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I had just finished masturbating my teenaged granddaughter to two massive orgasms, one almost on top of the other. I slowed down, bringing her back to Earth gradually. She was still shaking from the exertion. Her eyes opened slowly and looked at me for a long minute.


“Hi, baby. How you feeling?”

“I thought I was going to explode, then I thought I was going to pass out, and then I was just floating somewhere in between."

She looked at me for a minute and her eyes got real wide.

“Papa! I didn't do you!”

My tool was so hard I could have probably pulled nails with it but I told her it was okay, next time would be my turn. I smiled and brushed some hair out of her face, pulled her close and kissed her gently.

We broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes.

“I love you, Papa.”

I moved my hand up to caress her face. “I love you too, sweetie.”

“But I want you to cum too, Papa!”

Her hand moved down and pulled the snap at my waistband, then pulled my zipper down. She got up on her knees and I was once again struck by how perfect her tits were. While she was on her knees beside me, I let my gaze wander from her breasts to her flat tummy, and further down to her hips and tight pussy. I raised up a bit to suck one of her nipples in my mouth, but she leaned back to avoid my lips.

“Nu uh, Papa. It's your turn. Lift up so I can get your shorts off.”

I smiled at her and with a “Yes, ma'am” lifted my butt up. She made short work of getting my shorts and my boxers offf, leaving my cock standing well off my stomach all by itself.

“Wow, Papa. It's so big.”

She held it with both hands, leaned forward and began kissing the length and rubbing it with the tip of her tongue.

“Can I suck your dick, Papa? Please?” Such a polite young lady. Some man was going to be very happy when she let one of them finally catch her.

“Yes, honey. I love the way you suck my cock.”

She looked at me and smiled, then looked back at my cock and I saw the tip of her tongue come out and roll around her lips.

“Suck it good, honey. Suck it really, really good.”

With that, the end of my cock disappeared in my granddaughter's mouth. Her eyes closed as her tongue swirled around the end and she sighed through her nose. The one hand she held it with started a slow stroking motion, her head following her hand as it moved slowly down my shaft. I caressed her cheek with my hand, rubbing it and then down onto her neck, then further down to caress and fondle those marvelous breasts.

I felt the head of my cock reach the back of her throat. She held it there for a moment, then started back up the shaft until just the head was in her mouth. It received a thorough massage by her tongue, then she started back down. She moved slowly, breathing through her nose, until I once again felt the back of her throat. She paused, and then I felt her swallow and half of the rest of the length of my cock disappeared down her throat. Once more up, pause for her tongue to work its magic on the head, then slowly back down again.

When she reached the back of her mouth, she swallowed once, moved in, swallowed again and more went in. Swallowed one more time and her nose was touching my groin while her tongue was licking my ball sack. She moaned, deep down, and the vibration almost caused me to blow my wad into her throat.

“Once more, honey,” I whispered, straining to keep from cumming, “Take it down once more.”

She started the long journey back up the length of my cock, moving slowly and working her tongue along the bottom of my shaft. When she got to the top, she sucked hard at the tip, then took her mouth off to look up at me while stroking it with one hand and my balls with the other.

“Cum down my throat, Papa. Send it all down my throat, okay?”

“I will, honey.”

She leaned up, wrapped one arm around my neck and kissed me deep while the other hand still jacked my rod.

“I love you, Papa.” A last, short peck on the lips and back down she went.

I ran my hands over the soft skin of her back, shoulders and neck, marveling at the beauty of my 16 year old granddaughter's body laying next to me with her head in my lap. Just as I was about to reach over and play with her tits again, she sat up so her weight was on one arm and the hand of the other jacked my cock. She looked up at me with a cute smile.

“Watch me, Papa.”

She leaned back down, still up on that one arm so I could see her while she swallowed the entire length of my cock. She closed her eyes, held my dick up with one hand and slowly began working the length of it into her mouth and down her throat. She stopped now and then to look up at me, then went a little further. Just as she was about to take the last of it, she took one more look at me then plunged her face down and started moaning in her throat while turning her head from side to side and massaging my balls in her hand.

I couldn't hold it back any longer. I laid one hand on top of her head and the other on her shoulder. I bucked up into her mouth once, twice, three times and on the fourth thrust felt the cum rising from my balls. I felt the tip of her tongue licking my balls just as what seemed like a gallon of cum fired straight into her belly. I watched her throat muscles swallowing, the sensation on the shaft of my cock drawing still more to shoot deep into her.

The pressure finally eased up and she backed off to hold only the tip in her mouth. She sucked hard on it, bringing the last of my load up my shaft and into her mouth. Holding my cock in her hand, she took it out of her mouth and proudly showed me the last tablespoon or so sitting on her tongue, then swallowed it.

“Was it good, Papa? Did I do it good for you?” She was more than a little breathless after all that, and her tits were heaving mightily. It was all I could do to tear my eyes away from them as they rose and fell.

“Oh, sweetheart, I can honestly say I've never had a better blow job in my entire life. You did perfect!”

She threw herself down on me and laid on her head on my chest, still idly playing with my rapidly softening cock.

“Next time, Papa, you get to come first.”

“Oh, no, sweetie. Next time Papa will get you off first again. After that performance, you have Papa ready for a good afternoon nap!”

We laughed and hugged each other tightly. I reveled in the feel of her teen tits and hard nipples on my stomach, and her smooth skin under my hands. She picked her head up again, leaned down and kissed the head of my completely limp cock, then squirmed back up to kiss me again.

“I have to go now, but I'll be back tomorrow, okay?” she told me.

“Anytime you want, sweetie, anytime you want. Love you.”

“I love you, Papa.”


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