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Summer had already been here, fall too. It was now winter and I had big plans for my break. I was a sophmore in high school and was an OK looking guy I guess. I was 6' 2", blond hair and blue eyes, muscular but not exactly Mr. America either. I was popular but no into the Abercrombie and Fitch craze. I was me. I had been talking to my current girlfriend for about 2 years before we ever dated. She was you're average cheerleader. She was 5' 6", brunette, brown eyes, about 115 lbs., C-cup tits, nice round ass...the whole 9 yards.

It was an OK Christmas break I guess. We got out of school which was nice. I had wrestling and she had cheerleading so we always saw each other after practice. One day we made plans for me to go to her house as soon as practice was over. We were going to do the usual...I go over, say "Hi" to her parents and sister, chat with them, then we would run off and watch a movie upstairs. We'd be all over each other during the movie though. We would kiss for what seemed, ever. I would stick my hands down my pants and rub my stiff 7" dick. She would see what I was doing and want to take over.

I am the kind of guy who likes to give more than recieve. No sooner was she jacking me off, then I pulled her hand out of my pants and stick mine down her's. She has the sweetest pussy. Everytime I would shove my fingers inside her she would be dripping wet. I would pull my fingers out and suck on them, just to taste her pussy juices.

It was a Monday and it was the day of our plans. I went through the 2 hour hell known as wrestling and would be about dead by the time it was all over. I went to the water fountain in the hall and got a drink. I stood and watched her cheer and wondered how do I get a girl like her. No sooner had it crossed my mind, she looked over and gave me a smile.


I went back to the locker room and stripped down, got on the scale, then hopped into the shower. It felt so nice. I went to go put my clothes back on so I could meet her and go to her place for dinner and a movie. I didn't bring any underwear...Hell...Doesn't matter to much. Although she thinks it's nasty. I got changed and went back into the hall and waited for her to get done. She walked over to me and gave me a hug and kiss and asked me how practice was. We walked out to her moms car and headed down the road.

Her mom was a nice lady and didn't really mind if we were alone together. She told us she had to go grocery shopping and will be back in about an hour or so. We both said ok and went to go watch a movie. We started our usual routine...

She stuck her had on my stiff dick and massaged it gentally. I moaned and kissed her neck. I pulled her hand out and, being me, was going to give her something in return. I took off her shirt and bra, knowing her mom wouldn't be back for a while. I rubbed her perfect breasts and started to suck her nipples. That is what drives her crazy. I have them a hard nibble and pinched them. She let out an, "Uhhhh....ohh baby..." I know she was enjoying every bit of it. She hadn't changed out of her cheering shorts yet so I slid them off her naturally tan ass. She looked amazing laying there. I wanted to have her but not just yet. I pushed her legs apart and started to lick her pussy. I had her cum all over my lips and face. I shoved a finger in her sweet cunt and nibbled on her clit. She was arching her back and digging her nails into my shoulder. She orgasmed. She roled me over and and pulled off my pants. My dick stood at attention ready to go to war with her pussy. She tooked my cock and rubbed it nice and slow because that's how I like it. She knows what she's doing.

She slid down my body and shoved my cock in her mouth. She jacked me off and sucked my dick at the same time. Even though I was decent looking she was the first to ever touch my crotch. I hadn't quite built up my stamina yet. She had only been sucking for 5 minutes when I told her I'm about to cum. Now most girls her age thought cum was nasty and never wanted it in their mouths. Not my girl, she went faster until I blew a massive load in her beatutiful mouth. She gagged a bit and swalloed most of it. She climbed back up my body and we started to make out again.


All that took place in about 15 minutes. We layed there and played grab-ass with each other until I as stiff again from her rubbing me down. I was ready to go...round 2...

We were both still naked so it was straight to the action this time. This was it, I reached into my wallet a pulled out a condom. "How long have you been planning this?" she asked me. Since we started dating I explained. She found that to be flattering that someone wanted to fuck her virgin pussy. I had her put it on me. This was it I thought. I pulled her ontop of me and she grinded her hips on me, god, my dick was in heaven! I rolled her over and put one of her legs on my shoulder. I went nice and slow so I didn't hurt her...I wanted to do this more than once. We both moaned and we breathing heavy. In and out. In and out. I pumpued her tight cunt for 5 minutes and she was now a little looser. I asked how she wanted it and she wanted it hard. I pulled my dick out to the head and slammed it as hard as I could back into to her wet cunt. She let out a loud moan and she told me again. I pumped her as hard as I could. I took the condom off and she got on her knees. I started to jack off onto her innocent looking face. The face never sprayed with cum. The face that screams honor roll, daddy's little girl, and painted her white with cum. She grabbed hold of my cock and made sure she got every bit of it out.


It was amazing. She is amazing. She went into the bathroom to clean up. I grabbed her clothes and took them to her. Mine too. We made sure her hair was neat and burned candles as to cover up the smell of sex. Her mom screamed up the stairs, "YOU'RE IN DEEP TOUBLE, YOUNG LADY!!!!" Oh god we thought, she found the condom! Wrong.."YOU DIDN'T LET THE DOG OUT AND SHE STOLE DINNER OFF THE COUNTER!!!!"

WHEW!! Close call...


2008-01-26 09:17:08
some of yall people are stupied you read these storys to masterbate who the hell cares if its spelled right you no what it says I thought it was a great story 9/10


2006-09-27 17:22:40
good story-did you ever get the dog & the mother? you got everything else!


2006-09-22 10:47:55
Dude, you really got to learn how to spell!!!!!


2006-09-20 01:21:19
Know the feeling

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