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A fantasy of mine. Kara is a friend and the rest of the girls in the story are well known pornstars that you can google to see what they look like.
It all began one stormy night when I was lying awake in bed listening to
the thunder over the house. Some of the thunder claps were so loud I
thought that the house would collapse on itself. I got up to visit the loo
and was flushing the handle when a huge bolt of lightening hit the house
and the current travelled through the water and metal of the handle and
into my body. I was jolted backwards and had that tingling sensation all
over. That lasted for a few minutes as I stood there thinking about how
fortunate I was to not be badly hurt!

I went back to bed and finally fell asleep and thought no more of it. The
next day passed normally and after work I was sat at my friend James's
house, who lived on the same compound as I did, just round the corner. We
were sat having a cold beer after a hot day in the sun together. He lived
with his girlfriend, Kara, a hot 25 year old. She came home shortly after
us and joined us on the verandah where we were.

Kara was gorgeous. I had fancied her for ages. She was petite, an athletic
runner. She had very small tits and a beautiful bum and legs. She was
brunette and definitely my type. I tried hard not to stare at her too much. It was hard because on their washing line nearby were a few pairs of her sexy panties. I kept imagining her wearing them, posing in front of me in them. I would have a great wank tonight I thought to myself, thinking about her.

We sat there and chatted about all sorts and as I relaxed with the beer I
couldn't help but ogle Kara. I thought to myself. as she sat opposite me on
the floor,
'I wish she would just angle her bottom slightly right and then I can see
up her shorts.'
Low and behold, she did just that and I caught a glimpse of her black
panties. This got me very excited and I thought,
'I just need her to bend down and rub her foot and I will see
right down her top.'
Moments later she did just that and I got a look down her loose top, seeing
her bra and small boobs. I thought that I had lucked out big time and just
sat there and enjoyed the moment.

I finished up the beer and was saying goodbye to them both. I remember
'I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with Kara to have a chat with her by
At that moment, James got up and said he had to nip out and get something.
Strange I thought. I continued saying bye to Kara as James left the house.

'I hope she invites me round when James is out tomorrow' I thought to
myself, as I knew James was out of town for the next 2 days.

I left and thought no more of it. The next day I bumped into Kara and she
invited me round for a drink that afternoon. Wow- what luck. Or was it?

I arrived at their house after work and Kara greeted me warmly. She was
again wearing shorts and sports shirt. I remember thinking to myself,
'Wouldn't it be great if she sat opposite me again, this time with no
panties on.'
A strange look crossed her face and she excused herself to go into her
bedroom. I helped myself to a drink from the fridge. She soon came out and
joined me on the verandah. Kara sat down opposite me and very subtly
shifted herself to give me a glimpse up her shorts- no panties- I caught a
quick sight of her pussy and I immediately became aroused. Also, I remember
'There must be something going on here.'
I sat and thought about it for a bit.
'Perhaps I am making her do this with my thoughts?'
The idea was too silly to contemplate. But.......
My mind raced with all the possibilities this could bring. I thought to
'Kara, once I have gone, you will take some topless photos of yourself in
the mirror and email them to me.'

With that, I finished my drink and left. About half an hour later my iphone
beeped with an email. Sure enough it was Kara's address. I opened it and
found 5 topless selfshots appearing before my eyes. She was stood in front
of the mirror, staring straight ahead with no attempt to hide her face. My
head was reeling. I had to practice and see how far I could get this to go.
Did it work on anybody or just those two? I had to find out. If I played
this right and kept my tracks hidden I could do what ever I wanted. First
thing, get Kara to delete the email and leave no trace. I would of course
keep the photos for my enjoyment!

I would try and see if I had to be line of sight to plant a thought in her
mind or if I could do it from a distance. In my head I thought,
'Kara, send me another email asking me if I liked the photos and send me
one of your beautiful face too.'
I left my house and walked round to Kara's again and waited outside the
door to see what happened. Soon enough there was a new email from Kara on
my phone, saying what I had told her to say and a picture of just her face
this time. This was awesome! It meant that I did not have to be line of
sight to command her. I had better tidy things up.
'Kara, give me your phone.'
She did so and I deleted the incriminating emails. I asked her for her
passwords to any email accounts. She had the same one for all online
accounts and told it to me. I made a note of it for future reference.

I planned to have my way with Kara very soon and to make her into my
personal fucktoy. A few plans to lay though....
'Kara, you will now never have sex with anybody except me. You will go to
the salon tomorrow and make sure that you have a full bikini wax, make sure
your bum is done too. You will want to do anything you can to please me and
allow me to do anything I want to your body. If you understand this, come
and give me a hug and kiss me.'
Kara virtually flew into my arms and started to kiss me full on. I was
becoming aroused but wanted to save it until I had sorted other things out. I had a glorious fondle of her bum as she hugged me and I was instantly hard. I felt my erection pushing against her tummy. I felt her hand reach down and rub my erect shaft. I wanted her so badly but I wanted to do things right.
I disengaged myself and left her to it.

I went down the road to visit another of my neighbours I quite fancied but
not enought to worry about setting up like Kara. Emma opened the door and
greeted me. She was a hot woman in her 30's, slim and sexy. I asked if her
husband was in. He wasn't and neither were her kids. I wasted no time here.
'Invite me in, Emma.'
She did so.
'Rub your pussy and take off your top.'
She did this too. Awesome.
'Crawl over here, take out my cock and suck me off.'
Immediately she crawled over. I was already hard and she fished my out and
her hot mouth engulfed me. She started bobbing her head up and down and I
reached down and fondled her boobs. I pushed her head down, making her take
as much of me in her mouth as she could. I could feel myself getting near
to cumming.
'Lie down on the floor.' I commanded her.
Emma lay down and I mounted her face. I pushed my cock down her throat and
my balls were in her eyes as I climbed on her from that direction. I fucked
in and out of her mouth. I erupted into her mouth, pushing my hips forward
so that she could take as much as possible. It was amazing, feeling spurt
after spurt go into her mouth and down her throat. When I was finished I
did not let up but kept on going til I was fully spent. I pulled myself out
of her mouth and wiped my cock against her cheeks, rubbing my cum and her
saliva on her.
'Emma, you will forget this ever happened but you will feel horny whenever
you see me from now on. Now go and get yourself cleaned up.'
With that I left her house and returned home.

A few things to sort out and to see how far this thing could reach.
'James, when you return home you will make no attempt to have sex with Kara
ever again.'
That would cover me for the time being but I had to get him out of the
picture as I intended to make her mine. I would help him out though as we
were mates.

Now that I had taken care of my immediate needs with Emma, I could
concentrate on Kara. I almost felt like I had a new toy and was scared to
play with it in case I broke it, or, it wasn't as good as I thought it was
going to be. There was so much I could do, endless possibilities. With that
I fell asleep and planned tomorrow.

I skipped off work early and sent a thought message to Kara,
'Go now to the salon, then come straight to my house.'
A couple of hours later there was a knock at my door. It was Kara, looking
as beautiful as ever. I decided that I could play it slow later, for now I
just wanted to play with my toy!
'Take your clothes off slowly Kara.'
She began stripping off in my living room. I told her to leave her panties
and bra on. She stood before me in just her underwear. I walked over to her
and ran my hands all over her body. I felt her lovely tits and her shapely
ass. I paid more than enough attention to her bum, squeezing her cheeks
and rubbing them. I implanted a thought in her head,
'Whenever you see me you will become aroused and want me'
Kara began feeling me, rubbing me all over, she went straight for my cock,
which was hard as iron at this point. I had to see her pussy. I knelt down
in front of her and eased her panties down. Her bald pussy was there to
see. I took a deep breath and marveled at her beauty. I then thrush my face
forward and began licking at her outer slit. I then turned her around so I
could do the same with her bum. I kissed both cheeks and then spread them
apart, to reveal her hairless bumhole. I gave her a lick here too. I was in
heaven. I moved her over to the couch and got her to sit down and spread
her legs. I knelt in front of her and started licking her pussy. She tasted
fantastic and I alternated between gentle licks on her clit and lips to
trying to push my tongue deep inside her. I soon had her moaning and
gripping my head to her pussy as she spasmed and then orgasmed into my
face. Kara lay there gasping, fondling her own boobs and pulling her
nipples. I had to have her. I quickly mounted her and slid my dick into her
wet cunt. I loved the feeling of sliding in right up to my balls into her.
She squeezed me with her muscles and tried to milk my cock. I slowly slid
in and out of her, reveling in the amazing feeling of being inside this
gorgeous woman that I had fantasized about for years. I stopped when I was
deep in her and lay on top of her and gazed down into her beautiful face. I
almost wanted to cum from just looking at her. I moved in and out a few
more times before I felt that I was going to erupt soon. I pulled out of
her and got her to lie on the sofa with her head over the edge like that
wonderful set of Victoria Swinger I liked so much. I then pushed my cock
into her mouth and began fucking her face. I did not take long for me to
gush my cum out into her mouth. She was able to swallow most of it but some
dribbled out and she looked so cute like that. As I withdrew from her
mouth, she lifted her fingers up and scooped up the spunk that had escaped
and pushed it back into her hungry mouth. I sat down beside her and was
loving my new found toy! I was going to have so much fun with this. How was
I going to control myself? I did not want to overuse Kara as I was so in
lust with her and did not ever want to stop using her divine body. I
decided to let her go home and I gave her the instruction to go shopping
tomorrow and buy as much sexy lingerie as she could- I have a real fetish
for sexy lingerie.

As I went to bed that night, I started to feel really horny again. I lay
there with a huge stiffy that begged for attention. I just wanted to
pleasure myself, I did not care to waste time on anyone else. I gave a
command for Emma to come over. A few minutes later there was a knock on my
door. I let her in and took her straight to the bedroom. I stripped off her
clothes and lay her down on the bed. I got her to lie on her front . I
climbed on top and rubbed my dick on her bottom between her cheeks. It
always felt great when I did that. I felt between her legs for her pussy-
it was wet and ready. I inched my cock down towards her hole, rubbing up
and down her wet slit. I then thrust forward and into her. I went wild as
this was one of my favorite positions. I pumped in and out fast, only
concerned about my pleasure. I got her to squeeze her legs together to make
it even tighter. I loved the feel of her bum under my thrusts and I soon
felt my self getting ready to come. I erupted into her pussy, pushing
myself in deep and pushing forward even harder to empty my ball deep in
her. Emma lay there and took it. When I had finished, I got off her and
turned her over then knelt over her face and dangled my cock in her mouth.
She greedily took it in her mouth and began sucking and cleaning me off. I
pushed my now flaccid dick in as far as it would go, all the way up to my
balls so that her face was in my pubes. I then got off and told her to
stand up. I came up behind her and rubbed my dick on her bum and reached
round and felt her boobs. I loved doing this and as she was tall it was
even better as I did not have to bend to rub my dick on her ass. Emma
reached back and grabbed my cock and began wanking me into her bum. It felt
great. Soon I was hard again and ready to cum again. I did not care about
her pleasure, just mine. I got her to sit on the bed and I stood in front
of her. I shoved my dick into her mouth and pulled her head onto my shaft.
I had to get inside her again. I pushed her back on the bed and mounted her
roughly, sliding my dick straight into her sticky pussy. I covered her
whole body with mine and pumped into her. Emma wrapped her legs around my
bum and whimpered and I roughly fucked her. Soon I was cumming in her pussy
as I did so I kissed her for the first time, our tongues playing as I
emptied my self into her pussy for the second time tonight. I lay on her
until I shrunk and popped out of her pussy. I then got up and grabbed my
camera and started taking pictures of her lying there with my cum running
out of her pussy. Amazing. I was having such a great time with this new
power and I was only just getting started. I sent Emma home and went to
bed, satisfied and tired.

As I thought more about it, I realised that I was in lust love with Kara
and wanted her for ever. Emma I would use as and when I needed relief and
felt no attachment to her at all. I would happily discard her when I had no
use or grew tired of her. Kara, I wanted to be gentle with and break in
slowly and gently. Emma I wanted to be rough with and take her hard and
fast with no thought for her at all.

Thinking all this made me horny again. I looked at the bedside clock-
3.34am. Yup, I was ready to go again and I felt extra specially horny. I
commanded Emma to come again, and sure enough a couple of minutes later
there she was, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. I also commanded Kara to come
and sit and watch and frig herself.

Kara arrived as Emma stepped out of her panties and lay face down on the
bed as I had told her too. Kara got to her knees and wrapped her lips
around my cock, giving me a great blowjob to get me hard. Whilst she was
doing this, I had been massaging Emma's bum and slipping my fingers in and
out of her cunt. When she was nice and wet, I got ready to mount her. I
told Kara to get the camera and take photos. I was soon balls deep in
Emma's pussy and Kara was all round us, taking snaps close up of me sliding
in and out of her cunt and wider angle ones of us fucking. I then pulled
out of Emma as I wanted her bumhole. I was feeling kinky with Kara there
taking photos and felt like something different. I got Kara to lie on the
bed in front of Emma and instructed Emma to lick her pussy. As she did
this, I moved my cock head to her bumhole and started to push. Emma let out
a loud moan and Kara pulled her mouth onto her pussy. I pushed forward and
slipped slowly into Emma's bum. Wow, she was tight. I gently pushed in and
out, loving the heat and tightness. I was going to cum. I pushed myself
deep into Emma's bum and felt my cock spew forth cum, coating the inside of
her bowels with my cum. I jerked in one of the best orgasms of my life. I
lay on top of her and watched Emma eat out Kara. Kara was bucking round on
Emma's face as she brought her to orgasm, making Emma's face all wet with
her juices. I withdrew from Emma's bum and presented my cock to her mouth.
Emma took it in and cleaned me off. Kara had got off the bed and was again
taking pictures of my cum running out of Emma's bumhole. I lay down and
commanded the girls to stay as I went back to sleep.

In the morning I woke up with a real morning glory. I looked over and saw
the beautiful Kara sleeping peacefully. Lying on her back she looked so
gorgeous. I moved over to her and rubbed her pussy, arousing her in her
sleep. I could not wait. I jumped on top of her and gently used my cock
head to part her pussy lips. I eased into her and she woke up, smiling at
me as she did so. I felt her start to lift her hips to meet my urgent
thrusts. I looked down at her and was smitten by her beauty and petite
figure. I held off to try and give her as much pleasure as possible, soon
she was writhing in orgasm which was my signal to release. I came in her
pussy, shuddering as I emptied my balls into her once again. Climbing off
her, I commanded her to go and squat over Emma's face and let my cum run
out onto her. What a way for Emma to wake up. Kara's pussy inches away from
her face dripping my cum onto her. Emma opened her mouth and accepted
Kara's offering and continued upward to lap at Kara's folds. Kara bucked
her hips, grinding her pussy down onto Emma and screamed as she orgasmed
onto Emma's face.

I thought that now I would put a plan I had been mulling over in my head
into action. I would leave home and go off on a sexual adventure, taking
Kara with me of course. I told Kara to go home and to pack a small bag of
essentials- no need to take too much, I intended to get her a whole new
wardrobe on our travels and it wouldn't cost me anything with my new
powers! I though I had better get some essentials packed too, so I
instructed Emma to get a bag and told her what to put in it. Watching her
walk round the room, I though I would fuck her one last time before Kara
came back and we went to the airport. I got Emma to get on her hands and
knees on the bed and wait for me. I walked round her, stroking her, groping
her hanging tits and fingering her cunt. I was hard at this point and I
presented my cock to her mouth. She eagerly opened up and licked round my
bell end. Too much for me, I withdrew and moved round behind her. I lined
up with her pussy and easily slipped inside her sloppy pussy. I was
enjoying thrusting slowly in and out, feeling her gripping my shaft. I
pulled out and forced myself against her anal ring. She stiffened and tried
to pull away. I reinforced my mental commands over her and pushed forward .
Emma screamed as I stretched her ring apart and entered her. She continued
to scream and thrash under me as I pushed deeper into her bum. This was too
much for me and a couple of thrusts saw me coming deep within her. Once I
withdrew, I went to get my camera and started to take photos whilst I told
her to push my cum out of her bum, catch it in her fingers and eat it. It
made beautiful pictures and ones that I would no doubt use in the future.
It helped that I was videoing it as well and getting Emma to really act up
in front of the camera.

If everything goes to plan, that would be the last time I would see Emma. I
told her to go home, after getting her on her knees in front of me and
pushing my cock into her mouth to clean it off. I then showered and waited
for Kara. I had rung a taxi and it was waiting for me outside the house as
Kara arrived. She had a small bag with her as instructed and her passport.
Everything else could be bought on our trip! Of course I had not bought a
plane ticket but intended to see what my powers could do!

At the airport, we walked up to the airline desks and asked who had flights
going to Europe in the next few hours. 2 of them did. I then asked which of
them had seats in first class for us. One of them did. I told the lady to
book us into first class, one way. She took our passports and did so. She
then asked how I would like to pay. I told her I did not wish to pay and
that she would mark the flights as paid for in her computer. She blinked at
me then said,
'Of course sir.'
She then printed out our tickets and instructed us to go straight to check
in. We walked over to check in, and found an empty first class lane for us.
We checked in with no problems and got our boarding passes and lounge
passes. We then waltzed through security, a private, first class lane of
course! We wandered past the shops, looking at various items on the way to
the lounge. In the lounge, we sat in a private corner, with a bell to
summon a waitress when we needed something. On the sofa, I pulled Kara to
me and we kissed, passionately. My hand slipped down to her breast which I
fondled, slipping down to her skirt. I pushed it up and slipped my finger
inside her panties, brushing her slit and entering her. I slowly pushed it
in and out for a minute before withdrawing it and sucking it, tasting her
wonderful juices.

I had an idea. I pressed the bell to summon the waitress. She appeared
round the corner, just as I was putting my finger back into Kara's pussy.
The look of shock on the waitresses face was priceless! I quickly took
control of her mind and ordered her over. I looked at her closely, she was
kind of pretty but nothing on Kara. I got her to kneel down on the floor
and I made her watch me finger Kara. I withdrew my finger and pushed it
into the waitresses mouth. I then made her lean forward and lick Kara's
cunt through her panties. She quickly pulled them to the side though to get
at Kara properly once I gave the command. I was hard by now and I wanted
Kara so badly. I got her to climb onto my erect cock fully clothed. I let
the waitress lick me a few times before plunging into Kara. I made the
waitress come and join us in a 3 way kiss as I fucked Kara. She was so
perfect, her pussy was amazing and I would come very soon if I did not slow
down. I got the waitress to bend over the arm of the sofa and I came up
behind her and pushed myself into her by now wet pussy. I fucked her for a
few thrusts before pulling out and letting Kara taste her juices on my
cock. I then got the waitress to lie on the floor and Kara to get in a
doggy style position above her so her pussy was over the waitresses face. I
pushed back into Kara and fucked her hard for a while before I felt myself
cumming. I came very shallowly into her pussy, with the intention of
letting it run out onto the waitresses face. My cum flowed out of Kara's
pussy and onto the face of the waitress. I made her swallow it all up and
then get to work sucking it all out of Kara's pussy. I instructed her to
make sure that Kara came before she finished. I was such an amazing sight
and I got my iphone out and filmed it all. I was even able to bend my
flaccid cock into the waitresses mouth and get her to clean it.

It was then that our flight was called and we had to go to the plane. It
was brilliant to turn left as you walked on the plane for a change! Kara
and I were shown to our seats- well semi private cabin would be more
accurate. It was amazing. I loved it. I was glad it was a long flight to
Europe! Kara and I settled down in our seats and watched for other
passengers. There were only a couple of others in first class. I would have
to go and look down the back later to see who was there. The hostess
arrived and offered us drinks. Funnily enough we ordered champagne- very
stereotypical I know. We toasted each other and shared a long passionate
kiss. The plane took off and we settled in for the flight. I watched a
movie and Kara fell asleep. I soon got bored with the film and thought
about testing my new powers out. I walked down the plane into the economy
section. Most people were asleep or watching films. I sent out a message to
everyone. You will not see me unless I talk to you. You will ignore
everything I do. I had better test it out. I stepped infront of a screen
that a man was watching and blocked his view. He did nothing, just stared
straight ahead. It worked..... One more test- I this time blocked 2 peoples
screens- again, nothing! Brilliant, let's have some fun! I searched for a
pretty woman. I found one watching a film in seat 38C. Right next to the
aisle. She was a young university student by the looks of her, with a pretty face, good looking body and long, brunette hair. Here we go.... 'You will keep watching the film but you will suck my
penis as you watch' I commanded her. Still looking at her screen, she
reached out and unzipped my fly and pulled out my dick. She leant forward
and sucked it into her mouth like nothing else was going on. Awesome! I was going to do more! Come with me I commanded her. She got up and walked down the aisle with me. Everybody totally ignored us as instructed. I opened the door to the stair down to the crew rest area. Inside, I ejected the 2 crew members resting and told them not to disturb us. I asked the girl her name. 'Chloe' she replied. I was properly horny now and soon had her stripped off. She had a fantastic figure, neatly shaved pussy and largish breasts. I stood and kissed her, feeling her glorious bum as I did so, my erect prick sticking into her tummy. I was not in the mood for too much build up. I pushed her down to her kees and pulled her head onto my prick. She quickly opened her mouth and engulfed me. I fucked her mouth for a couple of strokes before turning her round and getting her in the doggystyle position. I sank my fingers into her pussy and spread her juices around. Then I lined up my cock and thrust deep into her pussy.
'Oh Chloe, you feel amazing.' I cried out as I thrust into her. I probed her asshole with my thumb as I pushed deeper into her every stroke. I knew I wouldn't last too long like this. I pushed my weight down onto her, causing her to lie flat on the floor. I then put my legs either side of hers, so that I was fucking into her pussy with her legs closed, lying flat on her tummy. It was amazing, so tight. I pounded into her as hard as I could and soon felt the familiar feeling building up. I unleashed my spunk into her tight pussy, spurting deep into her as I lay on top of her back, thrusting my hips and dick into her. She was so tight the feeling was so intense. Once I had stopped cumming, I got off and flipped her over. I knelt over her face and dangled my shrinking dick into her mouth so she could clean me off. I loved the feeling of domination over her as she sucked her juices and my cum off me. I began to get aroused again and I continued pushing into her mouth and as I got harder, I slipped into her throat. It did not take long of wild fucking to have me cumming into her mouth.
I liked the idea of seeing Chloe again, so I got her to give me her cell number and email address. I thought I might call her one day and order her to come to wherever I was to play! She cleaned up as best she could with my cum running out of her well fucked pussy. I did not let her put her panties back on and I dismissed her. I waited a couple of minutes and then followed her back up to the main cabin.


Arriving in Paris, we were quickly off the plane and waiting for baggage
collection, not that we had a great deal! Once through immigration and
customs, we found ourselves looking for somewhere to stay. All the top
hotels had someone there with a sign, so we picked the first one, which
happened to be The Ritz, and went up to the man. I quickly told him what
was what and we were soon in the back of a lovely Mercedes S class being
whisked through the streets of Paris to the hotel. As I sat there in the
back, holding Kara's hand, I began to plan forward. I knew that we would go
to Budapest and find Victoria Swinger and take her with us. I had also
taken a fancy to Dido Angel and thought we would go to Prague and find her
as well. I had a vague plan of going to a tropical paradise somewhere but
nothing concrete beyond Budapest and Prague. First though, we would enjoy
Paris for a bit!

We arrived at the Ritz and marched into reception.
'I believe you have a room waiting for me?' I asked the receptionist.
'Yes Sir, the Marie Antoinette suite is ready for you.' she replied.
It's amazing what a bit of thought implantation can do before a conversation.
That's great,' I said 'I'll settle up as we leave.
'of course Sir, will there be anything else? She enquired.
'Yes, I'll need a shopping assistant tomorrow morning.'
'Of course Sir.'
With that we were escorted up towards the suite.
It was massive, I couldn't wait to shove the bellboy out the door and as I handed him a tip, we shut the door. Immediately, we both began stripping off and ran towards the bathroom. I followed in behind Kara, squeezing her perfect bottom all the way. She started running the huge jacuzzi bath for us to wash the flight off us. I rubbed my semi hard penis on her bottom as she was bent over mixing the water around. As soon as I touched her I was hard. I enjoyed rubbing myself up and down her bottom crack and down to her pussy lips. Kara was wet and ready for me but I wanted to draw it out a bit. I got into the huge bath and Kara followed me. There were bubbles everywhere. Kara relaxed back into me and I washed her all over, paying special attention to her perky breasts. I cleaned out her pussy with my fingers and washed her asscrack with my fingers. This gave me an idea, as I wanted to fuck her bum soon. I stood Kara up and bent her over the side of the bath. I knelt behind her and had my face level with her perfect bum. I spread her cheeks and toyed with her tight spinchter. I inserted one finger and moved it in and out, causing her to moan softly. I then added another. I did not plan to fuck her ass just yet, rather to get her ready for when I did. I leant forward and pulled my fingers out and started licking her bum hole, toying it with my tongue and lapping at her. I enjoyed the way it made Kara squirm and push her bum back onto my face. There was plenty of scope here I decided! I reinserted my fingers and pushed them in and out of Kara's bum, causing her to moan and squirm once more. I then left her bum alone and returned to her pussy. I started off licking it full length from behind, as she was still bent over the bath. I couldn't resist for long though and I quickly stood up and inserted my erect cock into her tight pussy. I fucked her hard and fast from the start as I was so horny. Luckily, Kara was almost there after the licking I had given her and it was not long before she was cumming on my cock. This caused pleasure waves to ripple up my shaft as she came. I held off for a little longer as she came down from her orgasm, then I told her to turn round and kneel in the bath infront of me. I had wanted to cum in her face like a pornstar for a while and this was going to be the first of many times I did it to my beautiful Kara. Seeing her staring up and me with her beautiful face was all I could take. I spurted hard my cum all over her face. The first spurt hit her forehead and dribbled down into her right eye. The second spurt hit her left cheek and splashed up the side of her nose. The third spurt, I aimed the other side of her face and hit the other cheek. I then pushed my cock into her mouth and finished with some weaker spurts into her mouth. Kara looked so beautiful kneeling there with a face covered in my cum. I told her to stay where she was and ran to get the camera. I took a lot of photos of her like that. I decided that I would like a lot more in the future as well, perhaps in interesting locations? I then let Kara clean up and we got out of the bath clean and refreshed.

As it was evening and we were tired, we ordered room service, ate and then went to bed. I did, of course, mount Kara one last time and we made slow love, ending up with us both cumming staring into each others eyes. It was perfect in so many different ways.

The next morning, we were up reasonably early and had had breakfast by 8am. I had booked by phone with the concierge the night before for a car to take us shopping. We were going to get Kara some new clothes and then we would be back at the Ritz for the beauticians to come to our suite to pamper Kara. First though, a bit of sightseeing. I got the driver to driver round all the sights for us. I did plan on coming and doing them all properly at some point but not today. The car pulled up outside an expensive looking store. We went in and immediately were amazed by the luxury of the clothes on offer. I was pleased to see a large lingerie section.An assistant came over to us and asked us something. Not speaking french, we struggled but managed to get across what we wanted in our broken french and her english. She took Kara off and started showing outfits and lingerie. I was, of course, more interested in the lingerie and was looking forward to the show when we got back to our hotel room. I was wondering who to get to pay for all the clothes that Kara had decided she would take when a very haughty, upperclass French lady walked into the store and demanded to be served by the assistant. She had no choice but to leave Kara and serve this bitch who had walked in. Not speaking French, I did not understand what the bitch wanted but it was clear from her demenor that she was most unpleasant. I decided to kill two birds with one stone as it were. I had not cum all morning and neither had Kara. I walked over to the assistant and said projected my thoughts to her,
'Go and lock the door and shut the shop. Then go over to Kara and lick her pussy til she cums in your face.' Kara flashed me a smile of thanks and started undressing.
To the bitchy french lady I thought to her,
'Strip down to your underwear, you will hate every moment of this but you will not complain once and you will do whatever I command. You will also pay for my purchases as I leave the store and then forget about this all, but you will be nice to people from now on.'
As she stripped down, I watched as the assistant knelt down between Kara's legs and started lapping at her pussy. The bitch had now stripped and was standing in front of me looking extremely pissed off. She was wearing some classy lingerie. I motioned for her to get on her knees. She did so and I whipped out my dick and started rubbing it round her face to get me hard. She reluctantly opened her mouth and I stuffed my by now hard cock in. I pulled her head forward with both of my hands and held her there, gasping for air as my dick pushed its way down her throat. I released her and she chocked for air. I then pushed back in. This time she was ready for it and managed to relax her throat a bit. She glared up at me with hate in her eyes. This only turned me on more, especially when I looked over and saw Kara being licked out by the assistant. I continued this rhythm and felt close to cumming. I wanted her to have something to remember me, so I quickly got her on her hands and knees and pulled her silky panties to one side and thrust into her pussy. She was very tight and it only took a few strokes for me to flood her pussy with my cum. I shot jet after jet up her, grabbing her hips to pull myself in further to get my cum as far up her as possible. Kara was groaning as her orgasm overtook her. She looked so pretty sitting there with her legs open having her pussy licked. I pulled out the camera and shot a couple of pictures of her in this position. I then presented my cock to the bitch for her to lick clean, which she did so without too much reluctance. I felt sorry for the assistant, she hadn't cum yet, so I got the bitch to crawl across to her, push her skirt up and start eating her pussy. I took some more photos, making sure that I got some of my cum running out of the bitch, I made sure that she turned to the camera so that we could see her face in the photos.

We then grabbed all the stuff we were buying, left the tags on the counter for the assistant to ring up later- she was writhing around on the bitch's tongue at the moment and couldn't help! Kara and I left the shop very satisfied that we had taught that bitch as lesson. We climbed into the car and told the driver to take us back to the hotel. By now I was so horny for Kara that I had my fingers in her panties and up her cunt in no time. I enjoyed feeling her writhe around on my digits but I wanted more. As it was a limo car, I was able to kneel on the floor with Kara sitting on the seat. Kara helped me to roll her skirt up and pull off her sexy panties. I lowered my head and licked along her dripping pussy lips. I savored the taste on my tongue and I delved deeper into her pussy, pushing my tongue into her depths and gulping her sweet nectar. I also licked down to her bum hole and inserted my tongue past her rosebud. I loved being able to alternate between her pussy and ass. Kara was screaming as her orgasm approached. Her thighs clamped round my head and she gushed her cum onto my face. Awesome, she was so pretty and mine. I loved her and wanted to complete a family of play things for her and me.... It was time to go and find Victoria and Dido.

Back at the hotel, I let Kara go up to the room and get started with her beauty treatments (not that she needed any!) and I went to speak to the concierge about a couple of different things, including getting tickets for our onward travel.

I headed up the the suite a half hour later. Inside I heard the sound of female laughter. I walked in to see Kara sitting in a chair with 5 women around her. There was one manicuring each hand and one on each foot giving a pedicure. The last one was massaging her head. The women were all in their early 20's and pretty as anything- except Kara of course! I walked over, projecting a message into their heads- anything that happens in this room is ok, it is fun and you will submit to anything at all.
Once they took that in, they went back to their work. I watched for a while, looking at all the sexy bodies in the room. Six women who I could have if I wanted. I did want! I undressed so that I was naked, none of them batted an eyelid at all. I walked up behind the one who was massaging Kara's head. I pressed up against her from behind, making sure my cock was on her ass, I reached round and groped her breasts through her top. Her bra felt fine and quality. I started undressing her and projected a thought to the others- undress down to you underwear and leave on bra and panties then carry on with what you were doing.
They immediately sprang up and undressed, leaving their bras and panties on. I moved off to go and get the camera, wanting to record the moment. I got some great shots from all angles of them attending to Kara. The best thing was that Kara was wrapped in only a towel and looked so sexy sat there being attended to. I got Kara to take off the towel so that she and I were both naked and the women were in their underwear. I moved back behind the head masseuse and rubbed my now erect prick on her exposed butt cheeks, as she was wearing a thong. I looked down and could see Kara's pussy glistening with juice- she was obviously as excited as I was. I wanted the women to finish their work before I had my way with them all, so, using all my will power, I left the group and sat on a chair watching, stroking my engorged prick. I beckoned the head masseuse over to me. She walked over and I enjoyed the way she swung her hips as she walked. I pulled her round and sat her down on my lap. I made sure that my prick was between her legs, so I stuck out in front of her. I pulled her back and fondled her boobs. I unclipped her bra and got a proper hold of her sexy boobs. I pinched her nipples and had her gasping with the intense feeling. I reached down with my other hand and felt her pussy covered by the silky material of her thong. I slipped on finger underneath and into her wet pussy. I stirred it round her juicy hole before bringing it out for her to taste. She sucked my finger into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I then got her to stand up and take off her panties. She bent over and stuck her pert ass in my face as she did this and I stuck a finger in her pussy. I told her to stay bent over in front of me. I pushed another finger in her, then another. I eventually got 4 fingers in her and I pushed my thumb into her bum hole. I fucked her with my fingers and she bucked back and her pussy dripped juice on to my hand.


Finding Victoria

We landed in Budapest and were met by the private detective that I had rung and spoken to from Paris. He had with him a large folder with all sorts of candid photos of Victoria and maps. It turned out that he had had no trouble in finding her at all and would take us to the address straight away. Kara and I sat in the back of his car and I reflected back over a few things as he drove us North towards Ocsa, where she was. Firstly, I was amazed that my power worked over the phone and held someone so well. The PI had carried out all the instructions that I had given him to the letter. I was confident that he had told no one about what we were doing in the country at all.

Soon, we drove into the outskirts of Ocsa and his sat nav was guiding us through the maze of streets. I looked at Kara, she was so beautiful and we were getting on so well that it almost seemed a shame to introduce someone new into the equation, almost...! I thought about the bag of toys that I had acquired in Paris and how much I was looking forward to using them on Kara and Victoria later. I was getting excited though- Victoria was someone that I had fantasized over for years and I had wanked over her so many times. I was getting excited just thinking about it. I reached over to Kara and had a very gentle fondle of her boobs. I rubbed a nipple through her thin top. I stroked my hand on her bare leg and was about to go further when I noticed the PI snatching glances in the mirror. I would give him something to enjoy as he had done well and he wasn't going to be paid for all this! I pushed Kara's skirt up further and exposed her sexy lingerie for him to see. I could see his expression in the mirror and he was clearly enjoying what he saw. However, we soon reached the street where Victoria lived and Kara pushed her skirt back down. Her hand was resting on my hard prick and rubbed it ever so lightly now and again. Kara knew exactly how I was feeling, as I had confessed my obsession for Victoria to her and told her how excited I was to meet her finally. Kara understood and was thrilled for me. I had shown Kara photos of Victoria (and Dido) and Kara had confessed that she also found them both attractive and couldn't wait for them to join us so we could all be together.' Kara

As we pulled up outside the house, I gave Kara's hand a squeeze. I told the PI to wait in the car for us and we got out and knocked on the door. A woman soon answered the door but it wasn't Victoria. I commanded her to understand me and then asked her in English
'Does Victoria Swinger live here?'
'Yes, she does.' the woman replied, 'I'll go and fetch her, please wait here.'
She then ran off up a flight of stairs and left Kara and I alone. We looked at the photos hung on the wall, most were of Victoria. She walked up past them, like we were in an art gallery. I stood behind Kara, both of us lost in the moment. I put my arms round her and my crotch touched her bottom.
'You're hard!' Kara said surprised as she wiggled her bum onto my hard dick and pushed herself backwards.
I was tempted to get down to it with Kara there and then but we heard a noise at the top of the stairs and a pair of legs appeared and then the vision of beauty that is Victoria came into view. It was quite a moment for me and I was lost for words and could only stare at her. Kara saved the moment by going up to her and introducing herself and then me. I had not even thought yet to take control of Victoria's mind, so it was all a bit strange! I soon recovered though.
'Victoria it is so nice to meet you at last,' I said 'Is there somewhere that we can talk?'
'Of course, forgive me' said Victoria, 'come in the sitting room, Jana will make us coffee.'
Victoria showed us into the sitting room. Kara and I sat together on a sofa and Victoria sat on a chair opposite us. She was wearing a pair of comfortable tracksuit bottoms and a long sleeved top. She would dress a lot sexier once I controlled her, I thought to myself. However, I did not push myself into her mind yet, I just wanted to talk with her first.
'Forgive me,' said Victoria, 'but who are you two and what do you want?'
I looked at Kara, who gave me a small smile and a nod.
'We are here to make your life so much better.' I said.
Victoria looked at me like I was mad; 'How?' she asked simply.
'It's simple,' I said, 'we are going to take you with us on the best adventure you can ever imagine. Wherever you want to go, we go. Do you have dreams of visiting fantastic places and seeing amazing sights?
'Yes, but why would I trust you?' asked Victoria.
'Good question,' I said, still not ready to seize her mind, 'because I can quite literally offer you the world.'
'Let's just say I believed you, what would you want in return?' asked Victoria.
'Just your undying devotion to me and for you to carry out any order I gave you, like Kara here does.' I answered bluntly and Kara nodded her head in agreement.
Victoria looked shocked and she quickly stood up and said 'You are very funny but I think you should leave now.'

I suppose it was too much to ask that she would go along with it without me controlling her mind? Shame. Nevermind, it was not a problem as I could easily control her. I would just do it by thinking into her mind, all without disturbing Kara.
'Victoria, you will do anything and everything I say from now on. I am the centre of your world and you would do anything at all to please me. Kara here is also your mistress and she is second only to me.' I pushed this into her brain.
She looked confused for a moment and then a smile came to her face. 'Wow, how nice to see you, I love seeing you both here. I love that idea about adventure.' she said
I loved it when it worked. That was Victoria taken care of. Now we just had to work out what to do here and how to get to Prague to go and find Dido.
At that moment the other woman, called Jana, walked in with a tray of coffee and offered us all a cup. We all agreed we would like one. As she poured them out, Kara and Victoria started talking like old friends, finding out all about each other. I pushed into Jana's mind,
'You will take no more notice of us and forget we even existed. Victoria is going away now and you will forget all about her. I will leave you money to cover the rent for the rest of the year until you find a new roommate. You will leave us in peace now.'
I then sat back with my coffee and watched and listened to Kara and Victoria talk. Kara was doing so well making Victoria feel a part of us, as she knew how much I liked her. I made a mental note that I would have to make sure that Kara knew she was always going to be my number one.
I thought it was time to move things along a bit. I said to Victoria, 'How about you show is your beautiful body with a slow striptease? Kara, come and play with my willy, slowly, let's both savour this moment.
Victoria stood up and Kara moved closer to me. Kara unzipped me as Victoria started to take off her top, looking at me in the eyes all the time. My cock was semi hard by now and Kara quickly put it all in her mouth to lube it up for the handjob she was about to give me. Kara lubricated me with her mouth, licking up and down and coating me in her saliva. I watched as Victoria revealed her good sized breasts. Her puffy nipples standing out. Victoria lifted them in my direction and wiggled her hips seductively. My prick was now straining in Kara's hand as she gently wanked me up and down. Victoria moved onto her tracksuit bottoms, she tugged them down and stood in just her panties in front of me. She had a fantastic figure, fuller than Kara but just as appetizing in a different way. Victoria pulled down her panties and stood there naked in front of me. I drank in the sight, she was so beautiful. Kara was enjoying it too as her hand started to moved faster and faster on my throbbing prick. I was in heaven with these two beauties, and I had not even touched Victoria yet! Victoria started rubbing her pussy watching Kara and I. I beckoned her over and she walked over and got on her knees in front of me on the sofa. She rubbed my balls as Kara jerked me off. I got Victoria to come up and kiss me. Kara looked on as we snogged, still jerking my prick, her small fingers curled round my shaft, giving me so much pleasure. I was about to cum and instructed Kara 'put your mouth on it but hold it all in your mouth, don't swallow.'
Kara did as instructed and sucked me off as I continued to kiss Victoria. I pushed up into Kara's mouth and erupted my cum into her hot mouth. Kara continued sucking me, until I stopped bucking up into her mouth. I thought to Kara 'you are going to dribble all my cum out into Victoria's mouth when I tell you to.'
I told Victoria to lie down on her back on the floor. Kara knelt above her and told her to open her mouth ready to receive my cum. Kara then dribbled it out of her mouth into Victoria's, slowly. Victoria swallowed each time she received a dose.
'Victoria, remember that Kara is your mistress now and that she has first rights to my cum.' I said. Kara smiled as I said this and looked so pleased. Kara then started to kiss Victoria passionately and I knew that they would get on so well. I left them on the floor kissing and sat back on the sofa and thought ahead as I watched them. The time was just coming up to midday and we had time to get back to Budapest and either catch a flight or a hotel for the night. I decided that it would be best if we got Victoria out of here as quickly as we could. I could decide in Budapest what to do thereafter.
'Victoria, we are leaving in a moment, go and pack a small bag of just your essentials and remember your passport.'
Victoria then got up and went upstairs.
'Kara, why don't you go and help her?' I said to Kara
Kara shot off after Victoria. I got up and went to look round the house to see if there was anything of Victoria's that we might take with us. I also got a kick from being in my fantasy girls house, looking at her things. I enjoyed looking at her photos on the wall and her books lying around. I saw her computer in one corner of a room and sent a message up to her brain to remember to bring all her pictures and videos with her on a hard drive that I saw plugged into the machine. I then wandered upstairs. I heard Kara and Victoria talking in one room and looked in the others, there was nothing of interest in them. I went into Victoria's room and saw the girls with their backs to me picking clothes out of a closet. I walked over to a chest of drawers and opened Victoria's panty drawer. I took them all out and dumped them on the bed. I sorted through them into a pile to take and a pile to leave. The pile to take included some amazingly sexy panties but not enough- we would have to go shopping! I did manage to find the sexy panties and bra that Vic wore in my favorite scene she starred in, Renaissance Romance. We were definitely bring those, and the dress as well! I did the same with her bras. I left the girls to it and went back downstairs to look up flight times on the computer. I saw that there was a flight to Prague leaving that night. I pushed back from the chair and felt horny again, so I sent a command up to both girls to get naked on the bed and ready themselves for me, to make themselves nice and wet. When I entered the room, they were both lying on their backs naked, with their fingers in their pussies. It was too much for me. I stripped off and just pushed myself into Victoria's eager cunt. It felt wonderful, warm wet and quite tight, but not as tight as Kara was. I pumped myself in and out for a few strokes and calmed down before I just came too soon. I realised that I was so excited that if I did not change position, it would all be over. I got off Victoria and got on my back. I got Victoria to sit on my cock and I pulled Kara up onto my face. It was perfect. My prick was being enveloped by Victoria's horny pussy and I was lapping at Kara's delicious folds. I think we were all so horny that our orgasms quickly approached. First was Kara, who coated my face with her delicious cum. Then was Victoria, shuddering round my cock. When she came down from her orgasm, she asked,
'Mistress Kara, can I have his cum in me?'
'Oh yes, of course you can.' replied Kara, as she got off me and turned round to kiss Victoria. It was too much for me and I pulled Victoria down onto my dick on last time and I erupted into her, splashing spurt after spurt into her cunt. I took the opportunity to lick Kara's bum and taste her ring as she had moved round. I loved her ass and was looking forward to fucking it soon.

After that, we got moving (after quick showers of course) and were soon in the back of the PI's car heading back to the airport.
Arriving at the airport, I said goodbye to the PI. He had done well, so I had given him some money, all that I had left in fact, after leaving some for Victoria's roommate back in Ocsa. I walked in with Kara and Victoria in tow and headed to the Czech Airways desk. I told the very nice lady there to let us have 3 seats in first class and she was soon printing off boarding passes for us all. We made our way through to the lounge and were relaxing with a drink in no time. I was finding out all about Victoria's life up to now and loving hearing all the details she was telling us. Apparently she did not really enjoy her time as a pornstar, hence not doing too many scenes. That was why I could never find enough on her when I was searching! Never mind, it did not matter now as I had her all to myself.

Finding Dido
When we arrived in Prague, we were not being met by anyone so as it was late evening, we took a shuttle to a nearby hotel. It was no trouble getting a suite for the night. The hotel was awesome, in what looked like an old castle but thoroughly modern inside. I had a computer inside the room, so I began googling for private investigators in Prague. I found a likely looking one and pinged off an email requesting help to find someone here. We then wandered down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. It was delicious food and I felt so privileged to be sat with 2 exceptionally beautiful women for dinner. I was looking forward to what I had planned for after dinner as well! We eventually walked out of the restaurant, Kara on one side of me and Victoria on the other. I drew envious glances from the other men in the room. I made a show of it and had my arms round them and my hands fondling their bottoms!
In the room it was show time. Kara had all the sexy lingerie in her bag that we had bought in Paris. Tomorrow we would get some in Victoria's size, as she had bigger breasts than Kara. For now, it was Kara's turn. Victoria and I settled down on the bed, I had my arm round her and she snuggled down onto my chest. Kara was going to model her lingerie for us. I enjoyed watching women get undressed and dressed, so I told her to stay in the room and change in front of us so we could see everything. Kara laid out the lingerie on a table and pulled up a chair and faced it towards us on the bed. She quickly got naked and selected a pair of black stockings to put on first. Kara sat in the chair and rolled up one stocking to be able to easily put her foot in it. I enjoyed watching women get dressed as it was the glimpses of dangling breasts and snatched views of pussies that turned me on. Perhaps it was the voyeur in me. I stopped Kara briefly as I had decided that Victoria and I should be naked for this. We chucked off our clothes and settled back into the position we were in. Kara continued to pull on the stockings, bending over sexily and letting her small boobs hang down. Not that there was any sag at all, they were so firm, I just loved watching a woman in that position. As she brought her leg up, I was able to sneak peeks at her pussy between her legs. My gosh she was so sexy. She soon had the stockings on and she pulled up a pair of black panties. They were the kind that clung tightly to her bottom. A bra was put on and Kara stood in front of us with one hand on her hip looking just divine. Her black lingerie highlighted her tanned skin. Kara spun round slowly for us. I was so horny watching her. I had an idea. I sent a command into Victoria's brain. 'Put my cock in your mouth but then do nothing, just leave it there and continue to watch Kara.'
Victoria immediately moved down my chest and put my flaccid cock in her mouth. I told Kara to carry on and leave the stockings on for the next set of lingerie. Kara unclipped her bra and pushed down her panties. She sat in the chair and pulled open her pussy lips for me to look at, she was wet. She was obviously enjoying it! So was I. Despite no movement from Victoria, I was hard in her mouth. I did small pushes up with my hips to get a bit of movement in her wet mouth. The next set of lingerie Kara tried on was a black thong and matching bra set. I loved the way that the thong disappeared into her tight buttocks as she bent over and worked it in there. I was now pushing harder in Victoria's mouth as I could not resist her. Kara had her fingers under the hem of her thong and I could see her fingering her wet pussy as she watched me push my hard cock into Victoria's mouth. I knew I would cum soon but I wanted to put a plan into action first. I pulled out of Victoria's mouth and got her to lie on her back. I told Kara to get the camera and take photos. I had a plan to print out lots of photos in high res and put them on the wall of me cumming on my girls faces. I already had some of Kara (I would of course make many more) and now was time to get some of Victoria. I straddled her face and let her suck on my shaft. Kara was snapping away very close. I felt the familiar surge in my balls and I held my cock as I erupted onto Victoria's face. The first spurt covered her lips, the second covered the left side of her nose and went on up her forehead. The third went into her mouth as did the subsequent ones. The cum on her forehead then started running down into her eye. Victoria had to shut her left eye as her eyelid was covered in cum. She continued to look up at me with her right eye. Kara took photos of it all and I knew that there would be some good ones. Victoria looked amazing, lying there with her face covered in my cum. Kara put down the camera and started to lick the cum off Victoria's face. I of course took some pics of this as well.
We moved into the bathroom, where we got into the huge shower and soaped each others bodies clean. I spent a great deal of time on my knees licking Victoria's pussy whilst Kara sucked on her tits. As Victoria neared orgasm, she grabbed my head and pulled my tongue deeper into her pussy and mashed it on her clit. I loved tasting her juices as they flowed freely from her pussy. We eventually dragged ourselves out of the shower and back to the bed. I had a surprise in store for the girls and Kara in particular. You see, I knew that Kara had never had any anal before and I intended to change that. However, I wanted to break her in slowly and get her comfortable with having her asshole stretched. So, in Paris I had ordered the concierge at the Ritz to get me some toys. It can't have been the strangest thing he had ever had to do. The toys included 2 butt plugs- one very small and one slightly bigger. there was also a strap on dildo. I had thought ahead you see! I got them out of my bag and showed them to the girls. They giggled but Kara looked slightly nervous.
'Kara, don't be frightened,' I said 'I'll be very gentle and you will love it in the end.'
Victoria nodded her head and agreed with me,
'Yes, I've done it many times and loved it in the end, despite being very nervous to start with.'
'Kara, kneel up on the bed and put your face down on the sheet.' I commanded
Victoria, start licking her ass and pussy to get her wet.' I ordered.
I lay down and put my face next to Kara's and whispered how much I loved her and how it would be fine. We kissed for a while and swapped thoughts of undying love for each other. Victoria was doing a good job on Kara as she was soon breathing heavily and feeling really horny. I gave Kara the smallest buttplug and got her to suck on it. I watched Victoria licking Kara's bum. It was so sexy and I was soon hard again. I gave Victoria some lube to really work into Kara's ass. I coated the buttplug and started to ease it in. The pushed it against the pressure of her sphincter and then it was through and in easily as it was so small. I left it in there for a while to get Kara used to it. I then got Victoria to kneel on the edge of the bed next to Kara. I stood behind Victoria and used some lube on her ass now. I then coated my dick in it and eased my way into her ass. It felt amazing invading her ass, something I had fantasized about for years. I reached over and began to push the butt plug in and out of Kara's ass in time with my gentle thrusts into Victoria's bowels. Both girls were making all sorts of noise and I was so hard and erect inside Victoria. As I got more and more turned on, I increased the pace of my fucking and of the plug in Kara. I pulled my cock out of Victoria so I could watch her sphincter gaping for me. I plunged back in and then did the same to Kara with the plug. I was not going to last much longer! I watched as the girls leaned together and started snogging. This sent me over the edge and I spurted deeply into Victoria's ass as she orgasmed around my cock. It was so satisfying, something I had been dreaming about doing for years and wanking over the thought! I pulled out of Victoria and paid attention to Kara while commanding Victoria to stay in that position. I built up a steady rhythm in Kara and also stroked her clit. This sent her into spasms and she came hard there and then. Leaving the plug in her, I went to get the camera so I could take pics of my cum running our of Victoria's ass. It was a real turn on and would make a good addition to the wall I had planned in the house we would eventually live in!
The next day we were all up reasonably early and keen to get on with our mission. I loved the way that Kara and Victoria were as keen as I was- not that they had much choice about it. They were getting on so well and I wanted to think that it was natural, not forced upon them. Once we found Dido, could it be as good. Only one way to find out. The PI was waiting for us outside the hotel as instructed. He had some basic information and had been able to hack into her Facebook profile. He said that he needed a few more hours before he would have a definite address. He gave me a mobile phone that I had asked him to bring for me so that I could be in contact. That left us some time. I spoke to the concierge and got him to find us a nice car to be driven round the sights of Prague in. We took in all the sights for a while, the beautiful buildings, the river. We stopped at a lovely cafe by the river and sat out side. Over cappuccinos we all talked about what we wanted to do and where to go once we found Dido. Victoria was keen on the Caribbean and Kara fancied the Med somewhere. I told them that we could do both, there was no reason for us to stay in one place forever. As we ordered more coffee and pastry, we moved on to what we wanted to do. They were keen for living well and enjoying themselves to the fullest (who wouldn't?!). They did question how we would afford to live. It was a good question, as I had so far been getting people to give us for free or getting someone else to pay for it. I would have to come up with a way of having ready funds to hand for larger expenses. We tossed ideas round for a moment or two until it was time to go. I looked round the outside seating to find someone to pay for our drinks for us. I saw a man dressed in a suit who looked wealthy. I implanted a thought in his brain- 'you will look up, see us and signal to the waitress that you wish to pay for our drinks.'
He then did just that- man I loved this power! I thought that we had better thank him, so I got both girls to face him and flash him their panties. They were both wearing sexy ones and the man's eyes bulged out of his head as he looked up their skirts and saw their panty covered pussies. We then got back in the car and continued out tour. We passed a camera shop and I wanted to go and have a look round. We turned round and pulled up outside. It was a high end place, full of top quality Canons and Nikons amongst others. Perhaps I needed some new kit? I knew what I wanted and asked the assistant to show me a boxed up new Canon 1DX and various top quality lenses. I thought about what I needed and decided just to get a decent prime lens for taking photos of our sexual adventures. I selected batteries, memory cards and filters and got the assistant to ring it all up. It was all quite expensive and I wondered how to pay for it? I implanted a thought in the managers mind
'Congratulations- you are our 100,000th customer- your purchases are free.'
'Wow, that's amazing, thank you!'
After a few pleasantries, we went off and got back in the car. It was then that my phone rang. It was the PI- he had located Dido! It turned out she was doing a photoshoot today in Prague. I got the address from him and thanked him. I gave the address to the driver and we headed straight there.
We arrived at what looked to be an upmarket apartment block overlooking the river. The address was on the first floor. We went up and easily found it- it was the flat with the door open and huge studio lights rigged up, with power cables running out the door. I walked in first and noticed that there were a lot of people but no Dido. I immediately took control of everyone in the room's mind.
'You will all do whatever I say. You will obey any command without question. I am here to find Dido, where is she?'
They all pointed to a closed door. She was obviously changing into her next outfit. I could wait. Then a thought crossed my mind!
I spoke to Kara and Victoria, 'Girls, how about you join in the shoot? It would be great to have some professional photos of you.'
They nodded their heads in agreement and smiled at each other.
Eventually the door opened and Dido walked out. She was wearing some incredibly sexy white lingerie and she looked amazing. Her blonde hair long and cascading down her shoulders. Now, Dido was the only person in the room who was not under my control.Time for some fun I thought to myself. I motioned for the photographer to continue and implanted in his brain the commands to tell Dido she would be joined by Kara and Victoria.
'I thought I was the only model today?' Dido asked the photographer as he told her the news.
'Not anymore.' was his curt response.
To her credit, instead of flouncing off like a drama queen, Dido just shrugged her shoulders and awaited instructions. I liked that she was down to earth. I was feeling horny already.
The first thing I got the photographer to do was to take head shots and then full body shots (dressed) of all three girls. I then got Kara and Victoria down to their bra's and panties to match Dido. Dido still had not twigged that something was not right and I resisted putting her under my control. They all posed for the photographer. Dido and Victoria were used to this sort of thing but Kara was clueless and just copied them. I did not get them to take their lingerie off- was I feeling jealous of someone else seeing them naked? I then sent a message to Dido, putting her under my control the same as Kara and Victoria. I put a stop to the shoot, took the photographers memory cards and got the girls dressed and back into the car.
We stopped off at Dido's house and got her to pick up her passport and anything else she might need. Kara and Victoria went and helped her pack and I sat in her sitting room with a cold drink. I thought it best to get Dido out of Prague quickly as she had told me in the car on the way to her house about her boyfriend she lived with and her many friends in the area. I could deal with the boyfriend over the phone but there were too many outside influences to worry about. When the girls all came down, I got Dido to ring her boyfriend. I then spoke to him and got him to forget all about Dido and their time together. I also gave him the path to happiness and hopefully a great fuck as I had already rung one of Dido's single friends and got her to go with him.
We then bundled back into the car and headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags and head to the airport. I sent the girls up to the room and told them to shower and get ready to go. I went to the concierge and started to get his help in making arrangements and pick up the new sex toys I had asked him to get for me!. The first thing I wanted was a private jet. It was surprisingly easy, we were told that all we had to do was show up at the firms offices at the airport and as soon as payment was made we could be on our way. I told them to fuel up a small jet and file a flight plan to Ibiza and that I would bring them cash to their office in one hour.
The girls brought all our luggage down with them, not that we had much! We set off for the airport. Victoria sat in the front and Kara, Dido and I sat in the back. I was on one side, Dido in the middle and Kara on the other. I struggled to keep my hands off Dido, I was desperate to fuck her as I was so excited by her but it would have to wait. I fondled her body through her clothes, copping a good feel of her firm tits and delightful ass. I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and fell in love with her there and then. That meant I was head over heels in love (lust!) with all three of them! What a lucky chap I was!

By now I had a stiffy and I leant forward to put my arms round Victoria in the front. All I ended up doing was fondling her tits and making myself hornier. Dido's hand drifted down to my crotch and rubbed my dick through my trousers lightly. My god she was gorgeous. Her blonde hair made her look so innocent and alluring. We were nearing the airport, so she would have to wait until I got my hands on her properly. She continued rubbing me as we drove through to outside the passenger private terminal, a small building away from the main terminal. As we got out of the car I took the opportunity to rub myself up against her bum and very nearly succeeded in spurting into my own pants. Luckily I held on- just.
Inside the terminal, we found the private jet hire office and I walked in ahead of the girls. I met the receptionist and was soon ushered through to the managers office. As we had spoken on the phone, he knew what I wanted and he said that everything was ready and I could proceed upon payment. I took control of his mind and told him to look at his computer screen and confirm that he had received my (fictional) payment.
'It all seems to be in order, sir.' he said, 'If you would like to follow me?'
We all followed him out into the attached hanger and saw a sleek business jet waiting there ready to go. A hostess was standing at the top of the stairs and an immigration officer at the bottom with a stamp in hand. No queuing here! We had our passports stamped and went inside. As soon as I was in, the hostess shut the door and told the pilots we were ready to go. We strapped ourselves in and the jet turned round and we were soon whizzing down the runway and up to cruising altitude. Once the seatbelt lights had gone out, I went to the cockpit and greeted the pilots. They were friendly and very professional. I ordered them not to come out of the cockpit unless told to do so. I then went and sat down on the sofa on one side of the cabin next to Dido. I was going to fuck her now! I did not take control of the hostess, as, I thought it would be fun for her to watch and see what her reaction would be.
Dido and I started kissing, as full on snogging session that soon raised my cock to monumental proportions. My hands were all over her body and I just loved feeling her up. Her hand was stroking me to full hardness again. I broke off our kiss and took my clothes off in record time. I sat down again as both Kara and Victoria started stripping off Dido for me. Amazing, the three sexiest women in the world putting on a show for me. I sat back with my cock in my hand and watched, entranced. They left Dido in her bra and panties, as they knew how sexy I found a woman starting off a sex session wearing them. Dido walked back over to me as Kara and Victoria started stripping as well. I stretched out on the sofa lengthways and got Dido to straddle me in a sixty-nine position. I love the fact that her panty clad pussy came down towards my face and I had to lick her through her panties to start with. I then got her to move her hips up so that I could take them off. I looked over to see Kara and Victoria sitting in their chairs, legs open wide, panties pulled to the side, fingering themselves, whilst they watched Dido and I. Dido got back down and my tongue slipped into her wet pussy as her mouth enveloped my cock. I couldn't hold out and it was only a few bobs of her head up and down that had me shooting thick ropes of hot cum into her mouth. This spurred my pussy licking on and I soon had her writhing around on my face, coating me in her sexy juices as she neared orgasm. As it hit, she screamed out and thrashed around on my tongue. The hostess heard this and came running into the cabin from the galley. As she saw what Dido and I were doing, she stopped, mouth hanging open and gaped at us, lost for words. I still did not take control of her, letting her stew there. Eventually, Dido got off and we both sat upright looking at her. I spoke first,
'You are under my control, you are about to get fucked by these girls, you can fight it or go along with it, but it will happen.'
I stood up and got my bag from under the seat. In it were some new sex toys that the concierge in Prague had got for me. I pulled out two strap on dildos. I gave one each to Kara and Victoria.
'Girls, put one of these on and I then want you to dp the hostess. I want to hear her cumming several times.
To the hostess I said 'Stand still and let me undress you.'
With that, I went to her and started stripping off her clothes, making sure that I had a good feel up of her on the way round her body. I then pushed her over and had a good old cock rub on her ass. My eyes wandered over to Kara and Victoria, they looked funny with their fake cocks sticking out in front of them. I felt up the hostess's pussy and she was starting to get wet. I pushed her over to the girls to get started and I went back to play with Dido. At first I just put my arm round Dido and we snuggled up to watch the action. The hostess was on her knees, giving both the fake cocks a blowjob. She looked pretty good at it. One of her hands was rubbing her pussy. I threw a bottle of lube over to Kara to use on her ass. Kara squirted some onto her bum and rubbed it onto her sphincter to get her ready. Kara then sat down on the seat and the hostess climbed on top of her, lined her pussy up with the strap on and sank down on to it. As the hostess adjusted to it, Victoria moved behind her and rubbed the end of her strap on all over the hostess's tight bumhole. Victroia looked round at us and I gave her a nod. She pressed forward and impaled the hostess's ass on her dildo. Victoria kept pushing forward slowly until she had her tits rubbing on the hostess's back. Victoria leant forward and kissed Kara as they both fucked the hostess in between them. It was such an erotic sight.

Arriving in Ibiza, the plan was to find that wonderful house on the cliff top that had been in those Private porn films, Ibiza Sex party etc. but first, a plan I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to set it up whilst the plane was still here, so I could send it to go and get them.......
I then had a plan to add some more girls to our group. I wanted to add Suzie Diamond, Suzie Carina, Vanessa Paradise, Lucy Lee, Sophie Moone, Tiffany Rose, Trisha Brill and Olivia La Roche to our group. That would take the number of girls up to 11.
I told the girls that I wanted to do this and asked Victoria and Dido if they knew any of them. Between them they did, or, could get their phone numbers off friends if they did not. I planned to speak with these others on the phone and control them over the phone to get them to come and join us.
It turned out that when they looked through their phone books on their smart phones, they had 6 of their private numbers. Dido knew friends who would give her the other 2. I started ringing the others there and then, sitting in the plane on the runway on Ibiza. I gave them all a standard order that took control of their mind and gave them instructions to be at Prague airport private terminal in 2 days. I also took the time to control any other halves to avoid future problems. Dido soon came back with the other 2 numbers and I did the same with them. So far so good.
I gave the plane pilot and co pilot instructions about picking up the new girls in 2 days from their home base. They were to call me when setting off and confirm that all 8 were there and then I would issue further instructions. I also called their boss and sorted it all out with him. I then got them to take off with us in again to fly round the island to spot likely looking properties. I got out the new camera and prepped it to take the snaps.
Soon, we were back down on the runway on Ibiza again and unloading the plane ready to go through customs. It was great arriving on a private jet as you did not have to join the masses, you got individual treatment! I made a note to ensure that we did this again! Once we were cleared, the girls having left bulges in the trousers of the officials, we went and found a helicopter rental place. We secured one quickly and loaded our stuff on board and got it to take us to the house we had spotted. I looked at the photos on the camera to make sure that it was the same place. The helicopter landed on the lawn and I got out first and helped the girls out. They sorted out our bags and I went to look for someone. I found a housekeeper coming out of the house, drawn by the noise of the helicopter. I immediately took control of her mind and got her to tell me all about the house. It seems that it is owned by a wealthy industrialist from Northern Europe who only came a couple of times a year. Living on the site were the housekeeper, a gardener, a cook and another housekeeper. Obviously they needed two as it was large and sprawling! I got her to go and fetch the other employees. Once I had control of their minds, I made sure they had specific instructions about where they were allowed to be and go. I made sure that they would not disturb us unless we wanted them to. I got them to give me the phone number of the owner. I rNg him up and made sure that he would not bother us here but still pay all the bills. It was then time to explore the house. Victoria and Dido were carrying in bags and Kara and I strolled in hand in hand. We looked at all the bedrooms and living areas. We obviously chose the master suite to use as our room. I intended to share my room with Kara and Victoria and Dido. We would then put all the others who were coming into a room per pair. But that was for tomorrow. Now, we would relax. I sent the staff off shopping for supplies with orders for dinner tonight and then for the chef to provide me with a menu for the rest of the week. Meanwhile the girls went to use the pool and I would join them soon. After the staff left for town, I looked out at the view. It was amazing, high above the sea with wonderful vistas out to see and along the coast. Just like it was shown in those films! Time for a swim.
I saw that the girls were already in the pool and sitting chatting in the shallow end at the swim up bar. I ran over and jumped in with all my clothes on, splashing them. They all looked fantastic, wearing bikinis and looking like a billion dollars each! I sat with them on a stool and we chatted about what we would do in the coming days with the arrival of the other girls. I realised that I was missing something- drinks! I moved behind the bar and found a fully stocked bar there waiting for us. I poured the girls some white wine and cracked open a beer for me. This was the life!
We sat and chatted all afternoon, getting to know each other. Obviously, Kara and I already knew each other but it was cool finding out more about Victoria and Dido. It was funny, Victoria was actually quite shy. Not what I expected at all. Maybe too many years in the business did that to her. Dido was more outgoing but only when she knew people and was comfortable in their presence.
As we drank more, we all loosened up a bit. I told Kara that I had always fancied her and about how I would rush home and wank when I saw her. I told Victoria and Dido that I loved their work and tried to collect everything they ever did. I confressed to having spilt a great deal of seed over them in the past. I also came out with a couple of my fetishes. I said that I loved looking at fit women's bottoms in a bikini. I also admitted to loving looking and a woman's pussy bulge and mound through panties. Kara confressed to loving having her nipples sucked progressively harder, preferably both at the same time. That was easy to fulfil I thought. Victoria admitted that she got off on giving handjobs and looking at the mans face as he spurted. I said that I would be most happy to help her with that. Dido admitted to loving being dominated and doing the domination in equal measure.
I got Kara to sit up on the bar between the other two. I took her bikini top off and the girls immediately leant forward and started noisily sucking on Kara's nipples. I stood behind watching and admiring Victoria's and Dido's asses. I stroked them through the bikini material and was soon erect. Kara was panting heavily as her nipples were tweaked and sucked. I slid a finger into her bikini bottoms and found her dripping wet slit. I pushed forward and inserted my finger and rubbed her clit with my thumb through her bikini. Kara was soon writhing round. She had her hands clasped firmly on the girls heads, pulling them harder onto her pert boobs. I increased my fingering and was rewarded by Kara cumming hard on my finger with her nipples in the girls mouths being sucked hard. Kara was such a pretty sight as she came, her pretty face screwing up as she exploded in orgasm. I was so turned on by this. I pushed Dido forward, pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and pushed my cock forward to her pussy. She was dripping wet and I slid in easily, feeling her silken depths hugging me. I leant forward and kissed her neck, nibbled her ear and then sucked it into my mouth. Ear sex, whatever next? I thrust into her with abandon, feeling my cockhead pushing up against her cervix. I was so aroused that it would not be long. I came, flooding her pussy with my seed, all the time alternating my gaze at Kara and Victoria. Kara leant forward and kissed Dido and I did the same with Victoria as my dick shrunk in Dido's pussy.
As we recovered, it was time to go and sort out things ready for dinner. I could hear the staff had returned and I was starving. We were greeted by the 2 housekeepers and the cook. The cook asked what we wanted for dinner.
'Whatever is quick and good.' I replied
He went off to start preparing a surprise, after finding out of there was anything we didn't like.
The housekeepers wanted to know where we wanted to eat.
'Show me the options.' I said to her
They both took me and showed me the formal dining room with magnificent views over the sea. The dining table was huge, it could easily seat 15 people around it. They then took me out and showed me an outside area on the cliff looking down to the beautiful sea. Then they showed me the space by the pool. The decision was easy- on the cliff. I left them setting up the table for the 4 of us.
I found the girls changing in the master suite. It truly was huge. There was an enormous bed in the centre and not one but 2 bathrooms off it and, a further bedroom if needed. I thought that could be useful if I wanted to have a 'romantic' night alone in bed with Kara, or indeed, any other of our soon to arrive hareem.
I loved watching the girls changing, the bending over to pull up panties and the fastening of bras. I sat there and watched them as it only took me a couple of seconds to throw on some clothes. Eventually I was broken out of my reverie as we were called for dinner.
The chef had done wonders for supper. We started with a basic but tasty prawn cocktail and followed up with a very light pasta alla aragosta. Delicious. Throughout dinner we chatted and laughed together. I was really enjoying getting to know them better and finding out all the things that made them laugh or become animated in discussion. At the end of the meal I called the chef over and thanked him for the lovely dinner, as did the girls. I let the housekeepers clear everything up and then dismissed them for the night. They said that they would have breakfast ready whenever we wanted in the morning. I just told them to make sure that they brewed the coffee very strong!
It had been quite a long day, what with arriving on the island and taking over someone else's house, so we all went off to bed together. We showered together in the enormous walk in shower. We all soaped and washed each other clean and then wrapped ourselves in the large fluffy, white towels provided. The girls quickly dried off and jumped onto the large bed naked. Kara and Dido were almost immediately asleep. I lay there chatting quietly to Victoria, running my fingers lightly over her pussy lips, feeling her moisture grow. I was soon hard and quietly mounted her in the missionary position. I thrust into her and then lay on top of her with my cock buried up to the hilt in her juicy pussy. We looked in each other's eyes and kissed as I started to move slowly in her. Victoria wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her, grinding her hips around to increase the sensations running through both of us. I soon felt myself getting close and we continued our feverish kissing as Victoria moaned her own orgasm into my mouth as I kissed her. I then pulled out, moved up her body and presented my dick to her mouth. Victoria sucked me in and I erupted my cum into her mouth and she gulped down my sperm. I continued thrusting into her as I wilted and withdrew. Victoria smiled up at me and I kissed her forehead before getting off her. We soon fell fast asleep.
In the morning, I awoke before the others. I left them sleeping and went to the kitchen in search of strong coffee. I found the chef hard at work preparing pastries for out breakfast. He pointed me in the direction of the top of the range coffee maker. He offered to make it for me. I let him, after telling him how I liked it. He soon found me sitting by the pool, watching the sun rise over the horizon. I thanked him and he left me with a pot to get stuck into. As I sipped the amazing coffee, I reflected on how brilliant everything was working out to be. I had three of the hottest women in the world and others to arrive tomorrow! I had the most amazing house to live in and staff to take care of our every whim. I had the power to control anybody. It was all just awesome.
Once the girls were awake, we all had breakfast together by the pool. The chef had worked wonders with the pastries and the coffee. I set out what we had to do today to prepare for our new guests arriving tomorrow. We had to allocate rooms- I was keen to do this as I got off on the idea. I said that I wanted the girls to make up some door names as follows.. In the first room, Suzie Diamond and Suzie Carina would be sharing together. Then Vanessa Paradise and Lucy Lee in the the next one. Then Sophie Moone and Tiffany Rose in the next and finally Trisha Brill and Olivia La Roche in the last. That would still leave one room unoccupied. I would have to think if I wanted to fill it at a later date.
I said that Kara and the others should direct the housekeepers in how they wanted everything to be set up in the house and how it should all run. I said that I would go into town with the chef. He would go and do the most enormous shop and I would run a couple of errands. We would all meet up for lunch at the house.
I set off with the chef in the owners newish Range Rover. The chef told me that he had the owners credit card and that he used it for shopping regularly. Excellent, I thought. I told home to get plenty of everything, including fine wines and make sure he could get regular supplies for as long as we were here. I left him with the car at the supermarket and I headed off into town in a tuk tuk. I thought it would be easier than trying to park. I told the chef to ring me when he was done.
The first stop I made was at a photo print shop. I wanted to start my portrait wall before the others arrived, so they could see what I was aiming for them all. I got a very friendly assistant to help me, after telling him to ignore the content of the photo. I looked through a few and he helped me decide on the best one. It was one of the photos of Kara that I took with her face covered in my cum. I had taken it in Paris the day we arrived. I thought she looked beautiful in it. I wanted to have a wall with every one of my girls on it in a similar facial pose! I wanted the pic blow up to be very large as it would form the centre piece of the whole collection. We agreed on a huge size, much bigger than life size. I made sure that they could print it and mount it for me by the early afternoon. I paid and left them with instructions to ring me the moment it was ready.
I then went to a cafe for a coffee to think about my next move. I had to plan how to extend myself a line of credit in the most important shops for our life here. Food was sorted as we had the owners credit card and I did not want to have to use that all the time. It was easy for me to get anything I ended but not the girls if they were not with me. I decided that the easiest thing to do would be to speak to the managers of the stores and make sure they extended credit to my girls whenever they went in. So, I set off round the shops, speaking to the managers and taking their and the shops phone numbers so I could control whoever I wanted over the phone. I was pleased to see plenty of high class lingerie stores. The girls would have to visit! I went to a mobile phone shop and got a whole load of iPhones for me and the girls. I made sure that they had unlimited credit and would not have to be registered. I wanted to be able to ring them whenever they were out and about.
After that, I was thristy, so I found another cafe for a cold drink. I sat there and people watched, with my back to a wall in the shade. There were plenty of hot women walking past, dressed in lovely sun dresses with the hem lines above their knees. I decided to have some fun. I locked eyes with one beautiful woman and silently commanded her to come over and talk to me. She altered her course and came right over, smiling and talking cheerfully. I got her to stand right next to me and I slid my hand up her skirt and felt up her bottom. She was wearing a thong and I kneaded the firm flesh of her buttocks.
The chef rang and said that he was finished, so I went back to meet him. We drove back to the house and the housekeepers helped to unload the vast amount of supplies that he had bought. I told him to prepare a menu for the next few days. I went to go and find the girls. They were lounging by the pool in their bikinis looking hot. I told them all that I had done. I stripped off and dove into the pool to cool down. I was just starting to think about getting frisky with the girls when the phone rang and the photo shop said they had finished the print. I jumped out, and told Kara to come with me. I planned to take Kara to the shop with me so she could see her masterpiece first. We got in the car and set off. Once out the gates, I looked over at Kara. She was wearing a white dress with a belt around her waist. She looked fantastic and I felt frisky! With her sunglasses in her hair, she looked a million dollars!
'Kara, please lean over and blow me.' I said to her as we drove out of the gates. Kara leant over and unzipped my pants, fished out my hardening cock and quickly put her lips over it. I looked down and could only see the back of her head rising up and down in my lap. Kara's blowjob skills were excellent and she worked my prick in and out of her wet mouth skillfully. I was having trouble keeping focused on driving down the road. Luckily there a wasn't much traffic! I was revelling in the amazing sensations of her hot, wet mouth round my dick. At this point I had to pull over to the side of the road to continue. Kara got up and knelt on the passenger seat to allow her better access. I reached over with my hand and lifted her dress up over her buttocks, revealing her gorgeous ass with no panties on. Naughty Kara! I slid my middle finger down her ass crack and massaged her asshole, lightly rubbing round her puckered anus. Kara continued to suck me off, pushing her head further down my shaft to take me further down her throat. I was getting closer to cumming and I stepped up my assault on her ass, pushing my finger in past her ring, stretching her gently. I could feel Kara moan onto my shaft. I then noticed a noise behind the car. A police car had pulled up behind us and the officer was walking towards the window. I told Kara to keep going. The police man could not see in due to the tinted windows. When he drew level with the drivers window, I let it down slightly, so that he could just see my eyes.
'Ola,'he said and motioned for me to wind the window down further. I did so and his eyes widened as he took in the sight of Kara blowing me and me fingering her ass. To avoid any trouble, I took control of his mind straight away. You can never tell what men with guns will do, in my opinion. Better safe than sorry! I made him stand there and not move. I wound the window back up and started thrusting my hips up into Kara's face. I was soon shooting my spunk into her mouth. I told Kara not to swallow but to hold it all in her mouth. I wound the window down again and told Kara to open her mouth and show him her mouth full of my cum. He stared at it, no doubt wishing it was his! Kara then swallowed it all with him watching.
I then had a chat with the policeman, making sure that he would be on my side in any future need I had of him. I also took off him the phone number of the local police chief. I would call him later and get him straight on a few things!
We then continued our journey into town. We went straight to the photo shop. Inside, we saw a stand in the corner with a black cloth over it. As per instructions, they had it ready to display to Kara and I. I told everybody to leave the shop and wait outside. I then went up to it and whipped the cloth off. There I front of us was a masterpiece of photography! It was brilliant. There was Kara, her face covered in my cum, looking at the camera, looking absolutely stunning. It was just how I had envisaged it. Perfect. I couldn't wait to get it home and then up on the wall and then get ones of the other girls around it. This would be the centrepiece of them all. It was why I had blown it up so big, so the others could be slightly smaller.
I covered it back up, called the shopkeeper back in and paid him and then jumped back in the Range Rover and set off for home again. I intended to have a grand unveiling tomorrow once all the girls were present.
Once we got home I spent some time shopping on the internet. I ordered all sorts of sex toys to keep us all amused. I paid for extra quick delivery too!
The following morning I woke early to my phone ringing. It was the pilot of the plane and he was calling to say he had them all on board and was awaiting take off clearance from the Prague tower. He said that they should be landing in about 3 hours in Ibiza. I issued him instructions to park the plane where he had let us off before in the private terminal. I also instructed him to not open the plane doors until he saw me arrive.
I quickly got up and showered. The 3 girls were still sleeping peacefully. I woke them up and told them the plan. I would drive down to the airport in one car and Victoria would drive the other. Kara and Dido would stay and supervise the house staff. They were to make a welcome lunch for us all and lots of drinks to get us all loosened up and ready to get to know each other.
I took the Range Rover and Victoria took one of the other cars we had not used yet, a huge Toyota Land Cruiser V8 VX. These two should get everybody in and their minimal baggage. I had instructed the girls to bring a minimum of bags, only stuff that they needed immediately. I planned to buy them all the new clothes they could ever want.
We arrived at the airport and saw no sign of the plane. I enquired in the private terminal and was told that they were 1 hour away as they had left late. I gave them my mobile number and told them to ring me the moment they were on final approach.
Victoria and I parked up nearby, at a quiet sport and settled down to wait. We went to go and have a look at some of the private jets parked in the hangars and on the apron outside. I spoke to one of the mechanics and asked him which was the plushest one here. He directed me over to one that had its door open and a man polishing the rail. I told the man that I wanted to look around it. I did not give him the choice to object. Victoria and I went up the stairs and looked around. It was certainly opulent inside. Club chairs and beautifully finished fixtures and fittings. We sat in chairs facing each other and I got us a couple of cans of soda from the bar to have while we waited. I looked at Victoria as we chatted, she was so gorgeous. We talked more and I put commands into her head...
'Your pussy is starting to get wet. Open your legs and show me your wet panties.'
Without even stopping talking Victoria opened her legs and I was able to see a small dark patch on her light blue panties. I got her to pull her skirt up and give me a better view. She reached a hand down and ran a finger over her panty covered slit. She then pulled them to the side, giving me a sight of her beautiful pussy. She dipped a finger in and brought it to her lips. Her hand then went back down and she started to lightly stroke her wet slit. I stood up and walked over to her and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and presented it to her face. Victoria wasted not time in taking it into her mouth, running her tongue over it. Her spare hand wanked my shaft up and down as she sucked on my end. I put my hand on her head and pulled her onto me, forcing my length deeper into her mouth and down her throat. I wanted her so badly. I stood her up and turned her round. I lifted her skirt above her ass and knelt down and pulled her panties down. I buried my face into her ass from behind and licked her slit and asshole. I stood up quickly and thrust my rock hand cock straight into her pussy. She was so wet that I slid straight in and started fucking her roughly from behind. Victoria was kneeling on the chair, with her hand gripping the backrest for support. I fingered her asshole whilst I fucked her, driving her wild as she thrust back to meet my steel like shaft that was impaling her. I was so aroused that I would not last long. She hit a quick orgasm as I pushed a second finger in her asshole. I then spun her round, sat her down and quickly thrust my dick back into her mouth. When I felt myself about to spurt, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her onto me, my shaft again going down her throat, where I unleashed spurt after spurt of my sticky cum straight down her throat. I released her her and as she gasped for breath I finished with a final weak shot onto her chin. As Victoria recovered, she scooped this up and licked it off her fingers.
The phone rang and I answered it to be told that the plane was due to come in on final approach in 5 minutes. Victoria and I cleaned up. I got her to lick me clean and we got dressed.
I walked over to the immigration in the private terminal and got one of the officers to come with me, bringing in with him all the necessary stamps he might need. The plane coming from the EU did not need to be bothered too much according to him, it was all a formality unless there were non EU citizens on board. I assured him there were not. We went and stood out on the apron by our cars watching for the plane. Eventually, the plane appeared in sight and began a slow descent onto the runway. It braked to a halt at the far end and began the long taxi back to the private terminal. It then pulled to a stop right next to us. I waved at the pilot and he acknowledged me with a smile and a wave. The door then opened and I was first up the steps and into the cabin. I looked around and checked they were all there. The two Suzies, Lucy, Vanessa, Sophie, Tiffany, Olivia and Trisha were all there. They looked up at me expectantly, not having any idea who I was- I had only spoken to them on the phone after all. Victoria had stayed outside with the officer and the pilots remained in the cockpit as instructed.
'Ladies, welcome to Ibiza!' I said to them, ' I am the one who spoke to you on the phone and instructed you to come here. I am now the centre of your world. You will obey any instruction I give you without thought. Your primary concern is my happiness. I repeat, you will obey me without question. You will not talk to anyone about anything I order you to do.'
That would do for now I thought. I planned on giving them all more detailed instructions back at the house. I gave them orders.
'Outside you will find an immigration officer. Show him your passports and bags.'
I beckoned to Victoria to come and join us
'This is Victoria, whom many of you already know. She will show you to your transport.'
The girls all got off and moved to the exit. I went to have a word with the pilots,
'Guys, you have done brilliantly. Thank you. I will probably want to use your services again soon, so stand by for a call from me. Remember, you will obey my every command without question. Your boss in Prague will give you a tip for this trip. He is also under my command and will permit you to use the plane for my benefit anytime I order it.'
I then left them to it and disembarked from the plane. Outside, I found the girls helping each other with their bags from the hold. We all loaded up the trunks of each car and I went to speak with the immigration officer.
'Any problems at all officer?' I enquired
'None sir, everything is fine, you are all free to leave.
I returned to the Range Rover and found Vanessa in the front passenger seat and Trisha, Suzie Diamond and Sophie in the back seat. The others were with Victoria in the Land Cruiser. We drove out the airport and towards town, which we had to skirt round to get to the villa. I was happy to listen to the girls chatting. I stole glances across at Vanessa and in the rear view mirror of the others. I was hugely excited about everything that lay ahead. I was very glad that I had had sex with Victoria just before they landed otherwise I think I might have had to stop and fuck one, or all, of them en route!
When we were 15 minutes away, I called Kara and told her to get the housekeepers to lay out lunch ready for us when we arrived. The girls in my car had all said that they were hungry as they didn't have breakfast as they were nervous before getting on the plane that morning. We swept through the gates and up the drive and pulled up outside the house. Kara and Dido were there waiting for us. The girls all jumped out and ran and hugged Dido, who they knew and introduced themselves to Kara. I told Victoria and Dido to show them around and they all trooped off into the huge house. I got all the bags out and Kara helped me take them to the living floor, where the girls could collect them from later. We then went and joined them all by the table by the pool under the shade. We all sat down and I happily listened to the conversation around the table. I looked at each girl who had arrived. Each one was so beautiful in her own way. I was thoroughly looking forward to getting to know them all, both in terms of personality and body, in the near future! After our light lunch, I issued instructions.
'Girls, when you are finished here, you will go to your rooms and make yourselves comfortable. Explore the house and grounds. You will meet in the dining room at 7pm. Dress sexy!
Now, your roommates, the two Suzies, you are together. Lucy and Vanessa, you are sharing. Sophie and Tiffany, you two and finally, Olivia and Trisha you are as well.' Nobody looked unhappy with what I had just told them. Phew- one worry over then! I dismissed them and they all went off with Kara, Dido and Victoria to show them their rooms and collect their bags. I had work to do!
I found the gardener and got him to help me. We mounted a large hook on the wall of the living room area, this would hang the picture of Kara when I unveiled it to them all later. I put the photo of Kara against the wall on the floor and draped a cloth over it to hide it from view. I made sure that the chef had dinner under control and then I went to explore the private beach that the house had at the bottom of the cliff. I deliberately wanted to be away from temptation as I did not want to fuck any of them yet! I walked down the steep step to the hidden cove. There was a small, beautifully picturesque beach hidden at the bottom of the cliff. On one side there was a pontoon jetty with a large speedboat tied up to it. It looked like the jetty was large enough for a much bigger boat to moor alongside. I walked out along it and looked down into the crystal clear water, it was deep enough for a large yacht to moor as there was plenty of clearance for a keel of a reasonably deep draughted boat. I stripped off my clothes and diving into the clear water. It was cool and refreshing to swim in and I splashed around in the deep water next to the jetty. I eventually climbed out on the steps at the end and air dried in the sun before dressing and walking to the other end of the beach. Here in the trees was a stone table and benches, surrounded by shady trees. It would be the ideal spot for lunch one day. I went back over to the jetty and got on the speedboat. There was plenty of room on it and I was glad to see it had skis and a donut on board. This was going to be fun! Topless skiing and donuting here we come I thought to myself! I started the inboard engines and they started first time, running smoothly. I untied the boat and set off out of the cove slowly. I circled slowly inside the cove, looking for hidden rocks. I found none. I motored out further and looked back at the house set on the cliff top. It was extraordinary, a superb house and it was all mine! I contemplated how lucky I was and wished I had brought a beer with me to enjoy the moment with. I looked at my watch and saw that it was time to get back and get ready for the night ahead. I moored the boat back on the jetty, it was wonderful not to have a current to have to fight against! I climbed back up the steps and went into the house. I found Dido just packing up to go inside from the pool.
'Where is everybody?' I asked
'Oh, in their rooms getting ready. They all want to impress you tonight.' Dido replied
I put my arm round her and walked back to the house with her. I let her go ahead at one point so that I would look at her fantastic ass as she walked in her bikini. It was a blue and white striped one and she looked amazing in it. I stopped her and moved to her and felt up her bum. IT was incredible, everything I liked in an ass! I got to my knees, pulled aside her bikini and buried my face in her ass as she stood there. I reached my tongue out and licked her ring, pushing past her sphincter muscle and into her ass. Dido tasted amazing and I moved down and started to lick up her pussy lips, feeling the moisture spreading out of her and onto my tongue. I brought a finger up in front of her and rubbed her clit, eliciting moans out of her mouth. I continued licking her pussy, and ass and rubbing her clit as I brought her to orgasm, enjoying her juices as they flowed out of her onto my face. Dido stood there breathing heavily as I got back to my feet. I rubbed myself against her ass, enjoying the feeling of her firm flesh against my rock hard cock. I heroically stepped back, taking a monumental amount of willpower to not start fucking her. I wanted to wait til later! I made do with groping her tits through her bikini top, which did nothing to suppress my erection! I stepped away and we continued walking back into the house. Everybody was in their rooms. We went into ours and found Kara and Victoria there.

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