Yes this is a scifi story about dickgirls :)
This genre isn't for everyone I know. If you do a google image search for 'dickgirl huge' you'll see where the inspiration came from, and whether it might be for you, or not :)


Nicki stroked her fingers lightly over Sandi’s pert, sensitive tit. “Sometimes I kinda wish we still had religion,” she sighed. “At least we had some kind of meaning of life, even if it turned out to be fake.”

“I know babe,” Sandi returned the favour as her cock lurched and the endorphins surged through her again, “but religion really needed an afterlife. And now, I mean we’ve learned so much, we can refocus can’t we?

“There’s a couple of thousand of us already, and we can enjoy our lives for their own sake. I mean... the instinct to have an external purpose has to be genetic, we know that, so it’s just a matter of time, getting the research done. Other animals don’t spend their time wondering about the meaning their lives do they? They just get on with it.”

Nicki and Sandi were both over two hundred years old, but looked seventeen, apart from their knowing eyes. They were clones from way, way back in the twenty-first century, though now much updated.

"It's just...all the effort, the striving," sighed Nicki, who could be a bit of a depressive sometimes, "I mean Mars: we worked for centuries to colonise it, to spread out the population, and then what?”

“Yeah I know,” agreed Sandi. “Nationalism, just would never go away. The Chinese just had to claim a big find of tantalum for themselves, put a flag up. The Russians didn’t like it. The USA stuck its nose in. They just had to be selfish and fight and wreck the whole planet, then carry on down here. Fifty-nine billion people, wiped out by their own stupid satellites that they thought were so clever.”

In the Final World War both sides had fielded killer satellites that detected human brain signals and fired entrained radiation rays at them. The pinpoint radiation bursts painlessly mutated the genetic codes in the cells of the brain-stem, so a few hours or days later people died without even knowing they’d been attacked. Billions of men and women.

The satellites had targeted the military first of course, with the scientists, so pretty soon they were out of control. In the end the only known survivors were, mysteriously, a few clones like Sandi and Nicki, whose brainwaves seemed to be different enough to stop them being targets.

“Well we have control now, so that’s not gonna happen any more,” Sandi continued. “No boys and girls, hunters and carers. We’re all the same now and that’s the difference.” As usual Sandi was focused on possibilities.

“Yes I know,” Nicki smiled her beautiful smile. “Well anyway, how about we go down to Santa Barbara?” Her cock was hard and tingling, but they’d had quite a bit of sex already. There was a cool scene down there on the beach, especially with no traffic on the coast highway any more.

“Yeah okay, Frankie’s down there already.”

Frankie was the third of the original clones and their closest family member. The three had been lovers for two hundred years, though Frankie had a lot of friends down at the beach too, being a pretty independent girl - much more so than her original, Fiona Byrne, had been.

She was three inches taller than Fiona had been, which helped with confidence, but mainly it was that she’d grown up with her clone family and their originals, and had always been loved. The memories that had been transferred were the relatively superficial factual ones, more than the emotions.

Shortly afterwards the girls - that was how they thought of themselves even if it was open to question whether gender was a valid concept now - were walking into the once-priceless beachfront house that had become their community centre. It had just survived the rising sea level, which had been halted now with the sudden end of pollution.

“Hi, hi,” they greeted everyone, exchanging kisses, smiles and touches. Everyone was nice these days. Affection was universal.

“We were just going for a roll along the Ocean Front Walk?” a freckled honey-blonde called Alex invited them.

Sandi found Alex skating next to her as they swayed over the paved walkway which ran along the beach. Like everyone Alex was five foot three, toned, good-looking, and sweet. Perfect teeth, and nice pert B-cups under her thin, clingy tube top, which was also holding her cock. Bikini bottoms like Sandi's own, but yellow instead of pink.

Alex had a small, sexy mouth, big cheekbones and bright blue eyes which right now were twinkling happily at Sandi. Long blonde hair like her own, blowing free behind her. There were more blondes than there used to be, now everyone could choose.

They’d gathered in California so they could run GenKat, the most advanced genetic engineering company in the world. Luckily, though not entirely by coincidence, quite a few of the survivors were genetic engineering experts, including Sandi.

She let her eyes wander shamelessly down Alex’s flat tummy and pert ass, seeing Alex ogling her own firm, slightly muscular little body.

They got down to the pier and Alex and Sandi slowed, leaving the others to skate on in the sunshine. They took off their skates and walked down to the water’s edge. They were close together as they paddled, both knowing why they were here and looking forward to it.

Alex nudged into Sandi and touched the slender fingers of one hand sensually onto Sandi’s arm.

“You’re gorgeous,” murmured Sandi as in turn she stroked her fingertips suggestively up Alex’s slender thigh.

“We’re all gorgeous,” giggled Alex, kissing Sandi and pressing her body against her. Neither girl’s skin had a single wrinkle; in fact nobody even talked about ‘age’ any more, because after the first decade, when there was plenty to learn, it didn’t make any difference.

You could synthesise DNA and stem cells from libraries straight off the computer, so you could have your body make or destroy any cells you wanted, and tailor new life any way you wanted too.

Before the war there had been a massive taboo about eugenics and immortality, with only the limited and very secret work on cloning that had produced their own selves. But now the world was a different place, wasn’t it? You wouldn’t even survive if you had the original human genes. The girls had taken things to their logical conclusion.

They stood in the shallow water, wavelets lapping round their ankles, while they rubbed their bodies together, kissing and fondling. Sandi’s senses blurred in that delicious way as the sex flooded her bloodstream and euphoria enveloped her.

She gripped the bottom of Alex’s tube top and eased it up, feeling the thin, elastic fabric stretch as it peeled up over her friend’s cockhead and tits. She pulled it up and off, and tossed it up the beach while Alex shook out her hair.

Sandi raised her own hands to let Alex strip her own top off too, then they were rubbing together again, more nakedly now, their cocks side by side, throbbing and tingling, oozing lube onto the undersides of their pert tits.

The girls kissed each other’s necks and ran their fingers through each other’s long hair, all the while rubbing their cocks and tits together, starting to groan and gasp.

Both girls - in fact all girls - had firm moderately-sized tits that would never need a bra, jutting out temptingly from high on their chests. The areolas were large and the nipples were long, and having been designed with 10,000 extra nerve-endings they were extremely sensitive.

Sandi was near orgasm already, her pussy wet and tingling. She pulled her bottoms off and moved to lie down on the firm, damp sand just out of reach of the little waves. Alex finished stripping too and joined her. They sensed for who was to do what first, and Sandi rolled underneath with her legs open, getting that Alex felt like doing the fucking to start with.

She watched Alex line up her big, taut, glistening cockhead with her own equally glistening pussy lips, and sighed with joy as the enormous designer cock started to fill her.

Inch by inch it eased in, Alex shuffling forwards on her knees as she worked it to and fro in short, gentle strokes. Sandi could feel the huge two-and-a-half-inch-wide cylinder opening up her strong, elastic pussy, setting off its extra nerve-endings. The cock slowly filled her, right up into her ribcage as it neared her diaphragm, almost under her tits.

‘Impaled’ did not describe it. In fact girls were completely helpless while they were fucking, not only because of how thoroughly they were joined together but also because they couldn't monitor their environment while their senses were so consumed with sex. But that didn't matter these days. Even the bears, big cats and wolves weren’t a problem with the deterrence built into their bracelets.

Alex smiled down at Sandi as they both started to cum. They called it cumming, because of the euphoria and the squirts of edible lube that dribbled out of their cockheads and pussies, but it wasn’t a short-lived release as it had been before the war. Now cumming was more of a state - still euphoric but it went on and on, as long as you wanted.

Then there was an even higher level of ecstasy that completely absorbed all awareness, which they called a climax. It only lasted a few seconds but it was completely awesome, and for extra sexiness even included spurting some white liquid.

As Sandi and Alex enjoyed themselves other girls walked past from time to time, or skated past, either not looking or smiling if they did. A group came and settled down thirty yards away, starting a circle fuck. Sandi and Alex smiled through their sex haze.

Alex worked away, using her agile ‘young’ body to fuck eight or nine inches in and out of Sandi’s gently spasming pussy. It was a lot of movement. Fucking these days involved pert asses going to and fro through quite a distance.

After the first twenty minutes the initial rush of sensation was fading and Alex started to rub her tits on Sandi’s, setting them both off on a peak again; then a little later she bent her head to suck on Sandi’s huge, quivering cockhead, drinking the tasty fluid and producing another series of more frantic spasms and gasping, as Sandi’s enhanced glans went mad with the sensation.

They fucked happily for about an hour, then they swapped over and Sandi eased her fat thirteen inches into her gorgeous partner’s soaking channel. The sensation was fabulous, as ever. Alex’s muscular, enhanced pussy pulsated round Sandi’s sensitive shaft, and the designer nodules at the top triggered the thousands of nerve-endings in her cockhead and started her climax. She spurted, feeling Alex climaxing too She drank some fluid from Alex’s cockhead and felt the girl writhe and thrust and gasp in response.

They blanked out briefly, then woke, still coupled together. They started again.

On and on they fucked, their tanned naked ‘teen’ bodies glistening in the sunshine while they revelled in pure, purposeless ecstasy - purposeless apart from the bonding of course.

Gradually, after another hour or so, their energy dwindled. The other girls had finished and left. Eventually Sandi stopped looking for new ways to excite Alex, lifted her tits away from Alex’s and left her cock alone, then slowly eased her own cock out of Alex’s tired, slippery pussy.

The girls stood up and ran into the cool ocean, splashing and rubbing each other to freshen up. When they were done they put their bikini bottoms and tops back on, tucking their floppy but still long cocks under the stretch fabric. As usual it left their taut abdomens adorned with a sexily exposed length of cock, which even limp was thicker than their slender, girlie arms.

They dried in the warm air as they skated back to the beach house, where a crowd was having tea.

Alex sat with Sandi, Nicki and Frankie. Alex was only twenty years old, and however hard the older trio tried not to be superior she was somewhat in awe of them, albeit she hid it with irreverence. Though the sex helped of course.

“So did you decide on five foot three because that’s what you were?” she teased them with a smile.

“I was five foot nothing to start with,” Frankie told her, “EVERYONE was bigger than me.” She laughed.

“I was five-five,” Nicki added in her quiet, husky tones, “I was in suspension for six months being shrunk down, it was murder. But otherwise I’d have been the biggest person in the world.”

“I was bigger sideways,” Sandi grinned, “I was quite beefy back in the day, I’d have been the strongest person in the world and that wouldn’t have done. But I could’ve changed height if I’d needed to; we just worked out that five-three is nice and small for not using too many resources, and kind of to make the point that being big isn’t on now, as it’d only be for being aggressive wouldn’t it, but it’s just big enough to operate all the machines and cars and reach everything.”

“And nobody can be a bully now, at least not physically,” added Nicki, whose transferred memories contained some from when her ultra-slender original Natasha Byrne had been bullied at school.

“I’d have had the biggest tits in the world,” Frankie giggled, “even me being tiny - they were a good size weren’t they?” she touched Sandi and Nicki, “but it’s better for us all to have these…” she fondled her pert tits through her thin top, bringing out her nipples, “ooooh…”

“Did you make everyone sex-mad on purpose?” another girl, Kate, joined in from behind, grinning as she ran her fingers round Frankie’s sensitive neck.

“What do you think Kate?” Sandi asked, “you think this was an accident?” She turned and licked up the exposed part of Kate’s two-and-a-half-inch-wide shaft.

Kate shuddered as the thrill ripped through her. “Godddd!”

“Sex is the best way to spend our lives," grinned Sandi. "Completely non-destructive, doesn't involve out-doing other species or using resources, and the bonding is good for us as a society. And enough things are standardised to make sure nobody gets competitive about two ought to join in the conferences, then you’ll know how these things are decided, and you can help decide what to do next.”

The girls governed themselves through online conferences, where everyone could vote and comment. Sandi mostly ended up running things with Nicki and Frankie, but she could be voted out at any time.

“I suppose we could,” Kate ran her fingers through Sandi’s thick blonde hair.

Sandi stood up and reached for the new arrival, who had chosen a coffee-coloured complexion and light-brown eyes with soft, frizzy brown hair.

“We chose sex as a way for us all to be nice to each other,” Frankie took up the explanation while Sandi was busy fondling Kate, “and as something to do that would be nice, and not competitive or destructive, you know. Cos it’s a question what are our lives about, you know? Our lives don’t end and so life can’t be about a god or an afterlife or anything like that. They just ARE. It’s a bit weird, but anyway we have to enjoy our lives and spend our time in a way that isn’t destructive like last time…”

“I love that theory!” another girl joined in. Julie was a brunette, with beautifully-shaped bright-green eyes and a voluptuous mouth. Her straight hair was long, like most of the girls had it. They all liked the way long hair waved sensually around, and they liked to play with each other’s hair too.

“It’s good isn’t it?” Frankie stood up, ready for the incipient orgy. “Anyone fancy a swim?”

“I fancy a swim in your rock pool, and the grotto?” smiled Alex.

Fifteen minutes later the six girls were at the mansion where Sandi, Frankie and Nicki lived, up in Beverley Hills. Way back in history it had been famous, the ‘Playboy Mansion’, and it had been preserved over the centuries so that now it made a fine home for about thirty people. The grounds contained a beautiful pool made of natural stone which included a cave. It was a perfect playground.

“So did we really used to have hairy legs?” Alex stroked a sensual hand up Nicki’s smooth, shapely calf as they lay on the lawn next to the pool, with a drink. Nobody ate lunch these days; appetite had been reduced to keep everyone lean.

“God it was awful!” Nicki’s brunette complexion had made body hair quite a problem for her, before GE had become sophisticated enough to delete the irritating follicles. “We were always shaving and plucking and using creams and lasers and all kinds of things. Under our armpits too. Bleaching our forearms. It was such a pain. Top lip even, when you got older.”

“You left us with bushes though,” grinned Kate, reaching a hand out towards the bow tie at Frankie’ hip. Frankie lay still, inviting Kate to undo it.

In a moment the slim blonde's bikini bottoms were undone, the pale-tanned skin flowed uninterrupted from her right thigh up into her flat tummy, and her light blonde bush was being stroked, combed through and fluffed up. Right under it Julie’s fingers were tracing delicately over the base of her cock, while Alex tickled the sensitive hairs on her ballsack with one hand and teased her big, sensitive clit, that was just underneath, with the other.

“Ooooh,” Frankie gasped, writhing, “anyone for a sandwich?”

“I am,” laughed Julie.

“Me too,” Alex just beat Kate to it.

The three stripped off and Julie got on her hands and knees. Frankie knelt behind her and began working her thick thirteen inches into the wet and ready pussy. As she bottomed out she felt Alex behind her, easing her thirteen-inch sex wand into her own pussy.

Once it was all the way in Frankie started to move. She began cumming, swamped by the blizzard of sensations from all the way down her huge cock, all the way up her long, stretched pussy, and all the way through her twanging, taut clit each time Alex’s bone squished it.

She knew her tits were in reserve: after she’d cum and climaxed to a standstill those extra thousands of nerve-endings would be brought into play to keep her up in the stratosphere.

“She never changes,” Sandi smiled at Nicki and Kate. Nicki grinned back. Frankie had been sex-mad from her beginning, as soon as she'd reached maturity back around 2100.

“Never ought to,” Nicki smiled back. “Her original was our inspiration after all.”

They watched her oscillate her slender body to and fro between Alex and Julie. Each time her cock sank into Julie, Alex’s cock slid half out of her pussy, producing a double whammy of fucking. Then the same in reverse of course. Her pretty, thin-featured face was a picture of ecstasy. From time to time she added a third whammy by rubbing her clit while she was pressed hard into Julie’s soaking quim.

“I heard a bit about that?” Kate looked meaningfully at Nicki and Sandi as she slid into the rock-lined pool that had been glinting mirror-like in the sunshine.

Sandi wriggled across the grass and slid in after her, with Nicki. The cool water sluiced the heat deliciously from their skin.

Sandi floated over and hooked her little fingers into Kate’s bikini bottoms. Kate stood with the water lapping at her erect nipples, which were poking out her thin stretch top, while Sandi and Nicki floated around her. Kate grinned in anticipation.

“Yes Frankie’s original, Fiona, was our original dickgirl,” Sandi answered, “she was the one who turned my original, Sara, on to genetics. Once she saw her, it seemed obvious that this is the way to be.”

“And who was it who decided cocks ought to be thirteen inches by two-and-half, exactly?”

“We had a close shave with someone, in the early years,” Nicki’s tone went serious at the memory, “when everyone was different sizes. Paulie. She got a bruised heart and nearly died. So we decided it would be best for everyone to be the same size. And we made the heart and lungs a bit smaller and moved the diaphragm up a touch, so we’re all at the max and no-one can be thinking ‘if only’, you know.” She lapsed into a girlie giggle.

“Cos it’s not as if we need to run or anything now,” Sandi took it up, remembering the discussions, “and we can’t run much with these cocks really, so we don’t need big hearts and lungs, just like our arms can be nice and slim now.” She stroked her slender upper arm, that once upon a time had been quite a bit beefier.

“Wow you really re-thought the whole thing,” Kate gasped as Nicki’s fingertips stroked over her balls through her thin bikini bottoms. Not that there were balls in there, it was just a sensitive bulge, and not actually vulnerable or painful if you accidentally hit it or it got squished during a face-to-face fuck. She knew their lubricant was made in glands inside now, not needing to be kept cool outside the body like sperm had been.

It was so clever; like how when you climaxed the oil was emulsified with water to make it white, so you could watch it squirt out, and see it when it dripped out of your pussy or covered your tits, or somebody else’s tits. And then, like the coconut oil it tasted of, it could be massaged in, or licked off.

“Well we tried,” grinned Sandi, “and we think it makes sense, so far.”

“You’ve just designed the whole world around sex,” breathed Kate, before Nicki’s lips pressed onto hers and she started the familiar trip to euphoria.

“It makes perfect sense, doncha think?” smirked Sandi as she got to work.

Kate raised her arms so her top could be peeled off, and stood still while her bikini bottoms were undone, leaving her beautifully shaped five-foot-three body nude in its fine coffee-coloured skin.

She felt four soft hands fondle her huge, tingling cock. Two of the hands moved onto her pert tits, then lips and tongues. Fingers squeezed and rolled and pulled on her clit, then her helpless, gasping body was tipped onto her back and she was floated across the pool and into the cave.

Sandi and Nicki got naked now too, and in the close confines of the cave the intimacy was magnified. Kate obeyed the nudging and crawled onto a wide cushioned ledge.

Sandi started on the gorgeous pale-brown tits while Nicki licked and fingered the fat, swollen labia and the clit that Kate had chosen to have fully an inch long. Nicki started to finger the eager pussy while she licked the ballsack, teasing the hairs and giving a cooling tingle by blowing on it.

Kate was cumming steadily as Nicki licked up her rock-hard cock. Kate knew that when Nicki’s voluptuous mouth reached her straining cockhead Nicki’s cock would be close to entering her desperate pussy.

So it proved. While Sandi played with her soft frizzy hair and her neck and tits, Kate felt Nicki’s bulbous cockhead spread her pussy lips and ease into her. She started cumming a bit harder as her sensitised pussy was stretched and set afire, inch by inch, right up into her chest.

Nicki’s beautiful, green-eyed face appeared over hers as her legs, stretched wide to accommodate the fat monster between them, lifted of their own volition to high above, bringing Nicki forward and sliding Kate’s own leaking cockhead up between her tits.

Nicki fucked Kate slowly, savouring the gorgeous sensation that was several times as powerful as it would have been in an old-time fuck . Her head swam in ecstasy.

Sandi applied her fingers to Kate’s cockhead and spread some of the oily lube over it and down the shaft a little way. Gently, lovingly, she used both hands to wank even more sensation into Kate’s writhing, gasping body.

The three loving mutant girls fucked and fondled each other in the cool cave, on and on, taking turns at being fucked or fucking or fondling, each role allowing some recovery before its turn came round again.

It was a long and euphoric time before they had finally all cum and climaxed enough, and they swam back out into the main pool.

It was late afternoon by now and quite a lot of girls had joined Frankie, Julie and Alex on the grass. In fact there was quite a big chain of them all fucking and being fucked in a line. A chain or circle fuck needed a certain amount of discipline, because it only worked if every other girl kept still while the girl in front and behind fucked to and fro. They took it in turns, of course.

It was very intense, being sandwich-fucked with such large cocks and tight pussies. While Sandi and Nicki looked on the sound of birds chirping in the surrounding trees was accompanied by about twenty sets of gasps and groans as most of the girls climaxed. Those who had been doing the fucking subsided into stillness. In a minute the others started to fuck.

A couple of girls collapsed in exhaustion and the others had to reorganise themselves before they could carry on..

Long hair swayed around in the breeze, pert asses thrust to and fro, and firm young breasts joggled deliciously as the long array of flawless, similar but pleasingly varied five-foot-three bodies pleasured each other.

Some other girls were swimming in the pool and came to greet Sandi, Nicki and Kate with smiles and touches. Everyone had fucked everyone at some time, so there was an easy intimacy among them.

Sandi enjoyed the touching for a minute or two, then raised the question about food. They normally had their second meal about now.

“A picnic?” suggested Dani, a green-eyed sun-bleached blonde.

“Yeah, good idea,” Nicki agreed, and the others nodded.

The girls put their clothes back on and when the bots arrived they ate on the lawn in the late afternoon sunshine, about forty of them all happy, intimate and discussing what to do that evening. Some of them were arguing cheerfully about what classic rock concert to have in hologram.

Sandi checked in with the other communities nearby and down in Santa Barbara, to be told that wireless was out a little way down Sunset. Someone was taking repair bots out to clear the fallen tree that had brought a line down.

She made a note to ask how the gang down in Ventura were getting on with repairing the boring machine, so they could get more of the lines buried.

Later in the evening she gathered in the large hall in the mansion with Nicki and Frankie and maybe a hundred others. Most of them were wearing dresses or skirts, though some were still in bikini bottoms and tube tops.

The convention was to be nude only when you were having sex or tanning; the rest of the time you wore something. It was to keep nakedness sexy, and it worked pretty well, Sandi reckoned, as well as restraining their cocks while they were moving around.

There were lots of different styles of clothing, many of them similar to her own, which was a wide elastic belt round her middle, holding her cock up but leaving the cockhead free, then a short tunic which came down just below her ass. Both were made of very thin material, and the tunic was open at the sides so it blew open at the slightest movement or draught.

The idea now was to tease, provoke, and invite people to touch you. Bond with you. Sandi moved through the crowd and immediately there were hands on her ass, thighs, tits, pussy and cock. She knew girls were drawn to her because she made a lot of the decisions - it was a status thing. She didn’t want it that way, but so far she hadn’t been able to work out a solution. Somebody had to make decisions, and that automatically meant status.

Her mind wandered as she started to dance among the sexed-up girls.

Status-seeking had been the biggest single problem with the old pre-war Darwinian system; it was universal among social species. But aggressive. In fact the whole Nature system was aggressive and unkind - over-breeding until enough young die of starvation to balance the population; animals eating each other; parasites... it wasn't nice.

And it was just a system, wasn't it? Evolution was just a system that had evolved, basically.

Once you’d created a species with genetic engineering, in the laboratory, from scratch, and watched the creatures you’d defined run around, behave as animals and reproduce themselves, then Nature lost its mystique. It wasn’t inevitable after all. It could be changed.

In theory the dickgirls could reprogam the killer satellites to make any species extinct, if they wanted. They could replace all the animals on earth with different ones, if it came to it..

They just needed a system...

Sandi was distracted from her problem-solving by a particularly sensous fondle of her right asscheek. It was Dani, the gorgeous blonde with bright green eyes, who ran the New Species Unit at Genkat. Dani was probably the cleverest of them all.

Sandi stopped and in a second Dani’s other hand was under the front of her tunic, stroking her hypersensitive tits and cockhead.

Sandi kissed Dani. Responding was all she could do. Their sexuality was so high now that they literally could not turn down sex, if they were touched in a certain way.

Everyone was dancing, flaunting their beautiful bodies at each other. Girls slid their belts lower so that their cocks waved around under their thin tops and dresses.

Sandi pressed into Dani, rubbing Dani’s cock and tits against her own. Dani’s magical hands were caressing her back and ass now.

There was one thing Sandi wanted to get sorted before the evening’s sex enveloped her. “Shall we go out to the island tomorrow?” she gasped.

Santa Cruz island was twenty miles offshore and about twenty miles by five in size. It was ideal for trying out new species and starting off ones they were re-creating from DNA. There was an old military facility there which Dani used as her base.

“You ready to decide which species to have on earth now?” Dani smiled.

“Well,” Nicki had come up, with Frankie, “we could take a look.”

“I’m beginning to think - let’s have no predators, after all,” said Sandi. “I mean, it's not fair, is it? We don’t want to end OUR lives being chased and eaten, so why should other animals like antelope and gazelle and the others? Being afraid their whole lives, then getting old and slow so you can't escape. It's not right, when you think about it.”

“It’s not really is it,” Dani agreed, rubbing her cock up against Sandi’s, “when we know they have emotions pretty much the same as us, like fear and pain.”

“And pleasure,” grinned Frankie, fondling Dani’s firm ass.

“We’ll just have to look at their breeding and lifespan, so it doesn’t need predation to manage their numbers” said Sandi, feeling more decisive about it.

“Yes I agree,” said Frankie.

“It’s playing God, though, do you think?” Nicki vascillated.

“Well somebody’s got to,” reasoned Dani, “the animals can’t decide for themselves.”

“So God is a sex-mad dickgirl committee?” giggled Frankie, as she slid a sensuous hand up inside Nicki’s top. "Where will it end?"

"It ends when we climax," grinned Sandi, "then it starts over again."
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