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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 3: "Tour de Devon"

After our sizzling, red-hot sexual encounter had reached
its conclusion, I stayed (and cuddled) with Pamela for a long
period of time upon the carpeted floor of the library. It
was a quiet, tender series of moments which I still look back
on and cherish to this very day. That should be obvious.

If I did not know it before, I was most definitely aware
of it now - Pamela was the woman that I had been searching my
entire life for. There was absolutely, positively no doubt
about that in my mind. I was totally in love with Pamela.

Some people may suggest that I sit back and evaluate all
of the women before coming to such a conclusion, but at this
point in time, there was no need. Pamela was the one for me.
Guaranteed. All of the other ladies here were beautiful and
desirable, indeed, but Pamela was my chosen one. I realized
that when she was lying in my arms upon the library floor.

As the time went by, Pamela commented that she wanted to
wash up, and take a shower. She also said it would not be a
good idea if the other five ladies showed up and found the
two of us together like this - not only cuddling as one upon
the library floor, but totally naked as well. They would all
want me at once, Pamela predicted, and she wondered if I had
the capabilities to physically withstand that.

I did not respond to her speculation (even though it was
quite the riveting idea), but instead gave Pamela a friendly
reminder about the 7:00pm dinner tonight. All of the ladies
were required to be there. Pamela asked me what the penalty
would be if one of them were to skip dinner, and I playfully
replied by telling her that it would most assuredly be a
harsh spanking. Pamela giggled and, of course, threatened
to be elsewhere at dinner-time tonight.

After a long and tender kiss, the two of us finally
parted ways. I decided to go back to my personal suite and
take a shower. It was definitely needed. I took an extra
long shower, reliving the earlier experience with Pamela in
my mind, over and over again. Her nasty words and demeanor
when I was penetrating her had a profound effect on me. I
truly have a bona-fide soft spot for attractive women who
are friendly and respectful in general circles, yet harsh
and aggressive during sex. Pamela had turned me on...

The mahogany library was not out of the voyeuristic view
of my hidden cameras, of course, so I also had my first-ever
sexual encounter with Pamela archived on the computer. You
can bet that it will be forever saved - and cherished. It
may turn out to be my most-watched encounter of all. I would
have to burn a DVD copy of it at the earliest opportunity.

After stepping out of the shower and drying off, I threw
on some light clothing and decided to lay down for a while.
It was early in the afternoon and since dinner-time was not
for several more hours, I figured that it would be best to
catch up on a little rest. I wanted to take a nap, but...

I then remembered I had promised all of the ladies that I
would guide them on a hike to the island's most picturesque
waterfall. I did not have a whole lot of time to prepare for
it, either. We agreed to begin our trek at 2:00pm - and that
was only ten minutes from now. I had to get ready!

I threw on a pair of sturdy shorts and an old t-shirt, and
my best hiking boots. I loaded my backpack up with plenty of
water bottles and snacks, and a first aid kit (just in case
it was needed). I also retrieved several cans and tubes of
insect repellant from the storage room, so the ladies and
yours truly would be properly protected from Mother Nature.
Shortly thereafter, it was time for the journey to commence.

* * *

Our hike began at the north end of the mansion, where I
guided the entire group - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon
and Camille - up a very steep trail into the woods and then
along a winding cliff. We eventually got back down to sea
level, and then took a different trail which veered off to
the west. I informed everyone that the waterfall we were
visiting today was only a mile up this particular pathway.
However, most of it was along a steady incline.

There were plenty of large rocks and muddy spots to deal
with as we drew closer toward the waterfall. Soon, we had
to be careful with tree roots and fallen branches as well.
Needless to say, I had to stop and allow several of the girls
to rest and catch their collective breaths while they eagerly
downed the energy snacks and bottles of water. Most (if not
all) of them did not realize beforehand what a demanding,
strenuous workout this hike was going to be.

Pamela and Trish, both of whom were very physically fit,
did not seem to be having much of a problem with the trail.
Lindsay and Amy, however, were often having to stop and pant
for breath. Lindsay, in fact, was holding hands with Trish
so she would not slip and fall on the treacherous terrain.
Still, despite the physical extertion they had to put forth
to continue, Lindsay and Amy insisted that we move on. They
proved to be quite the troopers, indeed.

Fortunately, the steady incline eventually flattened out
and the latter portion of the hike became much easier to
navigate. All of the ladies were very intrigued once we
came across a lava cave just a few hundred feet from the
waterfall. Thus, we took another sit-down break in the cave
and listened to the ocean's heavy waves crash into the rocky
shoreline off in the distance, while having a quick snack.
Everyone was so talkative and jovial; they genuinely seemed
to be having the time of their lives thus far on the island.
I could not be any happier because of this!

After exiting the cave, I offered to take the group on a
side trip into the clearing, where a series of petroglyphs
(drawings by natives from hundreds of years ago) could be
seen on the collection of lava rocks. These petroglyphs
were all over this particular area. To me, the aboriginal
writings had always been most fascinating.

The true meaning of the drawings will most likely forever
remain a mystery, but one could make out figures representing
men and women, family units, goats, pets, canoes and even a
possible surfer. Petroglyphs are made by pounding a pointed
rock with a larger, dull rock into the boulder, thus carving
out the figures. Considering that these drawings were, quite
possibly, 300 years old, they were priceless in my eyes.

"What is this?" Pamela wondered, pointing toward a boulder
with the phrase _Kristanna vilje elsker deg for evig, Jeremy_
carved out across it. "It has your name on it."

I laughed at the mention of the one rock which had given
me the most fits over the past two years. "Remember when I
told you about my friend from Norway, Pamela? Kristanna?
The one who will hopefully be here by the end of the week?
Well, at times, she will start talking in her own language
right in the middle of a conversation. It drives me insane,
but that is why she does it. Kristanna enjoys pestering me,
but does so in a comical way. Unfortunately, Kristanna came
across an empty rock here one day two years ago and decided
to carve out a cryptic message for me."

"What does it mean?" Devon inquired.

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "I have no idea.
But one of these days, I am finally going to break down and
buy a Norwegian-to-English dictionary. You will see what I
mean when Kristanna arrives here later in the week. She is
quite a character. You'll see what I mean. Trust me."

"At least the rock she left that message on was otherwise
bare," Pamela observed. "It would be a shame if someone
messed up a rock that had some of these writings on it. I
should have brought my camera along with me." Pamela looked
my way and literally begged, "Will you bring us back here in
the future, Jeremy? Please? I would LOVE to photograph the
writings... be able to study and research them."

I chuckled, thinking to myself that Pamela was anything
but the prototypical stripper. How many exotic dancers would
even be remotely interested in a series of petroglyphs like
this? Not only was Pamela interested, but she wanted to
_study_ them. She wanted to _research_ them. Incredible...

"I'll bring you back here as often as you like, dear," I
promised her. "Just tell me when, and we'll be off."

After getting back onto the path, it only took a minute
or two before we reached our final destination. Once there,
several of the ladies stood and stared in silent awe at the
grand beauty of the island's biggest waterfall. A thick,
steady stream of water cascaded down the steep mountain face
and into a shimmering pond, which emptied out into the ocean
further below. The mountain itself was rich with green weeds,
giving it a tropical appearance. In a word, it was majestic.

Now, Lindsay and Trish both claimed that they wished they
had brought their respective cameras along to capture the
moment as well. I promised them that we would come back here
in the very near future so they could do just that. Devon
and Camille were aptly prepared, though, having brought
their cellular telephones with them and were busy snapping
photographs of the beautiful, stunning landscape.

All of the ladies wore swimsuits or bikinis underneath
their clothing, so they soon stripped down and jumped into
the beautiful, chest-deep pond. The water was obviously
very theraputic and relaxing to them after such a long hike
to get here. Devon made an immediate move toward the heavy
falls, where she allowed herself to bask in the cascading
rush of water. Lindsay and Camille soon got the same idea
and joined the 27-year-old there as well.

As for myself, I sat on the rocky ledge and smiled as
Pamela, Trish and Amy all got into a water-fight with one
another. It sure was a sight to watch them squeal and
giggle as they blindly splashed water on each other. Soon,
Lindsay waded over and joined the playful fight as well.
She centered most of her splashing efforts on Trish.

Trish grabbed Lindsay's bare shoulders and dunked her head
underwater several times in succession. Each time she came
up for a breath, Lindsay would grunt and squeal that revenge
would soon be exacted upon Trish for this. The Canadian did
not seem to take her seriously, however, as she continually
dunked Lindsay's head underwater. Of course, all of this
was done in a very fun and safe kind of way. I got the sense
from watching them together thus far that Trish would never
do anything to harm Lindsay in the slightest way possible.

In an unexpected move, Pamela laughed as she literally
jumped on the back of Trish's shoulders. This caused Trish
to fall underwater as well, and then Lindsay used the golden
opportunity to relentlessly splash away once Pamela allowed
her to re-surface. Amy stood back and smiled warmly at the
exchange, while Devon and Camille were still underneath
the constant sheet of oncoming water on the other side.

Soon, Devon tore herself away from that prime location
and made her way over to me. She was joined at her side by
Amy, and the two ladies suggested that I take a dip in the
water with them. I politely declined, though, saying I had
left my swimming trunks back at the mansion. I even said
that I was happy to just sit back and watch all of the girls
enjoy their time in the water.

Amy and Devon glanced at one another for a quick moment
and smiled, then both reached out and grabbed my wrists, and
pulled me into the basin with them. I was surprised, but
really should not have been. Both ladies giggled with pure
delight as I flopped about in the water. I was not angry at
them, of course, but I was a bit worried about my hiking
boots. I had worn my best pair, but now they were soaked
and most likely ruined. Ahhhhh... the steep price(?) I had
to pay for being the only man amongst six gorgeous ladies.

Undaunted, I returned their splashes with some of my own.
Pamela snuck up from behind me and jumped on my back as well,
but I did not allow her to submerge me underneath the water.
"Get him!" Pamela then screamed, and soon all of the ladies
were tugging at various portions of my body. I was no match
for the entire group. Thus, I was dunked (cruelly, too).

We stayed at the splendid waterfall location for another
hour or so - just frolicking and playing around with each
other. The hike back to the mansion was obviously much less
taxing, since the majority of it was downhill. I was
somewhat surprised that everyone had gone through my vast
assortment of chocolate power bars and snacks, and was now
feeling a tad hungry myself. But oh well... I would rather
be hungry instead of having one of the girls feel that way.
Their needs were far more important to me than my own.

Upon our return to the mansion, I agreed to convene with
the ladies yet again at 7:00pm for dinner. I reminded them
that our nightly meal would always take place at this
particular time. Then, I ventured off to my private suite,
knowing it was time for a long and relaxing whirlpool bath.
I had been through a lot over the past 24 hours, and it felt
quite refreshing to have the opportunity to rest my tired,
aching muscles in the hot, steamy water.

* * *

After I was done with my hour-long dip in the whirlpool
bathtub, I stepped out and dried off, then returned to my
adjacent personal suite. Curious about the ladies and what
they were up to (as I always was), I strolled over to the
nearby voyeur room and took a seat at its control panel.
Much to my delight, only one of the surveillance monitors in
front of me was currently active. Meaning, of course, that
all of the ladies were together in the same place since the
system was triggered with the use of motion detectors.

That particular place was none other than the indoor
pool-house, which was found underneath the glassed-in portion
of the roof. The swimming pool there - 24x60 in dimension -
featured an underwater music system and a black bottom floor
with 2,250 fiber optic lights installed, giving the illusion
of a clear, brilliant evening sky. Swimmers could also dive
underneath a glass wall and emerge outdoors by the terrace.
The view from there, overlooking the untamed forest and the
picturesque beach further beyond, was simply astonishing.

I rarely had to do anything with this pool, or the one
located outdoors, in terms of maintenance since both were
equipped with automated cleaning systems. In fact, the
automated cleaning systems for both pools were the best that
money could buy. Obviously, it was a nice luxury to have.
All I had to do was flip a switch, and the pools would be
totally clean and crystal-clear about 45 minutes later.

Getting back to the topic at hand, all of the ladies -
Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon and Camille - were
currently enjoying one of the many features that the indoor
pool offered. Specifically, they were playing volleyball.

With a heavy duty nylon net installed on the shallow end
of the pool, I reclined back within my chair here inside the
voyeur room as I watched the ladies play what seemed to be a
carefree and jovial game of water volleyball. Trish, Lindsay
and Devon appeared to be on one team, with the lovely trio of
Pamela, Amy and Camille comprising the other. All of the
ladies were still wearing the same bikinis they had on during
our earlier adventure up at the waterfall.

It was most definitely a wondrous sight to witness the
likes of Pamela and Camille, with their massive 38d-sized
breasts bouncing and flopping about underneath their bikini
tops, as they exerted themselves in the volleyball game.
The same could be said for Devon, Trish and Amy, all of whom
sported proud D-cups as well (although none were quite as
large and majestic as were Pamela and Camille's).

But the most amazing vision of all was undoubtedly the
young and docile Lindsay, with her humble and modest figure
(at least compared to the others here) in a simple red bikini
swimsuit. With her tight, little body on display, the
18-year-old princess looked even _MORE_ like a high school
freshman or sophomore than she usually did. Of course, the
aura that constantly surrounded Lindsay - that of still being
an untouched virgin - was a big attraction for me. It would
be for any man who was lucky enough to be in my position.

Since Lindsay was obviously the youngest and most freshly
scrubbed of all of the girls, I caught several of the others
stealing quick peeks of her as she frolicked about during the
game of water volleyball. Many (if not all) of them were
attracted to her. It would be easy for me to anoint Lindsay
as the most beautiful woman of the entire group as well, but
I was not quite ready to do that just yet (not with Pamela
and Devon around). I had not made up my mind on that just
yet. Still, Lindsay was a gorgeous little thing. Imagine
that sweet, toothy smile of hers wrapped around my willing
shaft, sucking and slurping it to the very root. Oh my... a
series of wicked chills just went down my spine!

I had the sudden urge to whip my cock out of my trousers
and begin stroking as my wide, lecherous eyes soon became
solely focused on Lindsay. How many people in Lindsay's
life had the privilege of seeing her in a tiny bikini like
the one she was wearing right now? How many people had seen
Lindsay _this close_ to being totally nude? It got to the
point where I used my hidden cameras to zoom in and totally
concentrate on Lindsay and whatever movements she made in
the pool. Could I be developing an obsession here?

Oh dear God... the sight of Lindsay in her little swimsuit
and the vivid thoughts it conjured up within my mind sent me
to the very brink of erotic madness. I soon fell over that
proverbial ledge, as my cock exploded and left a thick, heavy
helping of sperm on my wrist in the aftermath. Too bad those
juices weren't blazing a new trail down Lindsay's throat!

Now feeling light-headed and mentally exhausted, I settled
even further into the chair and took a deep, ragged breath.
Oh... I would give anything to be the one who is blessed with
taking that girl's virginity. Anything at all!

"But Trish is the one who deserves her," I said out loud,
to no one inparticular, here in the voyeur room.

In a way, at least, I kind of hoped Trish would be the one
who actually got to take Lindsay's virginity. Oh, I wanted
the opportunity - yes, indeed. It would be the chance of a
lifetime for me. This scenario would assuredly never present
itself to me again. A 39-year-old man (or even older, as the
years go by) hooking up with an 18-year-old virgin? How
often does that happen in today's society?

Truth be told, though, Trish was the proper choice here.
She clearly had Lindsay's best interests at heart, and looked
at her as a person (and possible long-term companion) the
same way I did Pamela. Trish was head-over-heels in love
with Lindsay and, as a result, deserved to be the one more
than any other. Not only that, but Lindsay seemed to be
most comfortable and at ease when Trish was with her. It
was a truly perfect fit; a match made in Heaven.

Although I was fine in admitting that (and even wanting it
to happen), it did not stop me from continuing to dream and
fantasize about getting my devious clutches into Lindsay
before anyone else could. It was her choice, though.

* * *

Once it was time for dinner, all of the ladies met up
with me in the formal dining room and purred with hungry
delight as Louisa, the housekeeper, wheeled out the cart of
steaming food and prepared to serve it to all of us. She had
fixed two different casseroles - one chicken and the other
turkey, with sides of oven-baked garlic bread and pumpkin
muffins. Trish, Lindsay, Devon and Camille chose the
chicken casserole, while Pamela, Amy and yours truly opted
for the turkey. The food smelled absolutely delicious!

We all thanked Louisa, who dutifully meandered back into
the kitchen with her cart and promised to bring our drinks
right out. As could be expected, the meal was wonderful.
Louisa really was the best cook in the whole, wide world.

Because Louisa was so old (and had an aching back), I did
my best to help her out whenever possible. One thing which
was very common for me to do, as I mentioned in the previous
chapter, was to take care of the clean-up after every single
meal. It was the least I could do for Louisa, considering
what a wonderful, quality job she had always done for me.

Honestly, I loved doing dishes. When I was still in high
school - which seemed like several eons ago despite the fact
I was only 39 - I worked at a fast-food restaurant (_Kentucky
Fried Chicken_, to be precise) and washed dishes there every
single night. Although this chore was a pet-peeve of many,
I was the exact opposite. For whatever reason, I loved it.
I have always been a little out-of-the-ordinary.

Of course, I should also point out that many of the girls
volunteered to take care of the dishes themselves once they
learned that I did not want Louisa to do any of the clean-up,
preferring to handle it myself. Amy, Devon and Camille were
quite adamant in wanting to wash the dishes.

My best guess as for the reason why they wanted to help
out was that they were thinking of ways to get on my good
side. None of them, of course, knew what the criteria was
for taking home the $500,000 grand prize at the end of these
six weeks. Amy, Devon and Camille - inparticular - were
trying their best to be overly helpful with me. I do not
know if the money possibilities were foremost on their minds,
or if they were truly good people who simply wanted to help.
Or, perhaps most likely, it was a combination of both.

However, I told each of them to go off and do their thing.
I even referred to the dishes as a _sacred ritual_ - and no
one on the island was to wash them except for me. I also
informed those three ladies, as well as Pamela, Trish and
Lindsay, that I did not want them to do any chores while
they were on this island of mine. I wanted them to be tidy
and pick up after themselves, but I was not going to require
any actual chores. They were my guests. What type of host
requires his or her guests to do chores? Perhaps some would,
but I was definitely not one of them...

* * *

"Is everything okay?"

Startled by that unexpectant voice, I quickly glanced over
to the side - toward its origin - and was rewarded with the
sight of the very captivating and vivacious Devon. I shook
my head as if to clear the cobwebs, then offered her quite
the dumbfounded expression. Why had Devon asked me that?

"Everything okay?" I countered. "Everything is fine."

"Oh," she said, stepping toward me. "Well, the reason I
asked is because it looks like you just lost your best
friend, or something. Are you sure everything is okay?
You... you look kind of... sad."

The time was 8:15pm when Devon had approached on this
peaceful and breezy Tuesday evening as I sat just outside
the mansion, by the infinity-edged swimming pool. After
taking care of the dishes moments earlier, I decided to
come out here to relax and unwind for a bit. I had been
thinking about the past 24 hours, and what the next six
weeks had in store for not only me, but the girls as well.
The possibilities were truly limitless.

I was a bit confused, though, as to Devon's remark toward
me. I looked as if I had just lost my best friend? I looked
sad? All I could figure was that she must have caught me in a
very weird moment in regards to my facial expression and/or
body language. I truly felt nothing but good vibrations.
What possible reason did I have to feel even the slightest
hint of negativity at this exact moment in time?

I smiled and stood up to meet Devon as she stepped closer
to me. "Oh... yeah. Actually, I was just thinking. Have a
couple of things going on in my mind right now."

Devon looked curious. "What were you thinking about?"

"Doesn't matter," I responded, reaching out and grasping
her right hand with my very own. Indeed, I was becoming a
bit more bold in my dealings with some (but not all) of the
ladies. With Devon, it was easy. I already knew that she
was attracted to me for some strange, odd reason. "The only
thing that matters is that you are here now," I told her.

I quickly learned that I was not quite as bold as Devon,
however, as she giggled and then slipped her arms around my
body for a brief, but warm embrace. Though merely simple
and friendly, the hug added to my positive emotions.

"How are you doing?" I asked once she pulled away and
stepped back from me. "How was dinner?"

"Just fine, Jeremy," she smiled. "Just fine. And you?
How are you?"

"Wonderful." The primary reason for that, of course, was
because I found myself with Devon right now.

Strange as it may sound, but Devon's mere presence had
made me temporarily forget not only about Pamela, but the
proclamation I made to myself just hours earlier that she
was basically the woman I had been searching for throughout
my entire life. I was falling into a pattern; a cycle, here.
It seemed as if whichever lady I had the most recent contact
with - verbal or physical - was my new favorite and the one
that I wanted to settle down with and commit to.

Before any of the women had even stepped foot on the
island and met me face-to-face, Trish was my favorite. She
seemed to be, for lack of a better term, the _coolest_ of
them all. Trish was very positive and forthcoming, and I
could easily sense that in the many telephone and video
conference chats we shared before her arrival. I truly
enjoyed my discussions with her more than any of the others.

Then, yesterday happened. With all of the ladies finally
here, I swung back-and-forth like a pendulum. Originally, I
liked Pamela the most. Then it was Lindsay, Amy, Devon...
back to Amy again. Today, my new favorite was Pamela. The
thoughts I had about Lindsay earlier were really starting to
consume me and push her to the head of the proverbial class.

Now? I was alone with Devon. Suddenly (at least for the
time being), no one else really mattered. Devon was first
and foremost on my mind. This was not a good cycle to be in.
It was certainly not healthy or productive at all. I had
six weeks to make a proper decision, and even though this was
just day number two, the clock was ticking.

I took a moment to study Devon from head to toe. I soon
wished that I could have taken a year instead.

The 27-year-old enchantress from Pennsylvania wore a
sleeveless yellow top that was not only extremely bright in
color, but also ended several inches below her midriff. In
addition, Devon had on a pair of matching yellow shorts which
did an excellent job of highlighting her firm, tanned legs.
Much like the top, Devon's shorts were a very tight and
clingy fit. To complete her outfit, she wore a pair of white
sneakers and matching socks rolled down to her ankles.

Mere words could never accurately describe just how good
Devon looked in that popsicle color of yellow. The shape
and contour of her large breasts - hidden beneath the tight,
adhering fabric of her sleeveless top - looked titillating.
Ditto for her ass, which appeared so very taut and ripe
underneath the flashy exterior of those yellow shorts.

"Can I tell you something that you already know?"

"What?" the blonde inquired.

"You look... fabulous."

"Oh... thank you, Jeremy!" She closed the short distance
between us and placed a hand on my wrist. "Actually, you are
JUST the man that I am looking for."

"I'm the only man here."

Devon giggled again. "That's true. But I wanted to ask
for a big favor - if you would get me a bicycle out of the
storage shed. You said there are plenty locked up in there,
right? I haven't rode a bike in ten years."

"You want to go on a bike ride?"

Devon gave me a military salute. "Yes sir."

I held up a single finger and grinned, "One condition."

"What's that?"

"Let me go on the bike ride with you," was my request, as
I stood up from the chair. "That is, if you don't mind me
tagging along. Maybe we could make it a little date?"

"A date?" Devon beamed. "I'd love that."

"As would I," were my words, as I chuckled to myself. I
got Devon to agree to go on a _date_ with me out of nowhere.
What part of my reserved, shy being had that request come out
of so effortlessly and flawlessly? I was really starting to
open up with all of these ladies around, and that was good.
I would need to open up more over the coming days and weeks.

I reached out and placed my hand on the back of Devon's
right shoulder. I gave a little nudge, then motioned for her
to walk with me toward the exit of the outdoor pool area.
When she did, I tilted my head and gazed at her as we slowly
strolled along. "You haven't taken a bicycle ride in ten
years, Miss Devon? How can that possibly be?"

Devon shrugged her shoulders. "It's a lot easier to drive
a car, I guess. I was always too busy with going to college
and then, after that, my job."

"Not near as fun to drive a car, though," I told her. "I
take a bike out and go riding every week. I have for years."
Once we reached the pool gate, I slipped ahead of Devon and
opened it for her. "Do you have any particular idea where
you want to go? I have all sorts of bicycles - free-ride,
racing, sport, hybrids... others. Where do you want to ride?"

"I was thinking of the access roads, but I wouldn't mind
hitting the dirt trails in the forest, too. We have a little
time before it gets dark. Maybe an hour or so."

I nodded my head. "A mountain bike sounds good for you."

After fetching the master set of keys from my pocket, I
escorted the lovely Devon over to the storage shed located
adjacent from the mansion and unlocked its door. I flipped
on the overhead lamp and debated within my mind which bicycle
would be the best bet for Devon. Ultimately, I suggested the
_Litespeed Unicoi XTR_, a bicycle designed for mountainous,
rugged terrain. It was a smaller frame model, thus making it
perfect for a woman of Devon's stature.

I chose a similar ride for myself in perhaps my favorite
bicycle of all, the _Cannondale Scalpel 3000_. It was very
light-weight (only 19.15 pounds) and was the fastest bicycle
that I had ever rode on my entire life. One of nine bicycles
that I owned specifically for myself - no one else could ride
these - the _Cannondale Scalpel 3000_ was my choice whenever
I felt like trekking throughout the forest.

I offered Devon a helmet and pair of trail gloves, then
filled up our respective water bottles at the sink. Finally,
it was time to hit the road. After I locked the shed, Devon
and I hopped onto the pair of bicycles and were ready to
venture out into the wild blue yonder. Aside from Kristanna
(again, my friend from Norway who would hopefully be on the
island in a day or two - she was having passport issues),
this would be the first time that I had some company on a
bicycle ride in several years. I was going to enjoy myself.

"Do you remember how to ride a bike?" I asked Devon, as
she wobbled about and seemed to struggle with her balance.
Teasing her, I added, "Need some training wheels? I think I
have some somewhere... from when my niece was younger."

"Oh, I'll be okay," Devon assured me, only needing a few
seconds to steady herself and feel comfortable, and at ease.
"There. You never forgot how to ride a bike, Jeremy." This
living, breathing aphrodisiac of a woman shot quickly ahead
of me on the road. "Hey... this thing rides like a dream!"

"It should, considering how much it cost," I yelled back.

* * *

The smell of over-ripe guava was in the air, while fading
sunlight pierced the forest canopy and danced on the flora
all around us as Devon and I carefully negotiated our way on
the bicycles through ginger patches and blooming orchids. An
opening in the thick vegetation provided a stunning view of
the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, contrasting with the
many shades of green. Overhead, colorful native birds
fluttered about from tree to tree while singing their lovely
melodies of joy. With a cool breeze in my face and the sun
upon my back, this was island living at its very best.

These lush slopes on the southwestern side of the island
harbored many miles of dirt track that eventually gave way
to volcanic cinder road. Soon, the path was leading us up a
hill that became quite arduous to pedal. Thus, Devon and I
found ourselves walking the bicycles instead of riding them.
I could have made it up this hill when I was younger, but my
back was not in the greatest shape nowadays. I was not going
to push myself too far. There was no need to risk an injury.

"Does this trail lead to any particular place?"

"The cliffs are just up ahead," I told Devon in response.
"I think that you will enjoy the view they offer."

"I don't doubt you," she commented. "I haven't found one
thing about this island of yours that doesn't fascinate or
astound me. The mansion and all of the many gadgets you
have in it, the beaches, the ocean, the forest... everything.
Everything! It's all fascinating."

"I am glad that you are enjoying your time here."

"Tell me about yourself," was her quiet request. "How
long have you lived here on the island?"

"A long time, 17 years." I frowned for a brief moment
and reiterated, "Yeah... really long time."

"And you have always stayed here by yourself?"

I nodded and replied, "Yes, pretty much. Louisa lives
and works here with me, off and on, whenever I have company -
whether that be you girls, my family or a good friend of
mine named Kristanna. Remember? I mentioned her earlier
during our hike. She left that message on the boulder."

"I remember," Devon countered, turning her head to look
up at me. "Didn't you say that she was coming here, too?"

"Yes dear, she is. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
She is having some sort of problem with her passport in her
home country. Kristanna really helped me plan and set up
everything here for you and the other girls. It is really
killing her that she isn't here with us right now. I spoke
to her on the telephone earlier today for about an hour.
Kristanna cannot wait to get here, and meet everyone."

"I don't have to ask if she is pretty or not. With a name
like that, she HAS to be pretty. Can I ask what type of name
that is? Is it foreign? I really like that name."

"Yes, Kristanna is originally from Norway," I responded.
"That is what the secret message was written in - Norwegian.
Anyway, besides my family, she is the one who has visited me
the most. I've known her for about four years now. As a
matter of fact, Kristanna has actually visited me MORE times
here on the island than my family has. Many more times.
Keep in mind that it is a mighty, mighty long trip for her."

"Where are you from, originally?" Devon wondered. "Me, I
have spent my whole life in boring, old Pennsylvania."


"Really? Did you grow up in Ohio?"

"No," I answered, shaking my head. "Well, kind of. My
father was transferred to New Jersey when I was in the
seventh grade. So I was uprooted and lived there, with him
and my mother, until I graduated from high school. Then he
was transferred again, and we all moved to Los Angeles.
After leaving home, I spent some time in Oregon on my own."

"You've lived on this island for 17 years, right? That
means you were 22 when you moved here?"

"Yes. I bought this island from a private developer in
April of 1996. It was just a big chunk of barren land back
then. Some business associates of mine thought I should turn
it into an exclusive, high-rent resort, but I had different
ideas. I wanted it strictly for myself. I had the mansion
and all of the other man-made things, such as the pool, rock
fountains and athletic complex - along with everything else -
built from scratch. This is all my idea."

Devon took a deep breath and smiled. "Let me say you did
a wonderful job. How could you possibly afford everything?"

I smiled at her and replied, "Money is not an issue for
me, dear. It hasn't been since I was 20."

"What happened when you were 20?"

"I really rather not go into any specifics about my money
and career just yet," were my words. "I've learned over the
years that money - especially lots of it - can ruin chances
of a possible relationship. I rather get to know you first,
Devon, and vice-versa, before talking about my money."

"I can live with that," she purred, placing the side of
her face on my shoulder as we continued to walk our bicycles
along the steep, narrow path. "A possible relationship, huh?
Have you ever had the feeling, Jeremy, that someone was SO
right for you?" The image of Pamela immediately popped into
my mind - she was still technically my _number one_ - as
Devon continued, "I mean... so AMAZINGLY right?"

When the blonde increased her grip on my arm, my eyes
suddenly went wide in response. I realized that Devon was
talking about me! I was the someone who was so right for
her? So amazingly right? My body tingled at the mere idea.

Devon had dropped a series of powerful hints concerning
her feelings for me since the dinner reception last evening.
First it was the unexpectant kiss on my cheek, followed by
the bold proclamation that I was already her favorite. And
today, she offered me another gentle kiss while complimenting
me on the thorough job I had done in preparing the island for
not only her, the other female guests as well.

During our earlier hike to the waterfall - when all of
the ladies tagged along - it seemed as if every single time
that I looked at Devon, her eyes were trained solely on me.
I even got the sense that she could not stop looking at me...

I was starting to piece the puzzle together. Did Devon
feel the same way about me as I supposedly did about Pamela?
Or, felt about Pamela immediately following our sexual
encounter earlier this afternoon? Was she in love with me?

When it became quite obvious that I would not answer her
question - if I ever had the feeling that someone was so
amazingly right for me - Devon purred and snuggled her face
even tighter on my arm. She seemed to be very happy being
this close to me. I have to admit that I enjoyed being so
close to her as well. Any normal man would be.

"Do you ever go to the beach in Pennsylvania?" I asked,
wanting to break the silence between us. I could not think
of anything else to say. Being so incredibly close to the
ocean now, it was a good, fail-safe topic on my part.

"Sometimes," she answered. "They are always so crowded
when the weather is nice, though, so I usually just decide
to stay away. Plus, I was always busy with work."

"Work can be a downer," I chuckled.

"I really don't like the beaches back home, anyway," she
said. "The water is polluted, people are out in droves and,
believe it or not, my body in a bikini seems to attract the
guys. I get hit on every single time that I go there."

"NOOOOO!" I huffed, insinuating (in a playful tone) that
she was lying to me. "You get hit on? Gee, I wonder why?"

Devon shook her head in an equally playful manner as we
walked our bicycles up the pathway. Soon, the two of us
would reach the cliffs overlooking the water. "I have
become very picky and selective when it comes to guys as I
have gotten older - especially after I broke up with my last
boyfriend, Barrett. I am not going to allow myself to get
involved with someone like him ever again. And to be honest,
I have never really liked guys approaching me... guys hitting
on me. I like to be the instigator."

"You have obviously been the instigator with me."

Devon nodded her head. "Precisely. You meet all of the
qualifications that I look for in a man, Jeremy. That is
difficult to do because, as I said, I am really picky. I
can be, for lack of a better term, really _anal_ when it
comes to dating and relationships."

"Oh? What qualifications do you look for?"

Devon smiled. "I realized long ago that no one person -
man or woman - is perfect, so what I look for is the right
man for me. I want a man who is very honest and caring. I
am honest myself, you know, so it has to work both ways. I
also want a man to be very compassionate and romantic, kind,
loving... one who has a good sense of humor. Romance is VERY
important to me. I also want a man who loves animals."

"This island is a zoo," I grinned, referring to all of
the many pets that Kristanna and I cared for.

"It also helps if the man is incredibly sexy," Devon said
in a peppy, cheerful voice, gaining my full attention in the
process. I still thought of myself as a normal, ordinary
man in terms of physical appearance and build. Living in
solitude for 17 years can do that to you. Devon, however,
thought I was _sexy_. I was temporarily speechless. Not
only speechless, but my mind was drawing a blank as well.

"So... you see, Jeremy? You meet up with all of my many
qualifications. You are fun, charming, honest and sincere,
very romantic. At least, you seem like a romantic. You are
also very, very respectful, and I like that as well. And
you are incredibly sexy, too!"

I shook my head in a vigorous manner. "I agree with you
on your assessment of me, except for the very last part. I
never thought that I was anything more than the average..."

"Believe it," Devon interjected, her blue eyes glowing
with adoration, her voice sincere, as she looked over at me.
"You are a sexy man. What you need to do, Jeremy, is cheer
up and give yourself a little more credit than what you do."
The 27-year-old goddess emphasized her point by grasping my
right hand with her left as we continued walking our bicycles
up the cinder trail. "Pamela thinks you are sexy, too. So
does Trish, Lindsay, and especially Amy."

"They told you this?" I asked, stunned.

"We talk, Jeremy," she replied. "All of us girls talk.
We kind of have a sorority thing going on here between us.
Lindsay seems to look at you as a father figure for her. A
very sexy father figure, at that."

"Really?" Needless to say, that caught me a bit off-guard.


"You named everyone except for Camille..."

"Camille is still holding back for some reason," Devon
informed me. "She is still not ready to put her faith and
trust in you like the rest of us have. Camille still finds
it difficult to believe that you are paying us all this money
to come here and simply spend the summer with you." Devon
shrugged her shoulders and added, "But she is coming around,
though. Slowly but surely, Camille is coming around."

"Trish thinks that I am sexy, too?"

Devon nodded her head in response. "She certainly does."

"Trish has actually noticed me with Lindsay around?"

Devon giggled. "Trish likes you, Jeremy. I know that
Trish is totally focused and zeroed-in on Lindsay, but the
girl is not blind. Trish likes you a lot." Devon shrugged
her shoulders and added, "I mean... is there anything NOT to
like about you? If there is, we haven't found it yet."

Suddenly feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, a wide smile
came to my face and stayed there for several seconds. It
felt wonderful to receive such an added boost of positive
reinforcement about myself from a woman as beautiful and as
charming as Devon. And the others (with the possible
exception of Camille) felt the same way about me? That I
was a good-looking and handsome man? Lindsay too? The girl
even looked at me as a _father figure_ for her?

Wait a minute! Should I take that as a compliment or not?

"Well, you already know that I think you are incredibly
sexy as well," I told Devon, running my thumb across the
back of her fingers as we held hands. She smiled at me as
I kept talking, "Everything about you is perfect."

"No one is perfect, Jeremy," Devon corrected me.

"You are."

Devon grinned, but shook her head. "One who looks for a
soul-mate without faults will have none." My eyebrows raised
at her insightful words. "That's an old saying, Jeremy. It
means if you search for perfection and settle for nothing
less, you will search forever and never find it. I realized
that many years ago. No one is perfect." Devon rolled her
head about in a dreamy fashion and gave me a quirky look.
"But you are as close to perfection as I've found in a man."

Now feeling light-headed, with my heart fluttering and my
spine tingling with emotion, I recounted Devon's kind words
within my mind several times in succession. This was simply
incredible to me. I look at how energized and alive that I
felt right now compared to just two days ago, and there is
no comparison. I owed all of it to these lovely ladies!
Their mere presence was having a profound effect on me...

"Oh wow!..." Devon gushed, suddenly awestruck, as she
dropped her bicycle and ran over to the edge of the cliff.
We had finally reached our destination.

The awesome scenery and a kaleidoscope of landscapes atop
this 818-foot windswept perch had, quite obviously, caught
Devon's appreciative eyes. With clean air and the pristine
ocean below, it was easy for Devon to drink in the freshness
of panoramic views. Lush gulches and mountains extended in
several directions, with the sheer, green cliff wall directly
beneath her dropping into brilliant turquoise waters.

"Look!" Devon exclaimed, suddenly hopping about, as she
pointed toward something off in the distance. "LOOK!"

"What is it?" I asked, rushing to her side.

"It's a Humpback Whale!" Still pointing, Devon soon
began hopping and bouncing again. "Oh look... a baby whale,
too! It must be a mommy whale and her baby!"

Devon was obviously excited - and for good reason. I
stood beside her and admired the majestic sight of a mother
Humpback and a lone calf hundreds of feet below us, basking
and gliding about just beneath the surface of the ocean.

Squealing with delight, Devon clapped her hands together
when the larger whale sprang completely out of the water and
arched its massive torso, then dove right back in head-first.
The mother whale then floated upon its side and extended its
pectoral fin skyward for several seconds, before traveling
into the depths of the ocean and eventually disappearing.
The younger whale, of course, followed its mother.

"Oh... come back!" Devon whined, now clutching my wrists
with both of her hands. "Please come back, mommy whale and
baby whale! I want to watch you two play some more!"

"Probably just came up for a breath or two," I speculated.
"It is strange to see a Humpback Whale in this part of the
Pacific, though. Usually, they are in the waters between
Hawaii and Alaska. Maybe those two strayed?"

"Awwwww..." Devon frowned, now resigned to the fact that
the two whales were indeed gone. "Have you seen any other
whales in the waters here over the years, Jeremy?"

"A couple of Humpbacks," I nodded. "Mostly, the ones
around here are Blue, Southern Right and Sperm whales."

Devon was giggling. "SPERM WHALES? Are you serious?"

I caught onto her joke and was laughing as well. "Yes,
Sperm whales. I'm not making that up." I offered her a
peculiar look. "You've never heard of Sperm whales?"

She shook her head. "No, I sure haven't. You're not
kidding, huh? Do you know where they get their name from?"

"I think they produce some sort of wax substance which
comes out of their blowhole," was my best guess. "I am
sure that you have read _Moby Dick_, right?" She nodded as
I added, "_Moby Dick_, in the book, was a Sperm whale."

"I haven't read that book since I was like nine or ten,"
Devon countered. "Back then, I had no reason to think
anything of the term SPERM whale. Otherwise, I am certain
that I would have remembered it." She giggled again. "It
makes sense, though. _Moby Dick_ being a Sperm whale...
dick, sperm... get it? A substance out of its blowhole?
It's all starting to make perfect sense, actually."

"Don't go getting naughty on me now," I grinned. When
Devon took her bicycling helmet off and tossed it to the
ground, I smiled at her again. "You like the views atop
this cliff, huh? It will be dark soon, but we can find our
way back to the mansion quite easy regardless. I know every
inch of this island. Want to stay here for a while?"

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all. Not at all..." I retrieved Devon's water
bottle from her bicycle and gave it to her. As she took a
healthy swig, I reached out and grasped her free hand. "You
have to admit something, dear."

"What's that?"

"This island sure beats living in Pennsylvania."

Devon laughed. "Or anywhere else!" She gazed out at the
tropical paradise before her. "This place is like a dream.
It's like a postcard come to life."

I bravely slid behind Devon and wrapped both of my arms
around her waistline. I offered her a little squeeze and
placed my chin on the top of her right shoulder. "You are
what is like a dream, Devon. Not this island... but you."

Instead of replying verbally, Devon simply let out a
content, pleasurable moan and covered both of my hands at
her stomach with her own. As she gazed out at the ocean, I
planted a series of angel kisses on the exposed portion of
her neck. Devon wiggled her hips for a brief moment, then
jutted her shapely ass onto my pelvis in a playful manner.
That subtle move caused my cock to twitch with excitement.

Glancing over her shoulder at me, Devon reached back with
her left hand and gently massaged my shaft through the shorts
that I had on. Giggling again, Devon pecked the tip of my
nose with a kiss. "The best part of this island, Jeremy, is
you." She shook her and then cooed, "Without a doubt."

I placed one hand on her hip and the other across her
left breast, cupping and kneading it through the skin-tight
yellow top which she wore. "You're so gorgeous. I... I
don't know if I've ever met anyone more beautiful than you."

Still looking over her shoulder at me, I sought Devon's
lips with my own and the two of us shared a very deep and
slow-moving, languid kiss. When it was over, I peppered
various spots, including her eyes, eyebrows, nose, cheeks
and forehead with a series of light, loving kisses. Soon,
my right hand slid upward and found a big, luscious breast.
It joined my left hand as I now eagerly groped and mauled
Devon's breasts. I could definitely get used to this.

I released my grip on Devon's body when she began to
wiggle and squirm about. Gazing directly into my eyes, the
27-year-old enchantress then latched her hand onto my wrist
and slowly guided me away from the edge of the cliff. Soon,
she removed her bicycling gloves and tossed them elsewhere.
Her water bottle was now a distant memory, too.

I gulped my throat and sighed with pure arousal as Devon
closed the distance between us and pressed her awesome body
against mine in a suggestive manner. Next a growl emanated
from me as Devon once again found the pulsating lump in my
shorts with her right hand. She immediately began stroking.

"I want you, Jeremy," the gorgeous vixen purred, her voice
soft and sensuous. "I want you right now."

Devon paused for a moment, her eyes trained on my face,
then pressed her lips to mine and kissed me in the most
tender of fashions. Yet within my body, it felt as if a
series of earthquakes and subsequent aftershocks were taking
place. I was attracted to Devon so very much! I wanted to
luxuriate and revel in that remarkable body of hers. God, I
said inwardly. Her mouth tasted wonderful through our kiss.

"Hmmmmm..." Devon moaned, grinning, withdrawing her lips
from mine for a brief second. She heightened the intensity
on my cock, however, gripping and squeezing it roughly
through the pair of cargo shorts that I wore.

She offered me another kiss, then pulled back and studied
my face for a moment. I am quite positive that Devon saw a
look of unequaled lust in my eyes. She must have enjoyed it,
too, because her lips were soon kissing mine again.

"Oh God..." I groaned against our kiss, as she unbuttoned
my shorts and dug her right hand down deep into them. A
sudden rush of pleasure vibrated throughout my body as Devon
then slid that hand into my briefs, and found the naked
flesh of my throbbing cock. Devon busily frigged it while
slipping her warm, soft tongue into my mouth for a taste.

With her left hand, Devon grasped my right and pulled it
toward one of her large, heavenly breasts. She placed my
hand on it and offered a soft nudge, which instinctively
caused me to cup and squeeze the full mound of flesh.

"Hmmmmm... that's it," Devon encouraged me. "Touch me,
Jeremy." She rolled her head in circles and added, "You like
touching me there? Do you like touching my breasts?"

"God, yes!" I growled in response, my eyes wide and glazed
over with total passion. "I love every single inch of you!"

My senses were alive with emotion and desire. I wanted to
sink myself into this woman so bad, and become lost in her.
Just completely lost in her - and never find my way out.
Everything about Devon seemed like a total fantasy to me. A
fantasy that I never wanted to end!

After another loving, tongue-filled kiss, Devon took a
step back and offered me a playful smile. She then pecked
my cheek with her lips and slinked her way down to my neck.
Shivers resulted as she nibbled on the sensitive skin of my
neck, her hand still frigging my erection. My hand, however,
seemed to lose contact with her large breast.

Then, I growled like a madman as Devon slowly but surely
dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached upward and
placed her right hand on my chest, then trailed it all the
way down to my waist in a very teasing, sensuous manner.

"I've been waiting for this very moment to happen ever
since I first saw you," Devon swooned. She pulled my shaft
out of my shorts and allowed it to wobble about in front of
her adoring eyes. "I want to suck your cock so bad."

"Oh God..." I moaned, as Devon latched onto my shaft
with her right hand and squeezed it firmly.

"I've never needed anyone in my life more than I need you
right now," she added, an instant before opening her mouth
and literally swallowing the full length of my cock into it.
"You sexy thing..." I tossed my head back and moaned wildly
as, after those words from Devon, she bobbed back-and-forth
on my aching member, her delicate, savory tongue and mouth
working my entire body into a hot, delirious frenzy.

Perched on her knees atop this high-steeped cliff with
panoramic views in every direction, Devon was absolutely
ravenous and insatiable - her lush, velvety mouth gliding
back-and-forth on my erection as if this were her first
meal in days. Devon was like a wild animal!

Sounds of pure passion and hunger were coming from deep
within her throat as her blonde head continued on with its
wicked, non-stop bobbing motion. Soon, I had to take a step
back and lean against my propped-up bicycle. Without its
support, I may have toppled over. There were many emotions
running throughout my body at this moment in time. The only
reason for that, of course, was because I was with Devon.

The young woman gripped the base of my shaft with her
right hand and squeezed it roughly, her pretty eyes flashing
with burning desire as she withdrew my aching length from
the confines of her mouth. Devon looked up at me and smiled
warmly. Now, Devon seemed to realize that she had me curled
around her finger. My body was about to burst in flames.

"Oh yeah," Devon grinned, her hand now a blur as she
frigged my erection. "Are you gonna cum for me, big boy?
Are you gonna shoot it all over my face? Yes! Cum for me!
Come on, Jeremy... cum for me. Cum all over my face!"

"OHHHHH!" I roared out in arousal, as the first jet of
thick, gooey sperm erupted from within my shaft and landed
across Devon's forehead. The second quickly followed,
hitting her square in the nose. Devon then took my cock
back into her mouth and sucked on it fiercely, coaxing the
third and fourth explosions out in rapid-fire succession.
It all happened so fast, but was thoroughly satisfying.

"Hmmmmm," Devon growled, her lips still wrapped tightly
around my shaft, as she squeezed every last ounce of sperm
out of it with her hand. Finally, Devon withdrew my cock
from her mouth and offered me yet another winning smile.

The gobs of semen I had sprayed all over Devon's face
had saturated it completely. Her face was covered with my
wet, sticky juices, and she obviously enjoyed the feeling.
I had _NEVER_ seen a woman look quite this happy and vibrant
because of something that I did for (or to) her. She was
_definitely_ floating high in the clouds right now.

Devon then displayed her playful, teasing side yet again,
this time slowly but surely lifting her little yellow top up,
and over her head, before twirling it about with her hand and
then tossing it to the side. Now topless, she smiled at me
once again while saying, "Isn't this fun, Jeremy?"

My eyes went wide and I nodded in response, but chose not
to say anything as I gazed down at her. _LOOK AT THAT BODY_.
That was now my only thought. That awesome body would look
real nice nestled all snug and tight against me every night
for the rest of my life. In my bed... as my wife. _YES_!

I moaned yet again as Devon soon slid her yellow shorts
down her shapely hips and thighs, and eventually off. Her
white G-string came next, and now this wicked vixen stood
before me in nothing more than a pair of athletic sneakers.

Devon had the enticing curves of a centerfold, which was
quite fitting, because she could easily pose as one if the
idea ever interested her. If you combine that body of hers
to her angelic face, with its high cheekbones, lush mouth
and truly hypnotic eyes, the end result would be a pure
visual aphrodisiac. Devon was a work of sculpted art.

Even more importantly than that, however, Devon obviously
felt a deep attraction for me as well. I harbored similar
feelings for her. How come it took us so long to meet up
with one another? How come I wasted away for so many years
in total isolation on this island, while Devon - who seemed
to be an ideal match for me - was out there in the world?
She had been waiting for me to rescue her from a bad job and
unfulfilling life. Those thoughts flashed throughout my
mind in this very wild moment of unadulterated passion. How
come I did not meet Devon ten years ago? How come we weren't
married with screaming children running around the house?

Devon nodded her head at me and said, "I know what I
want, Jeremy, and you're gonna give it to me." She then
rose to her feet and turned her back to me.

Now glancing over her shoulder one more time, Devon bent
over ever-so-slightly at the waist, jutting her magnificent
ass outward. She twitched her hips seductively, flaunting
that ass for my appreciative eyes, and spoke in her most
sultry, sexy tone, "Fuck me, Jeremy."

A tremendous amount of life and energy suddenly forged
its way into my cock. It was as if my shaft was a balloon,
and it was being pumped full of air by a helium machine.
Devon's words and actions were the primary reason for that,
too. In fact, they were the sole reason.

"Fuck me, Jeremy," the blonde purred, still glancing over
her shoulder at me, her hips rolling and undulating in a
slow, sizzling manner. "Come on... fuck me. Put your cock
in my pussy. Pound me with your cock! Do it! DO IT NOW!"

That was it.

With an animalistic growl, I stepped forward and latched
onto Devon's hips with both hands, then thrusted my cock
hard and fast into the silken depths of her little pussy.
Devon tensed up for a brief moment, then placed both hands
onto her kneecaps and held on tight, using them for support,
before glancing over her shoulder at me yet again.

"Fuck me, Jeremy!" she demanded. "FUCK ME NOW!"

I did not need any further coaxing. My hips were already
a blur as I hammered myself in-and-out of Devon at a very
powerful, blazing rate of speed. And almost on cue, Devon
began with a verbal tirade very similar to the one Pamela
used earlier today while having sex with me in the library.

"GOD, YES! YES! Fuck me! Fuck me! HMMMMM... pound me
with that big cock! Hurt me with it, Jeremy! Yes! FUCK

My whole body was seemingly in a different reality as I
drilled Devon with every last ounce of strength I could
muster. I could not believe, at this time at least, how I
could have possibly survived without luxuriating in this
voluptuous body of hers for as long as I had. How could I
have lived 38 years without this woman in my life? Things
would be so much better if we met each other long ago.

"HMMMMM... FEELS SO GOOD!" Devon continued, her loud
cries and screams literally echoing throughout the forest.

The sound my pelvis made as it crashed hard into Devon's
upturned ass with every forward stroke was violent, and
almost scary. I was certain that I had never used such
excessive force on a woman before. Not Pamela, not Amy,
not even my good friend, Kristanna. I was not afraid of
hurting Devon, though. This is what she wanted from me.
It would be safe to assume that she probably wanted more.

Of course, we were in the most naughty of positions, too.
Devon's legs were widespread and she was bent at the waist,
holding onto her knees, as I battered into her from behind.
I was glad that we had this type of privacy...

"You know what, Jeremy?" Devon asked, her voice now low
and controlled, yet still tented with erotic passion. "I
don't OHHHHH... I don't... I don't need any man in my life
except you! I don't WANT any man at all except YOU!"

In response to those words, my body received a new, even
greater burst of energy. Where it came from, I do not know.
But as a result, Devon was the beneficiary.


My breathing ragged, it felt as if my body was going to
spontaneously combust. My head literally in the clouds, I
gave Devon everything I possibly could in terms of power
and effort. It was only a matter of seconds before her words
proved to be prophetic. Devon screamed out in a wild, very
intense orgasm, while I lost grip of my own self-control.

The action hit its fever pitch once I pistoned my cock
into her swollen, little pussy one final time. An instant
later, I roared out - screaming at the top of my lungs -
while depositing a fresh batch of sperm into the blonde's
exquisite pussy. I pumped my thick seed into her womb for
several seconds, while both of us continually rocked and
rumbled together in the throes of sweet orgasm and release.
Again, how could I have lived without Devon for so long?
She was everything that I had ever fantasized about...

Before I knew what happened next, Devon had dislodged
her pussy from my shaft and dutifully dropped to her knees.
She then swallowed my cock whole, and began to milk whatever
juices remained in it down her hungry, greedy throat.

The young woman then wrapped both arms around my waist
and held on tight even as I took a few steps back, just so I
could lean upon my bicycle once again. Her mouth, of course,
never released its warm, slippery grip on my relieved shaft.

I then took a deep breath and sighed in pure satisfaction,
while glancing downward and admiring Devon's blonde head as
she still slurped away at my cock. I touched her head and
caressed it with my right hand, which caused her to look up
at me with an overwhelming sense of devotion in her eyes.

"We should call you _SPERM WHALE_ from now on, Jeremy!"
Devon snickered, a thick, gooey strand of jizz dangling from
her chin in a very nasty, obscene manner. "Big sperm whale!"

"How about we call you _mommy whale_ from now on?" was my
breathless suggestion. "I will be the _daddy whale_."

"HMMMMM..." she groaned in response.

As Devon swallowed my deflated shaft and began working it
over with her mouth once again, all of a sudden, my whole
body felt numb. My legs gave out from underneath me, and I
collapsed into a seated position on the ground.

Sighing contently, I reached out with my right hand and
caressed the crown of Devon's head. Her mouth still full
of my cock, she made eye contact with me and smiled. My
heart vibrated within my chest as I proclaimed, "You are one
incredible woman, Miss Devon. Simply incredible."

Giggling, Devon released my cock from the clutches of
her mouth and then took a seat in my lap. She aligned her
sperm-soaked face with my own, then offered me yet another
glittering smile. Her eyes were so serene, so peaceful...

I got the overwhelming sense that Devon was in love with
me. I do not know why, but it was pretty obvious. A woman
who was not only drop-dead gorgeous, but also so very sweet
and kind-hearted was madly in love with me. Me? Me? It
made no sense to me whatsoever. She was in love with _ME_?

Yet for my entire life, I had dreamed and fantasized about
finding a woman who would have such genuine, pure thoughts
for me. All I ever wanted was to get married, have a couple
of children and grow old with my wife, while using our love
as an unbreakable foundation for a life-long relationship.
Even as a teen-ager growing up, I wanted to be married by
the age of 18. It was... the _ultimate_ for me.

The great majority of women throughout my adult life did
not want to truly love or care about me. They were far too
interested in my billion-dollar empire than the person that I
was inside. For most of the women I had known, they looked
at me as a free ride through life. Sad, but true.

Yet Devon seemed to be someone who did have those genuine,
pure thoughts for me. What did it matter that she and I met
a little more than 24 hours ago? Love does not make always
make sense, or come across with logic. Love can be crazy
and unpredictable. But it is the greatest feeling in the
whole, wide world when you experience it. Yes, it is.

Although Devon seemed to be my absolute _dream woman_ in
every sense of the imagination, I found myself fighting the
urge to anoint her as my unquestioned favorite of all of the
ladies. I wanted to take another step back before coming to
that all-important final decision. I still had these six
weeks on the island with the entire group intact, so there
was no need to rush things. Whomever I ultimately chose as
my favorite - and hopefully my bride-to-be - I wanted to be
_absolutely_ certain that she was the right girl for me.

"I know what _I_ want, dear Jeremy," Devon swooned, still
smiling brightly, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and
shoulders. Nestled on my lap, I slid my arms around Devon as
she explained, "I want us to stay right here - holding each
other - for the rest of our lives. Hmmmmm, this is Heaven!"

How could I possibly choose anyone other than Devon?...

<<<- End of Chapter 3 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP

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