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In a rich crescent, located high in the hills around the city sits 5 beautiful mansions and within these 5 very beautiful trophy wives. These woman have all quickly tired of their current husbands and begin to explore other local men. Soon each woman is surrounded by men willing to fuck them any time, any place all they have to do is call on them.
As the warming early morning sun rose upwards casting long shadows across the city skyline, Rosa Harrison awoke from her deep sleep. She was another one of the select woman on the Crescent and fitted in perfectly with the rest of them. Tall, dark, latino and very beautiful with a Hollywood smile of sparkling teeth and a curvaceous hourglass figure, she hardly blended in with a crowd.
She sighed, breathing her first breath of the new day. She slid to a sitting position at the side of the bed and stretched her arms above her head, yawning. Rosa peered back over her shoulder noticing the tidy sheets and empty space where Bill used to lie. After 11 years of marriage to Bill Harrison, CEO of Harrison Construction - one of the largest construction firms in the United States - Bill had tired of their relationship. With long hours, many foreign business trips and plenty of late nights at the office, Rosa felt she had lost him. Even though most men that had laid eyes on Rosa would stare, jaws a little open, cocks hardening in there pants, Rosa could never achieve this with Bill. He would always put on this face of disdain and walk away or head to a bar downtown.
This is why Rosa cheated on Bill. She was fed up, lonely and annoyed with the lack of love in her life. She smirked as she looked at her phone on the side table, spotting the reminder she’d left herself as it buzzed and vibrated. She stood and walked over, her curvy, pert ass swaying from side to side at the brim of the light chiffon nightie draping her figure. Rosa wrapped her fingers around the slim phone tapping it to life. She selected her reminders and scrolled to today.
In large capitals it read: Alexander, Personal Trainer 1-4pm.
Rosa had been having a couple of sessions every week with Alexander on the cream patio overlooking the city and her splendid pool. They had occasionally giggled and laughed at misplaced hands and flirted about it but no one like Alex had been driving Rosa crazy like this before. Just that night she had a deep, passionate dream of jerking his fat cock as he lay on one of the sun loungers, his face wincing with so much pleasure. She wanted him. Needed him.
Rosa walked downstairs to the kitchen, still in her nightie as she bend down and picked up the mail on the doormat. The thin, pink material, rolled up, over her round ass cheeks that glowed a health tan colour. She flicked her fingers across the envelopes and scanned the names. All for Bill then, she thought rolling her eyes as between her thighs appeared the plump lips of her trimmed pussy.
She straightened up and gently moved to the kitchen. It was a large glossy room with red as the dominant colour, splashing all over the cabinets and drawers as well as the huge cabernet shade of red cooker. Rosa pulled the ice cold orange juice bottle from the fridge and poured herself a glass. She strolled outside into the open air of the patio, sitting in one of the smaller chairs by the large, glass topped table. She took a long gulp, smiling, a little more refreshed.
Rosa looked down the green hills that were chipped by the concrete of other homes and apartment blocks as her eyes drifted further to the impressive skyscrapers ramming upwards into the sky, their windows sparkling in the yellowing light. She knew Bill was up there at the very top, lording over his billion dollar company with that 3 inch cock of his and his short temper. She felt sorry for the fools that worked for him. She giggled a little at that thought.
As she took another sip, Rosa wondered why he hadn’t gotten a divorce yet. It wasn’t like she was the daughter of a powerful gangster or a millionairess herself. And then see realised that somewhere deep down in that aging body of his was a little part of him that still cared; that still longed for her touch. If Rosa had been more sentimental she would have stopped herself from todays workout but she wanted it so bad from Alexander.
His broad, firm chest that almost ripped those skin tight t-shirts. His abs that rippled like the waves of the sea along the fabric of his tops. His sharp, stubble covered face that would make anybody melt. And then of course there was that big, bulging cock that sat compressed to his thigh in those lycra shorts. She almost drooled at the thought.
It made Rosa mad with envy that Claire had already fucked him. According to her story, they’d been flirting for sometime. She would tease him by ‘accidentally’ putting her hands on his crotch and he would ‘inadvertently’ squeeze the hardening nipples of those massive breasts. Rosa had almost screamed with rage when Claire continued to say she convinced him to get in the shower with her and while their hot, sweating bodies shined in the cooling water of the shower, fucked him really hard, making her organism really hard.
Rosa cursed under her breath at the luck of Claire. She shook her head at the thought of that lucky woman. I suppose that’s why they all call her Lucky Bitch! thought Rosa with a frown. She stood and wandered back inside, leaving the glass by the sink before disappearing upstairs to put something that would really make Alexander pay attention to her.


It was two hours later when Alexander pulled up outside. He slid out of his flashy looking sedan and walked down the cobbled driveway to Rosa’s mansion. As he walked, he peered up through the branches of the many overhanging trees, spying through the greens and yellows to see Rosa’s eyes meet his. She stood on the first floor landing, watching out for his arrival. Her heart missed a beat as she finally saw his heavy build march down the drive, his brow still a little sweaty and his cock so prominently on display.
Before Alex could even lay a finger on the doorbell, Rosa arrived swinging the door open with a wide grin. As soon as Alexander laid eyes on Rosa’s round, EE cup breasts bulging over the edges of her lycra vests cleavage, he was speechless. His eyes fixated on them as they jiggled a little from her movements.
“Hi Alex!” beamed Rosa as she left a hand on her hip, sticking her behind out a little more. This further enticed Alex as he now stared down at her yoga pant clad ass. The fabric sitting so tight to Rosa’s round thighs it was almost see-through.
“Alex?” asked Rosa, loving his wide eyed glare.
“Oh s-sorry Rosa,” Alex lifted up his hand to shake but his eyes kept bouncing back to her ass, “I got held up in… in traffic.”
“Its no problem, come on in!” smiled Rosa as she replied and waved him in.
They walked down a small set of steps, past the kitchen and out onto the cream tiled patio; all the while Alex’s eyes locked to Rosa’s ass as it bounced from side to side. He knew he would have to think of something horrible to get the picture of his cock ramming her ass out of his head, but he just couldn’t! He could feel himself hardening as he stood in the warm midday air with Rosa so beautifully displayed before him.
“So how would you like to begin today?” asked Alexander, clearing his throat.
“Oh I really liked those squats last day!” smirked Rosa.
“Okay sure, sure. That would be perfect,” he answered throwing down his yoga mat.
Rosa nodded as she stood with her feet shoulder width apart and then gently began to squat down. Her ass reaching its limits as it stuck out in her yoga pants tightening them to her form. The same feeling occurred in Alexander’s shorts as he gazed at her, his cock twitching to life. He took a few steps closer, placing a hand on the small of her back rubbing it side to side and guiding her downwards further. Instead of focusing on her face, Alex was completely mesmerized by Rosa’s ass. It was so round, so plump and so full. He felt salvia build in his mouth as he was tempted on and on by it’s slow, shallow bouncing movement.
Rosa groaned, “Oh I can really felt that stretch!”
“Yeah…. Can you go a little lower?” asked Alexander as he walked behind her, gripping her around the hips.
“I’ll try,” replied Rosa, feeling Alex start to grind on her from behind.
She could feel his cock start to slide up and down between her round ass cheeks. She felt it throb and pulse with blood as she could hear his breath become more ragged, longing for more. She started to move her ass in circular movements, as well as vertically. Rosa loved the feeling of his slightly trembling hands on her hips. She relished the way she held so much power over her man. No matter who they were, big or small, they would always falter for her flirting.
She looked back over her shoulder, biting her bottom lip as she stared at him seductively. Alexander’s eyes flickered between Rosa’s deep hazel eyes and the feeling of his cock sandwiched between her warm ass cheeks. His pulse raced further as she pushed back onto him, Rosa making sure he could feel every last centimeter of her cheeks. She let out a soft groan of delight, her eyes still locking with his.
“I think I need to work on… on this ass a little more privately,” commented Alexander, face flushed and heart beating like a bass drum.
“I agree. I hear you have some really intensive and special workouts. My friend Claire told me all about them.” Rosa let that hang in the air for a moment as Alexander realised she wanted him too and she wasn’t just another cockteasing housewife. His cock grew even fatter as he remember Claire and how amazing she had been with his cock.
He smirked, “Okay…. How about you help me set it all up?”
“Happily,” replied Rosa.
Rosa slowly turned around as Alex took a step back, placing his hands on his hips blatantly showing her his big cock. It was easily 9 or 10 inches as it throbbed inside his shorts. He smirked at her, noticing her eyes locking on his cock,”Mind if I take a seat?”
Rosa shook her head and he sat on a nearby sunlounger, relaxing back into the padded seat. She gave him another bout of her seductive eyes as she slowly strutted towards him. Rosa lowered herself to her knees at the end of the sunlounger, lying forwards resting her plump tits against Alex’s broad thighs. See smiled up at him as he reached forth, and revealed his massive, throbbing cock.
Rosa stared at it, finally seeing this prized fuckstick. Smirking, she licked her lips, tracing the edge of her red lips with the tip of her tongue to tease him even further. She finally reached up and held his cock in one hand. She smiled, feeling the thick veins throb against the softer skin of her palm. She then began to slowly stroke his cock.
Alex groaned as he could feel each of Rosa’s long fingers wrap tight to his cock and tug at him. He could feel the cool metal of the golden wedding band touch his sensitive skin, making him feel even hornier and dirtier for fucking someone elses wife. He held her gaze as he grunted again. Rosa added her own soft moans as she began to lick the underside of his thick shaft, up and down, up and down. .
Her smooth tongue ran from the slightly hairy base of his cock, all the way up to his glans. She flicked her tongue back and forth, making his cock tip glisten in the sunlight with her sweet spit. It wasn’t long until Rosa began pecking and kissing Alex’s shaft, leaving large red lipstick marks all over it, teasing him even further. She adored his cock, feeling every inch with her pouted lips and smooth hands. She remembered back to last nights dream and smirked, Guess dreams really can come true!
Alexander’s grunts, groans and moans of pleasure filled the empty patio air only matched by the slow trickle of water in the swimming pool. She gazed up at him as he looked back down, past her face to her large cleavage, “A-Any chance you could… show those big tittes!”
With a flick of her tongue along his cock, Rosa answered, “Anything for this cock, babe!”
Alex grinned giddily as his cock throbbed harder, small drops of precum rolling down his shaft. His eyes were fixed on Rosa’s midriff as she slowly slid the vest off over her head, letting her heavy, round breasts bounce free. Without any thought, Alexander’s hands shot outwards cupping her impressive cleavage. He mauled at them, squeezing and playing while Rosa’s hand gave him single, strong strokes of his rod.
“I want you so bad!” grunted Alex, his face contorting with pleasure, his cock coating Rosa’s hand in a thin layer of precum.
“Me too!” she blurted out, “I’ve wanted this powerful cock since the day I saw it! I need it!” She sounded as if she was begging for it with her lips pouted and her round ass grinding on his legs.
Alex glared up as he sighed with the relief of his cock. He knew he could last a long time but this was driving him up the walls with so much passion he could have sprayed her breasts with his warm seed that very moment. Though he needed to bury his fat cock in her tight cunt and he wasn’t going to leave until that happened.
He smiled back to her again, “I want your pussy baby. I want it all over my cock!”
“Yes!” shouted Rosa, as if she was already riding him.
She leapt to her feet and in one quick movement dropped her yoga pants to her ankles. Alexander reach out and spank the freshly exposed ass cheeks, loving their wobble and roundness. He stared at its shake as Rosa looked over her shoulder laughing a little at her tight ass. Alex lowered himself down so his cock stood straight up as he laid out on the lounger. The perfect ride, thought Rosa as she looked at its shining tip, rock hard meat and swelling veins.
Rosa gently swung one leg over to the other side of the lounger and squatted down. Alexander had a smug smile crossing his face as he could now she those puffed, sparkling lips of Rosa’s tight vagina lower to his cock. She loved to tease and start to rub her trimmed pussy lips back and forth over the very end of his thick fuckstick. Her warm juices trickled down its side as he stared deeply into her eyes. Alex reached up and placed his hands on her hips. He gave her one last wink of warning and then rammed her, tight, pink cunt full of rock hard, vein covered cock. They both screamed with deep passion as they felt themselves lock together in their bond of lust.
“Ahhhhh! Your fuckin tight!” Alex barked as Rosa now sat on his stiff rod, her face wincing with utter pleasure. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his muscular chest as she slid her legs up onto the end of the lounger, resting them beside his.
Rosa sat up and peered down at her tight pussy choking on Alexander’s cock. She felt it twitch against her pussy walls and tease her g-spot with its bulbous tip. Then Rosa began to ride him. The dull thud of her on him, that sharp slurp of her dripping pussy around his cock and the slap-slap of her ass cheeks on his legs. They both panted and grunt and moaned as they felt so horny, so dirty.
“Thats it! T-Thats it!” sparred Alex, his eyes locked with hers.
“Oh babe! Baby! I need thissssss,” hissed Rosa, her hips jolting vertically on his cock.
Alexander helped, lifting Rosa up and down on his cock feeling himself swell and throb like never before. He had never been so horny and hot. He wanted to destroy Rosa with his massive shaft and was beaming at the thought of it. Alex then started to lift his hips as well, thrusting into her as she rode. She mumbled with pleasure, arching her back, sticking her chest forward, showing him more of the soft pussy. He reach forward with one of his hands and began to massage her clitoris with his thumb as it sat against his abs.
“Oh shiiit!” moaned Rosa, “Thats goodd, goooood!”
He grinned, pleasing her. Alexander then began to grow in pace. Thrusting up into the warm chasm with more gusto. He could feel the sweat pop on his back as Rosa started to shout louder and louder, loving every last inch. The slap of her fat ass on his thighs echoing louder as the sunlounger started to creak under them fucking.
“Take it! Mmmmmm! That my fucking pole!” ordered Alex as he pounded into her, his cock drenched in her juice.
She leapt from side to side as his cock coaxed into her tight pussy, stretching it more than she had imagined. She felt the warmth of each vein and the rim of his glans as it slid by her lips and clit again and again. She felt so turned on, much more than any time she was with Bill.
“This…. This is h-h-heaven!” she groaned.
“Yeah, I bet you love it! You slutty MILF!” replied Alex.
She felt wetter than ever as Alexander started heckling her with abuse. She wanted him to blow his massive rod deep inside her, feel the true pleasure of his cock. Rosa lent forward and began to slam her pussy down on his cock. The slaps grew louder and louder as did their moans and panting grunts. Alexander felt his cock swell after a few moments of Rosa’s pounding and knew he was about to empty his heavy cum filled balls deep into her cunt. He winced as his face started to go red and sweat drops rolled off his forehead.
“Oh god! God! I’m going to... to….” he grunted like a primal beast and then fired off a creamy load, shaking in his seat, “OHHHhhhhh! Fuck that's it! Milk it!”
As Rosa felt the tidal wave of warm, sticky cum she bit her lip hard and orgasmed too. She writhed on his cock, cupping her breasts, quivering with pure passion as his cum trickled out the sides of her pussy, dripping to his emptying balls.
They both stared into each others eyes after several minutes of heavy panting and light moaning. Rosa loved this cock and clamped it by bringing her legs closer together. To her surprise he was still ready to go again, cock rock hard and smirk on his face.
She giggled softly and ran a hand over his muscles, “I think I need more practice in this stretch.”
“I think so too!” said Alexander with a giddy smile as he slapped her ass with a loud clap.
For the next hour Rosa rode on Alexander’s cock. Bouncing tits, more deep screams that caused the birds in the surround trees to scatter and a few more shots of hot cum left Rosa lying on Alex’s chest, her hand caressing his pecks. She looked up at him, kissing his neck a little as she lay on top, “How about you come here a little more regularly. Try out a new stretch each day?”
He nodded as he cupped one of her breasts, “Sure, I think I can do that!”
She smiled and kissed him again. Her hand began to wonder downwards to his cock. It might have now softened but it still was impressively thick. She softly squeezed it and was about to give him a slow, farewell handjob when the rasp of a car and the clomp of tyres on cobbles could be heard from the front of the house. Rosa’s eyes shot open and she leapt up, Bills back!
“Quickly, put your things on! Its my damn husband!” hurriedly spoke Rosa as she began to pull her yoga pants over her cum filled pussy.
Alexander leapt up as well, sliding into his t-shirt and then his shorts. He ran his hand over his bald head, cleaning off some sweat as he helped Rosa slip into her vest. They could hear the clank of keys in the front lock. She smiled and brushed her hair back as they both moved to the door to make it look as though Alex was leaving. Bill walked in, opening the door with a bored face.
“Hi honey!” smiled Rosa enthusiastically, “Alex was just leaving.”
“So you're the one in the shit sedan half blocking my gates.” replied Bill with a stony look, glaring at Alexander.
“Oh sorry about that Mr Harrison, I’m leaving now any way,” Alex smiled too, trying to look a little less spent.
Bill grumbled and walked off upstairs, mumbling some hateful words. Rosa looked back to Alex and rolled her eyes. She quietly pecked him on the lips and turned to walk off. Alexander had other ideas and slapped her ass making her stumble forward a little. She giggled as Alexander left and Rosa felt the warmth of some of his seed slide down her thigh staining the black of her yoga pants a white colour.
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