Natalie runs from a dangerous man and finds herself in his arms
Written for and Co-authored by ScarlettKisses - A friend and hard working editor


Natalie entered the bar with her friend Tasha, short for Natasha. Tasha was Natalie’s best friend for the last four plus years, since they met during their senior year in high school. Both women were 21 now, and Tasha had Natalie out bar hopping again.

Bar hopping was one of Natalie’s least favorite activities. Bars and taverns were where one found a legion of trolls, lounge lizards, geeks, nerds, and other less than desirable men on the prowl. If Natalie had to listen to one more pick-up line, she was sure she would throw up on the spot.

Natalie sat in the booth of the bar waiting for her cheeseburger and an order of French fries. She was half tuned into her blond friend who was rambling on, all excited about her latest boyfriend. Tasha seemed to swap out boyfriends like Natalie changed blouses.

The waitress delivered Natalie’s milkshake; she ordered the tasty drink because she wasn’t ready to do any serious drinking yet. She doubted she would have more than one or two drinks throughout the evening anyway. Like always, she would nurse her drink, sipping it over the period of an hour or so. Natalie normally hated the feel of getting drunk; it made her feel out of control.

Tasha on the other hand, who was a native Russian, whose family immigrated to the United States when Tasha was 16, knew how to drink. She could put down more booze and stay seemingly sober than mousy haired Natalie could drink in a week.

Tasha also liked to enjoy a lounge lizard on quite regularly, boyfriend or not. Then again, Natalie thought Tasha got a thrill when she does have a boyfriend.

Natalie was half listening to her friend drone on, that’s when she spotted him.

He was looking right at her. His gaze was dangerous and piercing, and so cold she felt her veins run with icy adrenalin. Spying the man caused the young woman to catch her breath. She wondered how the man could have such an effect on her.

The man was tall, probably a good six foot plus. Natalie herself was a small girl, but she liked her men tall, good looking and with an air of danger. At 5’-3”, just barely over 100 pounds, Natalie felt like she could blow away with a strong gust of wind. That’s why she liked the big guys; they were like anchors, keeping her in place when the storms of life blew in. Unfortunately, fantasizing about ‘dangerous’ men had landed her in some pretty dicey relationships with a few real losers.

She didn’t know what attracted her to the man sitting at the bar; he wasn’t even her type, was he? She wasn’t sure. All she knew is the man exuded sex appeal. Instead of a five o’clock shadow, his beard look like it was closer to ten. His light brown hair drooped down over his right eye, and it hung down over his ears, it was neat, but had an almost messy look to it. It was like he’d just rolled out of bed and tried to tame his hair but given up. The stranger had a look of a man from another era. But, for Natalie it was his eyes, it was as if his eyes held her in thrall.


She watches the man pick up his drink. It looks as though he is drinking whiskey, or scotch, it’s hard to tell. All she can tell is that he was drinking it straight, no ice, nothing to cut the liquor.

The man gets up, placing his drink on the bar as he walks her way. She holds her breath, desperately hoping he is walking to her; but deathly afraid at the same time that he really will approach her. She had her fill of faux dangerous men; this man seems like the real item.

Natalie is almost ready to pee her panties as the man walks up to her. Tasha continues to yap away, not even noticing the encounter unfolding.

The man just looks into her eyes; it was like he was ripping her soul out through her eyes. If she could just close her eyes, she would keep herself intact. The man reaches out and gently takes her hand, and then he tugs Natalie to her feet. Natalie is so afraid, her entire being quakes in fear.

The man silently leads her to the dance floor. A well beyond its era disco ball is spinning from the ceiling as it casts a myriad of small lights around the room. A slow song is playing loudly; the man pulls her firmly up against his body, his leg snugs up between her thighs. He wrapped his arms around her back and started to sway to the music. He pulls Natalie into the dance with just his will.

The man’s hands feel cool; his whole body does. Most men holding her in such a crushing embrace would feel like an oven. As tightly as this man is holding her, she doesn’t feel smothered. The sway, the song, the man’s cologne, it mesmerizes the young woman. He still hasn’t said a word to her, but she doesn’t mind. In fact, she loves the mysteriousness he radiates, she enjoys the way his grey eyes watch her. His gaze never wavers.

As they danced, the man moves a hand down her back and on to her bum. Natalie gulps and thinks, ‘oh my goodness, this man is forward.’ He claims the cheek of her butt like he owned it. What surprises Natalie is her reaction. She begins to simply drip moisture into her panties.

Natalie gasps as the man reaches his hand up under her short skirt and actually grabbing her ass cheek directly. Natalie had been feeling naughty earlier in the evening, and had opted for a thong, now she is feeling self-conscious as the man’s hand freely explores the smooth skin beneath his hand.

Normally, Natalie would have laid a huge slap across a guy’s face for much less. Only, the man’s cool hand feels like it belongs on her bum. She could feel her pulse begin to race; she feels her cheeks and chest flush, as she responds to the man’s touch. Instead of feeling incensed, she is reacting sexually to the man’s advances. She feels so far out of her league with this dangerous man.

She wants to run.

She wants to hide.

She wants more.

She needs more.

The man releases her cheek after kneading it for at least a minute. He didn’t seem to have the slightest regard for Natalie’s modesty; by grabbing her butt, he is lifting her skirt, letting anyone in the bar see her naked ass. Natalie is so enthralled she doesn’t seem to care. Normally, such a situation she is experiencing would cause her to feel mortified. Carelessly, Natalie clings to the man, tuning out any eyes that may travel to her ass.

The man releases her cheek, letting her skirt do its job of covering her naked bum. He moves one hand up under her chin. With a couple fingers, he pulls her face up towards his as he bends down and brings his lips to hers.

His cool lips brush hers, and then she feels them again. Soon, Natalie and the stranger are locked together in a passionate kiss. Natalie is amazed by her reaction to the brazen acts perpetrated by the man; they cause her ardor to grow. She feels a need growing down inside her tummy; the moisture in her vagina is starting to overflow, the panel of her thong panties is getting soaked. The dangerous man still hasn’t said a word to her.

Soon, their lips are parted; their tongues are dancing along with the music just like their bodies. The dangerous man pushes his leg farther between her thighs as it applies pressure to her frothing pussy. The motion of the slow dancing causes his leg to rub around on her pussy in such an intimate way. Her breath catches as she tangles her fingers into his hair; he doesn’t react.

The song changes, the tempo picks up, but the man keeps slow dancing with her. He continues to grind his thigh against her pussy. Natalie becomes so incredibly aroused that she can hardly stand it. She is nearly ready to let the man take her, right there on the dance floor. She wouldn’t care if he would throw her over a small table or push her against the bar so he could ravish her.

Suddenly the man steps back, gives her a shadow of a smile, takes her hand and leads her back to the rear of the bar. He claims a booth in the back corner. The lighting is low--Natalie’s pulse rate is high.

The man stops and looks down into Natalie’s eyes. She seems to be hypnotized by his gaze. She wants to run, but her passion arrests her will to flight. Again, he moves his mouth to hers as the couple begin to kiss passionately yet again. Natalie moans into the man’s mouth as her passion climbs even higher.

The man grabs Natalie around her sides and lifts her as easily as could be, like she is a little girl being tossed into the air for fun. He sets her onto the table of the booth. He reaches his hand up under her skirt as he slips his fingers under the panel of her thong; he rips her scanty panties away from her body, easily sundering her strings. A shocked Natalie squeaks, “Oh!”

The dangerous man reaches down and unzips his trousers and then he pulls them down to his knees. Natalie is totally aware of his intensions; she is amazed that he is so willing to expose himself in front a crowd of people. She knows she is about to be fucked regardless the two of them are in the busy bar. The lights continue to flash making the guys hair turn red before it sinks into a deep purple.

Alarm bells ring in her head. How had she gotten here so fast? Why is she even considering letting this stranger, who hasn’t said a word to her, have his way with her?

The man has his long, hard cock in his hand in just seconds. He pulls Natalie to the edge of the table roughly as he lifts her skirt above her waist. Her only barrier, the scanty thong was torn and uselessly laying on the floor. Her pussy is exposed. She glances around and sees scores of people staring at her and the man. Being publicly displayed only seems to excite Natalie.

She feels the head of his hard shaft part her lips, sliding and gliding through Natalie’s copious wetness. After getting his cock head well wetted, he slides into her opening and then he penetrates her with a single thrust.

Natalie gasps out in shock from the sudden movement. She is very moist up inside her vagina so there was no pain, but the sudden invasion of her canal by the man’s cool hard cock takes her breath away.

Natalie is stuffed with the dangerous man’s long thick shaft, which has her impaled. He is buried completely inside her hot, wet vagina; his hips are pressed tightly up against her bottom. Through the fog of passion, she glances around at all the people staring at her and the man. He stands between her legs; his hips continue to press tightly against her pussy. Natalie delights in the fullness, how his cool cock stretches her out, her vagina slowly adapts itself around his shape.

Natalie leans back on her hands and wraps her legs up around the man’s cool skinned hips as he begins to rapidly cycle inside her.

The young woman gasps in delight as she feels the flange on the head of his cock gliding up and down against her vaginal walls. The feel of it is delicious.

Her passion quickly grows, her face and chest begin to flush; she is on the cusp of a fantastic orgasm as the man rocks his hips, pistoning his hard shaft in and out of her honey hole. She can hear the slap of their skin; she feel his body against hers. She is quite cognizant that that she was being fucked in public, with a full audience watching on. She hears the man for the first time say her name, “Natalie?” she wonders why he has the high pitched voice of a woman.

Natalie gasps; she feels her pussy contract as it begins to spasm. She feels her vagina gush out her secretions as the man’s cock continues to rapidly cycle inside her tummy. As she begins the quake, and writhe on the table, she hears her name again, “Natalie, what’s going on?”

Natalie arches her back, her body tenses, waves of pleasure race up through her tummy into her body, her hips wriggle, the arms supporting her body are trembling, her thighs snap together around the strangers hips.

She cums as everything dissolves away.


Natalie felt the fog of pleasure begin to lift as her fantasy shatters into a thousand pieces. Her fantasy? She could have sworn it was real! Where was the man, how did she get back to the booth with Tasha. As understanding dawned, she was shocked that what just happened never occurred.

Tasha’s giving her a look again, as if Natalie had been ignoring her on purpose. The brunette felt the squishiness of wet panties up between her legs. Tasha tosses her blond hair back out of her eyes and asked, “Oh my gawd, girl, did you just have an orgasm or something? You’re not on drugs are you? ‘Cause if you are, you need to give me some.”

Tasha’s English was impeccable; she only had the slightest of accent making her sound like a native of Seattle.

Natalie, in a fright, glanced over to the man at the bar. His eyes were still locked on her; his mouth was curled up in a smile, somewhat menacing. As he saw Natalie turning his way, he gave her a knowing grin. It was a wolf’s smile; it promised many more alarming and potentially cruel acts.

Natalie had to leave. This man was dangerous on so many levels.

She gasped as she thought, ‘how in the hell did he get in my head that way?’

She turned back to Tasha. Shaken up, she asked, “Tasha, would you please take me home.”

Her friend shook her head, “No! The evening is just getting started. What’s going on with you Nat?”

Natalie jumps out of the booth leaving her food sitting on the table in front of her, it was cold anyway. She stared at her friend and said, “Fine, if you won’t take me home, I’ll walk.”

Tasha shook her head, “Are you crazy, girl? This is the worst Neighborhood in Seattle, and it’s at least 20 blocks to get back to your apartment.” Her blond friend’s eyes pin Natalie to the spot with a sharp glare. “You’re not trying to ditch me are you?”

Natalie grabbed her simple black purse and turned away, “Bye Tasha.” She retreated with fevered step as she darted for the door. Natalie had to flee; she had to escape the man sitting at the bar, whom had somehow invaded her mind. He had giving her a total mind fuck, causing her to have an incredible orgasm while she sat in front of her friend. Heavens knew how many other people had been watching.

Once out the door of the bar, Natalie took off running. She wanted to put some distance between her and the tavern, so she would get away from dangerous man sitting at the bar and the mind games.

After three blocks, Natalie finally slowed to a walk. She was sucking for air, trying to catch her breath; she was unaccustomed to running. Just ahead, she knew if she cut through an alley, she could cut down the distance to her apartment by several hundred yards. Some of the streets of Seattle were really screwy.

Natalie wasn’t comfortable as she entered the passage, but she knew she only had to walk about a block and she would be back out on the streets again. It was almost 10:30pm; what made things frightening was that the neighborhood she was in wasn’t the most civil.

Halfway down the alley Natalie is startled as man jumped out in front of her. Natalie screamed in surprise.

The man chuckled menacingly, “Well look what we have hear guys. Darlin’, did you come to spend some time with my friends and me?”

Natalie turned to see two other men walking up behind her. She couldn’t help thinking she was completely fucked. Natalie tried to dart past the first man who moved to block her way. As she tried to dart around him, she felt his hand snag her arm. Natalie was spun around in the man’s tight grip.

The two other men moved up behind the 21 year old woman and each of them grabbed one of her arms, holding her tightly, giving her no opportunity to get away. The first man, with the reek of booze on his breath walked up directly in front of Natalie.

Natalie shivers in fright and revulsion as the smelly man started unbuttoning her blouse. She started twisting and jerking around trying to dislodge her captors’ grip. She knew she was about to get gang raped by three of the sleaziest men she had ever seen; the whole situation was a terrible nightmare come true.

The man, who was not holding her, finished unbuttoning her lavender blouse. He tugged the silky garment out from inside the waistband of her short black skirt. Peeling her top back and down her arms, he exposed her beige bra. He grabbed the ‘C’ sized cups of her bra and tugged them up her chest, exposing her breasts to the cool night air. Natalie, feeling totally sullied doubled her efforts to escape, but to no avail.

The man bent down and began to suck on one of her nipples. Her traitorous nubbins hardened as his mouth surrounded her areole, but Natalie took no pleasure from the action. She yelps as the man gives her hard nipple a nip.

The man moved his hand up under her skirt. His fingers grazed over the panel of her wet thong panties. Natalie felt revulsion at the man’s uninvited touch. The man fondling her announced, “Holy shit, guys, this little slut is already all wet for us!”

Just as his fingers began to pull the panel of her panties away from her pussy so he could jam his fingers up inside her vagina, a voice behind Natalie’s captors announced, “I would unhand the girl, gentlemen, and run. That is if you value your life.”

The fondler’s hand pulled away as he reached inside his pants pocket and brought out a large switchblade knife. One of the men holding Natalie released her and in doing so pulled out his own knife. The second knife wielder looked to be Mexican; he called out menacingly, “Listen, you gringo mother fucker, I think you better turn around and walk away asshole, or I’m gonna cut you up like a Christmas goose!”

The two men with knives in hand advanced on the man standing in the dark.

Natalie was able to twist around to see her would be hero, the man putting his life in grave danger to protect her virtue as well as her life. She figured he didn’t stand a chance whatsoever against the three miscreants, but she was grateful the man was willing to risk it all to save her.

The man stepped into the light. Natalie gasped. Her would be savior was the dangerous man from the tavern. He had followed her after all.

The Mexican looking guy, who had tattoos all over his bald head, advanced on the man who intruding in their fun; he was wielding his knife as if nothing more than a harmless pencil. The light catches on the edge proclaiming its sharp edge. His goal was to eviscerate the newcomer.

The attacker made lightening quick lunge at Natalie’s rescuer, but in a blur, faster than Natalie could perceive, the knife went flying at least 40 feet into the air. Just as fast, the bald headed man was slammed against the brick wall, as he struck the wall his body was parallel to the ground; amazingly, he smashed into the bricks at least six feet off the ground. He crumpled lifelessly to the ground. A few stray bricks dislodged from wall and fell to the ground beside the man.

The fondler growled out, “Why you fucking asshole, you’re so fucking dead, you moron.” He advanced with his own knife ready to shove it in the intruder’s chest. The dangerous man chuckled as the would-be rapist advanced on him. The man from the tavern didn’t even assume a defensive posture. Natalie heard the man casually tell the man advancing with the knife, “You know, it is going to hurt when I shove that knife up your rectum.”

The fondler, just a couple feet from Natalie’s rescuer, lunged as quickly as a snake towards the dangerous man. His knife flashed in the light. Natalie watched the man from the bar turn so quickly she hardly was able to follow the movement. The dangerous man twisted grabbing the fondler’s knife wielding hand. Effortlessly he pulled the man forward, adding to his momentum, and then the rescuer yanked back on the attacker’s hand. The knife flew away with an incredible velocity. Natalie heard several bones of the fondler’s arm snap as they broke under the applied force. The would-be rapist was tossed to the ground screaming in agony. The dangerous man kicked him in the head, rendering him unconscious.

The last man, the one who was holding Natalie, released the young woman and started to sprint down the alley. He wanted nothing to do with the intruder. The man from the bar chased the last assailant down in a matter of seconds, sprinting at an incredible speed. Tackling the third hoodlum, the rescuer stood up, grabbed the attacker by an arm and a leg. He pulled the thug up over his head, and astonishingly threw the attacker against a dumpster seven feet away. The last attacker lay crumpled on the ground like the first.

With the fondler lying unconscious just feet away from Natalie, the man from the tavern walked up to Natalie. His eyes with his penetrating gaze stared into her soul. He reached up and delicately pulled the cups of Natalie’s bra back into place. Then, still looking into her eyes, he started buttoning her blouse back up as he asked, “Are you alright? They did not hurt you, did they?”

Instead of replying to his question, Natalie asked as though the whole incident never occurred, “How the hell did you get into my head.” She backed away and took up a defensive posture.

The man smiled at her, his face radiated assurance, care, and tenderness. He didn’t look dangerous at all, which was alarming in itself. “I am truly sorry; it is a talent of mine. I was hoping you might have enjoyed the little encounter.”

Natalie blustered, “Um, uh, I guess, maybe I did. But, you had no right to screw with my head that way. No right at all.”

Still gazing in her eyes, the man sounded contrite, when he said, “My deepest apologies. If I have given my lady any offense at all I deeply regret it. That was not my intent whatsoever. I sincerely beg your indulgence.”

Natalie couldn’t help but put on a smile, the man was doing it again, only this time her was messing with her head by pouring on the charm. She couldn’t help herself, she giggled: it was from all the tension of her near death, near rape, experience--or so she hoped. She told the man, “You sure talk funny,” but she doesn’t mean it in a bad way. If anything, she found it alluring.

The man gave Natalie a radiant smile, “Again, I beg your pardon. I do not get out all that much; I easily fall back into old habits of speech.” Then he offered his arm, “May I be so bold as to offer myself to you as an escort, to see you safely to your destination?”

Natalie knew she shouldn’t, but she took the man’s offered arm. Without much thought she points down the alley; “I need to go that way.”

The tall man responded, “Superb, I shall be able to enjoy your company for how ever short our trip may take.” Then he added, “My name is Armand, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. How may I address you, pretty lady?”

Natalie blushed, she told the man, “Um, Natalie. My name is Natalie Miller.”

“Ah, a name that is such music to my ears.” replied the man. “What a wonderful thing, your parents giving you such a delightful name.”

Natalie knew she was being vulgar when she asked again, “How the hell did you fuck with my head the way you did.” She blushed at her words, they had just slipped out.

Armand turned his head to look at Natalie as he grinned, “Just think of it as hypnosis. Although, what I do is just a catalyst, the details of what you experienced were entirely your own construct. You created the situation in your mind, whatever it was that happened.”

Natalie gasped, “You’ve got to be shitting me?” She suddenly remembered thinking about how she wouldn’t have minded him throwing her over a table, although, there was less throwing and ravaging. But not that she minded any of it.

Armand chuckled, “Now, that is an interesting phrase. If you meant that I am trying to pull the wool over your eyes, I assure you, what I said is completely truthful.”

“So, the whole scene of us dancing, you having your hand up under my skirt and touching my ass, what happened on the table? All of that was my own imagination?” asked Natalie.

“Yes,” replied Armand, “Except that my talent allows it to be more real to you than a simple day dream.”

Then Armand grinned slyly, “The table, now you have my attention. You have piqued my curiosity. What, may I ask, happened with this table you mentioned?” He added carefully, as if an afterthought, “I assure you what happened to you IS what you wanted to happen. Am I wrong?”

Natalie blushed, “Oh, hell. I was imaging all that? Crap, I’ve swear that I have never had such slutty thoughts before. You were roughly taking me right on the table of the back booth. Everybody was watching.” She gasped, “Why am I telling you something like that!” she gasps, unable to look him in the eyes suddenly. She pulls hand away from his arm, but he continues to hold it out.

Armand faked surprise, “I have no idea. By saying I took you, am I to assume that there was some form of copulation happening?”

Natalie, mortified, nearly shouted out, “I don’t want to talk about it!”

Armand grabbed her arm with his free hand and gently gave her arm a squeeze. “I will totally honor your wishes, Natalie Miller. The topic is closed.”

They walked along in silence for a while. Her cheeks wouldn’t seem to stop burning, but she couldn’t ignore her curiosity. “So, this hypnosis thing, how do you do it?” she kicks at a can on the sidewalk left by a indigent. It bounces over the concrete before falling over the edge of the gutter with a clatter.

“I am not sure I can tell you,” stated Armand, “It is not that I do not wish to tell you, I am not sure how it works myself to be perfectly honest with you. It just happens, especially when I catch the gaze of a delightful young woman like yourself.”

Natalie stopped dead in her tracks, “How many women have you done that too?”

Armand gazed in her eyes again, “Not many--very few actually. I only use my gift on women I’m extremely attracted to, women of such stunning beauty that a man’s knees go weak at just a glimpse, someone like you”

Natalie felt herself blush down to her toes. “You sure have a slick way of talking, Armand. Are you trying to seduce me?”

Armand chuckled, “No, you’ve only just made my acquaintance, but to be honest, the thought has crossed my mind. Nevertheless, I can ensure it was only once or twice, I am not that forward.”

Natalie giggled, “You are impossible. You’re right; we don’t even know each other.”

Armand glanced away, he quietly inferred, “There is a simple way we can change that situation.”

Natalie gasped out, “Armand!”

The man looked perplexed, “What?”

Natalie blushed, “Were you suggesting…”

Understanding dawned on the man, “Oh! No! I was going to suggest that we start seeing each other. Start dating.”

Natalie let out a sigh of relief; she would never have allowed the man into her apartment, especially with such a suggestive comment. But, the man simply exuded sex appeal. She found herself becoming aroused just by walking and talking with the man.

Natalie stopped. Armand stopped too, pulling her arm from inside the crook of his elbow. Natalie turned and looked up at the man, studying his eyes. She announced, “Well, here we are. I’m home.”

Armand grimaced, “So soon. Our time together was entirely too short. Could I interest you into going out and finding a late night snack? Maybe a cup of, what do you Americans call it, java - coffee?” Then he added grinning, “I love the drink you call mocha.”

Natalie smiled up at the man, again studying his intense eyes. “Yes, I think I’d like that. There is a Starbucks just up the street; I think it’s still open.”

Armand held out his arm once again to the girl. Given his age, she was barely a toddler. Even given his vast experience, he was on slippery ground; he had no idea how to date an American girl this day and age.

Natalie took the man’s arm again as the couple walked up the street to get some coffee.


Three weeks later, Natalie was at the door of her apartment, once again standing with Armand, kissing him passionately. He began kissing her after about the third or fourth date as he would drop her off at her apartment. All their dates occurred within walking distance of where she lived. Armand didn’t drive. Interestingly, Armand had never taken her to his home.

After a lingering, passionate kiss, Natalie looked up at her handsome suitor; she stared into his depthless eyes yet again. She never seemed to be able to find the true depths of Armand’s character. She coyly asked, “Would I be too forward by asking you in?”

Natalie was more than ready to take their relationship to the next level. It seemed that Armand was much more reserved than she expected—especially after her day dream at the tavern. Since she had been dating the tall man, there had been no repeat of the event that bordered on the paranormal.

Natalie dated the man several times a week since the night he rescued her from the would-be rapists. She had introduced her new love interest to Tasha, which she discovered was a mistake; her shameless friend tried hitting on the man right in front of Natalie. She was going to have a long talk with her Slavic friend. There were just some boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, friends or not.

In answer to her question, her insinuation, Armand answered, “Only if I can do so, and protect your virtue at the same time.”

Natalie gave her boyfriend a demure look, “Well, what if I don’t want my virtue protected?”

Armand, with a surprised look on his face; actually looked conflicted, he just said, “Oh.” Armand could think of nothing more appealing to him than making love to this delightful creature. But, he didn’t want to move to fast. Then again, what was it the bible said, ‘The sons of gods, found the daughters of men to be delightsome.’ It was something like that.

Armand had fallen deeply in love with the young Miss Natalie Miller, and would love nothing more than to explore the young woman’s lovely body. It was just things seemed to be moving so fast for the man. He hadn’t involved himself with a pretty lass in nearly a decade. The last girl he dated seemed to move things along quickly too. He was just going to need to get used to these impetuous American ways. Of course, from what he heard, Europe was even worse these days.

Armand looked at the girl with a degree of insecurity. Natalie was touched that the man she initially labeled dangerous and to be avoided at all costs, seemed to be so shy—so old fashioned. It was almost as though the man had stepped from the pages of a Jane Austin novel. Natalie coquettishly drew circles on the man’s chest with her index finger, she stared into his eyes and stated, “You don’t have to; you can come in another time.”

Armand stammered, “No, no, nothing would please me more than for me to enter your abode for a, um, visit.”

Natalie grinned and commented, “Whew, for a while I was beginning to think you might be gay.” She giggled and started unlocking the door.

She opened the door; both of them moved quickly inside. She closed and locked the door, turned around, and literally jumped into the man’s arms. Natalie knew she was being forward well beyond propriety, but she didn’t care. She wanted Armand, and she wanted him right then.

Armand pulled the girl into an embrace. Despite Natalie’s beliefs, the man was an accomplished lover, and he was completely heterosexual. He had more practical experience than dozens of men. That said: he never left a woman jealous due to the long periods of time between his relationships.

Armand had known scores of women throughout his existence, living with most of them over their life span. He was sure the movie Highlander was written about him; of course without the whole sword thing.

Even with the numerous women he lived with since his early days, Natalie seemed to be one of the most delightful, the most charming; she the prettiest in a long line of lovers.

It had been nearly a century since Armand had allowed himself to fall so hopelessly in love though, losing his women to old age, accident, or injury over the years exacted a toll on the man.

He wished he had the luxury to change them all. Speaking of changing, he had to wonder, was this young girl the one. The one he would actually take as his lifelong companion? He was talking his life, not hers. If he did, would the girl be happy with what that kind of a relationship it would entail?

Armand had turned two others in his lifespan. One was a soldier friend that he couldn’t let die. The other was a child whose illness melted his heart. He only had one left; only one turning he could count on. He had to be 100% certain before he subjected Natalie to all that the changing involved. To try for four turnings would most likely leave the recipient dead.

The couple immediately found each other’s mouths. Fingers dug for buttons, hands pulled clothing away, skin was found and stroked, and garments flew in all directions. Both Armand and Natalie were completely aroused, both were ready for action.

Armand knew that the girl expected his lips and mouth to be warm. He concentrated in his mind until his lips became heated. He was careful not to make them too hot; he didn’t want to burn the lass.

The two of them stood inside the entryway to the apartment, naked, kissing, stroking each other’s skin. As the couple’s tongues began to dance from mouth to mouth, Armand reached down and cupped Natalie’s naked cheeks--kneading them, massaging them, as he delighted in their softness. He knew from the description of her daydream that she would enjoy him handling her bottom.

Natalie let out a low moan into Armand’s mouth as he grasped large handfuls of her bum. His cool hand felt so wonderful on her naked skin. In the back of her mind she began to wonder why the man never felt hot, or ever pleasantly warm, his touches, his skin always felt so cool. At least his lips were delightfully hot.

Armand broke the kiss and started to kiss the girl on the side of her neck. He nuzzled her ear, taking her lobe into his mouth as he gently sucked on it. Then he ran his tongue lightly around the curves of her ear with Natalie trembling in his arms in response.

He kissed lower, around her neck, up under her chin. The young woman was delightfully warm; she was so soft everywhere he touched.

Natalie could feel herself getting wet between her legs in anticipation; she felt a drop run down her thigh. The man’s kisses were sublime. She felt herself shiver over and over, not from the cold, but from the feelings of delight as he kissed down her chest, heading for her full breasts. Her brown nipples were hard and protruding, looking like erasers on a first grader’s fat pencil. Her areole was hardly visible; they were pulled in to form her large hard nipples.

She gasped and moaned as the man’s wet kisses crossed the upper borders of her breasts. His hand formed around them, massaging them, kneading them, as his mouth hungrily sought out and found her nipples. Natalie stood naked and trembling as her lover gave her boobs fabulous attention.

Natalie gasped out, “Oh god, Armand, please, I can’t stand it anymore! I need to feel you inside me.”

Armand with his mouth still on her lovely breasts, suckling her nipples, scooped up the girl and carried her as though she was no more of a burden than an empty laundry basket. He carried her from the entryway, down the hall, back to the girl’s bedroom. He gently deposited her on her bed where the man moved from her lovely breasts down her shapely body.

He planted warm, wet kisses on her ribs, and then all around her diaphragm. He kissed down onto her tummy, reaming her belly button with his tongue as he descended down her body. He took minutes to kiss her on the soft part of her tummy, below her belly button and above her neatly groomed thatch of brown pubic hair.

Natalie’s hips gyrated along with her shoulders as the man’s kisses announced his intentions. His mouth moved into her lovely nest of hair and he kissed her mons, and then he began pulling strands of pubic hair with his mouth. He could feel the young woman tremble from the exotic nature of the act.

Switching his track, he moved down and gently pulled Natalie’s legs apart. He started planting hot kisses on her inner thighs, slowly working his way up her legs, her glistening pussy the object of his intentions.

Natalie moaned out loudly, the sound spanning two octaves as his mouth grazed over her lips. Armand sucked her left outer lip into his mouth as he gently suckled it, taking the juices coating it into his mouth, heedless of the hair covering it. He worked her lip up and down, and then moved to the right outer lip and repeated the process.

Natalie hadn’t had that many lovers, and only one of them had been willing to go down on her. Natalie was sure that Armand knew exactly what he was doing; she was also sure that he was enjoying loving her with his mouth as much as she was enjoying begin the recipient.

With the outer lips sucked clean, Armand moved inside. He sucked Natalie’s fluffy labia inside his mouth, sorting them, splitting them with his tongue. Natalie arched her back and cried out from all the attention, she gasped out, “Gawd, Armand, that feels so fucking incredible.”

Natalie squirmed on her back as Armand’s warm mouth grazed through her lips. He licked, kissed, and sucked her pussy, driving her passion to a peak. She gasped and then moaned as he inserted his two middle fingers up inside her vagina, quickly working them in and out of her dripping pussy, giving her a marvelous finger fucking. His other cool hand was on her warm tummy, massaging her gently as he devoured her lips.

Armand gently curled his fingers up behind her pubic bone and began lightly massaging her G-spot. At the same time, he moved his warm, almost hot, mouth up to form a seal around her swollen clitoris. He sucked the structure into his mouth as he teased her love button with his tongue. He continued massaging her G-spot at the same time as he slowly coaxed her orgasm to come out from its hiding place.

He succeeded. Natalie howled out in delight as she felt her vagina squeeze around Armand’s fingers. She felt spasm after spasm ripple up and down through her love canal. Spasms turned into waves of pleasure as they explode though her body. She began to writhe on the bed; her back would arch and release, then arch up again as though she was being pulled up by an invisible rope.

Natalie’s head shook from side to side as her mouth hung open emitting low moans and quaint little squeaks. Her thighs were shaking out of control, trembling, trying to snap together as the intense pressure built and released repeatedly inside her vagina. As far as orgasms went, Natalie rated the one she was having as a ten.

Regaining her composure, without losing her aroused state, Natalie whispered, “My gawd that was nice! Fuck me, Armand. I need to feel you inside me. Please fuck me.” She squirmed on the bed, wanting her lover to pleasure her more.

Armand moved to the side of bed where he threw his legs over the side so he could sit. He tugged on Natalie’s arm and requested, “Come here, sweetheart. Come and sit in my lap.”

Natalie rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled to the man. She looked down at his hard shaft. Totally astonished, she exclaimed, “Armand, you’re huge! Is that going to fit inside me?” Armand’s long cock was sticking up; it was ten or eleven inches long, and it was over an inch and a half in diameter.

Armand pulled the young woman into his lap, his cock riding up her butt crack. He whispered, “Sit on me. You can decide what you can take inside you and what you cannot.”

Natalie looked dubious, the thing looked bigger than she could handle. She never took a boy, a man, to her bed that had been so well hung. Josh Tankersley was the biggest, and his wasn’t more than seven or eight inches. Natalie was just glad she was so wet from her orgasm.

She had to stand on her knees to get high enough to fit Armand under her bottom. She ran him through her wet lips, wetting the large mushroomed shape head on his cock. She slid it into her sweet spot, her vaginal opening, and began to slowly sit down on his long hard shaft.

Armand had willed his manhood to be warm, slipping a cool cock into the lovely young woman just wouldn’t do. She would be aware almost instantly that something was amiss; she would know that Armand was different, to say the least. He whispered out, “Mmm, your vagina feels so incredibly tight, so pleasantly warm.” Natalie had only taken in three or four inches of him inside her, she had inches to go and she was already starting to feel full.

Natalie had to work herself up and down on Armand, slowly letting her vagina stretch and relax around him as his hard shaft slipped deeper and deeper inside her honey hole. She knew a vagina could expand to allow the head of a baby being born through, but it had to be stretched slowly to accommodate bigger things. Taking Armand into her tummy had to be slow and deliberate if she was to enjoy it.

The young woman giggled, “Wow, are you ever stretching me.” She had eight or nine inches of him inside her now. She knew a vagina was capable of taking in over 12 inches fully stretched lengthwise. She just had never had her vagina stretched out that far before. She had a ten inch toy she used occasionally, after a bit of work, she could take the entire dildo inside her. She was only looking at another possible inch with Armand; she was convinced she could accommodate his long dong.

Finally, her vagina stretching to the maximum without inflicting pain, Natalie had Armand completely hidden inside her, she found herself sitting comfortably on her new boyfriend. She marveled in how much he stretched her, how he filled her, she felt full to overflowing. She wasn’t sure the saying bigger is better was completely true.

She just sat on the man for a minute or two, letting her vaginal walls relax. She felt her vagina adapting to his large cock. If they were going to be together, she was going to have to learn to accommodate him easily. It was just a matter of letting her interior muscles relax.

Once, she had seen video clips of women being fisted, she had no idea how a woman’s vaginal opening could stretch that much; at least not without it hurting like the devil. Fortunately, Armand’s cock was at the upper limits of pleasurable.

Finally, comfortably seated, she began to rock her hips on her man, grinding her pussy on him, forward and back, and side to side. She felt her juices flowing, wetting them both. Soon, she found herself lifting up and down on him, impaling herself over and over again on his wonderful shaft.

She had to admit to herself, he wasn’t that much bigger than her dildo. She was starting to really enjoy the fullness inside her tummy, the lovely ache as her pussy shaped itself around his cock. Having Armand inside her made her feel so complete.

As she bounced up and down along his shaft, she could feel his flange travel up and down against her walls, stimulating the millions of nerve ending, causing the girl great pleasure. Natalie loved the feel of a man inside her, and Armand was one hell of a man.

Natalie luxuriated, feeling her breast crushed against his hard, cool chest. Her nipples were digging into his soft skin. Sitting in his lap, her head was nearly up with his. She turned her face to his, inviting Armand to kiss her again. Armand moved his warm lips to hers and they resumed kissing passionately as Natalie continued to control the rhythm of their fucking.

The young woman’s ardor climbed to a peak once again, she felt the pressure building up inside her vagina. It was like she had a tiger in a cage waiting for release. Natalie began to softly moan again as trembles and tremors began to course through her body as a prelude to what was to coming.

The cage sprang open and the tiger leapt. Natalie screamed out, “I’m cumming again! Oh shit! Armand, hold me! Your cock is fantastic.”

Natalie felt her vagina try to clamp around Armand’s unyielding cock. She felt spasms run the entire length of her stretched vagina. Waves of pure delight began to course out throughout her body. She felt Armand’s strong arms envelope her as she began wriggling and writhing with her climax.

Armand whispered to her, “I love watching, feeling, you do that. Your orgasms are incredible. They are causing me to be so fucking aroused.” It was the first time Natalie could remember Armand using a dirty word.

Natalie, still quaking against his abdomen and chest, felt like she belonged there.

More and more, Armand was convinced that this was the girl. This was the one he would choose. He whispered to the young woman, “I love you, Natalie. I want you with me forever.”

Feeling all the delightful sensations coursing through her body, Natalie heard Armand profess his love. She whimpered out, panting to get the breath to say it, “I love you too, Armand. I love you so much.”

That was the exact moment that Armand decided he was going to do it. The girl would be changed forever, but the idea of spending centuries, millenniums, with the girl was the only thing his mind could focus on. He would end his centuries of loneliness.

He rolled the girl over onto the bed as he continued to work himself up inside her hot, wet vagina. Fucking her was simply out of this world. He knew his seed, once released, would have no effect on the girl, not until she changed.

Natalie felt him nuzzle her neck again, planting wet, loving kissing along its side. She hummed in pleasure as he continued to ride between her legs. Her vagina was now easily taking in his long thick shaft. His flange sliding against her walls was a pure delight. Natalie wrapped her arms around his chest as his weight pressed into her. She wrapped his hips with her legs, pulling herself to an angle that Armand could slip himself all the way inside her. Natalie felt so incredibly loved at the moment.

Then she felt Armand move his head down along the side of her neck, planting wet warm kisses as he did. Then, down under her ear, she felt a piercing pain that quickly passed. She was so aroused she just assumed Armand was giving her a hickey.

Armand in position, as gently as possible, sank his sharp canines into the girl’s neck, easily puncturing her carotid artery. His saliva had a numbing quality that all but eliminated the pain the bite caused. The two punctures began to forcefully spurt out the girl’s life blood. Armand gorged himself on the hot, metallic tasting, bright red fluid.

Natalie felt herself flush from the act of making love. Armand continued to rock his hips, sliding his long cock in and out of her tummy. Her entire bottom was drenched from her cum. As Armand continued to nuzzle her neck, she felt her heart begin to pound; she was feeling dizzy as her passion grew to new heights.

In the back of Natalie’s mind, she knew something was wrong. She felt unbelievably weird. The love making was so incredible, but she was feeling light headed, like she her whole being was starting to drift away. Her pounding heart was slamming against the inside of her chest, yet it felt weak and thready, like it was struggling to maintain life.

She moaned from the pleasure of her body as Armand continued to fuck her, but she was also starting to be overwhelmed with fear. Something was so extraordinarily wrong!

Armand was feeling his stomach becoming distended as he swallowed quarts of blood in such a short time. He only allowed himself such an incredible feast during a changing. The feeding would last him for nearly a year. The girl’s body was almost ready; he was unsure why the girl was even conscious. Normally they passed out by now. He took this as a good sign; he had chosen well.

Natalie gasped out, “My heartbeat! Where’s my heartbeat?!” She could no longer feel her heart beating inside her chest.

Natalie’s vision narrowed rapidly, as an intense vertigo set in, she felt like vomiting. Her vision rapidly narrowed as though she was looking through a tunnel, then in seconds everything faded into a black void.

Armand looked down at Natalie, arched his back and gasped, he felt his release; his long hard cock started to throb and spurt his cum up inside the girl. As he came, he looked down to watch several, very weak spurts of blood, shoot out from the girls neck and onto her bed. Then suddenly, the ropes of blood stopped. She was ready; her mortal body had just died.

After the girl was dead and she began to cool, Armand moved her limp body to the floor as he cleaned up her bed. Her body looked as though it was made of plastic, her eyes filmed over, her mouth was shaped in an ‘O’ from taking her last breaths. Her mortal death was irreversible.

The mattress would have blood stains in it until the thing was destroyed. But at least he was able to get clean sheets on it; it wouldn’t do for the girl to awake in a bloody mess. Once the bed was made, Armand bent over and gently, lovingly, lifted the naked dead girl up onto the bed. He covered her nakedness as if he was tucking her in for the night.

He moved over to the chair in the room to wait. It would be days waiting for the metamorphosis to be complete. Like a phoenix his love would rise from the corporal ashes of her body. Every cell in her dead body would be changed, she would become like him.

Natalie slowly began to notice awareness—as though she was being born. It was like she was slowly rising out of the nothingness she had been in. It seemed like no time had passed, yet it felt like an eternity. Her mind slowly clawed its way towards consciousness.

Natalie gasped as she sprang awake. She looked over across the room to see Armand asleep in the chair. The room looked like a flowerbed on a bright spring day; it was alive with living colors. She could hear a thousand and one little sounds. She could make out a couple arguing somewhere, she understood every word. The most wondrous thing of all, it felt like she could feel every cell in her body.

Wanting to know what was happening; she quietly called out, “Armand.”

After repeating his name three times, the man, her lover, her man sprang awake. He had beatific smile on his face. She saw such a look of love. It melted her heart.

Her heart! What happened to her heart! Even now she couldn’t feel it beating in her chest. She was alarmed, “Armand, what happened, how long have I been asleep?”

Armand moved over to the young woman. He gently said, “You have not been asleep my love, you’ve been changing. You have been gone for four, almost five days now.”

“Changing!” she yelled, “Armand, what in the hell did you do?”

Armand sat down on the bed next to Natalie, he placed his hand against her cheek, he said, “I changed you.”

Natalie cried out, “Armand, make some sense! How did you change me?” She knew he was telling her the truth, somehow she was still Natalie, but everything seemed so remarkably different. Her senses felt like they had intensified many times over during the days she had been asleep.

She groaned, she was sure she was fired from her job. Five days!

Armand smiled and gently said, “Natalie, I’m not human, I’m Toulanti.”

Natalie immediately knew it was true, somehow she had always known it; Armand wasn’t quite human. She asked with a bit of trepidation, “What’s a Toulanti?”

Armand explained, “There are lions, there are tigers, there are wolves, I’m a Toulantian. In your lore, I am what you would call a vampire.”

Frightened out of her wits, Natalie sat up, still entirely naked, she grabbed her knees pulling them against her breasts as she started to rock. She hyperventilated as she started say, “oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck” over and over again like a mantra. She knew with her entire heart, mind, and soul that what Armand had told her was entirely true.

Her hand sprang to her neck, feeling two well healed dimples in her neck. She accused Armand, “You bit me, didn’t you. You sucked out my blood. I’m dead, right?” She was filled with horror.

Armand put a hand on the young woman’s naked shoulder, “No, sweetheart, you’ve never been more alive.”

Tears coursed down Natalie’s cheeks, “How can I be alive if I don’t have a heartbeat, I have no pulse!”

Armand tried to reassure her, “Because my love, you don’t need them. When you changed, every cell of your body changed. What was corruptible was made immortal.”

Natalie looked up, startled by the proclamations, “You mean I can’t die?”

Armand looked into the girl’s eyes, “No, sweetheart, you can still die. But, you are immune to disease, to bodily defects; your body will never age.

“Your body is much more resilient, you will have incredible strength, you will be able to move much quicker—you will have the reflexes of a mongoose.

“With that said, if you were to be in an explosion with enough force, or if you were shredded by a lion, it would probably kill you. I wouldn’t recommend jumping off a cliff either, even though I’ve known a couple Toulanti to have survived it. What you have to avoid is things that would tear your body apart.

“A knife wound will seal itself and heal; I have taken bullets from gunshots too. I assure you that it wasn’t exactly fun, but I survived. Don’t let them shoot you in the head though. If your brain is destroyed, you die.”

Natalie sniffed, “So, as long as I avoid accidents, people with suicide belts, and industrial explosions, I could live forever, right?”

Armand smiled, “Pretty much. Just to convince you, let us see how long you can hold your breath.”

Natalie took in a deep breath; her tears began to dry on her face. At seven minutes, she let out her breath and said, “That’s incredible, I don’t need to breathe, do I?”

Armand smiled lovingly at the young woman, “No, not at all. You can swim underwater all day long if you would like. Even better, because your body doesn’t exchange gasses, you can swim as deeply as you want too. Water pressure has no effect on you. You only need to take air in your lungs for speech.”

Natalie asked, “So, like are there rules? Things like avoid? Like wooden stakes, silver bullets, angry hoards?”

Armand laughed, “I find the copper jacketed bullets hurt more than silver. I went to Vietnam for a little adventure, after I got hit the third time I decided that war sucked. Of course you would have thought I would have learned my lesson during the War of the Roses.

“To answer your question, we are extremely sensitive to bright light. It will not kill us like human legend says, but it is extremely uncomfortable. That is why I’m here in Seattle, more cloudy days than almost anywhere. But even in the sun, a good hoodie and some dark sunglasses will protect you. Unprotected, it’s like getting major sunburn in minutes. It hurts like hell. Trust me,” he purred while tucking a strand of hair behind Natalie’s ear.

“Next, you will ask about feeding. We do need blood about every 3 or 4 months. Since I gorged myself on yours, I will be good for almost a year. It has something to do with our metabolism, nobody has given me a good reason why, but we need it.

“Finally, we don’t get an overwhelming thirst for blood. At least if we feed regularly. The whole idea is to only take what you need. We don’t want to kill our food source. If we were like the vampires in the movies and books, the whole human race would be eliminated in less than 2 years.

“You will need to feed soon, being recently changed. You will only need a pint or two. I normally get my donor good and drunk; they usually aren’t aware what is happening to them that way. To them it is just a bad dream.

“You might consider feeding on that friend of yours, what is her name? Tasha? She seems to get inebriated enough all by herself. Of course with that silly girl, you may get more alcohol than blood” Armand chuckled.

Natalie asked, “Armand, where are you from?”

He smiled, “Originally? I was a Goth. I lived in an area that is now part of France and Germany.”

She smiled for the first time, “A Goth, meaning you were human at one time, right?”

He grinned, “Yes, I was human but not all of us start life that way. There are native Toulanti. We have two ways we can reproduce; the first way is same way as humans do. Fortunately for you, birthing pains are not nearly as painful. The other way we reproduce is to change a human, like what was done to me, what I did to you.”

Natalie blushed and giggled, “I was just about to ask if we can still make love.” Considering she no longer had blood circulating she wondered how she flushed.

Armand grinned as he looked fondly at the girl, “Not only can we make love, we can make babies.”

Natalie looked at the man in wonder, “So, like, does birth control work? Or am I going to be squirting out babies every time we fuck?”

Armand laughed, “No, birth control does not work. No matter though, it is really hard for us to conceive. If we did it every night, it might take us 5 to 10 years to plant a baby in your belly. The difficulty conceiving comes from how long we live.”

Natalie asked, “Armand, how old are you?”

Armand looked longing at Natalie, “Ah, my sweet child, I’m over 1700 years old. I fought the Huns when I was still human.”

Natalie giggled again, “I guess compared to you, I’m pretty young.”

Armand grinned, “Just a little. I feel like I’m robbing the cradle to be honest. But, I knew you were the one.”

Natalie stared into her lover’s eyes; she studied his face in a whole new way. She heard a dog bark three blocks up the street. Then she focused briefly on the sound of children playing in a park that was over four blocks to the south.

She asked, “Well, since it’s so hard for us to have children, don’t you think we should get started?”

Armand chuckled, “I thought you would never ask.”

The couple made love well into the night.

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