The fifth chapter delves in to the devious world that i'm now moving into, and the lengths that i will go to just to fill my sexual desires. I prefer to think that i was supplying an outlet for the homo erotic desires that many young guys have and that they were using me as much as i was using them.

If getting friends to pass out so I could blow them was hard, then getting them to fuck me and still be unaware of what happened was going to be near to impossible.
Nick had moved on and had a new “friend” and I needed to find someone to take his place, and find him fast.
I wasn’t interested in just drinking their cum anymore.
I wanted to be fucked by them.
I wanted to feel their cock deep inside me.
A new strategy was needed.
Obviously I couldn’t get them to fuck me in their sleep and obviously I couldn’t ask them directly to do it, as it would get around school in a second.
I had to come up with a very different approach, but what?

I arrived back from holidays in Bali just after the winter holidays and out of nowhere came this idea.
Would it work?
Could I get my friends to fuck me so they wouldn’t feel vulnerable after?
Would they indeed take the carrot if I dangled it in front of them?
I needed a guinea pig, someone to try my ploy on to see if it would work. Someone that I could ask to sleep at my place without having to go to allot of trouble to get them there, someone like Peter.

The next Friday at school I asked him to stay at my house for the night as I had something I wanted to show him, something I learnt in Bali, and he agreed.

That night in bed I put my plan into action and told him my story.

“When I was in Bali I was taught by this Balinese boy how to go into a trance. You lay down, take deep fast breaths and when you start to feel faint like when you blow up balloons you quickly open your eyes and sit up, making you even dizzier. Then lie back down, close your eyes and take one last deep breath, hold it as long as possible and when you slowly let it out you black out. You can’t walk or talk but you’ll do what people tell you to do, and the strange thing is when you wake up you can’t remember anything that happened. The only thing you have to make sure not to do is to touch them because then they will try and have sex with you”, I said with a laugh.
“Then to wake them up you ask them to roll over and hit them at the top of the neck. I think that speeds up the blood flow again or something like that”.
“It took me a while to master but now I’m pretty good at it”, I said.

I knew the whole thing was highly implausible and if you thought about it enough you would realise it was all bull, but I was counting on the fact that being a teenage boy in the throws of puberty he wouldn’t analyse the situation too much and hopefully try something new.

“Do you want to see it?”

“Yeah, it’ll be funny”, he said.

Laying down and closing my eyes I went through the process and when I was done just lay there not moving.

“Lift your arm up” he said, which I did.
“Pretend to row a boat” he said, which I did.
“Slap your face” he said, which I did.
“Roll over” he said and as I did he hit me on the neck.

I stirred and slowly opened my eyes.
“What happened, how long was I out?” I asked.
“You were only out for a few minutes and just lay there, can I see it again?”

Once again I did my charade, once again I lay there.
“Lift your arm up”, which I did.
“Pull the blanket down”, he asked, so I pulled it down to my thighs.
“Take down your underpants and pull yourself off”, he said and which I dutifully obeyed.
After I had been masturbating in front of him for a few minutes he said, “Stop”, so I stopped. He then lifted my hand and placed it on his cock and said, “Pull me off”.
As I wanked him I noted that his cock was harder than it had been previously when I’d sucked on it, probably because he was the one awake this time I mused.
“Stop and roll over”, he said.
Damn he’s going to wake me I thought, but instead of hitting me I felt him lie down behind me.
“Don’t move”. He instructed as he pulled my ass cheeks apart and wet my hole with spit. Then I felt his cock enter me, first just the head then the entire length. He lay there not moving and I thought he was Cumming, but then he pulled it nearly all the way out only to plunge it back deep inside me.
Unlike Nick’s cock, which was dead straight, the extreme bend in Peters cock was hitting something that sent small electrical shocks through me with every thrust. Over and over he did this until I was numb. I wanted to tell him how much I loved it but knew I couldn’t. He moaned, his body shook, I could feel his cock pulsating inside me and I knew he was shooting his load.

After getting me dressed again and pulling up the blanket he woke me.

Slowly I roused. “What did I do?” I asked.

“Not much, you were only out for a few minutes”, he answered.
The next night he asked me to stay at his place and he fucked me again.

My plan had worked better than I imagined. This was going to be easier than I ever thought, all I had to do was select my victim and get him alone.
I was now ready to try it on more people. I wanted as many as I could and after they had fucked me a few times I planned to cast them aside and move on to another. I had no interest in having someone regular I wanted variety; I wanted to try them all.

Next came, Tony, Angelo, Gary, Andrew, John, Chris, Robert, Glenn, Tyler, Greg, David, Trevor, another Greg, another Gary, Darren, Russell, Ross, Mark, Colin, another Peter, Rodney, Stephen and Kenny.
I was made to suck everyone of their cocks and some of them even sucked mine. I loved going down on them because when I did I was facing away, and could open my eyes and see what I was placing in my mouth. I never realized that there was so much difference, such variety in all my friend’s cocks.
Each and every one of them fucked me. Some Cumming in an instant, and some Cumming in me two or three times before they woke me, but it wasn’t until Kenny that I truly experienced something extraordinary.

Kenny went to a different school to me, younger, much shorter and just a block of solid muscle. His unkempt blonde hair and dark brown eyes made him stand out as much as his translucent white skin did.
We were not friends, so when he approached me one Saturday at the local shops I was a bit confused.

“I hear that you can go into a trance”, he said.
How he knew this I had no idea but obviously someone had been talking. I knew it was fairly common knowledge between the boys at school but I didn’t know that it had left those boundaries.

“Who told you?”, I asked.

“That doesn’t matter, I just want you to teach me. I want to see if I can do it so I can show them at my school”.
“If you’re not doing anything we go over to my place and you can show me now?”

I must admit that the thought of having this little ball of muscle thrashing away inside me was giving me a bit of a hard on as I accepted his invitation and we crossed the highway to his street. Inside his house it looked like a bomb had gone off, clothes were everywhere, dishes were piled sky high in the sink and the whole place smelt of cigarettes and stale beer.
His father was passed out in an armchair in front of the TV.

“Don’t worry about dad, he’s drunk out of his brains”, he said as he led me through the house into his bedroom, closing and locking the door behind. The walls were adorned with pictures of football player’s; it was dark and musty but relatively clean compared to the rest of the house.

“On the floor or on the bed”, he motioned.

“Floors O.K.”, I said and lay down.

“You show me how to do it and then I’ll have a go”.

Again I went through the now familiar process. I had become quite good at faking it and had learnt how to control my breathing so it remained regular no matter how excited I got.
I lay there and heard Kenny walking around me. I tried to make out what he was doing but with my eyes closed I couldn’t.
He knelt down beside me, undid my zipper, roughly pulled down my jeans and underwear and then sucked my whole cock into his hot wet mouth. I was hard in seconds, he stopped, lay down beside me and I could feel that he was totally naked as he guided my cock to his waiting ass. He pushed back slightly, and with all the pre-cum dripping out of me it slid easily an inch or so into him.
He grabbed my arm, wrapping it around his torso so I was holding his rock hard piece. “Push your cock all the way in and fuck me”, he said.

I pushed forward; my foreskin peeled back as I went deeper and deeper until all my 7½ “ was in him. He let out a slight groan of pain but didn’t pull away. With one hand masturbating him and the other caressing his amazing chest I fucked him harder and harder.
He was facing away from me so I opened my eyes to watch.
His bottom was the colour of alabaster with a thin almost invisible layer of golden fuzz covering it. His cheeks were perfectly shaped, round and high. I watched my cock disappearing between them repeatedly. I held him tighter, my cock grew fatter and I emptied everything I had deep in that perfect bottom. He knew I was finished so pulled my now soft cock out, cleaned it, dressed him and myself and then woke me up.

“I just left you there for a few minutes so I could see what happens”, he said.
“Looks fairly easy, and you really can’t remember anything”. He smirked. “My turn now”

He lay on the floor and did everything I showed him but it didn’t work. I think that was the moment that he realised what I was up to and said “One more try”.
I knew the whole process was made up so when he finally blacked out I knew he was pretending, but hell if he was going to fake it I was going to take advantage of the situation.
I told him not to move then lifted his shirt to expose his chest. Never had I gazed on a frame with so much definition of muscle. I kissed his nipples as I massaged his crouch with my other hand. He was so angelic laying there with his eyes closed. I kissed him on the lips as I unzipped his pants and it only seemed like moments later that my mouth was filling with his salty, sweet juice.
I dressed him again, took out my cock, pushed it into his mouth, told him to suck it and wanked until I came once more. After he swallowed it all I woke him up.

“It gives you a bit of a headache doesn’t it”, he said after rousing. “I can’t remember a thing and my mouth tastes a bit strange”.
We both pretended that we didn’t know the truth, but by the end of the second week we had dispensed with taking turns and just “went into a trance” at the same time.
He couldn’t get enough of me fucking him and I couldn’t get enough of his body. He did fuck me a few times but I don’t really think that that was his thing.
Finally one night at my house when getting into bed, I stripped completely naked and just lay there under the covers watching him undress. He took his shirt off and threw it on the floor, every single muscle shone in the dark bedroom lighting, his pants dropped to the ground revealing those solid smooth white legs. Lastly he removed his underpants exposing a rock hard 5” cock, he smiled at me but instead of getting into his bed he climbed in next to me.
That night instead of purely just fucking each other we made love, the first time in my life that I had experienced what it was like to give your self completely to someone.
Teenage passion, raw and pure.
I had finally found my replacement for Nick.
I was in love again.

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2015-04-22 01:31:39
I've heard of people doing this but never seen it in person. I think the guys knew it was not real but just wanted to fuck you.


2014-06-04 02:02:48
Believe what you like but these stories are 100% true. Teen guys will over look the obvious just so they can get their dicks wet.

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2014-06-03 03:35:17
reasonable story lines, BUT, highly improbable, I for one do not believe that it is true, no one is that stupid enough to believe that he was out to it.

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