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Hi, this is a re-write of the story spider-man: ultimate heroes. nothing major just some grammar, punctuation and tied up plot-holes. enjoy the beta
The sun shone brightly into the gloomy apartment, shining down upon the couple in their bed. Peter started to squirm uncomfortably at the unwelcome intruder and eventually woke up, rolling over, now awake and gazing at his gorgeous wife, Mary Jane. Her red hair shone in the early morning light, and her chest heaved with her delicate breaths beneath the sheets.

Peter laid back and thought about his sexy wife, his cock hardening the more he thought about her. He slid back the covers and starting rubbing her nipples through her bra, making her sigh deeply in her sleep. Pausing slightly, he reached down to the clasp and gently took of her black lacy bra and started gently caressing her cleavage.

He leaned in and began sucking on her erect nipple, complete with brown areoles that were just the right size. Her nipple hardened in his mouth and he bit down softly, she let out a small gasp. Peter started stroking his erect dick and a small trail of pre-cum started leaking out of his massive purple head.

Peter could not hold back any longer, quickly mounting her and shoving his dick over his sleeping wife’s face. Mary-Jane awoke with a shock and smiled, “Good morning, Tiger. I can see that somebody’s up.” She giggled and licked the tip of his dick and moaned. “I was just having the best dream that you were fucking me.”

She started sucking his cock, wrapping her hand around the bottom of it while she tongued his head. Quickly changing over to forcing all of it down her throat, gagging on his massive tool, he grabbed the sides of her head and began to face fuck her.

Peter started to pant quicker and quicker and eventually let out an audible moan and shot a huge load of cum down her throat. She swallowed it until there was only a few strands left she showed it to him “I love it when you shoot me with your web, it’s so sticky and tasty.”

His dick was still rock hard, and he started trailing little kisses down here body, ending up at her flat stomach, which even though still had a little baby fat, still made her look sexy. He slowly lowered his hands down to her lacy black panties and pulled them down, easily smelling the dampness of her wet pussy.

Mary-Jane closed her sparkling green eyes and moaned loudly as Peter began probing her pussy with his slick tongue. He swirled his tongue around and suckled on her clit making her rock back and forth, her hips squeezing Peter’s head drawing him deeper into her folds. He started finger-fucking her, starting with a long hard thrust and changing it up frequently. Her body began quivering “Oh god, Tiger!” she yelled, squirting her juices all over Peter’s tongue.

He quickly crawled on top of Mary-Jane, his dick had never been pumped full of this much blood before. “I love you, baby” Peter moaned and bent down and gave her a long passionate kiss, their tongues interlocked just as Peter’s dick began to penetrate her tight wet lips. She moaned loudly and his cock began to bury itself deeper and deeper in her warm snatch.

Peter started pummelling into her, her breasts started bouncing up and down as she gazed longingly into his eyes. A fire seemed to burn like a passion in her eyes “Oh my god, fuck me tiger, fuck me!” she screamed. He started ramming his dick out of Mary-Jane’s pussy at a break-neck speed with her tight pussy trying to hold on to his cock for dear life as it stretched her walls to the limit.

"Oh god Pete, oh god, ugh, I’m going to cum!" She started screaming as she exploded all over his cock, he rammed her even harder and eventually shot his load deep into her warm, sticky pussy.

Peter sighed in relief, laying on top of his beautiful wife and kissing her fiercely. His dick was still raging hard so he turned her over into a doggy style. “Oh Tiger, what’s got you so aggressive this morning?” she asked. “That sweet pussy you’ve got, really got me going” he replied aggressively and then he brought his palm down onto her fat ass, leaving a hand imprint glowing on her ass. “I know you like this you dirty red-headed slut, now I’m going to take you’re juicy ass” he growled.

He spread her ass cheeks and started licking her anus. She started thrusting her ass into his face, moaning loudly, “Oh Pete, lick my asshole.” He went on for a couple of minutes, he then pulled his tongue out and a plop noise was heard. He lined his dick at her ass and started squeezing his big dick inside, moaning in pleasure she started thrusting back and they both started fucking like animals.

“Ugh, Ugh, Oh Peter, fuck my fat ass harder!” she screamed. Peter sped up and started whispering in her ear, “Take it bitch, have it all.” He smacked her ass in rhythm to the thrusts of his dick, going in and out at a speed only possible for a super-hero

Mary-Jane raised her head up and screamed "Oh god! Fuck me! Wreck my asshole!" Peter took his hands of MJ’s ass and grabbed her tits and started mauling them, twisting her nipples hard. “Oh fuck!” she screamed. “You like that bitch?” he retorted.

Her anus clenched and she started to climax, he took her hand of her tits and grabbed her clit, MJ screamed as her orgasm started to go crazy, this set Peter off and started spurting his seed into her ass.

Mary-Jane and Peter collapsed onto the bed in a sweaty fiery heap; Peter rolled over and got out of bed, slipping his costume on after towelling off. “Well, I’m off to work. Keep your pussy hot, I’ll be back.” He went to the balcony and shot off on his web, Mary-Jane smirked and used her hand to clean up the cum that was dripping from her pussy and her ass and sucked on her fingers. “Go get ‘em, tiger” she moaned.


2014-05-01 04:58:12
I know that people are going to point out this story exists, but if you know that then you'll know how bad the grammar is... There is a reason I call myself 'theultimatebeta' I hate grammar mistakes and I dream of a world inhabited by the literate. kind of like jacksfilms. So, if you ever need a beta for your stories, just message.

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