He comes back for seconds
I sat there on the floor staring at the ceiling. I had just forcibly fucked Taylor and I absolutely enjoyed it all. A part of me felt terrible and filled with guilt, while the other part wanted nothing more but to have my dick back in his ass. He was just so fucking irresistible that I couldn't contain myself. My sweats were still around my ankles when I stood up. My dick was red and sore from the friction of Taylor's tight ass. I bent to pick up my sweats and spotted something that made me smile. The bet I had just won was going to take on a whole different meaning.

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed with almost a skip in my step. Raping your best friend will kind of do that for you. The day seems brighter and you can't keep grinning. I made my way down stairs to find my mom cooking breakfast.

"Good morning mom how was your night?" I asked

"It was crazy baby I had a lot of fun, how was your night with Taylor?" She asked. I almost choked on my own saliva when she asked that.

"I found the beer cans in the basement, there were a lot of them could you possibly go a little easier on the beer, okay?" She pleaded

"Sure mom I will try" I said

"So where's Taylor usually when you two drink he stays over?" She asked

"He left out early last night we kind of got into an argument?" I said

"Oh hunny you've been friends for years don't let that go to waste ok now go make up or no breakfast." She said

"Okay mom I'm headed out now because I seriously doubt he will take my call" I said as I got up and left the kitchen. I walked out the front door and down the street to Taylor's house. I knocked on the door and Taylor's father Jim came to the door.

"Oh hey Aaron how's it going?" He asked

"It's going good is Taylor here?" I asked

"Yea he's here, he's been up in his room all day. He came home early last night, hopped in the shower and went straight to sleep. He didn't even eat dinner or speak to me and his mother. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?" He asked. I couldn't help but grin a little as I went over the events of last night.

"Well yea he lost a bet to me" he said

"Oh well maybe you can cheer him up, cause I'm done trying to help that kid. If you need anything I'll be in the garage" he said.

"Haha still trying to get that old ford to work" I asked. He just nodded as he went to the garage.

"Is Brittany home as well?" I asked. His head ducked back in from the garage.

"No she's out with her mother their getting their hair and nails done" he said with a look of annoyance. So it seemed like me and Taylor would have a little alone time. I walked into the house and made my way to his room and tried to just walk in but the door was locked. So I knocked.

"Who is it?" He asked

"It's me" I said

"Get lost you fucking fag!"he yelled

"Look man I just came to apologize I was out of hand due to the beer" I lied

"Yea fucking right I've seen you drink more than that and completely control yourself" he yelled

"Okay fine so I kind of went overboard...."

"OVERBOARD you fucking raped me , you crammed your dick into my ass, that's a little more than just fucking overboard" he interrupted me.

"Look just let me in ok I just want to talk" I pleaded

"Screw you fag!" He yelled.

"Okay than maybe I should just tell your father what really happened last night" I said

"You wouldn't fucking dare" he yelled

"If you don't think so try me" I said. There was a silence and then a sigh as the door slowly opened. Taylor stood there with his hair in a ponytail, jogging pants and a loose t-shirt. He turned and walk toward his bed and laid down. I couldn't help but stare at his ass as he kind of sauntered over to the bed. I followed him and sat at his desk.

"So what the fuck you have to talk about?" He asked angrily.

"Look I'm sorry about last night I just couldn't help myself" I said. I stared at him for a reaction, however my eyes kept drifting toward his lips which were slim and kinda of juicy. My dick was almost too eager to slide between his lips.

"But why me dammit why not one of those girly boys at school huh? I can't even sit down without my ass hurting" He said. " I'm sure any of them would have gotten your gay ass hot." I really didn't have an answer for that, I wasn't really attracted to any guy I was attracted to Taylor and only Taylor.

"I don't know it was just when I saw you in those jeans I couldn't stop fantasizing about your ass" I said. He jumped to his feet.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You forced your big dick into me because of some fucking jeans!!!!" He yelled. I couldn't help but notice his use of words "big dick", a slight grin came across my face.

"And what the fuck are you grinning about you fag, you think this shit is funny. I can't even fucking sit down, why don't you just leave you fucking homo" He asked. I was started to get annoyed of all the damn name calling. So I arose quickly from the desk and approached the bed. He quickly scrambled off the bed and back up toward the wall.

"Look I came to apologize but I'm not going to stand here why you keep calling me a fag" I yelled

"And what the fuck are you going to do to stop me you fucking fag, rape me again?" he said looking up at me. I don't know if it was just me but it seemed to me he was begging me to fuck him.

"You know what that's not a bad idea" I said grinning. His face went from angry to scared in a second.

"No Aaron get the fuck away from me, don't do this" he said backing further into the wall. "My father is right down stairs I could easily yell for him"

"You're not going to have your father come and see you with a dick in your ass are you?" I asked "and enjoying it" I added.

"Who the fuck is going to enjoy that, no guy I know enjoys getting fucked" he yelled.

"Oh the cum stain on my couch says otherwise" I said as his eyes popped opened. "Yea you fucking enjoyed it and you're going to enjoy it again" I said as I stepped closer.

"No the fuck I won't" he yelled as he swung at me. I caught his arm and turned him into the wall with his back toward me.

"Yes you will, you know why because you're my BITCH this week" I said as my hand pulled down his pants. I pressed my body onto his and grinded against his ass. He grunted as I thrusted into his ass, he wasn't resisting as much as before. I guess he knew he couldn't stop it, so I took advantage of the weak resistance and started to lick and nibble on his neck. He groaned and pushed his ass back a little.

"What the fuck are you doing just get off me already" he yelled.

"No I think I'm going to play with my bitch for a little while" I said as I continued my assault on his neck. His ass kept pressing into my growing erection then jumping back toward the wall. As if he was fighting his urge to enjoy what I was doing to him.

"Let's see what my friend is packing down here" I said as my hand reach for his dick.

"NO DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME" he yelled. But it was too late my hand had already grasped my friend's hard 5 inch dick.

"Haha you're fucking hard I knew you liked it and you kept calling ME a fag" I said. As I slowly stroked my friends dick up and down. He started to twist away from my hand but I just tighten my grip on his dick and pumped harder. A couple of times his mouth dropped open then snapped close. My other hand stopped holding him and pushed my pants down, my raging hard on came in contact with his ass. He looked back as he felt me between his crack, his face was more relaxed. I spit in my hand and start lubricating my dick.

"Are you ready for this bitch" I asked not really caring for the answer. As a last fight of defiance he looked back and said.

"FUCK YOU, you homo.....aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh" was all that came out as I slammed my dick all the way in. His ass was just like I remembered so tight and warm. However it was slightly wet and I couldn't figure out why. Taylor's face was against the wall, his teeth were showing as his ass clenched around my dick. Both his hands were above his head, I continued to beat his dick while I grinded into his ass. Savoring his groans of pain from his abused ass. His neck was wet from my continuous onslaught of licks and bites. I looked down to see his bubbly ass bouncing against my dick, with each thrust his cheeks would jiggle. I stop grinding and licking his neck while still beating his dick.

"Tell me you like it" I said. But he said nothing just kept his eyes closed. "Tell me you fucking like this dick in your ass" I asked again

"Fuck you" was all he said.

"Fine if the bitch wants to be broken than so be it" I said as I immediately began mercilessly pounding his ass. I thought he would beg me to stop and be more gentle with his abused asshole. However instead his eyes shot open and his mouth dropped. Then he grinded his ass hard against me and moaned.


He came like a geyser. His spunk hit the wall than some ran down my hand. I milked his cock for every drop. His ass tensed and loosened around my cock. His cum was on my hand as i brought it up to his mouth. At first he turned away until I gave a hard thrust and his mouth opened to clean his spunk off my hand. I pounded him even harder, with each thrust he grunted and moaned.

"You're my bitch right, tell me who's bitch you are?" I commanded

"Ugggghhhh I'm your bitch" he said between moans.

"Damn right you are now get ready for this load" I said as I pulled out of him and forced him to his knees. "Now open up bitch" he tried to push me away but I just grabbed his hair in a painful vice. His mouth gaped from the pain which made it easy to slide my dick into his mouth. His hands grabbed my hand trying to relieve the pain while I eagerly fucked his mouth. I forced him all the way down on my dick as I exploded, first he panicked then started to swallow instead of choke. I pull it out of his mouth and sat on his bed. He fell over to his side and got into the fetal position. What the fuck was I doing i was ruining my best friend's life. Just then I looked up to see his computer had turned on and the screen made me grin. This week just kept getting better and better.

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