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Drugged and raped
I was at the bar with friends, enjoying a couple drinks. I needed a night out to vent after a long busy week at work. I like these nights because im able to get all dolled up. My hair was up in this cute new updo i was trying. I had on some of my fav jewelry, my fav jeans that help show off my curves and my gray v-neck shirt that shows off my C cups so nicely.
After 2 drinks i decided to head out. I suddenly wasnt feeling so hot. My head was starting to spin and my eyes were getting blurry. As i was walking to my car i started to stumble and almost tripped. I contined to become more groggy. I tried shaking it off but nothing seemed to help.
I finally reached my car when i felt a pair of hands grab me from behind. One arm wrapped around my waist while the other hand covered my mouth. Then everything went black.
My body was dragged into the ally by the mysterious man. He took me to a area behind a dumpster where we could be hidden from anyone. He carefully laid me down on the ground.
He slowly moved his hands up and down my clothed body. he then ran his hands through my brown curly hair. He hands kept moving all over my body, first he rubbed his fingers on my lips then slowly moved down to my jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them.
He then moved his hands back up my body but this time under my shirt, pushing it up as he moved up and slowly lifted it over my head removing it from my body. He then began to caress my breasts, and sucked on my nipples through the lace cloth of my bra.
Next he went to my jeans and removed them. His mouth then sucked on my clit through my silk thong. Once he had a nice wet spot on my thong he slowly moved them down my legs, kissing his way down as he moved towards my ankles. After removing the thong he moved back up my body placing it into my mouth. He then took a roll of duct tape out of his pocket and wrapped it around my head holding the thong in place.
Next he unsnapped my bra and removed it from my body. He then lifts my arms over my head and tapes my wrists together, then takes the tape and wraps it around the locked wheel of the dumpster.
Once im all taped up he moves down my body again towards my nipples and begins sucking again while his right hand rubs my clit and his middle finger pushed into my pussy. After a few minutes of sucking he removes his finger and sucks on it.
now with a smile on his face he removes his pants, slides on a condom and positions himself between my legs. Soon he is pushing his hard cock into my opening. Slowly inching all the way inside me. He groans as he pushes in. "oh i love how wet you are" he says as he slowly pushes in and out of me.
I begin to slowly open my eyes, trying to focus as i rock my head back and forth. I try to move me hands to rub my eyes as i begin to see a dark silhoutte above me. as i begin to come around more i realize the silhoutte is a man who is pushing his rock hard cock deep inside me. I look around as my eyes become more focused and see my hands taped above my head. I begin to struggle as the man puts more of his weight on top of me to keep me from moving to much.
I try to scream and realize nothing is coming out of my mouth, but muffled screams. Soon the mans face is next to my ear. " no use trying to scream, no one will hear you." Tears well in my eyes as he says this and i struggle harder uderneath him. I hear the music from the bar loud and understand even if i wasnt gagged not many people will hear me.
He begins to pick up his pace as he fucks me harder. "i just have to say i love how wet you are. it makes me so hard." he voice a whisper as he talks to me. " i also love how you taste." i tried not to vomit into my gag as he says those words to me.
he sucks on my nipples as he continues to fuck me. He continued to push his hard throbbing cock in and out of me, speeding up then slowing down. At time he would just stop and hold it in me. "i would hate to end this fun night to soon."
I lied there crying as he continued to fuck my pussy raw. " someone is getting to dry" he says as he pulls out and moves his mouth to my pussy and begins to fuck me with his tongue. His mouth moving all over my opening and my clit. i felt like he would never stop.
After what was at least an hour he lifted his head "you are so yummy, i could enjoy you all night long." he says to me as he moves his hips to mine. He again puts the head of his cock to my opening and this time he shoves it in deep. I scream into the gag as he becomes more forceful with his dick. "its getting late so time for me to get the job done" He whispers to me as he fucks me harder and faster.
He continually picks up his pace until suddenly he groans and his juices fill the condom. I feel him go limp inside me as he slowly moves off of me. i see his silhoutte grab something then his hand moves towards my face. " It was fun but time for me to go" He whispers to me as his hand covers my nose and mouth with a rag. Theres a weird smell in the air as i struggle under his hand. Slowly my struggles settle down as everything goes black.
the man then removes the duct tape around my mouth and slides my thong out of my mouth and placing it into his pocket. He then removes the duct tape from my wrists and places that in his pocket. Once he had me untied he gets up and walks away as it begins to rain, leaving me there so the rain can wash away any other traces of him being there.


2014-05-02 05:31:10
Glad I'm just an amateur. And don't car about what anal losers say.

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2014-05-01 02:55:51
Poor grammar. Always capitalize the pronoun "I". You consistently failed to do this.

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2014-04-30 06:28:25
Could have been longer with a slower build up but overall a fairly good story.

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