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Steam punk, action, romance, Obe steals Amelia away on his ship.
Amelia sat as she always did, upon the cushioned seat of the open bay window, the cool evening breeze tickling her short, richly colored hair against the back of her pale neck. She sat with her feet curled under herself, almost kneeling and leaning forward on the windowsill, a thick, leather bound book open before her as she concentrated on the slim pen that idly wrote beautifully curved letters within.

It might have seemed an odd sight, the young woman of barely twenty, living inside a sizable, birdcage come apartment, high above the city streets with just one door that was locked from the outside, but to Amelia it had been this way for some time. She had been rendered homeless by a great storm like many in the small town she was born in, making her way on foot to the city, hoping to make some semblance of a life, only to be sold by the first person she made the mistake of trusting.
In her defense she was a little innocent, though worldly smart having read any book she could get her delicate hands on since she was a child, yet she learned her lesson fast, if too late.

The man who had bought her was robust, crude and seemed to posses no emotions what so ever. She saw him but once a week, he would unlock the door and without a word strip, expecting her to do the same, and proceed to invade her body and fuck her as if she were but an empty shell. Afterwards he would leave her sobbing silently in the bed, her cupboards stocked and her door locked once more. She didn't even know his name, but it was no matter, she did not love him and the less contact the better for her, he simply liked having her caged, ready when he needed.

The rest of Amelia's time was occupied writing in her journal, watching people live their lives on the streets below, and she had become quite gifted with a needle and thread, making herself clothes when she could. She was a small girl only standing at about 5 ft, her frame slim yet curved in the most womanly fashion. Her short hair was cut at unique angles and a mixture of deep reds and chocolate, random hues of blue mixed into it's color. Her face round with emerald green eyes, almost always curious, a slender nose and delicately curved, pouty lips, leaving her looking almost child like in her cuteness.

With a last, lingering glance at the lords and ladies walking the street below her tower, Amelia gathered the over sized, white night dress about her thighs and slipped away from the window, retreating back into the apartment. It wasn't large, enough room for her small bed, the window seat, a table and a small bathroom and kitchen, each hidden behind the cloth curtains she had made. The roof was open, made of brass bars that completed her bird cage prison, the walls made of smaller, closer knit bars, their outer side covered to keep in some heat, leaving her bay window open all the time.
She had contemplated jumping before, but the tower was far too high and she did not wish to die, only escape.

Setting the journal aside Amelia climbed on into bed, the thin blanket partially covering her body as she stared up at the glowing stars, letting her mind wander to adventurous dreams and far, far away places, reality fading into her own little world as she slept.


With a soft rustle and a gentle thud dropped a very tall and very well built male. The room he had dropped into was pitch back, save the light that streamed in from the open roof, illuminating a perfect circle in which he stood. The males steely blue eyes glanced at the shadows around the edge of the circular room, but could make out no more than slight outlines, before he made his way to a locked door, a small knife in his hand. He had fiery red hair, some graying to show his maturity, peeking out from under a black leather hat, a silver Jolly Rogers shining in the light and what looked like feathers as red as his hair, protruding from the back.
The door now open, the pirate slipped through, leaving it slightly ajar as he made his way down a set of spiral stairs.

It couldn't have been more than five minutes since the male had left the circular room, pressing the door shut with a tall, leather boot as he finished concealing an object within a satchel, slung over his shoulder.
His eyes were met with the business end of a broomstick as soon as he reached the rope that hung where he had left it in the middle of the room, though the person wielding the broom was still bathed in shadow. "Whoa...whoa, take it easy there! I'm a...I'm..."

"How did you get...the door, do you have a key?" Came the soft, clearly scared voice of Amelia, a strong air of hope about her as she dared to think of an escape via this strangers presence.
"Oh I...well, no. I didn't know anyone was here, I um...wait, who are you? There was no one downstairs!" Asked the male, suddenly, almost accusing at the fact that Amelia had popped up out of nowhere and at least to him, possibly foiled his schemes.
"Me? I live here! Are you always so impolite to question those of who's household you impose on?" Amelia sounded slightly hurt, but she was stalling, seeing that the door was still unlocked, and inching sideways, closer towards it.

With a sudden lurch of his body, the male grabbed the broom from Amelia with one hand, and with the other, reached for her and wrapped his muscly arm firmly around her waist, effectively pulling her into the lit spot in which he was standing. He had a small inkling as to why the girl had suddenly appeared, but more than that, day light was looming and he wanted to make his escape as soon as possible. So with a sly, confident smirk, the male dropped the broom in favor for the rope, which he tugged, causing the rope to be mysteriously pulled up, lifting him and a squirming Amelia from the caged room.
With difficulty Amelia was pulled over a wooden rail and left to roll to her knees, panting and blinking as she strained to get her baring in a sudden pick up of the wind. Amelia watched the feet of the strange male hasten towards a wooden looking pillar, her eyes watering slightly as the wind changed direction and she felt as it the floor beneath her knees were tilting.

Seeing an opportunity she pushed herself to her feet with a burst of energy, reaching for the rail she had been pushed over moments ago and made moves to launch herself out, ready to hit the decks running, where ever her feet would take her at this point. She let out a scream, quickly cut off by the males hand, who covered her mouth, his other had having grabbed the back of her dress roughly, catching the girl before she could leap out into mid air and probably fall to her death.

It happened that they were standing on the wide, open deck of a ship. Amelia fell back away from the rail, now clutching at the male with fright, her fingers clawing at him and making it awfully difficult for him to do anything at all, so the male decided to pull her from the deck and through a small door behind the wheel. The male dragged her into a small, office like room that was well light with brass candelabra's and lamps, and another set of doors leading to a large bed room that took up almost a third of the ships length, set at the stern of the ship on the top floor.

With a scowl of frustration the male shoved her by the waist into the room, quickly locking the doors from the outside with little more than, "Stay!" before he left here there alone, locked in another room. It was odd, she had been taken from her cage in the middle of the night, kidnapped by a...a thief no less and yet the only emotion Amelia could conjure was anger; she had nothing more in the world but the night dress she wore, her appearance much like Wendy. She paced, gathering her thoughts and feelings. She wasn't in her cage anymore, she was on a ship, maybe this man would just let her go when they reached the next port, had they left the port yet? It suddenly occurred to Amelia that she didn't remember any water, nor did she know of a port close by to the cage, how had they reached his ship so fast and where was the crew, she asked herself, making her way to a large bay window, five times the size of her own, that sat behind a large, four poster bed.
Words could not explain the look of wonder and fear that crossed Amelia's face as she pressed closer to the window, the sight before her one of such fantasy that for an instant she wondered if she were actually dreaming. The ship wasn't leaving a port hastily to make escape, rather it was riding the wind, and seemed to be climbing in height as the city below became smaller and smaller until a thick, foamy layer of clouds blocked the girls view. They were flying, on a boat, high above the only home she had known for years. Amelia was a sensible girl, she had read books upon books of both fantasy and modern advances in technology, so she wasn't unaware of the capabilities of steam and clockwork power, but she had never experienced or thought to ever experience such a sight.


It was over an hour before Amelia heard the lock click on the door, her kidnapper come back to check on her, though by then she had locked herself in the adjoining, classically beautiful bathroom with a silver candle stick to defend herself.
"Have you calmed down now girl? I brought food." Came the males deep, gravely voice through the wooden door, an evident note of humor as he tried the bathroom door, and found it locked.

"Who are you and what do you want from me?!" Demanded Amelia, and though she had calmed down, she now feared what was to come, she did not want to go back to that cage, but neither did she want to trade it for another, all be it a far nicer one.
"Me? You can call me...Obe, I'm a pirate and a thief little girl." She could here him chuckle and from how it sounded, bite into an apple, chewing as he continued to speak. "I don't want anything from you, though I suppose I did steal you too. How long did Quintin have you for?"
His tone was light, non threatening and almost playful, easing Amelia's fear as she moved to sit with her back against the wooden door, her long night dress bunched around her thighs.

"Quintin? He was the man years, it would have been seven years next week." She murmured, her fingers pressing to the door thoughtfully. "You wont take me back will you? I promise I wont tell on you, you could just leave me at the next town, I wouldn't make a fuss, I just don't want to go back!" Her tone had become slightly panicked as she begged Obe, her savior yet her kidnapper, still quite unsure if she was as safe as she undoubtedly felt, his voice, the room, even the smell uncharacteristically comforting.

She heard a heavy sigh from behind the door, closer, though she hadn't heard him move, almost a sad sigh, his voice softer now. "Will you come out and eat? We can talk, I promise you I won't hurt you."
Amelia flushed slightly, the real reason for her bathroom hideout being how shy she was that all she wore was the sheer, white cotton night dress. "I can't, I mean, I have nothing to wear..." She let her voice fade out, an unspoken declaration of how she felt.
"You're in your night dress, I saw you not an hour ago! Now come, please, and eat."

The door to the bathroom opened and Obe had to hide a smile as the young girl shuffled out, a pout curving her lush lips, the dress long and far too large, but it hugged the curves of her breasts snugly, a low dip showing off her magnificent cleavage, something he hadn't noticed before. Amelia wrapped her arms around her chest, her eyes studiously looking out the window as her cheeks burned crimson, her toes curled shyly against the warm carped. "You said you had food?" Her voice was smaller, clearly still tinged with fear, but Obe could tell she was coming around, and she was harmless to him, despite her impressive bravery.
Obe handed the girl a plate laden with mixed fruit, cheese and bread, but set it down on a large chest at the foot of the bed when she made no move to take it, and instead backed away, taking a seat at a round table a few meters from her. As Amelia sank to her knees beside the chest, she reached out and lifted a small bread roll, breaking off chunks to eat, her stomach groaning in thankful pleasure for the food, "So talk."

Obe seemed perplexed by the girl. It was obvious why the rich tyrant had kept her for his sick, personal museum, she was a natural beauty with her cherry red lips, eyes like the emerald isles and what seemed like a divinely curvy body, yet she had a doll like innocence about her, not solely attributed to her small size. "I guess you don't know a lot about where you were? Which by the way, I have no intention of taking you back there, though...We won't be grounding again for some time, so it seems we are stuck with each other." He kept his thoughts to himself as he conceived to try and keep the girl on board, not against her will but, as a companion of sorts, he was ageing and longed for company.

Her features didn't falter as she ate, taking the news in stride, already greatly eased that he didn't intend to take her back to her caged life, the ship and Obe starting to seem far less scary than moments before. Nodding she motioned for him to continue, still picking at the plate of food hungrily, hoping he didn't think she was terrible un-lady like on her manners, it had been so long since she had spent any time at all with another person.
"Quintin is a rich politician, you were living in his museum, I'm guessing you were the prize art work in his sick fantasy, you're welcome by the way, for me saving you." He chuckled and leaned back in his seat, crossing a heavy, worn, black leather boot over his knee. "I was there on business, needed to get out quick and seeing as you had a mind to stop me, I took you. No ulterior motives I promise you little one."

Obe liked watching the girl, her small, cute movements, the curious look in her eyes, she was relaxing and he felt comforted by that. He was a pirate, a thief, and he could fight so it was obvious in his eyes and his stance that he had killed, but he was not a monster, he wanted the girl to feel safe and free upon his ship, not caged and broken as she had been.

The plate now empty, Amelia stood, her fingers still clutched in her dress as she wandered closer, spotting a tall glass in front of the pirate and feeling in need to quench her thirst. "May I?" She asked and he handed her the glass with a smile and she drank deeply, not recognizing the robust sweetness that was red wine, her tongue lifting and savoring the taste from her lips as she sighed, letting go of the final lingering strands or fear, after all, she was in fact free from her cage, she just needed time to adjust.

She downed the last of the wine and set the glass on the table before turning too the pirate with a steely gaze, "Where is your crew? We're on a boat that fly's and I don't see anyone else...isn't that...dangerous?"

Obe let out a boisterous laugh, he body close enough to hers that she could smell a pleasant musk from him, before he turned and walked from the room, leaving the heavy door open as a sign for her to follow him out onto the deck, talking as he walked. "The SHIP is run on steam and coal, she doesn't fly per say, though we are air born. She's fast, stealthy, and I simply could not leave her with her pig of an owner, so here she is." His statement followed by a wide expanse of his arm to indulge her in the magnificent view.

Now that she wasn't struggling and half blinded by a fierce wind, Amelia could fully appreciate the brass, gold and wooden ship, her wide deck and low riding, sizable sails only accentuating her glory. The large steering wheel was taller than Amelia herself, covered in intricately carved designs, it had three interwoven circles, connected and surrounded by leather bound handles for manual navigation, beside her a smaller stand that puffed out steam on occasion, a dial and buttons on top.
It was a sight to behold, more so if they weren't surrounded by thick, ever growing black clouds that blocked their view, a storm fast approaching. Seeing the girl notice the storm, Obe hastened to her and took up her hand, a soft squeak of surprises the only form of resistance now as he drew her back into the safety of the captains quarters, locking each set of doors behind them. "Don't worry, the storm will pass buy tomorrow and the ship will be perfectly fine, there is hardly ever any turbulence."

Amelia was unconvinced, but nodded as she moved into the bedroom once more. The doll like girl had decided she liked this room, it was huge my all standards and contained objects of such beauty that she was almost scared to touch anything, moving to the window that expanded the entire curve of the stern of the ship, she crawled up onto the velvet lined seat and looked out at the simmering storm.

"May I join you?" Came Obe's husky voice and she nodded, feeling him sit with his back to the window, but so close his thigh was pressed to hers, she made no move to resist. "It's beautiful, why isn't your wife here?" Asked Amelia, half curious about why he traveled alone, half wanting to know if he had a lady waiting for him, though she kept her tone light, not wanting him to think she were calling him old.
"I don't have one, girl. It is beautiful, but I don't play well with others, and I have yet to find a beauty like you, willing to live and love the life I live, always moving, stealing, running, it's not for everyone."

Amelia re-framed from commenting that it sounded wonderful, her blush in full affect at his kind and unexpected words, no one had ever called her beautiful before. She turn to him, laying her head on her arm as it rested above the back of the seat, watching him in her own curious way. "Thank you...You shouldn't be alone, I mean, now that you're not kidnapping me you seem rather kind."
Obe chuckled and turned to look her full in the eyes, his own as blue as the ocean mist. "Saved, little lady, I would never keep you against your will."

Between his words and his closeness, Amelia was overcome with a feeling of want, one she had never experienced before, so when the pirate leaned in and pressed his hard lips against hers, she let out a soft sigh of pleasure and pushed forward and into the kiss with an eager air, her lips parting under the gentle pressure to accept the wet probing of his tongue into her mouth. The sensation was delightful, his tongue stroked her own fleshy muscle drawing a soft, shy moan from her lips before he moved on to explore the depths of her mouth, her own lips catching and sucking against his, learning, experiencing her first kiss, a kiss to end all kisses.

It was a long time before either pulled back from the kiss, slightly out of breath, a deep crimson flush covering Amelia from the neck up. She was kneeling on the seat, facing Obe as her hands pressed flat against his chest, her chest pressed to her hands, leaving their lips inches apart as she peered up and almost whispered, a coy smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "You can call me Amelia..."
Obe, so delighted by her words, swept up her lithe form and pulled her onto his lap, facing him of course, to let her light bottom rest on his knees, her legs straddling his hips to press his groin against hers, causing a flush to appear in blotches further down her shoulders. At this she let out a giggle, the pirates calloused hands teasing goose bumps to raise on her skin, each sensitive nerve almost begging to be stroked, aching for his touch, the playful way he moved her doll like form, it occurred to her this was nothing like she had experienced in previous sexual contact.

"Amelia, huh? Such a pretty name for a pretty girl..." Obe's voice had become a low, lustful growl that teased forth fluttering sensations deep within Amelia's sex, his hands resting on her hips to hold her against his groin where she could feel the bulging evidence that he had enjoyed the kiss as much as she. Leaning forward, her thin, pale arms curled around the pirates muscled neck as she moved, Amelia looked up into his eyes and sucked against her lower lip. "I um...that was my first kiss..."

She had mumbled but Obe heard her just fine, a deep growl rumbling in his throat as he pulled her against himself harder, his lips crashing down on hers unapologetic in a hungry kiss, each of her sighs making his manhood twitch and prod between her thighs. "Mm my, my, little girl, did you like it as much as Daddy did?" He inquired, referring to himself as Daddy, which only touched Amelia deep down, somewhere primal as she answered with an eager nod, her lips to busy kissing his wantonly.

Obe saw in the girl a need to be taken care of, her innocence, her want to be wanted and most of all right now, her need to be shown what a real man was. That man was Obe. He needed her just as she needed him and the connection was strong and instant that in one look, Amelia sat up on the pirates lap and looked him directly in the eyes, her voice shaky but resolute. "I want to fuck you, Obe."
Her words surprised them both given that a few hours ago she was a caged woman and he a lone thief, but neither could deny the bond they felt, no not love, not yet, it was an understanding and a need.

"No little one, call me Daddy, do you understand?" Not used to a chastising command, Amelia nodded as her lower lip pushed out into a pout, though she greatly adored calling the pirate this, she was afraid she had done something wrong, but when his hand cupped her chin and his lips soothed away her pout, she was instantly calmed, feeling his other hand roam over her thighs, pulling and tugging at the hem of her night dress.
"Yes, Daddy." Came the sweet song of her voice between their meeting lips, almost as if they could not keep from tasting one another.
His hands freed her dress from under her rounded ass, his large, manly hands resting on her now bare knee caps and slowly pushed higher, dragging the thin cotton under his fingers, each moment the hungry kiss lasted the more of Amelia's pale skin was revealed. Stopping before any more than the tops of her thighs can be revealed, Obe moved his hands up along the young girls back, feeling her heat through his rough skin, until he reached her shoulders, then he pulled back from her lips to lean back against the couch, looking fondly upon the female perched on his lap.

Amelia smiled coyly, feeling as if she were posing in her spot the way he gazed at her. His fingers curled into the straps of her dress, pulling them down over her shoulders with a slow delicacy that surprised the girl, this act almost tormenting her as much as it inspired him, slowly revealing even the most innocent parts of her body. Pausing for just an instant as the material began to fold at her breasts, Obe looked up into the girls eyes and she nodded without a word, nothing but desire and trust in her eyes, more than the pirate could have asked for and all he ever wanted.

He pulled down on the straps, the front of the dress folding down over her heavy breasts, milky white skin tipped with pale pink, swollen nubs, dotted all over with small bumps to show her physical arousal. As the small nubs pushed from her dress, Amelia's breasts bounced free, the dress falling to her waist, leaving the lithe girl completely topless and exposed to the mature pirate, the pirate staring wide eyed in amazement at the beauty before him.
"You are...beautiful." Obe murmured, his hands releasing the cotton straps to reach out and cup each breast, the heavy globes seeming so large against the doll like girls body, each one filling his hand, fingers spread to grip and knead the fleshy pillows. While he explored Amelia was left in a state of ecstasy, her back arched to press her heaving chest forward, her head thrown back as through her lips escaped soft purrs, her nipples swelling and hardening under his teasing ministrations.

Amelia had never felt pleasure like this, she had never felt pleasure at all from a man and because of it she could do little more than experience it with a submissive delight, hearing only the sound of Obe's voice. "Oh good girl... mmm... how does that feel my pet? Oh... you like that don't you!" He cooed, comforting her and teasing her with his words, though he suspected also easing her from her shell, though she wasn't a virgin, she wasn't experienced. He finally released her breasts and returned to her lips, pulling the girls body against his to relax into her nudity, always reassuring her.
They spent a long time in each others arms like this, kissing, murmuring soft secrets, laughing softly together as hands explored, tugged and pulled at clothes until they both sat topless, warm skin pressed to warm skin.

Picking up the slim girl in his muscled arms, Obe carried her to the large bed and lay her upon the velvety duvet, before standing back to admire her as she lay on her back, pale skin bare all except for the white dress that was bunched around her waist, covering her most private parts. "I'm going to undress you little pet, then I am going to fuck you, let you feel the pleasures a real woman should feel, let you feel my pleasure and then when I'm done, you're going to want me to fuck you again and again..." His voice trailed off into a chuckle as he saw her visibly shudder, her pillowy breasts moving like pudding upon her chest.
"Please Daddy...I want it...please?" For the first time since she had felt his lips on hers in that first kiss, Amelia was scared. She was scared of what she wanted, how badly she wanted it, and most of all, she was scared that he was right, that she would never want him to stop, because what if he did stop...
Her thoughts were quenched by the pirates lips upon her budding nipple, sucking the nub between his teeth, and only releasing and moving to the other when she squealed with delight. He murmured praise as he moved back, treating her like a delicate flower as his fingers curled into the dress and drew it down her thighs, quickly dropping it to the floor when his eyes met her sex. She was indeed a flower with her hairless slit, made by two puffy petals, between them her swollen and clearly damp clit peeking out as if urging him to taste it.

And he did. Within moments of seeing her delicate sex revealed, Obe pressed his pursed lips to her exposed button and sucked it between them, he drew in a deep breath and reveled in her innocent scent, her cry of surprise resonating in his ears. He slid his tongue out and along her bald slit, pushing the folds open, his fingers catching them and holding her spread as his tongue explored, tasting her young juices, tracing the unique folds and dips and curves of her cunny, while she lay squirming on the bed.
Up and down the crevice of her cunt did his tongue drag, wiggling into her tiny hole to lift some of her juices before his lips pressed over it and he began to suck deeply, harder the more she bucked and humped his face and within minutes he had the girl begging and crying out for mercy as she was overwhelmed with the pleasure his mouth could bring her. But he didn't want to make her cum yet, not like that,

Moving from between Amelia's trembling thighs, Obe curved an arm around her waist and moved her to the middle of the bed as he climbed on himself and moved between her spread thighs, kneeling as he looked down at the slowly calming woman. "Such a perfect beauty, Amelia. Are you ready my pet?" He asked her in a deep voice, smiling at her returning nod, her eyes noticing movement at his waist, his hands had pushed down the band of his pants and suddenly, let his ridged cock spring free and bounce before her. She had only ever seen one mans cock and compared to the masculine pirate before her now, it had been small and displeasing to the eye, never had she imagined a naked man could be so beautiful and erotic.

Amelia spread her legs willingly wider, lifting her knees and pressing them back to roll her hips upwards, bringing her exposed cunny closer to the heavily bouncing cock, it's bulbous head almost as big as her small fist. With a guiding hand warped around the base of his lengthy shaft, Obe pressed his red cock head against the girls entrance, probing the tight hole gently, her juices already dribbling down to coat him. He pushed, slowly, easing the swollen tip into her as she watched the lewd act, her walls stretching to accommodate his size, molding perfectly around his length as if she were the sheath to his sword, made for him. As he slowly, almost painfully sunk into her depths, Amelia let forth a series of whimpers, her flush returned in full force, the deep bites into her lower lip doing little to muffle the growing sounds of her pleasure, each stab of pain worth every ounce of pleasure as she was stretched.

Then he was inside her, buried to the hilt in her unbelievably tight cunt, both of them panting as they looked into each others eyes, connected on such a base level that each movement only teased their nerve endings, each fluid motion like a single note in the most deviant of songs.
With his elbows resting either side of Amelia's head, Obe lowered his body down onto hers, pinning her down with his weight and dragging out each movement, he began to roll his hips, back and forth, back and forth, slowly sliding his cock in and out of Amelia's cunt. He could feel her puffy lips hugging the base of his shaft, dragging up and down his length with each thrust as she buried her crimson face against his shoulder, hiding the small tears of joy and pain that filled her eyes, her walls aching already from the sheer size of him inside her tiny body. Soon the pleasure of Obe's gentle thrusts into her slit eased most of the pain and Amelia began to push back, her legs wrapping around his hips, ankles pressing down on his buttocks and pulling his manhood deeper, her ass bouncing lightly on the bed as they began to increase speed.

It wasn't long before Obe was furiously driving his cock into the tiny girl over and over, feeling his tip probe at her cervix and with one rough thrust and a scream from the eager girl, he pushed through it, a loud growl rumbling against her ear. Amelia felt an aching pressure build deep within her womb, her nails scraping across the males back, digging long red lines into his skin as his cock fucked her into the groaning bed, her words lost in moans as she tried to call out for Obe, desperate, the first orgasm she had ever experienced threatening to overcome her.
Obe felt the girls cunt tighten even more around his dick, suck him deeper and he smirked against her neck as he realized she was close. As one of his hands curled into her hair, holding her where he wanted her, his eyes moving directly in front of hers, Obe slipped his free arm under her back and down to grip an ass cheek roughly, his pace suddenly increasing as he began to fuck her harder, faster, her screams of pleasure his reward.

"Look at me and cum little bit, that's it, be a good girl and cum for Daddy!" His voice was low but commanding and without another word, Amelia's deep green eyes locked onto his, just as her body began to convulse and her lips parted in a squeal of delight, her orgasm crashing down on her small, bucking form. Amelia's cunt quivered around the invading cock, sending Obe into his own state of pleasure, holding off until the girl's eyes seemed to focus on him again before he let his seed shoot into her womb, his cock fucking into her with such force that the bed shifted beneath them.
Amelia, her pleasure heightened by the pain, the waves of her orgasm still lapping at her depths as she felt the rush of hot seed flow inside herself, the pressure that had been eased only being replaced with a sensation of fullness, her small frame limply laying under the pirate as he finished himself upon and inside the willing girl.

"Welcome to The Albatross, Amelia." Panted the pirate, a smile playing on his lips as the girl visibly softened. "I can stay?" She whispered shyly, a squeak verbalizing her surprise as his lips instantly moved to hers in answer his nod rough and needy.

After some time Obe moved his arms around the girl and lifted her lithe form, her limbs wrapped around him tightly as she clung to him like a monkey, moving to lay himself along the bed comfortably with her on top. Spent and on cloud nine, Amelia rested her head on the pirates chest, her half closed eyes looking across to the window as she watched the ranging storm neither one had notice begin, and soon fell asleep. Obe on the other hand was awake for some time after, his cock, though limp, buried inside the girl as she slept on top of him, listening to her breathing, her warmth reigniting something deep within his core, a desire he had long ago thought lost. He let her sleep, his last thought as he eventually gave into the darkness himself that it was he that had been robbed that day, the tiny girl his thief.


2014-05-01 21:33:25
Very good story. Hope to see and read many more from you.


2014-05-01 21:01:26
Very good story. Hope to see and read many more from you.

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Very good story even with the few instances of wrong words being used. It is awesome to see another gamer on here, hope to continue enjoying your work. although I would suggest using the tags. (PuppetMaster)

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