Again I apologize for the lack of sex as there will still be none. Please be patient it soon will come.


Happiness, sadness, envy, jealously, anger, regret were some of the emotions surrounding me as I sat at my usual table in the school cafeteria. Everyone seemed to feel an emotion like they have a name as I stared around at my fellow classmates who were engaged in conversation with one another without a care in the world. My world came crashing down on me almost twenty-four hours ago and yet here I am in school pretending everything is normal. Inside of my body though I could feel a small war between my human conscience and the vampire as each emotion bounced off me. Negative feelings seem to stir the demon, while the positive feelings let me comprehend with reality and somewhat control the vampire. Hunger was brewing inside my brain as the faint smell of blood wafted through the air making it even harder to ignore my surroundings.

As my eyes scanned the large room, the emotions were bouncing off me like a deck of cards being dealt until I locked on a girl sitting in the corner by herself. Just like everyone else I noticed her before and thought she was weird because she always kept to herself and never interacted with anyone. However as I stared at her my mind was blank. I wasn't drawing any emotion from her, as I watched her lips move while she silently read the book she was so engrossed into. Without thinking I got up from my table and sauntered over to where she was and took a seat across from her before my mind caught up with what I was actually doing.

"Hi," I said as I politely greeted her.

"Go away! I don't date people from school, nor do I wanna chat with you." She said never taking her eyes off her book.

"I-I'm not here for that. I thought maybe you would like a friend," I responded feeling a hint of anger rush from her.

"What are you trying to say? I'm a loner, a loser because I sit here by myself. Which one of these bitches put you up to this? Well let me tell you buddy..." She stopped mid-sentence as her eyes met mine.

I felt a wave of confusion pouring from her as we stared at one another in silence. "What?" I asked her as her lips turned a sheepish grin.

"Your a newbie," she challenged.

"What the hell you talking about," I asked drowning in a pool of confusion radiating off both our consciences.

"Yup, your a newbie. Can't control your emotions huh." She said beginning to shake her head. "You know it's dangerous to show emotions right? One hint of any negative feelings could get you easily killed by another vampire."

My eyes bugged out of my head at her revelation as my head moved frantically around trying to look for an escape route. I stood up ready to leave her presence until I felt something cold grasp my hand. "Wait, don't go." I heard her speak as I looked at the hand in mine. I was scared and didn't know what to think as I pulled my hand away from her and exited the building taking a seat on a wooden bench outside.

Alone now with my thoughts and emotions, I tried to wrap my mind around what just happened until a squirrel approached from out of nowhere. The hunger built quickly inside as I smelled the rodents blood. With speed I never thought existed I swiped it off the ground and looked at it quizzically. What was I supposed to do now? I really had no idea how to feed being in human form. I was starving and the lunch I consumed in the cafeteria did little to nothing to satisfy me. Fear and panic began to hit me as the squirrel frantically tried to release itself from my grasp but was failing miserably. Fredrick's words were bouncing around in my head. A scared target is an easy target as I raised the scared rodent to my face, its blood intoxicating my senses along with its fear. I opened my mouth ready to bite, my thumb instinctively moving to its pulse but I stopped before I let my teeth sink in. What the hell was I doing? I could probably get some unknown disease or infection if I bite this. I lowered the bushy tailed rat and spoke to it. "Consider this your lucky day," I said tossing it to the side watching it scurry up a nearby tree. Fuck it I thought. A school lunch will have to do for now as I got ready to head back into the building.

"I could have eaten that you know," I heard the girls voice nearby.

"Following me?" I asked turning my head in her direction.

"Maybe," she replied taking a seat on the same bench I was sitting on. "I'm sorry I frightened you. Its just been so long since I met another like me." My eyes again got big as she removed her sunglasses.and I was met with a pair of blue eyes so bright, I thought I would go blind. She blinks several times revealing a deep purple tint laced inside the blue orbs.

I sat there stunned. "Yes, I am a vampire like you. You would have known that if you listened to your senses. Based on my knowledge your relatively new. Did The One give you any guidance like rules or survival tips."

"The One?" I questioned.

"Yes, he who bit you is The One," she answered.

"Wait, how did you know I was a vampire?

"It's pouring out of you like an open floodgate. Your emotions are changing every second letting me to believe you have no control. I can see your eyes through them glasses and the obvious you have pale skin and if I touch you I bet your as cold as I am. Need anymore proof."

I stared at her in awe that she read me that fast. "No, Fredrick didn't really give me any guidance, so I really have no idea how to survive this nightmare."

A look of horror crossed the girls face as she got up and ran holding her face in her hands. I caught up to her in a corner where she was sitting on the ground Indian style sobbing. "Hey, I'm sorry," I muttered to her thinking I did something to upset her.

"It's not you believe me. Tell me Fredrick's last name is not Zepher," she asked between sobs.

"It is. Why is he The One who bit you too."

"Thankfully no. He killed both my parents in front of me after I learned one of the secrets of being human again." The girl replied, her sobs turning to sniffles. "I want him dead but I could never find him. Now it hurts even more to know that he stole your life also."

"I shook my head at the broken girl. "I want him dead too. How about we work together and bring him down?"

She wipes the tears from her eyes. "I'd like that but vampires are independents. There's no way we can work together. We'll end up killing one another over a speck of blood."

I offered a hand to her. Fredrick told me I'm still human until I feed upon a human so we can actually try to work with one another. The names John Timmons by the way.

"Melissa Franklin," she replies reaching for my hand with a smile. "I'm still human also until I feed."

Melissa and I returned back to the school to a chaotic scene. A fight was taking place between two jocks and there was a lot of arguing, screaming and cheering as I stood there somehow in the middle of all the chaos. Fists began flying as the two combatants were engaged in their fury and the cheers erupted louder when there was a loud pop. The sight of blood pouring out of a broken nose sent me into a state of delirium. I felt the veins in my body tingle as the dark presence inside began to overwhelm my conscience. The intense hunger I've been feeling multiplied as the aroma of blood reached my brain. I walked to the bloody scene as if I was being carried there by something unknown. The closer I reached to the blood the less control I had over myself.

I was no longer thinking on my own anymore. The blood was pulling me in like a magnet. I knelt down in front of the bloody guy as my hand darted to his neck ripping him quickly to his feet with force my grip getting tighter around his neck. as our eyes lock. I feel his pulse throbbing through my thumb which sent cold chills down my spine. I can feel his pain from the broken nose he suffered feeding the demon more strength as his body swelled with negative emotions triggering my own instincts.

I lowered my head for the bite as I felt the sweat on his neck on my teeth.along with someone jerking me back at the same time. I whipped my head in that direction causing my glasses to crash to the floor. I grabbed that person around the neck with my free hand as I stared coldly into her eyes. She looked awfully familiar but in the state I was in it didn't matter.

"You dare to interrupt me," I whispered coldly. "I should kill you for that," I said squeezing tightly to emphasize my point. "I'll deal with you later," I snarled angrily tossing her to the side like am unwanted toy.

I again lock eyes with my first victim as a surge of fear escaped his well being. My grip tighten even harder around his neck as his beaten body fed the vampire more strength as it consumed each emotion coursing around us. Again I drop my head for the bite but my teeth never came close as I was ripped away from my victim with force. my hand instinctively grasping that person around the neck. Before I could confront this person, I feel a hand grasp me around the neck with equal force, pulling my head close to her neck.

"Bite me now hurry,'' a voice echos in my ear.

The fear from the boy who I still had a hold on was continuing to escalate through my body. His pulse hammering on my thumb, the blood running from his nose kept drawing me to him. I pulled my head from the neck I was offered to lock my attention on my first victim.

"Come on John please. Ignore the temptation. Bite me damn it," She whispers loudly so that I can hear; following it up with a hard slap across the face. That pissed me off and without hesitation I sunk my teeth into her neck, releasing the hold I had on the jock. The moment blood touched my teeth, unbelievable pleasure coursed throughout me. The warm blood sliding down my throat slowly diminished the instinct to kill as the burning hunger was being satisfied.

"Stop," I heard a voice choke out. I opened my eyes being blinded by the silky black hair that pasted against my sweat covered cheeks. "S-stop! P-please John!" Her weak sounding voice broke though my now conscience mind; her breaths becoming quick and shallow. The pulse of her neck was slowly beating which made my teeth bite down harder. I knew the end was near for my victim, instinct told me to kill

My head was violently ripped away from my meal. My eyes go wide as I see Melissa's face, her eyes barely open. With a weak tone lower than a whisper she asks me to hold her up. My arms shoot around her waist as she collapses into me.

I look up from her and look at the crowd surrounding us, The looks of horror were plastered all around. Oh shit I thought.


To respond to some of your comments. I wasn't planning on any incest to be in my story, however I wanted Alice To play a role later on, but I don't wanna give any spoilers. If you despise my story because of the lack of sex then read something else because I don't want to alienate my work by turning into one big porno. If I wanted to write sex scene after sex scene then I would write about a hooker or something. I enjoy the slow pace and If you don't like it then it's your opinion which everyone is entitled too. Thanks again for your time reading my work.

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