Lust and horny
Ellen has completed her move from Lexington to Dallas and has been working for two days reporting stories. She sends me an invitation to join her for lunch at her condo. Ellen is a bit nervous and shy. I don't pause or look surprised that she is naked. I put on a lazy smile and ask for a cool drink, while my eyes roam her body. " Sure thing!" She smiles and says, with more confidence than she feels. She feels my eyes on her as she walks away. Ellen wonders if I will follow silently resolving to not look towards me. She is dripping wet now, from the heat of my gaze and her fantasies. She closes the sliding door behind her as she steps back into the coolness of the kitchen. She dips two fingers into her wet pussy licking them clean before reaching for a glass. She fills it with fresh lemonade and quickly, with a giggle as she imagines my face, she dips her fingers into her juices wiping them around the rim of my glass. She put the lemonade away and heads back out to give me my drink.

I'm not where she left me, making her wonder if I followed her or decided to meet her halfway. She hands me the glass with a slight smirk. She wonders if I smell her arousal in this humid heat. She is sure I can. My eyes widen then darken as I drink the lemonade. Ellen bites her lip a little. I drink it down all at once then pull in a deep breath through my nose. She trembles, a little, knowing I must be able to smell her desire. " More," I say as I hand her the glass. " Yes, Sir," She replies as she squares her shoulders. She swears I just inhaled on a barely audible gasp. Ellen winks turning away, heading back into the kitchen. I'm definitely reacting. She shoves two fingers inside of herself, plunging them over and over. It helps to relieve the ache a little, but doesn't erase it. She licks her fingers and gets a naughty idea. Opening the freezer she grabs ice cubes. Carefully inserting each one into her vagina beforehand, she drops them into my glass then pours the lemonade. She liberally coats the rim with more of her juices as well. Then she reminds herself to be bold before she undresses the puts on a robe letting it open a bit.

Ellen finds me just outside the door on the balcony. She is fairly sure I watched, I'm out of line of sight of the kitchen now. The ice rattles as she carries it to me and suddenly she is nervous. She licks her lips looking up at me, blushing a little as she hands me the drink. I wait until she looks up before I lick the rim then takes a gulp, ensuring to get an ice cube in my mouth. Her mouth goes dry and her knees go a little weak. She watches as I set the glass down stepping into her, my hand drops to her dripping slit, I push two fingers inside her and she moans. Her head rolls back and her eyes close as I wrap my other arm around her. She feels my lips at her neck and I chuckle as she whimpers.

" You have an interesting way of garnishing lemonade, Ellen'," I say as I grind the heel of my hand on her clit. My fingers pumping hard and fast inside her; my teeth sink into her shoulder. Ellen moans wrapping her arms around my neck clinging to me for support. She feels me lift her and carry her. Then she feels the smooth glass against her robe and legs. My fingers never stop. My other arm slides from her back to caress her breasts through the robe. I'm gentle at first, then pinches hard and she almost cums right then. " Mmmm, like that did'ya, little one?" I pinch her nipple softly rolling it between my fingers. Ellen grinding on my hand now, desperate for the release that is so close. She can't now, not without that little bit of delicious pain. A whine escapes and she pushes her breast out at me. I just chuckle. Frustrated, She begs, "Please." " Please, what?" I reply. " Please, harder."
" Please what harder?" I ask, amusement clear in my voice.

Her eyes open to find me staring at her face watching her emotions, her pleasure. Ellen realizes I want her to ask for exactly what she wants. Ellen bites her lip and tries to work up her courage. My eyes have darkened to a color of black she can't even name and they're daring her. I'm still maddeningly gentle as I roll her nipple between my fingers. Her lips quiver as she works up the courage. " Please pinch my nipple harder and make me cum on your hand," She chokes out. My reaction is instant; my fingers pinch and tug her nipple the pressure increasing every moment. I grind at her clitoris harder curling my fingers in to hit her G spot. she looses control within seconds becoming a quivering moaning mess, held up only by my hand buried between her legs. She leans her head back against the glass starting to regain her senses. Ellen realizes two things in quick succession. One, we're on balcony in full view of the fishbowl of suburbia. Two, no one can see that she is naked except me because I have her so well blocked from prying eyes. I close her robe after a kiss and nibble on her shoulder, which makes her shiver, before turning to have another swig of lemonade. " Delicious." I say. " Shall we go inside?"

I unbutton and unzip my pants letting them drop to the floor, wearing no shorts my monster cock fully erect standing striaght out bobbing up and down. Ellen gasps, she is lost again staring at it. Remembering our first time together and having that long thick monster deep inside her and how it filled and stretched her. Ellen is having second thoughts knowing that in a matter of seconds it will be deep inside of her again. She looks up at me right as I lean down to kiss her again. I take her into the bedroom, she removes the robe laying down on the bed. I crawl onto the bed and begin kissing past her lips, down to her chin, then around to the side of her neck. Ellen is no longer sweating, she knows I can taste it. She reaches down for the bottom of my shirt raising it up. I pull my shirt off as she brings her knees in the air and places her feet flat on the bed.

I grab her thighs pulling her towards me spreading her legs open. Ellen is looking at me with apprehension ready, she watches me grab my cock and place it between her legs placing it on top of her pubic area. It is so long, thick and so heavy. So thick like a baseball bat, I begin rubbing the wide head of it up and down her clitoris, down to her slit. I feel her wetness coating all over me. Slowly I push the head of it inside of her. Ellen takes a deep breathe and places her hand over her mouth. She already can't believe how wide I have opened her. Ellen is doubting if she can take it again, slowly I shove more and more of it inside of her. It is filling her up, her pussy is spasming trying to push it out of her. Slowly her pussy is wrapping around it tightly, squeezing it, my veins are so thick, she feels them smoothly sliding aganist her vaginal walls. I'm deep inside her, yet I'm thrusting it deeper into her.

It feels like it will never end. It is pressing against the entrance to my cervix and is starting to scare her. Ellen
places her hands on my stomach to push me back, I slap her hands away. She pushes me
harder again and I again slam her hands away. I'm almost all the way inside of her, she looks
down and sees two inches of my shaft still hanging out, I place both of my hands on her thighs pulling her hard into me, forcing the last two inches inside of her. The wide head is pressing against the top wall of my vaginal canal, she thought it was going poke through it. Then I start thrusting in and out of her, banging the head hard against the wall. Ellen is screaming " OMG JOHN, TAKE IT OUT..IT HURTS..PLEASE..NO MORE..JOHN." I'm making primal growls with each thrust, she is biting her lip as she feels my hard rod pummeling deep inside her. She feels a pop then intense pain as the head of it enters her cervix, it is painfully delicious. she is being stretched to perfection with every stroke. I'm slamming into her harder as the head of it is battering her cervix with force.

Ellen feels she is dying and living at the same time, she looks up at me seeing a devilish grin on my face as I continue
impaling her unmercifully. " oh my god," she moans closing her eyes as she feels the long deep in and out strokes. The
rough hard storkes are painful, but the thought of me hammering her roughly is so much of a turn on for her. Having me penetrating her is like no other experience she has ever had. My cock sheathing and unsheathing by her inner walls is so erotic for her. Ellen feels the slow embers of her climax growing into a raging fire. Feeling the raging flames beginning to roar through her. Her mouth wide open no sound coming out, her finger nails digging into my back, as I slam in and out of her. She is writhing under me as her orgasm is about to peak then she is screaming " I'm Cumin...I'm Cumin...OH MY GOD JOHN..OOOOOOHHHHHH."

Ellen drenched me with her juices. her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vise.Her hands went to my chest trying to push me back again. I slow my pace then I pull out of her, she feels every inch of my hard snake as her pussy is gripping it, then there was a pop sound when I pulled out of her. I told her to stand up, she is unsure if she can stand. I grab her hand pulling her up to
her feet. Grabbing her by the waist turning her around, pushing her down by her shoulders forcing her to bend over the edge
of the bed. Pushing her into the mattress, she didn't look back at me. She knew I'm about to impale her again, feeling me positioning the head of it again at her slit. She braces herself, not wasting any time I slam it all the way back inside of her. The head slams against her cervix harder this time. Ellen feels my hairy balls slapping against her ass cheeks, WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP with every thrust harder and deeper.

Her moans turn into lustful whines as her hands grab the sheets as I slam into her like a piston. All she can think about is the feeling of my shaft sliding in and out of her relentlessly. Her pussy tightly gripping my shaft sheathing and unsheathing with every stroke. The thought of me behind her with my shaft buried deep inside her wet with her juices is such a turn
on. The thought of her boss fucking her again made her wet as hell. The thought of feeling my nine inch snake rubbing
her pussy walls triggers another erotically hard orgasm. My hard deep steady strokes massaging her vaginal tunnel, filling her completely with every stroke. I grab her shoulders pulling her into me as my strokes turn to jack hammer strokes, she looks back at me, seeing me staring down at her ass, then she feels my finger rubbing up and down her ass

My face is red the veins in my neck are bulging out as a low primal growl begins, watching me is all she can bear.
Her pussy spasming as she cums again screaming " OH GOD..OOOOOHHHHHH..AAAAAAAHHHHHH..MMMMMMMMM." Growling like a lion making a contorted face like I'm in pain burying my cock all the way inside her, I explode like a volcano. Ellen feels stream after stream of my hot cum filling her, my cock harder now as I grunt louder. I finally finish, completely exhausted and out of breath. I place both hands on the bed as I lean over her, trying to catch my breath with my cock buried all the way inside her. I slowly begin to pull out of her then it slips out. Ellen begins to raise up off the bed, I place my hand on her back pushing her back down on the bed. I lean in close to her ear whispering " I'm not done with you yet."

Then I rub my finger up her crack touching her asshole, gently playing with her tiny puckered anus. " Do
you like me touching you there Ellen?" " No, please stop." Ellen whispers. " Do you want me to stop?" " Uh huh, please stop." " Just relax Ellen. I'm going to push my finger in a little." I lick my finger, then push my finger into her tight anus, she
tenses as I continue pushing it in. Then she feels me starting to push my cock head inside her and she tenses. She
feels the fullness entering her, as I play with her clit, she orgasms. This orgasm is different, more intense and a fresh wave of wetness seeps out of her. I laugh withdrawing my cock from her ass, re-wetting myself with her fresh juices. I push again into her ass, this time not stopping until my balls touch her pussy and is fully sheathed in her ass.

Ellen breathes slowly in and out, her ass stretched like it had never been before. There is no pain, only a fullness that she has never experienced before. " See, Ellen, there is no pain with plenty of lubrication. Your ass feels so tight around my dick, it won't be long now, before I come inside you." With that, I start, slowly at first, thrusting and retreating, never leaving her ass. Ellen is crying from the multiple orgasms. All Ellen knows is that there is wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her and it all centers on her ass and my huge cock.

Ellen didn't know how long it is until she feels me thrust one final time, feeling deep inside her, hot ropes of my semen spilling inside her. She is starting to move again tensing her ass to hold me in. I gasp, then a fresh rope of semen hits her walls. That forces another orgasm out of her. I slowly withdraw leaving her bent over the bed. I chuckle slightly as her ass tenses back up to keep the white cum from seeping out. Ellen turns her head to the side watching me walk into the bathroom.
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