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Two young men, sharing their love of porn, find more to share...
It All Started With Porn
Part 1

This story isn't true. It is, however, completely feasible. In any case, the characters in this story aren't meant to represent actual people. If they do, it's completely by chance. Don't read into it, okay? Also, this is my first posting of this type, so please be honest with me; constructive criticism is welcome, as are any comments that I may receive. Okay.

My name is Eric. I'm currently in my early thirties. This story is about a specific aspect or two of my sexual growth that I shared with my best friend, Jake. Jake and I have been best buds since we were in fourth grade, and were inseperable from the time we were in grade school to the time we moved to different cities after college. We still keep in regular, if not all that frequent, contact to this day.

Growing up, Jake and I experienced many firsts together. We drank our first beers together, smoked our first weed together, even had sex for the first time at the same party. Another thing we liked to enjoy mutually was porn. Porn is where this all started.

One night, after a long night of drinking at a friend's party, we decided to head back to Jake's place and call it a night. It was a decent drive from the party to Jake's, so we'd taken a couple of beers along for the drive. Jake cracked one, handed it to me, and then cracked one for himself.

"Hey, got any porn in here?" He knew that I did. I ALWAYS had a stash of porn in the car.

"You know where it is!" I told him, laughing. He certainly did know where it was.

Reaching under the seat, he pulled out the bag of porn mags that I kept tucked away.

"Steph is still at her uncle's place and I haven't gotten laid in waaay too long," he said, referring to his girlfriend as he started flipping through a Penthouse by the glovebox light.

We drove along, commenting on the various attributes of the different women in the porn rags and drinking our beers. The back roads to his place were predictably deserted and so I wasn't too worried about traffic and even less worried about police. After about 20 minutes of this, I was starting to get somewhat hard from all the glances at the women and women/men combinations in the mags, as well as all the commentary we were adding about what we'd like to do in each situation. I shifted in my seat, letting go of the wheel briefly to shift my stiffening cock to a more comfortable position. Jake noticed this.

"So...the porn is having a predictable affect on you, huh?" he asked, smiling as he chuckled.

"Uh, yeah," I said, glancing again at the mag he was holding. His beer was empty and his right hand was under the magazine, apparently adjusting his dick just as I had done with mine.

He didn't notice that I was looking his way, and for some reason I glanced back at him after checking the road. His hand was still hidden but was clearly moving in a back and forth motion. I was stupidly surprised that he was rubbing his cock, even if it was through his pants, right there in front of me.

"Looks like the porn is having even more of an affect on YOU," I said to him, laughing with a slight nervousness in my voice.

"Well, man, I told you - Steph isn't around to take care of me. Gotta take matters into my own hand."

"Ha!" I laughed. Jake and I had talked about jacking off many times. We'd never done it in front of each other, though. We'd never even see each other naked. Right then, as horny as I was and with the beer in my system and my buddy rubbing his cock through his pants right next to me, I thought I'd throw out a not so very subtle invitation.

"Well, I have some lube buried in that glove box somewhere. Some vaseline, I believe." I was fairly sure it was in there and was equally fairly sure he'd just laugh it off and say nothing.

To my surprise, he started rummaging around in the glove box, which was completely full of crap and difficult to navigate. To help, he let go of the porn mag and used both hands to search. When he did so, the magazine slid off his lap and to the floor. His hard cock was clearly outlined in the crotch of his pants. At the sight of it I felt my cock stiffen a bit more and I, almost without conscious thought, reached between my thighs and squeezed my own cock, briefly.

"Man! How typical! You have no lube in this fucking thing!" he laughingly said to me.

"I know it's in there," I said. "I saw it yesterday. I'm positive."

"Alright, then...YOU find it, if you're so sure."

I quickly stopped the car and leaned across to the glove box. He'd really messed it up and I was awkwardly trying to use one hand to shove the junk to one side and dig for the jar of lube in the back. At some point I realized that my right elbow was grazing his thigh occasionally, but thought nothing of it. Finally I glimpsed the lube and reached for it. My reach and necessary repositioning caused my arm to bump into his cock, which elicited a surprised gasp from him. To me it didn't feel like much, simply a firmness under the denim of his pants, but the simple knowledge that I had touched his hard dick made my own tingle just a bit more.

"Here you go. Have at it," I told him, handing him the lube.

"Oh, I will. Try to stop me!" he said with a chuckle as he quickly unzipped his pants and shoved both his pants and underwear to his ankles. His cock, briefly caught in the fabric of his underwear, slapped his stomach.

With his dick laying on his stomach, he calmly dug some lube out of the jar and then handed it to me with his left hand. With his right, he began to distribute the vaseline over the surface of his cock. Mutely taking the jar fom him, never taking my eyes off what he was doing, I thought how odd it was to watch my buddy do something that I'd so often done to myself. My cock was really hard now, and begging for attention. I wanted very much to follow Jake's lead, to pull my cock out and start stroking it with the greasy lube, but I couldn't quite do it. Meanwhile, Jake had picked up the porn mag he'd been looking at and laid it across the open glove box door, flipping to a specific page with his left hand while his right hand began a slow, firm stroke from the head of his cock to the base and back, slightly twisting at the head when he reached it.

Suddenly he stopped and I looked from his cock up to his face. He was looking right at me, a look of urgent pleasure on his face. "You're not gonna join me? C'mon, man...pull it out," he said as he went back to looking at the porn and firmly stroking his cock.

That was just the urging I needed. In a few seconds, I was undressed as he was, starting to rub my cock with a dab of vaseline. The feeling was, of course, incredible. It was even more incredible somehow to be doing it at the same time and while Jake was stroking his right next to me.

"Here," he said, angling the Hustler so that I could see it more readily, never pausing his stroking.

Soft groans of pleasure were occasionally coming from Jake now and I realized that I wasn't looking at the porn mag at all, but instead at Jake's cock and his hand working up and down it. I leaned back slightly to get a more comfortable position to stroke my own dick and when I did I noticed that Jake wasn't looking at the porn any more, either. It was clear that we were both fixated on each other's masturbation. Up until this point, I had never thought about watching another man jack off and certainly hadn't considered that it was turn me on as much as it was.

"Damn," Jake said. "This is kinda hot, don't you think?"

"Uh huh," I groaned, replying during an especially savory twisting stroke around the head of my cock. "It is."

Jake picked the porn mag up, moving it to the console between our seats. He then slipped his shoes, pants, and undwear completely off and then turned in his seat until he was more or less facing me.

"There," he said, once again staring at my cock as he kept stroking his, "now we can both see the porn."

I was grateful for the act. It was clear which porn we were both interested in at that stage and equally clear that the magazine was just there as a token object, something by which we could sort of rationalize our current level of sexual tension. If the magazine was there, we both seemed to think, we had a reason to face each other and look more or less in the direction of each other's groins.

We both kept stroking, each watching the other, growing a bit more bold as we continued and grew closer and closer to orgasm. Watching Jake's hand grip his cock even more firmly, seeing his other hand go to his balls, massaging them, I began to have some even more unusual thoughts. I suddenly began to imagine my hand wrapped around his cock, doing the stroking. I thought of what the firmness of his cock would feel like in my hand; I assumed it would feel like mine, but disconnected from my own nervous system and so obviously different. The thought started growing in my mind, began to include the curiosity of what his balls would feel like in my hand if I cupped them and massaged them as I so enjoyed doing with my own.

I leaned back, my shoulders hitting the inside of the door. Closing my eyes, I began to concentrate on the sensations of my cock as I gripped the base with one hand and stroked very firmly and slowly with the other. Just as I began to imagine that it was Jake's cock I was gripping and stroking, I felt something on my thigh. Opening my eyes, I saw Jake's hand on my thigh, immediately followed by his other hand on my other thigh. He shifted forward onto the edge of the passenger seat, the pages of the porn mag crumpling under his knees, his cock pointing directly at me. His right hand slowly migrated from my thigh upward, upward, until it came into contact with my own hand. He slid my hand up and off of my cock.

"Here. Let me do that," he said.

He then gripped my cock, slightly less firmly than I had been, and began stroking me. My own right hand still held the base of my cock, and soon his other hand moved up to cup my balls. His stroking felt incredible, the pleasure only somewhat muted by the nervousness I felt. Soon, though, the nervousness faded, to be quickly and totally overtaken by the combination of the feeling of Jake's hands on my cock and balls and the sight of it, as well as the sight of his hard cock only inches from me. I never imagined that such things could make me so damned horny.

Soon Jake started making that same pleasurable groaning sound in his throat. I realized that I was making roughly the same sound, and then it became clear to me that I was on the verge of orgasm. I groaned more loudly, pressing my shoulders back hard against the door. My hips began to pulse upward slightly with each downward stroke of his hand, and he became more agressive with my balls, just as I would've done.

"Oh, god," I moaned, "I'm gonna cum!"

Jake groaned again, this time more loudly, mouth open as he bent towards my cock, concentrating even more singlemindedly on what he was doing. The speed of his strokes increased slightly, as did the firmness of his grip. I moaned again and again, warning him once more that I was going to cum so that he could get out of the way. His head didn't move back, however; it actually seemed to move slightly closer to the head of my cock, and his mouth never closed. For a moment, I even felt the heat of his breath on the head of my dick.

"Oh, oh!" I cried, and came, thrusting my hips upwards forcefully. As I did so, the head of my cock had hit Jake in the chin and lower lip, then somehow I found the head and the first couple inches in Jake's mouth as the come started pumping out of my cock. I cried out again and Jake pulled my dick out of his mouth, stroking it very firmly as I came and came.

"Holy shit," I exclaimed as he stroked me a few more times, finally letting go of my cock. His hand was covered in my come, and there was a fat string of it about to drip off of his chin.

"Yeah," he echoed, "holy shit." He leaned back against his door, breathing almost as heavily as I was, his cock still hard and tight against his stomach, evidently aching for relief.

Jake wiped his chin with his shirt sleeve and grabbed his cock, beginning to stroke it again. I leaned towards him, reaching out.

"Here. Let me do that," I said.

To be continued in It All Started With Porn, Part 2.

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