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This is the next chapter in the series
This is the next chapter of the continuing story of Tori the freshman who’s life has changed so much since meeting her boyfriend the senior varsity starting quarterback. Now after he broke up with her see how her story continues to change and get more complicated. Be aware that this story is long and continues important pieces to previous chapters in the story. If you have not yet read those chapters you will likely not enjoy the story please do not rate this story as a stand alone story as it is only another chapter in a very complex tale about her life. Will the downward spiral continue? Read on to find out.


I woke up in the morning stunned with what Scott had said to me. He never wanted to see me again. How was that even possible? I was a varsity cheerleader he was the varsity football quarterback. But he said it and he meant it. My life was over. Mom came up to my room to check on me. I told her I was okay but turned her down for breakfast. I stayed in bed the rest of the morning not wanting to face life or face anyone. Shortly before lunch my mom came upstairs and got onto me.
“Okay Tori, I understand you’re upset about Scott breaking up but you cant just stay in bed forever. Now get yourself cleaned up and I expect to see you down for lunch,” she said.
I could tell she meant business so I waited on her to step out of my room and finally got up out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower.

After getting out of the shower I decided to try to call Scott. I dialed his number but just got his voicemail. I decided to leave him a message, “Scott, this is Tori, I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I don’t really know what to say but I never said you raped me. I didn’t give any clothes to the police and not even sure what panties you’re talking about. I am not even sure what happened to my clothes the night of the rape. I hardly remember anything from that night. The only thing I could think at all is that maybe they were left at Elizabeth’s house. I don’t really know. I don’t understand this at all and I’m so sorry and I don’t want to lose you. Please call me and let me explain what I can.” I set the phone back down hoping it would ring right back. I gave it a few minutes and when it didn’t ring I headed down for lunch.

I had lunch with my mother quietly and we didn’t talk about too much. She did try to tell me that no young lady should base who she is on her boyfriend. She told me I would have lots of boyfriends in my life and if I lost Scott now, he would just be one of many I’d lose. Somehow that didn’t make me feel better. I managed to force down enough food to make my mom happy and then I went back up to my room. I checked my messages and I had none. This whole thing made me feel sick and I felt like a pig for what I had eaten. I want into the bathroom and leaned over the toilet. I wanted to throw up but didn’t feel like I needed to. I tried coughing and it didn’t make any difference. I stood there a while trying to will myself to throw up but couldn’t. Finally I decided to try something I had never done before. I put my finger into my mouth to the back of my throat and made myself gag. I had to try it a few times but finally it worked and my lunch came up. I threw up, wiped my mouth, gargled with mouthwash and went to lie on my bed. I took a valium and it wasn’t too long before I was able to go to sleep.

Late that afternoon, shortly before dinner time, Elizabeth came upstairs with my mom. This surprised me somewhat as I had no idea she would just drop by. As she came into my room my mom turned and headed back downstairs letting us be alone. I was a little bit embarrassed as I had not put any makeup on that day and figured my hair was a mess since I was asleep.
“Hi,” I said shyly.
“Hi back Miss Tori how are you,” she said?
“Okay I guess,” I replied.
“That’s not what your mom says, she said you’ve been in bed almost all day,” she shot back.
I rolled my eyes not happy that my mom was telling Elizabeth about my sleeping habits. “Well I’m just a little sleepy. I haven’t been sleeping well at night,” I added.
“I’m not too surprised,” she said then continued, “There is another group meeting tonight will you please go with me,”
“I don’t know Elizabeth I don’t think it helped anything,” I said.
She let out a little chuckle and then went on, “Tori, going to one session isn’t going to fix anything. It takes time and work you have to give it a fair chance.”
I let out a long sigh, not liking arguing with her but feeling pressured to go. “I don’t know,” I said.
“Well, I said please and I wouldn’t guess you have any better offers so you might as well spend the evening with your best friend. Besides your stuck with me for dinner as your mom already invited me and I already accepted,” she said all this with a smile and a raised eyebrow giving me the idea I didn’t have any choice anyway.
“Fine,” I said pulling my covers up over my face hiding from her. “Team up with the ‘Rent’ (short for parent),” I said slightly muffled by the covers over my face.
She just let out a loud laugh and then said, “That’s what best friends are for.”
This time we both laughed. I pulled the covers back down and sat up in bed and looked over at the phone still showing no voicemail. I let out a sigh and I saw her eyes follow mine to the phone but she didn’t say anything.

Then we heard my mom call for dinner and headed down together. Sherri and my dad were also there and as usual Elizabeth had them all eating out of the palm of her hand. She seemed to find a way to make anyone comfortable and anyone to laugh. In fact she was so nice to Sherri that I felt a little bit jealous as they were having a back and forth conversation for several minutes, but I told myself not to be a bitch. We finished dinner and then headed back up to my room and I headed to the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup. Elizabeth just came right in and was sitting there watching me that for some reason made me nervous. I finally looked at her and asked, “Would you mind?”
She just let out a laugh and reached for my makeup brush. “Let me do that,” she said. I too let out a giggle and gave up and let her take over doing my makeup. I have to admit she did a good job and I liked how it looked when she was done, soft, subtle and hardly visible but feminine. She then helped me with my hair and after that I got dressed in low rise jeans, white v-neck t-shirt and button down pink cardigan. I took a deep breath and we headed out to Elizabeth’s car.

Elizabeth and I were able to find a couple chairs off in a corner of the room where I felt better. I am not really sure how much I got out of the meeting and was bored most of the time. I did, however, get a bit more comfortable there as I didn’t feel like I was being judged for not talking. It didn’t seem to me that most of what was talked about applied to me but there were a few things that when they were brought up, I tried to listen a little more careful and felt like a few of them applied directly to my circumstances. I did maintain my composure after the meeting and even talked to Elizabeth about a couple of the things brought up.

When we got back to my house she wanted to come back upstairs with me and I agreed a little hesitantly as I sensed she wanted to talk to me more about the meeting. As we got upstairs she began to talk to me about what she wanted.
She began, “Tori, I know you are very upset about Scott breaking up with you, but honestly I think it’s the best thing that could have happened to you. . . and before you object hear me out and let me explain. I am not saying he is a bad person as a whole, but Scott is very wrapped up with himself. He doesn’t care about anyone but Scott or about making anyone happy except Scott. I’m not sure I have any idea of even half of the things he did with you but I can tell you that someone who really loves you, someone who cares about you with all their heart would not want anyone and I mean anyone to be with you. Everyone, and I mean everyone gets jealous unless they don’t care deeply for their partner and I regret deeply what I did with you in the theater. I don’t regret the fact it let me get to know you more, I regret that I took advantage of your vulnerability as his girlfriend. That was very wrong on my part and I’m sorry I took advantage. It was selfish and foolish for me to do what I did and I’m sorry for that.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just sat there and listened to her not really wanting to hear any negativity about Scott. I was very surprised when she said she regretted what we had done together and I felt a little hurt by that as it was something I didn’t regret. But I tried to listen fairly and to understand what she was saying so I didn’t argue and didn’t seem any point in it anyway.

Then she continued, “Tori, love is not about the sexual things you do with a person. In fact that is the smallest part of love there is. Love is about caring about each other, being there for each other, worrying about each other, spending time together and the things you do unselfishly for each other. If you take your time and look back at your relationship with Scott I think you will find that he did very few things for you unselfishly. Everything I know about him was all about him and all about him being happy. I want you to know you can move on, and survive and keep going and growing as a person without Scott as your boyfriend. You are a beautiful person inside and out and if you just take the time to enjoy the things going on around you I think you’ll find happiness without Scott or any other boyfriend for that matter. We don’t need a guy to be happy. Being happy is up to us. Only you can make yourself happy.”

She tapped my nose when she told me I was beautiful inside and out with the tip of her finger and that made me laugh. I tried to take into my heart what she was saying but I was still hurting. I just didn’t want to face the fact my relationship with Scott was over. I told her thank you for what she said. It was getting late and I didn’t really want her to go but I figured she had to. Sure enough before I said anything else she said, “Well, you need to try to get some sleep. Think about what I said.” With that she got up, came over to me, gave me a gentle hug and then headed out. I took a few moments and held her onto her when she hugged me to let her know I appreciated everything. “Thank you,” I said one more time as she walked out of my door.

I quietly walked over to my phone picked it up and dialed his number. My heart pounded with each ring. “Answer,” I said and it rang again, “answer,” I prayed as I heard another ring, “please answer.” But my prayers were not answered it just went to voice mail. “Scott, its me, please pick up,” I said so softly my heart pounding and slowly lowered the receiver back on the cradle. I sat on my bed starring at the phone willing it to ring but it didn’t. I felt a few tears stream down my cheeks and then finally I gave up and got ready for bed. I took a valium and closed my eyes trying to clear my mind of its thoughts. I was thinking a little bit of what I heard at group and some about the things Elizabeth had said to me as well. I took a deep breath thinking about next week and then remembered my doctor appointment, why did they need to see me? All I could do is wonder as I wouldn’t know anything until I was there.

. . . The nurse walked me from the waiting room down the hall and took me into an exam room. She handed me a paper hospital gown and asked me to remove all of my clothing and to put the gown on. She stepped out of the room and I did as I was asked. She returned quickly and instructed me to get up on the exam table. As I did I heard her making a lot of noise at one end of the table and saw her adjust the stirrups. She told me to lay back and to place each foot into a stirrup so I did so. I then felt her put a strap around each ankle securing my feet into the stirrups and then I felt her push them wider opening my legs much more. She then walked to the side of the exam table and took a large leather belt and worked it under the paper gown, over my stomach and went from one side of the table to the other and she fastened it down.
“Why are you doing that,” I asked.
“Just relax honey, its just to make sure you can’t move too much and fall off the table,” she answered.
She then walked up towards my shoulders and took hold of one arm and put a strap around my wrist belting it to the side of the table.
“What’s that for,” I asked nervously.
She didn’t answer and walked to the other side of the table doing the same to the other wrist. She then walked to the cabinet and got something out and returned to me with a needle and alcohol wipe. She wiped inside my elbow and cleaned by my vein and then pushed the needle into my arm. I let out a wince and a groan and she smiled at me softly before walking to the cabinet and getting a bag of medicine and a pole to hang it from. She brought it over and hooked a tube from the bag to the needle.
“There you go honey, that will help you relax some.
She was right and in a few minutes I felt my muscles relaxing. As nervous as I was I felt the tension in my muscles melt away and all my limbs went limp held in place by the straps holding me down. I was surprised as she began to put more straps on my body putting another strap across my upper chest right below my arms. She then added a strap right above each knee securing my thighs open wide.
I was then surprised when she walked up by my head and took out this metal apparatus that reminded me of a dental retainer. She tapped my cheek and told me to open and when I did she pushed it into my mouth. I was startled more as she then began to adjust it and it forced my mouth to open wide like a dentist would and she smiled down on me once she had it adjusted wide and stroked my cheek gently. Once she had it in place she pulled a strap from it behind my head and that held it firmly in my mouth not allowing me to close my mouth or jaw at all. I let out a soft groan wanting to ask her why but I realized all I could do now was groan.

She smiled at me and patted my cheek and said the doctor will be in shortly and she turned and headed out of the room leaving me strapped there to the exam table. It felt like a long time to me as I could not talk or do anything and didn’t have anything to occupy my mind. I was embarrassed as I felt some of my own saliva run out of my mouth from the corner and down my cheek towards just below my ear but I could do nothing to stop it. It also began to feel very cold in the room and I felt chill bumps on my skin and occasionally I would shiver. Finally to my relief the door opened and the doctor walked in along with the nurse. He walked over towards the table and picked up a clipboard and took his time reading. Once he finished he instructed the nurse to remove my gown and he went to the sink to wash his hands.

I wondered when the nurse had put the straps on me why she had worked them under the gown, but now I understood as the other nurse came over, untied the ties on the gown and pulled it up off my body without any difficulty. I was now laying on the table bound, completely naked. The nurse brought over a thermometer and placed it under my arm. While it was recording my temperature she took my blood pressure. While she did this the doctor put on his stethoscope and moved it around my chest listening to my heart and breathing I guess. The stethoscope was very cold as it touched my bare skin and I jerked slightly but the doctor didn’t seem to notice. The nurse finished getting her readings and wrote them onto the clipboard. The doctor then asked the nurse if she had noticed my nipple stimulation and she nodded and answered, “Yes doctor.”

“Let’s get some leather straps around the base of each breast and help keep them firm and stimulated,” the doctor said.
The nurse walked back to the cabinet and got out two straps. She then walked over to me as did the doctor. He then put his hands both on one breast and began to rub and massage it. He rubbed and massaged and squeezed the breast warming it and working it till he had a good grip of it. Once he had I then saw the nurse get next to him and she pulled the strap around the base of my breast. The strap looked to me to be an inch and a half wide. It went all the way the base of my breast and as she almost had it there I felt the doctor pull as hard on my breast as he could lifting me slightly but the strap over my chest kept me from lifting much. When he had it pulled tight the nurse latched the strap and I felt it tighten into my breast.
“Perfect,” the doctor said to her and they both let go. Then he began to massage and manipulate my other breast and the nurse got another strap ready. She gave the doctor time to work my breast till he had a good hold of it once he did he said, “ready,” and he pulled as hard as he could. I groaned as it hurt and I felt her work the second strap around my other breast. She secured it also tight and then I finally felt them both let go and both my breasts felt uncomfortable like they were in a bad fitting bra. The leather strap not very soft forcing each breast to sit upright even though I was laying flat on my back.

“Get some ice and some clover clamps,” the doctor directed the nurse. “Yes doctor,” she replied and stepped out from the room. While she was out the doctor got a cotton swab and some medication and rubbed it over the bite mark still showing on my breast. She returned quickly and brought over a bowl of ice and some metal devices. She got on one side of the table and the doctor the other and they both put on extra gloves and then picked up ice cubes. They each then began to rub the cubes around my areola and nipples. I let out gasps as the ice was so cold but the doctor simply shushed me and the two of them continued to rub the ice around each nipple. As the cube they were holding shrunk down to small, they just took another fresh cube and began to circle the fresh piece of ice around my nipples again. They each did this with five cubes then the doctor scared me when he took a hold of a metal device with a sharp tip and poked at my nipple. I jerked out of sight but didn’t feel it at all. “Perfect,” the doctor said taking hold of one of the odd metal devices and the nurse took hold of the other.

“Okay now attach that clamp horizontally and make sure its teeth each take firm hold in her flesh, we don’t want them to fall off until we are ready to remove them,” the doctor said to the nurse and each of them lowered the metal device to my nipples. They seemed to take awhile to align the clamp the way they wanted them but then I noticed them begin to adjust them in place. The numbness in each nipple from the ice did not let me feel anything till a few minutes after they were in place. The doctor was writing on the clip board and the nurse was getting together a tray of something when I started to feel pain in my nipples. I let out a groan, and then another, and another as the numbness of the ice began to wear off and the biting of the clamps into my nipple flesh began to hit my nerves. I felt the pinch grow worse and worse as there seemed to be so much pressure in each nipple. My groans were becoming worse and I felt my feet trembling as the pain began to spread through my body. I then felt my eyes begin to tear as the pain grew more intense. The doctor noticed and came up beside me. He took a small cotton swab and very softly rubbed it around my breast about an inch away from my nipple. “Yessss, good you are able to feel the clamp. That’s good and healthy and normal, now try to hold still as any movement will only agitate the feeling and could even cause the clamp to tighten and I don’t think you would want that, not unless you enjoy pain,” the doctor said to me.

He took a tissue and wiped the tears from my cheeks away and looked at my face and my breasts. “I think she’s ready for continued treatment and her pelvic exam nurse,” he said to her. “Yes doctor,” she said and rolled a tray with instruments down to the end of the table between my legs. I felt my eyes still tearing and the ache in my nipples was still very intense. But I got more nervous as the doctor went to the end of the table after having changed his gloves. He put some cream onto the gloves and then began to rub his finger around my sex. He kept putting more of the cream onto his finger and then rubbing it down between my legs into my sex. I felt his finger first on the outside but then begin to push into my vagina smearing the cream outside and then inside me.

Once he had a good deal of cream there, he then began to do the same thing at my bottom smearing the slippery cream all around the entry to my butt. He took his time and worked it all around the outside of my entry first and then finally began to work the cream into my hole slowly beginning to work his finger inside me there. I let out a gasp as his finger pushed inside me there and he continued to work more and more of the cream in that hole as well. Bound as I was there was nothing I could do but lay there and accept whatever they chose to do, I didn’t understand any of this at all or what it had to do with my last exam but I couldn’t even protest with the odd retainer holding my mouth wide open.

Finally after having it rubbed thoroughly around me down there inside and out he put the cap back on the tube of cream and pulled off his gloves and walked out from between my legs. “Okay young lady, we are going to let that cream work for a little while it should relax you nicely and then we will began your pelvic exam. We will be back shortly. With that the nurse pushed the tray of instruments to the side slightly and the two of them left the room, first the doctor and then the nurse. As she walked out of the door, she jerked on it to close behind her and it swung shut but then popped slightly back open and she must not have noticed as it stayed just slightly ajar.

I laid there breathing hard still an intense pinch in my nipples my body so secure strapped down with the straps. I tried to say anything a single word I could understand myself but all I managed was a series of groans. I was frustrated but helpless and was about to close my eyes to rest when I noticed the door had seemed to inch a bit more open. I heard different voices seem to pass by my room and I hated the fact that they had completely removed my gown as I was strapped naked to the table and would be easily visible to anyone looking in the room. Suddenly I saw a young man probably in his early twenties poke his head into my room. He looked inside and then pulled out. Then a moment later he pushed his head inside again. This time he looked all around the room as if trying to see if anyone was in the room with me. When he seemed to determine that I was alone he came in with a mop and bucket he was rolling along with him. Once inside he gently pushed the door closed making sure that it latched. He then walked to the bathroom door in my room and opened it looking inside. He walked completely inside the bathroom and came out with a garbage bag and then did the same to the waste basket by the cabinet. He put in a fresh trash can liner and then put the bags with trash by his mop bucket and then to my shock and horror he walked over to the table looking me up and down. His eyes looked at me from head to toe, seeming to pay attention to each of the leather straps holding me down. Once he made it the whole way around the table he looked me in the eyes and smiled. He then walked down between my legs and I let out a groan as I watched him untie his uniform pants and within moments he had his cock out.

I let out the loudest cry I could with my mouth locked open like that as I felt his cock push to my sex. He pushed into me slowly, too easily with all the cream inside me he had to use little effort before his cock was fully inside me. I felt him move in and out with little resistance and I did not find this sex painful at all. The only pain I felt at all was from his strokes moving my body slightly making the clamps wiggle on each nipple. As the clamps moved the intensity of the pain shot into each nipple with the rhythm of his strokes. In and out his cock stroked a man I didn’t know over and over using my body. I laid there virtually motionless as I felt him having sex with me and I watched his face change from glee to intense as he was getting into our sex. I hated him for what he was doing but I could do nothing to stop him. Over and over his cock stroked inside me and I watched his eyes and his face angry at him for his violation but I couldn’t even say the word no. Finally I saw the intensity build and then I knew the look as he begin to cum inside me. I didn’t feel it spray too much as I think the cream blocked its spray from squirting deep into me but I felt enough to know he was cumming and I lay there helpless to do anything about it. He moved his cock in my body a few more times before finally pulling out. He then put his cock away and came to the side of the table and waived to me and took hold of his mop and bucket and picked up the bags of trash and left the room closing the door behind him.

I felt myself crying again upset at what had happened not really understanding this at all. Then I heard the door click open gently and saw another man poke his head in the door. He came in with a bucket of chemicals and heavy rubber gloves. He slowly pushed the door open saying, “Hello,” with an accent. He looked around the room and then went and checked the bathroom as well. He took a little while in the bathroom and I smelled like cleaning chemicals coming from the bathroom. He then came out of the bathroom and double checked to make sure the door was shut. He then set the bucket down close to the door and walked over to the table. He walked around the table slowly looking at me very closely. He then went to the end of the table between my legs and I watched him untie his blue pants. He then took his cock out from his pants and placed it to my sex. I tensed my muscles as much as I could but it made no difference. He pushed his cock into my sex. I had no idea who either of these men were yet here was the second man to push his cock into my body. I heard myself let out heavy sobs but it didn’t faze him at all and I felt him begin a rhythmic stroke. In and out his cock moved in my body and I was unable to do anything to change it. I laid there helpless and could do nothing but accept it. I hoped the doctor would come back in and stop him but it didn’t take him very long to use my body to his satisfaction and I felt him begin to spray his seed inside my body. He then pulled out before the last stroke and squirted it up onto my stomach, belly button and even sprayed a little onto my chest. He laughed and put away his cock. He walked to the side of me and looked at my breasts. He very lightly touched one of the clamps on the breast nearest him and I jerked and groaned out in pain. He quickly let go and looked regretful and then turned walked to his bucket, picked it up and headed out of the door.

I lay there crying a couple minutes after he left and then heard and saw the door open and tensed but this time it was the doctor and nurse. They came over to the table and down to the end between my legs. The doctor put gloves on and began to look down at my sex. His eyes then opened in surprise and he looked up at my face then at my chest and my stomach. The doctor looked at the nurse and said, “Nurse, Miss Tori here has been entertaining.” As he said this he wiped up some of the cum on my stomach with his finger and looked at it closely. He then picked up the tube of cream and squirted more onto his finger and again began to rub it into my sex. He did this several times applying a lot more of the cream to my sex. Finally after putting a lot down there he removed his gloves and put on another pair. “Nurse we need to release these clamps for a few moments, you never want to leave clamps on too long or you could get permanent nerve damage,” he said. “But doctor wont the blood rush back into her nipples and hurt her terribly,” she asked. “Yes nurse you are correct it could be incredibly painful but that is better then damaging nerves there,” he replied. “Now let’s not hesitate any further, lets remove them, ready,” he asked. “Yes doctor,” she replied. They each reached for a clamp and I couldn’t really tell what they did but both clamps pulled away from my nipples. It took a moment for what they said would happen to happen but with just a few seconds a rush of pain hit me in each nipple horrible intense pain. I let out as loud a cry as I could as the pain was terrible and both my nipples ached like never before. As I was crying and aching in pain the doctor went back to the end of the table between my legs. He then put on fresh gloves and put more cream on his finger and began to rub my sex with the cream and his finger. He used both hands and with one hand he used two fingers and began to rub my clit, with his other hand he pushed a finger in and out of my sex. He then put a finger covered in cream up to my butt and began to work a finger into my butt hole at the same time as he was working one into my sex. His fingers found a rhythm and he continued to work my down there. “Nurse, rub some cream on her nipples and see if you can work the pain out of them,” he said. “Yes doctor,” she replied and put fresh gloves on and put lots of lotion on her fingers and then began to rub and squeeze and massage my nipples. Again I cried out in terrible pain there as at the same time his fingers worked my sex. His fingers felt so good down there but the pain in my nipples was sending feelings deep into my body. He began to stroke my clit and his fingers in and out of me faster and harder and he said to the nurse, “Harder nurse.” She replied, “Yes doctor,” and as she said so she worked my nipples harder. The pain was so intense and rushed down through my body into my sex and I let out my loudest cry as I did I felt my body shake and let go and curled my toes tight as I felt a huge release from deep inside me. “That’s it baby let the pain go, give into the pain,” the doctor said to me. Very softly he said to the nurse, “As hard as you can.” Again I felt horrible pain in my nipples that shot through my body down between my legs as the nurse squeezed as hard as she could and again I felt a huge release inside my tummy. It felt like I had exploded inside and I lay there trembling exhausted from this and she let go of my nipples and the doctor stopped stroking.

“Nurse get some anesthetic cream,” the doctor said. “Yes doctor,” she replied and stepped to the cabinet again. She returned to the doctor with the cream. The doctor again changed his gloves and then put a generous portion on two fingers and then handed the cream back to the nurse. “Apply that generously to each of her nipples and then hand me back the tube,” the doctor said softly to the nurse. My mind teetered at the edge of consciousness. I then felt the doctor push my lips and clit hood back and then I felt his finger touch my clit for a moment but after only a few moments my clit went numb and I couldn’t feel anything there at all. At the same time I watched the nurse apply the cream to my nipples and it was so strange to have felt such pain there and now suddenly I felt her touch for a few moments and then I couldn’t feel anything there at all even though I could see her fingers rubbing around them. I watched her fingers rub round and round my nipples and areola and could not feel it at all. I saw the nurse hand the cream back to the doctor and saw him apply more to his gloved finger and I felt it touch to my butt hole. He rubbed over the entry round and around until I couldn’t feel him rub anymore. Then I felt the finger push into me slowly working cream into my butt. I felt each touch as it went deeper but slowly as he continued to rub all feeling became numb there. Then the doctor directed the nurse further telling her to place the clamps back on my nipples. I let out a groan of displeasure but it didn’t affect them at all. A few moments later she was placing a clamp on one of my nipples and I could not feel it being done at all. She worked one on and then the other. “Nurse lets get one on her clitoris as well,” he said and my eyes went wide. She walked to the cabinet changing her gloves and then came with an additional clamp. I looked down and watched him work the skin around my clit back exposing it. He held the skin out of the way for her and she then placed the clamp as far towards the base of my clit as she could. I thought it would hurt horrible then realized he had put the cream there and I could feel nothing. I watched her secure the clamp and she tugged a couple times on it making sure it was secure. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Okay nurse arrange for some orderlies to entertain our patient so that as the anesthetic wears off she will be experiencing intercourse. My hope is that it will help her to achieve inner bliss again while accepting the pain at the same time she experiences the steady stroking inside her sex. In fact let’s get her an eye mask so she doesn’t think about whom is doing the stroking. It is important for sluts as she to accept any cock offered,” the doctor said to the nurse. “Yes doctor,” she said and got a black mask putting it over my eyes and the room went dark so I could no longer see.

A few minutes later I heard the door open and close but could see nothing. I heard something roll up towards my head and I suddenly felt someone stroking my hair. “Just relax honey we are going to evaluate your body’s reaction to pain accompanied by the steady penetration and stroking of a penis inside your vagina. The doctor is hopeful that it will again help you release all that energy inside your tummy,” she said as she stroked my hair. Just as she finished saying this I felt something touch my lips between my legs and I felt it push inside me. There was so much thick cream that I felt friction as the cock pushed into my sex. I had no idea or way to tell who was inside me and that made me feel so weird like it was truly just an act. I felt the cock steadily slide in and out and it was feeling good. As I was struggling with the thought of how it was feeling good, I suddenly began to feel a soft pinch in my clit. It started as a dull ache but slowly seemed to increase its intensity. I then felt the cock inside me cumming soon after I felt it pull out. The nurse was stroking my hair and said, “Its okay,” and before I could wonder why she said that I felt something touch my vagina lips again and then push into me. It felt thicker and stretched me a little bit but with all the cream it also pushed into my body without resistance. “That’s a girl, accept that new cock, it feels good doesn’t it,” she said still stroking my hair. “The doctor and I are going to help you to be who you are and we’re going to work with you to make it feel good. At the same time we are going to help you learn to accept pain so it doesn’t scare you and maybe even so you need it to release your inner tension. Hopefully with the treatment you will learn to accept your place and begin to want this all the time. My nipples were just starting to ache and I was stunned as I felt her lift the clamps attached to them and tug on them. I let out a loud groan as it hurt deep into my chest from her tug. “Try not to focus on the pain honey, focus on the good feelings between your legs.” Just as she finished saying this the guy inside me began to squirt inside me and I felt him thrust a few more times. Then he pulled out and I felt her continue to stroke my hair. “It’s okay we have more where that came from,” she said and as she did I felt another cock touch me and push into me. In and out the new cock stroked in a slightly different rhythm from the last but still in and out steadily. “That’s it honey, don’t worry about who’s it is, just be happy we have guys willing to help you with what you need,” she said. “It doesn’t matter who’s cock it is just so you accept what you need,” she continued. The process continued as the pain in my nipples and clit continued to get worse. Soon I was groaning with pain as I felt a cock steadily stroking inside me. It went on and on the intensity of the pain growing, more and more till I needed to be loud and I groaned with my full voice and I then felt my muscles inside tense again and I gushed out another orgasm. I was shaking from the pain in my nipples and clit, it was so intense until I screamed. . .

I woke up sitting up in my bed trying to scream but couldn’t as no sound would come out. I had had another nightmare. I breathed hard there for several minutes hating that I kept having these nightmares. Why would I dream these terrible dreams. I sat up a while and then finally got up and headed to the bathroom. I took my time washing my face and going to the bathroom. I finally went back to bed and turned on music. I managed to avoid dreaming again by focusing on the music and avoiding sleep.

Sunday morning I stayed in bed late. Not really sleeping much but at least getting rest. Shortly after lunch Elizabeth called and invited me to go with her and walk around the mall. I checked with my mom and she was okay with it since she thought I needed to get out. Elizabeth picked me up about an hour later and we went shopping. As always she found a way to make me laugh and even got me to do some shopping. She even bought me an outfit even though I argued with her about it. We then went and saw a movie. After the movie Elizabeth dropped me back at home and I had dinner with my family. I was feeling a little better after spending the afternoon with her.

I’m not sure if I dreamt anything Sunday night but I somehow made it to the morning without screaming, waking my family or bolting up to sitting upright. Of course as soon as I got up I realized I had to face everyone at school after the big scene in the pizza restaurant Friday night. I got up and got ready for school dressing conservative in low rise jeans, a pink baby doll t and pink ballet flats. I wasn’t looking forward to going to school except I head out hope that I might happen to see Scott and maybe get to talk to him. At least I hoped so.

I got to school and was happy when I found Elizabeth, she walked with me to my first class. I kept my eyes out for Scott but he was nowhere to be found. Things seemed to be going okay until after second period then I was horrified with what I saw, there in the hallway hanging on the wall were printed pictures of my face with a cock in my mouth. The picture had to have been one that Scott took with his phone. I couldn’t believe no matter how upset he had gotten at me that he would do this. But here they were hanging in the hallway, pictures of my face with a cock in my mouth. I started grabbing as many of them as I could off the wall but within minutes a teacher took hold of my elbow escorting me to the principal’s office. The vice principal questioned me about where the pictures had come from. I was outraged by his question like I would know where those pictures had come from. “Well it’s you in the pictures young lady,” he said. “And you think I would post pictures like that of myself on the walls in my own school,” I asked outraged? I was horrified and ashamed and I was kept there in the principal’s office and my mother was called.

She came to school and picked me up and I was sent home. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that the picture had been made and distributed all around school. Worst though was now that my mother saw it. My eyes, my face and my mouth with a cock in it, the sad thing is I was not even sure who’s cock it was as it could have been Mike’s or Scott’s. Somehow the way my mother looked at me seemed different. I was so ashamed she had seen that picture. It felt so different now knowing the things I had done with her able to see a picture of me with a cock in my mouth. She asked me if it was real and I couldn’t look at her after she asked. I waited a few moments and then answered, “No,” but I think she knew that was a lie with my hesitation. Poor Sherri came home early from school as well. She was so ashamed and embarrassed about the picture. I felt horrible and had no idea what to say to her.

Elizabeth came over right after school to see me and to see if I was okay. She said the picture had made quiet an impression and that it would be hard to live it down. She asked me if I still wanted my boyfriend back. I didn’t want to think about that question. But she was right, if he would do this. . . .

I didn’t sleep at all that night too scared of the doctor’s appointment. Mom kept me home from school and it took way to long for the afternoon to arrive. Mom took me to the hospital and I thought I was going to stop breathing waiting to be called. I finally was called and had blood work done first before seeing anyone. After the blood work I was taken to an exam room and my nightmare from the other night came rushing back to my mind. The doctor came in with the nurse. They did not have me put on a gown which I was very grateful for. He did take a look at my bruised ribs and commented they looked a lot better. He then told me that the reason he needed to see me was to give me the results of some of the tests that were taken when I was in the hospital.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had good and bad news. He told me the good news was that I had a medical condition but that medical condition was not a result of the sexual assault. He then told me that the bad news was that I was six weeks pregnant. I was stunned as he said it. He told me because of my age he was required to also inform my mother but that he wanted to show me enough respect to tell me first so that I would be prepared when he told my mother. I was stunned and sick and didn’t know what to think or do, but then again what could I do. He then sent me back to the waiting room and the nurse came and got both my mother and I and took us to the doctor’s office this time. He then went over the news again, and I hardly heard him as I was still in a state of shock. I did watch my mother’s face when he told us the news again and she looked as stunned as I was. He then provided us pamphlets for all of the options I had with the pregnancy.

I was in a total state of shock. I was pregnant. After everything that happened now I was pregnant. Saddest of all I was unsure who the father of the baby was. It could be Scott but it also could be others. My mother didn’t seem to know what to say to me either and was pretty quiet on the ride home. When we got home she and I were still quiet. What do you say when you find out your daughter is pregnant? I went up to my room in silence.

The silence did not last too long that evening as I heard the doorbell ring. Within a few moments I heard my father’s voice call my name. I went downstairs to see why he was calling me. There in the living room awaiting me were two police officers one male and one female. They began to question me, “Tori we have been investigating the sexual assault of you reported by the hospital. Our investigation has turned up a few witnesses and some physical evidence. But there are still some holes in the information that we hope you would be willing to clear up for us. First can you confirm that these are your clothes?”

Inside a zip lock bag with my name written on it in black were the clothes I had on the night at the hotel when the coach raped me. I looked at the clothing in the bag my mind debating what I should tell or not tell. I saw both my parents eyes on me and the bag.
“I bought her that blouse,” my mother said looking at the bag stunned, “I hadn’t noticed its been missing,” she continued.
I couldn’t believe she was confirming for them what I wasn’t sure I wanted to confirm.
The officer continued, “Tori your DNA is all over the clothing so we know it is yours.”
I looked up at them stunned and finally gave in and nodded confirming that they were my clothes. “Where did you get them,” I asked softly.
“Why don’t you tell us where you took them off at,” he asked.
I looked at the floor so not wanting to tell them anything that might get Scott into more trouble I was horrified and scared of everything.
“Tori, answer his question,” my father yelled at me. I felt a tear run down my cheek but still didn’t answer. My mother put her hand on my father’s hand to calm him down. “Where did you remove the clothing,” the officer asked.
“Elizabeth’s,” I answered very softly.
The officer nodded. “Yes that’s where we recovered the clothing,” the office said.
He continued. “What we have been unable to determine as of this point is who’s semen is on your underwear. Can you tell us who it belongs to Tori.”
Both my parents were starring at me waiting on my answer waiting for me to tell everyone who had raped me. I just looked at the floor silently.
With my silence the officer went on, “The DNA does not match your boyfriend Scott. However, he seems to be tangled up with a lot of recent incidents in your life Tori.”
“Who’s DNA is on the underwear Tori,” the lady police officer asked.
I looked at the ground tears in my eyes, not sure if I say who it was what would happen. I started to cry and my mom put her arm around me holding me.
“Who raped you Tori,” the lady police officer asked again but with the “R” word.
I was so scared and didn’t know what to do and didn’t know if I should say.
“Who’s DNA is on your panties Tori,” the lady office asked again.
My heart was pounding, I was so scared and so upset. Everyone was starring at me. . .

“Coach Kahanamoku,” I answered quietly and the room went dead silent.
To be continued.
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