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Pop goes the cherry

Island Fever
Written by:

Chapter 5: "Cherry"

Once I stepped out of the elevator and made my way into
the below-ground recreation room on this bright and colorful
Thursday afternoon, I was momentarily stunned by the sight
of Lindsay. The image of wholesome, sweet innocence, Lindsay
was wearing a fluorescent orange halter-top which hugged
and clutched her nubile young form in an exotic manner. Her
taut, C-cup breasts were jutting outward upon the stretchy
fabric. The young woman also wore a pair of denim shorts,
along with white socks and matching sneakers. Those legs
were so very sleek, so toned... so perfect. Her exquisite,
long-flowing blonde hair looked fabulous tied into a girlish
pony-tail, with her slender, delicate neck also on display.

After swimming several laps in the pool and then taking a
shower, I decided to come down here to the recreation room to
play another hour of _Final Fantasy X-2_ - the incredibly
long and difficult video game for the _PlayStation 3_ console.
As it was, I had 46 hours of _FF X-2_ game-play logged on the
hard drive for the system. The game was a bit dated, having
been released in 2003 for the _PlayStation 2_ console, but I
had only caught onto it recently. It had quickly turned into
my favorite video game of all-time, and I was determined to
beat it. But all thoughts of playing games, needless to say,
vanished once I saw Lindsay in the recreation room.

The precious angel was splayed out across a leather floor
comforter, her sneaker-clad feet upon the carpet and knees
raised, with a pair of large earphones around her head.
Although she had the volume of the _Krell Home Theater
Standard_ 7.1 preamp/processor turned high - I could hear
loud, blaring music from the earphones all the way across
the room - I could not make out exactly what artist and/or
song Lindsay was listening to. I figured that it was one of
those _boy bands_ which everyone (except for teen-age girls
like Lindsay) seemed to despise. Or maybe Lindsay was into
country music? Perhaps modern rock? Even rap? Hmmmmm...

Whatever the case, Lindsay offered me a glittering smile
and quickly turned the stereo off once she realized that I
was in the recreation room with her. She removed the pair
of earphones from her head and greeted, "Hi there, sir."

"Sir?" was my immediate, stunned reaction. "SIR?" Did
she really just address me that way?

"The Bible says submit to the authorities placed above
you," Lindsay, who was quite the religious type, informed
me. "You are the authority of this island. Me calling you
_SIR_ is a way of treating you with the proper respect."
She punctuated her statement with a shy, timid smile.

I chuckled inwardly. "I may be a lot of things, Lindsay,
but I am DEFINITELY not a sir. Please... call me Jeremy. I
am not an authority figure here, either. I'm just the host.
Again, please... call me Jeremy. Please."

"If that is what you want, then so be it," she relented.
"I will start over again. Hi there, Jeremy."

I nodded my head at her. "Afternoon there, Miss Lindsay.
May I ask what you were listening to with the earphones?"

"Saving Jane," Lindsay responded, to which my mind drew an
absolute blank. "You probably have no idea who they are,
Jeremy. It is a band originally from Ohio. Gotta support
the local music, you know. I knew of the group well before
it went big-time national seven years ago." Lindsay paused,
then asked, "What type of music do you listen to?"

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "To be honest, I
like a little of everything. Variety. I think if I had to
pick a favorite, it would be Richard Marx. I grew up in the
late 1980's and early 1990's listening to his songs. He had
two brand-new albums come out simultaneously near the end of
2008, I believe. I bought them as soon as I could. Also
had a little Christmas album come out two years ago. But
most of his stuff is from when I was around your age."

"Richard Marx?" Lindsay asked, her blue eyes narrow. "I
have never even heard of Richard Marx..."

I stifled a laugh and then shook my head. A good sign
that you are getting older in life is when someone who is
younger says that he or she has never heard of your favorite
musical group or artist. Unfortunately, I was climbing that
ladder fast. At times, it was difficult for me to accept.

"You're 39, right?" Lindsay said.

"Yes ma'am," I responded. "Some other types of music
that I like are Van Halen, Poison, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams.
But my favorite band of all is Guns n' Roses. I could listen
to them all day; doesn't matter if its the original group or
the newer version of it." Wow... I was most likely really
dating myself in Lindsay's eyes. I needed to toss in a more
current performer. "I also really like Eminem."

"Eminem? _YOU_ listen to Eminem, Jeremy? Wow."

I nodded my head. "He has an awful lot of talent."

"I've heard of a few of those older groups you mentioned,"
Lindsay told me, grinning. "Some guy I know likes to blast
Guns n' Roses in his car." She was such a doll. A darling,
fresh-faced 18-year-old just six days removed from her high
school graduation, Lindsay was one of my naughtiest fantasies
come to life. What sane man hasn't dreamed of corrupting the
sweet and untainted virgin in one way or another, and sending
her along her rightful path in life? That being, of course,
the path of sexual satisfaction and wanton fulfillment.

On the other hand, though, my more sensitive and caring
side had its concerns. When I originally accepted Lindsay's
application to come to the island, I did not know that she
was still a virgin. Would I have brought Lindsay here if I
knew that little fact about her beforehand? Not a chance.

My lone objective with all of these ladies, of course, was
to hopefully find my soul-mate in life and then marry her.
Would an 18-year-old virgin be looking for that type of
commitment? I had already overheard Lindsay say to Trish,
Amy and Camille (with the help of the voyeur room) that she
was, in no way, looking to settle down. Perhaps I should
have chosen someone a little older to fill the final spot?
After all, there was a reason why the other five ladies -
Pamela, Trish, Amy, Devon and Camille - ranged in age from
25 to 30. Amy, in fact, would be turning 31 in less than
three weeks. They were (typically speaking) at the point
in their lives when single women are starting to settle
down and get married. That was my sole intent, remember.

Make no mistake about it, though - I was not complaining,
or thinking that I had made an error in bringing Lindsay to
the island. With her youth and inexperience, she brought a
very different, fresh element to the mix. Maybe I should
have selected someone older and more experienced, but...

Who knows? Maybe Lindsay would change her mind about
making a commitment at her age. Maybe I would fall in love
with her? Maybe she would fall in love with me? Maybe the
two of us would get married and spend the rest of our lives,
and all of eternity, incredibly happy together? Or perhaps
Lindsay and I would not _click_ at all in a romantic sense?
That was what these six weeks were about for me - evaluation.
Although Pamela and Devon were at the head of the proverbial
class right now, I really owed it to myself to evaluate _all_
of the women before making my true decision on which of them
appealed to me the most. I owed it to them, as well.

"What is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"
I asked Lindsay. "I already know that you are a virgin. You
told me and Trish that during your first night here. Why did
you agree to come to the island? Because of the money? It
seems that you are a little... out of your element... here."

Lindsay frowned and nodded her head in response. "Yes...
because of the money. My family really needs the money."

"Oh?" I inquired, closing the distance between us and
taking a seat across from her on the floor. "Why is that?"

"We need all the money we can get," Lindsay fretted in a
hurt tone, momentarily tearing her gaze away from me.

I tilted my head and inspected the look on her face.
Unfortunately, it appeared as if this little bundle of
cheer and sweetness was about to cry. "What's wrong?"

"It's my father," Lindsay answered, her mouth twitching.
"He... he p-passed away... N-N-No-November 4th, last year."

"Oh my..." I grieved, totally unaware of that. There was
no mention of that on any of the paperwork she had filled out
prior to her arrival. Nor did Lindsay ever bring it up
during any of our discussions. Just barely out of high
school and the poor girl had already lost her father? The
horrid news kind of blindsided me. "I'm so sorry, honey.
What... what happened to him?"

Lindsay sniffed her nose and sighed, "I came home from
school one day with my sister, Alison. I was 17 then, and
she was 16. We saw Dad l-lying on the s-s-sofa." Lindsay
shook her head and added, "I thought he was sleeping, but
then Alison noticed that his eyes were wide open. He had
this totally blank, empty... emotionless stare."

"Oh God..."

"We thought he may have been playing with us at first,"
Lindsay continued, fighting back her tears. "But then we
realized that he wasn't breathing. There was no pulse."
She took a deep breath and shook her head. "I got on the
phone and called 9-1-1. They sent the paramedics, but they
said there was nothing they could do. He was dead." Lindsay
dipped her head low and began to cry. "They... they said
they would call the police and coroner, and then they left.
They... they left me and Alison all alone... with our dead
father on the sofa. Imagine what that was like for us! I
thought... I thought that was so incredibly cruel of them."

I frowned and shook my head at the mere thought. "Must
have been awful for you and your sister. Just awful..."

"He was only 46!" Lindsay exclaimed. "I nev-never once
thought I would lose my father so... so very young!"

As I sat across from her upon the floor, Lindsay covered
her eyes and sobbed like this was a funeral. Although seven
months had elapsed since her father passed away, Lindsay was
still experiencing a tremendous amount of grief and pain. I
have not lost either of my parents yet (thank God), so I did
my best to put myself in her situation and feel the anguish.
It was quite a grim thought for me, indeed.

"What happened to him?" I asked. "If I may...?"

"Massive coronary," Lindsay interjected, now looking at me
through her tear-stained eyes. She grabbed a nearby box of
tissues and put several of them to good use. "That is the
one thing I never understood. Daddy was in great health. He
was always exercising, always going out, always active. I
went on a 16 mile bike ride with him a week earlier. I can't
believe that his heart gave out on him. _46_! HE WAS 46!"
Lindsay began to cry harder as she added, "He w-w-won't be
th-there to walk me down the aisle when I get m-m-married!
He won't be there when I give b-birth to my first ch-child!
He won't be there to be a grandpa for my kids!..."

I felt the urge to take Lindsay into my arms and comfort
her, but did not have the courage to do so. I certainly did
not want Lindsay to think that I was making a _move_ on her
in what was obviously a very weakened state. Furthermore,
did I _know_ Lindsay well enough to offer her a hug? I had
no problem with the idea, of course, but she might. Still, I
had to fight it. This girl needed a hug in the worst way
possible. But somehow, I managed to keep my distance from her.

And, I am not above admitting that Lindsay was about to
make _me_ cry. "He will be there in spirit, sweetheart."

Lindsay took several seconds to compose herself before
speaking in a steady voice, "After Dad passed away, money
became really tight. He did not have any life insurance
and it left me, my mom and Alison in a really bad way. He
did not have a lot of money saved up, either, unfortunately.
I have two older sisters, too - Gina and Jennifer. Gina was
living in Colorado, but she moved back to Ohio with us and
helped out with the expenses. Food, clothes, mortgage and
car payments... me, my mom and my sisters, we all became a
team. But none of us make a whole lot of money. I work at
a supermarket and the best that I can do is $8.15 an hour."

"What do you do in the supermarket? Are you a cashier?"

"I work in cosmetics," she told me. Ahh, that made a lot
of sense, I said inwardly. Lindsay was absolutely perfect
for that job. She was the beautiful teen-age girl standing
behind the cosmetics counter at your typical supermarket,
smiling and being cheerful for every customer who came along.
In addition, she was the female employee who was secretly
lusted after and admired the most by her male co-workers.

"So the reason you came to the island was because of the
money prospects?"

"I admit - it was the only reason," Lindsay sulked. "My
family knew what I was getting myself into. They knew what
was going to happen to me here. I was very straightforward
and honest about it. My mom did not like me going to a sex
resort, per se, but the allure of the money was too much. I
cannot tell you how much $500,000 would help our family.
Even if I get just $100,000, I would be so incredibly happy.
I am going to give whatever I get to my mom. I hope... it
will help us get back on our feet, for sure. It can be the
life insurance policy that she never received."

More at ease, and in much better control of her emotions,
Lindsay quickly added, "But now, I love the island. I came
here for the money, yes. But everything that has happened
to me thus far... I cannot think of a better place to be. I
miss my family and would rather be with them, I guess. But
if I have to be away from them, I want to be on this island.
I want to be here more than you would ever know. You have
created a true dream atmosphere, Jeremy. This place is like
a whole different world to me. Everyone is so nice." She
giggled and added, "Even Amy is starting to grow on me..."

"Do your religious convictions make you want to save your
virginity until your wedding night?" I asked, already
knowing the answer. After all, Trish had asked Lindsay a
very similar question during their first night together on
the island. I, of course, eavesdropped on that discussion.

"Yes, they do," she admitted. "But I think that I am
giving my virginity up here - whenever that happens - for a
good cause. I know it will happen here. I have accepted
that as fact. I am doing this to help my family. If I am
to be condemned for helping my family, then so be it."

"You don't have to have sex here, you know," I reminded
her. "You are not being forced into anything, Lindsay. I
know that I am promoting a very open way of life here, but
you do not have to have sex if you do not want to. You
could just hang out here for six weeks and bask in the sun.
If you want to wait until your wedding night, then by all
means... wait. The choice is up to you - and you alone. Do
not feel obligated to surrender your virginity to anyone.
It is certainly not a requirement of you being here. I want
you to know that. I want you to understand it, too. You
will receive your money regardless of the choice you make."

Lindsay smiled. "You make me feel so much at ease about
everything, Jeremy. Not just this, but everything since I
arrived here. All of the other girls would say the same,
exact thing. You have made all of us feel at ease."

"That is my intention."

Lindsay sighed before admitting, "My religious side wants
me to save myself for my wedding night, whenever that day
comes. But I am a human being with desires. With or without
this island, I seriously doubt that I would last until my
wedding night." My eyes widened in pure surprise she added,
"Alison, my younger sister, is still 16. Alison tells me ALL
THE TIME that if God wanted everyone to wait until they were
married to have sex, we as people would not be filled with
lust and desires. I do not know if I agree with Alison, but
that is the general attitude that I am trying to adopt here."

"I have been curious about so many things for such a long
time," Lindsay continued. "It is just what Trish told me the
other night - she has never been married, but has had sex
before. Trish said despite that, she will go to Heaven. I
do not think that I will be scrutinized by God and go to Hell
if I lose my virginity on this island. And do not worry...
I will not have sex just to have sex. I still look at giving
my virginity to someone else as a sacred thing. It will be
with the right person." Trish?, I asked inwardly. Trish and
Lindsay had been close to inseparable the past few days. "As
I said, Jeremy, even though it won't be my wedding night, it
will still be for a good cause. In being here, I am helping
my family out. If we do not come across some money soon,
Mom said that she may have to file for bankruptcy. I know
that both of her credit cards are totally maxed-out."

I frowned. "Your family is missing out on your paycheck
from the supermarket right now. Are they going to be okay
for the next six weeks without your weekly income? I guess
it is not much, but every little bit certainly helps."

"Mom said she thinks they will make it," Lindsay pined.
"They know that I will bring home $100,000, at least. That
is the light at the end of the tunnel for us. Until now,
the only thing at the end of the tunnel for us was ANOTHER
tunnel." Lindsay shook her head. "It's been really rough."

I took a deep breath and came to an immediate, sudden
decision. With the amount of financial resources that I
had at my disposal, it was truly the only decision that I
could make. It was the right thing to do.

"If your only intention with this money, sweetheart, is to
give it to your family in order to help them out..." I
paused, re-evaluating that decision for an instant or two.
I then came to the conclusion that there was nothing for me
to re-evaluate. My heart told me to make her this offer.
"What would you say if I called my financial guru in Utah,
and had him forward $100,000 to your mom? Today? That way,
your family would not have to wait six weeks for the money.
They could have it right away, and start paying off bills."

Lindsay's eyes went wide and nearly exploded from their

"I see no reason why I shouldn't," I replied, shrugging
my shoulders. "It's for a good cause - just as you said.
Your mother could have the money in her bank account no more
than five or ten minutes from now. I would need you to call
her on the telephone and get her bank account number for me.
Then I would call Harold, the financial guru from Utah, and
instruct him to wire $100,000 to your mother's account."

"You... you'd do that for us?" Lindsay was _shocked_.

I smiled at her. "Of course I would."


Suddenly, Lindsay tossed her arms around me in a joyous
embrace. Needless to say, the move stunned me. But now, I
had a safe, legitimate reason to give her a hug of my own
because she had instigated the physical contact between us.
Thus, I wrapped my arms around that little body of Lindsay's
and felt like never relinquishing her from my grasp.

"This does not, in any single way, disqualify you from
getting the $500,000 grand prize," I told her. "You still
could be the one, dear. We'll see in six weeks."

"THANK YOU, JEREMY!" Lindsay gushed. "THANK YOU!" She
began to bounce and vibrate, her arms very tight and secure
around my shoulders. "What could I ever do to re-pay you?
My family is going to be _SO HAPPY_ with that money!"

When Lindsay pulled her arms away from me, I reluctantly
did the same. Like anyone else would if in my position, I
wanted to continue to relish the feel of her taut, little
body against mine! God, this girl was so divine...

Lindsay made eye contact with me and squealed, "How in
the WORLD can you afford to do this? Give all that money to
my family? $100,000 to everyone else here, with the promise
of $500,000 to one of us. This mansion, this big island of
yours... it all must cost you millions of dollars to buy!"

"Several of them," I informed her. "Many several."

"How can you afford this?" she reiterated. "I mean...
what exactly is it that you do, Jeremy? You have a job?"

"I have several business interests right now, but prefer
to think of myself as semi-retired," were my words for her.
"I don't have a quote-endquote-quote, job. Not anymore, at
least. I have no need for one."

"How did you make all this money?"

I did not want to offer specifics about the business side
of my life to any of the ladies at such an early stage, but
felt the need to open up to Lindsay. I think, in some way,
she deserved to know (at least) a little about me. Besides,
I was going to tell her and all of the others eventually,
anyway. So why not start now?

"Back in the mid-1990's, I developed, what is now, one of
the largest and most popular websites on the Internet. I
also created a well-known web browser, called [Browser Name].
Many people use it all over the world. I sold the website,
[Website Name].com, to a company in California for half a
billion dollars." Lindsay appeared totally flabbergasted
as I added, "After that, just a few months later, I sold the
browser I created and developed for 300 million dollars. If
you throw in all the money I made while still in control of
the website and browser, and my income now from residuals
and investments, the American stock market and my varying
business interests, I'm roughly worth two billion dollars."

"Did y-y-you... did you say... two b-b-billion dollars?"
Lindsay was totally floored. "With a... _B_?" When I nodded
my head at her, Lindsay sighed. "NO WONDER you can afford to
live on an island like this, in this mansion! If I... if I
may ask... how much did this mansion c-cost you?"

"The home itself, as well as everything in it, is valued
at over 93 million dollars."

"WOW..." Lindsay moaned, still awestruck. "And I thought
the $8.15 an hour that I make at the supermarket was good.
At least for someone my age, that is. Wow..." She paused,
lost in thought for a moment or two. "What do you do with
your money, Jeremy? Could you ever spend all of it?"

"No, I could never spend all of it," I told her. "I take
care of my family. My mom and dad - though separated and
living thousands of miles apart - I've taken care of them.
My two brothers and one sister, and their families. I have
taken care of them, too. I like to help people. I fund a
shelter over in Peru for the homeless."

Lindsay nodded. "So you invest one million dollars into
the idea of bringing me and the other girls to your island?
That is what you'll pay us in the end. One million, total.
$100,000 for five, $500,000 for one. Not to mention, the
price of the airline tickets to get here, too. All of our
food and other miscellaneous expenses, too..."

I grinned. "It is turning out to be a wise investment.
You six girls are better than I ever possibly imagined."
All of them with the possible exception of Camille, that is.
I did not like some of the things Camille had tried thus far.
She had rubbed me the wrong way on a couple of occasions.

I smiled and hesitated before continuing, "Can I ask you
something personal, Miss Lindsay? You do not have to answer
if you do not want to. I would understand, and not mind."

"Sure," she giggled. "You can ask me anything."

I hesitated again. "How is it that someone who is as
beautiful as you... how can you still be a virgin at 18?"
Lindsay seemed to fidget about somewhat at my question.
"Aside from your religious views, you said that you are full
of curiosity and desires. You said you were not going to
last until your wedding night. Again, discounting your
faith, is there any particular reason why a girl as sweet
and as beautiful as you is still a virgin at 18?" Lindsay
was really squirming and fidgeting about now. An incredibly
humble type, no one (except perhaps her younger sister and,
to a lesser extent, Trish) had spoken to Lindsay in this
manner before. That was obvious. "I am sorry if that was
too personal, dear. You don't have to answer it if you don't
want to. I would understand. Me, I'm just nosey."

"No, it's okay." Lindsay took a deep breath. "Amy tells
me every day that we're all friends here, and we should not
hide anything from one another. Aside from wanting my first
time having sex to be special, I just... I never had much
interest in boys my age. Up until now, I think, boys my age
were my only opportunity at going out on a date. I just...
I think boys my age are so immature. I know that where I
work - in the supermarket - a lot of the older men there
called me _jailbait Lindsay_ until I turned 18 in December.
I like a lot of those older guys, and they like me. But
almost all of them are married, so they are off-limits. In
fact, a lot of them STILL call me _jailbait_. I could be
walking by, and they call me _jailbait_ behind my back."

"What is the perfect age for a guy in your book?"


I smiled at the prospects. _I_ am 39. Of course, this
little sweetheart already knew that.

"Actually, I like all older guys," she clarified. "I am
attracted to one guy where I work, and he is in his 60's."

I laughed. "He would not be able to survive a night with
you! So you did not enjoy dating boys in high school, huh?"

"I had one serious boyfriend," she admitted. "His name
was Eddie. We dated for two years but I never had sex with
him. He wanted me to, but I always found a way out of it.
Eddie was nice and all - for a while, at least - but I could
not see him as the guy I gave my virginity to. I did not
love him at all. He was more a friend to me. We would go
out, do things together. I guess we weren't serious."

"He was nice... just for a while?"

Lindsay pouted. "One day, Eddie DEMANDED that I have sex
with him, or our relationship was over. I was not about to
let anyone talk to me that way, and make demands. I waved
my hand at him and told him _bye-bye_. The pig..."

"Good for you! You have to stand up for yourself."

Lindsay glanced around the spacious recreation room for
several seconds, but eventually focused on the collection
of video game consoles that were lined up on the floor. She
then looked at me, but pointed toward the game systems. "I
was playing _Dead or Alive 4_ for _X-Box 360_ before you came
down here, Jeremy. My cousin has that game. I love it."

"You love playing a martial arts, fighting game?" I asked
her, somewhat surprised. Lindsay was too sweet and docile
to be interested in a violent video game. Or so I thought.

"I've always enjoyed playing it," she told me. "Would
you like to play it with me? Please? Competition!"

"Sure," I smiled, reaching for one of the controllers.

"You know the red-head in this game?" Lindsay asked,
firing up the _X-Box 360_ system by turning its power on.
"I forget her name, but she reminds me an awful lot of Amy.
The red-headed karate girl with the enormous chest?"


"Yeah!" Lindsay chirped. "That's her name! Kasumi! Do
you agree with me? Doesn't she remind you of Amy?"

I thought things over for a moment or two. "Yes... as a
matter of fact, she does. Interesting observation, Lindsay.
I would have never thought of it myself." And you remind me
of Rikku, Lindsay, I said to myself. Rikku is a character
in _Final Fantasy X-2_ - which was my favorite video game of
all-time (at least right now). Lindsay and Rikku looked so
much alike that they could easily pass as long-lost sisters.

After a few seconds, I told Lindsay, "Kasumi is also in
another game - _Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball_.
She wears a string bikini the whole game. The graphics in
it are outstanding; they are so good it looks like you are
watching a movie instead of playing a video game. Kasumi
and the other girls bounce up-and-down all throughout it."

"I want to play that game instead now!" Lindsay squealed.

* * *

Wanting to help Louisa, the 76-year-old housekeeper, I
began to clear the dining room table of all dishes and trays
after dinner had concluded that evening. Amy, who worked as
a waitress in her suburban Cincinnati hometown, decided to
pitch in and help me with the clean-up too. Trish also lent
a helping hand, although I told both ladies that I did not
require or even want their help. They were, as I told them
a few days ago, my guests. But Trish and Amy insisted...

Pamela, Lindsay, Devon and Camille all said they were
going to change into their bikinis and go down to the beach
for a dip in the ocean before it got too dark. After the
dishes were taken care of and the formal dining room was
spic and span, Amy said that she was going to join them.
The insatiable red-head planted a kiss on Trish's cheek and
mine, then smiled and sashayed off to her room to change.

Did Trish have a mending of the ways with Amy? I did not
know, but that certainly appeared to be the case. Yesterday,
Trish was very upset at some of the things Amy (as well as
Camille) was saying to Lindsay. Now, a mere 24 hours later,
Trish was welcoming kisses on the cheek from Amy? I would
have to do some research in my trusty voyeur room and see if
they had some sort of discussion where they ironed out
whatever problems that existed between them.

Like all of the other ladies, I hated for Amy to leave,
but _LOVED_ to watch her go. What a magnificent ass! She
wore a pair of cut-off denim shorts, which clung tightly to
that shapely ass of hers, accentuating its gorgeous shape
and erotic firmness to the greatest extent.

As I watched the young woman strut away, I paid special
attention to that wondrous backside. Amy's lush, round ass
jiggled and twitched seductively with each and every step,
her hips swaying from side to side in an exaggerated fashion.
She was giving Trish and yours truly a little tease show.

"I think there goes my real dinner," Trish offered, her
pretty eyes also trained on Amy until she soon disappeared
around the corner. "Yum-yum, give me some..."

"Trish!" I openly scorned her, albeit playfully. I shook
my head and added, "What's the deal, sweetheart? Aren't you
going to join the others down at the beach, too? It's only
going to stay light outside for another hour or so."

"I will eventually," Trish said, smiling, her expression
somewhat suggestive as she looked at me. Trish, along with
Lindsay and Camille, had not been with me in any sort of
sexual situation yet. I had been with Pamela, Amy and Devon,
but not the first trio yet. Was that about to change?

Soft brown eyes and a lovely, cover-girl face gave Trish
an innocent edge to her otherwise sex machine of a body. At
5-foot-4 and 118 pounds, not only was Trish very physically
fit, but she was also incredibly voluptuous, too.

A fitness instructor in the Toronto area, Trish could
easily pass as a centerfold model in an adult magazine. She
had all of the qualifications for it, too. Not only was the
blonde supremely stacked, with that immaculate face of hers
to boot, but she also had a smile which could brighten even
the darkest of rooms. Trish could really be a supermodel if
she wanted to give the profession a try.

But the 30-year-old also had a charming personality and
infectious attitude which drew others to her. I found myself
thinking this about most of the ladies here, but it was the
truth. All of them were very friendly and easy-going. Even
Camille, though I did not like her right now because of her
recent behavior, had her good moments.

As for Trish, that smile of hers was what always got me.
Instead of calling it _pretty_ or _lovely_, let me say that
Trish's smile could best be described as _genuine_. It was
beautiful, indeed, but Trish seemed to convey a series of
good vibes and positive emotions through her smile. It was
the type of smile which clearly indicated that she was a
warm-hearted and loving kind of woman. The type of woman, I
am not afraid to say, that I one day wanted to marry.

Trish also seemed to possess a certain sense of poise and
confidence about herself that I also found very attractive.
She was not confident in an arrogant way, or even an outgoing
way. Rather, Trish's confidence was subtle and mostly hidden
below the surface. I could tell just from watching her these
few days that Trish was a go-getter; she was goal-oriented
and strived for nothing but the best in life. I liked that.
That was, of course, my type of woman as well.

"I remember from your profile that you are a big-time fan
of professional hockey," were my words for Trish, wanting to
strike up an innocent conversation. "Correct?"

"Oh yes," she responded. "I love my hometown team - the
Maple Leafs. I've been to a ton of their games over the
years. You know that us Canadians just love our hockey, eh?"

I grinned at her. "I'm not much of a hockey fan, but I
always heard that you actually have to go to a game instead
of watching the sport on television to fully appreciate it.
Then, after going to a game, you are hooked on it."

Trish nodded her head. "Yes, that's true. If we were in
Canada, Jeremy, I would offer to take you to a Leafs' game.
I would get you hooked on hockey. It is a great sport."

"I would gladly go with you, Trish."

"This season was the first time in seven years that the
Maple Leafs actually made the playoffs." Trish shook her
head and added, "They lost in the opening round, a seven
game series, four games to three, to the Boston Bruins. The
thing is, though, the Leafs were up 4-1 late in the final
game. But Boston scored three quick goals, forced overtime,
and then scored again to win the game and the series." Trish
paused, appearing despondent for a moment. "I was devastated
and so was every Leafs' fan. I really thought they had a
chance to win the Stanley Cup this year. But... I think that
every year. I am forever the optimist when it comes to the
Leafs." Trish shrugged her shoulders. "Up until two weeks
ago, I was a fan of the Ottawa Senators."

"Oh? Why is that?"

Trish frowned. "Ottawa was the only team from Canada that
made it to the second round of the postseason. They lost to
the Pittsburgh Penguins, four games to one. After that, I
was no longer a fan of theirs."

I chuckled gently. "Ahh... a bandwagoner, huh?"

"Not exactly," Trish corrected me. "Mostly everyone in
my country was rooting for Ottawa simply because they were,
as I said, the only team from Canada to make the second round.
They were our last hope."

"Canadians want their country's teams to win?"

"It is really just a national pride thing for us," Trish
explained. "Hockey is Canada's game. To bring the Cup home
to Canada is where we feel it rightfully belongs. You see,
Jeremy, hockey is a religion in my country."

"Has a champion been crowned yet?"

"No, the Stanley Cup Finals start sometime next week.
The conference finals are still going on, so the teams are
not set in stone yet. Boston beat Pittsburgh last night in
game three of the Eastern Conference Finals, and is up three
games to none. I am pretty certain that Boston is going to
win the next game and sweep Pittsburgh. Over in the Western
Conference Finals, things are a bit more competitive, but I
think Chicago is going to defeat Los Angeles in five games.
The Blackhawks are up two to one. Game four is tonight."

"You must be keeping up with the action here?"

Trish nodded. "I watched a live feed of game three
between the Bruins and Penguins on the Internet in the
recreation room last evening." She rolled her eyes and
continued, "Yet another team from America winning the Cup
seems impossible to me. What that means, of course, for
Canada... the wait continues. The last team from Canada to
win the Cup was Montreal some 20 years ago. That was _1993_.
Before Lindsay was born! Hockey is Canada's game, and the
Cup should belong to us."

"You sure love hockey," I observed. "I have talked more
about it with you in these past five minutes than everyone
else combined in my life."

Trish giggled. "Hockey is everything in my country."

"My oldest brother, Dan, is a big-time hockey fan," I told
her. "I remember there was a video game he loved playing
back in the day - _NHL '94_. To this day, he still says it
is the best hockey game a video game system has ever made."

"I agree," Trish said. "Nothing comes close. I'm a bit
of a video game geek myself. A gamer girl. I play lots of
games, but my favorite is undoubtedly _World of Warcraft_.
I have been playing that game since it was released."

"I played _World of Warcraft_ a bit in the past," I said.
"What character do you play in it?"

Trish bit her lip and smiled at me. "A mistweaver monk.
I'm a healer. You know a little about the game? I raid on
my monk in a 25 man heroic guild. I also have a druid tank
that I raid on, but not as seriously as the monk."

"I know about raiding in that game," I mused. "I've done
a bit in the past when I played. So I suppose your guild is
fine with you being away for these six weeks while you're
here on the island with me?"

Trish giggled. "They don't have much of a choice. I told
them that I was going on an extended vacation, but would be
back. All of the guys in that guild love me. They love
hearing my voice and talking to me over _Mumble_. I am not
worried about losing my raid spot with them at all."

"You said there is a hockey game tonight, right?"

"Between the Blackhawks and Kings, yes," she responded.
"Why do you ask?"

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "I'll watch it with
you if you don't mind the company." Trish smiled at the idea
as I added, "Perhaps you could teach me a few things about
the game? You are obviously an expert at it."

"I would love that!" the 30-year-old beamed. "Now... if
I could just make you into a Leafs' fan."

I laughed and countered, "I don't know about that. I'm
more a baseball, basketball and football sort of person.
Professional, that is. I have my favorite baseball and
football teams in Cincinnati, and then for basketball, the
Lakers from Los Angeles."

"Any chance the Lakers had of beating San Antonio in the
playoffs this year died when Kobe Bryant got injured," Trish
spoke. "Without Kobe Bryant, San Antonio destroyed them. A
torn achilles tendon at his age? He may never come back from
that. I'd be very surprised if he did. I think the Lakers'
days of winning championships are over. The Miami Heat are
gonna keep winning titles as long as they stay together."

"It's certainly hard to argue that," I agreed.

"Reds, Bengals and Lakers, eh? You used to live in those
cities, correct, Jeremy? That is what Devon was telling me
and Lindsay yesterday, at least."

"Ohio for 12 years, New Jersey for six, California for
four, with a short spell in Oregon, and then the last 17
on this tropical island." I chuckled before adding, "You
know that Lindsay and Amy are from the same county where I
lived in Ohio? I would call it a coincidence, but it's
really not. One of the reasons why I chose Lindsay and Amy
was because they, along with me, are from the same area."

"Amy lives more in the city while Lindsay is out in the
country," Trish said. "That is what Devon was telling me,
at least. They live only a couple of miles apart. I asked
Lindsay, and she confirmed it."

I nodded my head. "Lindsay is from a really small town.
That is why, I think, she seems so shy and reserved."

Trish flashed that remarkable smile once again. "I like
Lindsay just the way she is. That girl is the sweetest
little thing that I have ever seen." She giggled and added,
"I want to take Lindsay home and play _house_ with her for
the next 60 years. Nothing would ever make me any happier."

"Tell me about your family, dear."

Trish grinned again. "There is my mom and dad, and I have
two younger sisters. Christie is 29 - one year younger than
I am - and Melissa is 20." She hesitated before continuing,
"It seems kind of strange because Lindsay is only 18. I
always think that Melissa is so young and immature. But I'm
crazy in love with someone who is even younger than she is."
Trish flashed another smile. "Christie looks exactly like I
do. The only difference is that Christie is a brunette."

I laughed. "That sure would be a vision... two of you!"

"What do you mean?" Trish asked, twirling several strands
of her long-flowing blonde hair around a single fingertip.

"You're a very beautiful, very smart and kind-hearted
woman," I responded. "If your sister looks just like you
do, and more importantly ACTS like you do... wow, that would
really be something. You're enough temptation for me as it
is by yourself. Two of you would blow my senses."

"Oh... that's so sweet," Trish cooed, batting her eyes.

I took a step back and smiled at the amazing beauty that
was Trish. She wore a little pair of red spandex shorts,
which ended several inches above her kneecaps. Her red top
was equally body-hugging as well. It was very tight with a
deep, plunging neckline, maximizing the appearance of her
formidable cleavage. She also wore a pair of white sneakers
and matching socks. Lastly, Trish had a white sweatband
tugged across her forehead, with the crimson-red _Nike_ logo
remaining visible to fully complement her athletic attire.

Indeed, I was very attracted to this beautiful woman.
And that attraction was multiplying by the second.

"Have you ever been to my country, Jeremy?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, I have. It was in 2001, if I'm
not mistaken. I had a business meeting all afternoon, then
caught a baseball game that night at the _SkyDome_."

Trish flashed that genuine smile of hers once again. "You
should have come and seen me back then, Jeremy. If it was in
the spring or summer of 2001, I was only 18. I would have
loved to catch a Blue Jays' game with you. We could have
went out, seen the town... had a good time together."

"Unfortunately, I did not know you back then," I grinned.
"Else... I would have gladly took you to the game." If I did
know Trish in 2001, I said inwardly, she and I may very well
be married right now. I could easily envision that...

"If I'm not mistaken, the game was on June 30, 2001," I
told her, the details of that day and night coming back to
me. "Toronto lost to the Boston Red Sox, 6-5, I believe."

"I was 18 then," Trish nodded. "2001... the Blue Jays
had a bad year. I think we finished in third place."

"We? You must REALLY love sports," I commented, smiling.
I know that there are several men out there in the world who
would love to have a wife or girlfriend who was as interested
in sports - both spectator and participatory - as was Trish.
I was not a fanatic when it came to sports by any means, but
they had always given me a good source of entertainment.

"My dad caught a foul ball when I was four," Trish mused.
"It was at the old _Exhibition Stadium_ in Toronto, well
before _SkyDome_ was built. It was my first-ever baseball
game. Dad let me have the ball. I still have it on display
in my house. I got the pitcher that night, Jimmy Key, to
autograph it for me. Doug DeCinces of the Angels hit it. I
can still see the ball coming right at us off of his bat."

"I came close to catching a foul ball once at a Reds'
game in Cincinnati, with my brother," I countered. "I think
I was 10 or 11. It was during batting practice. The ball
was coming right at me, but someone from behind caught it at
the last possible second. I was so mad. Eric Davis hit it.
He was my favorite player growing up." I paused for a brief
moment before asking her, "You follow football at all?"

Trish smiled again. "I went to my first NFL game back in
December 2008. The Buffalo Bills played the Miami Dolphins
in Toronto at _Rogers Centre_ which, of course, used to be
called _SkyDome_. The game was boring; Miami won it 16-3.
I saw the Bills again last December at _Rogers Centre_ - they
lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 50-17. I am not really a fan of
Buffalo, but I love watching the NFL and seeing it live for
the first time back in 2008 was pretty awesome."

I smiled. "You are a living, breathing encyclopedia when
it comes to sports, Trish. You know a whole lot more about
them than I do. I have never met a woman like you."

"What has happened thus far during these four days is much
different than what I expected," Trish admitted, deciding to
change the subject. I wanted to talk more sports with her...

"What do you mean?"

"I fully expected you to have all of us in some sort of
non-stop orgy by now. With all of the money that you're
paying us, I was really expecting nothing less. I thought
that you would be some sort of big-shot playboy type of guy."

"I might still turn out to be that way," I wryly retorted,
shrugging my shoulders in an innocent fashion.

"I don't think so," Trish grinned, shaking her head.
"You seem entirely too nice and sweet to be a pervert. I
think you're a good guy who has some naughty fantasies.
That is what this whole thing is about. Yeah..."

I laughed softly. "I shall take that as a compliment.
Tell me, Trish. Is this a complaint of yours? Do you WANT
to be in an orgy right now, and for me to be a pervert?"

She shook her head again. "No, not at all. I'm glad that
you're allowing us, as you said earlier in the week, to go at
our own pace. Thank you, Jeremy. Thank you."

"Your comfort is my goal," I reminded her. "That is my
motto for these six weeks. If you are not comfortable,
Trish... or any of the others are not comfortable for that
matter, then I'm not accomplishing my goal. Very simple."

Smiling, Trish leaned upward and planted a simple kiss
on my cheek. I was not expecting it from her and thus, I
now found myself blushing beet-red. Trish's smile became
even brighter as she gauged my heartfelt, sincere reaction.

"Thank you for making this a lot easier than it should
be," she said, leaning up and kissing my cheek again. "For
a long time, I was apprehensive about coming here. About
what I may have gotten myself into. The way you have treated
us, though... it is the best-case scenario that I could ever
ask for. You've been a perfect gentleman, Jeremy, and I see
no reason why that would ever change. You've made this - the
idea of living on a remote island in a strange house with a
man I never met before - so very easy. Not to mention five
other girls I never met before, either. This transition
could not have been any smoother, and I owe it to you. We
all owe it to you, Jeremy. Again, thank you."

"You're welcome," I told her, still somewhat embarrassed.
I touched my face with my right hand, then looked at it for
several seconds. I could not believe that Trish had kissed
me. Of course, I was not complaining about it. No way...

"I also wanted to thank you for what you did for Lindsay,
and her family," Trish smiled. "Lindsay was telling me all
about it earlier. She said her mom already has the money.
That was incredibly sweet and gracious of you, Jeremy. I was
even thinking of wiring Lindsay's family some money myself.
I have a little stash of my own in the bank."

"You really care for that girl... don't you?"

Trish shrugged her shoulders and offered an impish grin.
"Like no one ever before, yes. I'm in love with Lindsay."

"Have you told her that yet?"

Trish pouted for an instant and replied, "No, not yet. I
don't want to scare her off, or anything. I've been down
that road before, but on the opposite side. I want to go
slow with her. You know, Lindsay is worth the wait, eh?"

I nodded my head. "I agree. She is worth the wait."

Trish giggled and pointed toward the dining room exit.
"I better get going if I want to catch up with the others
before they all hit the beach. Why don't you join us,
Jeremy? Maybe we can build a bon-fire and have a long talk?
Everyone could sit around the fire. It would be fun."

"Sounds like a plan," I grinned. "I'll be down in a bit.
I need to change into my swimming trunks."

"I need to change too," Trish squealed, before smiling
once again. "I'm all dressed up in my workout gear because
I was in the exercise room before dinner. That place is so
huge. It shames the fitness club in Toronto where I work.
This mansion has everything a person could ever want."

I tilted my head and asked, "Can we talk again like this?
I like talking to you, Trish. You're a neat person."

"Of course we can."


As I touched upon in a prior chapter, Trish was actually
more than just a woman. She was a _chick_. A cool chick.
The discussion I just had with her is ample proof of that.

Trish smiled again. "I better go and change if I want to
go to the beach with the others. See you there too, Jeremy?"

When I nodded my head, Trish waved her hand at me and
then turned to walk away. Just like moments ago with Amy, I
hated for Trish to go... but _LOVED_ to watch her leave. I
fully appreciated a round, firm ass encased in spandex...

* * *

"God..." I moaned a short time later, my body full of
sexual anxiety, as I made my way into my personal suite.
"What a lady!" I added, shaking my head. Now, Trish was
nipping at the heels of Pamela and Devon as the woman at
the forefront of my thoughts - and for good reason. Trish
was a goddess! Not only that, but Trish was also a true
sweetheart! I wanted the opportunity to get to know Trish
on a much more personal (and intimate) level. Of course,
the same could be said for all of the ladies here too. I
was still willing to give Camille another chance...

As I turned the corner and was about to whisk my shirt
off, I suddenly froze up, and my eyes nearly exploded at
what they saw in front of me.

Lounging upon my own bed was the darling Lindsay, who
simply wore an oversized night-shirt on her nubile body.
Perched upon her side, Lindsay propped her head up with an
elbow and offered me a nervous smile. I got the sense that
Lindsay wanted to be bold, but her shy and humble nature was
holding her back somewhat. Still, the question begged...

"What are you doing here?" I managed to get out, admiring
her silky blonde hair as it was pulled into a pony-tail. Not
only was I surprised with Lindsay's presence, but my heart
was suddenly beating at a rapid rate of speed. Indeed, what
was Lindsay doing here right now? Why was she wearing just a
night-shirt and lying upon my bed? I thought she was going
to the beach with the others. That was what she claimed.

One of my house rules was that no one was allowed into my
personal suite without my explicit permission. Obviously, I
did not invite Lindsay to come waltzing in here this evening.
This was the one rule that I wanted to place the most amount
of emphasis on, but Lindsay - of all people - violated it.
She had entered my private bedroom without my content.

Thus, I was seething inside. I was angry. Beside myself.
But of course, I would never let Lindsay know those feelings.
I refused to display any sort of negativity around her. I
was not the type of person to express any dissatisfaction
while in the presence of beautiful ladies - especially toward
those who were on my island. I was just happy that all of
them were here. The last thing I wanted to do was make the
group of ladies angry at me. The best way to avoid that, I
figured, was to always give in and do whatever they wanted.

Still, Lindsay had invaded the sacred sanctuary otherwise
known as my private suite. I was not happy about it.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her again.

"I wa-want to have s-sex with y-you," Lindsay stammered.
"Would you... would you like that? Right now? With m-me?
I want you t-to be th-the one to t-take my vi-vi-virginity."

"WHAT?" I asked, stunned.

Lindsay shook her head and fussed, "You are the nicest
person that I have ever met in my life, Jeremy. You're also
the easiest to talk to. If I lose my v-virginity on th-this
island, which I will, I think it should happen with y-you."

I would be a fool to not be interested in what Lindsay was
offering me, but my more sensitive side had its concerns - as
it always did. "Are you ready for that, Lindsay? You were
telling me just earlier today that you want your first time
to be special. If not someone you love, at least someone who
is a friend. You and I... we just met this week, honey.
I... I don't want to take something important from you, and
then for you to regret it in the future."

"I don't think I would regret it," Lindsay stressed. She
took a deep breath and found the courage within herself to go
forward with her proposal. "Look at what you did for my
family! I overheard Devon telling Camille that none of us
will ever find a nicer and more honorable man than you. I
won't ever regret losing my virginity to you, Jeremy, because
I think you'll make me feel special. I just KNOW it."

"Can you sleep on this?" Although my cock was so hard
that it actually hurt in my trousers, that was my initial,
gut reaction. I did not want Lindsay to make a mistake and
then regret it in the future. "Sleep on this, sweetheart.
Think about it... I just want you to be sure."

"Out of all the possibilities, I never thought someone
would refuse me when I offered to have sex with them for the
first time!" Lindsay whined. "There is nothing for me to
sleep on, or think about. I want to have sex with you,
Jeremy." Lindsay finally seemed assured and confident in
what she was saying to me. "And I want it _RIGHT NOW_!"

"Lindsay, I just don't want for..."

"Don't you like me?" she cried, cutting my words off.

"Of course I like you!" I moaned. "You are a very nice,
very beautiful young lady. I like you a lot. I just... I
don't you to make a mistake and regret it. I don't want you
to think that you HAVE to do this. I was never looking for
any favors when I sent your mom that money, dear. I don't
want you to feel compelled to do this. You don't have to.
Please don't feel that you owe this to me because of what I
did for you and your family. You don't owe me a thing. I
had no ulterior motives in wiring that money to your mom. I
did it... because it was the right thing to do."

"Why are we even having this discussion?" Lindsay fussed.
"What is there to talk about? Why aren't you kissing me?
Better yet, why aren't you making love to me right now? Do
I have to throw myself at you like Amy did to get what I
want?" Lindsay got somewhat angry as she concluded, "Do I
have to act like a... whore?"

Okay. That was it.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head in agreement. How
could I resist this virgin teen-ager who wanted to have sex
with me so badly that she was actually crying about it? "If
this is what you want, sweetheart, then... then I can help."

"Good!" Lindsay beamed. "Trish should be here real soon."

I gulped my throat and clarified, "T-Tr-T-Trish?"

"I left a note in our room for her to come here to your
room and meet me," Lindsay cooed, her face suddenly turning
red. "I want Trish to be here too. I want her to take part
in everything... I want her with us."

I gulped my throat again. "You want a... a three-some?"

"I think it would be wild!" Lindsay exclaimed. "To lose
my virginity in a three-some would be an absolute, dream
come true! Don't worry, Jeremy. Trish likes you. I want
you to take my virginity, but I also want Trish here, too.
I want her to HELP you take it from me."

"Sweetheart, I don't..."

"What's going on here?" Trish asked, suddenly appearing
in the open doorway behind me. Her eyes went wide at the
sight of young Lindsay wearing the oversized night-shirt.
"I got your... what in the... what are you doing, Lindsay?"

The 18-year-old took a long, deep breath and responded,
"I want to have sex with you and Jeremy. Right now."

"Both of us?" Trish screeched, momentarily looking at me.
When I shrugged my shoulders at her, Trish re-focused all of
her attention onto Lindsay. "Are you sure, honey?"

"I'm more sure about this than anything," she answered.
"To be with my two favorite people in the world - you and
Jeremy - for my first time. It would be so special." The
little blonde moaned and licked her lips at the mere sight
of her girlfriend. "I want you so much, Trish. Ever since
I saw you at the airport in Miami this past Monday, I knew
that you were the girl for me. Your body is so hot. It is
everything that I have ever dreamed about in another girl.
I know I haven't said that to you yet, but it's the truth."

Suddenly very interested, Trish stepped forward and
climbed onto the bed with Lindsay. "I know that you are
still a virgin, honey. Are you positive about this, eh?"

Lindsay nodded. "Yes, positive. Without a doubt."

"Even after our long talk from earlier? When we talked
about waiting, and letting things happen naturally?"

"This seems perfectly natural to me."

"Are you ABSOLUTELY positive you want this right now?"


"Why now?"

"Now seems like the right time."

"There is no possible chance you will regret doing this?"

"None whatsoever," Lindsay guaranteed.

Literally glowing, Trish glanced at me for a quick moment
before turning her full attention back toward Lindsay. "I
have never had a three-some before." She bit her lower lip
and cooed, "This will be something new for me, too."

Lindsay nodded her head and smiled. "We can all share in
it together... the three of us. It will be perfect."

"Would you like to kiss me right now? Because I really
want to kiss you."

Lindsay went short of breath. "Oh dear God... yes."

Trish curled her neck and met the young woman's lips with
her own for a very slow-moving, deep kiss. Pure and total
excitement seemed to wash over Lindsay's face all at once as
Trish literally serenaded her mouth with the most gentle,
loving kiss that she could possibly offer.

The erection within my trousers was reaching monumental
proportions as I stood off to the side and took in the
natural, untamed beauty that was Lindsay. She was a magnetic
and gorgeous little thing, with her flowing, yellow-blonde
hair up in a pony-tail, her wholesome smile, her slender
legs, those taut breasts and immaculate, unblemished skin.

I then recalled a thought that I had about Lindsay during
her first day here. Indeed, it seemed as if she belonged on
a homecoming float somewhere right now. Lindsay was so
tantalizingly young and innocent. She appeared to be no
older than a freshman in high school...

I actually had to remind myself on more than one occasion
that Lindsay was of legal age (albeit, just barely). Why was
this little girl on my island right now? Wasn't there a
high school mathematics class that she should be attending?
That was another thought that dawned upon me. Then, I
reminded myself that Lindsay already graduated from high
school - a mere six days ago. She reminded me of jailbait.
No wonder she earned that nickname from her co-workers...

I was so lost in my naughty ideas that I did not realize
that the mutual kiss between Trish and Lindsay had reached
its conclusion until the Canadian's voice broke my trance.

"Would you like to kiss Jeremy now, honey?"

Her face flushed red once again, Lindsay turned her focus
toward me and nodded her head. Wow, I said inwardly. There
was a thick blotch of lipstick - courtesy of Trish's mouth -
on Lindsay's cheek. Now, my cock began pulsating.

"Come here, Jeremy," Trish instructed me, her right arm
outstretched. "Come here and get a kiss from Lindsay."

Stepping forward, I climbed onto the bed and offered
Lindsay my most reassuring smile. There was plenty of
hesitation on her part, but she was also incredibly aroused.
The look in those pretty, sea-blue eyes of hers told me so.

"Kiss her," Trish instructed me, but I too, hesitated.

"You kiss me," I said to Lindsay, wanting her to make the
first move between us. This had to be her decision.

An instant later, as I stood on my knees upon the bed, the
teen-ager moved upward and pressed her lips to mine for a
soft, delicate kiss. Now seated behind her, Trish reached
forward with her right hand and gently ran it over and
across Lindsay's tight, little ass. I wondered whether or
not she had panties on underneath her thin night-shirt.

Lindsay moaned and broke our kiss, then turned her head
and glanced back at Trish as she now used both hands to
gently squeeze and massage her ass.

"You like that, baby?"

Lindsay closed her eyes and sighed for a moment, then
nodded her head. "Yes... very much so. I... I like your
hands... touching me. I like it... a lot."

"You have a beautiful body," Trish complimented her. "You
are so, so gorgeous, and precious." Lindsay blushed yet
again as Trish added, "Is it okay if I take your shirt off?"

When Lindsay nodded her head in response, Trish smiled.

"It's like unwrapping a birthday present," the 30-year-old
swooned, gently lifting Lindsay's night-shirt up, and over,
her head. The luscious vixen was decked out in a simple
white bra and panties. Her face was so red now that it
seemed as if she had just dunked it into a can of fresh
paint. I would bet my bottom dollar that Lindsay's heart
was racing, too. This was unchartered territory for her.

"It's okay, baby," Trish soothed, encircling Lindsay's
body with both arms from behind. "You are such a pretty
girl. There is nothing for you to be embarrassed or shy
about. Nothing at all. You're the most beautiful girl in
the whole, wide world. Be proud of your body and the way
you look. Don't be scared. You should feel good, because
Jeremy and I want to look at you, and admire you. We want
to worship you. And trust me, we will worship you. We will
worship you from head to toe all night long." Trish planted
a kiss on Lindsay's bare shoulder. "You really are like a
birthday present to me, sweetie. My birthday may not be
until December, but you're still a present to me. June or
not. The best present I have ever received!"

"You're a present to me, too," Lindsay whispered. "Hey,
my birthday is in December too. December 4th."

"Mine is the 18th," Trish countered. "Sagittarius rule!"

Lindsay giggled. "I'm not into that zodiac stuff."

"Why don't you take your shirt off, Jeremy?" Trish said
to me. "Let Lindsay have a look-see at your chest."

"Can I take it off myself?" Lindsay asked, her voice low.

Trish's smile went even wider. "Of course you can."

I allowed every muscle within my body to relax as Lindsay
gathered the lower half of my t-shirt with her hands and
pulled it upward. She lifted my arms and soon, my t-shirt
was a distant memory. Lindsay reached out and ran her hand
across my left pectoral, licking her lips in the process.
Ripples of pleasure cascaded all throughout my body in
response to the feel of her delicate hand and fingertips on
my skin. Lindsay really seemed to enjoy touching my chest.

"How about my top, eh?" Trish cooed, gaining Lindsay's
full attention. "Would you like to take my top off now?"

Again, Lindsay nodded her head. Then, she sucked in her
breath once lifting the front of Trish's aerobic top over her
head. Her eyes now glazed over with lust, Lindsay took in
the lovely sight. "Your breasts are so beautiful, and big,"
she said, her voice soft and breathless. "Wow..."

Trish giggled at the compliment. "Would you like to
touch them, honey? Maybe even kiss them? Go right ahead.
Do whatever you please to them."

"Kiss them," Lindsay squealed, before leaning over and
attaching her lips to one of Trish's plump, juicy nipples.
The temptress immediately began slurping and sucking on that
nipple as if she was an infant seeking nourishment.

When I made eye contact with Trish, we exchanged a series
of glowing smiles. She was floating somewhere high in the
Heavens right now. It was clearly obvious that Lindsay was
Trish's ultimate fantasy come to life. Right now was,
without a doubt, the greatest moment of Trish's entire life.
I could tell just by looking into her eyes. She was
head-over-heels in love with Lindsay. Thus, I was happy for
Trish. I also felt very privileged to be a part of such a
unique moment. Words could never do it justice.

Trish crooked a finger and motioned for me to come closer
to her. When I did, she sought my lips out with her own, and
we shared a deep, tongue-filled kiss. All the while, Lindsay
continued feasting on that sensitive nipple.

When our kiss concluded, Trish cradled Lindsay's head with
her hands and gently nudged her away from her breasts. "I
have something even better in mind, honey. Something even
better for you to suck on." Trish's eyes drifted toward me
and she purred, "Take your cock out, Jeremy."

As my heart literally skipped a beat because of those
words, Lindsay turned her face and immediately glanced down
at my crotch. Once I slid my pants and briefs southward, and
my bulging erection came into view, Lindsay again licked her
lips. Meanwhile, Trish scurried off of the bed and dropped
down to her knees upon the carpeted floor.

"Come down here with me," Trish instructed Lindsay. "All
guys really love it when we suck their cock on our knees."

Lindsay did was what requested of her - gliding off of the
bed and then settling down onto her knees upon the floor - but
she seemed to fidget about somewhat. "This isn't the most
comfortable position, you know," was her comment.

Trish giggled at her. "It'll be okay, baby. My knees
used to hurt too. But you'll get used to it eventually.
Whenever I have had a boyfriend in the past, it seemed as if
I spent a _LOT_ of time on my knees for him." She giggled
again and chirped, "You'll have knees of steel here, soon!"

Trish's words made me groan, but I think they flew right
over Lindsay's head. The darling 18-year-old may not have
even heard them at all. Her gaze was suddenly transfixed on
my hard, throbbing shaft.

Trish smiled at her. "You like that big, juicy cock, eh?"

Lindsay moaned. "Yes... I... I love it. I... I always
wondered what one would look like, up-close and personal."

Trish tilted her head to the side. "Do you want me to
show you how to suck it?"

"God, yes..."

Using her right hand, Trish grasped the base of my shaft
and gently frigged it before slipping its length into her
warm, velvety mouth. My senses nearly exploded in a sea of
lust as she slowly bobbed her head back-and-forth across it.

Still fidgeting about upon her knees, Lindsay was next to
Trish and looking at her with curious eyes. Trish removed
her hand from the base of my shaft and glided it down to my
testicles, then inhaled my full length into her mouth. Trish
glanced up at me and smiled, then withdrew my erection from
between her moist, pouty lips, and offered it to Lindsay.

"Nothing in the whole, wide world tastes any better than
a big, hard cock," were her words. "Go ahead, baby. Take
it into your mouth and get a taste."

Little Lindsay did what she was told, but only after
admiring the sight of my bulging shaft for several seconds.
She eventually opened her sweet, young mouth, and took my
erection inside. She clamped her bright red lips around its
diameter and instinctively slid her tongue across its thick,
pulsing head. I was about to lose it already...

Off to the side, Trish looked on and smiled in approval.
"That's it, Lindsay. Any normal man will get excited by
pumping his cock in-and-out of your mouth or pussy. They
really love the in-and-out movement. So when you're sucking
Jeremy's cock, slide it around, move it back-and-forth. If
you want, you can also pump and squeeze it with your hand.
Don't do it too fast, though, unless you want him to blow.
Usually, you'll want your man to last as long as possible
because it prolongs the pleasure for both you and him."

"Blow?" Lindsay asked, popping her lips off the tip of my
cock. She followed Trish's advice, though, and gripped its
base. "Is that when he'll shoot the white cream out?"

"Yes, sweetheart. When a man cannot take any further
excitement, he will cum, or ejaculate. That's the white
cream that you're referring to. You really want to make his
pleasure last, as well as yours, as long as you can. But
there will be times that you'll want to go fast, too. It
really depends on each specific situation, and the mood.
Right now, though, try and make it last as long as possible.
In other words, be slow and gentle. Make love to his cock."

Lindsay nodded her head and then swallowed my shaft back
into her exquisite, suck machine of a mouth.

"If you want to know a secret, the most sensitive part of
a man's cock is the underside - behind the tip." Trish's
brown eyes flashed as she added, "If you lick it with your
tongue while you suck him off, it will drive him crazy."

Lindsay withdrew most of my shaft from her wondrous mouth,
then placed the tip of her tongue on the spot that Trish
suggested. She rapidly slid her tongue across it while also
sucking and slurping away on the head of my shaft.

Suddenly, my knees felt very weak. "Oh God..." I moaned,
reminding myself that I was invading a virginal mouth. There
was so much pleasure for me right now that I feared that I
may just faint. But, Lindsay seemed like a natural for this.
Even at this early stage, I believe she had the potential to
be an expert when it came to sucking cock. Lindsay certainly
had an excellent instructor to show her the ropes...

Trish giggled. "Only use your tongue on that area of his
cock for a few seconds at a time, unless you want him to cum
for you." Lindsay pulled back as Trish continued, "If you
want him to cum, lick that spot while you suck him. Now,
take him back into your mouth and suck him off slowly. Make
it last for both you and him. Again, do it slowly..."

"Oh God..." I moaned again, tossing my head back. I took
a deep breath and glanced down at Trish, whose right hand
was continually patting and massaging Lindsay's firm, little
ass through the white panties she still had on. I shook my
head and proclaimed, "You've turned into a blowjob coach."

Trish giggled again. "I'm imparting my years of wisdom
upon Lindsay. I've sucked a lot of cock in my life, you
know, and I'm more than happy to teach others how to do it."

"Lindsay is a good student," I growled, the level of
pleasure within me reaching epic heights. "REAL good."

"Is it okay if I take your bra off now, sweetie?"

Gone was the usual look of embarrassment and shy nature
on Lindsay's lovely, pristine face. She was so much into
the glorious act of servicing my cock with her mouth that she
yanked her own bra downward, seemingly without a thought,
exposing her breasts. Trish finished the job by unhooking
Lindsay's bra in back, and then tossing it elsewhere.

In no way was Lindsay the deep-throat specialist that some
of the other ladies on the island had proven to be. Thus,
Lindsay could only fit a little more than half of my full
erection into her mouth. Still, I was not complaining. The
simple fact that Lindsay was a virgin and that my shaft was
the first she had ever tasted more than made up for whatever
lack of skill she possessed. Thus, because of that, this
was - _BY FAR_ - the best blowjob that I had ever received!

"We need to get that cock inside of you," Trish cooed,
gently pulling Lindsay's head away from me. She turned her
face toward Lindsay's and offered her a deep, probing kiss.
Her hands now playing with each of Lindsay's ripe, perfect
breasts, Trish finally broke the kiss and moaned, "Oh yes...
we need to get that big cock inside of you."

As good as that sounded to me, I had another idea in mind.

"Would you like to go oral on Trish?" was my question for
Lindsay. "_I_ will be happy to teach you how to do it."

"I'd like that," the teen-ager responded, grinning. At
the same time, Trish quickly disposed of her spandex shorts
and the white G-string she had been wearing underneath.

"Lie down on the bed, angel," I told Trish.

"Yes!" Lindsay squealed. "Lie down!"

Trish raised her knees and spread her thighs, then placed
both feet onto the mattress. By putting her beautiful pussy
on display like that, it was obvious what she wanted. Trish
wanted me to show Lindsay how to service her pussy orally.

As she climbed up onto the bed, Lindsay licked her lips at
the mesmerizing sight. "I have long dreamed about having a
girlfriend. But to be honest, I thought this day would never
come." Lindsay seemed to shudder with arousal as she admired
the 30-year-old's pussy with her eyes. "Oh my stars... it
looks even better than I ever thought it would."

I joined Lindsay on the bed and gently patted her shoulder
with my right hand. "You thought this day would never come?
Is that because you live in such a small town?"

She frowned and nodded her head in response. "There are
plenty of girls that I like there, but I'm too afraid to
step forward and say so. If word ever got out, I would be
the laughingstock of the town. It's so small, and everyone
there knows everyone. I don't want my little secret out."

"You won't have that on this island," I assured her. "All
of the girls here are just like you."

"They're all gorgeous, too."

"So are you," Trish told her. "So are you. Go ahead,
Jeremy. Show her how to lick my pussy."

Just when I was about to give her a demonstration, Lindsay
stopped me. "No. Let me do it on my own."

I smiled at her. "If that's what you want. Just... put
your face in there, and slide your tongue around. Women
really enjoy it when others concentrate on their clitoris,
which is the little nub of skin that you see there. Lick
it, caress it with your tongue. Nip at it gently."

"It is really sensitive," Lindsay nodded, before her face
turned beet-red again. "I know that my own clitty is really
sensitive." Oh?, I said inwardly. Did Lindsay just admit to
us - in an indirect manner - that she had masturbated before?

"Don't be afraid to use your fingers on me," Trish cooed.
She eyed Lindsay, a look of total lust on her face. "Take
your panties off, baby. Take your panties off, and then all
three of us will be totally nude. That's how it should be."

Lindsay turned her head toward me and offered a shy laugh.
"You take my panties off, Jeremy. You take them off..."

My eyes wide (and my cock still raging), I watched Lindsay
roll onto her front side and then settle herself down
directly between Trish's outstretched thighs. She continued
to admire that sweet pussy for several seconds, then finally
extended her tongue and offered it a tentative taste.

"How is it?" I smiled.

"I like it!" Lindsay swooned, before swiping her tongue
across those luscious, puffy folds again. She let loose with
a little growl, then began to lick away at Trish in repeated
fashion. A quick check of Trish's facial reactions told me
that she was incredibly turned on right now, too.

"That's an all-you-can-eat-buffet, sweetheart," I said.

"You can say that again!" Trish huffed. "Especially when
a tongue like that is on the opposite end!"

"Am I really doing good?" Lindsay wondered, hopeful.

"Oh yes... you most definitely are, honey," Trish assured
her. "Just keep licking my pussy. Keep licking it!"

With that added boost of confidence, Lindsay settled her
pretty face in even deeper and then really went to town on
Trish's intoxicating slit. At the same time, I reached out
and gently caressed Lindsay's supple, firm ass. It was just
about time for me to get rid of her white panties.

Slowly but surely, I peeled the waistband of those panties
downward and was rewarded for my effort with the beautiful
sight of a virgin pussy. Lindsay rose up to her elbows and
knees as she continued to lash Trish with her tongue, and
even wiggled her ass about in a seductive manner for my eyes.
Needless to say, I nearly blew my load right then and there.
Was that an instinctive move, or did she do it on purpose?

Massaging her own large, luxurious breasts as she squirmed
and writhed about in pleasure, Trish raised her head up and
looked squarely at Lindsay. "We need to get that cock in
you. Would you like that, baby? Would you like it if Jeremy
was the one who popped your little cherry?"

Lindsay withdrew her face from the joining of Trish's lush
thighs and glanced back at me. "Oh yes... I would. I would
absolutely LOVE for you to pop my cherry, Jeremy."

It was unbearable for me to see this peppy, All-American
girl smiling at me with a dreamy look on her face, her
long-flowing blonde hair wound and tightly tied up into that
adorable, bushy pony-tail. Her slim, golden body and those
enchanting eyes were suddenly overflowing with lust for me,
and what I could do for her. Or, _take_ from her.

"Anyway you want, dear, is fine with me," I told her.

Trish lunged at me and fretted, "I want to help put your
cock in her pussy. Can I, Jeremy? Please? Please?"

There was no need for me to respond to her request, simply
because Trish already knew the answer. After I prepared to
mount Lindsay in the missionary position, Trish beamed with
delight as she reached out and grasped my erection with her
right hand. I moved forward slightly, and then Trish nudged
the head of my cock onto Lindsay's vise-tight pussy. Lindsay
extended both arms and latched onto me as I (along with help
from Trish) forged my cock into her tiny, little crevice.

Lindsay did not moan or grunt, but her eyes told the story
as I looked down at her. Those lovely, baby-blue eyes were
wide and almost set to burst as I gently forged inch after
excruciating inch of my cock between the folds of her pussy.
Soon, I had reached the thin sheath of skin known as the
hymen (or, in more common (slang) terms, the cherry).

Her eyes still fixated on my face, Lindsay then squealed
with maddening delight as I sank my cock deeper into her and
thus, tore down that once-in-a-lifetime barrier. Streamers
of tears even cascaded down her face as she now held onto me
as if her very life depended on it. This was an incredible
moment, to say the least, made even better by all of the
circumstances which had led up to it.

Trish, who had removed her hand from my shaft seconds ago,
reached down and caressed Lindsay's face. She even leaned
over and kissed away several of those tears. "It will hurt
for a bit because this is your first time, honey, but then
the pleasure will overcome you. It will just OVERCOME you.
Trust me on that. And it only hurts the first time."

"It already is... overcoming... me," Lindsay struggled out,
every muscle within her body contracting at once. "Oh my..."

Speaking of being overcome with pleasure, I found myself
in the same boat right now. How my cock had not exploded
yet within the confines of that tight, unforgiving pussy was
well beyond my understanding. I needed to make this last,
but I was unsure how much longer I could sustain my erection.
How many more chances would I have to deflower a virgin?
This was a first for me, and most likely the last.

Trish rose up to her knees beside me and placed her lips
on mine for a soul-touching type of kiss. A moment later,
Lindsay again squealed with undeniable passion as I began to
gently thrust my cock in-and-out of her.

"Oooooh!" she exclaimed. "Oh Lord... it feels so good!"

I grasped Lindsay's legs, which had been encircling my
waist, and hooked them over my shoulders. This allowed me
to increase my leverage, as I was able to lean over a bit
more. It also gave the two of us the deepest level of
penetration possible while in the missionary position. That
was the most important thing of all, obviously.

"How does that little, virgin pussy feel, Jeremy?" Trish
taunted me, as I continued to slide my cock in-and-out of
Lindsay at a very slow, gradual pace. Certainly, it was not
my intention to be too forceful with her. Not yet, anyway.

Trish kissed me flush on the lips once again. She turned
her attention toward Lindsay. "Everything okay, sweetie?"

"Oh Lord... everything is fine," Lindsay moaned.

Needless to say, the amount of pressure on my cock was
overwhelming, but I continued moving myself in-and-out of
Lindsay. In fact, I slightly increased the speed and tempo
of my thrusts. This caused Lindsay to scream and wail out
in response, her firm, lithe body thrashing about wildly.

"Oh my God!" she moaned, as I picked up steam. "Oh God!
It's so big! It feels so BIG!" The blonde even began to
pound her open hands down on the bed in repeated motions.
"Oh my God... GOD... GOD... YES! YES!"

Lindsay's reactions became more animated (and louder) once
I started to plow my way in-and-out of her scrumptious pussy
at a very high rate of speed. My hands were now latched
onto her ass and I held it with all of the strength I could
muster as I churned myself into her. The harder and faster I
pumped away at her, it seemed, the more excited she became.
But in no time flat, though, I was suddenly running on fumes.
There was no way that I could sustain this much longer.

"OH GOD... I'M GONNA CUM!" Lindsay screamed.

That was it.

Those words sent me over the edge. I hammered myself
into her pussy one final time, stuffing my erection to the
absolute hilt. Then, my whole body literally exploded.

Both Lindsay and I screamed in unison as we experienced
simultaneous orgasms. We shivered and shook together, our
bodies greatly surpassing their thresholds of pleasure. I
growled out like a madman as glob after thick glob of sperm
was being jettisoned from my cock directly into her womb.
At the same time, this tempting, little thing voiced her own
passion as her feminine release trickled down her thighs and
onto the mattress below. Oh God, I said inwardly. Lindsay
was no longer a virgin, and _I_ was the main reason why.

I leaned downward and encircled Lindsay's supple body with
both of my arms. I gave her a tight and reassuring embrace,
then simply collapsed on top of her. I let out a content,
long-winded sigh, my cock still buried within her depths.
One of my hands, I realized, had drifted toward her ass and
was gently massaging it. That, I thought, was instinctive.

In the aftermath, Lindsay was glowing as she hugged and
clutched my body with equal fervor and emotion. She had the
side of her face buried into my chest, and was groaning out
in a constant, non-stop manner. It was more a purr than a
groan. Yes, Lindsay was purring like a kitten.

"I've never felt so good in my LIFE!" she exclaimed,
suddenly tearing her face away from my chest and looking
directly into my eyes. "Oh God... that was INCREDIBLE!"

"You were incredible, dear," I said, before my mouth was
met by a barrage of kisses from Lindsay. Never one to stray
too far from a sexual situation, Trish hugged the charming
18-year-old from behind and kissed her shoulder.

"I'm so happy that you enjoyed yourself!" she grinned,
her expression overcome with delight and total, sheer joy
as Lindsay turned to face her. "Did this live up to your
expectations, honey? Was your first time having sex better
or worse than you imagined it would be?"

"It was better," Lindsay responded. "Much better. You
and Jeremy made it better than it had any right to be." She
glanced back at me and cooed, "Especially you, Jeremy. I
will never forget this night for as long as I live. NEVER!"

"I have much more to teach you, Lindsay, and show you!"
Trish exclaimed, again taking on the role of the experienced
mentor. "Next time, you can suck Jeremy's cock until he cums
in your mouth. And you can lick my pussy until I cum, too.
I have to teach you how to swallow!"

"I could suck cock and lick pussy all night long!" Lindsay
swooned, before offering her patented, shy smile. "I'm
gonna need a lot of practice time for both, you know."

"I have no problem with that!" Trish giggled. "What
about you, Jeremy? Do you have a problem with it?"

I vigorously shook my head. "Not at all."

Trish smiled at her again. "How about YOU let ME lick
your pussy now?" Lindsay blushed as Trish added, "I will
make you SCREAM out in another orgasm... I promise!"

Lindsay wiggled out from underneath me and then settled
down onto her back upon the opposite end of the bed. She
even spread her slender thighs and offered Trish a sultry
gaze. "I'm the one open for business now. Free meal..."

Trish was set to pounce on Lindsay and literally devour
her pussy, but I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her close
to me. Trish stared up at me for a moment, confused, but
that changed once I smashed my mouth to hers for a kiss.

My kiss was needful, and very intense. I was vividly
reminded of just how much I was attracted to Trish. It
also made me feel so happy inside that Trish was afforded
the opportunity to help me in deflowering Lindsay's pussy.
After all, Trish was in love with her.

And suddenly, I was in love with _BOTH_ Trish and Lindsay.

Trish grinned as Lindsay began to gently frig my cock with
her right hand. "Do you want to get him hard again, honey?"
Lindsay nodded her head as Trish continued, "Maybe you could
suck on his cock some more while I eat your little pussy? At
the same time? How does that sound?"

Lindsay blushed yet again, but licked her lips in response
and then nodded her head emphatically. "I would love that."

This was quickly turning out to be a night that _I_ would
never forget, either. What did I ever do to deserve this?

I had six whole weeks with not only Trish and Lindsay, but
Pamela, Amy, Devon and Camille too. And that is not even
mentioning my friend who would arrive tomorrow, Kristanna.
Being the only man amongst seven ravenous, insatiable women,
I obviously had a lot of hard work ahead of me...

<<<- End of Chapter 5 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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