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Thinking I had to house to myself .... I decided to have a little fun
I’m what I think is a normal 46 year old guy. I’ve got two kids and a wife that annoys the hell out of me, I ride hard and work hard, hate flip-flops and beer unlike the rest and I don’t do ball sports (it has to have a motor in it, go fast and be loud for me to be interested).

What with a wife and two teenage kids, I don’t get much time to myself and after being rejected by the wife for over three years now (must be cause I’m an old, dumb biker, so she says!), I enjoy a good wank every once in a while.

So it was to my great delight that I learned that the house would be empty on Saturday morning. My mind was now set on a quite sleep in, punctuated with bouts of wanking bliss while I watched porn on the DVD player.

All was set and ready to go when the wife and kids came in and said goodbye in the morning. I had the best sleep in, I’d had in ages and woke up with my cock hard as a rock. I sat up and put on the DVD player and sat on the edge of the bed, ready to enjoy the show. Flicking through a few scenes, I came across a favourite of mine.

A very young, hot blonde girl, thin and flexible, complete with long legs and a gorgeous ass, a topped by a small pair of boobs (hey, I always believed more than a mouthful was a waste…) The story said that she was trying to study but the gardener kept bothering her with his sweeping and hedge trimming, so she decided to tease him with a few careless, accidental, up skirt flashes and as you guessed, it wasn’t long before her mouth was around his cock and her panties were soaking.

It was at this point I noticed the front door open … Ok then, strange… It was the middle of summer and we did live on acreage, so what the hell? Who cares? I knew I’d hear someone coming down the long dirt driveway. Remember that old joke: Q: “What is the most sensitive part of the body when you’re having a crafty wank?” A: Your ears! And besides, you couldn’t see into the bedroom if you stood at the front door anyway.

After about 10 minutes, maybe longer, there was a very small and dainty knock at the front door. A young girl’s voiced called out, “Hello? Is there anyone home? Kelly?”

I lunged forward for the remote and turned off the sound. It was too late. Again, the voice asked, “Hello?”

I knew the voice. It belonged to my daughter Kelly’s best friend, Emma. Emma had the same build as my daughter, but with smaller tits and she would often come over to stay the night. I loved it when she did. She seemed to talk to me freely, even about the littlest things and hey, you can’t have too many pretty things around the house, now can you!

I was sprung cock in hand. My voice, when I replied, crackled and sounded timid. It surprised me on how bad it sounded.

“Yes? Who is it?” I asked. It was at that point that I heard the screen door open and she walked in. I pulled the blanket over me as she walked in asking, “What’s doing, Mr. Hop? Long time, no see. Who’s in here with you? I thought I umm, heard voices?” Her voice trailed off to a stammer as I quickly turned off the DVD player, erasing the image of the young blonde with her lips wrapped around the gardener’s cock.

There she stood, little blue denim cutoffs and a white singlet top with a red bra underneath. She had kicked off her shoes at the door and had cute little white socks on, none of which was helping my hard-on soften. She had that look on her face, that one of many questions, and innocence rolled into one. I thought to myself “Great, caught in the act. What do I do now?”

Finally, the air of tension broke as she playfully said, cocking her hip, “What ya doing?” She knew exactly what I was doing and she was loving the control she had over me. As I spoke to her, offering some feeble excuse, she said, “The truth. Tell me.” She was firm and harsh. I was stunned. Did she really want the truth? What was going through her head? Hell, women’s minds were still a mystery to me even after twenty years of marriage. I gave in and asked, “You want the truth? All of it?” She nodded playfully, “Yep. The whole truth.”

Ok then, Em. “Jane, Kelly and Jack have gone out for the day and they won’t be back until tonight.” She swaps sides, cocking the other hip and said, “So?”

I explain, in broken English, stammering like a bloody idiot, “I was watching porn and having a wank.”

She didn’t even blink or falter. I expected her to turn on her heels and run out the door. But to my amazement, she replied, “Can I watch?” I sat there stunned, my cock now throbbing so much it hurt. It made a tent in the blanket above my crotch. I stuttered, “Ummm, what?” I pointed at the TV screen. “The porn?”

She took a step closer and said quietly to me, “Not just the porn, silly. I want to watch you wank as well.”

I protested, “But your-”

She cut me off again with, “Stop with the crap. You know I have always had a crush on you, and I’ve seen the way you look at me, when you think I can’t see. Now turn the DVD back on and let me see what you have been wanking off too!”

I grabbed the remote and with a shaky finger, turned the vision back on. The scene that came back on, (I’d turned the TV off and not the actual DVD) was where the gardener was between her legs, eating her smooth, shaved pussy out and I heard Emma catch her breath. As the girl on the DVD writhed under his ministrations, he worked his way down to her little pink ass hole and dipped his tongue in, Emma gasped and I realized how much the girl on the DVD looked just like the young girl standing next to me. It was then that Emma’s heavy breathing broke and asked, “Do boys actually do that?”

“Well, I can’t speak for boys, but men do!” I said.

She smiled at my comment and I said, “Well… I seem to be at a bit of a disadvantage. I am sitting here, hard as a rock with only a blanket over me and you’re fully clothed.”

She bit her lower lip and nodded then lifted her top up over her head and dropped it to the floor, then without hesitation undid her red bra, exposing her lovely, small breasts. I smiled at the seam marks left by her bra and the gorgeous tan lines. She then proceeded to undo the buttons on her shorts dropping them and then stepped out of them. Emma sat on the bed beside me and watched the screen.

“I want to see you pull your cock,” she whispered.

“Let’s make this interesting. Slide your hand under the covers.” I told her and it was like an electric shock when her small hand touched my leg and it felt sooo good, sliding up my leg. I thought I was going to die when her small hand closed around my cock. She gently and slowly, shyly even, explored her way up and down my shaft length. It was like a dream, I could hardly believe this was happening to me. Her eyes widened and a wicked smile came over her face. She pulled back the cover and gasped. With her thumb, she took some of the pre-cum and rubbed it around the head of my cock, making my heart race and my toes curl.

Without a word, I turned and knelt in front of her next to the bed and pulled down her matching red panties. She lifted her ass and let me pull them off her long legs. Emma was now wearing a smile and a cute pair of socks. I knelt in front of her as she sat on the bed and kissed her nipple, running my tongue over it while reaching up to cup the other breast. Her breathing became labored. I worked my way down her belly to the top of her slit. Slowly, she reclined and I pushed her knees apart and got that heavenly blast of pussy scent that only a young girl has. All of a sudden, she asked, “Are you going to eat me?”

“Yes. Don’t you want me too? Do you want me to stop?” I asked and sat up, thinking maybe I was being rejected.

“No! No, don’t stop. It’s just… I’ve never… No one has done that before.” She stammered. “Well then my dear you are in for a bit of a treat, hang on to your bobby socks, and enjoy the ride!” I replied

I lowered my face to her pussy and began to feast. It wasn’t long before she had her knees up to her chest, giving me full access to her little honey pot. I dipped my tongue in her tight snatch for what seemed like ages; three orgasms to be precise. Her juices were flowing fast now and the taste, by the Gods, it was amazing. After licking up her latest lot of cum juice, I slowly but surely worked my way south, down to one of those little pink bum holes, that only the young seem to possess. She gasped as the tip of my tongue touched her little wrinkled hole, then issued a low groan. I forcefully pushed my tongue against her and on the second pass, she pushed down onto my mouth and with the soles of her feet onto the back of my head, forcing me harder into her hot pussy and ass. I wondered what I had unleashed here.

After another orgasm, she fell back, motionless and panting, her legs bent at the knees. I kissed my way up her belly as it rose and fell with her heavy breathing, reducing the spillage of her cum that was caught in my goatee. As I reached her boobs, I propped myself up and looked at the angel below me, my cock, rock hard and hot, resting at her entrance. She opened her eyes and looked down between our bodies, staring at the cock just pressing against her tight, warm hole. With a questioning type of look, she glanced at me and asked, “Why did you stop?”

“Are you sure you wanted this?” I asked.

She nodded and I felt a huge wave of lust overtake me. Emma smiled as I leaned in to kiss her. She didn’t seem to have much experience with tongue kissing, but she made up for the lack of skill with enthusiasm. I applied pressure to her hot pussy with my cock and the head slid in. We both froze as her pussy enveloped the head. “Go slow,” she whispered. “This is the first time with a real mans cock and I’ll need to get used to it.”

I smiled and dipped the head in and out, getting it nice and wet and little by little, I got into her vice like little pussy until I was completely in, my balls against her ass and our pelvic bones touching. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled as I held still deep inside he. I asked her playfully, “Ready?”

She grinned and nodded quickly as I withdrew most of my length and started to slowly work her pussy with my cock, a look of astonishment coming over her face. Emma gasped, “Holy shit, fuck, yes, fuck yes!”

Slowly I worked my cock in and out of her, driving us both mad with the heavenly friction. After about 40 strokes, she looked deep into my eyes with her own wide open in what I recognized as shock and came hard around my cock, all the while yelling “Fuck me! Yes, so good! Yes! Yes!”

I decided to mix it up a little, since I had in my mind that this would probably never happen again. I withdrew and she had a questioning look on her face. I told her to get on her hands and knees, “doggy style” I said, and slid straight back into her wet pussy. Emma moaned and arched her back. It was at this point I realized how much fun she was having… The base of her spine was saturated and so was the bed where she’d been on her back.

I started up a steady rhythm and she urged me on, “Harder, faster, please!” I could feel the juices running out of her, making my thighs wet and the slapping sound filled the room. With one hand, I grabbed her pony tail, pulling her head back and making her arch her back further. I banged her hard, as hard as I could. She was yelling at the top of her voice, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck yes! Fuck meeeee.”

Emma came on my cock again and now the bed was drenched. After she had finished coming, and it was a long one, I felt her fall on to the bed. She curled up on her side, panting. She said, “Don’t you dare stop. I want to feel your cum inside me.” With that, I rolled her back onto her back and slammed my cock back into her pussy.

“Hard and fast or slow and meaningful?” I asked. She smiled and demanded, “HARD!”

I pushed her legs up over my shoulders and began to pile drive her tight pussy. Sweat was dripping off me and the slapping sound coming from between our bodies was incredible. Each of the thrusts emitted a little grunt from her and in broken English, she tried to tell me it was deeper this way. I smiled. She was watching my face and I knew I was making that face; you know that screwed up face of ecstasy right before the victory stroke. The skin around my pelvic area was stinging from the onslaught. She started begging me to cum in her and with that, I started to feel my orgasm boiling up from my balls as she threw her head back cumming with me. Grunting I started to release ropes of cum inside her little body, cumming so hard the whole world was spinning and sort of tilted on its axis for a moment. She opened her eyes to watch me coming.

I slowed and stopped. Then we were still, panting and sweaty with my sticky cock still buried in her, we kissed and basked in the after glow. My hands wandered over her small body, her arms and legs still wrapped tightly around me. I knew then that I didn’t want to spend any more of my life without being able to do this again. When I told her this, she quickly and candidly let me know she felt the same.

I lifted myself from her body, but she playfully wouldn’t let me go. I finally stood in front of her, surveying what I had just done and with whom. My cum was oozing out of her pussy, my cock still hard, she leapt up and grasped it. Without a word, she engulfed my cock, still slick with our juices and began sucking and licking, using the same wanking motion I had taught her only minutes before. She soon got a good rhythm going and I couldn’t believe it, for the first time in decades, this little nymph was going to make me cum again. Her mouth was amazing and unrelenting. I found myself totally lost in the way her mouth was working me.

I felt that familiar tug again as the cum built up. Surely it wouldn’t be too much, since I’d only just cum before. It was one of the biggest and best orgasms I had experienced in years. Ropes of cum, it seemed to last as long as the first time I came in her pussy. Her lips clenched around my cock, swallowing all of what I had to offer. The question of spits or swallows was definitely answered in the affirmative.

I sat on the side of the bed, bewildered by the experience. “Emma, we need to get dressed and get the room cleaned up.” She had pulled on her shorts and bra with her singlet top in hand. She straddled my lap and pushed me back on the bed, leaning over me with her hair cascading around my head. She looked me in the eyes, kissed me and said playfully, with a cheeky grin her face, “Good luck with that!” then was out the door, leaving me with the mess I was laying in and her little red panties placed unceremoniously on my chest.

I lay there looking at the ceiling fan, thinking, “What the FUCK just happened?”

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2016-03-04 10:56:32
Viley border line pedophilic dads and daughters friend fucken sicko

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2014-05-08 03:32:08
Somewhat enjoyable, but it contains many errors that indicate little or no proof-reading was performed and really detracts from the story.
(i.e. You wrote "...a quite(sic) sleep" instead of "quiet sleep", "...what you have wanking off too(sic)" should be "off to", "Don't you want me too(sic)." Again, you should have used "to" and "...a real mans(sic) cock" should be "man's cock". With careful proof-reading PRIOR to posting you can detect and correct most of these errors and thus greatly enhance the quality of your work.


2014-05-06 23:49:49
Thanks everyone for the words of support and ideas on how to make my writing better..... This story was actually a dream I had

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2014-05-06 17:43:34
Love Jasmin

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2014-05-06 14:53:13
Really good story got me hard but how old is she and describe her little titties cone shaped. buublles, bananas or small little pert ones with pebble nips or round areola that cone? Little cunt guts that have baby fat or flattish six pack and what about that peachy little arse???Details make the story! The Kaiser

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