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Sarah unkowingly gets traded
As the months continued I would wait impatiently during the week days for the weekend to get closer and closer. Sometimes Lance and a couple of his boys would show up late at the office, after everyone was gone, and Lance and his friends would use me for a few hours and then leave me exhausted on the floor or on top of my desk. I would be covered in cum and completely content on the use of my mouth, ass and pussy by my black daddies.
One Friday afternoon Lance sent me a gift and it was delivered to my office. It was one of the outfits that Lance had bought me a few months earlier. It was one of the full body cat suits with the crotch opened for easy access without removing the outfit. There was also a vinyl tube top barely wide enough to even cover my breasts and a vinyl mini skirt. There was also a set of polished black leather thigh high boots. I knew with getting this outfit this weekend was going to be very exciting and I was going to be used like the slut Lance had turned me into. In the package was a note from Lance,

Hey my sweet little white slut. Wear this shit like a good slut. Go to this address and get ready for some black dick. I’ll meet you there baby.’

I went into my office bathroom and changed into the outfit that was sent to me. The body stocking fit me perfectly and felt good on my skin. As I looked at my body in the mirror the black body stocking made me feel and look very slutty and sexy. That powerful desire began churning in my stomach. I had been waiting for this night all week and I was ready to please Lance and any other black cock he would allow me or order me to satisfy. I had my long black raincoat in the office so I put on the tube top and the black mini skirt. I then gathered my keys and put on my black raincoat and left the office.
I hailed a cab and told the man the address. He looked at me and asked again for me to confirm the address. I said yes that is where I wanted to go. The cab drive took about forty five minutes and I didn’t even pay attention to the route we took or what the scenery was as we progressed into a more unkept part of New York City. I was lost in my own mind at what the night would hold in store for me.

The cab came to a stop and the cabby informed me that I was at the destination that I had requested. I looked out the window and I was shocked and concerned with the rough looking neighborhood. I questioned the cabby about the accuracy of where he had brought me and he confirmed that it was the correct address. I tried my cell but there was no cell coverage. I asked him to wait for me as I went in and asked if I was in the right spot. The cabby said he would wait and as soon as I had stepped out of the cab and closed the door the cabby sped off quickly.

The door with the address over it seemed correct so I walked to the door and tried to enter but it was locked. I knocked on the door and then banged on it as I began to get scared at the situation I was in. I looked to my left and right. About two doors down I saw a group of four gangsters sitting on some steps and drinking beer and smoking. They were dirty and thuggish looking and peering at me as I stood on the steps of the place I was to meet Lance. The four men were black but that desire to be used by black men was gone and a real fear that I never felt before was coursing thru my stomach. This was very bad. Lance had given me the wrong address and now I was in very much trouble.

I turned away from the four men and began walking the other direction when a van pulled in front of me about 50 yards ahead. There were two men in the front seat and they just sat in the intersection and looked at me. I looked around looking at the four men behind me who were now walking toward me slowly and laughing. I looked at the building that I was delivered to wishing that fucking door was not locked and I saw a sign that I hadn’t noticed before. The sign had an arrow pointing to an alley way and the word ‘Entrance this side’ above the arrow. The van was just sitting there and the four men behind me were still walking towards me. My heart was racing and that fear that I had always gotten before was flushing through my body and a voice in my mind was blaring.

‘You stupid dumb bitch! Letting these black men use you for these months has made you fucking stupid! You are about to get gang raped!' the voice in my head screamed. I was completely terrified. I told myself that if I lived through this night I would never fuck another black man. I walked quickly to the alley way as the four men began getting closer and the van turned toward me and began driving slowly. I reached a door but it too was locked. The van stopped at the entrance of the alley from the street as the black men that were walking toward me stopped at the van and exchanged words. The man in the passenger seat of the van got out and spoke with the men that had walked toward me. I watched them as my mind raced at what I should do. I tried my phone again but still no signal. I looked back to the van and the men around it and the man that got out of the passenger seat walked to the side door and had opened it and had something in his hands. The five men then began walking toward me slowly. I nearly pissed myself and began pulling hard and in a panic on the door that was locked. As the men got closer I heard one yell to me to come to them. I began walking away from them and I told them to leave me alone.

“Bitch who you think you are? Coming in our hood and giving us orders. Get you white ass over here before we fuck you up,” one of the men said to me.

I began crying as I turned and walked further into the dark alley. I was sobbing and instinctively began screaming for someone to help me. The men began laughing as they continued walking to me as I fled further into the alley.

“Whitey scream your ass off, aint nobody in this hood gonna come help you,” one of the other men said as his friends laughed at his comments.

Soon I was at a dead end as I reached a brick wall that made up part of the building. I put my face on the wall and cried knowing what was about to happen. This was not going to be like Lance and when he attacked me. Even though he attacked me and raped me he was for the most part gentle and wanted me to get into fucking him. These men would simply hurt me if not kill me. I knew that I could not try to fight five of them like I tried to fight Lance off. They would kill me and leave me dead in this shitty alley if I did. I knew what I had to do. I had to submit to them. I had to submit to them or die.

I turned around as the men were about fifteen yards from me and I begged them not to hurt me. Without thinking I immediately blurted out that I would suck each of their cocks if they would let me go.

“Ahh bitch, you are gonna suck these dicks and if you do a good job we might not leave you bleeding in this alley,” the biggest of the men said as they walked closer and closer.

One of the other men said, “Nah man lets don’t do this shit in this alley. Let’s tie her up and get her ass in the van.

“Yeah fuck this nasty alley. Let’s get the bitch back at the crib so we can use this white bitch right,” Another man said.

“Fuck that, this bitch is sucking my dick here and now,” the biggest gangster said.

“Then have that bitch suck your shit in the Van, let’s get her to the crib so we can take our time with this white bitch,” the other man responded.

The big man walked up closer to me and looked me up and down. I stared at the ground and began to cry as I begged for him not to hurt me.

“Please don’t hurt me, let me suck your dicks and let me go, please!” I pleaded.

The big gangster was huge compared to me. He had to be 6’ 9” and must have weighed 350 pounds. He did not seem to be fat just thick and stocky. Over the last few months after meeting Lance I would have been burning to be used by a black man as big as him, but I was not excited, I was scared to death. The big man grabbed me by the throat and squeezed so hard that I felt my throat pop and I could not breath.

“Shut the fuck up you dumb ass white bitch!” The big black gangster growled in my ear as he pushed me against the wall. “You done fucked up coming to this hood. White girls that come here by choice or mistake die in this hood. And that’s after we fuck your shit out and leave you on the floor for the bums to use.”

I began gasping for air and unable to breath I begged again in a scratchy high voice for him not to hurt me.

“Please! Let me suck your cock! I will do as you say, please just don’t hurt me!” I said in my restricted voice as I sobbed heavily.

“I said shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!” the gangster said as he released my throat and drove his fist into my stomach.

He did not hit me as hard as I am sure he was capable; but it was enough to double me over to the ground as I gasped for air to fill my lungs but the pain in my stomach would not allow me to draw air into my lungs. I lay on the ground gasping for air as one of the men grabbed my feet and tried to pull them together and another set of hands grabbed my arms and put them behind me. Both men started to tie my hands and feet respectively until the man tying my feet noticed my boots.

“Damn bitch what you got on under that coat,” the man at my feet said as he patted his hands up and down my legs. “What the fuck you wearing them boots that go all the way up whitey?” He asked as he began roughly squeezing my legs from my knees to my buttocks.

The man pulled me on my back roughly and stood up and looked down on me.

“Damn, we got a little white girl that came to get with some gangsters,” he said as he reached down and untied the knot in the belt that was holding my jacket closed.

He pulled the belt loose and then threw open my raincoat exposing my firm body in the full body cat suit. I tried to hold my legs closed so they would not see my exposed waxed pussy and thin bush in the opening in the crotch of the cat suit. All of the men started cat calling or whistling as they took in my exposed body. The big gangster reached down and pulled my legs open forcefully exposing my bare pussy, the mini skirt had pulled up to the top of my hips and offered no barrier to what the men were seeing.

“Ah fuck yeah this girl here is a slut. Why you fighting us if you came down here looking to get used by a bunch of brothers, bitch?” the big gangster said as he pawed and squeezed my breasts with his hand.

“No this is for Lance!” I screamed in a high pitch as I laid on the ground crying. “Lance gave me the wrong address! This is for Lance please don’t do this, please don’t hurt me!” I begged.

“Bitch we don’t know no Lance. Who is he, your little dicked white boyfriend?” the big gangster said as he squatted next to me and grabbed my face in his big black hand. “Bitch, we gonna fuck you like the slut you look like. We gonna use that white pussy till its bleeding. If you fuck us good we might not leave you in a dumpster, hell nah, we’ll sale your ass to some pimp and let him get some use out of you.”

I immediately began to panic as the words ran through my ears and thru my mind. I began thrashing hard trying to get free of my bonds on my feet and hands.

“No! Please! Let me alone!” I begged. “Call Lance! I promise this is a mistake! Just let me go, please!”

The big gangster released my face in his hand and brought it immediately to my throat.

“Bitch if you fight I’ll cut your ass right here and fuck you as you bleed out in this alley! That what you want?” the man growled at me again.

“No please don’t hurt me, please I will do anything you want! Please don’t kill me!” I squeaked as his hand grew tighter on my throat.

“Yeah that’s what I thought you stupid white bitch. You fight me again I don’t care, I’ll cut your fucking throat!” the big gangster growled at me again.

The big hand released from my throat and a hood was placed on my head. I felt the four men’s hands rubbing all over my body. I felt two sets of hands on my breasts and a set of hands on my knees. The hands on my knees pulled my legs apart and then I felt two hands at my pussy. I could feel the hands pull my pussy open with his fingers opening my bright pink pussy to the men.

“God damn that is some sweet pink looking pussy!” I heard one of the men say.

“Damn nigga, can’t wait to put my dick up in that shit. This gonna be some sweet fucking pussy to use up,” another voice said as the hands then moved to areas of my body to grab me and lift me in the air.

“Fuck yeah Brah, this bitch dressed to get fucked that’s what we’ll give little whitey here. Let her get all the black dick she can take, we oughta call all the boys and let them take some of this little bitch. She too fine not to share,” it was the big gangster talking.

“Hell yeah but we aint sharin this bitch til we get all we want first, we’ll show whitey how six niggas use a white slut, then share this bitch with any nigga that wants some. Hell we’ll even charge at the door for niggas to get into this white bitch. Prolly make a few thousand off this bitch.” I did not recognize this voice but his words shot panic and fear thru my body.

I began sobbing heavily and begged them to let me go. I got a slap on my head for opening my mouth. I was in terrible trouble and nothing was going to fix this.

The men carried me to their van and threw me into the back. I landed hard on my hands and I just laid there sobbing.

“Bitch shut that fuckin cryin up right now!” it was the big gangster that had hit me and choked me before.

I immediately tried to stop crying and I just laid in the van motionless as the men began getting in. I heard the side door of the van slide shut and then felt the van begin to move. After a few minutes of listening to the men talk about what they were going to do to me I felt one of them pulling at my raincoat belt. Then one of the men yanked the hood off my head and immediately wrapped the belt around my eyes and tied it tight behind my head. Then the men pulled me up so that I was sitting up and my back was against the wall of the van. I felt hands all over my body squeezing hard on my breasts and forcing my legs open at the knees. One of the men began rubbing my pussy lips up and down with his fingers. If this was Lance treating me this way I would have been burning with lust at feeling big black fingers on my pussy but I was terrified at what was about to happen. The fingers rubbing my pussy then held my pussy open and I felt a finger slide into my cunt. For a few minutes the man slid his fat finger in and out of my pussy and even though I was terrified my pussy began responding to his fingers and I started feeling my cunt get warm and moist.

“Oh fuck this bitches pussy is like velvet. Gonna feel good fillin that shit up with my dick.” One of the men said. I then felt the finger withdraw from my cunt and heard a sucking sound. “Damn that some sweet tasting pussy whitey, you ready to get some black dick in that pussy of yours bitch?” the same man asked.

I didn’t know what to do, should I respond or just stay still? I choose not to say anything and then without warning a heavy hand slapped me across the face.

“Whitey, I asked you a fucking question!” the same voice said angrily.

“Get the fuck out of the way,” I heard the voice of the big gangster command and I heard a brief scuffle.

I felt a hand on the back of my neck and it grasped my neck tightly and pulled me forward. Immediately I felt something pressing on my lips and I knew immediately that it was the big gangsters cock pressing on my lips. I did not open my mouth I just sat there trembling. Then the big gangster started slapping my cheeks with his half limp cock a few times on the right then a few times on the left. Then he bounced his cock on my lips. I remembered what Lance told me that when he bounced his cock on my lips that I was to open my mouth and get ready to take his cock into it. But I did nothing.

“Open that fucking mouth you stupid bitch,” the big gangster said as he aggressively pulled my head back by my hair. “If I feel a tooth touch my dick I am going to cut your stupid ass and throw you out the back of this van. You understand me bitch?” the big gangster asked.

“Yes” I replied through a weak and shaky voice.

The big gangster slammed me back against the wall of the van still holding my neck tightly.

“No whitey you answer me as Sir, you hear me?” the big gangster said angrily.

He was incensed with anger towards me. He truly hated me I could feel it in the air and how he touched me and how he abused me at every opportunity. This black gangster hated everything about me except for what could be taken from me sexually and forcefully. This was the black man that I had always feared so terribly.

“Yes Sir, please don’t hurt me anymore. I will do anything you say,” I said in my weak shaky voice.

“Is that right whitey?” the big gangster said in his deep hateful growl. “What if I told you, you were going to please every brother in this hood? You going to do that white bitch?” he asked me as his grip tightened on the back of my neck.

“Please Sir, I’ll do whatever you demand of me, just don’t hurt me anymore,” I begged.

“Ummhmmm we’ll see about that. Gonna have a hundred niggas come fuck you out and if you fucking fight it, that’s it you’re in the dumpster,” he said as he pulled me to him and pressed his cock to my lips.

I immediately opened my mouth wide and pressed out my tongue flat. He bounced his big half limp cock on my tongue as he groaned at the sight of my mouth open and tongue out ready for his cock to fill my mouth. He then grabbed my head with both hands and began stuffing his cock into my mouth. He fucked my mouth stroking his cock in and out and I just held my mouth open. His cock was half hard but it still made me gag when his black cock head hit the opening of my throat.

“Suck that cock bitch while I fuck your mouth,” the big gangster ordered.

I did as I was told. Each time he would begin pulling his cock out of my mouth I would lock my lips on his dick and suck tightly.

“M, fuck yeah that’s what you do right there bitch,” he growled in a moan.

He continued to force his cock into my mouth and it seemed with each thrust his cock began to get harder and harder. I sucked him tight knowing that if I displeased him in any way he would just hurt me. I have sucked many black cocks in the last few months and I was used to the size and I simply tried to let him fuck my mouth and suck him tight without touching his shaft with my teeth.

“Fucking shit girl you got a sweet mouth on you. I think my boy was right. You’re a little slut that came looking for some black dick to use you up,” he growled as he continued to stroke his cock into my mouth.

Usually getting to suck on a fat black dick or having a black man mount my face and slam his cock into my mouth and throat would have had me worked up getting me wet and lustful. But not this time, I was terrified at what was in store for me and I was getting no satisfaction at all. The harder his black cock got the further into my throat he would push his cock. I sucked him tight as best as I could and I was breathing heavily thru my nose as he began forcing his cock into my throat. Soon he was pressing his black cock head past the opening of my throat and he slid his cock as far as he could. Tears were running down my cheeks as he held his cock in my throat. I was gagging and heaving and choking hard on his cock, desperately sucking air into my lungs thru my nose. He pulled his cock from my throat and my mouth and I gasped for air choking and coughing as the thick spit in my mouth was pulled into my trachea. I could hear the men in the van laughing and talking about how good I looked with black dick in my mouth as I gasped hungrily for air.

“Damn nigga, shove that shit back in that bitch. Gonna get a picture of that shit and send it to all the brothas,” one of the other men in the van said.

Immediately the hand on my neck pulled my head back and the big gangster forced his black cock back into my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth wide as his cock pressed against my lips. He forced his cock deep into my throat and this time I tried to relax as much as I could and slowly breathed through my nose as his cock filled my throat. The man feeding me his cock just held it in my throat as I relaxed and took it deep in my throat. I heard a cell phone click like a picture had been taken. Then the man pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth. I gasped for air again. He laid the full length of his cock against one side of my face and I heard another picture being taken.

“Mother fucker this girl ain’t no little white angel. You see how she took that dick down her throat?” the big gangster said to his friends. “This bitch can take them big dicks all in her shit. M hell yeah this little slut likes sucking cock. Don’t you slut?” the big gangster said as he pulled back on my hair.

“Please Sir, don’t hurt me,” was my response.

Again he slammed me against the wall of the van.

“Bitch I asked you a question! You like sucking big black dick don’t you slut?” he asked me again in his deep growl.

“Yes Sir, I love sucking black cock,” I responded immediately.

He then pulled me close to him and I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue and he instantly forced his cock into my mouth. He began pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and so I sucked tight on his cock as I did before.

“Fuck yeah, shit feels good,” the big gangster said as he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth. “We’ll see how much you like sucking nigga dick after every mother fucka in this hood has fucked your mouth. Gonna make some money off your fine ass.”

The big gangster continued to fuck my mouth and throat as he talked about how I was going to be used by every black man he knew.

“Gonna tie your ass to a desk and let every mother fucker who got the money come take some off of you. First me and my boys gonna fuck you out and use all that sweet pussy up then sale your ass on the street. Gonna pimp your ass out, how’s that sound to you bitch? You want to be a hoe for me and my boys?” he asked as he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Yes Sir, I will do anything you demand of me, just please don’t kill me.” I pleaded.

“Bitch after a few weeks of fucking all my boys and being used by every nasty fucker that comes looking for pussy in this hood, you gonna beg me to kill you.” He said as he forced his cock back into my throat.

I began trembling and crying as he slammed his cock into my throat. His words were still echoing in my head. I was never going to get out of this. They were going to gang fuck me and let who ever wanted, use me. I was going to die being used as a street whore by these men. My worst fears were coming true and there was nothing I could do but try and survive it.

The van came to a stop but the big gangster did not stop fucking my face. He forcefully began pulling my mouth and throat up and down his cock as he pumped his dick into my mouth. I sucked tight on his cock as he pulled it out and then when he would push back into my mouth I would open my mouth and throat and relax. Each time his cock head pressed into and past my throat opening I would gag, but I kept my breathing slow. His bucking would speed up and then slow then speed up and slow. He fucked my face for a few minutes and then I heard him grunting. Without warning his cock erupted as he stroked his cock deep into my throat and shot his thick cum deep into my throat making me choke.

“AHHHH fuck yeah! Swallow all my shit you stupid bitch!” he growled as he continued to pump his cock into my mouth.

His cum was salty and bitter and as he pulled his cock out of my mouth I choked and gagged on the thick slime in my mouth and throat.

“Don’t spit that shit out bitch, you swallow all that shit or I’ll beat your ass.” The big gangster said as he pushed me from sitting up right to laying on my side on the floor of the van.

I did as was ordered and swallowed his cum. He ordered me to open my mouth and show him that I had swallowed his cum down my throat. I did as ordered and opened my mouth wide and held my head up. I heard the door open and a blast of cool air hit my body. I had worked up a sweat being in this van with these men and the feeling of the air on my sweaty body sent a chill thru me. The men grabbed me and stood me on my feet. The belt around my eyes was still tight and I could not see where I was. The smell of garbage hit my nose and I knew I was still somewhere where no one would come running if I started screaming. Two of the men grabbed my arms and began pulling me forward. We walked for about twenty steps and I heard a door open. The men then pulled me by my arms as we made our way up steps. I lost count but it seemed they drug me up five flights of stairs. Another door opened and I was pushed to the floor. The men filed into the room and the door slammed shut and I heard the door being locked by one of the men. The men spoke among themselves for a minute and the heavy smell of marijuana filled the air.

“Aight whitey, you better be ready for some black dick cause we got six brothers up in here gonna fuck you out. You ready for that you stupid bitch?” a voice that I didn’t recognize asked as he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

“Please don’t hurt me I will do anything you say, just don’t hit me anymore.” I begged.

“Stupid white bitch comin up in our hood, what you think was gonna happen to you? You come up in this hood you gotta pay for protection. Fine ass little white cunt like you, thinking she don’t have to give no respect to us brothas.” The same voice continued.

“No this was a mistake, please just fuck me then let me go! Just call Lance he will explain everything!” I pleaded.

“Bitch unless you have about twenty grand up that pussy you aint getting outta here. Fine ass white slut like you gonna get us what is owed,” the big gangster said in his deep voice.

“I can get you money! I promise I will get you every dime of that twenty thousand! Please don’t hurt me.” I screamed thinking I might be able to buy my way out. “I’ll pay you forty if you just don’t hurt me and let me go.”

“Forty huh? You got forty grand in your pockets whitey?” the big gangster asked.

“No I don’t have it with me but I can get it for you. I promise, I am an attorney I have lots of money I promise I can get it for you!” I pleaded to the voices in the room.

“Well see here, what the deal is you been sold to us by some weak ass brotha that owes us some money. He likes to gamble and he borrowed more than he could lose last weekend. So he made a deal to give your ass up. We know about you slut, we know you like being a slut for some half ass gangsters who like to sing about niggas and hoes,” the big gangster said in a low voice as he squatted in front of me and held my face in his powerful hand.

“No! Lance wouldn’t do that to me!” I screamed to the man.

“Bitch I done told you I don’t know no fucking Lance!” the big gangster said as he squeezed my face in his hand. “Ricky sold your ass to us. And we gonna use that sweet pussy up and then make some money off of you,” he said as he pushed my face to the side and stood up.
I began sobbing heavily as I responded, “No Ricky wouldn’t do that! Please Lance is Ricky’s friend. Please call him and he will pay you! I have been fucking Lance and Ricky for months now, Lance will give you what you want!”

“Bitch their aint no brotha alive that is gonna give me what I want right now,” the big gangster said as he reached out and ripped the blindfold off my eyes. “And nobody GIVES me anything, I take what I want. Just like we about to take your shit from you.”

The big gangster grabbed me and stood me up and pushed me across the room. I squatted against the wall on the other side of the room from the six men. I sat there and sobbed cursing Ricky for doing this to me. That sorry bastard had sent me here to be raped and god knows what else. Two of the men pulled a thin metal table that was thin and long to the middle of the room. It was about four feet long and two feet wide. Then one of the men pulled me to my feet and pulled me to the table. One man began untying my wrists and when he had the rope from my hands he pulled my black rain coat off of me forcefully. I stood there trembling as the men began pawing my breasts and my ass cheeks through the black mesh body stocking. Then one of the men pushed me over the top of the table and threw my wrist bindings to another man. They quickly tied my arms to the legs of the table. Another of the men then began untying my feet and then when they were freed the spread my legs where my legs were on the outside of the table legs. Then the men tied my legs to the table.

I was bent over the table both arms and both legs tied tightly to the table legs. My torso was flat against the freezing metal table top, my pussy open and exposed to be taken at will by anyone that wanted it. One of the men then squatted behind me and began running his tongue up and down my pussy lips as one of the other men began slapping my tight firm ass cheeks.

“Shit brah, Ricky knows how to pay his debts, look at this fine ass white bitch,” the big gangster said through a deep laugh.

I just laid there weeping and wanting to die. Deep in my gut something familiar started stirring. Since meeting Lance, I have been fucked in every way possible by one, two and three black men at a time. I had been gang fucked by seven of Lance’s friends but I was a willing participant. Now I was going to be gang raped and was not willing at all. Yet, in my stomach I felt that familiar desire to be taken by these black men. A thought wisped through my mind how is this different than the past few months? Then a loud screeching voice invaded my mind.

‘You wanted to be fucked and used by those men, this is different you stupid bitch! These men are going to fuck you, rape you and sale you to anyone that wants you!’ the voice screamed in my head.

And this was different; this is not how I wanted to be treated by black men, or was it? I was not something for them to rape and sale to others, or maybe I was. I fought back that desire in my stomach and waited for these men to do with me what they wanted.

The man squatting behind me continued to push and pull his tongue over my pussy lips but he was not good at eating pussy so all he was doing was putting his spit on me and spreading it around. All of the men had their clothes off and were passing around a joint as they watched their friend working on my pussy. I fought the urge in my stomach to look at their cocks but finally I couldn’t resist. Even the poor excuse of pussy eating that the man behind me was doing was sending some stimulation up my body. That urge to see the black cocks that were going to be in my mouth and pussy and most likely my ass was building stronger with each flick of his tongue. I took quick glances at each man that I could see and took quick snap shots of their cocks hanging half limp around me. Most were average sized say 7 inches being the shortest. Most were average in thickness and they all seemed to be growing as they scanned my body laid before them on this table. The biggest of them was the big gangster that had been hitting and choking me. He was at least twelve inches and pretty thick maybe three inches across. I was surprised that I was able to take his cock down my throat in the van.

One of the men stepped in front of me and held his cock in front of my face. The height of the table was perfect for these men and had me at the right height to take their cocks in my mouth. I knew I could not fight it and I knew what I was going to have to do. So I opened my mouth and he placed the head of his cock into my mouth. I began sucking on the head of his cock. He began stroking his cock head in short slow strokes and so I sucked tight on his head. When the man would stop pushing and pulling his cock head in my mouth I would roll my tongue over his head like I was licking an ice cream.

“Oh fuck yeah, Ricky was damn right. This little white bitch’s mouth feels good on my shit,” the man fucking my face said.

He then grabbed my head and began stroking his cock into my mouth deeper. When his cock head would hit the opening of my throat I would gag but I tried to breathe thru my nose. The big gangster that had been so rough with me pushed the guy trying to eat my pussy away and mounted me from behind. He slapped both his hands down firmly on my ass cheeks and I squealed in pain with his friends cock in my mouth. The feel of his hands slapping down on my ass cheeks jump started that fire in my stomach and I waited with that familiar desire to feel that big black cock head press against my pussy. The gangster behind me grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands a squeezed hard, clamping his hands on my ass cheeks. Feeling his hand clutching my flesh sent a shot of electricity and without thinking I began eagerly bobbing on the cock in my mouth. The big gangster behind me wiggled my ass cheeks up and down a few times and commented on how good my ass was going to be. He then gripped my hips tightly, which is very stimulating for me. Over the last few months anytime I was taken from behind by one of my black lovers having their hands grabbing my hips and them pushing and pulling my pussy up and down their cock was such a powerful stimulant for me. I was quickly becoming excited and even though I was going to be gang raped I was going to be fucked very good and thoroughly by these thug gangsters. That desire in my stomach was burning white hot now. I was going to be used in the most degrading way and gang fucked by six black cocks and I was getting excited, while still terrified at the event.

The big gangster behind me released one of his hands from my hips and then grabbed his huge cock and began rubbing his cock head up and down my pussy lips. When I felt his cock head rubbing on my labia I unintentionally moaned deeply into the black dick in my mouth. I love that teasing sensation when a big cock head is rubbed against my pussy.

“Ah fuck yeah this little bitch knows whats up!” said the man that was stroking his cock in and out of my mouth.

“Ricky said this white cunt was a freak, all she needed was to get a dick in her mouth to get down with shit,” I heard another man say.

The man behind me chuckled at his friends comments and then began pressing his fat head into my pussy. As he did my body went rigid and I held my breath, not because it was painful but because I absolutely love the feel of a big thick black cock entering my pussy for the first time. The big gangster pressed his hips into me slowly, which seemed out of character for him as rough as he was with me earlier. I really didn’t give a shit though because the sensations pulsing from my cunt as he slowly slid his cock into me had the desire in my stomach taking over my every thought. My mind raced with pleasure and wicked thoughts. This was what I was meant to be, a piece of meat to be used by big black dick. At that moment I was absolutely on fire and the desire to be used by these men replaced any fear that I had of being gang raped by them. Now I wanted it to happen, I needed it to happen. The big gangster slid his thick cock into me slowly but steadily. When he had about half his cock into me the thickest section of his cock began stretching my cunt wider and wider. I let out a high pitched squeal as he continued to stroke his cock into me. The man fucking my mouth then pulled his cock out of my mouth and the squeal turned into a high pitched scream. The man behind me continued pressing his dick into me as I continued my high pitched continuous scream. The man at my front laughed and said how my eyes were rolling back in my head as I took the big gangsters cock. He then began slapping my face with his cock. Finally the stretching sensation began to fade and the immediate need to breath forced me to pull air into my lungs and I gasped desperately in one big gulp for air.

When enough air filled my lungs I without thinking screamed in a long drawn out high pitch, “Oh my God!”

The big gangster then gripped my hips tightly and pressed the rest of his cock into me. When his cock hit my cervix I let out a high pitched yelp. He held his cock in my pussy and I laid my head to the side and on the top of the table and breathed deeply and quickly. I moaned passionately as he held his cock in my pussy letting my cunt adjust to his huge dick size.

“Damn brah, whitey here seems to like you up in her pussy. Guess she did come down to the hood to get used by some brothas,” the man in front of me said while laughing and jacking his hard cock in his hand.

“Fuck it feels so good,” I cooed through my labored breathing.

“Damn this bitch is soaking wet, got her pussy juice all over my black dick,” the big gangster said as he continued to hold his cock in my cunt. “You like that whitey?” he asked as he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back to him.

I was completely taken with lust and passion and had no wish or intention to resist anymore. Not even thinking I moaned, “Yes Daddy I love your cock!”
The big gangster released my hair and my face fell against the torso of the man in front of me, his long black cock pressed against my face. The gangster that mounted me from behind then slapped my ass cheek and grabbed my hips tightly and began withdrawing his cock from my cunt. The sensation of feeling his cock move in my pussy sent electric shocks through my body. Just before he completely withdrew his dick from my pussy he pulled on my hips and began pressing his cock back into my cunt. He was still stroking into me slowly but his cock head hit my cervix, which made me yelp in pleasure. He pulled back and slapped my ass with one hand as he pushed my pussy back off his cock with the other hand that was gripping my hips. Then he pressed back into me and pulled my hips back toward him this time increasing his speed a little. The big gangster continued to slow stroke his cock into me. The sensations I was feeling from the biggest thickest cock I had ever taken in my life was making me moan uncontrollably and begging for him to keep fucking me. His cock was so massive in thickness that it pressed every inch of my cunt wide and touched all the sensitive spots in my pussy walls.

The man in front of me pulled my head up and placed his cock head in my mouth and one of the other guys stood back at a distance and held his phone up and took a picture. As the big gangster mounting me from behind began stroking his cock into me at a faster pace the man to my front grabbed my head and began stroking his cock into my mouth and throat. The gangster behind me soon was at a quick pace and I could feel his heavy balls slapping against me. He fucked me deep and with a good and steady rhythm. With the cock in my mouth and throat I was breathing heavily thru my nose hungry for air but I was moaning and squealing at the pleasures my cunt was receiving from the huge black cock that stroked in and out of me. Both men continued to stroke their cocks in my mouth and pussy for about ten minutes. I was consumed with pleasure and passion. The man to my front soon began thrusting into my mouth and throat as fast as he could and after a few minutes pulled his cock out of my mouth and exploded his load onto my face and hair. The gangster that mounted my pussy began slamming hard into my cunt and I began screaming loudly.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” I screamed each time his cock slammed into my cervix. “Fuck me Daddy Hmm, Yeah Daddy fuck my pussy!”

After about thirty seconds I felt hands on my head pulling my mouth in line for one of the other black cocks in the room. Immediately he slammed his cock into my mouth and just started fucking my mouth and throat. The big gangster at my rear continued his long deep fast strokes. The fire was burning in my pussy. As the big gangster continued to fuck my pussy a huge surge of electricity erupted from my pussy. My body went rigid and I let out a high pitched scream. My pussy erupted on the big black cock as he continued to fuck me as I cam.

“Ahhh yeah whitey cum all over this black dick!” the big black gangster grunted as the sensation of my pussy quaking on his cock brought heavy grunts and groans from him. “Damn bitch, you like getting this tight pussy fucked by black cock, don’t you?”

The man that was fucking my throat pulled his cock out of my mouth and I answered passionately, “Yes Daddy um I love getting fucked by black cock.”

“Yeah we’ll well see after every nigga on this block has been in this shit!” the big gangster grunted.

The man in front of me grabbed my head and then stuffed his cock back in my mouth and continued to fuck my face. The big gangster behind me began picking up his pace and after a few hard thrusts he withdrew quickly from my cunt and shot his thick hot cum on my ass cheeks.

“AAHHHh fuck yeah, take that cum bitch!” the big gangster roared as he covered my ass with his cum.

The man to my front continued to stroke his cock into my mouth and the big gangster slapped the side of my hips as he dismounted me. Within seconds one of the other men that had not yet had me mounted me from behind and stuffed his cock into my cunt and began fucking me hard and fast. The two men fucked me for about ten minutes then the man with his cock in my mouth slammed his cock into my throat and erupted down my throat. I choked and gagged on his cum and when he pulled his cock out of my mouth I coughed cum out of my mouth. The cum caught on my lips and was running down my chin. I instinctively pulled the cum back into my mouth with my tongue and swallowed it after I stopped choking and got some air in my lungs. The fifth man then mounted my face and began fucking my mouth as the other two had done before him. The man taking me from behind pulled his cock out of my pussy, it was covered in my thick pussy juices, and then pressed his head into my asshole. He pressed firmly with his hips and in a few seconds he popped into my ass. I squealed into the cock in my mouth as he pressed his cock into my asshole. The pain was sharp and I squealed continuously as he continued to fill my ass with his cock. Soon he was balls deep in my ass and he held his dick in me for about thirty seconds before he slowly started stroking his cock in and out of my ass.

The two men continued fucking me and there was a knock at the door. The three men that had already fucked me were smoking another joint and drinking and talking about me like the slut I was. One of the men went to the door and looked thru the peep hole. He opened the door and three more thuggish gangster walked in.

One of the new arrivals as he entered and saw his two friends fucking me as I was tied to the table exclaimed, “God damn! Where you fools find this little white bitch?”

“Ah brother this is a down payment from Ricky. He sent this bitch gift wrapped right to the door,” one of the original men that took me said.

One of the other new arrivals said as he walked closer to the table where I was being fucked by his friends, “Damn smells like black dick and white pussy in this shit.”

The men all gave each other high fives and smoked and drank as the two men continued to pound my mouth and ass. The big gangster that fucked me first told the other new arrivals about how everything happened. How Ricky had sold me to them and how they captured me and how they were going to make me their white hoe. They all laughed and congratulated each other. I didn’t even fucking care anymore. I was completely consumed by the cocks in my ass and mouth and my desire to be used by any black cock that walked in the room. I was exactly what I was meant to be, a white cum slut to be used by gangster thugs as their fuck meat.

The man fucking my ass was fucking me deep and fast and soon exploded his load deep into my gut. He slapped my ass firmly a few times then dismounted me and instantly the sixth original gangster that brought me to this room where I was to be used by them and their gang mounted me and forced his cock into my sopping wet pussy. He immediately began fucking me hard and deep and I was moaning with pleasure from his cock taking my cunt. The man fucking my mouth pulled his cock out and told me to open my mouth. I did as ordered and he shot his load onto my out stretched tongue. I immediately swallowed his thick bitter load down my throat. The three new arrivals quickly stripped out of their pants and each took turns feeding me their cocks.

Each one was half limp and so I got to actually suck their cocks erect instead of having them mount my face and fuck my mouth and throat. I devoured all three of their cocks like it was my first one. I was sucking, licking and taking them down my throat as the man to my rear shot his load into my cunt. I begged one of the three new comers to fill my pussy or ass. One of the men told me to shut up and stuffed his cock in my mouth and began fucking it fast and hard. One of his friends then grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped the cum off my ass and asshole and my pussy. Then he mounted me and fucked me doggy style as half of the other men had done. This continued for about fifteen minutes and both the cock in my mouth and cock in my pussy erupted their salty loads of cum into me. The ninth man then stuffed his cock in my mouth and fucked my throat for a few minutes as his friends drank and smoked as they watched me get my face fucked by their friend. After his cock was covered in my thick spit he pulled out of my mouth and moved behind me and mounted me pressing his cock into my asshole.

None of the other men decided to fill my mouth and so while this last man to take me fucked my ass I cooed and screamed and cursed. I told them all how I loved black cock and wanted them to fuck me all night. I told them how I loved being a slut for black cock and wanted to service their dicks at their request. Some of the men would ask me questions and I would respond to them as a slut for black cock should. There was something about being tied to this desk and having these men take what they wanted from me that completely sent me out of control. Fuck it, if they wanted me to be their whore then I would do it just as long as they fucked me like this often. I wanted to be used by any man that walked thru the door. The man fucking my ass soon shot his load into my guts and joined his friends as they sat around me talking about everything including me.

For about thirty minutes I just laid there completely caught up in my desire and passion. A knock at the door and five new men walked in. As before they cheered and high fived each other and told the story as to what was going on and why I was here. The five men did as the other nine before them had done. They each mounted me from behind or fucked my face and used me as the others had. A few of the others that were before them filled their places as each of the new five deposited their cum in my mouth or face or in my pussy or ass. The fourteen men spent another two hours either fucking my face or mounting me from behind. During the two hours new arrivals would come in, twelve in all, and the twenty six men fed me their cocks or took my pussy or ass the rest of the evening. I was lost in ecstasy. I was being used by an entire gang as their black cock slut. After all twenty six had their chance the big gangster untied my hands and feet and told me to go shower. I stripped naked in front of the gang of black thugs that had gang raped me and did as ordered. As I showered, twice I was interrupted by some of the gangsters. Two of them came in and impaled me on their cocks and fucked my ass and pussy, after I had sucked their cocks erect.

Then after they used me I soaped again and was interrupted by the big gangster that was so aggressive and he had me suck his cock and then he took me from behind and fucked me as no other man had. He attacked me with force and told me I was a stupid bitch and that he was going to fuck me til I couldn’t take another cock. His huge cock simply abused my pussy with its girth and raw size. He fucked me for what seemed an hour. He turned me around and easily lifted me onto his cock. I cam on his dick three times and each time I started cumming he would clench my throat in his hand and restrict my breathing. He was fucking huge and I felt completely helpless beside him my small white petite frame being devoured by this black giant of a man. The aggressiveness of the act was so intoxicating that I begged the man to continue fucking me. He filled my pussy full of cum and ordered me to suck his cock clean and then he told me to get out of the shower.
I finished showering and dried myself with a towel. I went back into the main room where the gang tied me up and gang fucked me. Most of the men had left, only the big gangster and five of the guys remained, and my vinyl top and mini skirt were on the table that I was tied to earlier.

“Whitey, put on your clothes,” the big gangster ordered.

“Yes Sir,” I responded.

“Nah fuck that shit, you will call me Daddy from now on. You have one Daddy in this world and it’s me. You understand me bitch?” the big gangster looked at me glaring and ordered of me. “Aint no mother fucker here that is your Daddy except me."

“Yes Daddy I understand,” I answered as I pulled the mini up my bare legs.

“I know about you whitey, I know you work for some law firm and you like being used by black dick, but you are never to give your shit up without making me some money. You hear me bitch?” the big gangster said as he smoked his joint. “You belong to me and my boys so the only black cock you don’t charge is anyone that’s with me. If I bring new blood into the gang after we jump them in you are their gift for a weekend for surviving, and you do whatever they want. You are my slut so they will treat you as I do. They hit you then I want to know about it. I am the only one that will beat on you and these niggas know it. If I jump in one or twenty then you will be theirs to use. You hear me slut?” the big black man asked as he walked to me.

“Yes Daddy I understand” I said hesitantly. “But…” I tried to continue.

The big gangster grabbed my face in his vice grip like hand, “Aint no buts bitch! Your ass belongs to me, you hear me?”

I grimaced as the big hand squeezing my face got tighter.

“Please Daddy don’t hurt me, I promise to do exactly as you say, just don’t hit me please” I strained to say as the man squeezed my face.

“Aight then slut, you keep me happy I won’t hurt you but you fuck up once I’ll beat you worse than you can imagine. Now get on your knees and suck this dick while I tell you how this is gonna go down” the big gangster said as he pushed me down to my knees.

I immediately took his limp cock into my mouth and licked and sucked on his big cock head.

“Most times when we take some white bitch as a hoe we fuck her out like we just did you and then send her ass to the streets to get fucked by every nasty fucker in the hood. I aint doin that shit with you, unless you piss me off, you look too good to be used like that. So I am gonna let you be a high end hoe for me. Every week you owe me three thousand dollars due every Friday when you show up here after work. I aint stupid, I know where you work and the money you make and that if you disappear your boss might get cops involved; and I aint gonna let the cops get involved so they can rob my ass blind. As fine as your ass is and as much as you like being fucked by niggas, you ought to be able to make that much off of two or three fuckers a week. You can make a thousand to two thousand each time a black cock gets in that pussy of yours that I own. Most the time I’ll set up your dates so don’t worry so much about having to hustle some business. I’ll get you three or maybe four dates a week for you after work. When I send you some black dick or black dicks for a week night date then you better fuck that cock or them cocks like no other slut in this world. You half ass it once and we’ll come get your ass and you’ll be working these streets for the rest of your life. You hear me bitch?” the big gangster said as he put his hand on my forehead and pushed my head back making his cock pop out of my mouth.

I caught my breath and quickly answered, “Yes Daddy, I will fuck them so good, I promise.”

I took his cock back into my mouth as I greedily devoured his huge black cock. I got a good feeling where this was going and actually was getting very excited at the thought of being a high end whore for these gangbangers. Over the past few months since meeting Lance I had fantasized about Lance charging guys for getting to fuck me. I never talked to Lance about it because I was so afraid of the uncertainty of where such a set up would lead. I have no desire to be a common street whore but that idea of being owned by a strong black man and being used as a high end whore by him had been a new desire that had been growing in me. And with the addition of getting used every weekend by my new pimps gang was stoking my desire to be used by black men like I had never felt before.

My new black Daddy continued, “Yeah that’s right bitch you better thank me, but fuck it up and you’ll be fucking drunks and mother fuckers for twenty bucks a fuck; but you’ll still owe me three grand every Friday. Now you give that pussy to some black cock I don’t send you then you owe me seven fifty per black dick, and believe me I got twenty five motherfuckers watching you twenty four hours a day so I’ll know.”

I pulled his cock from my mouth and answered, “Yes Daddy I understand” and then continued sucking his cock from his cock head to the back of my throat.

One of the other men placed a cell phone on the table as I continued to suck my new pimps cock.

“This cell, you better have on you all the time and never fail to answer it. Only me and my boys have this number. If you aint making me money and this phone rings then you drop whatever you are doing and answer it. I told my boys anytime they want some of you they are welcome as long as you aint making me money. So if they call and want to get up in your shit you do it or that will be a fuck up by you. I might call you every day ten times a day or I might not call for weeks at a time. But know this shit as gospel whitey, every Friday by seven pm you better be standing in front of that alley way where we got your ass with three grand or more in your hands and waiting for that van to come get you, whether you have talked to me or not your ass better be at that alley every Friday for my boys to use” my black pimp ordered as I continued to suck his cock. “You fuck up once and it’s either the streets for you or a fucking dumpster, and we’ll come get your ass, ain’t no where you can hide from me bitch” he continued as he grabbed a fist full of hair and violently pulled me to the top of his cock.

I shook my head quickly forward and back as I locked my red lips on his coal black cock and rolled my tongue over his head.

“Damn bitch you know how fine you look with a big black dick in your lips?” my new pimp asked.

I shook my head again answering his question.

“Fuck yeah you do and you like that shit to, don’t you slut?” my pimp asked as he looked down at me sucking his cock head tight in my mouth.

I shook my head again and took his head out of my mouth and answered him moaning, “Yes Daddy I love sucking black cocks.”

I took his cock immediately back in my mouth and began bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft, sucking his cock nice and tight as he used his hands to force my head further down his cock. He then grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth and throat and forcefully. He did not speak any longer; he just stroked his cock in and out of my throat as I gagged as his black dick plunged into my throat with each thrust. He began fucking my mouth and throat faster and faster as his grunts became louder. He would tell me this is what a white slut was born for, to have black men fuck their throats. He told me what a fine slut I was and how I was gonna make him ten thousand plus a weekend. He was gonna sale my ass to every nigger with a grand in his pocket and that I better fuck them like it was my first time getting black dick. Soon he was on the verge of cumming so he slammed his cock into my throat and blasted his cum all the way down my throat. After he shot his load down my throat I cleaned his cock off and sucked on his cock until he pushed me to the floor.

All of the other men had left the small apartment except one. Daddy walked over to him and took a lit joint from him and took a pull off of it as I sat on my ass; taking in the rush that was flowing thru my body of just being thrown to the floor by my new pimp like a piece of trash after he had just blasted his cum into my stomach and had me clean his cock.

“This mother fucker here is like the second in charge, you call him Uncle from now on. You need to get ahold of me you call this nigga here first. I don’t want no calls from you ever. You not gonna be at the Alley for some reason on a Friday night then you call Uncle. Some motherfucker goes to hitting on you without my say, then you call Uncle. You get bored in that fancy ass office of yours and want some black dick, you call Uncle. Anything you need to call me about bitch, you call Uncle. You hear me bitch?” my new big pimp explained. “Matter of fact, anytime you get some weak ass group of niggas in your office signing deals, like Ricky and that faggoty ass group he got, I want their name and numbers. That’s the main reason you ain’t going on the street. I need you to keep me informed of what goes on. And don’t be workin’ they ass to get dick off of them, I’ll deal with that. That’ll be a nice little reason for them to deal with me. You act stuck up and shit but look good for them niggas. First weekend I sale your ass to them after you looking good in that office in front of them, shit, them niggas will be paying ten grand a weekend to get up in your shit. You understand what I want you to do for your Daddy whitey?”

I knew exactly what he wanted me to do and my pussy was burning at the thought of how it might work out.

“Yes Daddy, I know exactly what you want me to do. I promise to give you any information you can use.” I responded as I looked up at him.

“Aight then you know what your job is then whitey, you better respect my ass or it’s on the street with you, you dumb bitch” my pimp ordered. “Now suck Uncles dick right now and hurry, we got six niggas paying ten grand to use your ass tonight. Uncle gonna have one of the boys driving you around tonight so if you finish up with them six brothers early then you get back over here and let the boys do what they want with your stupid ass.”

“Yes Sir, Daddy” I said as I looked at Uncle pulling his cock out of his pants.

I started crawling over to him on my hands and knees on the filthy floor of the apartment. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him as I did my pimp just minutes before. I was after his cock like it was the first black dick I had had in a month. My mind was racing at the thought that I was being sold to six black men by my new pimp for the night. My stomach was on fire with that desire to be used by black men. To be treated as a common whore that black men used as their personal cum slut. The desire was so strong to be treated like that exact thing, a piece of fine white ass to be used by black men at their leisure. I eagerly sucked on Uncle’s cock and soon he was filling my mouth with his cum. My pussy was so wet that after I cleaned his cock I masturbated as the two men watched me rub and finger my pussy. It was only a few minutes before I brought myself to huge orgasm. I sucked my fingers clean of my juices.

Uncle ordered me to get up. I did as ordered and I put on the vinyl thigh high boots and my raincoat. I grabbed the body stocking off the floor and stuffed it into a pocket of the coat. Uncle handed me the cell phone that my pimp had gotten for me. Daddy and Uncle walked me out of the apartment and down the stairs and we got to the street. I had no idea what time it was but it was probably midnight or so. There was a tricked out car running and waiting for us.

“Slut, when you get done be sure to get the brotha drivin you to take you to get some sexy clothes. Get something really nice for tomorrow night ‘cause I am gonna go show your fine ass off at a few clubs tomorrow night. But you call Uncle around three or four in the afternoon, or otherwise if five o’clock gets to you without one of my boys driving you over here or you being in this apartment letting my boys use that pussy of yours, we’ll come get your ass and this street will be all you ever know again” the big gangster said and then turned and walked off.

“Yes Sir, Daddy” I said as I watched him turn and walk away.

Uncle put me in the back seat of the car and told me to slide over. I did and Uncle got in next to me. He explained that anytime I was hoe’n for them they would drive me around to my dates. He also explained what was about to happen. We were going to a hotel and that we would meet these six black guys that were about to fuck me in their hotel suite. He said that either he or the driver would be within screaming distance if things got stupid. He then talked about how good my pussy was and that every Wednesday after work he would send a car for me at work and that he would meet me at a hotel and that he was going to fuck my shit out for me. He was constantly rubbing on my breasts or rubbing my bald pussy under the short mini. He got so worked up he had me suck his cock again as we headed through the streets of New York for the hotel where I was to be delivered to six black men. I sucked him as I did before. I was so excited and my desire to be used by black men was raging like a fire thru my body as I thought of the twenty six men in the gang that gang raped me and the six men I was about to be used by. I blew his big black cock until it erupted in my mouth and on my face. He wiped my face clean with his fingers and had me eat and suck the cum clean from them. I touched up my makeup and he and I got out and went into the hotel.

We got on the elevator and then to the suite where the six men were waiting for us. Uncle knocked and were invited in. I spent the first thirty minutes dancing for the men on a table as they congratulated Uncle on finding such a fine white slut for them. They handed over an envelope that had ten thousand dollars that Uncle counted right then and there. After he counted he told the men not to abuse me or hit me and to have at me. The six men began undressing and circling me. All six of the men had decent sized cocks but nothing impressive. I got off the table and began the night by sucking them in turns. I was completely filled with the lustful urge to please every single one of them as my pimp Daddy had ordered me to.

My mind was out of control as I thought about how good it felt to be a whore for black cocks. I was on fire and my pussy was aching for black dick. After sucking each of them the fucking began. First they bent me over the table and I would suck a cock as one of them fucked me from behind and I would jerk the other cocks off as they waited their turn to put their cock in one of my holes. Then I was lowered onto one of their cocks cowgirl style as another mounted from behind and fucked my ass, I sucked the other four cocks or stroked them in my hands. I fucked or sucked all six of them and they all cam on me or in me at least once. They then sat around and drank and talked about how good Daddy’s sluts were.

I went and took a quick shower and then came back and served them drinks and food in just my vinyl thigh high boots. When each of them were restocked and as they sat and talked I would go to each one and suck their cocks until they exploded down my throat or on my tits. In between each blow job I would go around and get them more food or drinks. As the night drew on one of them would order me to ride their cock or they would just take me and bend me over and fuck my ass or pussy from behind. A few of them liked me to beg them for black dick. I did whatever they wanted. I would fuck them one or two at a time or all of them would take turns filling every hole I have. For six hours I spent the night serving them and being used by them. I was so infused with passion and lust that every time a cock or cocks were in me; I was out of control. I would tell them how I loved getting black cock and how I loved being a slut for my pimp. I sucked every cock with passion and aggressiveness. I did not have to fake a single moment of it. I was so horny and content that I was a whore for black dicks.
The men finished with me as the sun came up. Each of the men gave me a tip and I walked out of there with twenty five hundred dollars in my coat pocket. I had asked Uncle if I needed to give him any and he said no and that Daddy wanted me to keep my tips. So I tipped the driver five hundred of it and he and Uncle drove me to my apartment building. I was surprised that I did not have to tell them where I lived. That sent a shock up my spine that they knew so much about me all ready. But I was tired and happy about how the night had gone so I didn’t give a fuck. I got out of the car and went to my apartment and took a hot shower and took a morning after pill. I set my alarm for two o’clock, which would give me about eight hours of sleep before I had to be up and calling Uncle. I fell asleep immediately and slept until my alarm went off.
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