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Claire's reluctant work at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" hastransformed her life into that of a slut.
Chapter 34

When the girls had recovered from their surgery, and gotten used to their new huge tits, they went back to work at Titcage.

On the Monday of their return, Michael called all of them into his office first thing in the morning, told them to strip naked, and fucked each of them in the cunt. Each of the girls in turn bend over his desk while he stuck his cock into them from behind, leaning forward to squeeze and pinch their new boobs as hard he could. He pulled out of Claire and Kitten before cumming, saving his ejaculation for the pussy of Steph, who he knew would be most humiliated and revolted by it. Then he watched as Claire licked his cum out of her sister's twat.

Afterwards he congratulated Claire on reaching Q grade, and he showed her the requirements for P grade.

P Grade
- Wears a leash except when instructed otherwise by a male.
- Tits are at least a DD cup.
- Does not wear clothes at home or in the gardens of her home under any circumstances.
Attitude & Obedience:
- Allows anything to be put in her mouth by others; swallows edibles and liquids, sucks on other objects.
- Twice per day when carrying an object from place to place, carries it in her cunt.
- Eats five meals a week from a bowl like a dog.
- Eats two meals a week that have been flavoured by semen.
- Twice a week pisses on a meal she will eat.
Masturbation and Sex:
- Hurts her tits or her cunt during five masturbations a week.
- Masturbates herself constantly during her morning exercise.
- Receives sperm in one of her orifices at least once per day.
Lactation and Farming:
- Is lactating.
- Works five hours a week on a Titcage farm or other slut ranch.
Treatment of Sluts:
- Has licked another slut to orgasm.
- Has been licked to orgasm by a slut.
- Has sucked another slut’s tits in public.
Treatment of Men:
- Begs a man to rape her at least twice a week.
- When talking directly to a man while he is sitting, massages his cock.

Claire ignored the despair a part of her felt inside. These were things she deserved to have done to her. Noting her new requirements, she immeadiately reached out and began to massage Michael's still-hard penis.

"What's a slut ranch?" she heard herself ask.

"Don't worry about that, Fucktwat," replied Michael. "You'll probably be on the cusp of P grade for a while, because we have some other things for you to do before we send you out to the ranch."

The "other things" turned out to include company-sponsored training. For half of each day, all three of the girls were required to attend training sessions to improve "their suitability as employees, and as human females". Claire's class for training included not only Steph and Kitten, but also Sluthole, Kimberley, (who was now a V rank and calling herself Bitchmelons) and Samantha (now a U, and answering to Fuckpuppet).

Their trainer was a 20-something man named Kyle, who was assisted by a nude E-cup redhead called Twatsucker. Claire felt her pussy twitch looking at both Kyle and Twatsucker, and blushed. Twatsucker had very pretty fuckbags and an attractive, shaved cunt. (It was not until almost a week after training started that Claire realised she couldn't picture Twatsucker's face.)

The training started with a getting-to-know you session. The girls were paired up randomly and told to lick each other's pussies. Claire was partnered with Kimberley, Bitchmelons, who was not yet used to life at Titcage and struggled as Claire held her down and forced her cunt against Bitchmelons' face. She could feel Bitchmelons crying into Claire's pussy as the brunette slut licked at Claire's clitoris, and Claire wondered why Bitchmelons kept working at Titcage if she hated it so much, but it wasn't something Claire needed to worry about, and so she put it out of her mind and just buried her tongue in Bitchmelons' snatch.

Claire was finding that getting to have sex with random pretty girls was one of the great benefits of working at Titcage. She could just rape big-boobed sluts when she wanted to and no one would tell her not to. She wished the rest of the world would hurry up and come around to Titcage's way of thinking.

After the girls had had enough time to reach an orgasm, the getting-to-know you session continued, with the girls being asked to draw pictures of each other. Claire drew a picture of Kitten's pretty face, but when she showed it to Kyle, he ripped it up, brought Claire into the middle of the room, and began to beat her breasts savagely with a paddle. Claire cried and screamed, but she realised what she had done wrong when Kitten held up her picture of Steph. It showed Steph's cunt in intimiate detail, complete with that one labia that was slightly bigger than the other. As Kyle continued to slap Claire's tits, Claire realised that this wasn't Steph's cunt - this WAS Steph, in the same way that Claire would have described a picture of her father's face as a picture of her father.

After the beating she was sent back to her desk with her breasts in agony, where she drew a picture of Kitten's pussy as best she could picture it. She found she could picture it very well indeed - better than Kitten's face in some ways - and she was able to capture the smooth countours of Kitten's vulva and the way her little nub of a clitoris stuck out a little even when Kitten wasn't aroused, presenting Kitten's clit ring piercing in a way that always made Claire want to tug on it. She labelled the picture "Slutkitten".

Kyle approved of Claire's second drawing, and he rewarded her by letting her suck on his cock for a few minutes while he explained what the sluts would be learning next.

The first phase of training was to focus on teaching the girls how to walk properly, and over the next week they learned and practiced ways of moving more appropriate to the sluts that they were. Kyle explaind to them that there were only four appropriate ways for a slut to walk.

* The Slave - In this simple walk, the slut walks with her back straight, her boobs thrust outwards, and her hands behind her back at waist level, as if cuffed together. Kyle described this walk as the normal walk for a slut being led on a leash, and made them all practice it both with their hands actually tied together, and with their hands free of any literal restraint. They started off doing the walk in bare feet but progressed quickly to trying it in high stiletto heels. Claire noticed that in this walk she was completely unable to protect the front of her body. On two separate occasions she tripped on the high heels of her shoes and fell down, her tits slamming into the floor. The pain was agonising and she screamed, but Kyle and Twatsucker just laughed at her, and then encouraged the rest of the class to laugh at her as well. Claire was worried she had damaged her new implants but apparently they were made of tougher material than she feared - her boobs were fine, just in agony.

* The Fucktoy - In this walk, the slut walks while masturbating with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other. Thus the slut always has her fingers buried in her snatch as she walks. Kyle explained that a slut can use this walk even when clothed - she can slip her hand into her pants, skirt, or panties to finger her pussy, and grope her boobs even through her top or bra. Claire found it difficult at first to do this walk - she kept forgetting either to pump her fingers in and out of her fuckhole, or to keep walking forward, but she soon learned the rhythm of it and found it tremendously satisfying to be able to play with herself while also walking places.

* The Offer - For this walk, the slut's tits are fully exposed, and she cups and lifts them with her hands as she walks, to emphasise that her boobs are not her own, but rather exist for the pleasure of her master and men generally. Claire found it distracting to be constantly touching her sensitive fuckmelons as she walked and would occasionally start to squeeze them for the mix of pain and pleasure it would bring. Each time she did, Twatsucker would lash her tits with a cane, and remind Claire that a slut's boobs were not for her own pleasure, but the pleasure of others.

* The Pet - Obviously the last walk was not a walk at all, but a crawl on all fours. The sluts were taught to crawl quickly and efficiently, waggling their bodies to maximise the wiggle of their butt and the swing of their boobs. Part of the training including crawling while on a leash, and crawling with tail-shaped butt plugs pushed into their anus.

For each walk, the girls also practiced it while holding dildos in their pussy and/or anus, and, when they needed to urinate, practiced pissing without stopping walking. They were told that these four walks were the only ways they would ever walk again for the rest of their lives, and that they would explain this to the men in their lives so they could be disciplined if they forgot. They learned how to select a walk - the Pet was to be used indoors by default unless they were told otherwise. The Slave was for when they were on a leash and being led, or for when they were in a situation where using another walk might attract the attention of authorities who aren't sympathetic to the idea of sluts knowing their place. . The Offer was for meeting new men. And the Fucktoy was to be used at all other times.

On the first night at home afterr training, Claire and Steph demonstrated their new walks to their father, strutting back in forth naked in front of them cupping their tits or fingering their pussies. Afterwards he delivered his first whipping to their healed and healthy boobs, and when he had left a line of red welts across their fuckmelons, he made the crying girls kneel so he could masturbate and cum on them. The two sisters licked their father's cum from each others' breasts, and then had dinner.

Dinner for Claire was dog food, which tonight was served in a dog bowl rather than her sister's cunt. This was by Claire's request, to help with her grade requirements, but when she came to crouch on all fours in front of the bowl and begin licking up the slimy chunks, she felt her pussy growing wet. She realised she had come to associate the taste of dog food with the taste of cunt, and therefore with sex, and now she bitterly wished she had Steph or some other whore licked at her beaver while she ate. She instead attempted to balance on only one hand so she could use the other to rub her twat as she ate, and mostly succeeded, only falling over embarassingly twice.

Each day at training, the girls would repeat the forty minutes of "getting to know each other" - licking each others' pussies, and then drawing pictures of each other. While Sluthole, Slutkitten and Cuntcandy (Steph) were willing participants in the sex. Claire found that, as with Bitchmelons, she also had to rape Fuckpuppet (Samantha) to get her to behave. Fuckpuppet was even more fun to rape than Bitchmelons had been, wiggling in a way which pleased Claire's pussy, and still putting up a fight on Friday despite all the other girls having already raped her that week and the trainer having fucked her mouth twice and her pussy once.

Claire also found that she was very good at drawing cunts, and she soon had a collection of five pictures of pussies, one for each of her classmates. On the Friday of training, each of the girls was asked to pick which slut's drawing looked most like her, and then together they logged on to their social media accounts - Facebook, email, Twitter, and others, and changed their profile pictures to drawings of their cunts. Claire was flattered that Kitten, Steph and Bitchmelons all picked Claire's pictures of their twats to use.

Claire felt strange looking at her old social media accounts. She barely used them anymore; the only thing she regularly logged onto was her Titcage profile. Most of the people attached to these accounts weren't really her friends anymore. They had been the friends of the old Claire, but they didn't know Fucktwat. They would probably think it was strange that she was changing her photograph to a picture of her pussy, but Claire knew that the picture of her beaver was a more accurate picture of her now than any image of her face.

Steph wasn't quite so indoctrinated, and Bitchmelons and Fuckpuppet outright refused to make the change. Kyle got Claire, Kitten, Sluthole and Twatsucker to hold the rebellious girls down, and then used a cattle prod on their pussies until they agreed to do what they were told. Claire felt funny looking at her sister's groin being electro-shocked by the prod as Claire held her down. She knew this was wrong - that months ago this would have horrified her - but now it just made her wet to see her sister's twat being hurt. This is what she deserves, Claire thought. This is what I deserve.


That night, Claire found Steph sitting naked in front of the computer at home, and crying. Claire looked over her shoulder at what was visible on the screen.

Steph had three windows open. The first showed her Titcage profile, just like Claire's, where Steph had just finished logging that her father had ejaculated on her tits and that Steph had masturbated three times during the day.

The second window was Steph's Facebook profile. More than half of Steph's friends had unfriended her. Most of those who remained were male. A string of comments ran under Steph's new profile picture. "Great picture!" "It looks just like you!" "Hey Steph, want to catch up some time?" "That's so slutty! What a whore!"

The third and final window showed a news site. Titcage had finally succeeded in one of their most dearly wanted goals. The headline read: "Rape Fairness Act Passes: It's Not Rape If She's Wet". The criminal law had been amended so that it was a defence to a charge of rape to assert that the girl had been aroused at some time during the act. The onus of proving that she hadn't been wet lay on the girl. The acts which had formerly been classed as rape but were now legal would be called "semi-consensual sex" or "reluctant sex". Expert predicted that the number of women who would be subjected to semi-consensual sex would rise by over 1000% over the six months following passage of the bill.

Claire stared at the screen. She knew she had helped to make this happen. She thought about women - girls who had once been her friends - being raped and molested again and again by men. She felt sick. She felt aroused. She thought about the way she had raped Bitchemlons and Fuckpuppet this week. She would be able to do that now anywhere, anytime, as long as she could get them wet. And if she couldn't get them wet - how were they going to prove that? Without even thinking, her hand went to her cunt and began to stroke it. She wanted to cum.

Gently, she leaned in and began to kiss her sister's neck. Her sister turned and lifted her lips to Claire's own, and they kissed, their tongues entwining. Gradually Steph rose to her feet, and then the two girls moved back towards their bed.

And as Claire spent that night with her face buried in Steph's pussy, knowing that she was celebrating the legalisation of rape by eating her sister's twat, she felt beautifully, blessedly content.

(To be continued...)


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