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blow job
Background: The names in this story have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. Those involved in this story are me, John; my sister, Jessica and her boyfriend, Michael. I was 17, she and her boyfriend were both 16. They had been dating for a couple of months at the time these events took place. Knowing my sister, I would not have imagined that she would do anything beyond kissing, seeing as how she is fairly conservative. I, myself, was also fairly conservative and had not done much either. I came home late after school one day, probably around 6:30 and immediately made myself a snack and sat down by the computer to check my e-mail. As I was reading I could hear the movie that my sister was watching up stairs with her boyfriend.

Fifteen minutes passed and then I heard something else; I heard someone moaning in pleasure. I told myself, “Oh it’s just the movie”, but I knew it wasn’t. The moans became louder and more frequent and I could feel myself begin to harden. I told myself that this was wrong and eventually the feeling went away, but I had to find out what was happening up stairs. So I slowly crept up the stairs and as I passed by the couch they were laying on I noticed Michael laying on the couch and my sister’s mouth bobbing up and down his cock. I could tell I had surprised them, as my sister quickly stopped and he covered himself up. I didn’t say a word, I just went to my room. A few minutes later my sister came to my room crying, begging me not to tell my parents. It would “ruin her relationship and my parents would think she was a slut”. I knew this was true, but saw no other option. I had to tell. She pleaded, telling me she’d do “anything”. Hmmm…..anything, I thought. No, I can’t have those feelings.

Her crying worked and that night as I thought about telling my mom I decided against it. I told myself I would just forget about it and use the incident as blackmail. She could never tell on me for anything again. This would be good. That night, as I fell asleep, I jerked off thinking about what I had witnessed. I had never had a blow job and at his point I really wanted one.

The next day, a Saturday, my sister and I were the only one’s home. Jessica came into my room about noon and said, “John, we need to talk”. “Jessica, there is nothing to talk about, I should have told, but I didn’t”, I said. She looked at me for a minute before asking, “Are you going to?”. She could tell I was thinking about it and before I could reply she offered, “Remember, I’ll do anything……just please don’t tell.” I was wearing a pair of gym shorts so when my cock began to harden it was very noticeable and Jessica just stared at it and then back at my face, knowing what was going to happen.

“Anything?”, I asked. “Anything”, she replied. “Jessica, you didn’t get to finish the job last night, did you?”, I questioned. She smiled, remembering the night before and replied, “No, you ruined it.” I sat down on the edge of my bed and told her to get on her knees in front of me. She did so and I immediately withdrew my cock, which at this point was as hard as it had ever been. There it was, 7 inches of cock inches from her face. She knew what I wanted and just wanted to get it over with so she began to suck. The feeling of my first blow job was amazing, but I stopped her and said, “Good, but you’re going to do this naked while rubbing your pussy”. “What?” she stammered. “You heard me!” I shouted. She did as she was told, slowly taking off her shirt, revealing her perky, small B cup breasts. These were the first breasts I had ever seen and they were amazing. Her pink nipples were hard and I thought to myself, “What? Is she getting turned on by this?” It was obvious, she was. I helped her remove the pink gym shorts she was wearing and what I saw was amazing. She was wearing a blue, almost see through thong. And she was completely shaved minus a thin line of pubic hair leading to her already wet pussy. Wow, things were going to get hot. I placed my hand on her crotch and copped a feel of her wetness as I slid her panties down her toned legs. Almost immediately she dropped to her knees, began to finger herself with one hand while she held my shaft with the other. Her mouth could only contain 4 inches of my cock so she stroked the rest of my shaft with her free hand. At first she sucked slowly and flicked the head of my penis with her moist tongue. I could not believe what was happening and I almost lost it right there, but I held on. She began to get faster, indicating that she was beginning to enjoy this.

I reached down with my right hand and began to message Jessica’s left breast. Her nipple was so hard, I played with it for a while. At this point we were moaning in unison and I could tell she, along with I, was about to orgasm. She orgasmed first, moaning as a steady stream of pussy juice ran down her thing and onto my floor. I could not stand it any longer and at the sight of her orgasm I told her I was going to cum. She just kept sucking. And then it happened, my first orgasm from something other than my own right hand. She swallowed every last drop of my cum and then sucked my cock clean.

She then straddled me and told me to suck on her breasts until I was hard again. As I sucked I was amazed at how quickly my penis began to stand back up. I could tell what she wanted next and I turned to my nightstand and pulled out a condom……This was going to be an exciting afternoon….

To be continued if ya’ll like this one.

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2016-12-06 12:37:06
this was nice but not enough sex

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2010-03-31 14:52:35
I don't believe that someone can fuck his sister.


2008-05-22 21:43:31
incest is great if you donot like incest or story about incest stop reading the story you fucking DICK SUCK FAGS YOU OR A ASSHOLE!!!!!!!


2008-03-26 20:53:03
Gay. And yadda if your concerned about grammer so much why don't you try using capitalization. Thats grammer too.


2008-01-15 22:50:18
nice!!! Continue!!!

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