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A party a night at Ellie’s house it appeared until her parents returned. Luckily things hadn’t gotten too messy yet. Ellie looked…not quite nervous, anxious is probably a better word as she looked around. Apparently she had correctly guessed that her assailant has most likely attended her party the night before. Still, her eyes managed to pass over me. I am very good at not being seen if I don’t want to be. Ramona was nowhere to be seen, probably not likely to return, especially after their spat at the grad party this afternoon.

At around midnight or so the fifteen or twenty people at the party began filing out, until only two remained. Ellie had a different friend over this time, the miniscule Mary. Mary was essentially Napoleon in female form. Five foot one, probably under or very near 100 pounds, she feared nothing and nobody. In fact, a great deal of people were afraid of her, she lived life with an intensity seen nowhere else, she lived each moment as though she was fighting for her life. She may have been small, but she was a pillar of strength, from what I’d seen of her, I could guess that every inch of her body was very toned and muscular.

Small, piercing blue eyes dotted a broad, flat face. She wasn’t ugly by any means, though no one would call her hot. She had dark wavy hair that was almost always pulled into a tight pony-tail. Mary was another of Ellie’s best friends, and when I realized I had a crush on Ellie, she was the first in Ellie’s circle to know. Yet she did nothing. I tried to ask her for advice, she never answered. I asked her for help, it never came. Now she would cry out, and it certainly wasn’t coming now.

I put on the black ski mask and waited behind the shower curtain of the upstairs bathroom. Eventually one of them would have to go, and for my patience’s sake, I thankfully didn’t have to wait long. Ever so slightly, I peered around the shower curtain. Good, it was Mary. I waited for her to finish her business, then heard her stand up and approach the sink. I rustled the shower curtain making what I hoped was a sound loud enough to get her attention, but quiet enough so she would be curious and check it out herself. Through the curtain I saw the shadow of Mary stand up, then slowly grow larger as she approached the curtain. Anticipating her move, I lunged forward at the same time that she ripped open the curtain. Before should could do anything I had the wet rag clamped over her mouth and she was unconscious.

Thank god for summer, Mary wasn’t wearing too much clothing. The tank top was slid easily off her tiny body, and the bra unclasped. I snorted as I confirmed what I had always suspected. Despite, what always appeared to be a respectable chest, Mary’s breasts were barely there, just big enough so that she wasn’t completely flat. There was however, one perk. Like everything on Mary, her dime sized nipples were also tiny. The jeans were a bit more difficult, Mary certainly like to show off her nice ass. Through a fair amount of tugging and grunting I managed to pull them off.
I looked down at the prone girl in front of me. No panties, interesting. Mary had a slutty side. She’d have to, I supposed, most guys were afraid to get near her. I rolled her onto her stomach and tested her elbows to see if they were flexible enough for me to cinch together. They were quite easily, I love flexible athletes. Pulling out two 6 foot lengths of rope, I quickly had her adequately restrained. I was just finishing the elbows when I heard Ellie down the hall.

“Mary, what happened, you fall in?” she asked, sounding a little worried. I hid so when the door opened it would conceal me from view, hopefully just long enough. The door opened, and Ellie slowly wandered in. Her eyes came to rest on her unconscious friend. Before she could whirl around, I leapt out from behind the door, quickly slipping my hand over her mouth. She did not struggle one bit as she left the waking world. Guiding her lowly to the floor, I laid her gently on her back. Ellie had on a long white t-shirt, the kind a girl would normally wear to bed, and boxer shorts. They were quickly on the bathroom floor as I got an idea of what to do tonight.

I cuffed Mary’s legs together in case she decided to wake up before I wanted to, and carried Ellie downstairs. Putting away the chips and soda, I laid her naked form on her back on the table. It was a small rectangular table, and when Ellie was spread out on it, her arms bent at the elbow hanging off the top, and her legs bent at the knee hanging off either side. I bound her wrists together above her head and ran a rope fastening them tight to the center pole of the table. Then I attached a spreader bar to her legs beneath the table, and ran a rope from the center of the bar to the center pole supporting the table as well. Her body looked like a tanned upside down ‘Y,’ and my tight bonds afforded her limbs no movement. Continuing with my plan, I attached a clamp to each nipple, and ran a rope from the chain to the ceiling fan so that they lifted her breasts into the air slightly. Last but not least, I fitted a red ball-gag into Ellie’s mouth. No need for her to give away her enjoyment and ruin another friendship.
All of a sudden I got another idea. After bringing Mary downstairs and propping her up in one of the chairs, I headed back to Ellie’s room in search of the vibrator I had given her the night before. I almost laughed when I saw it right in the middle of the bed. Subtle the girl was not. Grabbing it I ran downstairs. Mary was beginning to stir, but still wasn’t conscious. I slid the vibrator into Ellie’s pussy, which I noticed for the first time was now shaved. Excellent, I thought as I adjusted the other part to clamps down softly on her clit. Placing the controls between her legs, I sat down and waited.
Megan awoke first, but not by much. Groggily she looked around. She saw me, sitting across from her, first.

“You won’t scream,” I started quickly.
“Why not?!” she answered defiantly. Typical Mary.
“Because the more you scream, the more I make your friend scream,” I said. Mary turned and saw Ellie, who was now beginning to stir for the first time.
“Tell me what you want,” Mary spat.
“You’re helpless, and still you make demands? Such an aggressive personality. This time, you’re not the one in control. This time you’re not striking fear into anyone. I am going to put it into you.” She scowled at me, but said nothing. I stood up and slipped my nonde black t-shirt over my head, slid off my sweatpants, and stuffed them into my backpack. Boxers only again. Mary now looked far less defiant and a combination of annoyed and slightly worried as she stared at the growing bulge in my boxers.

“Let’s start right in,” I said, “Mary I want you on your knees right in front of me right now.” Mary didn’t move, so I stood up, grabbed her hair and yanked her to her knees in front of my chair. “Now,” I said, sliding my dick out the slit in my boxers, show me your skills.”

Getting the idea, she rose and moved immediately towards my dick. She took my head immediately into her mouth and started moving up and down. She took me a max of two inches into her mouth, and her tongue slid around like a dead animal, simply along for the ride. After a few downward sucks, her lips were no longer wrapped tight, she had opened the corners of her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing her down, testing her limits. She made it maybe a half inch past where she’d been before she started gagging. I let her up, and she gave me an evil stare drooling and breathing heavily. “Continue,” I commanded, seeing her eyes start to tear up. She started again, but I soon felt the unpleasant sensation of teeth scraping my shaft. I ripped her off my cock, and she gave me an angry glare. She had let herself get careless on purpose.

“You want to play it rough, fine,” I said sliding my wet dick back in my boxers and pulling her to her feet. Reaching out, I pinched her nipples between my thumb and index finger with both hands and lifted. She cried out in shock as I lifted her to her tip toes. I started leading her around the room by her nipples, weaving in and out of the chairs. When I heard her whimpering start to turn to crying, I let her go, and spun her around so that I was behind her. Rubbing my cloth covered dick in between her asscheeks, I let my hands wander freely about the front of her body above her waist. “You’re mine for the moment little girl. Every time you forget, I’m going to remind you. Understand?” I grabbed her thighs and grinded my dick especially hard against her as I said the last word. Tears flowing freely, she solemnly nodded.

I spun her around to face me, and rammed the middle and ring finger of my right hand into her pussy. Again I forced her onto her tiptoes. I started slowly moving back and forth, nearly lifting her off her feet with each upward thrust. Each time I did I took special care to tantalizingly brush her clit. On every upward thrust, she grunted in between sobs. Like everything else on the girl, her pussy was deliciously small. Two fingers was probably pushing the fine line between pleasure and pain. Judging from her terrible blowjob, she had next to no experience. Ellie’s fantastic oral skills were an anomaly so far.

In spite of the fact that she was clearly not enjoying herself, I felt that Mary was getting just a little bit wetter. She clearly didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of orgasming. I decided I would force it out of her. Not wanting to let Ellie miss out on the fun, I reached over and turned her vibrator on to be met with a grunt of satisfaction from her. I left it on a medium setting, letting her warm up a little bit first and turned my attention back to Mary.

My hard thrusts were now drawing soft yells out of Mary. Finally, instead of moving back out, I continued upward. Having nowhere to go, Mary started to fall backwards. I caught her with my left arm and hoisted her, half her weight on my fingers, the other on my arm, onto the counter. Now using gentler, faster thrusts, I leaned in and started flicking my tongue out towards her clit. The first time it touched, I made sure she felt it. She let out a soft, surprised gasp before returning to her sobbing moans. I was making progress. Each time I thrusted in, I teased her by lightly flicking her spot with my tongue. I continued torturing her this way until her grunts changed from ‘please don’t’ to ‘please do.’ Finally I pushed down hard with my tongue and Mary let out a satisfied moan. I pulled back quickly, met with a disappointed gasp. Then I pressed down again. I kept on going this way, leaving my tongue down a little bit longer each time. Eventually, I let her have it, I started at the bottom of her vagina, licked quickly upward, making sure to lick down hardly on her clit as I passed. Then I sucked on it lightly for a few seconds before continuing again. All unwillingness gone, Mary started humping my face each time I brought my tongue up. Faster and faster I went, until finally, I settled on her clit going fast and hard back and forth over it. Her gasps drew higher and more frequent, I increased my intensity. After several minutes, I felt Mary let loose a powerful, and to my complete surprise, squirting orgasm. With each stream of her juices she let loose, she screamed in ecstasy, while I pulled away and let her slowly wind down. Her tears gone, she leaned back, laying on the counter still breathing heavy.

Poor Ellie had been ignored all this time, I turned to look at her. She was pleading with her eyes for me to move her vibrator off of the torturing, too slow setting.

“You want me to turn this up?” She nodded vigorously, moaning through the gag. I turned it down to the lowest setting. She stared some more and protested as loudly as she could. I turned the vibrator off and pulled it out. “I’ve got something better for you baby.” I slipped out of my boxers, and she stared at my hard cock, half fearful, half curious. “Only if you’re ready, okay?” I asked. I may be vengeful, but I’m not a rapist. She nodded. “Are you ready?” Hesitation, then a single nod. “You sure?” Nod. I pulled something out of the backpack and walked around behind her head where she couldn’t see me. The gag came off, and the blindfold went on. She inhaled sharply, surprised, but not uncomfortable with her newfound blindness. She’s been here before, she knew what to expect…sort of.

I moved around and knelt in between her legs on the kitchen table. It creaked a bit, but supported our weight. “Oh my GOD!” she shouted as I finally relieved her of the clamps. They hurt far worse coming off than they do going on. “Oh, oh wow,” I was pinching her wet lip with my thumb and index finger, and sliding it up and down a few times before moving to the other. Back and forth I went between lips, her sensitivity heightened after the long time she’d spent enjoying the dildo. I slid my middle finger all the way in, curled it up to the top of the inside of her vagina and slowly pulled it out, causing her to shudder as I went over her g-spot. Again and again, each time I brushed that spot, she moaned a bit louder, her body shook a bit more. I slid a little closer to her, and started tracing around her clit with my finger before pressing my thumb down on it like I was pressing a button. Lightly pushing, I ran circles, clockwise, counterclockwise, brushing her lighter and lighter each time before I had pulled off completely the started again.

I looked up, her face was frozen in an open-mouthed, wrinkled-forehead expression. I could only guess that her eyes were clamped shut under the blindfold, and her hands balled into tight fists under the table. I slid forward still, starting to rub my head up and down her pussy lips. Just before we made contact, I stopped. “You’re on birth control, right?”

“Yes, yes, oh god yes, oh god…” By the time the first yes was finished, I had already started rubbing my dick. She had been excited already, now she was in ecstasy. She let out a loud moan that slowly trailed off as I suddenly penetrated her deep, and held myself there. She was tied tight to the table so I couldn’t thrust while kneeling like I wanted, instead I had to lay on top of her while humping. I could only move my dick back and forth a few inches, but apparently it was enough to drive her wild. She was letting out those soft pleading moans, begging herself for the orgasm to come with each thrust.

I started going faster, harder, her moans grew louder. She was now pulling against her bonds with all she had, screaming, “yes, yes…” I didn’t notice it at first, the slight, quick tightening of the walls of her vagina, then as they grew more rapid, and she got louder, I realized what they were, she was having a series of orgasms, small, but increasing in intensity. Finally she had several that I would describe as medium, but to her must have seemed like heaven on earth, and began to slowly wind down. The orgasms subsided, and I pulled out, not having cum, but her panting continued. She was still very excited. Plugging the vibe back into her glistening pussy, I decided to keep her rolling, and turned it on high.

Her panting continued at its intensity as she began trying to gyrate her hips to put some pressure on her vibrating excited vagina. I grabbed Mary from her peaceful rest on the counter and plopped her on her knees on the floor. “Clean me,” I ordered. She immediately began licking Ellie’s juices off my dick, cleaning me all around before giving a few sub par sucks, going only slightly deeper than she had before. I pulled her to her feet, and told her to remain standing, while with some effort I slid the kitchen table out from under the fan. Standing Mary right below it, I took the spool of rope and ran it up through a loop in the fan. I brought the end down behind Mary, in between her asscheeks, and out the front uncomfortably between the lips of her pussy. Mary grimaced but said nothing. I cut the rope off the spool so there was enough extra to tie the two ends together. I tightened them until the crotchrope forced Mary to balance on her tip toes. The tears began to return.

Leaving Mary to stumble around whimpering, trying futilely to relieve the pressure on her pussy, I untied Ellie so that her arms were still bound, and her legs still spread but she was no longer attached to the table. The vibrator was still rumbling away in her pussy when I put her on her knees on the floor. I pulled off the blindfold, her face was still frozen in that shut-eyed, open mouthed look of intense pleasure. I had an idea.

“I’ll do the work baby, you just make sure your teeth don’t have any part in it,” I said as I saw her lips move slightly to form a perfect ‘o.’ Oh god, looking at those lips alone could make me cum. Grabbing her head with both hands as she started massaging her clit with her arms, I entered her slowly, letting her adjust her head so she could easier take my dick. I started off with a slow pace, until I felt she was used to it, and I started to speed up. I felt her lips tighten and she began moving her tongue back and forth. That alone almost sent me over the edge, but I held back, I wanted it to last as long as possible. I continued thrusting as fast as I could, all the way in and out till her lips covered only my head. I saw the wrinkles in her forehead deepen, she was getting hornier from sucking me off, it was incredible. All of a sudden her lips clamped down some more, and she began moaning with my cock in her mouth. I felt the cum rising fast as I knew she must have started another round of orgasms. As I felt it start, I stopped with only my head in her mouth. Instead of shooting out quickly, my cum slowly dribbled out into her mouth. She was running her tongue up my dick, from the part near her lips to the tip as though she was trying to draw my cum out. I continued to slowly dribble out onto her tongue as I felt her movements becoming smoother, less jerky. Her orgasms had wound down as she slowly pulled off the head of my cock, her eyes still shut. She knelt there for a moment, eyes closed, enjoying the moment, and then swallowed my load. Opening them, she stared sexily into my eyes as she begun to clean me off.

For the first time I noticed Mary’s teary-eyed whining as she struggled against the rope that bit at her pussy. I let Ellie finish cleaning me off before I loosened and untied the crotchrope. Still crying, Mary thanked me with here eyes. I knew she hated me, and I loved it. I knocked Mary onto her stomach and hogtied her. She didn’t resist, I had succeeded in breaking her. I pulled Ellie to her feet and removed my spreader bar. She had removed the dildo, it lay wet on the floor, and she was leaning almost all her weight on me to stand. I kissed those wonderful lips before picking her up, and carrying her dozing form to the living room where I laid her on the couch. Sighing contentedly, she began to fall asleep, forgetting that her friend was bound on the floor a few feet over. Grabbing Ellie’s vibrator, I forced it into Mary’s mouth, and then left.

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Megan awoke first, but not by much. Groggily she looked around. She saw me, sitting across from her, first.

“You won’t scream,” I started quickly.
“Why not?!” she answered defiantly. Typical Mary.

I think you have a typo here. Good story though.


2012-08-26 02:36:08
Nice very nice Ellie seems to fall a little deeper into BDSM and she likes it one thing though here you seem to leave Ellie out of most of the action in this one but love the fact that he brought another girl down. Also it's not so bad to be unnoticeable it makes it easier to blend in.

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2009-02-16 17:01:20
in response to your message yes there is such a thing and it is called stockholm syndrom

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2009-04-28 20:13:20
Looks like someone needs a dictionary definition of fiction...

~The Author.

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You're not just a moron, you're a sick moron. This *loser* kid -- I assume that you, as author, identify strongly with your protagonist -- takess girls by force, and one of them then feels a *connection* with him??? Believe me, that's not how women feel about rapists. You are a sick sick sick dude. Get some therapy, and maybe *then* you can have healthy relationships and a healthy sex ilfe.

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