Julia is taken to the Dogging Point and 3 way DPed
Dogger, Fisher, or Julia DP’d part 1

“Dogger, Fisher, German Bight,” intoned the BBC man as he read the shipping forecast. James chuckled at the words as he carefully drove the sleek Jaguar along the winding Yorkshire road in the soft summer moonlight .

Julia looked up from her Kindle at the sound of laugh and asked "Are we lost?” as she realised they had left the main road and were driving down a narrow track hemmed in by trees and bushes.

“No,” James replied without taking his eyes off the road, “Change of plan.”

“Oh for gods sake what change of plan? I need to get back to London!” she protested, “I have a full day tomorrow, where the hell are we?”

“A local view point and beauty spot, where the local doggers have assembled to meet you!" he said as he slowed the sleek Jaguar to a gliding halt.

“What?” she replied, “Oh don’t be so ridiculous, I need to get home!”

He pulled on his chauffeurs cap, stepped from the vehicle and opened the rear door grabbing her arm and started to drag her from the car, “Get out, and strip!” he ordered.

“Stop it you idiot,” she snapped as he grabbed her arm, “Mathieson, what on earth has got into you!”

“Time you met some real people instead of those pathetic wimps you hang around with,” he snarled, “You treat me like shit, in fact you treat everyone like shit, it is high time you were taken down a peg or two, you have fucked the taxpayers for long enough its time you were fucked by the Taxpayers instead of you fucking them!”

“Oh don’t be so pathetic!” she whined as s tried to fight him off.

“Do you want to wear that again?” he asked as he grabbed at her top, “Or shall I tear it off?”

Julia stared at him as her eyes tried to acclimatise to the darkness, the moonlight flickered as the overhanging branches moved in the slight breeze while the clustered lights of Halifax twinkled in the distance further down the valley “Why?” she asked uncomprehendingly.

“Because if you don’t take it off I’ll tear it off!” he ordered, “And you’ll look mighty stupid hitch hiking home naked.”

Julia swallowed, she struggled to make sense of what had happened to her in such a short time, less than an hour ago she was drinking port at a dinner party, a parliamentary under secretary, a politician on her way up the greasy pole, chatting to the rich and famous as equals or so it seemed and now her chauffeur had betrayed her and delivered her to a secluded spot where it seemed a crowd of voyeurs were hiding in the shadows.

“Look Mathieson, don’t be stupid,” she blustered trying desperately to retain her composure.

“Wrong, wrong name,” he replied, “Mathieson went to Environment last month and you never even noticed.”

“You all look the same, from the back,” she explained.

“Funny,” he replied.

“Look I have money!” she said hopefully as he released his hold on her arm, “How much do you want?”.

“Sod the money," he snapped, “This is about screwing the bitch who is screwing the British people!”

“Ok but ask yourself, is it worth going to jail for?” she asked quite reasonably, “Aggravated rape?”

“You surely not suggesting that you would involve the Police,” he hissed, “I’ll say it was kinky sex, I’d been fucking you for months, we decided to go dogging, get it?” added quite reasonably, “Go on, take it off nicely, it looks expensive, wasted on an ugly bitch like you though.”

The words struck her like a sledge hammer, she knew she was a bitch, at least her public persona was that of a union hating sadistic bitch, but she had done modelling at Uni, she worked out, played hockey went rowing, she wasn’t that old, he was not being fair!

“Look don’t hurt me, and use a condom for gods sake!” she said, “Its Allenby isn’t it, James Allenby?”

“So why call me Mathieson?” he asked, “Because I’m a piece of shit maybe?”

“No, of course not, but.” she blustered.

“So get naked!” he ordered.

“Can’t we just do it in the car?” she asked.

“You don’t get it do you bitch?” John sighed, “You’re a bitch, this is a dogging point, bitches don’t wear clothes they just wear a collar and leash.”

“So?” she asked.

“You’re a bitch, get naked,” he replied.

“Help!” she shouted suddenly, no one moved, “Help!”

“Don’t waste time, get naked, get fucked, go home, nice hot bath, nice wank tomorrow is another day,” he said.

“OK!” she said, as he grabbed at her top again, she tried to undo the buttons her hands on the jacket of her smart suit, she slipped the jacket from her shoulders and handed it to John, he let it fall to the floor.

“Hang it up yourself bitch!” he ordered, “Chuck it on the seat or something!”

Shaking she picked the jacket up and threw it on the car seat, and began to unbutton her blouse slowly playing for time, “Hurry up,” he said and stepped forward again to pull her skirt down.

She threw the blouse on top of her jacket and stepped out of her skirt before turning to face him.

“That’s enough,” he said, and before she could breathe a sigh of relief he added, “I’ll cut the rest off.”

His knife blade glistened in the moonlight, a Stanley knife, a retracting blade craft knife with a hooked blade like an evil hawk’s beak, he hooked it in the waistband of her pantihose and hacked through the elasticated top, “Please!” she gasped as she felt the cold steel.

“Don’t worry,” he said and he turned to stand behind her, he cupped her left breast, she felt the knife blade at her nipple.

“Oh lord no!” she pleaded as she felt the fabric tear, but the pain did not come, he merely hacked a hole in the end of her bra cup so her breast poked through obscenely, before repeating the process on the other cup.

He pulled her panties and pantihose down before quite gratuitously cutting right through the crotch of her panties as the hung uselessly between her legs, before dragging the ruined pantihose off together with her elegant shoes which he tossed idly into the car to a muffled cheer from the watching crowd.

Her bare feet squelched in the mud as he took off his tie and knotted it around her ruined bra as a makeshift least, “Walkies time I think,” he suggested, “All fours like a dog of course,” he added and then asked, “Anyone want a blow job?”

There was just the wind rustling the leaves, “Surely someone wants a blow job?” he tried again. Again the sounds of the wind or was it just heavy breathing.

“Yeah,” someone replied from the shadows, a young lad, of a group clustered in the shadows near their motor scooters.

“Fine,” he said, “You know what to do.”

She stared, “Allenby, surely you cannot be serious? You frightened me, point taken now lets go home!”

“On your hands, I would say knees but the ground is covered in gravel," he snapped, “So suck the man’s cock bitch.”

“Hey I meant his!” the young lad explained as Allenby caught her by her long auburn hair and pushed her forward.

“Haha,” the lads friend laughed nervously as she was pushed forwards.

“So get it out!” Allenby said firmly, “Let the bitch do her stuff, and you,” he addressed the first lad, “Can fuck her ass, you have a rubber I presume, in case you get lucky?”

“Yes,” the youngster said in shocked surprise.

“And you lot thought bitches like this were too up themselves to come up north,” he said, “So nows your chance, she’s up north, make her come up north!”

Julia knelt before the young lad and reached for his cock, he stood there nervously unsure of what to do, “Get your cock out then!” Allenby ordered.

He pulled down his zipper to reveal a half hard cock, “Suck it bitch!” Allenby ordered and Julia obediently took the offered cock in her hand and kissed the tip, it began to stiffen immediately.

She mused, she was probably old enough to be his mother, she wouldn’t see 30 again, she could hardly remember the last time she saw a live cock and then his cock was growing.

She felt relieved, may be she still had it, but relief was short lived, “You, fuck her ass!” Allenby ordered the unfortunate lad.

He stood quite still, a slightly older man stepped forward, “Let a man do it,” he said as he dropped his khaki camouflage trousers to reveal a regimental tattoo which with his cropped hair revealed him to be a squaddie, “Come on Jackko,” he said, “Lets give her a Dee Pee like in Helmand.”

“Over rated that Helmans,” ‘Jackko,’ muttered as he stepped forward, “How we doing this Dan?”

“On your back, her on top me on top again,” his mate suggested.

“No I got me good stuff on, you lie on the shit!” Jackko suggested.

“Fucking hell the stuff you have to do to get laid around here,” he said as he dropped his trousers and laid down beside Julia while Jackko gently turned her over as she still sucked the lads cock until she straddled the squaddie.

Jackko checked between Julia’s legs, “Fuck she’s leaking like a fucking Landrover radiator!" he opined as he scooped moisture from her cunt and smeared it over his condom clad tool ready to ram her ass.

“Fucking good,” his mate agreed, “Push her down on me,” he said and as Jackko pushed her down and he aimed his rigid cock upwards so Julia’s cunt engulfed him.

“Ooohh,” he cooed as Julia also gasped.

“Ready?” Jackko asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” was the reply and Julia screamed past the lads erection as Jackko pried apart her ass cheeks and started to ram his rock hard cock up her ass.

Julia thought she was being torn in half as the barely lubricated cock rasped against her tight ass hole, she screamed, more for effect than anything as she assumed Allenby had no idea she had been double fucked regularly while at Uni as she tried to finance both her own and her boyfriends Coke habit with a spot of seedy escort work and found herself doingstag parties and the like where double fucking was almost the norm.

Allenby retreated to the car, he sat and watched from the driving seat and used his mobile to update his post on the Southyorks Dogger facebook group page as he listened to the radio.

Julia nearly choked as the young lad kept his cock pressed firmly against her lips as he shot his load, but as soon as he withdrew an elderly pot bellied farmer with cow shit on his shirt took the lad’s place.

He filled Julia’s mouth with nine inches of Yorkshire sausage and held her by the hair as he banged energetically into her as the squaddies double fucked her working in rhythm as they had done with the rag head slags in Helmand on their last tour, miserable scrawny bitches who could be stoned for adultery forced by their fathers husbands or uncles to fuck the squaddies for ten dollars American or a couple of rounds of ammo.

“Fuck that was good Dan,” Jackko agreed as he pulled out and chucked his cum filled condom into the bushes.

“Like on tour except she don’t stink of camel shit!” Dan agreed.

“Do you mind?” a well dressed middle aged gentleman asked.

“No, not if you don’t,” Dan agreed.

“If Charles and I, well, you know?” he asked.

“No Christ no, thats what Jamie brought her up here for, fill your boots!” Jackko confirmed.

Charles was not too keen, “No Geoffrey you go bottom,” he insisted.

“Like a couple of queers deciding who goes first!” Dan suggested.

“Remember those rag head queers we saw going at it in their cell at Bastion,” Jackko laughed.

“Oh god don’t remind me!” he agreed.

They compromised and bent Julia over the wing of a Ford Fiesta and took it in turns to bang her from behind, alternating ass and cunt as they changed over like perverted tag team. Someone shoved a dirty sock in Julia’s mouth to stop her screaming, then four lads turned in an old LandRover Discovery and Charles and Geoffrey had to stand aside.

“Oi what about me?” the girl in the back of the Discovery asked, but no one cared, “Bollocks!” she opined, “The silly bitch is giving it away!”

Julia struggled to breathe, her ass and cunt were on fire from the abuse and her mind was wracked by a succession of orgasms. She just wished she had some more lube as she was sure her ass was bleeding, or had someone cum in her ass without a condom?

More men appeared from the shadows, she was manhandled to the ground again to sit with a cock up her ass as someone played with her tits while a second man reamed her cunt and a third stood over her so she could suck his cock.

“Pull out!”she husked as yet another cock twitched in her throat and he did as she asked sending creamy cum cascading in an arc to splash her face and foul her exquisitely coiffeured auburn hair, “You filthy bastard!” she opined, to be silenced by a slap from the girl.

“Serves you right you slag, taking my punters, stealing money out of my kids mouths!” she explained, “You ought to be a fucking shamed.”

Julia stared speechless, “Look,” she said, “It wasn’t”

“Shut up and suck a cock,” the girl suggested, “Here mate, you pay me and fuck her ok?” she added as she saw another man approach, “Tenner all right?”

Julia felt cold quite suddenly, engines were revving and as headlights lit the clearing she realised that they were on a derelict petrol filling station site which Gypsies had used she recognised the piles of scrap and spaces where caravans had been positioned.

Suddenly a man pulled out of her ass and zipped up his trousers and walked away.

The girl had gone, Julia looked around, Allenby was standing looking at her, she staggered towards him, “Let me go” she pleaded.

“Say please,” he intoned.

“Please,” she said weakly.
“Anybody else want a free fuck?" he asked, “Blow job?"

“Over here,” someone shouted from the bushes, “Yeah we’ll have another,” someone agreed.

“Oh no!” Julia wailed and her legs buckled as she tried to run away but Jackko stepped forward and grabbed her.

“Give us a hand Dan,” he said, “How about a chair?”

Dan laughed and they grabbed her legs and shoulders spreading her legs wide as they held her, “Come on the we don’t have all night!” he shouted into the darkness, “You want to fuck or not?”

Two men slipped from the shadows, “That’s it one in front one in back get on with it!” Jackko laughed.

The men stepped forward and one jammed his cock up her from the front and one up her ass from behind, “See it’s good isn’t it!” Jackko chuckled, “Four blokes at once,” he said as they gently moved her up and down as the other men thrust into her.

“Oh God!” Julia cried, her cunt hurt and her ass was on fire but the waves of orgasm wafted helplessly over her and she cried out in pain and ecstasy, “Noooooo,” she despaired as she started to cum again.

They set her down and she collapsed onto the mud, “Anyone else?” Allenby asked but there were no replies as the clearing was emptying as the vehicles started up and slipped away without lights in the moonlight.

“Looks like they have had enough of you,” he suggested, and grabbing her hair he began to drag her half stumbling, half crawling towards the Jaguar.

The electric door release clicked the indicator lights flashed, “Put some clothes on,” he suggested as he opened the door for her, “I take it you have had enough?”

“Just want to get,” Julia pleaded.

“Then I’ll take you home, Madam,” Allenby agreed, “When you’re ready.”

Julia lay on the seat for a moment, her crotch hurt, she was filthy, she was cold but above all she was satisfied, she thought of all the men who had used her and just wanted to sleep, “Oh stop naked see if I care,” he snapped and he lifted her foot clear of the door and slammed it shut.

She pulled her jacket round her, pulled her skirt on and lay on the seat swiftly falling into a deep and contented sleep.

To be continued.

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