As Sherlyn prepares to have Nate's baby, Peter invents a game leading to a fun encounter. The DNA results come back.
Hillary studied the business card her Uncle Nate had given her. It gave her a business, home and cell phone numbers that she could call. She punched up her contacts list on her cell phone and added her uncle’s name ‘Nate Randell’ and the three phone numbers. She figured she would add the address of the family mansion later.

Once she had her uncle’s numbers permanently to her number list, she selected the button that allowed her to dial his cell phone. On the fourth ring, she heard the phone being answered, “Hello, this is Nate.”

Hillary grinned into her phone. She had just left the man in his limousine less than 12 hours earlier. She and her uncle had fucked in the back of the vehicle for half the trip back to the city. Hillary fully understood that she was doing it with her uncle and not just some stranger—a presumption of Hillary’s during their earlier copulations. She announced, “Hi, Uncle Nate, this is Hillary.”

She heard her uncles smiling voice, “Ah Hillary! I’m so happy to hear from you, and so soon!”

Hillary responded, “Well, I’m always glad to talk with you, but I have an interesting development. Something that was suggested to me by a good friend, something I’m sure you might be interested in.”

Nate, curious, asked, “What’s that, sweetheart?”

Hillary blushed as she explained, “Well, at first, I was going to offer myself to have an heir for you. You know, like, um, after you were gone.”

Nate voice took on a stern tone, “No, Hillary, it’s bad enough you may be my daughter, and if so, a product of incest. There is no way we are going down that road again–heir or not.”

Hillary blushed full crimson, she added, “Well, that’s pretty much what Peter said too. Incest is one thing, but having a baby as a result of it is entirely another situation.”

Nate chided, “Good! listen to your brother.” Then he asked, “So, with that already taken off the table, am I to assume that you have another scheme in the works?”

Hillary giggled, “Yes, actually I do. Although, it wasn’t my idea, it was Sherlyn’s, my roommate. I think I mentioned her to you during my visit.”

Nate chucked, “Ah, the air head you referred to, am I correct?”

Hillary blushed yet again, “Um, well, to be honest, I’m finding that assessment to be anything but true. Sherlyn seems to be as smart as they come. She’s majoring in Engineering if that’s any indication.”

Nate interjected, “Well, I’m sure you’re not calling to convince me of the accolades of your dear friend.” Then he asked cheerfully, “So, my beautiful niece, what’s up?”

Hillary, cutting to the chase, told her uncle of Sherlyn’s offer, “Well, our brilliant Sherlyn has offered to be a surrogate mother for your child. Someone with an unrelated gene pool.”

Nate was stunned, “You’re kidding right?”

Hillary answers with solemnity, “No, not at all, Uncle Nate. She’s completely serious.”

Nate, knowing there is more, asks, “Of course, there is the other shoe. When it drops, what do I find out?”

Hillary laid it out for her uncle, “Well, in exchange for her services, we promise to pay her education costs here at the university.”

Nate, assessing the offer, stated, “So we are looking at about $70,000 a year give or take, right? It’s been a while since I’ve looked at tuition at my dear old alma mater. So, essentially, we are looking at $280,000 plus medical costs? Let’s assume $325,000 at the top end.” Then he added, “You know I’ve looked in to this already, we could use a surrogate service for around $50,000.”

Hillary turned up the sales pitch, “True, but could we use them in the time you have left? Could we be guaranteed the discretion that Sherlyn would provide us? Plus, Uncle Nate, I’m feeling charitable in this situation. Since you will be already be, um, damn! I’m starting to cry again, shit.”

Nate smiled into his phone. “It’s alright, sweetheart, you don’t know how special it is to me that someone is actually crying over the fact that I’m moving on. I’ve been such a lonely, dirty old man since my Angelique passed away. It was probably my own fault; really, I could have bought a couple dozen bimbo companions and hardly put a dent in the family fortune. But, I’m a sentimental fool and was looking for miss right, and nobody measured up to my Angel.”

Continuing, Nate said, “So, what you are trying to say, sweetheart, is that after I am gone, you will be the one paying the bills. And you have an excellent point. So, if you would like this Sherlyn to be our surrogate, I’m okay with the idea.”

Nate laughed, “To be honest, Hillary, I’m more than okay with the idea. You know how strong the urge for a man to procreate is. To have an actual heir left in the wake of my passing, um, no pun intended, really appeals to me.”

Hillary sniffed, “Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. Sherlyn wants to give the money back to her parents that they would have paid for her education. She wants them to be able to put the money towards their retirement, or for them to go out and have a good time with the money. She said they’ve been saving 20 years so Sherlyn could have a quality education; they were delighted when she got accepted to attend the university.”

“Sweet. I’m glad we can help the girl out.” Hillary’s uncle replied, “How does she want to handle this, artificial insemination? “

Hillary giggled, “No, to quote Sherlyn, ‘I want to do it the old fashioned way’.”

Nate laughed, “This is starting to sound more and more like fun to me. The situation is every man’s wet dream, making love to a woman whom is a complete stranger.” Then he asked again, “You did say she’s nice looking, right?”

Without waiting for an answer, Nate continued, “As long as my current health holds up it’ll be wickedly fun.” He paused and asked, “I’m not going to have to put a flag over her face and do it for old glory am I?”

Hillary giggled, “No, Uncle Nate. She’s a nice looking girl. Even Peter said so. You should have seen him leering at her just a few minutes ago.”

Nate laughed some more, “Well, if the girl is Peter approved, I can’t miss out on the opportunity. I’m dying, but I guarantee you I’m not dead.”

Hillary laughed out loud for the first time since she met her uncle, “Don’t I know it, you dirty old man. You won’t mind doing it with Sherlyn, I guarantee it.”

Nate, said more seriously, “We have to work quickly, okay. Really, my health could head south at any time and when it does, I’ll go downhill quickly from there. We need the girl off her birth control like yesterday, and she’ll need to track her ovulation. Also, we need to get a contract drawn up as soon as possible. All of that before the glorious event, or hopefully, events take place.”

Hillary added, “Well, to make sure, I would say that you and she need to, um, engage in sexual intercourse over a period of several days. Getting as much sperm inside her as possible while she’s fertile.”

Nate chuckled, “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, you can say fuck with me. You don’t have to sugar coat it. ‘Sexual intercourse’, really? That sounds like it’s a dirty conversation at dinner.”

Hillary giggled at her uncle’s wit, then she added, “We need to get her knocked up as quickly as possible, who knows how the cancer will affect your fertility.” Then she asked, “You’re not sterile already are you? With the cancer treatments you’ve had and all?”

Nate stated resolutely, “I turned down a lot of the traditional treatments. The odds of them working were very small anyway, and my quality of life while taking them would have been horrible; I saw what chemo did to my father. So, I’ve passed on most of the things that would have affected my fertility.”

“Okay, I’ll get Sherlyn doing her part,” added Hillary, “and you will get your lawyers working on theirs. We should be able to do this pretty soon, I hope.”

Nate confirmed, “Okay, I’ll get on the phone with Rolfe, Jenkins and Turnley as soon as we hang up. I’ll make sure John Rolfe handles this personally. Call me when you know when we can consummate the deal. Again, no pun was intended.”

After discussing numerous details, Hillary ended by saying, “Okay. Um, I love you Uncle Nate, I’ll talk with you tomorrow?”

Nate answered affectionately, “I love you too, sweetheart, I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Hillary and Nate both pushed end on their cell phones. Hillary headed back into the dorm room to deliver the news the Sherlyn, Peter, and Terrance.

Hillary had been out of the room about 15 minutes. Peter had been wondering what she was doing. As Hillary reentered the room, Sherlyn was still sitting at her desk in her light blue satin chemise and panties, looking just like she did when Hillary had left the room. Hillary smiled at Sherlyn, “My Uncle Nate said that he accepts your services. As long as you understand that the baby is to be given over to Nate and me after you deliver.”

Sherlyn looked happy, yet she felt a bit anxious. This was all her idea, but it was moving much faster than she anticipated. She asked, “Okay, when will we do the deed?”

Hillary smiled fondly at her friend, who was rapidly becoming her best friend. She commented, “Well, girl, it really is up to you, and your body. Obviously, starting tomorrow morning, you’ll stop taking your birth control. Then it’s a matter of timing your fertility.”

Sherlyn trembled as she said, “Oh my gosh, this is really happening isn’t it.” The realization of what she had just committed herself too hit her like a gust of wind in a hurricane.

Hillary frowned and said, “You better be sure this is what you want, Sheri. Once you sign the papers, it happens. Well, I guess that’s not true, but once you climb between the sheets with my Uncle Nate, it will be fait accompli.”

Sherlyn noted that Hillary used her nickname, the personal one she only let her parents and really close friends use, for the first time. This warmed the girl’s heart. She girded her courage and said resolutely, “I will keep my end of the bargain. As far as I’m concerned it’s already a done deal, if that’s what fait accompli means.” She giggled, “I never was fond of French.”

Hillary asked, “When is you’re next period?”

Sherlyn turned crimson, she was unaccustomed to talking about her monthly cycle in front of boys. She answered anyway, “Um, I’m supposed to start in three days. When I stop taking the pill, it may come a little earlier than that.”

Hillary did some quick math in her head, “Then you should be fertile in two or three weeks. We’ll have to monitor you for when you ovulate, and then we’ll drive you to Uncle Nate’s a little before, and have you stay until a little after.”

Sherlyn shook her head no, “I have to attend my classes; I can’t afford to miss them even for a day or two. We are going to have to commute there every afternoon and come back in the early morning.”

Hillary asked, “Do you know when you ovulate?”

Sherlyn, again embarrassed about talking about her bodily functions in front of the guys, said, “I have mittelschmerz, and an increased mucus flow at about the halfway point. My pussy really starts to drool; you would think Terrance was between my legs.” Then she added, “I’ve never tracked my basal temperature or anything. I’ve never looked to get pregnant before.”

Hillary looked at the calendar on her phone. She asked, “So, how long does you period normally last?”

Sherlyn asked, “Do we have to talk about this in front of the guys?” Then she answered Hillary’s question, “Usually about four days, sometimes five.”

Terrance chimed in, “Hey Sheri, having a period is perfectly normal. Don’t worry about it.”

Sherlyn barked at her lover, “You don’t bleed between your legs every month, so until you do, just shut up, Terrance!”

Terry grinned and replied, “Well SOOORRRRRYYY.”

Hillary said, “Well, half way through you cycle should be about the 16th of October, so if you started fucking with Nathaniel on the 13th or 14th and continued every day until say, the 18th or 19th, then we should have it covered.” Sherlyn blushed prettily. Hillary continued, “Well, we have about two weeks to get ready. Fortunately the 13th and 14th are Columbus Day weekend. You can have a regular fuck fest to start off your attempt.”

Sherlyn giggled, “You make it sound so romantic, Hillary. NOT!”

Hillary said, “Well, with that planned, if you two will excuse Peter and me, we’re going to retreat to my side of the room.”

Back at her bed, with Peter setting on her desk chair, Hillary asked, “So, what’s in the bag you brought with you?”

Peter grinned wickedly, “I brought the makings for a pussananna split.”

Hillary giggled, “You brought the makings for what?”

Peter chuckled, “A pussanana split. It’s a banana split made right inside your pussy.”

Hillary laughed out loud, “Pete, you have to be kidding me, right?”

Peter reached into the bag and pulled out a bunch of five long bananas and an assortment of toppings—chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, pineapple sauce, crushed peanuts, a can of whipped cream, and some fresh cherries. He grinned, “Does it look like I’m kidding?”

Peter glanced over to Sherlyn’s side of the room, Terrance and Sherlyn were sitting on the bed, staring at Peter; both of their mouths were hanging open. Peter looked at Terrance and asked, “Would you like to join me in creating a desert?”

Terrance’s eyes lit up, “Wow, if you are thinking about doing what I think you’re doing, you bet!”

Peter looked at Sherlyn and then Hillary, he announced, “Ladies, this is where we all start getting naked.”

Peter and Terry stripped down quickly, neither one of them seemed to be affected by being naked in front of each other’s girl. Peter was actually turned on by being nude in front of Sherlyn. Hillary had seen him that way now enough times that it was old hat.

The two girls looking at each other, unsure they wanted to participate in Peter’s, and now Terrance’s little game. They started to disrobe at a much slower pace.

Sherlyn was only two steps from naked to start with. Peter and Terrance both enjoyed watching the girl pull her chemise over her head, which exposed her plump round breasts. Her nipples were hard, and Sherlyn’s was covered in delightful goose bumps from head to toe. Peter waited lustfully so he could watch her pull off her light blue hip hugging panties.

The only time Peter had seen Hillary’s roommate and friend naked was in the ‘sex’ room of the sorority house during the first test given to the initiates. Even then, he had been so absorbed in making love with Hillary; he hadn’t given the other girl much attention at the time. Now that he knew her better, watching her strip was taking on a new dimension.

Peter watch Sherlyn grab the waist band of her panties as she slowly tugged them over her beautifully curved hips and down her legs to her ankles. Sherlyn had a figure to kill for, nice ‘C’ cupped breasts that matched the shapely hips on the tall girl perfectly.

Sherlyn hadn’t missed the attention her friend’s brother was lavishing on her. It made her feel aroused. Peter was a really nice looking boy.

Hillary was fully dressed in an older T-shirt with “Girl Power” written across her smaller boobs. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which became obvious even before she pulled the ‘T’ up over her head. Peter loved Hillary’s ‘B’ cup sized round breasts. She had deliciously pink areole and nipples. Her areole were scrunched and hardly visible, they were pulled in to help form Hillary’s hard, light pink, swollen nipples.

Peter glanced over at a naked Terrance who was also staring at Hillary as she began stripping. Peter was happy to see the lust in the other boy’s eyes. He thought Hillary’s svelte, light skinned, body looked like a million dollars; having another guy validate his assessment was fantastic.

Hillary was wearing a pair of denim cut offs on the bottom. They weren’t up to her ass like daisy dukes, but were still fairly short. The girl unbuttoned, unzipped, and tugged the small garment off her hips, down to her knees, where they dropped to the floor. Peter was delighted to see that his sister was wearing a thong. It was the first time that she had worn one since they started their new sexual relationship.

Peter and Terry both watched as Hillary ran her fingers under the strings across her hips so she could pull the skimpy garment down her legs. In doing so, she exposed her lovely blond puff of pubic hair. Like most blonds, Hillary’s patch of fur was much sparser than what darker haired girls sported. Hillary’s pubic patch was nicely trimmed, in almost direct opposition to the wild nest of brown pubic hair between Sherlyn’s legs.

After the girls were finished undressing, Peter took the blankets on Hillary’s bed, folded them in half lengthwise and then rolled them up. Then he went into the bathroom and brought out a couple of clean bath towel, which he spread one out over the blanket roll. Peter patted the blankets and told his sister, “Okay, Hills, your hips goes here, I need you laying with your pussy up.”

Hillary climbed onto the bed, with her hips up over the blanket roll. She was cognizant that Sherlyn’s boyfriend was staring at her completely exposed pussy. She found herself blushing in embarrassment.

The rolled blankets caused her naked hips to be canted forward, and her bottom side to be pointed up. Peter reached down and pulled her knees wide apart, spreading her marvelous pinkness open, with the bottoms of her feet flat on the bed almost directly under her butt cheeks. She found herself more embarrassed than ever, the other boy could look right into her folds, worse yet, he could see her anus.

Terrance, mimicking Peter, soon had Sherlyn in a similar position on her own bed, with a towel protecting her own blanket roll. As the tall girl’s legs were spread wide open, Peter took a minute to ogle what was up between Sherlyn’s legs.

Peter announced to the four participants, “The secret to a really good pussanana split is the special sauce. Terrance, you’ll need a lot of special sauce and there only one way to get it.”

Peter crawled onto the bed up between Hillary’s spread legs, and started to gently massage her labia with his fingers. Hillary was already moist from the novelty of the situation. As embarrassed as she was from being spread-eagled, she was also incredibly turned on. She looked at her brother and asked, “Okay, now what are you up to?”

“Why, my dear Hillary, I’m going to help you generate the special sauce.” With that, Peter lowered his mouth to Hillary’s pretty pink, puffy, pussy lips as he began to kiss her outer lips as though they were her mouth.

“Uh, um, well that feels nice!” exclaimed Hillary.

From the other side of the room, “Gosh, I’ll say. Wow!” added Sherlyn.

After a few seconds of tasting the blond girl’s pussy, Peter leaned back and told Terrance, “Of course, starting cold like this, it may take us a while to get enough sauce brewed correctly. You’ll know it when the sauce is done. The kettle will emit a variety of shrill, mournful noises and will generally start shaking, quaking and trembling over the fire.”

Peter dropped his mouth back to Hillary’s lips as he moved his lips to feast on her delightful pink labia. Before making contact again, he looked over to see Terrance between Sherlyn’s legs as he lapped away at the girl’s fluffy, protruding lips.

Hillary had never experienced Peter feasting on her pussy from a dry start before. So, it took her a few minutes to wrap her mind around the sensations. Normally, she would get cunnilingus only after a long kissing session, and Peter spending ample time kissing her boobs and body. She understood that Pete was trying to get her wet, not make love to her. He had other, more playful, things in mind.

Still, Hillary began to slowly respond to Peter’s mouth sifting through her lips. Cold start or not, the sensations were still delightful. Eventually, her passion began to grow to a fevered pitch.

Sherlyn on the other hand, was over on her bed, moaning, gasping, and whining already. Hillary figured the girl must be really turned on the idea of having a banana split build in her slit.

It took nearly 10 minutes of Peter licking her, sucking her labia, kissing all around her pussy, and eventually finger fucking her. Hillary was on the verge of cumming, she felt the enormous pressure building up inside her vagina. By the feel of it, when it cut loose she was going to cum hard.

Pete had reached out his arm and was massaging her breasts as his mouth sucked on her hard swollen love bud. Hillary being 5’-4”, it wasn’t too bad of a stretch for her much taller brother to reach up to her boobs. With his other hand, he continued to finger fuck her vagina.

Pete, noticing that his sister was getting her game on, rolled his hand up and slipped his fingers up behind the pubic bone to Hillary’s ‘G’ spot. He had been fingering her for a good five minutes, using a nice steady rhythm. He noted that she was getting wetter and wetter by the minute, her whole bottom was glistening with her juices, and She had globs of white secretions just inside the opening to her vagina. As his fingers grazed over the back of her bone, Hillary moaned loudly and announced in a singing voice, “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum, Peter!”

Hillary felt her body start quaking with an epicenter that was about mid-vaginal canal. The pressure that had been building for minutes released suddenly. She felt wonderful spasms traverse her love canal, causing waves of pure pleasure to course through her body. Her thighs snapped together, snugging Peter’s head between them. Hillary arched her back and thrashed her head from side to side as she moaned and gasped, grunted and whined, thoroughly enjoying her climax.

Pete got what he was looking for, the special sauce needed for his pussanana split.

As Hillary writhed and wriggled on her back on the bed, her hips still up in the air, Pete glanced over to see that Sherlyn had already had one orgasm and was gearing up for yet another. Terrance quickly glanced his way and said, “Man, I love it when she squirts the way she does.”

Peter still stroking Hillary’s fluffy pink lips with his fingers stated, “Well, it looks like were ready to build our splits. Are you ready, Terry?”

Hillary half listening, half not having a care in life, wondered to herself, ‘I wonder how his going to make this whole thing happen.’

Peter put the fixings for the desert on Sherlyn’s desk, which was on the wall between the two beds. Pete picked up his slacks and started fishing around in his pocket until he came out with his pocket knife. Picking up a nearly ten inch long banana, he carefully trimmed the distal end of the yellow fruit. He explained to Terrance, “The ends of these things are kind of hard and pokey. We don’t want to scratch our dishes. I don’t know about you, but my dish here is a prized family heirloom.” Hillary giggled as her brother referred to her vagina as an heirloom dish.

Peter handed his knife over to Terry who also trimmed of the rough end of his own banana.

“Now, another secret to a really good pussanana split, is to marinate your banana in the special sauce.” announced Peter, with banana in hand, still un-peeled, he moved the end of the yellow fruit to Hillary’s vaginal opening.

He gently started rubbing the long banana between Hillary’s dripping lips, she had soaked her entire bottom in a copious amount of juice after she came. After getting the end and three or so inches of the banana wetted, Peter started to work the banana between Hillary’s labia, into her vaginal opening, and then he gently worked it up inside her vaginal canal.

After working the fruit around inside her, Peter was able to get a good seven or eight inches of the banana up inside Hillary’s vagina. With its peel good and moist, Peter began to fuck her with the thick cylinder as if it was a dildo. Eventually slipping almost the entire banana up inside Hillary’s pussy. At one point he was thrusting it in and pulling it out with just the stem. His sister’s pussy had swallowed the whole thing.

Peter glanced over at Terry, who was doing the same thing inside of Sherlyn’s fur covered cleft. Peter thought it was exciting as hell, fucking the girl beneath him with a piece of fruit. A banana was perfect for the job.

Hillary moaned and wriggled her hips as Peter penetrated her honey hole over and over again with the long cylinder. She moaned out, “Oh gawd! It feels like a really thick cock!” She felt her vagina stretch in both length and girth to accommodate it as it slid in and out of her canal.

Sherlyn gasped out her own observation. “I can’t believe how the thing fills me up. My pussy is brimming with the thing.”

Peter and Terrance fucked their girls with the bananas for a good four or five minutes; they watched as the fruit would slide deeply inside their particular girl, and how it pulled her lips out with it as the bananas were partially extracted.

Although being fucked with the fruit wasn’t inducing an orgasm in either girl, both of the ladies commented on how nice it felt. The cool fruit was a counterpoint to a hot cock.

Peter said, “I do believe, my friend, that these bananas are now well marinated. Shall we proceed in creating our pussanana splits?”

Terrance grinned and said, “Hey, this is your show. You show me how, and I’ll follow along.”

Peter took his banana and peeled the yellow skin off of the fruit. Soon, he had the peel completely off leaving just the creamy white interior. Taking the long, thick inner core, he moved the straight end of it to Hillary’s vaginal opening and started to slide it in and out of her honey hole until it was coated in ‘special sauce’. Then he shoved way up inside the girl.

Hillary was able to take in about six or seven inches of the nearly ten inch peeled banana. Peter pushed it up inside Hillary until any more force would have caused the more tender inner fruit to mash up inside her. This left about three or four inches of the pasty, tasty fruit sticking out from her hole.

Peter glanced over to see that Sherlyn had about the same amount of banana sticking out from inside her pussy too. Peter officiously said, “As you see, since the pussy already has the split, we don’t need to sunder our banana in two.” The ‘split’ is naturally provided for us by our ladies’ lovely anatomy.

Hillary commented, “Gawd, this feels so fucking weird up inside me. Not like a cock at all.”

Sherlyn seconded the statement, “No, it definitely doesn’t feel like a penis. It feels squishy if anything.”

Now, we need to apply our toppings. Since Ice cream would be a little cold on our fragile dishes, we won’t build our splits with it. So, as you see, here is a nice strawberry topping. Note that I bought the kind that is chunky, not just the syrup provided by some brands. The pineapple is chunky too.”

Peter looked at the canvas for his art work. The thick banana had Hillary’s vagina making a circular ‘O’ all around the cylindrical fruit.

Peter took a plastic spoon from a box of spoons that had been inside the shopping bag. He liberally coated Hillary’s left outer lip with the strawberry topping. With her bottom sticking up in the air, very little of the syrupy fruit ran.

Handing the strawberry topping over to Terry, Peter opened the Pineapple sauce and applied a good deal of it to Hillary’s right outer lip. Again, passing on the bottle, he grabbed a squeeze bottle of chocolate fudge syrup and squeezed out a copious amount from the top of Hillary’s pussy crack, down through her cleft, and down to the banana that was sticking out of his sister’s hole.

He squeezed the bottle and put a glob just underneath the banana. A good bit of it ran down over Hillary’s anus, into her butt crack. Peter wasn’t too concerned; Hillary had taken a shower just an hour earlier. All her parts were about as clean as they could be.

He stood up to look at Terrance’s art project. Terry had been a bit sloppier than Peter, but it would still end up being a delightful desert to savor none the less.

Next, Peter took out a can of pressurized whipped cream. He squirted piles of it out, all over Hillary’s coated pussy lips and up onto her mons. Handing the can over to Terrance, who applied a thick coating of the fluffy cream to Sherlyn, Peter took out a bag of crushed peanuts and sprinkled a half a handful over the whipped cream.

Finally, Peter reached into the supplies and grabbed the plastic box of fresh cherries. Finding them had been a real chore; this batch had been imported from South America. He took out a single cherry and placed it strategically on top of the whipped cream, just above the banana that was still sticking proudly out of the girl.

Peter just sat back and admired his art work. He announced, “Now this is a perfect pussanana split!”

Hillary giggled and said, “You’re a real pervert, you know that don’t you.”

Peter chucked, “Tell me that you’re not enjoying this? I dare you.”

Hillary giggled, “Okay, you win, this is erotic as hell.”

Sherlyn piped up, “I second that. It’s a wonder that my banana isn’t banana mush inside me, as wet as I feel.”

Terrance smiled and said, “More extra sauce, right Peter?”

Peter laughed out loud, “You can’t get enough special sauce as far as I’m concerned.”

Peter grabbed his Samsung Galaxy 5, cell phone, pressed the button for the camera and took several pictures, both long shots showing Hillary’s face and body, and he took close ups of his creation. Then he stood up, walked nakedly over to Sherlyn’s bed and took even more of the same kinds of pictures, especially ones up between the other girl’s wide spread legs.

He selected display, and he took his phone over to where Hillary was laying with a desert lay out between her legs and up inside her vagina. Peter showed her the slide show of photos he had just taken. Hillary giggled as she was shown each shot. Peter took the phone over to show Sherlyn the same set of shots. She giggled too.

Peter scooted himself up between Hillary’s spread legs and called out to Terrance, “Bon appetite!” He move his mouth down and started to feast on his culinary creation. First, he took the cherry and nibbled the fruit off the pit. Spitting the cherry pit out, he started to wolf down the whipped cream and nut fragments. As more and more banana became visible, he would nip off a piece with his teeth.

He looked over to see Terrance similarly enjoying the creation between Sherlyn’s legs.

Peter soon had all the whipped cream eaten, so he started to concentrate on the toppings. First, he nipped off the end of the banana, making the end of it flushed with Hillary’s opening.

Peter had never made a banana split in a pussy before; he had cooked up the idea as he ate lunch in the cafeteria. Hillary hadn’t come back yet from her romp with Nathaniel, so he had time to kill and an active imagination.

Peter slowly cleaned off Hillary’s lips, taking a long bit of time getting the sticky syrup toppings off her pussy. He pulled strands of pubic hair up through his lips, making sure they were as clean as the skin of her outer cleft.

He especially enjoyed lapping up the chocolate syrup with his tongue. He took a long time over Hillary’s clitoris, making sure it was entirely chocolate free.

Hillary was feeling her ardor growing into a beast, as Peter licked her over and over again. She really was getting hot when he started to drill into her love button. The banana left inside her was a completely new sensation added to the mix. It stretched her out like a cock, but felt cool and creamy.

With the banana completely nipped off even with her bottom, she wasn’t quite sure how Peter was going to get the thing out of her.

Peter spied the long drip of chocolate that ran down from the banana downward. Peter took his fingers and spread Hillary’s cheeks wide as he started at the bottom of the drip and licked it clean all the way up.

Hillary gasped, “Oh my hell, you didn’t just do what I think you did, did you?”

Peter chuckled, “What do you think I did?”

Hillary blushed crimson, “I can’t even say it. Pete! Ewww!” I’m going to make you brush your teeth a dozen times, and make you use the whole bottle of mouthwash before I let you kiss me again.”

Pete shrugged his shoulders. “You’re over reacting, it was clean. You just showered, right?”

Hillary gasped out, “It was still yucky! Ewww, just thinking about it.”

What he had done was so entirely taboo that he had become completely hard. He had been pretty firm through the whole desert building thing, but he didn’t become hard until he was between her lips, eating his desert. Now, he was hard to the point of uncomfortable after cleaning up Hillary’s bottom.

With nothing left now but the banana, he stuck his mouth down around Hillary’s opening, and formed a seal with his mouth; he decided to try sucking it out. As he sucked, to his delight, the banana pulled out of her vagina a bit at a time as it did. It was slippery and completely coated with her cum.

He would nip off a piece as he drew it out of her hole, chew it, and swallow it down. Then he would suck out a little bit more, so he could have the next bite. He announced to Terrance, “Hey buddy, just suck it out. It comes out really easy that way.”

Terrance, who was down to just the banana too, called over, “Got it, thanks.”

In less than a minute or two, Peter had eaten the entire banana. Hillary’s pink pussy was back to its normal state.


Knowing that Hillary had fucked their uncle, repeatedly, over the last 24 hours, Peter was open for a bit of adventure himself. Maybe if he had his own little indiscretion, he wouldn’t feel as jealous.

Peter asked Terrance, “Hey, what do you think about having seconds? There are three bananas left.”

Terry grinned, “Yeah, sure!”

Peter casually suggested, “You know, I think maybe this time I would like to try the chocolate fur. How would you like to sample the Vanilla?”

Peter heard two girls, and a surprised Terrance gasp out in concert. “Terrance looked down at his lovely girlfriend and asked, “Would you mind, Sheri?”

Sherlyn giggled, “No, not as long as you don’t Terry.” Turning to her new best friend, she asked, “What do you think Hillary?”

Hillary had to think about it. She had never participated in group sex before. Until the week before, she had never had sex with her brother and uncle before either.

She was sure that Peter was going to invite himself to sink his comely cock up inside Sherlyn’s tall shapely body. He had been drooling over her friend all evening. Hillary asked herself, ‘Does the idea make me jealous?’ After assuring herself that it really didn’t, she asked herself, ‘Can I have Terrance do the same thing to me?’ A second later, she assured herself she could do it with the big goofy guy.

Hillary admitted to herself that she was starting to enjoy having different partners. Did that make her a slut? Did she have an ‘easy’ button? She answered Sheri after a long pause, “No, if you would like too, I’m game.”

The boys switch places and both started to rebuild their pussanana splits, only in the other boy’s dish. Hillary had to admit, having her pussy used as a receptacle for a large tasty desert was erotic. She especially loved it as Terrance played with her clit the same time he was fucking her with yet another banana.

Between having a brand new partner, a non-relative thank gawd, and the fact he was fucking her with a banana while massaging her swollen button, Hillary could feel the pressure build up inside her tummy. Before he finished the established five minutes required to marinate the banana, Hillary felt the pressure release in a big way as her vagina begin to spasm around the yellow fruit up inside her canal, she felt wave after lovely wave of delight shoot through her body. She began to wriggle and writhe again on her bed, her pussy reaching for the ceiling as she moaned and giggled.

Terrance laughed in delight, “I can see your vagina squeezing around the banana, how wicked cool is that! The thing is totally drenched in special sauce.”

Since Peter failed to play with Sherlyn’s love button, she enjoyed a nice long banana fuck, but failed to cross over into a blissful orgasmic state.

The boys’ peeled their bananas and Hillary felt Terrance’s white fruit part her lips and slide up inside her vagina. She was so incredibly wet from cumming the fruit slipped right in. With her bottom up, the juices had nowhere to flow to, they just stayed up inside her pussy, coating the fruit as it was shoved inside.

After about four or five minutes, both of the guys had remade their deserts. Without a word, they began feasting all over again. Hillary felt it as Terry got down to the fruity syrup and the chocolate. He made long licks up and down both sides of her pussy taking a considerable amount of time to clean her off. And then, he dug in to remove the chocolate syrup from inside her crevice. He sorted through all the folds, nooks and crannies of her puffy pussy. Within a minute, she felt herself begin to cum again.

As she began to relax after her climax, she heard Terrance say, “Mmm, chocolate, banana, and extra sauce, how freekin’ delicious!” It caused Hillary to giggle.

Apparently, Peter, learning from Terrance, made sure that Sherlyn was able to get off too. He commented, “It’s even better when you get extra sauce by the gallons.” He grinned, referring to his experiencing Sherlyn’s squirting for the first time. He knew that she only squirted a table spoon or two of cum, but he found exaggerating to much more fun.

Hillary was happy that Terrance at least had the good sense to leave the glob of chocolate syrup on her anus right where it was. She would have to wash the gooey stuff off her asshole and out of her crack later, after they were all done playing. After cumming twice while messing around with Terry for the first time, she was more than ready to get the banana out, and his cock up inside her vaginal canal.

Peter had a hell of a time getting the syrups out of Sherlyn’s pubic hair, but he had to admit it was fun doing it.

Both boys slowly sucked the banana out of their respective girl. Both of them chowed down on the cum coated, now completely slick fruit. Peter was sure the tanginess of Sherlyn’s girl cum just made a banana taste all the sweeter.

With her pussy free of the banana, Sherlyn delighted when Peter continued to eat her pussy. He pulled her furry lips back with his thumbs and licked, sucked and tongued her up and down her entire cleft. He slipped his tongue way up inside her vaginal opening, slurping up all her excess secretions. After a bit, he slipped his fingers inside her and began playing with her ‘G’ spot as he concentrated on her clit. It only took a minute, and Sherlyn found release and was writhing on her bed again, squirting away as Peter caught her cum inside his mouth. He delighted in the taste of her nectar.

Taking the lead from Peter, Terrance began to munch on Hillary’s cleaned up pussy. Hillary recognized that he had a different strategy inside her lips, but it resulted in the same end game. Hillary exploded in yet another spectacular orgasm. She couldn’t believe the number of times she had climaxed.

After Hillary regained her self-control, it was time for her to get fucked. She rolled over on the blanket roll, causing her ass to point upwards; her vagina was spread open for the taking. Terry wasted no time; he walked up on his knees behind the beautiful blonde’s spread legs and easily pushed his cock all the way up her. He never in a million years expected that he would be able to fuck a girl as pretty as Hillary.

Nerds and geeks were never given the time of day by beauties like Hillary, let alone inviting them to sample her wares. But here he was, his cock buried in one of the most beautiful, one of the richest girls on campus.

Other than a little light golden fur, Hillary’s pussy lips looked nearly bald. Her light pink labia were so inviting. His cock was inside her pulled into a downward angle. Her inner pinkness was stretched into an ‘O’ around his hard shaft. Having the girls pink vagina wrapped around his hard cock was absolutely marvelous. He just held himself up against her, feeling her tight walls wrapping around him like silk glove.

Hillary was happy to have Terrance’s hard cock inside her. She loved the way a cock filled her, stretching her canal, forcing it to conform to his shape. The fullness alone was a pleasure like no other. Terry was probably about an inch shorter than Peter, but had the same wonderful thickness. Neither of the boys were as big around as the banana. But, even as big as the bananas were, they were only a second rate substitute for a warm, erect penis.

As much as Hillary loved the feel of Terrance’s cock filling her intimate space, she was eager to feel his flange traverse her canal. It was a sensation as nice as the fullness, but in a completely different way.

Hillary had read articles that said a woman can only have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation, but she didn’t seem to have a problem having one from a really nice fuck. Ready for action, she asked, “Well, Terrance, are we going to stay parked all evening, or are you going to fuck me?”

Terry blushed and said, “Sorry, Hillary, I was just enjoying the feel of your pussy wrapped around my cock.”

Hillary was feeling oh so naughty. She had never played the swapping game before. She responded, “So, do you like my cunt sucking in that nice prick of yours?”

Terrance, now working his way inside her answered, “Oh my gawd, yes. Your, um, ah, cunt is heavenly.”

Hillary purred, “Gooooood, now make me cum with that cock of yours. Fuck me good.”

Terrance started to really slam into Hillary’s backside, he love the way his tip was riding along the back wall of her vagina, her cunt as she called it. He though he was going to town inside the blond girl, but she called back to him, “Harder, Terry, fuck me harder!”

Needing no more encouragement, Terrance started to pound into Hillary’s vagina just as hard and as fast as he could. Hillary gasped, “Awesome! That’s more like it!”

She glanced over to see Peter up between Sherlyn’s legs. Her brother--lover was laying out on top of her taller friend. His hips were rocking away. Although she couldn’t see it, she knew her brother was shoving his full seven inches deep up inside her friend. Instead of jealous, Hillary found the sight to be titillating.

Peter was only a minute behind Terrance in finishing his pussanana split. He was aching to push himself inside the brown haired girl who had been teasing him all night in her light weight chemise and her low cut panties.

Peter reached under Sherlyn and started to tug the blanket roll out from under the girl’s butt. Sherlyn pulled her legs and hips towards her chest to help the boy remove the blankets. She seemed to be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Peter’s hard shaft up inside her pussy.

Where Hillary was beautiful, in a category all her own, Peter thought Sherlyn was pretty, or more accurately cute. It was that cuteness that appealed to the boy so much.

With Sherlyn’s butt flat on the bed, Peter moved up between her legs. Sherlyn spread herself, opening up like a flower welcoming a humming bird. She felt the boy’s hips slide up against her thighs about the same time she felt the tip of his hard, long cock—she was getting better at using the word—slide up through her hot, soaked, puffy lips.

Sherlyn couldn’t help herself, she gasped as the handsome boy positioned the head of his cock against her opening. Then he gently pushed himself inside her. She felt him fill her, then he filled her some more—he was longer than Terrance. Peter had finally stopped pushing and Sherlyn couldn’t believe how full the boy made her feel. He made her stretch up as well as making her stretch to surround him.

The girl had noticed that Peter had a bigger head on his dick too, bigger than most. Of course she had only seen a few dicks to compare Peter too. Terrance’s head was average looking. The brigadier general she slept with the night before actually had a smaller head. Her daddy had a nice head too, but not as big as Pete’s. Of course, she only got to see her daddy’s penis accidently—usually; she liked to see what her daddy had between his legs.

Peter’s wide flange proved to be nearly miraculous as it began to slide and glide up and down against her walls. The new and exciting sensation was driving her passion through the roof. The pressure inside her tummy—her vagina--was building fast.

Peter lowered himself onto her, allowing his weight to press down on her body. Sherlyn found she could easily breath, so she relaxed and luxuriated having his warm naked skin pressing into hers. She found his weight comforting. She felt her hard brown nipples as they dimpled the boy’s chest. Above all, she felt that lovely, exciting, nearly tickling flange of his cock sliding inside her love canal. Like she discovered with Terrance and the man the night before, fucking was sublime.

Sherlyn could smell his ‘man’ smell along with his cologne. She was enchanted with his scent.

Peter whispered into her ear as his head dropped down next to hers. He asked politely, “May I kiss you.”

Sherlyn though he was just silly, here he was fucking her with abandon, and he asked her if it was okay to kiss her. She whispers back, “Of course, silly boy.”

Peter was careful not to smash his face against hers as his cock cycled in and out of her hot, wet vagina. He moved his lips cautiously to hers. Sherlyn had nice full lips that looked like they were made for kissing, and he was right, kissing with the girl was a delight in itself. He kissed, he fucked, and he relished the feeling of her vagina surrounding his hard shaft.

Sherlyn felt her passion peak. The way Peters pecker poked up along her pubic bone as he nearly pulled out of her with each stroke was causing her to be incredibly aroused. She gasped as the massive pressure inside her tummy released causing her vagina to spasmodically contract around Peter’s long hard shaft, she made a sing-song moan as waves of ecstasy radiated out from deep inside her vagina, out through her body, and out into her limbs. She whimpered and giggled as her body did what it wanted to do, devoid of any control she attempted to exert.

Sherlyn’s orgasm washed over her like a flood unleashed from a broken dam. She let it wash her away as she tremble, quaked, and shook underneath Peter’s body. Peter whispered in her ear, “I love it when you ladies are able to enjoy sex so much. Sometimes I’m jealous as hell that it’s not that good for us guys.”

Then Peter gasped out, “Oh shit, this guy is about ready to cum, in a big way! Oh, Oh, OH SHIT!” Peter tensed, gasped, and began to throb inside Sherlyn’s vagina. Peter pushed himself up snuggly against her pussy as he let spurt after spurt of his hot semen shoot deep inside the girl.

Sherlyn was getting really good at detecting when her lovers started to pulse against her walls, telling her they were filling her womb with their hot semen. Peter’s thick cock was better than most. It was made her feel like her vagina was pulsing. The sensation pushed her over the top again, she tensed up, her face and chest flushed as the pressure released and she began to writhe under the boy a second time.

The thought occurred to her as she was coming off her peak climax. When she fucked with Terrance later that evening, she would have fucked three men in less than 12 hours. Gosh, she was really turning into a slut and a half. The worst part of all, she loved every second of it.

Terrance, pounding away against Hillary’s bottom, built to a crescendo as both her and the boy started coming together. The massive pressure that had been building unleashed, causing Hillary writhed on the blanket roll, her thighs trying to pull closed, her tummy muscles pulling her body in all sorts of directions. At the same time she heard Terrance gasp out, “I’m cumming, oh gawd am I ever cumming! SHIT!” Even with her own orgasm happening, she could feel Terry’s strong throbs inside her as he held himself firmly up against her bottom.

Terry pulse for a good 20 seconds, the last 10 seconds he pulsed dry, before he collapsed onto her butt and back. She felt like a puddle of gelatinous goo herself. Her orgasms having worn her out. It was time for a little more sedate activity.

She waited a bit, then told Terry to lay on the bed. She kicked the blanket roll away and whispered to the boy, “Stay put.”

She jumped up and grabbed the strawberry syrup—sauce from the desk. She returned to Terrance and spooned a bit of the syrup out and let it slide down from the head of his cock down his shaft. Then she proceed to start licking it off him. He had been going flat, but Hillary had him quickly restored.

As Hillary sucked the strawberry delight from Terrance’s cock she giggled, “Wow, this does taste good with special sauce. Only I bet this special sauce is a different recipe than you were enjoying.”

Hillary grabbed the pineapple topping and coated his cock with it. Chunks of pineapple fell down around the base of his shaft, into his pubic hair. She sucked his cock clean, and then chased the larger chunks down around his root.

Terrance was completely enthralled having the dynamite blond sucking on his manhood. If he was the kind to kiss and tell, he would have enjoyed crowing about his conquest all over campus. But Terrance knew to be discrete; especially if he wanted a chance of ever fucking the blond beauty again.

Hillary broke out the chocolate syrup next. She let it dip all down his hard shaft, and down onto his scrotum, and even oozed into the creases of his legs to the side of his sac. She spent a good five minutes cleaning up the mess she created.

Terrance thought he had died and went to heaven as Hillary lapped up the chocolate from between his legs and his scrotum.

Finally, Hillary had enough playing with the syrups. She took Terry’s shaft inside her mouth again, without the toppings; she was ready to just suck cock. First she teased down his shaft with her lips. Once at the bottom, she sucked his testicles into her mouth; it was quite a mouthful. After bathing them in saliva, she spit them out and lifted his balls, and began to lick the tender perineum just underneath. Terry moaned in appreciation.

Hillary, sensing Terrance was enjoying her tongue work, stayed on site for a good couple of minutes. Taking in his bottom side, the only thing she avoided was his pucker hole.

After thoroughly exploring what was under his scrotum, she travelled back up his hard shaft, licking and kissing as she went.

Back at his tip, Hillary took him inside her mouth again and started to suck his mushroom shaped head as she teased his little slit on the end with his tongue. Terrance grabbed fists full of sheet as he gasped out, “That feels so awesome!”

Hillary grinned, if the guy could talk about it, he obviously wasn’t worked up enough. She started to take his whole shaft inside her lips as she began to bob up and down on him--face fucking the boy. Hillary thought, ‘Six inches, I can do six inches.’ She began to take him as deeply into her mouth as she could.

What she discovered was that she could only get about four inches of his cock in her face and then he was hitting the visible part of the back of her throat. If he hit her uvula, she would start to gag, so she used the same muscles in her throat she used to say ‘Ah’ with at the doctor’s and was able to keep the little trigger out of the way. That still didn’t get the last two inches inside her mouth.

The only way she was going to take him in completely was to let him slide into her throat a little. Two inches worth of a little. As she slid down on him, sucking and tonguing all the way, she started swallowing as he slipped up against the back of her throat.

Hillary was delighted when it forced the tip of his cock down and he slid into her throat. Pushing just a little harder, she found her lips in his bush. She had taken him all the way in! With practice, she was able to do it on almost every stroke. Occasionally, she had to back off to breath. This got her wondering if she could take that additional inch that Peter had to offer. She would have to experiment once she had her brother’s cock in her mouth again.

Terrance could feel his dick all the way inside Hillary’s mouth. The girl was a wonder. She was taking his full six inches. He was so fucking aroused that he was on the verge of cumming. As the tension in his bottom grew, he knew he was really close. He warned Hillary out of consideration, “Hillary, I’m, um, uh, about, ready, to cum. Oh shit! Here it comes.”

Hillary pulled off him so only about three inches so the boys cock was sitting on her tongue. She sucked him hard, encouraging him to ejaculate. She wanted to taste his semen, and she didn’t have long to wait.

Terry tensed up and Hillary felt his cock begin to throb inside her mouth. She felt him pulse about once a second, initially squirting his cum against the back of her throat. After a couple good squirts, he began to ooze the stuff out onto her tongue. Hillary kept face fucking him through the whole experience. She didn’t start to swallow until he finished pulsing.

Hillary could honestly say she enjoyed giving the boy a blowjob. She was getting much better, refining her technique. She decided with the right partner, she actually enjoyed doing it.

She glanced over at her brother and her friend. It appeared that Peter had found his second wind and was pounding into Sherlyn’s backside. Hillary’s brother was looking down between Sherlyn and himself, watching his cock slide in and out of the girl’s vagina. At the angle Hillary was sitting, she could see it too. Peter seemed captivated by the process -- mesmerized by the motions. It was clear to Hillary that Peter was utterly enjoying fucking her dark haired friend, her best friend—there that was settled.

Sherlyn gasped out and began to quake, she tensed up and let out a high pitched squeal as she had another orgasm. Hillary thought watching her friend have a climax was arousing as hell. It was at that moment she decided she wanted to try one of Peter’s deserts.

Mere seconds after Sherlyn finished having her orgasm, Hillary watch her brother tense up as he gasped out, “Oh shit! I’m cumming again!” She watched in rapt attention as Peter pressed himself up against Sherlyn’s bottom. He held himself in place for nearly a full minute, obviously enjoying being inside Sherlyn until his last pulse.

Hillary analyzed her feelings. She loved Peter with her whole being, but there he was pounding himself into the vagina of her best friend, right where Hillary could watch. She asked herself if she was jealous; she found she had no compunctions sharing her brother with the dark haired, kind of nerdy girl. Just like she had no regrets fucking and sucking Terrance. She found having a little group sex to be exhilarating. The little party was all thanks to Peter’s crazy idea, several new doors had been opened for the little group. Hillary was just about to open another one.

Hillary moved over to Sherlyn’s bed, feeling the squishy messiness between her legs as she moved. She retrieved the abandoned blanket roll and asked Sherlyn and Peter to move out of the way. Both her friend and brother were wondering what Hillary was up to.

With the bed clear, Hillary placed the blanket roll and towel back in the middle of the bed as she turned to Sherlyn and directed, “Okay, Sheri, assume the position. I’m going to try one of these pussanana splits that everybody seems to be enjoying around here.”

Sherlyn’s mouth dropped open. She was amazed, maybe a little distraught with what her friend was suggesting. The dark haired girl had tried all sorts of crazy things in that last couple weeks, but she never in a million years had considered doing anything with another girl.

Hillary chided, “Come on Sheri, we don’t have all night. Chop chop!”

Sherlyn being a follower, not a leader, relented and propped her hips back up against the pile of blankets and pillows. In seconds, she decided that if Hillary, her best friend, was willing to try things that she would go along with it to see how it played out.

Hillary noted that Sherlyn was already dripping special sauce. Dripping with more of the special sauce similar to what had been on Terrance’s cock; it was a mixture of girl and guy cum comingled together. Hillary had experienced guy cum on several occasions, the latest just minutes ago with Terrance. To date, it never tasted bad.

Since Hillary didn’t need additional special sauce, so she moved on to the next step; she needed to trim and baste the banana.

After preparing the banana, Sherlyn felt Hillary work the end of the yellow fruit in between the lips of her labia, then she felt her friend push the banana up inside her vaginal canal. It took Hillary a few times of working it in and out to get it completely coated, but once inside her, Sherlyn enjoyed the cool fullness from the fruit.

Once Hillary had the banana all the way inside her friend, she began to fuck Sherlyn with it, like she would have done with a dildo. Not that Hillary had ever fucked another girl with a dildo. She loved it when her friend’s hips started to rock up whenever she pushed the banana in deep.

After the required five minutes of basting required using Peter’s recipe, Sherlyn was breathing hard and grabbing hands full of her bed sheet as she became more and more aroused. After having two pussanana splits build in her pussy, she was more than aware what was coming, but instead of one of the guys lapping up the syrup and her special sauce, feeding out of her vagina, it would be another girl this time.

Hillary liberally applied what was left to the toppings to Sherlyn’s lips after inserting the peeled banana up inside the other girl’s canal. Seeing the banana sticking out of Sherlyn was truly a sensual sight.

Whip cream was applied, nuts were sprinkled, and one of the last cherries was placed on top.

The whole time Hillary had been building her Pussanana split, Peter had his cellphone out again. He had it recording in video mode the whole time Hillary was constructing her treat. With it completed, he zoomed in as Hillary started taking her first mouthful of the desert.

It took no time at all to get the whipped cream wolfed down. Hillary knew it was the moment of truth. It was time to consume the fruity syrups and the chocolate in the middle, she was going to have to her mouth on another girl’s pussy.
Hillary never considered herself a lesbian; all the fucking she had done over the last couple weeks proved that. She never even thought of herself as bi-sexual, but here she was about to give oral sex to her girlfriend. What astounded Hillary more than anything was that she was actually looking forward to it.

Hillary, on her hands and knees, bent down and started to lick up the strawberry syrup, sucking it off of Sherlyn’s fur covered lip, sucking on the hair as well as the lip so she could get Sherlyn cleaned up. She felt herself becoming highly aroused as Sherlyn started to wiggle and wriggle her hips in response to having Hillary between her legs. Peter was capturing it all.

Sherlyn was so completely worked up, her passion was at a near a peak level. Having another girl down between her legs was heady and more than a little erotic. As Hillary moved to her other outer lip to start licking and sucking off the pineapple, Sherlyn felt several little tremors inside her vagina, she squeezed down on the muscles up inside her vagina and felt the banana in her squish a bit from the contraction.

The real moment of truth for Hillary was lapping up the chocolate that ran down inside Sherlyn’s pussy. It coated the entire length of the tall girl’s labia. Before moving in on the chocolate treat, Hillary nipped the banana down flush with Sherlyn’s opening, her mouth brushing the other girl’s inner lips as she did.

Hillary could smell a variety of scents. She could smell the fixings for the banana split, she could smell Sherlyn’s natural musk, but she could also smell semen and girl cum, the so called special sauce.

Hillary dug her lips in between Sherlyn’s outer lips, taking her friend’s puffy labia into her mouth so she could suck off the chocolate. Below the banana was void of chocolate; Hillary had no plans of chasing an errant drip down lower like Peter had done. She had to admit, when Peter had licked her anus that it felt incredible, but it also grossed her out to the max. She could never do such a thing, could she?

As she was licking Sherlyn, Hillary felt Peter move up behind her. With cell phone still in hand, he positioned his hard cock inside her vaginal opening and he pushed, catching the whole penetration thing on his video. Hillary was ecstatic in having her vagina filled at the same time she was trying out her friend’s pussy.

Sherlyn was starting to pant and moan as Hillary cleaned her up around her clitoral hood, and then as she worked her tongue up underneath it to clear away chocolate from around, and on top of Sherlyn’s swollen love button. As she did, Sherlyn let out a much louder moan as her thighs snapped together. By doing so, the banana inside her was mashed up even more.

Peter worked his seven inches in and out of Hillary’s lovely pussy. He loved fucking his sister. He found he wasn’t suffering from the jealousy as much anymore, he knew that Hillary and he would have relationships away from each other now. But, he knew when he had a need that required their special relationship, Hillary would be there, all he need do is ask.

By the time Hillary dropped down to suck out the banana, she found the pieces she was sucking out and nipping off was pretty mangled as well as totally coated with residual cum. Hillary savored the taste. It didn’t take any time at all for Hillary to have the banana out of Sherlyn.

As she was sucking on her friend’s hole, she was thoroughly enjoying having Peter ride her from behind.

Sherlyn seeing that Terrance was being left out, called her boyfriend to her and had him move his cock close to her mouth. Terrance began enjoying the second blowjob of the night.

Terrance loved having his girl wrap her lips around his swollen shaft. She sucked him with such fervor. When she would moan around his shaft as she got her pussy licked by Hillary, it sent shivers of delight up the Terrance’s spine.

Hillary, using the excuse that there might be residual banana left up inside her friends vagina, shoved her tongue as deeply into Sherlyn’s vaginal opening as she could. Hillary loved it when a lover of hers did it to her. She figured she would give it a try. The way Sherlyn was letting out little squeaks and moans, she figured Sherlyn liked it too.

Hillary moaned into the other girl’s vagina as Peter hit a really nice spot inside her vagina canal. The feeling of his broad flange coursing up and down over her vaginal walls was causing her ardor to grow almost as much as Sherlyn’s.

Sherlyn loved the ream job she received from Hillary. She was so intensely aroused from having a girl in between her legs that she had been on the cusp of a really good orgasm for the last several minutes, the pressure up inside her tummy and vagina was fevered. The pressure inside her vagina had been building over several long minutes and it wouldn’t take much for it to explode out into her body. She was having a hard time concentrating on Terry’s cock.

When Hillary sank her fingers up inside her opening, Sherlyn gasped. When her friend curled them up to massage her ‘G’ spot as her mouth moved to her clitoris, the lid blew off pot. Sherlyn gave out a shrill little scream and made several other unintelligible noises as she found release; her vagina contracted around Hillary’s fingers, and waves of sheer delight poured through her body. What was really exciting for Sherlyn was that she was having her first orgasms from having a girl between her legs.

Watching Sherlyn writhe in passion and pleasure from what Hillary had done to her. Hillary’s own passion began to peak as Peter pounded into her pussy. She could tell Pete was really close to cumming again himself. Wanting her orgasm, Hillary reached back between her legs and started to rub her clitoris vigorously as Peter slammed into her backside.

Hillary was so wet, her entire backside was coated with cum. Peter’s hips smacked into her butt cheeks and thighs, the slapping sound reverberated around the room. It sounded as though someone was getting spanked with an open hand. A wet slurping noise from Peter’s cock plunging in and out of Hillary’s dipping hole provide harmony.

Sherlyn, coming off her climax, felt the wonderful afterglow of her orgasm. She gratefully took Terrance back into her mouth and sucked him hard, demanding that he give her his offering.

Hillary howled as her climax hit. It was sharp, it was intense, and it cause her to collapse onto Sherlyn’s tummy as she writhed and quaked. It hit hard, and then it released, leaving her as a warm pool of deep satisfaction.

Peter followed Hillary down, continuing to work his hard shaft up inside of Hillary backside, even though she had pulled her thighs together as she climaxed. It did nothing but make an already snug vagina even tighter. He felt the pressure quickly rise in his bottom and then it exploded out of him and into his sister, filling her vaginal canal with his hot, sticky cum.

Terrance was enthralled that all four of them had been getting something sexual done to them. It was a chain of delight. He was getting another stellar blowjob, Sherlyn was getting her pussy eaten by Hillary—a novelty for them all, Hillary was getting a hard fuck from Peter, and Peter was getting what he needed while inside of Hillary. The whole newness of group sex allowed the boy to finally ejaculate into Sherlyn’s mouth, even though he had already gotten off several times already.

The four teens collapsed into a big group hug on Sherlyn’s bed. They were all spent.

Peter announced, “And, that my friends, is how to make and enjoy a pussanana split.” They all laughed.

After a bit, Peter and Hillary retreated to her bed, and after making it, crawling between the covers naked, the two of them quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Sherlyn and Terrance made her bed habitable, a little worse for the wear with wet cum spots here and there. The couple quickly joined the other two in finding a deep relaxed slumber.


Hillary knew that Peter, Sherlyn, and she, maybe even Terrance, were going to have to do a lot of travelling back and forth to the Randell family mansion, so she needed a car. She called her Uncle Nate the day after their group sex experiment and in just an hour, she drove off the lot with a brand new 2014, 500 series, Grand Turismo BMW sedan. Uncle Nathaniel had wired the dealership the payment. She could have had her parents purchase her a car, but she didn’t want to have to explain why she needed one, and all the other red tape that dealing with her mother would involve.

Peter and Terrance were tied up over the weekend with the Fraternity they were trying to join. So Hillary took Sherlyn out onto the cape to meet her Uncle. She figured it would be better to let the two meet before they began their sexual adventures. She knew that Sherlyn still had, and rightly so, issues with jumping in the sack with a stranger.

Hillary got a speeding ticket driving on the freeway about 20 miles from her uncle’s home. She decided she needed to make cruise control her friend.

Sherlyn had stopped taking the pill Friday morning, and by the weekend, Sherlyn had started her period. Both girls knew that it would take days, maybe weeks, for Sherlyn’s hormones to start kicking into ’I want to make a baby’ mode. Hopefully, by mid-October when the tall girl should ovulate, her body would be set to make things happen. As a backup, Nate was beginning to accumulate his semen in cryogenic storage knowing there was a good chance that ‘doing it the old fashioned way’ wouldn’t work the first month.

The main door to the mansion opened and George, seeing it was Hillary, gave the girl a big smile, “Why, Miss Hillary, what a pleasure it is to see you again!” Then he added, “Master Randall is in the den watching a little television.” The man chuckled, “He’s watching his favorite Ghost Hunting show, so I would be quiet as I enter the room if I were you. He gets rather testy when you interrupt his critical review of the investigation going on.”

The old servant led the girls into the heart of the mansion, as the three of them wound their way to where the den was located. Nathaniel’s den was larger than most family rooms.

While entering the room, Nate smiled at the two girls, especially Sherlyn who he quickly appraised, finding the girl pleasing to the eye. He offered, “I’ll be done in a bit, why don’t you girls go enjoy the pool while I finish up here.”

Hillary giggled, “We didn’t bring swimming suites, Uncle Nate.”

Nate offhandedly answered, his attention returning to the show now that the commercial was over. “You don’t need one, it’s an indoor pool. George, would you show the girls to the pool room?”

Hillary whispered to Sherlyn, “I hope you brought lots of tampons, girl.”


Hillary and Sherlyn thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Swimming nude was just the beginning. Nate called in a small troop of massage therapists who gave the trio a 120 minute massages. Nothing like the one Sherlyn experienced with the Air Force general, but it was very pleasant even without the intimate touching.

Nathaniel offered George a massage, but the older gentleman turned him down, claiming he needed to polish the silver.

Nate tried to manipulate the situation and by lavishing a lot of attention on Sherlyn, he was hoping that he could get Sherlyn tucked neatly into his bed. It was only after seeing the little white string hanging out the naked girls bottom as the three of them played around the pool that he decided he could wait.

Sherlyn loved all the attention the comely older man smothered her with. He was charming, he was handsome, and he was rich. Sherlyn wasn’t going to have a problem at all letting the man put a baby in her tummy.


Monday came around, and after school, the girls attended a meeting with the Sorority. Melinda, the sorority president, the bitch extraordinaire according to Hillary, announced that they had the exact number of girls they needed drop their bid for membership.

Melinda announced, “Provided you remaining ladies pass your third and final test, and you go through initiation, you all are as of now considered provisional members of Sigma Epsilon Chi. The final test will occur on Halloween. For those who pass the test, your initiation will happen during the first week of November.”

The President added, “You may move into the sorority house any time you like between now and the initiation. I fully expect you remaining ladies to pass without difficulty. Well, without difficulty may not be entirely true.” She gave the remaining girls a wicked grin.


The following Wednesday, Hillary called the Medical Center’s laboratory and she was told that the results of the DNA test were available. She was told that she would have to come to the laboratory in person to sign for the results.

Hillary took Peter with her, since the results were also pertinent to him. Hillary and Peter were greeted by the laboratory receptionist, and after signing several forms that allowed the receptionist to release the information. The young woman turned to print the results.

The laser printer hummed, spitting out several sheets of paper, and once all the pages were printed, the receptionist stapled the pages together and then folded the back page around to the front. She pointed out, “This is what you’re most interested in; this is the interpretation.”

Standing side by side, Hillary and Peter began to read. As she read she felt her pulse rate rise and her breathing pick up. She looked at Peter, and Peter looked at her, and they both gasped out at the same time, “Oh, my, hell!”

Nathaniel Randell was the father of the fraternal twin siblings. It appeared that Uncle Nathaniel already had two blood heirs from his incestuous relationship with his sister, Julia.

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