We made a date with our daughters for dinner and sex
After I accepted the fact that my sixteen year old daughter was fucking my best friend and I screwed his girl, he and I made a date with the two teens for a night of dinner and sex.

Our wives said goodbye and wished us a fun evening at the Hard Rock with Sally and Carol. They knew we were taking our daughters to dinner but they didn’t' know we were taking them for a toss and roll all over two queen sized beds. It was after the women left to get their hair done that our girls made their appearance. My heart almost thudded to a stop at the sight of Sally. True to her word she was wearing a black skirt and blouse combination that molded to her playboy body like paint. The top two buttons were open which gave me a grand view of the smooth creamy skin of her breasts, deep bra-less cleavage beckoned my stare. The short, ass hugging skirt curved over the tight round cheeks of her butt and snugged around her thighs. From mid-thigh to spiked heels her legs were bare. She had spent time primping in front of a mirror; her carefully done black hair framed her stunningly pretty face. She stepped up to me, looked me directly in the eyes and asked “Have you been thinking about me?” I almost lost a load in my pants when my balls trembled with anticipation.

Andy was staring at his daughter as hard as I until Carol came into the room. The two must have agreed to come in separately so we men would have time to appraise and appreciate them one at a time, it worked. Sally had our undivided attention until Carol appeared. Both of us shifted our eyes from Sally to take in the vision of my daughter. She was wearing a white bobbysoxer pullover that hugged her body, her tits projected proudly from her chest, the soft close knit couldn't hide the peaks of her nipples, she wasn't wearing a bra either. I glanced at Andy and thought he was going to start drooling as his eyes tore reluctantly from my baby's tits then down her body. She too was wearing a short, snug fitted skirt but this one was dark red leather. She wore red net stockings that covered her shapely legs from white 3 inch stilettos. Carol stopped and posed for Andy, one hand on a hip, the other to her head, long fingers stroking her soft blonde hair.

At the sight of our dates I began to hyperventilate. Sally was my date but my mind flashed an unbidden image of Carol, an image that was purely carnal but taboo by our relationship. As if on cue, the two girls came to us, Carol to Andy, Sally to me and kissed us softly, “We're ready,” said my daughter, “let's go”.

We went to dinner even though I thought it a formality we didn't need. Andy and I both would have skipped dinner and gone straight to the room if either one of the girls even hinted we could but I guess the two were going to enjoy their night to the fullest so we had a long enjoyable meal. The waiter didn’t want to embarrass himself or us so he didn’t challenge the girls age when we ordered them wine. Dinner consisted of light banter, overt flirting and a lot of seriously promising eye contact. Even though I was with Sally my eyes would stray to Carol as I marveled at how bold and sluttish she looked, how she was acting with Andy, there were moments when being her father wouldn't have been a problem for me. After dinner we let the girls waste a few dollars in the slots, at sixteen they weren’t old enough to play the machines but anybody would have been guessing if they thought they were under eighteen. Come to think of it, at sixteen they weren’t old enough to do anything we were planning.

It was Andy who finally urged the girls toward the room. As we walked through the lobby to the elevator we attracted glares and stares from most of the people in the Casino. All they could see was a pair of middle aged men escorting a couple of delicious young hookers upstairs. The thought of our daughters as prostitutes for the night made my hormones drip a little faster.

On the lift from the Casino to the top floor of the hotel the girls were silent, looking at their shoes. I thought it odd they would be shy after all the boldness and innuendo earlier until Sally put an arm around me, lifted her lips to my ear and told me what was bothering her “I never did this with anybody watching before.”

Carol heard her words and began to turn red and added in a little girl voice “Me neither daddy.”

I looked from one pretty face to the other “Don't worry girls, Andy and I have and I know it won't take long before you two start watching the other girl get fucked. You will both get turned on hotter and harder.”

Carol shot me a look laden with daring “I want to see what you put into her dad, I want to see your cum dripping from her.”

In an instant the shyness was banished and Sally reached for my prick, she rubbed the bulge firmly and said “Let's make sure she gets a good show.”

In the room Carol grabbed Sally's hand and started toward the bathroom but halted when Andy asked “Where are you two going?”

Sally answered “To get ready, you do it too.”

He replied “No, stay here, we want to undress you, it's a lot more fun for all of us if we get to strip you nude before taking you to bed.”

Carol spoke up, “We should be naked for both of you,” she looked at me, “daddy?”

I looked at my daughter “We won't be turning off the lights and hide under the blankets if that's what you expected, it's all or nothing sweetheart, we both want to see how our babies have developed into young women. Besides, didn't you just say you wanted to see me put it to her?”

After only a moment’s hesitation Sally dropped Carol's hand and stepped up to me then boldly announced “Okay; you know of course Carol and I will be checking you guys out too, and not just your broad chests” she wrapped her arms around my waist then put her lips on mine. As my hands dropped to her tightly wrapped ass I watched Andy run his hands up my girl’s legs and under her skirt.

Pulling the clothes off Sally was an exciting, hot erotic experience. I felt her, I caressed her, I massaged her breasts and legs. The blouse came off and before it fluttered to the floor my tongue tasted the nipples on her tits. Sally gasped deeply as I suckled her while my hands sought to loosen the skirt. I cast a quick look to Andy and Carol just as he was pulling the red net stockings off her feet. He put a hand between her thighs while she shed her pullover.

I'm not sure what he did to her under the cover of the skirt but my baby yelped heatedly then threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and locking her mouth to his. He pushed the skirt off her butt then to her feet. Carol was wearing a red thong which was the last article of clothing to leave her body. I returned my focus to the hot teen in my arms and finished dropping her skirt to the floor. True to her word, Sally wasn't wearing anything under it. I dropped to my knees and kissed the tender flesh of her stomach just over her modestly trimmed pubic hair. Sally's hands went to my head and she pushed me down, I caught the scent of body musk mixed with a heady perfume as I licked my first taste of her. I urged the girl back until her knees folded over the edge of the bed which put her cunt in a position I could get at without kinking my neck. I pushed her legs apart then put my mouth over the soft swollen lips of her sex. My entire world, my entire being was centered on the sweet honey I licked from her. My cock was jammed cruelly in my pants, my balls ached but I knew what I had to do for Sally before I slipped into her.

Sally lifted her legs and rested them over my shoulders, the velvety insides of her thighs holding me in place as I ate her. She was getting awesomely active, humping her hips, rocking her pussy against my mouth. Even though her legs covered my ears I could hear both girls in the throes of passion. I don't know what Andy was doing to Carol but she was definitely enjoying it.

It started as a quiver in her legs then a vibration rippled across her stomach as I looked over her body into her face. Sally's eyes slammed open, unfocused as the orgasm started from where my mouth touched her body then engulfed her wholly. She was humping her hips, rubbing her cunt on my lips as she burbled incoherently. Gradually the shivers subsided, the gasps and moans ceased and my sixteen year old Goddaughter relaxed. I stood up and took off my clothes while she watched with deep inviting eyes.

I was looking at Sally’s nude body while pulling my pants off when I heard Carol start to wail. I turned my eyes to my daughter just as Andy jammed two fingers between her legs and fingered her over the top. Carol seized two handfuls of blanket and tried to buck away front the erotic assault between her thighs but Andy put his other hand on her heaving stomach and held her down while the climax raged.

I looked back at Sally, she held her arms to me, hot lust radiated from her eyes, “Fuck me now Uncle Mike.”

As I lowered my cock between the long smooth thighs of the teen I saw my best friend push my daughter to her stomach then enter her over her ass.

We fucked. We rocked and rolled all over the bed. I had blown my nuts hard and fast when I screwed Sally earlier so they were in no hurry to unload. I had her arms pinned to the bed with my hands, her body pinned by my erection when she shivered with another orgasm. Her cunt flowed with hot viscous fluid that only enhanced the pleasure of thrusting in and out of her.

She was on her face, on her knees, ass high in the air when my balls finally surrendered, they couldn't keep up with her anymore. It felt like my nut sack turned inside out as the torrent of cum filled the deep, hot young girl. The feel of my pounding shaft erupting into her set Sally off on a fourth, monumental climax punctuated by cresting waves of rapture each time her body convulsed.

I collapsed to the bed next to the girl rasping for fresh air. The sounds of sex caused me to roll my head to the other bed where Andy was still driving hard and fast into my Carol. The look of passion on her face told me all I needed to know. Carol wasn't a girl any more, she was a woman and she was thoroughly enjoying that new status. I remembered how just a few hours before I was ready to blow my best friends nuts off for fucking my child, now I watched fascinated as those big balls banged into my writhing hot daughter. Carol opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. Her blue eyes grew wider then rolled up to white as her climax clawed its way from Andy's cock to engulf her. Carol humped and thrashed under Andy while the contractions of his body forced deep moans from his lungs. I watched my best friend do his best to impregnate my little girl and felt nothing but blissful satisfaction.

The girls went as a team to the bathroom to clean up. After the door closed Andy and I caught snippets of laughing, giggling and quick but quiet conversation. I looked at his relaxed cock and felt mine stir again when I thought of his in Carol. I'd seen him naked many times, I’d seen him screw a dozen girls but I never felt a twitch of envy before that moment.

Envy? He and I had fucked two girls in the same room many times but I never felt envy before. It puzzled me for a moment until I realized I never felt envy because we would trade, we never had a pair of warm young cunts refuse to change cocks; they liked getting laid by two partners in the same night too. The envy came from knowing that he was enjoying a piece of ass that was forbidden to me.

I couldn’t shake the memories. My heart started thudding, my cock began to fill and warm again. After a lifetime of friendship Andy could read my mind as if we were linked. He looked at my swelling cock then to my eyes and knew what I was thinking, “It would be incest” he said.

I flashed on the image of Carol's shapely legs wrapped around Andy's thighs and answered, “My nuts wouldn't care.”

He looked at the closed bathroom door then back to me “They can only say yes or no.”

Moments later the door opened and our naked daughter dates scampered back into the room, Carol bounced happily onto the bed with Andy while Sally came back to me. “Now what,” Carol asked Andy “it's still too early to go home?” She licked a nipple on his chest.

Sally lay beside me and eased a hand between my legs, cradling my balls. “Are you done Uncle Mike?” She lifted up, leaned over my lap and kissed the head of my half hard cock. Not to be outdone by her best friend, Carol bent over Andy's lap and sucked his flaccid cock between her lips and over her tongue. In seconds the girls were locked in an unspoken contest to see which one could raise a useable erection first.

It didn't take but a minute or two for both of us to sport long stiff cocks for the girls. They lifted their lips from us, inviting us with sensuous movements of their bodies to screw them again. I glanced quickly at Andy and he gave me a short nod and a half smile. My heart started thumping harder as the words formed in my mind, waiting for permission to fall from my mouth.

I spoke to my daughter “Carol, how many boys have you fucked?”

She started, blushed attractively across her neck and tits then uttered “Three, Andy is four but he isn't a boy.”

I turned the question to Sally and she replied while watching for her father's reaction “One more,” she hesitated, “four I mean, and now you.”

My heart jumped into my throat almost closing it off but the next question forced past the lump “Have you girls ever fucked two boys at the same time, the same night together? Like now only you let both screw you?” I was having a hard time saying it “Traded them I mean.”

Carol looked at me uncomprehending but Sally caught on in a flash. She spun her head to her father “You want to have sex with me?”

Andy didn't have to say anything; the look in his eyes told his daughter everything she needed to know. Sally stared at him for five long seconds then swiveled her head to her friend “Your dad wants to fuck you, my dad wants me.” Carol looked at her best friend, trying to focus on the words as Sally continued with a hint of challenge “What do you think bitch?”

Carol glanced at Andy then me then back to Sally, the full implication of our words finally registering, “Well, we agreed to be total fucking sluts tonight, to do anything they wanted; fucking our own father would be as slutty as we could ever get.”

Carol sat up, pulled her hand off Andy's erection and said to me with a smiling blue eyes “Okay dad, get rid of the black haired bimbo, I'm going to show you that blondes are way more fun.” I didn't answer, I just held out my hand. Carol leaned to Andy and kissed him quickly on the cheek “Don't worry, I'll be back.” She hopped off the bed and motioned for her friend to leave my side. Sally chirped happily then went to her father as my daughter joined me on the queen sized bed.

Carol stretched out on her back, her arms over her head; her feet pointed to the end of the bed and let me look at her from mussed yellow hair to red painted toes. She watched my cock solidify to stone then held her arms up and spread her legs, inviting me to fuck her. The moment the head of my erection penetrated my girl I stopped and looked down into her eyes. She put her arms around my neck, pulled me close and breathed quietly into my ear “It's okay daddy, fuck me like mom on your wedding night.” I drove into her so hard she moved several inches up the bed. Carol grabbed my ass with both hands and helped me as I pistoned my cock in and out of her overheated pussy. I concentrated on my girl but I heard Sally panting her pleasure as her father screwed her.

By the time I blew my balls into my daughter I had sucked her tits and cunt and we had tried five or six positions. Carol had two more orgasms while I was building to one gigantic climax. We were lying on our sides, spooned together front to back as my cock plunged through the lips of her hot swollen sex. We were both watching Andy fuck Sally when the end of my erection ripped open and I gushed streams of incestuous cum into my child where it mixed with Andy's. Sally was watching us when I came which set off a sympathetic detonation in her womb. Andy was straining, teeth clenched, burning red as his daughter held the head of his cock in her hole and let it spew into her.

The evening was done and my balls were fucking tired. It took us almost an hour to recover enough to clean up, get dressed and leave for home. That hour was full of gentle intimacy, sweet caresses and moments of tender endearment. If there was any guilt, embarrassment or doubt about what we had done, none of us showed it. On the way home it was Andy who spoke the same thing I was thinking, how could we get the two girls past their mothers and into their rooms without questions? Both the girls looked like free living harlots that had been fucked hard several times, their hair, makeup and clothes were a mess.

Andy said to Sally “Maybe you should go through the kitchen straight to your room, that way your mother won't see you.”

She looked at her father, “I don't think I need to do that, mom and Aunt Georgia probably aren't home yet.”

“Huh, what do you mean, where would they be?”

“I heard them making plans, after they got their hair done they were going to the Hilton, buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the evening in a room there.”

I spoke up jokingly, “What the hell, are they meeting some men and fucking them?”

It was Carol who replied “No, dad, together. They don't need men; they are very close friends, closer than you think. What do you think they do to keep busy when you and Uncle Andy go on your fishing trips?”

I cast my eyes from Sally to my daughter, “Are you trying to tell me your mother and Sybil get it on with each other?” Andy was driving but he turned his head toward the girls in the back seat to catch the answer.

Sally leaned forward, put her elbows on the back of the seat and said “Just think, the husbands are always the last to know. Where do you think we got these clothes tonight, we raided our mothers' secret closet. These are things they wear when they screw each other.”

Carol put her hands on my shoulders, tickled the lobe of my ear with the tip of her tongue and said softly “You could spend all night with me in my room and mom can't say a motherfucking thing,” my daughter hesitated, taking a deep breath before she continued, “because that’s exactly what we've done, I am a motherfucker.”

For the third time in the day I was shocked “Your mother and you!?”

Sally joined the quiet admission “Both of them, both of us; we've partied with them and their dildos a couple of times.”

I turned to face the girls, first Sally then Carol, looking for the truth of their words. I was stunned silent but it took only a few seconds before I asked Carol “You think they would join us?”

The question lingered in the air as my girl thought then she answered “You know what dad, I think they would. Let's go ask them.”

Andy turned to me “Should we?”

“Yeah, we should. Turn around, let's go to the Hilton and find them, I've wanted to screw Sybil since before you married her.”

Andy shot me a quick answer “You should have asked” then did a quick u-turn in the street while our daughters in the back giggled delightedly.

I began to imagine what it would be like, Sybil and Sally, mother and daughter in bed with me at the same time my wife and daughter were in the next bed with my lifelong friend. The list of combinations grew as I sorted them out; Sybil and Georgia, Sybil and Carol, Carol and Sally, Sally and Georgia, Carol and Georgia. All of a sudden my tired balls weren’t so fucking tired anymore.

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