Some one catches them in the act and blackmails them
Rachel was in the bathroom door while they had been fucking and could not believe her sister and step brother had just done. What were they thinking? How could they do something like that? Why am I so wet from watching that? Those questions raced through 16-year-old Rachel’s mind. She just noticed that the pajama shorts she had been wearing were now wet from watching them go at it. As disgusted as Rachel was she was also jealous of them and wanted to be apart of it. Maybe if they do it again I could come in and suggest that she could join. Rachel had never done anything more then make out with a boy but knew what to do in that situation.

She decided that those two had to probably fuck again sometime today and she wanted to be ready for it. Rachel got out her sexy leopard print padded push up bra and her matching thong and put them on. On top of that, she wore her low cut tight top and a matching skirt to go with it. It was not until later that day did she see Shelby and Nick again. It was at dinner when Rachel came down the stairs in front of Nick. He looked up to notice me but had to do a double take to see me again. Rachel knew that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her and that is what excited her most.

Switch POV
I had just gotten home with Shelby right in time for dinner. We spent the day at the mall shopping and eating. Couple stuff that I had never experienced before. It was nice to have a girlfriend who loved and supported you but was still fun to be. All the cute couple stuff I hated was now fun being able to do them with Shelby. We walked into the door and Shelby went to the bathroom. I was standing wait for her when Rachel walked in looking extremely sexy. I could not stop looking at her she was beautiful. She was four years younger than you were and I was secretly dating her sister but damn did she look gorgeous.

“Hey Nick.” Rachel said with a flirty smile.
“HI” I said in a quiet voice hypnotized by her.
“What did you guys do today?” She asked
“Just some shopping.” Rachel smiled again as if she knew something I did not and then sat down at the table. Shelby came out of the bathroom and we all ate dinner. After dinner, Shelby and Me went back to her room to hang out.
“I had such an awesome day today. I wish it never had to end.” I said.
“Well it not over yet sweetheart I still have a few plans for tonight.” Shelby said with a wink.
“Oh really now? What could they be?” I said in a seductive tone. I moved closer to my girlfriend, warped my arm around her, and brought her into a kiss.

We sat there and made out for a while until Shelby stopped to unbutton my pants and pull them and my boxers off. She then leaned over my lap and started to suck my cock. I moaned and rested my hand on the back of her head. While this was going on Shelby’s bathroom door opened and I saw Rachel standing in the doorway staring at me. I was about to freak out until Rachel noticed and put her finger up to her mouth to tell me to be quite. I was sure she was going to run and tell our parents what was going on. Instead, Rachel gave me a dirty looked and slowly move her hand into her skirt and started to rub herself while watching me get a blowjob. I had never been this turned on in my life and I sat there silently getting head and watching her.

I came quickly because of this. When Rachel saw that I came, she stepped into the room and made herself aware.
“Hey there” Rachel said with a grin. Shelby who was swallowing my cum and licking the rest of my dick jumped and fell to her feet. Shelby had cum running down the corners of her mouth and was red as a tomato.
“Oh my god Rachel please don’t say a fucking thing.” Shelby said in the most serious tone I had ever heard from her.
“Oh I’m not going to say a thing. I just want to ask how long has this been going on?” Rachel asked.
“A few days.” I answered.
“Ok that’s what I thought. Now I wont tell anyone about this on one condition.” Rachel said
“What?” Shelby asked
“I want to join in. I watched you to this morning and never have I been this turned on.” I felt like I won a fucking jackpot with Rachel wanting to have a three-way with Shelby and me. I was all for it without needing to think about it but I looked at Shelby without saying anything because I did not want to piss off my new girlfriend.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? You want us to have a three way with you?” Shelby asked stunted by her offer.
“Its that or I tell them.” Rachel said smirking. Shelby looked at me with my pants still off looking at me for answers. I really wanted this to happen so I said to her.
“Well we really don’t have much of a choice.”
“Good now I can finally do this.” Rachel said making her way over to me. She wrapping her arms around my neck then kissed me with a lot of passion. Kissing Rachel was almost better then Shelby because of how, ridiculously soft, her lips were and how her breath tasted like peppermint. Shelby sat down next to her and watched me begin to make out with her little sister. I didn’t know how many guys Rachel had kissed but she was the best kisser I ever had, she knew exactly what to do. After sometime of this Rachel broke the kiss and looked over next to Shelby.
“Come here big sis, I want to show you how much I love you.” Rachel said as she gripped Shelly’s hips and pulled her into a kiss. Shelby was in too much of shock to really process what was going on. Rachel kissed Shelby with as much passion as she did me and Shelby after a few second gave into her and began to kiss her little sister back. I sat there I mesmerized by watching them make out I had a boner that hurt it was so hard.
Shelby began to rub Rachel’s breast and Rachel did back. Then I started to jerk off needing some relief. Rachel noticed this and stopped kissing Shelby.

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