessica said, pushing to her knees next to him.


“Are we … um, are we Jessica and Riley right now? Not slave and Master?”

“Sure.” Riley said chuckling … she looked so earnest, and cute.

“I want you to know. You’re not boring … and I don’t compare you to the other men. I honestly don’t.”

Riley sighed and sat up.

“Jessica, you’re human. You’d have to be a robot to not have preferences. It’s fine, really.” And as he said those words he remembered Jessica in the clearing earlier. Jessica being completely different, completely open, with Scott, Josh and Jim. He had a hard time reconciling the Jessica that he knew with the Jessica he saw and heard earlier.

Maybe, maybe Jessica honestly didn’t compare them in bed … but in everyday life, she definitely had her favorites. And her brother and Uncle’s favorite. That whole conversation smarted. He suddenly had the biggest temptation to tell her that he and Angus had overheard them. That they knew there were secrets. That they knew she didn’t treat them the same way she treated the others. But he realized that Angus had as much of an interest in that conversation as he did. And that it was a conversation he wanted to have when the others were gone. When it was only the three of them.

Riley felt sadness seep through him as he realized that he and Angus truly were light years behind the others. That sadness reflected on his face and Jessica misinterpreted it.

“Riley …” she said scooting closer to him and falling against his torso she ran her hands over his stubbled chin. “I’m sorry if that hurts you in any way. I really don’t mean to do it.”

She sounded so sad Riley was immediately ashamed of himself. Why was he making her feel bad about his inadequacies? “Okay. Enough of this.” Riley said. He wanted her to be happy not sad and the bathroom floor was no place to talk about it any way. “We have a watering hole to go swim at … TV to watch. We should get showered and get on with it.”

“Oh yeah.” Jessica said, suddenly remembering the razor Angus said he’d left in the bathroom. “Do you want to help me shave?”

“Sure.” He said, laughing again. “I can’t say I’ve ever shaved a woman’s legs before.”

“And pits …” she said.

“Or pits. But if it’s anything like shaving a beard, we should be good. Speaking of which … should I be shaving too?” he asked, rubbing his hand over the stubble on his chin.

“No … no. I really liked how you used the stubble … it felt good.” She said raising her hand to his chin and rubbing too.

“Let’s do it then …” Riley said standing, and then helping Jessica to her feet.

“Wait. There’s one more thing.” He said suddenly realizing that it would likely make it easier to get rid of the other men for a few days if Jessica knew ahead of time what he and Angus planned to do.

“We’re going to tell Scott, Jim and Josh to take Ebony to town tomorrow … and stay away for a few days. We really want some time alone with you Jessica. I hope you’ll help us convince them to go.”

“I’m not sure how easy Josh will be to convince … “ she said, worry returning to her face.

“He’ll go.” Riley said in a hard voice.

Jessica clutched Riley’s arm. “You won’t hurt him, right? He’s not himself …”

“Jessica …” Riley said. She was working herself up.

“Please Riley … I don’t think he can be held responsible for what he does … “

“Jessica.” Riley repeated, taking her head in his hands and ducking down to her eye level. “We won’t hurt Josh. Okay. Don’t worry.”

Jessica nodded, but there had been an undertone of anger in his voice.

“Why are you mad?” She asked.

He paused for a moment, tempted to deny it, but by the look on her face said Jessica would be hard to convince.

“Because.” He finally said.

“Because what?”

Riley stared at her. Well, this was different. Jesus Christ, it would be easier to tell her to mind her own business. Easier, but counter-productive. Now he’d have to explain that he was a jealous prick.

“It’s hard to explain.”

“Riley, I care about you too. I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt you either, especially if you went a little … off.”

“It’s that obvious is it?” Riley asked wishing his jealousy would be a little less transparent.

Jessica smiled. “No. I’m just good at what I do.” She said in a playful voice.

“You’re good at reading people?” Riley dropped his hands from her head and ran one down her arm to take her hand.

She shook her head. God, why did she have to smile like that? He felt his cock hardening.

“Just you. It’s kind of important for a slave … to read her master …” She continued, stepping closer to him and grasping his cock with her free hand. “For example … right now you’re silently commanding me to get on my knees and suck you off.” And she sank to her knees.

“Oh my God!” Riley groaned as she took his shaft into her mouth. He looked down at her, looking up at him.

Placing his hands on her head Riley suddenly realized that he’d just had a glimpse of the other Jessica … the Jim, Josh and Scott Jessica. As thrilled as he was about it, a worry grew in his mind. How was he going to nurture that?

He had no clue but he seriously hoped that pounding the hell out of her mouth with his cock wasn’t going to ruin things because there was no way he could stop. He thrust, harder and harder and when he finally came, Jessica swallowed his whole load. Once she’d licked him off, he pulled her up, and hugged her, kissing the top of her head.

“I guess I read you right?” she asked, kissing his chest.

“Did you ever.” Suddenly Jessica’s stomach growled. Riley looked down in surprise. “Have you eaten anything yet Jess? Other than my load …” he added when Jessica began to laugh.

“No. We ran on an empty stomach.”

“Well, let’s get cleaned up and get you fed then. Where’s that razor?”

Riley leaned back in his seat and watched Jessica study the chess board.

It had taken longer than expected to set up the TV and satellite dish. So they’d never made it to the water hole.

Riley had taken Jessica out to the kennel to feed and train the dogs while the men had worked on the setup. They had fed the dogs but that was as far as they’d gotten.

Riley smiled as he remembered the look of concern on Jessica’s face when he’d come up behind her and slid his hand down her top, into her bra. She’d turned to him, but her eyes kept sliding over to the dogs.

“Be a good slave and I won’t use the dogs …” he muttered. She’d looked somewhat relieved and looking back on it now, Riley realized that he should have reassured her more. But she’d been a good slave … a really good slave. And she had been right about her shaved legs. He hadn’t been able to stop rubbing them and when she wrapped her legs around him and their smooth skin slid back and forth on his back as he pumped into her … it had led to several additional couplings that he was pretty sure wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

And then when Angus had come to tell them that the TV was set up, they’d gone back to the house for hours of TV watching.

Jessica had sat between Riley and Angus on the sofa, leaning against Riley with her legs on Angus’ lap. And Angus had been unable to stop rubbing her legs. At one point Riley was getting worried that Angus had seemed to be enjoying it far more than he should have been considering it wasn’t Riley’s night with her.

But, Angus had controlled himself. And they’d watched so many different shows that now they were a blur to Riley. As they’d watched they had heard several of the quotes Jessica, and Jim had said earlier that day in the clearing.

One show, about a teenage girl living a double life as a rock star, had made Riley feel like shit. Jim explained that it was meant for preteens and teens. He had been watching that with Jessica since pretty much the beginning. It had made him realize that Jessica may have been an adult, years wise, when they’d taken her, but it hadn’t meant that she was emotionally. And, six years was a pretty big age difference. Compared to him, she was still very young. But there was little he could do about robbing her of her innocence, other than to try and make Jessica’s happy. And the first step was getting time alone with her. So, just before ten o’clock they’d broke the news to Jim, Josh and Scott that they had to leave the next day … who the hell cared if they had nowhere to stay, or that Ebony wasn’t expected for another day. Jessica had been instrumental in convincing Josh to go. He was glad he’d mentioned it to her and it was clear Angus had been impressed also.

Despite Josh’s continued attempts to exclude himself from the banishment, it was settled. They’d leave early the next day and wouldn’t be back for at least three days. Riley was looking forward to those three days. Just him, Jessica and Angus. Sweet.

When they’d come to his room, Riley got Jessica busy with chess right away. He didn’t want to give himself time to get horny again. It turned out Jessica had played chess before with her family and picked the game up again pretty quickly.

Jessica sat up suddenly and moved her piece.

“Good move.” Riley said, leaning forward to study the board.

“Riley … how come you don’t do anything with Max?” Jessica asked.

“Max?” Riley asked lifting his eyes to look at her. “As in the dog?”

“Yeah. You train the other dogs but Max just kind of … exists.”

“Well. As you so astutely observed, Max is deaf and blind.”


“So, I don’t really have much use for him. Normally I would have put a bullet in his …” Riley caught himself as Jessica’s face contorted in horror. “Normally I would have euthanized him. But I had the feeling you would have been pretty upset about that.”

“You kept him alive, for me?” Jessica asked in surprise.

“I sure didn’t need another reason for you to hate me.”

Jessica blinked. “That was really sweet.”

“Yeah, that’s me … Riley the sweet. What made you think about Max anyway?”

“Max isn’t useless.” Jessica said, “I was trying to figure why you weren’t working with him.”

Riley shrugged. “You’re probably right. Why don’t you work with him?”

“Me?” Jessica squeaked in surprise.

Riley chuckled. “Don’t be so surprised Jess. You’ve been doing a great job with Baby … He’s yours. Do with him what you will.”

“Mine?” Jessica squeaked again. “You’re giving him to me?”


“Oh Riley, thank you!” Jessica said, clapping her hands and then scrambling around the table and climbing on his lap. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She threw her arms around his neck.

He chuckled and hugged her back.

“You’re welcome. And while you’re at it, you may want to decide whether you’re going to breed Baby or not. And with which dog. She’s still too young but it won’t be long before she’s of age.”

Jessica sat up and stared at him.

“What?” he asked. She had an expression on her face that he’d never seen before.

“Why am I deciding whether to breed her or not?” she asked.

“Who the hell else would be?” Riley asked.


“Jessica, why would I be deciding something about your dog?”

“My dog? Baby belongs to me?” Jessica looked stunned.

“Hell yes. You saved her … she’s yours. You have a real knack for collecting misfits … What’s the matter?” He asked when Jessica looked like she’d cry.

“Is she really mine?”

“She always was Jessica, I thought you knew that.”

“Thank you!” Jessica exclaimed, throwing herself against him again.

“You’re welcome!” he said, laughing as she peppered his cheeks with kisses.

Jessica couldn’t believe it. She owned two dogs. Riley obviously wasn’t as hard a man as she had thought. Maybe his parents were kinder than Angus’ had been.

“Riley …” she said leaning back to look at him, “What were your parents like?”

“Whoa … what?” Riley asked, completely taken by surprise. “That’s a hell of a leap. One second we’re talking about the dogs and the next you’re asking about my parents?”

“Angus’ parents weren’t very nice. I think that’s part of the reason he was so angry. That and Beth … um, Riley, I’m sorry but I told Angus that you told me about Beth. He seemed a little angry. I didn’t think it was a secret …”

“It wasn’t … a secret.” Riley said but to himself cursed the secrets that still existed between them.

He grudgingly acknowledged that it wasn’t just Jessica, Jim, Scott and Josh keeping them. He and Angus had spied on them … the newest secret of the bunch … but there was also the fact that Jessica’s uncle had not died in the ambush. He wasn’t sure they’d ever tell her that one. And he was pretty sure Jessica would not forgive them for keeping it.

“But Angus did give me an earful about it.” Riley continued as he remembered the berating Angus had given him on the way to town earlier that day.

Angus seldom told Riley off and he was usually a man of few words … But he’d chewed Riley out big time about mentioning Beth to Jessica.

“I can’t say that I blame him.” Riley said. “You’re so beautiful.” He brought his hand to her cheek and Jessica blushed.

“On the outside and the inside …” he continued. “To mention that bitch around you is just wrong. “

“Was she really that bad?”

“Didn’t Angus tell you?”

Jessica shook her head. “He said he didn’t want to talk about her with me.”

“Well. That’s his call to make. And if he doesn’t want you to know, it’s not my place to tell you.”

“That’s what Angus said about your parents.”

“Well. I guess I deserved that.”

Jessica’s face crumpled and she slumped against him. “You don’t want to talk to me about them either?”

“What I want and what I’ll do are two different things.” Riley said, “At least in this case.”

Jessica leaned in and kissed his lip. Sitting straighter she said. “So were they really mean?”

“I guess you would see them that way. Just like we see your parents as being way too liberal. They were the norm in the clan.”

Jessica looked at him. They considered her parents to be too liberal? They considered a woman being equal to her husband as too liberal.

A wave of pity swept over Jessica. Pity for Angus and Riley’s mothers. Pity for Jim’s sister. She began to realize that Josh raping Jim’s sister may have been the last straw for her in a probably unbearable life. What she really wanted to hear was that Riley’s mother had had some say over her life, some control.

For a minute Riley was afraid that she knew it was his mother that was the supposed scapegoat Jessica’s Uncle had spoken about. He really didn’t want to discuss that. It should have been good news … the possibility that his mother was setup and hadn’t in fact sold out his father and the whole clan, but the fact that he’d never know if it were true, seemed a painful long shot to explore.

“What’s up?” Riley finally ventured to ask when she still hadn’t said anything.


“Jessica, you’ve got smoke coming out of your ears you’re thinking so hard. What is it?”

Jessica shrugged. “I’m really not sure I want to bring up the whole marriage conversation. It was a little … intense … with Angus.”

“Isn’t everything a little intense with Angus?” Riley asked. Jessica’s lips shifted into a smile.

“Too bad he never became an actor.” Jessica said, “I could easily see him doing Shakespeare or something.”

“Angus? Shakespeare?” Riley asked, “I see him as more of a slasher film actor.”

“Oh, oh! Jack Nicholson in the Shining!”

Riley chuckled, “I could see that. You’ve brought marriage up now … so what about it?”

“I guess I’m just wondering about your mom. Did your dad treat your mom okay?”

“Depends on your definition of okay. For us, it was okay.”

“Did he consider her to be his equal?” Jessica had asked the question in complete seriousness but Riley was unable to stop himself from snorting.

“Not hardly.” He said.

Jessica wasn’t surprised, but she was disappointed. It didn’t seem hopeful that she would have anything close to what her parents had in her relationships with the men.

She tried to picture their future. Assuming she couldn’t find a way to bring them to justice, she could see herself staying with them for the rest of her life. In theory her day to day living wouldn’t change much from what it was now. But would the way it was now be enough for the men? Would they want … oh God … would they want children?

Suddenly Jessica felt like she was sinking in quicksand. They didn’t want them now, but it was natural that they could want them later. Especially with all this talk about marriage. Could she do that? Could she give them children? Would she be given a choice?

Jessica felt like she was going to hyperventilate.

“Hey, hey … what’s wrong?” Riley asked, grabbing her arms as she bolted upright, gasping for air.

“What is it … what’s wrong? “ Riley yelled, shaking her a little. “Jesus Jessica! She didn’t have it that bad … and you’ll have it even better. Jessica!”

Jessica caught her breath and worked hard to calm down.

“What is it?” Riley repeated. As her panic subsided she closed her eyes. “Jessica, you can’t measure our relationship by my parent’s marriage … I’m not my dad, and you are definitely not my mom. Know what?” He said when Jessica looked like she’d was going to hyperventilate again. “Just forget my parents. Forget my fucking parents, okay?”

Jessica shook her head.

“It’s not that … “

“Then what is it? Tell me, what ?”

Jessica exhaled. “H … How … How far into the future have you … thought things through?”

“Future?” Riley asked. “What do you mean?”

Jessica hesitated. She was afraid to mention it … afraid that Riley would confirm her fears.

“Jessica … look at me!” he ordered.

Jessica looked up at him. “Do you see us staying like this … forever?”

Riley blinked. “Of course I do.”

“Just us? You’re not eventually going to want … children?” Jessica asked, practically choking on the last word.

“Children?” Riley was so stunned that the word came out as a croak.

God, he hadn’t thought of that.

When they first starting having sex with her the thought of her getting pregnant was horrifying. Even now … the thought turned his stomach. But would he want kids sometime in the future? He honestly couldn’t say for sure.

Then it dawned on him. What he wanted wasn’t the issue. The issue was Jessica. Whether or not she wanted to have children with him. Riley’s heart sank. Given that Jessica looked like she was about to vomit, he was guessing that she didn’t.

“You don’t want children.” Riley said in a strangled voice.

Jessica looked up at him. Riley’s face was frozen in an emotionless mask, but his eyes were full of pain.

For a brief moment she contemplated lying. But the consequences of that would be disastrous.


Riley felt like he’d been punched in the stomach. Or kicked in the balls. No, both, punched in the stomach and kicked in the balls.

“No because you just don’t want children, or no because you don’t want to have children with me?”

“I don’t want children.” She said. It wasn’t completely true … she didn’t know if she wanted children, hadn’t really thought about it much. But she definitely didn’t want children that would grow up in the environment that she was in now … that Riley and the others had grown up in.

That should have made Riley feel better. But it didn’t. It still felt like she didn’t want to have kids with him.

“Maybe in a couple of years you’ll change your mind.”

“Or … maybe in a couple of years you, the Master, will change my, the slave’s, mind for me.”

“You think I’ll force you to have a baby?”

Jessica shrugged. “It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.”

“And having my kid would be horrible …” Riley said.

Jessica reached up and touched his cheek. He looked and sounded dejected. Completely dejected.

“I would gladly have your kids Riley, if you and I had the kind of relationship my parents had. If our kid would grow up like I did … without the kidnapping of course. I would want my kids to see their mother being treated equally and with respect.”

Riley stared at her. Equality and now she threw in respect. That word reverberated through Riley’s mind. Yes, of course, her mother probably was a feminist. He remembered the news being riddled with feminists decrying pornography as degrading and disrespectful.

Riley’s stomach dropped. Jesus. By that definition, he, and at least Angus degraded her on a regular basis. Master and slave … Christ. That would be the way she would see it … but Riley honestly didn’t think any less of her. She’d be his slave for the sexual interlude but after she was just Jessica. He didn’t feel she was any less of a person because he’d fucked her.

It was clear that Jessica thought less of him. She didn’t see him as appropriate for fathering her children and he couldn’t see how that would ever change. As much as he wanted Jessica to feel equal and respected, he planned to use the veto rule as he felt appropriate. In day to day life, Jessica needed guidance and protection. And in the bedroom … he’d just started being her Master. He liked it too much. He needed it too much.

But, one thing he didn’t feel compelled to do was impregnate her.

“For someone who doesn’t want kids you seem to have a pretty good idea of what you’d want for them. Don’t say anything …” he added when she looked like she was going to argue. “We’ve given you control over your body Jessica. You control the birth control pills … You’re not going to get pregnant unless you want to. I’m not going to force you into having my baby … that I can promise you. And the others …”

And the others what? Mother fucker! He sat up in his chair so suddenly that Jessica almost fell off. She grabbed at his shirt pulling herself back toward him but he clutched her arms and held her at arm’s length so he could see her face.

“What about Scott or Josh Jessica. Do you mind having their kids? What about the love of your life, Jimmy. Would you have his baby?”

Jealousy was suffocating him.

“What? No?” Jessica stammered, surprised by Riley’s sudden fury.

“I see it now. Angus and I aren’t good enough, but those kiss asses make the cut. Why is that Jessica … why? Why do you feel so much more comfortable around them than you do us? Explain that. Explain it … now!”

Jessica was speechless. Riley’s face had turned red and he had it shoved in hers. She tried to reach for his cheek but his hand held her arms in place.

“It’s not true. Riley. I feel the same way about them as I do you and Angus …”

“That …” Riley said, “is not true.”

“Riley …”

Riley froze. “We saw you.” He said.


“Angus and me. We saw you and the other guys. Today. In the clearing … we saw you and we heard you. Your giggling, your joking around, your decision to keep secrets. Tell me, where are our giggles, our jokes, our secrets? Hey Jessica … tell me!” he yelled, his hands grasping tighter and tighter on her arms.

“You heard us?” Jessica asked.

“Better believe it.” Riley growled.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

Riley paused. That wasn’t the reaction he’d expected. Denials, excuses, diversions, yes. Riley exhaled and shook his head.

“That kind of defeats the purpose of spying.” He said, but he was beginning to calm down. Jessica’s demeanor took the anger out of him. If he didn’t know better he’d think she was glad that they’d overheard them.

“I’m sorry that you felt you had to spy …” Jessica said so gently that she took any remaining the steam out of Riley’s anger. He dropped his hands to her waist. “But if you overheard us, then you know that I wanted you and Angus there with us. I certainly did not prefer to be with Josh, Scott and Jim.”

Riley lowered his head.

“I wish you would have come out and told us you were there.” Jessica added.

“It seemed that you had some pretty big secrets you preferred to keep from us.”

“So you thought that you’d help us keep them?” Jessica asked completely stumped.

“We were going to ask you about it tomorrow, once the other guys were gone.” Riley said but he was beginning to feel like he and Angus were these petty little kids playing stupid games.

“Oh.” Jessica said. She lowered her head too and began fiddling with the fabric of his shirt.


“Riley,” Jessica said raising her eyes to his, “I can’t tell you the secrets.”

Riley exhaled.

“They’re not my secrets to tell.”

“Jessica …”

“You and Angus both made me go to the source when I was asking about Beth and your parents. You said it wasn’t your place to tell me. It’s the same thing with the secrets. They’re not mine to tell.”

“Jessica. Are you, or are you not involved in whatever these secrets are protecting?” Riley asked.

Jessica hesitated. She sensed a trap.

“Are you?” he demanded.

“Yes.” She said with reluctance.

“Then they are your secrets to tell.”

Jessica shook her head.

“I really, really, really, want it to be the guys who tell you. You heard them say very specifically that they wanted to tell you. By going behind their backs now you’re eroding their trust. And they’ve … we’ve, already eroded yours. This can get a lot worse or it can start to get better. The right thing to do is to let them tell you.”

Riley stared at Jessica. Man this sucked.

“Okay. Let’s go ask them.” Riley said sliding Jessica from his lap and to her feet.

“Now?” Jessica asked, glancing at the clock on the side table. “It’s midnight. Won’t they be asleep?”

“I doubt it, but if they are we’ll wake them up.”

“But they’re leaving early tomorrow …”

“Then we’d better get a move on … “ Riley said stepping to the side and sweeping his arm toward the door. “Ladies first … “

“Can’t it wait until they get back?” Jessica tried again.

“I don’t want this hanging over our heads while they’re gone. Let’s get it out in the open … and then we can all relax for the next few days. After you …” he said indicating the door again.

Jessica took his hand and moved for the door.

“I hope you’re right.” She mumbled.

When they got to the living room, everyone was still up. They were watching some action flick on the TV. Machine guns sounded and intermittent explosions boomed through the sound system.

The men were on the edges of their seats … they looked completely jacked up. Jessica groaned. Angus in particular seemed to be completely into the action.

“Shoot him! Shoot his fucking ass!” He was screaming at the TV … “And that’s how it’s done!” He added and leaned back on the sofa, sweeping his eyes toward the hall. He froze when he saw Riley standing there, Jessica holding his hand but hanging back, just behind him. She looked like she was trying to disappear.

“Riley … Jessica, what’s wrong?” he asked, getting to his feet.

The other men turned to look at them in unison.

Josh sprang to his feet and tried to move to Jessica, but Riley blocked his way.

“Are you okay Jess?” Josh asked, trying again to get around Riley.

Riley planted his hand on Josh’s chest and shoved, knocking him back a few steps.

“Riley!” Jessica gasped.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Josh demanded.

“You are! Why do you assume that if Jessica is with me she has to be hurt?”

“He just assumed something was wrong Riley …” Jim said, “you never come back out once you’ve gone to bed. None of us do.”

“Thanks for that insight Jim. Jessica was right, you do have the gift of vision. Since you have an uncanny way of seeing the future … what do you think is going to happen next?”

“Shit …” Scott hissed, sliding his eyes to Jessica who had moved from behind Riley when he’d shoved Josh. Jim and Josh looked at her too, their mouths hanging open.

“Excellent!” Angus growled and moved to stand next to Riley.

“Don’t look at her like that.” Riley said, “She didn’t betray you. Angus and I heard everything. And in the interest of building trust I’m now asking you to your face about the secrets you’re keeping … As Jessica suggested it would be wise to do.” He added when Angus looked at him like he was nuts … and the others gaped at him.

When no one spoke, Angus moved to the coffee table, picked up the remote and turned the TV off.

“Now spill it.” He ordered.

Scott, Jim and Josh looked at one another. They hadn’t really thought about exactly how they were going to explain things to Riley and Angus. But one thing Jim did know was that telling them in front of Jessica was a big mistake. These weren’t little secrets, these were ‘Riley and Angus are going to kick our asses’ secrets. And losing it like that, fighting in front of Jessica, was not going to help Jessica feel any more comfortable around them.

“We’ll tell you.” Jim said, “But on one condition.”

“I hardly think you’re in any position to dictate conditions.” Riley said.

“Stupid shit!” Angus muttered under his breath as he tossed the remote on the coffee table and moved to stand right next Jim, fold his arms and glower at him.

“Actually, believe it or not, I’m doing this for you more than me. I’m trying to keep you from making a huge mistake.” Jim said, glowering back at Angus, “But since you mention it, I’m in the perfect position. You obviously didn’t want to wait for us to get back to tell you.” He said to Riley. “Why else would you bring Jessica back out here. So if you want us to tell you everything right now, you’ll meet my condition. Otherwise, you can wait till we get back.”

“What makes you think you can go anywhere until we say so?” Angus growled, shoving Jim.

“Hey!” Scott yelled, stepping between Angus and Jim and shoving Angus back. “Back off!”

Josh took a step toward Angus but Riley blocked his path.

“Stop! Don’t fight!” Jessica yelled and slipped past Riley and Josh to stand between Scott and Angus, planting one hand on Scott’s chest, and one on Angus’. “You haven’t even heard the condition …” she said to Angus. “Maybe it makes sense … somehow.” She added when Angus growled. He looked from Scott to Jessica’s hand on his chest. When he raised his eyes to Jessica’s she shuddered. His eyes were the steel hard grey he used to always get when he was angry at her. Angus covered her hand on his chest with his and squeezed as gently as he was able given how angry he felt.

“Alright.” He said threw gritted teeth. “What’s the condition?”

“We’ll talk, you’ll listen. You don’t pass judgment right away. Spend your three days with Jessica, and when we get back, we’ll discuss.”

Silence hung in the air. Jessica could feel Angus tensing again and he glared at Jim.
“Fine!” Riley said. “Fine, get on with it.”

“You may want to take a seat.” Jim said indicating the sofa. He wanted as much physical distance between himself, Scott, Josh and Jessica as possible. Jessica started to move to the sofa but Angus caught her by the waist.

“We’ll stay right here thanks.” Angus said pulling Jessica against him. Jessica’s heart was pounding a mile a minute. He lay his hand over her heart. “Easy Jess. Everything is just fine. We’re talking that’s all.”

Looking up his eyes fell on Riley. Who was watching Jessica intently.

“Shit, sorry.” He said to Riley, remembering that it was still Riley’s night with her. “Go to Riley.” He said into her ear and gave her a gentle push in Riley’s direction.

Jessica went into Riley’s arms. “Please don’t fight …” she said in an urgent tone.

“We’re not Jess. Just talking, that’s all.” Riley replied. Jessica buried her face in his chest. She didn’t want to watch. She couldn’t watch.

Riley looked up at Jim. “Get on with it.”

“Okay. Just keep in mind that none of these things have had an adverse effect. In fact, they’ve helped get us to where we are now. So stay calm … save judgment for when we get back.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Riley said. “Spill it!”

“K.” Jim said taking a deep breath. “Jessica used to be on a competitive rifle team. She’s an ace shot. We’ve been having target practice with her.”

“Target practice …” Angus repeated.

“Was that what that crap about your eyes was about?” Riley asked.

Jim nodded. “Apparently I need glasses.”

“Keep going.” Angus prompted, feeling optimistic that the secrets may not be as bad as he’d feared. Target practices wasn’t so bad … but then Jim began explaining about the wild dogs that Jessica shot … and the neighbors she met. Angus’ mind went blank. He couldn’t get his mind around what Jim had said.

“… they would have been suspicious if we kept her hidden.” Jim was explaining.

“She’s met outsiders?” Riley interrupted.

“Riley …” Jessica gasped, his arms had been tightening around her.

“Not a word.” He said into her ear but he loosened his grip slightly.

“When?” Angus demanded.

“A few weeks ago.” Scott answered. “And Josh and I were worried at first … but Jim pointed out that if we didn’t introduce Jessica and act like everything was normal, they would be suspicious and call the cops.”

“It’s been a few weeks now, and no cops.” Josh added.

“And Jessica?” Riley asked.

“Aside from being extremely embarrassed by Scott and Josh’s rude and anti-social behavior, she was fine. You can see that for yourself.” Jim said.

“Anti-social behavior?” Angus asked.

“We weren’t very friendly.” Josh said.

“There’s an understatement …” Jessica muttered into Riley’s chest.

“For Christ sake!” Angus thundered … “You should have sho…” He was on the verge of saying ‘shot their fucking asses’ but Jessica had whipped her head around to look back at Angus. She looked like she knew what he was going to say and was completely horrified by the statement. He couldn’t think of a better way to state the same thing so he snapped his mouth shut.

“Like I said … don’t react now.” Jim said.

Angus wanted to deck Jim something awful and his expression must have conveyed that because Jim took a step back.

“Is that everything?” Riley demanded.

“Not quite.” Scott said stepping toward Angus. Jim had taken enough flak. And given Riley and Angus’ attitudes he wasn’t in the mood to sugar coat it. “Jessica is racing Ebony for me at the casino next week. She’s been officially entered.”

“You’re pulling our fucking legs.” Angus said. “No way, no way would you do something that God damned stupid! Letting the neighbors see her, let alone meet her, was asinine, but it happened by mistake. Purposely taking her out there where the whole world will see her … you’re not insane or fucked up enough to do that …” Angus shook his head.

“Sean and Corey did the paperwork. She’s racing.” Scott said.

“Sean and Corey?” Riley demanded.

“Yup. Came over and met Jessica too. Wanted to see who was going to win them a few grand.”

Riley and Angus stood stalk still and glared at Scott.

“Is that it then?” Riley asked in a monotone voice. “No more insanity to fess up to?”

“That’s it.” Jim said.

“Good. Now get out.” Riley said.

Everyone froze, including Jessica.

“We’re leaving in the morning.” Josh said. His eyes fixed on Jessica.

“No, you’re leaving now. I don’t care if you haven’t packed. Just walk out that door, take your fucking horse, and go. You can buy clothes somewhere tomorrow.”

No one moved.

“You heard him.” Angus said taking a step toward Jim again.

“No way.” Josh said and he looked at Jim. “While we’re gone, they’ll pack her up and disappear. We’ll never see her again!”

Riley gaped at Josh in complete disbelief. Angus turned to face him, mouth hanging open.

“What kind of a paranoid, delusional, fucked up thing is that to say?” Angus boomed. “You’re kidding right? What would make you even think of something like that? How could you dream something that ridiculous up?”

Riley had been looking from Scott, to Jim, to Josh and he saw something in their expressions he just didn’t want to believe.

“They could dream it up if it was something they’d planned to do.” Riley said slowly. Jessica groaned into his chest. That and the guilt that slid across the mens’ faces told him all he needed to know.

“When we came home.” Angus said with growing horror. “When you had those guns. You weren’t going to clean them … you were going to use them. On us!”

“You were fucking hurting her! Hitting her, grabbing her, raping her!” Josh yelled. “You didn’t look like you were planning on changing any time soon. Christ Riley, Angus, what would you do if one of us was doing that shit to her now? Would you just let us? We weren’t going to shoot you, we just wanted to leave.”

“But if we didn’t let you leave?” Angus said quietly, “What then?”

Josh didn’t answer … he couldn’t answer.

“But you didn’t go. Why?” Riley asked.

“Jessica wouldn’t go.” Jim said. “She wanted to give you time to come around.”

Silence again. For Jessica it was unbearable. She wanted to say something to smooth things over. Make everything better. But, she couldn’t find the words.

“Stay out of the way.” Riley growled into her ear and suddenly Riley spun her away from him, and pushed her behind him. Then he lunged for Scott, knocking him to the ground. On cue, Angus smashed his fist into Jim’s face.

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