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a night of lust waiting for her when she arrives home
You walk into your house and notice a faint glow coming from the dining room. You walk in and see me sitting at the table, a fresh meal having just been laid out. I stand up smiling and walk ove to you. Pulling you in tightly I kiss you passionately and wrap my arms tightly around you.
Finishing our meal I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. The room has been lit with candles. I lay you down onthe bed and crawl over you kissing you first lightl then hard on the lips. I run a hand along the side of your body tracing your figure. I can feel your body tense wanting to press agains me hard. I lower myself down onto you as my lips reach your neck. A few light kisses and then I grip your flesh between my teeth and bite down with just enough pressure. A sharp intake of breath followed by the slightest moan is my reward. Your hands wrap around me and pull me against you tighter. My hands roam down to your stomach an I grip the bottom edge of your shirt pulling it up. You sit up and pull your shirt off in one smooth motion and instantly seek out my lips with yours. Lost in passion the res of our clothes get peeled off with barely a break in our kissing and biting. With both of us now naked I Begin to kiss down your neck and onto your chest. Kissing and nibbling along your breasts I suck one nipple into my mouth. Sucking hard and biting lightly. I pull my mouth away and it stands erect. Gripping it lightly with two fingers and massaging it I move my mouthto your other nipple. I suck it Ito my mouth and bite down harder this time pulling away from you. You moan slightly and your body tenses.

Releasing both of your nipples I continue to kiss down your stomach. I kiss along your hip bone and lightly suck on the skin. I kiss past and around your clit moving over to the other hip bone. I trace down where your leg meats your body kissing the soft flesh. Kissing and licking right close to your yearning pussy but not yet giving it the attention it so desperately desires. I hover m mouth over your clit letting you feel the warmth of my breath. You try and thrust your hips forward but I have already moved to the other side of your pussy. Kissing up and down the soft skin easing ever closer to your now dripping slit. I can see the bottom of your pussy glistening with wetness.

I drag you to the edge of the bed so that your ass is hanging over the edge. I kneel between your legs with them over my shoulders. I continue to kiss around your pussy teasing you even more. Brushing my lips and tongue lightly across your clit and pussy lips for the briefest of moments. Your Brest en begins to deepen and you are lettin out small moans every time my tongue or lips brush across you. One word faintly escapes your lips. "please" with that I stand up with your legs still over my shoulders. One hand under your ass I position the head of my throbbing cock right at the entrance to your yearning pussy.

I pushjus the tip intoyou and pull it back out glistening and dripping with both of our pre cum. You let out a light whimper and I push back in about half of m length. I lean forward and kiss you deeply. While kissing you I pull out so justthe tip is inside of you and then slowly push all the way in grinding against you. I stand back up and lift your ass higher. With each thrust I push hard against your gspot. Your hips start to move with me and grind your pussy down onto my cock with even more pressure. I can feel your pussy start to throb as your orgasm builds. I pick up my pace pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in. I lean forward and grip your throat. Your eyes meet mine and i can see yours clouded over with ecstasy. You start to moan and your face starts to flush. Your heart begins to pound and your pussy pulses in time with your heartbeat. I can feel my balls start to tighten. Your orgasm explodes through your body as I ram my cock all the way to the back of your pussy hitting you deep. Your bodyconvulses and you moan loudly. Your cunt clenches down on my cock and milks the cum out of my balls. A massive orgasm grips my body and I continue to thrust hard in to you. Hot cum explodes into your pussy with each throb of my cock. With both of our cum combining to fill your pussy it begins to seep out around my cock as I continue to thrust into you. I pull out and lower you down.

Letting your legs go you lower yourself to your knees and take my still hard cock into your mouth saving the taste of our cum. I reach down and with a hand under your chin I guide you up to yor feet kissing you deeply. I turn you around and push you down onto the bed on your stomach. I push my cock back into your pussy which is still dripping with cum. I scoop up the cum with the head of my cock and massage it against your tight little ass. Pushin into your pussy once more to cover my cock in cum I pull out and push the head of my cock into your ass. Your ass is eager for my cock and you push back against me. With three slow thrusts I get the entire length of my cock into your ass. Reaching forward I grip your hair and pull your head back. I push my cock hard into your ass and you let out a gasp o both pleasure and pain. I pull out and shove back in hard. I lean forward and run a hand under your Arm and grip yor throat. I pull yor hair and pull against your throat and slam deep into your ass. I thrust fast and hard as I fuck your eager ass. I pull out fast and pound into your pussy once, pulling out Right away and slamming back into your ass. Your moans a this point are on the verge of screams as your body is overwhelmed with a mix of pleasure and pain.

"you like me fucking your eager little asshole? You want me to fill you with more of my cum?"


I ram deep into your ass as my balls tighten and shoot cum deep Ito you. The feeling drives you wild and you shove back I to me hard eager to milk all of the cum out of my balls. As the feeling becomes overwhelming for me I pull out and flip you over on to your back. I bury my face into your dripping cunt and shove two fingers deep into you. I push past your spot and curl my fingers up hard while I suck your clit past my teeth. With lots of pressure on your clit you are getting close to another orgasm. I push hard against your clit with my tongue and move my head back and forth fast. My cock is rock hard again as the taste of your pussy and your hips writhing agains me drives me wild. As your orgasm is about to explode through you again I roll you to your side and kneel over your leg shoving my cock deep inside you in one quick motion. I slam into your pussy hard and fast.

"cum for me. Cum on my cock."

I grip your hip and your hair pulling you hard back on to my cock. Your pussy convulses and sprays cum out around my cock. Your body writhes and you scream in ecstasy as I continue to pound your pussy. A third orgasm builds inside of me as yours dies down. I pull out and kneel by your face. Your mouth eagerly accepts my cock as I push it into your throat. Sucking and licking around the head of my cock my body tenses and I thrus forward. Cum starts to shoot Into your mouth and down your throat as you swallow every drop. spent I pull out and lay down next toyou kissing you passionately and wrapping my arms around you. Our bodies entwining together as we lay completely satisfied

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kya mast maal ho tum..tumhe chodane me maza aa jeayga pink nipples aur boobs bahut hi mast hain gaand ka to koi jawab hi nahi chodane layak mast maal ho tum mera lowda teumhari chut ko dekh ke kad gaya hai .isko shaant kar do ab.

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Good movies

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