Three months have passed since teenage lovers Tom Dunkin and his English born girlfriend Rachael Watson had their one night erotic adventure in Las Vegas, at a gentlemen’s club named Temptations, where they met the clubs owner Bobby Elkridge and two of his dancers Brandy and Starlet. They’re now living in Los Angeles, where Tom is now working at his fathers construction company.
She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast. He was a Midwestern boy on his own. She looked at him with those soft eyes, so innocent and blue. He knew right then he was too far from home.
(Opening lyrics from Bob Seger’s Hollywood Nights)

Chapter 8. No More Privacy

Tom is thankful to his father, for giving him a much needed job at his construction company. And for the most part, he and Rachael are grateful that Charley, his father, and Liz his stepmother are letting them stay with them at their large four bedroom home, located in a quiet suburb just outside of L.A. But the one thing they’re both not appreciating is their sleeping arrangements.

They arrived three months ago, with just enough money to buy gas for Tom’s gas guzzling classic Z 28 Camaro and a few other necessary essentials, but they didn’t have near enough cash to rent even the cheapest apartment or home.

Being the loving father he is, Charley offered to let them stay at his home until his son and possible future daughter in law Rachael earn enough money to rent a decent apartment or buy a home for themselves. But not liking the fact Tom and Rachael aren’t married, conservative minded Liz made one stipulation, it’s that her young unmarried house guest sleep in separate bedrooms. But as young lovers often do, Tom and Rachael break the rules.

It’s now late at night inside Charley and Liz’s ranch style home as Tom slowly opens his bedroom door, poking his head out into the hallway from his room he listens for sounds of any elder Dunkin family members who might be awake just before midnight on this warm mid April night. It’s Thursday, in five short minutes it will be Friday morning. But not just any Friday morning, after midnight Rachael turns the ripe young age of eighteen.

Tom has worked a long hard day on one of his fathers housing construction projects, it was late when he and his father arrived home, Rachael and his stepmother were asleep. Wanting to give his lover an early morning sexual surprise birthday gift, he took a quick shower washing the grime of a hard days work from his eighteen year old tall slender body.

Now feeling clean, and not to mention randy as his sweet blond haired blue eyed English born girlfriend would say, he creeps slowly down the hall. His room is located at the north end of the large home; way too far of a distance from Rachael’s room, which to his stepmothers delight is located at the south end of the house directly across from her and Charley’s bedroom where she’ll be able to keep an eye out for any promiscuous hanky panky her son and his pretty girlfriend might try and get away with.

Stepping into the south hallway, Tom stops near his parents bedroom door. His heartbeat quickens hearing sounds echoing inside their room, at first it sounds like footsteps. Listening closer he quells laughter realizing it’s sounds of bedsprings creaking, evidently his father isn’t as tired as he said he was when they first arrived home. From the way the bedsprings are creaking, his forty five year old father must’ve gained a sudden burst of energy and he’s making passionate love to his dark haired brown eyed forty something wife.

“Way to go dad,” he exclaims under his breath. Hearing his father banging his stepmother like this makes him crave his lover even more. In the short distance to her room, he envisions Rachael’s spiked platinum blond hair, her blue eyes, even her nose; which is neither too small nor too big. He thinks of her full kissable lips, of which he’s been wanting to kiss all day long.

Stepping inside her room he sees the petite five two form of her body laying on her side with her back turned to him, moonlight glimmers from her soft blond hair. Tiptoeing to her bed he exclaims to himself God she’s beautiful. Standing near her bed he quickly pushes his underwear off then gently climbs into bed laying his body behind hers in a spooning position.

Lowering his lips to her ear he whispers. “Happy birthday baby.”

Rachael wakes feeling his warm hard cock pressing against her ass, and his warm hand fondling her small firm breast. She yawns pushing her ass against her lovers bare cock.

“MMM,” she moans. “Is that my birthday present I’m feeling Thomas.”

He humps her white cotton nightgown covered bare ass.

“That’s right birthday girl, it is your present. But its only your first gift of the day, there’ll be more to come after the sun comes up,” he sneaks a hand between her legs. “Humm, no panties. I like this, I guess you’ve been expecting me.”

She opens her legs a little wider, letting him finger her pussy. After a short while feeling her juices saturating his fingers, wanting so badly to enter her sex he reaches back grabs his cock then guides it to her wet slit. Feeling the head of his cock splitting her cunt lips Rachael pushes back moaning softly, he begins thrusting inside her still spooning with her. She loves fucking like this, his cock strokes her G-spot in just the right way in this position.

They don’t speak as they make love, since Liz gave them strict orders not to have premarital sex under her roof, they’ve learned to be quiet whenever getting together like this. Being quiet like this seems to enhance their pleasure, although in reality they’re not being entirely quiet. They’re so lost in their own little passionate world, they don’t realize how loud they really are.

Wanting to give his girl a deeper more passionate early morning birthday gift, Tom gently forces her to lay prone on her belly. Going deeper like this loud moans escape Rachael’s mouth, fearing Liz or Charley might hear she buries her face into her pillow. Tom becomes a bit foolish himself, now laying over her from behind he forgets where he is and begins ramming every inch of his hard cock inside of his blond haired blue eyed lovers tight pussy.

Rachael holds her face to the pillow a little too long, fearing she’ll pass out from lack of air she raises up gasping for breath. An orgasm rushes over her young body enhanced by the sudden intake of fresh oxygen. Feeling her lover thrusting every inch of his long hard cock deep within her sex, another climax rushes over her body, starting deep inside the walls of her cunt then rushing up her spin.

Tom feels her body shaking, he feels the inner walls of her cunt throbbing around his cock. It causes small orgasm’s starting at his cock shaft, warm tingling feelings rush over his body. He fights the urge to cum too soon, thinking of only satisfying the love of his life on her special day he pulls out.

Rachael rolls on her back, he enters her once more. As he enters her, she places her mouth to his neck quelling moans of pleasure. She whispers gruffly in his ear. “Cum inside me…I need to feel it inside me.” As always she craves feeling his hot sperm drenching the inner walls of her sex, just as a junkie craves warm heroin flowing through their veins. Lucky for both young teens, she’s on birth control.

Hearing her beg for her gift he fucks her harder, he smiles knowing he’ll soon flood her with what she wants. Feeling hot semen churning deep within his groin, he speeds his pace. His thighs slap against hers, sounds of their passion echo from the bedroom walls. He doesn’t hear it, she doesn’t either. They’re both too caught up in their own little passionate world to even care.

She begs. “Cum inside me, pleassse cum inside meee.” Hearing this he releases her hot gift still thrusting hard inside her wet cunt. She wraps her legs around his backside, feelings of his pulsating shaft inside her body create more orgasms rushing over her body.

Now completely drained of strength, Tom stops thrusting his long shaft deep within Rachael’s love box. With small aftershock orgasms rushing through both their bodies, they lay together basking in the afterglow of their love making. Finally coming down from his sexual high he rolls from Rachael’s body, in the moonlight she looks into his brown eyes.

“So my love. Did I hear you say, you’ll be giving me more presents once the sun comes up.”

He smiles. “Dad gave me the day off, and he paid me a week in advance. I’ll take you wherever you wanna go, and buy you whatever you want. Ok now sweetheart, what do ya wanna do today, and what sort of gifts do you want me to buy you.”

She closes her eyes in deep thought, opening her eyes she speaks in an excited tone.

“Take me to the beach, we’ve been here for three bloody months and we’ve never been to the beach. Ever since I was a little girl growing up in England, I’ve wanted to see the California coast and its beaches. Then after the beach, take me to a nice restaurant. And maybe after that, if we haven’t spent all of your money by the end of the day, take me to the mall. I really need some new outfits. I’ll be going to college out here next September, but before that I need to find a job. If I have a job I can help save money so we can rent a flat or a house or something.” A serious look appears in her eyes.

“Thomas I love Charley and Liz too, she’s a we bit too conservative but I like old girl just the same, but we need our privacy. I do admit, it is a hoot sneaking about in this house like we do. But baby I like talking dirty when we shag, being quiet is a bit boring.”

“You’re right,” he replies. “we do need our freedom. But please be patient, ok. I’ve been checking prices of apartments and houses from adds all around the area, shit I’ve never seen such high rent prices. All of the cheap places are in bad neighborhoods, we don’t want anything in fucking gang territory so those are out of the question,” he gives her a kiss. “Rachael, hearing you talk about finding a job makes me love you even more. Because baby, I don’t think I could ever afford these prices by myself.”

He smiles looking into her eyes. “But today baby, lets you and I celebrate your eighteenth birthday without worrying about how we’ll survive in this town.”

While they talk in the darkness, thinking no ones awake Charley Dunkin stands alone in his kitchen sipping two fingers of bourbon, he had climbed out of bed a few minutes before. Walking by Rachael’s bedroom door he heard noises, he almost entered fearing maybe she was being assaulted, but luckily for him and the young lovers he figured it out. Hearing sounds of his son grunting and gasping as he made love to his girl.

He likes Rachael, he always has. He’s known the girl since she met his son in high school back in Michigan. He laughs to himself adding in thought that he’ll keep this a secret from his wife. “Way to go son,” he says under his breath standing in his kitchen as he sips bourbon from a glass tumbler. “Yes my boy,” he whispers. “If I had a girl like Rachael, I’d break the rules too.”

Chapter 9. Santa Monica Beach

As Tom parks his Camaro in a space near the edge of a bluff overlooking Santa Monica pier beach, Rachael looks out the window exclaiming. “Oh look out there Thomas, it’s the pacific ocean, isn’t it beautiful.” She steps from the car taking in the view on the first day of her eighteenth year with an awestruck look in her blue eyes, realizing her childhood dream of seeing the California coast has finally come true.

Stepping from his car Tom only glances at the view she’s looking at, instead he’s in awe of her taking in the bright sunshine glimmering from her shoulder length blond hair as its blown about by a light breeze. On the way over they stopped at a nearby surf shop, he bought her a few different styles of swimwear. She’s wearing one of his favorites, it’s a skimpy coral pink two piece bikini. He admires how the material of the top covering her small firm breast exposes just a hint of her long nipples, and how the waistline of the bottoms just barley covers her ass and the beautiful pink treasure between her legs. Finding his voice he speaks sarcastically.

“Hey Rachael, are we going down to the beach or are you going to stand there all day gawking at the scenery.”

She steps around the car and hugs the much taller teenage boy.

“Thomas, don’t be daft. Yes we’re going, you know how badly I’ve wanted to come here. Now come on lets get our belongings from the boot of our car and get going.”

After grabbing a few things from the trunk, an old blanket, a small cooler filled with energy drinks and bottled water. She takes Tom’s hand pulling him towards a stairway leading to the beach exclaiming in an excited voice. “Come on lets go, before I get too old to go down all those bloody steps on the stairway.”

After descending the long stairway down the bluff they finally step onto the warm sands of the beach, walking towards an empty spot where they’ll set their things they hear a young woman’s voice call out.

“Rachael, Tom. Hey you two, over here.” Turning towards the voice they see who’s calling them, it’s a dark haired teenage girl sitting on a beach chair next to a strawberry blond and an older forty something dark haired man, Rachael realizes who they are before Tom does.

“Oh look, it’s Brandy the girl we met in Vegas, Starlet and Bobby are with her too.” She takes his hand and leads him their way.

Starlet the strawberry blond who gave Tom his first lap dance, and helped give him a blow job alongside Rachael and Brandy jokes as they walk towards her group. “Well alright, you lovebirds didn’t break down in the Mojave and die of thirst after all.” She stands up beside Brandy who’s giving Rachael a welcoming hug and hugs the slightly younger girl too.

“This is so cool, seeing you two again,” said Brandy after giving Rachael a friendly kiss on the cheek.

Happy to see both girls, Rachael hugs them back giving each one kisses on their suntan oiled cheeks. “This is such a fluke, seeing you girls way out here on the beach,” said Rachael. “but I guess living in that bloody Nevada desert would make you want to see the ocean from time to time, wouldn’t it.”

“Oh no we don’t live in Nevada,” replied Brandy. “we live right here in Santa Monica.”

Bobby stands up flashing a friendly smile offering to shake Tom’s hand. “Its good to see you again my man, how’s L.A been treating you lately.”

Tom shakes his hand. “It’s good to see you Bobby,” he said. “And to answer your question, I’m doing well here. For the past few months I’ve been working for my dad on a construction job down in Riverside, making money and keeping busy, cant complain about that. But if you don’t mind me asking, what the heck are you doing here. When we met before I had the idea you lived in Nevada.”

Bobby chuckles. “What am I doing here, I live here. I share my house with Brandy and Starlet. Me and the girls bounce back’n forth between here an Vegas from time to time, I own a club in both city’s.”

“You live with these girls Bobby,” said Tom. “Ha, why you old sly dog. You are just living the dream aren’t ya buddy.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that, I am living the American dream for sure.” Bobby said proudly, a broad smile appears as the man looks his girlfriends over. Brandy’s wearing a black with white polka dot string bikini, its top barely covers her pert C cup breast. She stands at least 5’2. Dark sunglasses cover her hazel eyes, her skin is tan. It’s obvious the girl has native American blood flowing through her veins, it shows in her high cheekbones and long black hair, which is wrapped perfectly in a French braid.

Starlet’s wearing a mint green bikini, its bra cups barley cover firm double C breast. She’s almost as tall as Brandy, her shoulder length reddish blond hair is tied back in a ponytail with a black scrunchie. Her fair skin is slightly tan. French cut bikini bottoms cling nicely to her firm teenage rump.

Bobby notices Tom eyeing the girls with an admiring stare, nudging the boy he jokes. “Hey kid, stop gawking at my girls.” The older man directs his attention to Rachael, giving her a friendly hug. “Its good to see you again sweetheart. Hey you should come and dance at Temptations L.A. Oh shit though, you’re too young aren’t you.”

She steps back playfully giving him a piece of her mind, using a little too much English charm. “Huh, you didn’t seem to care how old I was back in Vegas when you let me enter your contest. Well you daft bloke I’ve got news for you, today’s my eighteenth birthday. And this time, if I were to enter your bloody contest I’d walk out of your club with top prize money in my purse instead of second.”

Brandy and Starlet cut in yelling out. “Happy birthday!” Each girl hugs her planting congratulatory kisses on her lips and cheeks. Even Bobby gets in on the act. “Happy Birthday, you hot little lass.” he says before planting an affectionate kiss on her cheek. Tom spots a look of pure bliss in his girls face, the one thing she misses about leaving Dearborn Michigan is the friends she left behind. Now it seems, she’s found new friends, and he has too. Starlet hugs him breaking his train of thought.

“Welcome to Santa Monica,” said the blue eyed redhead. “Hey have a seat, we were just getting ready to spark up a joint of good old medical grade weed when you two showed up. Come on guy smoke with us, its your sexy little girlfriends birthday we need to celebrate.”

A few minutes later as they smoke, the marijuana’s euphoric affect takes hold of Tom and Rachael in the right way. They have smoked the sweet leaf from time to time before with friends back home, but today it seems Starlets private stash of legal grass is a bit stronger than they’re used to. Bobby directs his attention toward Rachael after taking a drag from the joint.

“You should come and dance at Temptations L.A Rachael,” he glances at Brandy and Starlet. “She’s a great dancer, isn’t she. She should come and work at my club, don’t you think so girls.”

Brandy cuts in sounding a bit stoned. “He’s right Rachael the performance you did in Vegas, that was fucking hot. Dance like that in L.A and you’ll pull in tons of cash from the customers.”

“Hell yeah baby, you should come work at the club,” said Starlet. “This is L.A sweetie, every once in a while you might even dance for a famous celebrity,” she smiles. “I danced for Bruce Willis once, giggle. I left lip stick stains on top of his sexy bald head.”

Hearing Starlet’s tale of her brush with a celebrity stokes Rachael’s interest, she gives Tom a hug. “What do you think love, would you mind if I took a job at Bobby’s club. After all as you know, I am looking for a job, and I did have a grand time when I danced in Vegas. Ha, as I recall so did you my love,” she glances at Brandy and starlet than back at him. “We had fun in that dressing room, didn’t we baby.”

Tom directs his attention to Bobby. “If she works at your club, will you keep her safe. I’d be totally pissed, if someone hurt my girl.”

Bobby pats him on the shoulder. “I’ve hired the best bouncers in town, they won’t take crap from anybody. If someone messes with any of my girls, my boys throw the assholes out on the street.”

“He’s right,” said Brandy. “And best of all, when it’s time for a girl to go home, a security man escorts her to her car. They’re the best just like Bobby says.”

“I do take care of my ladies,” Bobby says proudly, once again he directs his attention to Rachael. “So what do ya say babe, if you work for me I promise to keep you safe. And I assure you sweetheart, with your talent for dancing you’ll pull in a shit load of money every night.”

Starlet cuts in. “All in all Rachael, stripping is a great job. Its not a job you’ll retire from after putting in twenty or thirty years, but it is a good way for girls like us to make some cold hard cash while we’re young.”

Looking into Rachael’s eyes she adds one more thing. “And if you really wanna earn some cash, Bobby and our friend Pete have a fledgling porn production company. Me’n Brandy have made a few movies, and now that you’re old enough maybe you can too.”

Bobby lays a hand on Tom’s shoulder. “You seem a little at odds with the adult movie business she’s talking about, and the whole dance gig for your girl. But there’s no need to worry about her, especially around me. I see how much you love her, so if you’re thinking I’m trying to steal her away from you. Trust me, it isn’t going to happen,”

“That is unless you’ve ever been interested in the swing scene,” he glances at his girls. “Me and my girls are into the local swing scene here in town, that’s where we met my new business partner Peter Norris, and his girl Christy Carson. Pete’s an ex porn stud turned producer, he and I are starting a new adult film studio. Brandy, Starlet and a few other girls who work at my clubs are making good money doing porn scenes for us. Lately we’ve been filming theme videos, like getting it on with teenage baby sitters, and stepfather stepbrother fantasies are big these days too.”

Hearing this Rachael cuts in. “Screwing the baby sitter, fucking stepbrothers and stepfathers…Hum, now I’ve never had a stepbrother but the thought of screwing one is pretty kinky, in a hot sort of way. It might be a hoot to do something like that,” she flirts with Tom. “You could play my stepbrother, what do ya think of that, is that hot or what love.”

He scoffs at her interest of fulfilling fantasies. “Oh come on Rachael, even though you and I are both addicted to sex, I don’t think either of us are really cut out to be porn stars,” he gives her a kiss before adding. “But I don’t mind if you dance for a while, at least until you start college in September. But for now, just stick to being dancer ok.”

By the end of a long fun day of swimming and relaxing in the sun, they had smoked more than one joint with their friends. Now as the days end draws near, both Tom and Rachael sit totally stoned watching the bright orange California sun as it slowly sinks into the western horizon. Bobby speaks breaking their amazed trance.

“The sunsets are the best from this beach, especially when your stoned.”

Rachael flashes a pleased smile before replying in a slightly stoned voice.

“You know what Bobby. I’ve wanted to see the sun setting over the pacific ocean like this since I was little girl, now I’ve seen it,” she takes a deep breath and smiles. “It’s a perfect ending to a perfect day,” she kisses Tom’s cheek, waking him from a fixated trance. “I’m starving, how’ bout you love. Lets go find a restaurant, remember you promised to take me to a nice restaurant after the beach.”

“Yes I’m starving too, I guess we should get going,” said Tom. He glances back at Bobby. “Hey man, we’re gonna go. We’ve both got a bad case of the munchies, and I promised Rachael I’d take her out to eat for her birthday,” he smiles at his girl. “I think steak sounds good, what do you think babe.”

“I’ve gotta better Idea,” said Bobby. “How’ about coming over to my place for dinner,” he touches Rachael’s shoulder. “Let me and the girls throw you an eighteenth birthday party you’ll never forget. I have a new barbeque grill out on my swimming pool deck, and speaking of steak, before we left the house Brandy left five nice thick T-bones marinating in a special sauce she makes. So what’ do ya say?”

Rachael replies excited. “Yes, lets go to Bobby’s. It’ll be more fun than some stuffy old high priced restaurants. Please say yes Thomas, its my birthday I wanna party, don’t you baby.”

Tom gives her a kiss. “Okay we’ll go, it’s your eighteenth birthday so you get to do whatever you want, and I’ve been working my ass off all week, I need to burn off a little steam myself.”

Chapter 10. A Night To Remember

Taking a last bite of char grilled steak Rachael gives the chef a well deserved comment. “Mmm Bobby, my steak was delicious,” she looks at Tom smiling. “How was yours,” she’s halfway into her second beer and feeling a nice buzz as of now.

Tom washes his last bite down with a sip of cold beer, it’s his third of the night, his voice is slightly slurred. “Ahh,” he jokes enjoying the cold brew as it flows down his throat. “Yes sweetheart mine was good too.” Raising his beer can he salutes their host and hostesses. “My complements to the chef and his fine looking helpers.”

“Hey Bobby,” said Starlet. “how’ bout breaking out your new bottle of tequila.” She’s sitting next to Tom caressing her hand over his bare upper thigh as she speaks, Rachael’s sitting to his right doing the same thing. He’s wearing shorts, each girls soft warm hand caressing his skin brings his eighteen year old cock to half erection.

“Ok,” Bobby replies. “I’ll open the Cabo Wabo, I’m glad you brought it up Starlet, sounds like a great way to celebrate Rachael’s one’n only eighteenth birthday. But,” he adds sternly. “Our guest cant drive home tonight,” he looks Tom in the eye. “You look half lit already my man, call your father and tell him you’ll be staying with friends tonight, and try not to sound like you’ve already been drinking when you talk with the man, ok.”

A few minutes later as Tom and Rachael step back on the swimming pool deck through sliding glass doors leading to the main house where they made a cellphone call home. Bobby steps behind his bar and begins pouring five shots of tequila. Brandy talks to them in an excited voice as she flips through a large collection of CD’s near an outdoor stereo system located near the bar.

“Come over and join us at the bar, I’m looking for some music that’ll get this party started.” Loading a turntable style CD player she tells everyone. “Being as this is Rachael’s eighteenth birthday, I’ve found the perfect birthday song for her. Its an oldie, but a goodie.”

Stepping to the bar they hear Alice Cooper singing his hit song from the seventies I’m Eighteen. “Lines form on my face and hands. Lines form from the ups and downs. I’m in the middle without any plans. I’m a boy and I’m a man. I’m eighteen and I don’t know what I want. Eighteen I just don’t know what I want. Eighteen I gotta get away. I gotta get out of this place, I’ll go runnin’ in outer space…Oh yeah.

Brandy hugs Rachael from behind singing an ad lib version of the next lines of the old song. Rachael giggles hearing her version.

“She’s gotta baby’s brain and an old ladies heart. Took her eighteen years to get this far. She don’t always know what she’s talking about. Feels like she’s liven in the middle of doubt.”

The song goes on as Bobby hands everyone shot glasses of tequila. “Here’s to Rachael,” he says holding his shot up high. “May she live a long and happy life…Ok everyone, drink to our birthday girl.”

Everyone downs their shots. This is Rachael’s first taste of tequila, lucky for her it’s a nice smooth tequila, there’s only a slight burning sensation as it goes down, she likes how it burns. As the strong drink takes affect she smiles, hearing everyone around the bar including Tom singing along with Alice Cooper, adding their own lyrics to the ending of the song.

“She’s eighteen and she likes it…Yes she likes it, loves it, loves it, likes it…She’s eighteen, eighteen, eighteen…She’s eighteen and she likes it!!”

After the ending of her birthday song, Brandy has cued up a more recent song. Bruno Mars sings When I was your man. Bobby pours everyone another shot. Tom raises his shot glass. “To Rachael Watson, the girl I love.” everyone yells out. “Here, here!” in loud half drunk voices. Tom pulls his girl close planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

When the lovers break from their long kiss, both Brandy and Starlet pull Rachael away from her man to a wide spot between the pool and bar.

“Come on girls, lets do a striptease for the guys,” said Starlet in a slightly slurred voice.

Rachael’s dancing between her and Brandy, she’s wearing a shear floral print beach dress over the coral pink bikini she wore to the beach. Brandy’s wearing a thin cotton paisley print sundress, grasping the hem she lifts the dress from her body exposing her nude body to everyone. Starlet’s wearing a knee length floral print beach dress, seeing Brandy disrobe she does the same. Now fully nude she urges Rachael to do the same.

“Come on birthday girl, get naked. Me and Brandy walk around naked out here all the time. Its nighttime and our pool hangs out over this hill facing away from the other houses, no one will see you.”

Brandy tugs on Rachael’s beach dress. “Come on, get naked,” she says.

A little drunk and completely uninhibited Rachael lifts her beach dress off then throws it at Tom, she dances to him removing her bikini top. “Come and dance with us,” she says flirtatiously. Hugging her body to his she tugs at the hem of his Detroit Lions football jersey. “Take it off love, come on get naked with us.” she says playfully.

Brandy and Starlet see Bobby standing alone, they both dance to him. Brandy pleads tugging at the bottom hem of his black’n white Oakland Raiders T-shirt.

“Come and join us, I know you want to.” said the dark haired hazel eyed almost nineteen year old girl. Eighteen and a half year old Starlet tugs at the waistband of his shorts. “Get naked and join us Bobby.” said the blond haired blue eyed exotic dancer.

Before long both Tom, and the oldest man at the party are dancing completely nude along with their teenage girl friends. Rachael has dropped her bikini bottoms, she’s dancing close to Tom grinding her soft slender body against his now completely hard exposed cock. Brandy and Starlet rub their bodies against Bobby’s, he’s hard too.

Starlet struts over to Tom and Rachael, remembering it was just a little over three months ago when she, Rachael and Brandy gave Tom a three girl blow job on their knees in Temptations Las Vegas dressing room. Knowing Rachael is bisexual she plants a deep kiss on the girls full pink lips. Glancing at Tom from the corner of her eye to see his reaction, she whispers seductively in his girls ear. “Lets suck his cock.”

Hearing the slightly older blonds carnal request Rachael whispers in her ear. “Yeah, lets do him good.” Both girls hug their bodies against Tom’s as they slowly drop to their knees. On her knees Rachael takes his cock between her lips glancing up at him with her blue eyes. Starlet does the same while playing with his nuts, she smiles remembering what the tall dark haired teenage boy said three months ago before. “You cant fucking believe this, can you baby,” she chuckles. “Believe it baby, it’s really happening,” she whispers in Rachael’s ear. “Let me suck his big beautiful cock.”

She plants kisses from Rachael’s ear to the corner her mouth, Rachael slips her mans cock from her mouth to her helpers mouth. Tom can barely fathom what his girls allowing the other to do, but he’s enjoying every second of this hot scene unfolding before his young teenage eyes. Starlet’s lips feel so soft and warm, almost as good as his lovers lips. He gasps. “Ahhh, damn this feels so good.”

Seeing what Starlet’s up to with their young guest, Bobby and Brandy stop dancing and step next to the poolside sexual encounter.
Bobby jokingly makes a suggestion. “Hey Rachael, being as my girls servicing your man. I think it’s only fair that you come here and help Brandy do me like that.” Hearing his request she looks up at Tom.

“Do you mind if I help Brandy.” Tom seems to be in another world, enjoying the feeling of Starlet’s lips on his cock. She asks again, this time standing next to him. “Well do you mind love.”

He finally replies. “Sure go’a head….After all, it is your birthday I think you should do whatever you want tonight.” She plants a kiss on his lips, he feels her body tremble. It seems she’s a little apprehensive over what she’s about to do.

She has always been an adventures girl, but for the past few years since she met Tom on her first day in an American Midwestern high school, he’s the only man she’s been with since then. She slowly strolls over to Bobby, Brandy’s down on her knees sucking his cock, it seems to take forever to get to them.

Brandy looks up. “Well come on girl, don’t just stand there get down here and help me.” When Rachael kneels by her side, she guides her forty year old boyfriends cock to the pretty blond haired blue eyed girls lips. “Here suck this, I think you’ll like it,” she says playfully. Rachael’s pussy tingles as she takes the much older mans cock between her lips.

Tasting another mans cock for the first time in years small tremors of pleasure rush over her body. Tom’s cock isn’t the first she has sucked, she sucked her first back in Surrey England when she was merely fourteen. She finds herself comparing flavors of Tom’s cockflesh to this much older mans cock, his pre cum taste a bit saltier then her lovers. She likes it but thinks Tom’s precum is a bit sweeter then his.

Tom watches his girl, she closes her eyes taking the mans cock in her mouth. This is something she never does when she gives him head, he comes to a conclusion, she’s zoning out the fact she’s sucking another mans cock. Starlet stands up and talks into his ear startling him. “I want you to eat my pussy,” she kisses his earlobe and begs. “Please eat my pussy, please eat me!!!”

Taking his hand she leads him to a poolside lounge chair, at the chair she sits then lays back with her long slender legs spread wide. Tom looks down smiling from ear to ear, watching her stroke her almost hairless pussy. There’s just a hint of reddish blond muff neatly trimmed stopping just above her slit. Her cunt lips are a nice delicious pink color, becoming a little brighter pink as she fingers herself.

“Come down here and eat me,” she flirts. “I know you want to.”

Hearing her beg he quickly kneels before her planting his lips and tongue between the pink folds of the girls cunt. Starlet moans and humps his face, enjoying his tongue and lips as he sucks and licks her clit. Not too far away Bobby watches the younger man pleasuring his second live in girlfriend, as he enjoys young Rachael’s oral skills. Both she and Brandy are taking turns licking and sucking his hard shaft, and he’s enjoying every hot second of each girls oral skills. As Brandy takes his cock in her warm mouth, he strokes Rachael’s soft platinum blond hair.

“Please don’t be angry sweetheart, but it appears your boyfriend is having my girls pussy for dessert.” Seeing she’s puzzled at what he means, he nods his head towards the lounge chair where Tom is eagerly pleasuring Starlet’s cunt. “Oh bloody hell!” she gasps. There’s no anger in her voice, its surprise of what she sees her lover doing with another girl.

Brandy kisses her cheek to get her attention. “Well I think it’s only fair, that Bobby does the same to you….Don’t you think so Bobby,” she looks up at her sugar daddy with a clever smile adding a flirtatious wink to her comment.

“Why yes,” he eagerly replies. “That is, if she wants me to of course.”

Rachael doesn’t reply, she’s too caught up in watching her boyfriend eagerly licking and sucking the other girls pussy. Brandy takes her hand and stands up. “She wants you to,” she says. “I can tell by the look on pretty face that she wants you to.” Holding her hand she leads her to a lounge chair next to the one Starlet’s laying on with her long dancer legs spread wide. “Have a seat sweetie,” said Brandy. “let my man show you his skills.”

Feeling as if she’s under some strange erotic spell, Rachael sits down leans back on the lounge chair and spreads her legs wide. As Bobby kneels on the floor then lower his face to her crotch, she finds her voice directing a flirtatious comment at Tom.

“Hey Thomas, look over here darling.” Tom lifts his face from Starlet’s cunt and looks over, she giggles seeing his chin and lips are drenched with girl cum and saliva. “Do you mind if Bobby eats me baby,” she says adding a playful wink to her question.

Tom licks his lips and smiles before replying. “It looks like he already is….Hey Bobby, do her real good, its her birthday she deserves it.”

Bobby doesn’t reply, hearing Tom’s request he begins vigorously licking and sucking the teenage girls cuntlips. Feeling his tongue flicking over her clit moans of pleasure escape Rachael’s lips, grasping handfuls of the older mans thick brown hair mixed with flecks of grey she forces his face harder into her tingling pussy lips.

Brandy kneels beside Rachael and begins sucking the girls small firm round breast. “Oh my lord,” says Rachael, her voice trembles. “This is the best birthday party, ahhhh ever.” Brandy whispers in her ear. “I wanna watch Bobby fuck you,” she looks over at Tom. “Hey Tom,” she says in a loud whisper. “Can Bobby fuck your hot little girlfriend.”

He doesn’t answer, but liking the idea Starlet lifts his face from her sopping wet sex. “Hey,” she says. “Can Bobby fuck your sexy little girlfriend.”

Tom licks her juices from his lips contemplating her question, looking over at Rachael his cock throbs seeing his sexy barley eighteen year old lover receiving an expert oral tongue lashing from another man. Her blue eyes are closed, her heads tilted back, she’s enjoying everything the older man is doing to her. “Hey Rachael,” he says getting his girls attention. She opens her eyes and lifts her head. “Do you wanna fuck him,” he smiles. “It is your birthday, it could be like Bobby’s birthday gift to you….That is, if you want his long hard gift.”

She cracks a nervous smile. “If you say it’s alright for me to fuck him Thomas then I’ll bloody well fuck the man,” she smiles. “I think it will be rather fun, don’t you love.” Glancing at Starlet, she looks into the strawberry blonds blue eyes. “You can fuck my man, but only for the fun of it. Enjoy him sweetheart…But,” she adds in a serious tone. “He’s mine. I’ll share him with you, but that’s all.”

Starlet chuckles. “That sounds just fine to me,” she looks down at Tom. “Your pretty good at eating pussy, and I have a feeling your pretty good at fucking too,” she looks back at Rachael. “But I like my men a bit older anyway, so don’t worry I won’t steal him from you….I’ll just borrow him for a little while.”

Bobby cuts in. “Well, now that we have this settled lets fuck. And speaking of fucking, every since you gave me that lap dance at my club in Vegas, I’ve had this major fantasy of doing you doggy style.”

Feeling a bit left out Brandy cuts in. “And!” she says in a playful tone. “Being as he’ll be fucking you from behind, maybe you can eat my pussy while he does it,” she smiles looking into Rachael’s eyes. “Well what’ do ya think sweetie….Are you any good at multitasking?”

Rachael giggles her reply. “I’m not sure love, I’ve never done something like this before. But I think I can pull it off.”

Brandy lays back on the outdoor lounge chair, spreading her legs wide. Rachael takes her place, kneeling on the footrest of the chair with her face down near Brandy’s cunt and her firm young ass up ready to take Bobby’s hard almost eight inch cock in her tight cunt. Then for young Rachael, the moment of truth arrives as she feels the warm head of another mans cock touch the wet folds of her cuntlips.

Tom stands behind Starlet watching as Bobby slowly enters his girls tight pussy from behind. From his viewpoint he watches another mans long thick cock parting the luscious pink folds of his lovers sex, he doesn’t feel jealous or angry. Instead the scene unfolding before his brown eyes takes him to an intense level of excitement, something he’s never felt before, he likes the feeling.

“Hey you,” said Starlet. “Stop leering at them and fuck me.”

Tom looks down admiring Starlet’s firm upturned ass. “Oh sorry,” he says. “Yes, lets fuck.” Grasping hold of his cock, he pushes it inside the warm wet folds of another girls pussy. She feels warm and inviting, almost as good as Rachael’s sex does when enters her.

Starlet’s body trembles, feeling his longs stiff shaft enter her slit. “Ahhh, yes,” she gasps. “Now fuck me big boy.” Hearing her plea, Tom begins fucking her, just hard enough for his hips to slap against her firm ass cheeks. Starlet’s double C breast jiggle every time he shoves forward.

On Rachael’s side, she’s doing her best to pleasure Brandy with her tongue, fingers and lips while getting fucked from behind by Bobby’s long thick cock. He speeds his pace, slamming his thighs harder against her ass cheeks. This forces her tongue into Brandy’s clit, the somewhat older girl moans out. “Oh fuck yeah, lick me right there!”

Brandy grabs hold of her head forcing her lips and tongue into her sopping wet cunt. Bobby drives every inch of his manhood deep inside her tight pussy, he feels her cuntlips flexing around his shaft. Feeling the older man’s hot cock going deep inside her body, Rachael cums, her body trembles, she finds it hard to concentrate on pleasuring her friends sweet tasting pussy.

While Rachael cums all over Bobby’s cock, Tom enjoys Starlet’s tight pink cuntlips grasping his cock. Starlet moans. “Fuck me, fuck me harder.” Hearing her plea, he begins thrusting harder and faster into his sexy partners tight pink flower. He feels telltale signs of an impending orgasm, but holds out wanting to enjoy the moment.

Starlet looks back at him. “Don’t cum inside me….Pull out and cum on my ass, ugh, ahh…Okay baby.”

“Okay, yeah,” he grunts. “But I’m not ready to shoot yet.” he wants to hold off until Bobby cums, looking over at Bobby he grunts. “Don’t cum in my girl Bobby, cum on her ass, I wanna watch you cum on her ass.”

Bobby chuckles thinking of something Tom said back on the beach.

“I thought you said, you and Rachael don’t have what it takes to be porn stars.” he talks while steadily thrusting inside his young partners tight pussy. “From what I’m feeling over here, I think Rachael has what it takes,” he chuckles. “And from what I see of you, you’ve got what it takes too….What do you think Starlet…Does he have what it takes?”

Starlet grunts and moans. “Oh fuck yeah, Bobby…ugh, ahhh. This boys got porn stud talent, ugh, ahh, for sure.” She can barely talk, Tom’s cock is certainly rubbing her the right way. In a trembling voice she moans out. “Don’t cum on my ass, I want you to cum in my mouth.” She pulls away from his cock then sits on the edge of her lounge chair, taking him in her mouth she begins sucking him off like the pro she is. Tom’s knees almost buckle as she begins jerking him off with her mouth wide open.Seeing this take place Bobby pulls out of Rachael’s pussy.

“Come here Rachael, let me cum in your mouth too.”

Hearing his request she turns around to find Bobby’s cock just inches from her mouth. “Jerk me off,” he begs. Turned on by his request she grabs hold of his long thick member and begins giving him a two fisted hand job, occasionally sucking and licking him at the same time. Within a few seconds the older man moans, warm seed floods her mouth. Tasting his seed, she feels tingling sensations of pleasure rushing from her pussy then all over her body like a warm ocean wave.

Tom watches his hot seed shoot inside Starlet’s open mouth, some of his seed drips down her chin, some drips down her soft white cheek. His knees almost give way as she licks droplets of thick white cum from the tip of his cock. “Starlet baby, you are fucking amazing,” he exclaims. “Whew, just fucking amazing.”

Bobby smiles down at Rachael, watching her lick his seed from her lips. “Happy birthday sweetheart,” he says in a breathless voice. Brandy sits beside her and gives her a kiss on lips. “Yes,” says the dark haired girl. “Happy birthday sweetheart. I cant wait till next year, when you turn nineteen.”

Chapter 11. Heading Home.

It’s Sunday afternoon as Tom drives away from Bobby and the girls house on the hill. Steering his car down the hill through the upper class suburban neighborhood, he kisses the hand of his unusually quiet lover getting her attention. “Why are you so quiet, is there something wrong.” he says.

She smiles looking into his eyes. “No there’s nothing wrong, as a mater of fact, everything’s right. I’m just thinking about the great time we had last night, and that I’ll need to buy some exotic dance costumes. I start dancing at Temptations this week,” she takes a breath. “I’m a little nervous about my new job, but excited too,” she looks him in the eye. “What do you think about Bobby’s offer for us to do porn scenes for his studio?”

Tom smiles contemplating her question. “After last night baby, I think I was wrong for saying we’re not cut out to be porn stars,” he shrugs and smiles. “It might be kinda fun, and we can make a little extra cash on the side of our day jobs.” Glancing out at the upper class houses passing by, he adds. “Maybe we’ll finally get married and buy one of these places, wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Speaking of marriage,” said Rachael. “When in bloody hell are you going to ask me to marry you. I’ve known you since high school, and you’ve never mentioned marriage until today.”

Pulling to the shoulder he takes her hand. “Okay then,” his voice trembles. “Rachael Watson, will you marry me. I know we’re young and we don’t have a home of our own yet. But baby, I cant think of anyone other than you I would ever wanna grow old with….So will you marry me or not.”

Her blue eyes open wide, speachless at first her mouth drops open. Getting a grip on her composure she exclaims excited. “Why yes, I’ll marry you Thomas Dunkin,” she chuckles. “Its about bloody time.” She throws her arms around his neck planting a passionate kiss on his lips. Breaking away she tells him.“You’ll need to call my dad, it’s customary where I come from for a man to ask a father for his daughters hand in marriage.”

Tom leans back in his seat, hearing he must speak with her father, of whom in the past has really never seemed to like him sends chills down his spine, his voice trembles. “Okay I’ll call your dad. Oh god Rach, the guy doesn’t like me. Shit I had you run off with me in the middle of the night,” he bows his head then looks back at her with sad eyes. “He’s going to say no…I just know he will.”

Touching his cheek she speaks reassuringly. “Don’t worry love, if he says no I’ll have mum give him the cold shoulder. He’ll give in then.”

The End, of part 3. 8/5/14. Should I write part 4?

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