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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by: JeremyDCP

Chapter 6: "Vernacular"

Looking over at Kristanna for a brief instant, I could not
help but to openly smile at her. Was there anything not to
appreciate about this enchanting young woman and her overall
physical appearance? If so, I certainly was not aware of it.

Kristanna's graceful, tall frame, long-flowing blonde hair
and pretty blue eyes helped make her into a classic beauty.
Her mascara and bright lipstick seemed to make her face glow
in a truly exotic fashion. Even better, the mini-dress that
Kristanna wore had a plunging neckline, which offered a nice,
tantalizing view of her sexy, yet humble, cleavage.

Kristanna, of course, was my friend from Norway. Blessed
with a very slender and athletic body, her personality and
infectious demeanor matched flawlessly. She had been a ray
of sunshine in my life ever since the day that I met her some
four years ago. Now, Kristanna had finally made her return
to the island. I could not be any happier, either...

As we were en route from the heli-pad to the mansion in my
trusty, old _Jeep_, I glanced over at Kristanna and smiled at
her once again. "How was your trip, dear?"

"It vas long and tiring," she replied, using a Norwegian
accent. "Da vedder vas so cold and brisk in Oslo last
night. But I shed me yacket ven da plane reach Florida. It
vas like night and day, Jeremy. Florida be steaming hot!"

I grinned at her. I simply loved to listen to this young
woman talk. Her unique (and extremely sultry) voice _ALWAYS_
made me smile. I also liked her yacket/jacket pronunciation.
I sometimes wondered why Kristanna said my name correctly.
Why wasn't I _Yeremy_, instead of _Jeremy_, to her? Norway
was a great country to have produced a woman like this...

I was so glad that Kristanna had finally returned to the
island after a three week hiatus. After all, Kristanna was
the primary reason why all of the other ladies were here on
the island in the first place. Without her assistance, I
would still be living on this tropic of Eros all by myself.

Kristanna's travels started last evening in Oslo, Norway,
where she boarded an airline flight to Frankfurt, Germany.
The 23-year-old hooked up with a connector flight to Miami,
Florida, and then finally made her way to Lima, Peru.

From there, she was escorted to the island in a helicopter
by a pilot friend of mine (whose name was Kevin). Her family
lived outside of Oslo, but Kristanna had also spent some time
in California during recent years as a college student. She
was majoring in - of all things - archeology.

Of course, as I continually gawked at Kristanna, I knew
that the other ladies would grow to like her just as much as
I did. She was just so nice and friendly, and charismatic.
How could anyone not like a woman this beautiful and funny?

"Tell me about da udders," was her next comment. "Do yew
have a favorite amongst da girls yet?"

"I thought I did, but I'm not so sure anymore," was my
response. "If you made me pick one right now, I think it
would be... Trish. Yes, Trish. I have gone through so many
of the girls this week, and flip-flopped between them so
many times, that I am going to hold off for a while before I
finally decide who my favorite really, truly is. At various
times I have liked Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, and Devon the
most. Since yesterday, at least, I am becoming more and more
attracted to Trish. Yesterday was... it was... INCREDIBLE.
The most incredible experience of my entire life, bar none."

Kristanna smiled at me. "Vat happened yesterday?"

"Trish helped me take Lindsay's virginity."

"Oh," Kristanna responded, looking a bit surprised.

"I still cannot believe that we brought a virgin to the
island with us, Krissy. Lindsay is so sweet and innocent,
and so young! She reminds me of you when you were 19."

"I vas not a virgin ven ve meet each udder back den."

"Yes, but you were sweet and innocent." Kristanna smiled
at my words as I added, "You still are - just like Lindsay."

"But yew like Trish da most now?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, right now. But that is subject
to change. It can change from minute-to-minute, actually.
Of the girls, I think Devon has the biggest crush on me. In
fact, I think that goes without saying."

"Ahh yes, I remember Devon from da computer," Kristanna
mused. "Devon is da pretty blonde from Pennsylvania, no?"
I nodded at her as she continued, "From da pictures on yewr
computer, I liked Devon da most. She da prettiest. I have
to see dem in person, dough, to be honestly sure. So... let
me get dis straight. Yew like all of da girls here? Vait a
minute... yew name every girl on da island except Camille?"

I shook my head in a painful manner. "I do not know if I
really like Camille as a person. She has said some really
hurtful things about not only me, but a few of the others as
well. In her defense, though, Camille and I haven't had the
chance to sit down and really talk with each other yet. Most
of my time has been spent with Pamela, Amy and Devon. I just
had a three-some with Trish and Lindsay yesterday. I cannot
emphasize enough how incredible it was, Krissy. I had never
been with a virgin before. Well, you know that."

"Lindsay is da Bible girl if I am not mistaken? She be
da one voo really devote herself to its teachings, ya? Da
one vid da aspirations of one day getting into da ministry?
Yust like her papa? Follow in his footsteps?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, that would be Lindsay."

"Pamela and Amy... vat are dey like?"

"I really like Pamela a lot, Kristanna. And Amy is just
the way that the computer program predicted she would be,
judging from the questionnaires we sent out many months ago."

"Amy da slut puppy!"

Keeping my eyes focused on the road in front of me as I
drove the _Jeep_, I told her, "Yes, you can say that."

"I am sorry I could not arrive here earlier," Kristanna
frowned, deciding to change the subject. "Had problems vid
da passport. Had to get me passport straightened out first."

"It's okay, sweetheart." I just loved that accent! "It
wasn't your fault. I'm just glad that you are finally back
with me. I always miss you when you leave."

"I missed yew too! Du inviterer alle disse kvinnene her
for å være med deg siden du leter etter kjærligheten. Men
jeg elsker deg mer en noen av dem kan noen gang komme til å
gjøre. Jeg bare håpte at du kunne innse det."

I shook a menacing, but playful finger at her and grinned,
"Don't you go Norwegian on me, sweetheart. You know I cannot
understand a word you say - and it drives me crazy."

"But it be fun," she giggled. "And yew crazy anyvay..."

"That's not very nice," I scolded her in a teasing way.

"How is Blakken?" Kristanna inquired, referring to her
horse here on the island. There were a pair of horses in the
stables (Blakken and Smokin' Satin Bars (my horse)). Blakken
is some sort of Norwegian name, but I do not know if it has
any special meaning or not. Knowing Kristanna the way I do,
though, it probably means something extremely funny.

"Blakken is fine," I responded. "I have been taking good
care of both of the horses in the stable."

"And vat about Vincent Van Goat?"

I laughed at the mere mention of Kristanna's pet goat.
Now that was a cute name for an animal. "He is fine, too.
I saw Trish and Lindsay playing around with him on Tuesday.
All that goat of yours does is eat, drink, sleep and play."

Kristanna tilted her head to the side. "Bow Vow Meow?"

Bow Wow Meow! Now _THAT_ is a name - for a cat - which I
find to be totally hilarious. "Just fine, dear. I am sure
that Bow Wow Meow will be happy to see you again. Before you
ask, Hogglesworth the Pig is perfectly fine, too. And those
two geckos you have - Geico and Gonzo - are plugging along.
I had them out for a while earlier, playing with them. Jack
Rabbit and Bugs Bunny are the same as always, too."

"Let us not forget Da Lambinator!"

I laughed and shook my head at Kristanna because of her
quirky attitude. "The Lambinator... I had to pay for a
veterinarian to come out here from the mainland two weeks
ago." Kristanna suddenly looked frightened as I continued,
"I could tell that Lambinator was sick and not feeling good.
The veterinarian took a look and said he had an internal
parasite. He gave me some medicine, or drenches as I think
he called them, and told me to administer them to Lambinator
every day for ten days. Apparently, it worked. Lambinator
is acting like his old self again."

Relieved, Kristanna took a deep breath. "Dat is good.
Yew had me vorried dare for a minute. Yew know how much all
da animals mean to me, Jeremy. Lambinator is da oldest - age
eight - of all da pets I have on da island. Are yew sure dat
he is feeling better? Are yew sure dat he is cured?"

"The doctor told me what trouble signs to look for," I
answered. "I have not seen any of them pop-up yet. You
know more about sheep than I do, Krissy. So, you are very
welcome to take a look at him once we get to the mansion."

She nodded her head. "Yes. I vill look at him."

"Lambinator is, as always, in the fenced-in area outside
with Vincent Van Goat. They have been getting along good."

Needless to say, Kristanna was an animal lover. She had
grown up on a humongous farm in Norway which was home to a
wide variety of animals. Over the four years that she and I
had been friends, Kristanna had persuaded me into bringing a
large collection of animals and pets to the island. Although
they all lived here and I was the one who took care of them
more often than not, Kristanna still considered all of these
pets to be her very own. I had no problem with that.

"Bow Vow Meow, yew better be nice to me pussy... cat."

I snickered and shook my head because of Kristanna's
playful nature. "I am ALWAYS nice to your pussy... cat."

"Have yew been taking Yack Rabbit and Bugs Bunny out of
dare bunny condo so dey can get dare daily exercise?"

"Of course," I nodded. "I take the rabbits out of their
cage and let them rumble throughout my bedroom for an hour
or two each and every day. I also ordered them some new chew
toys, and they seem to love them. Keeps them occupied."

"Dat is good," Kristanna surmised. "Yew alvays do a great
yob ven looking after all me pet animals here, Jeremy."

"Thank you, dear."

"No... dank yew, Jeremy," she countered, grinning. "Yew
do a vunderful yob vid dem. Hey... did yew buy ATV off-road
vehicles for all of da girls like I suggested yew should?"

I smiled at her. "You bet I did. You gave me a big list
and I bought everything on it two weeks ago. Nothing was
left out. No expense was spared. Not for these girls."

"Vat about me high score on da pinball machine? Is it
still dare? Or did yew beat it yet?" Kristanna giggled at
her own words. "Vell, of course yew beat it..."

I laughed at her. "You still have your high score on your
favorite pinball machine in the recreation room. I haven't
beaten it yet. You are right, though. I beat other things."

"Like yewr cock..." Kristanna chided.

"You're a naughty girl. A very naughty girl."

"So yew are happy?" she asked in that unique voice, as I
drove her to the mansion in my _Jeep_ on this Friday evening.
"Yew are happy vid all da girls yew bring to da island? Is
all da trouble dat ve vent true really vurd it?"

"These five days have been the best five days of my
entire life," I told her in response. "But things are even
better now, because you're back with me." I grasped the
blonde's left hand with my right and brought it to my lips,
then offered it a tender kiss. "You make me happy, dear.
And yes, everything was worth it. Well worth it."

"I go avay for one day and miss yew, Jeremy," Kristanna
grinned. "But tree vull veeks! Ven I come here, dough, I
miss me family too much. I need a happy medium!"

I smiled at her and said, "I hope you are hungry, dear.
We're only 30 minutes away from dinner-time. I even got
Louisa to fix one of your favorite meals - lutefisk."

"Oooooh, lutefisk!" she exclaimed, referring to Norwegian
cod soaked and pickled in a lye solution. "Had some lutefisk
two nights ago but happy for anudder today. Lutefisk pizza!
Yew ordered lefse? I like dat, too."

"Of course. You know Louisa will fix whatever we ask her
to - even your crazy food. So are you hungry? Have you had
anything at all to eat today?"

"Momma fixed vafler before I left." She pouted and added,
"But dat vas 24 hours ago. Flight lasted forever. Oslo,
Frankfurt, Miami, 14 hours. Miami, Lima, six hours. I did
have two hot dogs at Miami airport, dough. Big vieners!"

I laughed at her. "You like big wieners?"

"Da bigger, da better," she grinned.

"What is vafler?"

"Vaffles and sour cream. Yum-yum. But no food on da
airplane ride. Airplane food, yuck-yuck."

Kristanna and her words never failed to make me smile.
"You must be starving, then. We'll get some food in you."
Laughing, I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it again.
"I'm so glad you're back where you belong - on this island."

"Jeg hører til her med deg, gift."


* * *

Dinner-time on the island was set for 7:00pm each and
every evening, and tonight would be no exception. All of
the ladies were required to be in the large dining room at
that time, when Louisa, the 76-year-old housekeeper, would
serve up the most scrumptious food ever known to mankind.

Tonight, it was no different. Louisa had fixed all of us
a huge, wide-ranging buffet of foods. How could anyone go
wrong with a selection of marinated chicken to choose from,
as well as freshly baked turkey breast, Angus rib eye steaks,
pork sausage patties, lasagna, wild rice and various seafood
and salad dishes? If anyone were to make it to dessert,
Louisa had even prepared a raspberry chiffon pie.

As all of us - myself and the seven ladies - enjoyed our
delicious meal, we got better acquainted with each other.
Our conversation was quite lively and included many various
topics. Kristanna, who seemed to be a big hit with everyone
due to her accent and overall friendliness, conveyed some
stories to those who were interested about life in Norway.

Kristanna spoke highly of the 300-acre farm that she lived
on with her parents, saying it was one of the most profitable
markets in all of Norway. The farm even featured a bakery,
an ice cream parlor and a petting zoo for young children.

There was a six hour difference between Norway (located
in the Central European Time Zone) and the island (Eastern
Time Zone), Kristanna told us. The average temperature for
this time of year (June) there was 70 degrees Fahrenheit,
but it had dipped down to 48 last night before her departure.
In fact, Norway rarely topped the 75 degree mark all year.

Here on the island, of course, it was winter in this part
of the world (in the tropics). But winter here meant 70-75
degree weather, so it was not much different than what she
left behind in Norway (although the past couple of days had
been somewhat humid). The hottest months here were January,
February and March (with average temperatures of about 80).
I considered those months to be the _dog days of summer_.

At the dinner table, Kristanna even convinced Trish to
try a bite of her precious lutefisk. Trish, who claimed to
enjoy fish in general, said lutefisk had a strange taste. In
other words, she did not like it. If there is one thing that
I have learned from having Kristanna as my friend over the
past several years, it is that people in her native country
have a very unique and exotic appetite. I did not care all
that much for Norwegian food myself. Her people did eat a
lot of seafood, though, and that was probably one reason why
Kristanna was so healthy, and in such excellent shape.

Pamela told everyone that she was simply amazed with not
only the beauty of the island and its surroundings, but also
the ocean itself. It was crystal-clear, which was vastly
different from the ocean in Maryland - where Pamela resided.
She could not believe how beautiful the water was.

Camille claimed that she had the _most boring job_ in the
whole world - being a title processor for a real estate
agency in the San Diego area. Camille told everyone at the
table that the opportunity to get away from her job and spend
six weeks on an island paradise such as this was something
that she simply could not pass up. The only redeeming thing
about her job, Camille explained, was that she got along with
all of her co-employees. Some were even close friends.
Other than that, though, she was happy to get away from it.

Lindsay went onto share a story about the supermarket in
Ohio where she was employed as a cosmetics clerk. The young
woman said that customers - of all ages - were always trying
to flirt with her. Gee, I said to myself. I wonder why?
Lindsay was the epitome of sweet innocence, and everything
that an 18-year-old girl should be. Any man who was older
(like me (39)) would _love_ to get his clutches into her.

Devon had no job to speak of, simply because she had quit
her position as a project manager for a large corporation in
Pennsylvania in order to come to the island. Basically,
Devon told her counterparts here at the dinner table the same
thing she had said to Camille during their first night here
(when I eavesdropped on them by way of the voyeur room).

Devon felt that she was being cheated and stepped on at
her job, as her boss always took the credit for the 80 hours
(and sometimes more) of hard work she put in every week.
Even though Devon claimed that no one at the company worked
harder and more diligently than she did, she said that it
seemed as if a promotion would never come her way.

Trish had the slimmest of leads in the race for who was
my favorite lady from the entire group. She barely edged out
Pamela, Lindsay, Amy and Devon. I found myself attracted to
the Canadian after having witnessed the tender and loving
manner in which she helped me take Lindsay's virginity. Go
ahead and accuse me of being a hopeless romantic, but I felt
like wrapping my arms around Trish's wondrous body and never
letting go because she was such a warm, compassionate person.
Indeed, she was the coolest _chick_ I had ever met.

Kristanna was very observant when she stated earlier that
Camille was the only woman whom I failed to mention when
speaking about potential favorites. Suffice it to say, but
I did not particularly care for some of the things Camille
had said since her arrival on the island.

Camille tried to convince Devon that I had nothing but
evil intentions in mind with the whole _island concept_.
Camille was brutally direct and blunt (to be the point of
being nasty) when she suggested that Trish should sit back
and watch her give a _good, hard fucking_ to Lindsay at the
water basin two days ago. What made those words downright
despicable was the fact that Lindsay, still a virgin at the
time, was also there with them. It was wrong of Camille to
say that in her presence. Just plain wrong.

Still, being the very forgiving person that I am, Camille
one day emerging from the pack as my favorite was not out of
the realm of possibility. For that to happen, however,
Camille would need to show a very different attitude toward
not only me, but the others as well.

I found dinner-time to be very fascinating and insightful
on this warm June evening. I loved to listen to any and all
information concerning the girls. I wanted to know every
little detail about their lives. I considered the entire
group - even Camille - to be my private flock of angels.

"Tell us about your job, Amy," Trish said to the red-head.
"You're not a pornstar, or Internet sex model... are you?"

"No, but maybe I should be," Amy replied. "Sounds better
than what I am - a Professional Nourishment Provider."

Many of the ladies appeared to be dumbfounded for a brief
moment. "What was that?" Trish asked, finally speaking up.
"Professional Nourishment Provider? What the heck is that?"

"Oh..." Amy said, matter-of-factly. "Some people refer
to my job as a Nutritional Transport Engineer. But you
know what? I like Professional Nourishment Provider much
better. I think it has a better ring to it."

Trish just looked at Amy and shook her head. She was
lost. The other ladies felt the same way. They had no idea
what Amy was talking about. I did, however, and smiled to
myself. I remembered Amy's occupation from her profile. I
then recalled that Pamela knew about her job as well.

Amy giggled and finally confessed, "I'm a waitress!"

Trish paused for a second, taking that in, then laughed.
"Hey! That was cute! Professional Nourishment Provider...
Nutritional Transport Engineer. Waitress. Originals?"

"P-N-P is an original of mine," Amy replied. "But N-T-E,
a friend thought that up. It was her idea. I will gladly
take all of the credit for it, though!" Amy snickered for a
few more seconds and then offered, "To be precise, I am a
_Hooters_ girl. I am both a waitress and bartender there."

"_Hooters_?" Lindsay asked, her tone a bit incredulous.
"Isn't _Hooters_ like a strip club, or something?"

Amy laughed at Lindsay's utter naivety. "No, _Hooters_
is not a strip club! Don't you ever get out, girl?"

"Do you have anything against people who work at strip
clubs?" Pamela asked, her own voice leery.

Obviously recalling that there was someone here - Pamela -
who actually was employed at such an establishment, Lindsay
seemed eager to back off of her words. "Oh! I... I... I
didn't mean anything negative by it." The 18-year-old then
cast her eyes downward, perhaps a bit ashamed. At least
Trish was there to slip a reassuring arm around Lindsay's
shoulder and give her a peck on the cheek.

"_Hooters_ is inherently a sexually charged atmosphere,"
Camille said. "I've been to a couple of different _Hooters_
in my life, and they are all basically the same. Beautiful
women squeezed into too-tight tank-tops and orange shorts...
they make you forget the fact that the food there is quite
mediocre." She hesitated for a moment, lost in thought.
"_Hooters_ is like a strip club, but only it's safer."

"Oh, stop it!" Amy responded in defense of her employer.
"Families go there! Mom and Dad bring the T-ball team or
the gymnastics girls... I see kids where I work every day."

"What type of message do parents send to their children
when they take them out to eat at a place where all of the
waitresses are women in ultra-tight clothes, bearing as much
cleavage and leg as possible without breaking the law?"

Amy had no answer for that question from Trish. Instead,
she simply glared at her with inflamed eyes.

"The last time I went to _Hooters_, a few months back, I
tried to tuck a buck in the waitress' shorts when she brought
me a draft refill," Camille chuckled. "Needless to say, she
did not appreciate it. Nor did the management. I also told
the waitress that if she ever got a job at the strip club
down the street, I would go there and tip her even better.
I told her I knew that was what she was aspiring toward."

Lindsay seemed absolutely bewildered by that statement.
As I sat idly by here at the dinner table with everyone else,
I actually had to stifle a laugh because of the look on the
poor girl's face. Obviously, she had never been involved in
a discussion quite like this before.

"I have been to _Hooters_ once in my life," Devon mused.
"It seemed one step above a strip club, if you ask me." She
quickly turned toward Pamela and added, "Not that I have
anything against strip clubs or people who work there, mind
you. Just, _Hooters_ is not a family-type restaurant to me."

Kristanna decided to add her own unique thoughts on the
subject. "Vatever dis _Hooters_ place be - beautiful vomen
vid cleavage and legs on display - I need to check it out!"

Perhaps wanting to lighten the mood - after all, Amy was
getting hammered here from all ends because of her job -
Trish decided to change the subject. "Hey Lindsay, how about
you tell Kristanna and the others about that man and his son
you came across in Miami on Monday? The ones who knew you?"

"Oh... yeah!" Lindsay chirped, her zest and enthusiasm
suddenly returning. "I stopped at the Chinese food mart at
the Miami airport this past Monday, in-between my flights on
the way here to the island, and this little boy runs up to me,
screaming. His father flags him down and tells him that yes,
this is the nice girl who helped us pick out Mommy's perfume
last week at [Supermarket Name]. I was totally dumbfounded.
I could not believe that I had come across one of my recent
customers, from all the way back home in Cincinnati, so far
away in Miami. I remembered them, too. I helped them pick
out perfume for a good 15 minutes that day. The man said
that he and his family were flying to Antigua on vacation,
and I told him I was going to Peru. I still cannot believe
that I saw one of my customers there."

"I am sure that the father wanted you," Amy told her. "I
bet that he wanted to make you into his 'lil slut daughter."

"AMY!" Devon gasped.

Trish made a face at those words and quipped, "Is that all
you think about, Amy? Sex?"

"Pretty much."

Trish shook her head. "On my airline flight from Toronto
to Miami, I sat next to a man who was going there to visit
his father, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Listening to
him made me feel very sad, and reminded me just how much my
own family - especially my mother and father - mean to me. I
called them both the very moment the plane touched the ground
and told them how much I loved them and would miss them."

"I wish I could see my father again..." Lindsay pouted.

"Did you ever think that he was lying to you?" Amy asked
Trish. "He could have just made all of that up so he could
talk to you. It was his way of flirting, and making you feel
sorry for him. Maybe he thought he had a chance at getting
some from you before you took your connection to Peru. I bet
he wanted to join the _Mile High Club_ with you."

"Amy!" Trish exclaimed, upset.

"You don't make up stories about cancer," Pamela sniped.

"I was lucky on my flight from Philadelphia to Miami,"
Devon said. "There were three seats in my row, but I had the
whole row to myself. I did not have to sit next to anyone.
I stretched out and relaxed... listened to my _iPod_. I'd
have died without it because I don't like flying at all."

"I have no idea how much Jeremy paid for my first class
ticket from Los Angeles to Miami, but the guy who sat next to
me said his was $3,600 when he bought it at the counter just
before the plane was about to take off," Camille told us.
"For such an exorbitant price, the little flight attendant -
Hayley was her name - I was thinking the whole time that she
should have offered everyone _complimentary blowjob or pussy
licking service_." The lusty Latina laughed at her own words
and added, "For $3,600, why not? That is ridiculous."

"I vant to be on an airplane dat offers dat!" Kristanna
exclaimed, giggling merrily.

"That would be a good job for Amy," Pamela smirked. "A
flight attendant who takes care of customers on her knees?"

"Talk about flying the friendly skies!" Devon grinned.

With so much sharing and playful banter (and sometimes not
playful) amongst the entire group, I found this particular
dinner to be my favorite thus far. I believe that Kristanna
and her presence had a lot to do with it. Kristanna had the
unique ability to bring out the best in everyone, and get
them to open up. Plus, she was a total riot to listen to.

I hated for our meal to end, but realized that time would
come sooner rather than later. At least no one left the
dinner table for 90 minutes, though. That was excellent.

* * *

Kristanna was a very beautiful young woman with a classy
appearance - especially with her long-flowing blonde hair
pinned up (like now). There were so many wondrous details
about her outer beauty that I could delve into, but perhaps
the most striking thing about Kristanna were her legs.

At 5-foot-11, Kristanna had what best could be described
as _skyscraper legs_. They were incredibly sleek and toned,
with nary a blemish on them. Even better, those legs seemed
to go on forever. Kristanna was incredibly thin (only 115
pounds at her height) and did not have the overly voluptuous
figure that many of the other ladies here did. But she more
than made up for whatever deficiencies with those legs.

Camille, who stood 5-foot-9, also had legs which were
very long and graceful. But I am afraid that they did not
even compare with the beauty and symmetry of Kristanna's
legs, which appeared worldly in their own right.

Best of all, those wondrous legs of hers were on total
display as she paraded about my personal suite in nothing
but a black bra and G-string set on this Friday evening.
Everyone had retired to their respective rooms for the
night. Kristanna and I were no different. She was not
always going to sleep with me, but that was the plan for
tonight. We would worry about tomorrow when the time came.

"Yew looking at me legs again?" she swooned. "BAD BOY!"

"You're quite the bad girl," I countered, being playful.
"The only reason you stripped down to your little bra and
G-string is so you can tease me, and drive me crazy."

"Is it vorking?"

"Yes, it is. Very much so." The 23-year-old let loose
with a charming smile as she took a seat directly across
from me upon the bed. I inhaled sharply and told her, "I've
said this a million times tonight, dear, but I think it
bears repeating. I've missed you so much over the past few
weeks. You're my best friend in the whole, wide world. I
wish that you could live here with me, full-time."

"A nice dought, but I vould miss me family too much,"
she remarked. "Maybe yew could bring me family here - to
island?" Kristanna laughed at the mere thought and added,
"I could see dat. Momma and Papa vould yust not like it
here. Dey prefer farm life at home in Norvay, ya."

"You've told me that before, sweetheart."

"I vant to know much more about Devon," the seductress
offered. "I dink Devon may very vell be da sexiest voman
dat I ever meet. Vat do yew like about her, Jeremy?"

"Oh, can I say... everything?" I replied in a serious
tone. "I don't know, Kristanna. This may sound hard to
believe, but for as beautiful as Devon is on the outside,
she is a million times more beautiful inside. Plus, Devon
wants all of the same things that I do in life, too."

"Den I have someding else in common vid her!"

I smiled at Kristanna and added, "I am still going to
evaluate all of the others and focus on them individually
before making my final decision, though. It's just very
difficult right now. Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon,
even Camille. This is going to be a tough decision."

Kristanna took a deep breath. "I yust vant yew to be
happy, Jeremy. Dat is all I have ever vanted for yew."

I grinned once again and told her, "I trust that you
will find the right man - or woman, too, dear. Who knows?
Maybe that person is on this island right now. You said
that you like Devon the most, right? Talk to her."

"Hmmmmm... Devon," she purred. "But I like Trish now
too. I like all da girls! Dey all pretty!"

"How do you say _I love you_ in your language?" was my
next question. "Maybe I can spring it on whomever I choose
and see if I can get a reaction or not."

"Jeg elsker deg."

I did not realize it at the time, but Kristanna said those
same three words - jeg elsker deg, or _I love you_ - to me
while we were riding in my _Jeep_ hours ago. Perhaps I took
her words out of context since they were said in a very large
sentence, but after realizing it was the same quote (days
later, with the aid of the voyeur room), I began to wonder...

Was Kristanna in love with me?

Our prior attempts at a bona-fide relationship always
seemed to fail no matter what we tried, though the two of us
remained the absolute best of friends. I had my share of
highly intimate moments with Kristanna, indeed, but I still
could not look at her as anything more than a friend. A
close, wonderful friend, indeed - but a friend nonetheless.

The biggest obstacle we had in terms of a commitment was
the simple fact that she was a farm girl from Norway, and I
was an islander from the South Pacific (though born and bred
in the United States). Neither of us wanted to leave our
respective homelands, although Kristanna did go to college
in California. Nothing against California, mind you, but I
did not want to reside there, either. I lived there before
and had no aspirations of ever moving back. Geographics had
forever blocked any chance of a real commitment for us.

"How is me English?" Kristanna asked, looking hesitant.
"I have been vorking super-hard on it da past few veeks."

"Your English is fine, sweetheart. You have that accent
and you pronounce a few things differently than common
English-speaking people, but it is fine. You've come a
long way in the four years that we've known each other."

"I could barely speak a lick of English ven ve meet da
first time! Going to university in Los Angeles has helped."

I shook my head and mused, "I still cannot believe that
you are studying Archeology. You could be exploring a dark
cave somewhere someday, and while everyone is having a
turkey sandwich during lunch break, you could have lefse."

"And lutefisk!" the young woman giggled.

"You're priceless, dear. Just priceless."

Kristanna seemed to notice the huge bulge within my shorts
as I used my right hand to reach out and touch her face. The
erection could not be avoided, as the gorgeous Kristanna was
lounging upon the bed in nothing but her sexy black bra and
G-string. Those heavenly legs looked most inviting...

"I have you to thank for all of these girls being in my
life," I said, embracing her warmly, my voice delicate and
soothing. I gently nibbled on her earlobe. "How will I
ever be able to re-pay you in exchange for helping me write
that matchmaker software? These girls are angels."

"Betal meg tilbake? Du kunne giftet deg med meg isteden."

"Why do you do that to me?" I smiled and shook my head
at her. "Why do you slip in Norwegian words like that all
of the time? I cannot understand a single word of it!"

"As I said earlier, it be fun. I like yew not knowing
vat it is dat I say to yew, Jeremy. If yew vant to know
vat it means so badly, den simply learn me language!"

"You could be cursing me out..."

Kristanna laughed at my words. "I do not dink so." She
brushed her long-flowing blonde hair away from her forehead
with an arm and mused, "I need a snack before going to bed."

"Would you like anything specific? A sandwich? I'll be
happy to get something from the kitchen for you."

"I vant some cock," Kristanna replied, which temporarily
caught me off-guard. The ravishing young woman emphasized
her point with a subtle, sensual move - by licking her lips.
Next, she broke away from our embrace and dropped down to
her knees beside the bed. Kristanna looked up at me and
pointed toward her mouth. "Can yew give me a snack?"

"Of course, sweetheart."

Kristanna smiled and crooked a finger, motioning for me
to move closer toward her. I did just that, then let out a
soft, gentle moan as she immediately reached out and ran
her long, slender fingers over and across my crotch.

Kristanna smiled once again as she then rose up to her
feet and wrapped her arms around my shoulders for a loving
embrace. I immediately sought her mouth with my own, our
warm tongues slipping and sliding together over an easy,
languid exchange. Soon, I tilted my head to the side,
allowing myself better access into that velvety mouth.

Naturally, after pulling Kristanna close and hugging her
myself, my right hand drifted downward. I ran it over and
across that nice, firm ass, then ventured even lower. She
giggled upon our shared kiss as I caressed the back of her
thigh, tracing the tips of my fingers over it. I stood up
and increased the ferocity of our deep, mutual kiss.

Kristanna giggled yet again as she backed me against the
night-stand and then hooked her opposite leg around my own.
Our kiss intensified, naturally, and soon I was ravaging her
mouth with all of the passion and fervor I could muster.

"Oh yeah," I sighed as Kristanna then reached into my
shorts and pulled my semi-hard cock out, breaking our kiss
in the process. She again dropped to her knees and tugged
my shorts downward with both hands, then began to pump and
squeeze my shaft toward an aching, powerful erection.

"Dis vill really be more dan a snack for me," Kristanna
snickered, her right hand a blur it frigged the base of my
shaft. "I am going to treat dis like da main course!"

I groaned with pure arousal as, while still perched on
her knees, Kristanna snaked her head toward my pelvis and
then engulfed my awaiting cock into her hungry mouth with
one, swift movement. Oh... what a wonderful feeling!

As usual, Kristanna moved slowly. She wanted this to
last for both of us. With each head-bob, the quirky vixen
looked up at me and smiled. I cannot say enough good things
about a woman who enjoys the simple pleasure of performing
oral sex for her man. Especially when that man is me!

As could be expected, Kristanna looked wonderful on her
knees in front of me. She was still dressed in that sexy,
little bra and G-string set. Best of all, however, those
lips of hers had formed a large 'O' around my erection as
she gently worked away at it.

I surrendered myself to the sensations of her lips, tongue
and throat, as all three provided me with wondrous pleasure.
Soon, her bobbing motion quickened and my testicles seemed
to tense up. I could feel an orgasm brewing. Combined with
the sight of Kristanna's blonde head bobbing back-and-forth
as she slurped me into a frenzy, I lost control of myself.

I thrusted myself forward and buried my erection deep
within her throat. Sperm jettisoned outward as if it was
fired from a cannon. Kristanna wrapped both arms around
my hips and dug her long fingernails into my skin, her
throat making a hungry, hearty sound as she guzzled down
every last ounce of sperm which I had produced for her.

As my body then crested downward from the incredible
height of orgasm, I sighed deeply as Kristanna withdrew my
cock from her exquisite mouth. She grasped its base once
again and squeezed away, her lovely eyes sparkling as she
gazed up at me in a passionate manner.

"Aren't you the sweetest thing?" I asked, taking a step
back and then leaning over. Kristanna smiled as I planted
a simple kiss on her forehead. "So very sweet."

"Dat hit da spot," the young woman swooned, extending
her tongue and then licking her lips. "Dare is nudding
quite like da taste of cum at night! Or in da morning, or
da afternoon... any old time, for dat matter!"

I grinned at her. "You're a naughty, little girl."

"Ve are going to have a lot of fun over da next five
veeks vid all dese pretty girls on da island. Dank yew,
Mister Jeremy, for letting me be a part of dis. Dough, I
did miss nearly a vull veek. Unfortunately. But dank yew."

"It was the least I could do, Krissy. After all, you are
the one who helped me find all of them in the first place."
I smiled at her and asked, "Can _I_ have a snack now?"

Her smile brightened. "I dought yew vould never ask!"

When Kristanna rose to her feet, it was my turn to drop
to my knees. Or, at the very least, drop to one knee. I
did just that, then reached out and gently massaged both of
her immaculate legs with my hands. Eventually, I found the
need to kiss them. I trailed my tongue over-and-across her
thigh, and even nibbled oh-so-tenderly on her kneecap. I
slid one hand upward, squeezing and prodding her tight ass.

Using both hands, I slowly but surely nudged her little
G-string down until it fell harmlessly to the floor in a
circle around her bare feet. I was rewarded for my efforts
with the sight of the sweetest, prettiest pussy in all of
the world. I just had to lean forward and gently kiss it.

"How's my honey?" I asked, staring at that little pussy.

Kristanna decided to remove the black bra that she was
wearing herself. She cupped and squeezed each of her modest
breasts with her hands as I was still on bended knee in front
of her. "Yew da naughty one, Jeremy. But I like yew."

"Lie down on the bed for me."

She obliged, but only after leaning over and planting a
sensuous kiss on my lips. Kristanna groaned and sighed
seconds later when, flat on her back, she spread her thighs
for me. Wow, I said inwardly. Her pussy was beautiful.

"All I need now is a fork and one of those big napkins,"
I grinned, my eyes transfixed on her womanly treasure.
"This is the best all-you-can-eat buffet in the world!"

"Eat as much of it as yew vant," Kristanna giggled. "Yew
know dat I love it ven yew eat me pussy, Jeremy, but yew do
not do it enough. Eat as much of it as yew vant, ya."

I smiled. "I may just go all night, then."

"Yust do not use a fork on me pussy... please!"

I chuckled at her. "I'll try not to."

Kristanna groaned once again, this time as I extended my
tongue and swiped it over the full length of her exquisite,
velvety slit. I used fingers from my left hand to part
those lush folds, then inserted my tongue for a taste. She
was, as you may imagine, absolutely delicious.

As I soon began to concentrate on the most sensitive flap
of skin any woman has - the clitoris - I embedded a pair of
fingers into Kristanna's depths and kept them there for now.
My tongue was fast and furious as it licked and dabbed away
at her clitoris. I did feel like tasting her all night...

Showing her true appreciation for my oral work, Kristanna
sought my right hand with her left, and squeezed tightly.
She was not about to let go of it, either, as I worked her
pussy into more of a frenzy with every passing second. "Oh,
Jeremy... Jeremy..." Squirming about, she arched her neck
and back high in response to my handiwork. "Yes, Jeremy..."

"You're the best friend anyone could ever have," I told
her. "I'd do anything for you... Missy Krissy. Anything."

"And I vould do anyding for YEWWWWW..." the blonde sighed,
as I increased the speed and tempo of my probing tongue. In
addition, I was jamming two fingers in-and-out of her pussy
at a rather frenetic pace.

Once Kristanna began to squeal and grunt, I knew I was
guiding her along the right path. It would not be too long
before I brought her to an orgasm. I would enjoy watching
it happen just as much as she would enjoy experiencing it.

When Kristanna's entire body seemed to tighten up all at
once, I thrusted two fingers into her pussy one final time,
and burrowed my tongue in quite deeply as well. Kristanna
put a vise-tight grip on my head with her long, slender
legs, and screeched out at the very top of her lungs.

I lapped up the delicious passion fruit of her release
with my probing tongue. Only once her orgasm had crested
and then began to fade away did Kristanna loosen the grip
across my head with her muscular, yet doe-like thighs.

My thirst temporarily quenched, I slid my head upward
and came to a stop once Kristanna and I were at eye level.
We exchanged smiles, then I gave her a kiss on the lips.

"I know yew are going to hate me for dis, Jeremy," the
Norwegian frowned. "But I be really tired. I vas on da
airplane for tventy hours today, at da least." Her frown
widened as she added, "I need to get some sleep."

I chuckled at her. "You think I want to have sex all
night long with you? Is that why you think I'll hate you?"

"I do not DINK yew vant to have sex vid me tonight," she
countered, grinning. "I KNOW yew vant to have sex vid me."
She giggled and added, "Yew nasty pervert..."

I smiled down at her. "Look who's talking."

Kristanna even let out a little whimper of a cry. "I am
so sorry, Jeremy. But I be beat. I need some rest. Maybe
yew and me can have sex some udder time, ya?"

"We have five more weeks," I reminded her. "The most
time you have ever spent with me on the island was 11 days
in a row. Remember that? Last year? Anyway, I am really
looking forward to spending all this time with you, Krissy.
You're going to be my naughty, little co-hort here."

"How could I miss being around so many beautiful vomen?"
she cooed. "Dis is like dream-come-true for girl like me."

I slipped both arms around her lithe body in an embrace
and smiled once again. "You can go to sleep, fine. But I
get to hold and caress your body all night long."

"Oooooh... I have no problems vid dat!"

* * *

"Kristanna and I have been good friends for four years,"
I said to the entire group the following morning, as all
eight of us were gathered together at the dining room table.

"Four very LONG years," Kristanna snickered, nibbling on
her breakfast meal (bacon and eggs). "I am used to having
an open sandwich vid butter and yam, and slices of meat or
cheese for breakfast. And milk from da cows."

"Are you complaining about Louisa's cooking?" I asked.

"Oh no," Kristanna replied, shaking her head. "I dink
Louisa is a great cook. Yust telling yew and all da udders
vat it is dat I am used to... dat is all."

"Butter and yam?" Camille asked, confused.

Pamela giggled. "I think she meant butter and jam."

Kristanna focused her attention onto the girls and added,
"Jeremy and I have been friends for four years. How I lasted
dis long vid him as me friend is, how yew say... beyond
comprehension." Kristanna laughed at her own words, letting
all of the ladies know that she was simply joking around.
That was good. Kristanna should rarely be taken seriously.

"How did you and Jeremy meet, Kristanna?" Devon asked.

"I vas visiting Inca ruins in Peru vid me family. Momma
and Papa alvays vanted to tour Machu Picchu. One day I met
Jeremy in da village outside da temple. He vas touring dare,
too. Ve started talking and I decided to stay an extra veek
after me parents vent home. I vent to dis island vid Jeremy
and fell in love vid da place. Beautiful, beautiful island."

"And ever since then," I chimed in, "Kristanna and I have
been the best of friends. She has probably been here to see
me 40 or 50 times over the past four years."

"That's a lot of airline miles!" Devon squealed. "You
said it takes 20 hours just to get here by airplane..."

"What is Machu Picchu?" Camille inquired. "I think I
have heard of it before, but don't know exactly what it is."

"It's an ancient city located high in the mountains in
Peru," was my response. "It is nothing more than stone
ruins now, of course, but it is a national treasure and is
protected by the government. But people can visit and take
tours. The area around it is very, very beautiful."

"Machu Picchu is vat got me interested in archeology,"
Kristanna offered. "I study it at university in California."

"You seem to get around," Pamela observed. "This island,
Norway, California. You must be a world traveler."

Kristanna laughed. "I have many frequent flyer miles."

"Machu Picchu sounds like an interesting place," Camille
mused. "Would it be too much to ask, Jeremy, if you were to
take us on a little side-trip to it before the summer ends?"

"Not at all," I answered, shaking my head. "There are
many things to see and do in Peru - especially the capital
city, Lima. We'll talk about trips in the future."

Lindsay raised her hand and offered me a shy, sheepish
expression when I nodded my head at her. Despite losing her
virginity just two days ago to Trish and yours truly, it was
great to see that Lindsay still retained her humble nature.
It was the one thing that I found most appealing about her.

"I was just wondering," Lindsay murmured, "about who will
be Kristanna's room-mate? All of us already have room-mates.
I can't imagine you letting her stay all by herself. Nor can
I imagine Kristanna wanting to stay all by herself..."

"Maybe Jeremy will be her room-mate," Trish speculated.
"They did stay together last night, you know."

"Kristanna CANNOT keep Jeremy all to herself," Devon
insisted, which made me smile. I liked that attitude.
Devon was very intent on getting her fair share of private
and intimate time with me. It was flattering to me.

"Actually, to let yew in on a secret," Kristanna cooed,
"da idea is for Jeremy to spend da night vid a different
girl every night. Like rotation system... yew know? Den I
stay vid room-mate dat is vid Jeremy."

"That sounds really... interesting," Pamela responded. I
got the sense that she did not care for a _rotation system_.

"I want to stay with Jeremy tonight," Amy claimed, her
tone uneven. "I haven't had a cock in what... a couple of
days?" My body shivered with erotic sensations as Amy then
added, "I'll explode soon if I don't get some cock."

"A couple of days for you without a cock?" Pamela grinned.
"I'm surprised you can last a couple of HOURS without one!"

* * *

"Hi Jeremy," Devon greeted me, much later that afternoon,
as she approached me here in the hobby room of the estate.
Seated in a comfortable lounge chair and glancing through a
fitness magazine which I had borrowed from Trish, I looked
up at Devon and she smiled at me. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing just fine," I told the radiant 27-year-old
from Pennsylvania in a friendly, melodious voice. I tilted
my head at Devon and offered her an inquisitive expression
before continuing, "What can I do for you, my angel?"

Devon giggled at my choice of words. "Hmmmmm... angel.
You're not going to stop calling me that, huh?"

I shook my head at her. "No, of course not. Why should
I? Give me one good reason to stop calling you _angel_."

"Because I'm the furthest thing from being an angel..."

I shook my head once again and chuckled ever-so-softly.
"You know that isn't true, Devon." There was a moment of
silence between us until I decided to break it. "Is there
something that I can do for you? Is that why you're here?"

Devon displayed another bold move on her part by stepping
forward and then plopping herself down upon my trusting lap.
Even before my mind could register what had just happened,
my hands were resting on either side of Devon's trim waist.
It must have been an instinctive reaction for me.

Soon, I made eye contact with this enchanting woman and
found myself momentarily gasping for breath. Those blue
eyes of hers were sparkling and glittering with an obvious
attraction for me as Devon offered a sweet, sincere smile.

Needless to say, Devon looked absolutely sensational.
Dressed in a form-fitting blouse which had flower print
designs all over it, the intoxicating shape and outline of
Devon's full, firm breasts were emphasized to their fullest
extent. The little blouse, which ended at her midriff, also
did a wonderful job of showcasing Devon's flat stomach.

Plus, Devon wore a sexy pair of hip-hugging denim shorts,
as well as pink sneakers and white socks which were rolled
down to her ankles. Devon's free-flowing, shiny blonde
tresses descended across her slender neck and shoulders in
loose, healthy wavelets. This woman was purely captivating!

"Actually, there IS a little something that you could do
for me," Devon murmured in a soft, sensuous voice, as she
wrapped one arm around my shoulder and squeezed generously.
Still nestled upon my lap, Devon then placed her lips close
to my ear and cooed, "I was hoping, dear Jeremy, that you
and I could spend the night together again."

"Really?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

Devon pulled back and lovingly gazed into my eyes once
again. "Most definitely. I had the time of my life with
you on Wednesday evening. You made me feel so wonderful."
My eyes went wide at that last sentence. "Not only because
of how you made my body feel... but also because of how you
made my heart feel. You made me very feel special inside."
Devon paused and added, "I... I haven't felt that way in a
long, long time. Like I was... I was someone special."

"Because your last boyfriend did not treat you with the
respect and dignity that you deserve?"

Devon shook her head as if she did not want to answer
that particular question. Instead, the goddess told me, "I
could not have asked for, or even imagined, a man who treated
me any better than you did that particular evening. I...
hmmmmm... it was like all a dream to me. One big dream."

I choked in response to her preceding comment. "What?
Dream? Did you say that it was like a DREAM to you?"

Devon nodded. "Yes, definitely. It was awesome. I want
to get to know you, Jeremy. I want you to get to know me.
I truly believe that we are a lot alike. A lot more alike
than anyone else would ever believe. I know this may sound
totally insane since we met a mere five days ago... but I
think there could be something really special between us. I
want to explore it. I want the opportunity."

"It doesn't sound insane at all, sweetheart," I countered.
"I have those same feelings about you."

"Awesome!" Devon gushed, bouncing about upon my lap in a
brief instant of glee. "So it is settled? Can I spend the
night with you again? It would make me so very happy."

"It would make me very happy too," I said, before taking
a deep breath. "But, remember... I already promised Amy
that she could stay with me in my personal suite tonight."
Devon made a face as I went on, "Remember? Amy said that
she wanted to spend the night with me at the breakfast table
earlier. I said that she could. I cannot go back on my
word to Amy, Devon. You know that just as well as I do."

Devon let out an exasperated sigh, but then nodded her
head in acceptance. "Yes, I know. I forgot that Amy kind
of claimed you already for tonight. That was my mistake."
Still sitting in my lap, Devon's posture seemed to sag at
the unwanted reminder. "What about tomorrow... Sunday? Do
you think we could spend some time together tomorrow?"

Before I could give her an answer, Devon pressed on by
saying, "I don't want it to seem like I am being too pushy
or too aggressive with you, Jeremy. It's just... there are
so many other girls here right now, and all of them seem to
like you. I just want to be your favorite. I want you to
think of me as your favorite. You're my... my favorite."

"You could never be too pushy or too aggressive with me,
dear," I assured her. "Trust me on that. Keep being honest
in what you say to me. I love it, Devon. I really do. I
have been alone for so long that I welcome a woman who is as
open as and as vocal with her feelings like you are. I do."

Devon giggled, then frowned the very next instant. "I
have confided a couple of things about what has happened
thus far between you and me with Camille. Please don't
tell her I told you that." I shook my head, indicating that
I would not break Devon's confidence in me. "Camille tells
me that I am going too fast with you. I'm speeding with you
and in the end, I will crash and burn because of it. She
says I am being too open and honest in what I say to you.
Even that, what I just said about crashing and burning...
that was incredibly honest. But I can't help it. When I
like someone, I feel the need to talk, to be honest. I have
been this way my whole life. I'm honest to a fault."

"There is nothing wrong with telling me how you feel...
what you think," I implored. "There are plenty of people
throughout the world who, if in my position, would be feel a
bit hesitant right now. As you said, you and I have known
each other for a short time. Yet you are saying all these
personal things to me. That would be too fast for a lot of
people. But not me, Devon. Not me at all." She smiled at
me as I continued, "I want you to be honest. Pour that
loving heart of yours out to me. No matter what you say,
you will never scare me, never intimidate me, never spook
me. You'll just make me even more interested in you."

"I've done this before," Devon fretted. "Been too open
and honest in what I say to people. The first boyfriend I
ever had was in high school. His name was Tim. One of the
reasons we split up was because I confided in him a little
too much. What I said at times, it scared him. We were
only 17, but I was already talking about marriage."

"I'm not Tim," was my simple response. "I'm Jeremy. You
can say whatever you want to me, Devon. I welcome it. I
appreciate it. Don't listen to Camille. She does not know
who I am, what I think, what I want. Listen to _ME_."

"Okay," Devon nodded, now straightening herself up within
my lap. "So what do you say, Jeremy? Would you like to get
together with me tomorrow? I would love to have some more
private time with you. I mean, if you're interested..."

I laughed at her. "Of course I am interested, Devon.
The answer is yes." Suddenly, Devon appeared genuinely
happy. "Yes, we can plan something for tomorrow."

"What are you doing after dinner tonight?" she wondered.
"Before Amy comes to visit you?"

"Kristanna and I are going to do some more catching up
with each other in my suite," I answered. "You know, she
and I are such good friends, but I haven't seen her in three
whole weeks. In many ways, Kristanna is like a confidant
to me. A lifeline, if you will."

"I can tell just by being around Kristanna yesterday and
today that she cares about you very, very much," Devon said.
"But the two of you claim to be nothing more than friends."

"Best friends," I corrected her. "You are more than
welcome to meet up with us in my personal suite after I
clear the dinner table and wash the dishes, Devon. I can
guarantee you that Kristanna would love your company."


"Yes, really."

Devon crinkled her nose and shook her head in response.
"No, that's okay. Kristanna probably wants that time alone
with you as well. As you said, Jeremy, you and her have a
lot of catching up to do. Just promise me that we can spend
some time together tomorrow, and I will be happy."

"If you don't see me anywhere, I'll probably be in my
room," I advised her. "Come find me tomorrow afternoon.
How does noon sound? That time will be reserved for you."

Devon squirmed about within my lap for a moment or two,
but then offered that glittering smile and found my lips
with her own for a soft, sensuous kiss. Not only was our
kiss slow and languid, but it also lasted for several
seconds. Devon seemed reluctant once she finally broke it.

"Excuse me, Jeremy," came a tender, squealy voice from
the opposite side of the hobby room. Devon and I quickly
turned our sights toward the source of that voice, which was
none other than Lindsay. The wholesome 18-year-old was
standing at the entranceway to the hobby room, waving her
right hand with quite the apprehensive expression on her
face. "I hope that I am not interrupting anything, but..."

Devon, whose lips were no more than three inches from my
cheek, took a deep breath and stood up, then backed away
from me. Next, she again focused on Lindsay. "You could
never interrupt us, honey," Devon told her. "What's up?"

Lindsay flashed Devon that shy, humble smile of hers.
What a doll! "I was going to ask Jeremy for a favor."

"Oh?" I inquired. "What would that be, dear?"

Lindsay looked over at me and smiled yet again. "Trish
and I are having problems beating one of the big bosses in
_Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ for _X-Box_. We have tried and
tried, but cannot get past that level. Trish told me to
find you, Jeremy, and ask if maybe you could help us out.
You said the other day that you already beat the game."

"I beat the game twice," I corrected her. "I haven't
played that particular game in a very long time, though.
I'm talking several years, here."

Devon rolled her eyes and let out an exaggerated laugh.
"Ughhhhh... video games. Not my cup of tea."

"It's the part of the game where you play as Faith,"
Lindsay explained. "We cannot get past the final boss!"

"It took me awhile to get past that part too," I mused.
"But I eventually made it through. I'll see what I can do
for you and Trish, Lindsay. How does that sound?"

"Great!" she chirped. "We really need the help!"

I glanced over at Devon. "Is it okay with you if I go
and give them a hand right now? I know that we were having
a nice discussion and all..."

"It's fine," Devon mused, grinning at me for emphasis.
"I promised Camille earlier that I would go on a walk with
her before dinner tonight." Devon looked at her wristwatch
and added, "I'm supposed to meet her in ten minutes." As I
stood up from the chair, Devon stepped forward and kissed me
on the cheek. "I guess I'll see you at dinner-time, Jeremy.
Have a good time playing video games."

"You have a good time with Camille. I enjoyed talking
with you. Hopefully we can do it again sometime."

"Sometime SOON," Devon insisted, before turning and facing
Lindsay. "Will you take good care of Jeremy for me, honey?
You're not going to wear him out, now... are you?"

"Wear him out?" Lindsay giggled, her cheeks flushing a
bright, crimson red. This teen-ager's humble innocence and
naive nature were two of her most appealing traits - if you
ask me, at least. I absolutely loved to see Lindsay blush!
"I just want Jeremy to help me and Trish with Buffy!"

"Can I get a kiss before I leave?" Devon inquired, to
which Lindsay's eyebrows shot upward.

Just 48 hours removed from losing her virginity, I believe
it is safe of me to assume that the only individuals on the
island that Lindsay had kissed thus far were Trish and yours
truly. Was she ready to take that step with someone else?
Was Lindsay prepared to open herself up to the others, too?

Perhaps realizing that she had caught Lindsay off-guard
with her bold request, Devon backed off by saying, "Oh...
you don't have to kiss me if you don't want to, honey. I
shouldn't have said something like that to you. I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay," Lindsay murmured. She took a very deep
breath, as if to collect her courage, then stepped forward
and planted a simple kiss onto Devon's luscious mouth. When
it was over, Lindsay slowly backed away and, not surprisingly,
was blushing beet-red once again.

Devon moaned and smiled at her young friend. "Hmmmmm...
that was nice. Thank you, honey. Thank you very much. I
hope there is more of where that came from in the future.
Much more." As Lindsay blushed yet again, Devon grinned and
waved her hand at me, then turned and exited the hobby room.
She was off to find Camille for their pre-dinner stroll.

"Hi sweetheart," I said to Lindsay, closing the distance
between us and then giving her a warm embrace. "How is the
prettiest 18-year-old girl in all of the world doing today?"

"The prettiest?" she exclaimed, blushing one more time, as
our embrace ended. "Do you really mean that?"

"Find me an 18-year-old girl who looks better than you,"
I challenged her. "You will look your whole life, because
you'll never find one. I promise you that." I snuck one
arm around Lindsay's firm, slender body, then moved my hand
downward and patted that nice, tight ass. Much like Devon,
Lindsay had on a pair of denim shorts. She had perhaps the
sexiest ass I had ever laid my eyes on. "Such a doll..."

Lindsay closed her eyes for a moment and groaned. "Oh my
stars... I love how your hands feel on me, Jeremy." Suffice
it to say, but Lindsay was much more comfortable around me
(as well as Trish) than she was anyone else at this point in
time. Why? Simply because Lindsay had experienced the joys
of sex with Trish and yours truly. As far as I was aware of,
at least, we were the only ones - _yet_.

When I felt a big erection forming within my shorts, I
quickly reminded myself of why Lindsay had sought me out on
this late-day afternoon. Before I lost control of myself -
which seemed like a real possibility with Lindsay looking so
very desirable in front of me right now - I remembered that
she had come to me with a request. And, most likely, Trish
was waiting for us, too. It was time to fulfill it.

"Let's go off to the recreation room and conquer that
level in the Buffy game," I said, but only after clearing my
throat. Still, my cock was hard - and throbbing. I wanted
to get my clutches into this wondrous, lovely girl and never
let her go. She was a living, breathing aphrodisiac to me.

"Trish also wanted me to ask you to bring that fitness
magazine you borrowed from her along," Lindsay commented.
"Apparently, Trish is not yet finished reading it herself."

I gathered the aforementioned magazine from the nearby
table and held it up for Lindsay to see. "Off to the
recreation room we go, dear. You lead the way."

When Lindsay nodded her head and turned to walk away, I
smiled inwardly. I was going to keep my eyes glued to that
tight, little ass of hers until we reached the elevator on
the opposite side of the mansion. Certainly, the scenery
during this upcoming walk was going to be most lovely.

And when we stepped into the elevator, I would make sure
that my curious hands would be all over that precious ass...

* * *

"Yew verr really yentle and loving vid her," Kristanna
commented to me, perhaps two hours later, as we relaxed in
the voyeur room together. She and I were watching footage
from Thursday night on the monitor in front of us - when
Trish and I took Lindsay's virginity. "Lindsay is such a
sveet ding. It must have been special for yew too, Jeremy."

"It was very special," I countered, feeling uncomfortable
because I had another erection hidden away in my trousers.
Watching my red-hot encounter with Trish and Lindsay did the
trick. The thought then crossed my mind that my cock needed
some attention. Maybe Kristanna could help me out?

"It vas also very exciting too, I see," the 23-year-old
giggled, motioning toward my crotch with her head.

On the monitor in front of us, Trish literally begged me
to allow her to help place my cock into Lindsay's pussy.
When I agreed, Trish was all happy and smiles, and soon did
the deed. Kristanna watched intently as I eased my shaft
into Lindsay - who was still a virgin at the time - before I
began to gently pump and thrust away at her.

"Oh my..." was Kristanna's reaction to the footage, even
running a hand over and across one of her taut, firm breasts.
Kristanna focused upon one of her breasts and began to knead
it through the silky blouse that she had on.

When I was going full-throttle at Lindsay on the screen,
Kristanna turned her head and smiled up at me. "I vish yew
vould have been da one to take me virginity too, Jeremy!"
Although she was being honest and forthright, I could not
help but to chuckle at Kristanna's broken English. I cannot
emphasize just how much I enjoyed listening to that accent!

Kristanna then pointed at the image of young Lindsay and
rightfully said, "Dat girl is having da time of her life!"

"What do you think, Krissy? I know you have been here
less than 24 hours, but what do you think? If you were in
my shoes and had to make a decision, who would you pick?
Which girl do you think is best for me?"

"I dink yew could not go vrong with Pamela, Trish or
Devon," she answered. "I like all of dem a lot. I like
Devon da most, dough. But I see vy yew like Trish too,
Jeremy. Yew said earlier dat she is yewr number-one now.
But yew said Pamela is attracted to yew, too." Kristanna
smiled and patted me on the shoulder. "Yew have a lot of
difficult decisions to make, Mister Jeremy."

"What about the others?"

"Amy come from broken marriage and admit dat she cheat on
her husband many times in da first year of marriage. She vas
telling Devon and me all about it after breakfast earlier.
Den she got back togedder vid her husband, but cheat on him
again." Kristanna vigorously shook her head and surmised,
"Yew do not vant voman like dat to be yewr vife, Jeremy. It
almost seem like Amy vas bragging about all dat cheating."

I frowned and shrugged my shoulders. "I do not think Amy
was ever happy with her husband. That is why she cheated on
him. Personally speaking, I think Amy got married way before
she was ready. If she could find someone who made her happy,
I think Amy would settle down and be a good wife."

"I am not telling yew how to live yewr life, Jeremy,"
Kristanna advised me. "Yew did ask for me opinion. Dat is
vat I am giving here. But I hope yew are not entertaining
doughts of Amy. She is da one girl here voo has da highest
probability of breaking yewr heart. Trust me on dat, ya.
Yew could not stand anudder voman breaking yewr heart again."

"It's not that I'm thinking of Amy as a possible choice
right now," I countered. "It's just... I like to look for
the good in everyone." Kristanna nodded her head as I went
on, "It just seems to me that if Amy found the right person,
it would change her life completely. Her ways, her attitude.
Everything. I think she would settle down and be faithful."

"Dat is only ding I do not agree vid," Kristanna mused.
"I dink Amy is a nymphomaniac voo cannot be corralled. I am
not saying dat is bad ding. I yust dink dat yew do not vant
to have dat type of voman as yewr vife, Jeremy. As yewr
playding or one-night stand, yes, but not yewr vife." The
23-year-old from Norway paused for a moment, but then added,
"I dink I have Amy figured out. I dink I do. Da reality is
dat Amy is a little girl trying to play big girl games."

"A little girl trying to play big girl games?" I had no
clue where Kristanna was headed with this analogy. "Do you
mind explaining what you mean by it?"

"Amy be so caught up in da appearance of control - she
claims she vants to take little Lindsay and do all dese nasty
dings to her. She says she vants to violate her. Amy even
says dat she wants to tie Lindsay up and hurt her. I do not
dink so. All Amy really vants in life, dis be my opinion,
is to curl up in someone's arms, and be protected or even
dominated herself. She may envision dat vid yew, Jeremy."

"Then why does she act dominant and harsh at times?"

"Simple," Kristanna said. "Cannot yew see how lonely and
depressed Amy is in life? Yust look at her actions dus far.
Amy screams and begs for attention at all times. As long as
someone is villing to give Amy a reaction - any reaction -
she will adapt her vays to suit dem or da situation on a
moment's notice. Under all of dat, dough, is a little, timid
submissive girl. I can see it." Kristanna nodded her head
and continued, "If yew asserted yewrself vid her, Jeremy... I
mean REALLY asserted yewrself, Amy vould melt in yewr arms
yust like butter." Kristanna paused for a moment, but then
concluded, "Da best ding dat could happen to Amy is dat yew
take total control of her - 100 percent - and dominate her.
Yew dominate her from da time she vakes up in da morning,
Jeremy, until she goes to bed at night. And even ven she
sleeping. Dat is vat Amy vants. She vants yew to own her."

"OWN her?"


"You know I don't have that type of personality, Krissy."

"Yew should try it vid her sometime. Yew really should.
Yust be aggressive vid her. Take control, show her voo da
boss is. She vould melt like butter for yew, Jeremy."

"What about Lindsay and Camille, dear?" I wondered.
"You said I could not go wrong with Devon, Pamela or Trish.
We've talked about Amy. What about Lindsay and Camille?"

"Camille is easy," Kristanna said. "Dis is yewr sixth
day vid all da girls, and Camille is only one voo has not
made move on yew yet. Yew have to start vundering if da
girl is interested in yew, Jeremy. Yew did tell me a vile
ago dat Camille made move on Trish, Lindsay, Amy and Devon so
far... but not yew. Plus she does not trust yew, yew said.
How could anyone not trust such a vunderful man like yew?"

I smiled at her words. "What about Lindsay?"

"Lindsay is _VAY_ too young for yew."

This time, Kristanna's words made me frown. Three or four
years ago, I would have strongly disputed the notion that
there was that much of a discrepancy in age between myself
and an 18-year-old. But now, at the creaky age of 39, I
had finally accepted the fact that I could be considered
_too old_ for certain individuals. I tried not to think
about it too much, obviously, because it was so depressing.
But the simple truth? I was more than twice Lindsay's age.
I was old enough to be her father.

"She yust lost her virginity two nights ago," Kristanna
added. "She be pretty, pretty girl. After her time here on
island ends, Lindsay vill vant to go back home and experience
vat udders have to offer her. Guys, girls. She is yust a
baby, Jeremy. Yew vant to get married right now in life.
Lindsay vant to go out and have fun. Yew and Trish opened
new door for her yust da udder night. Let her explore it."
Kristanna pointed toward my crotch and cooed, "Dis part of
yew vants to dink of Lindsay as possible vife. Vat yew did
vid her Dursday night vas so exciting." Next, she pointed
at my head. "But dis part know better. Dink about it."

"Dursday?" I laughed. Kristanna was priceless! "I had a
real good time with Trish and Lindsay in the recreation room
earlier. I gave them some hints and advice about how to get
through _Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds_. It took a
little while, but they finally beat the whole game."

"Yew did not help dem by playing yewrself?"

I shook my head and responded, "No, I thought it would be
better if they beat the game themselves instead of me. As I
said, I simply gave them advice and pointers on what to do."

"Dat game is eight or nine years old, no?"

"Something like that," I nodded. "Oldie, but a goodie."

"Yew are oldie, but goodie too. Real old!"

"Gee, thanks Krissy," I sarcastically grinned.

Glancing at the monitor in front of us, Kristanna watched
for a couple of seconds as Lindsay's blonde head bobbed
up-and-down over my shaft, while Trish was nestled beneath
her, licking that sweet, delicious pussy.

"Do yew get yewr cock in Trish sometime during dis?"

"Eventually, yes," I nodded. "Trish goes oral on Lindsay
while I do her from behind, doggie-style."

"Trish is da confident and cheerful fitness instructor,"
Kristanna observed. "I get feeling from talking to her dat
she has to be da best in everyding dat she do. Pamela is da
vayvard stripper voo lost her grasp on reality many several
years ago." My eyes narrowed because of that last comment
as she continued, "And Devon is sveet, innocent girl voo is
looking for love. Her life is not complete vidout it. Yew
cannot go vrong vid any of dem, Jeremy."

I have always considered Kristanna to be one of the most
intuitive people I have ever known. She is an excellent
judge of character. But her words about Pamela disturbed me.
Once again, I needed a clarification on what she meant.

"Wayward stripper who lost her grasp on reality?"

"Yew ask me opinion, I give it to yew," Kristanna reminded
me. "I am not saying anyding bad about Pamela. I like her a
lot. But her senses have been dulled and yaded. Da computer
program ve vrite togedder predicted Pamela vould be dis vay.
I have seen nudding to change me opinion duss far."

"What do you base your opinion on?"

"A voman DAT hot and beautiful has sex vid yew, Jeremy,
and says yew are first man for her in over a year. Yew are
first PERSON for her in eight months, only excluding da day
before ven she vas vid Amy. Vat is vrong vid dat picture?
Pamela obviously vants to fall in love and get married. But
me dinks dat being stripper has ruined da vay she perceives
how udders are looking at her. Dare are many men, and vomen,
voo vould die for a chance to be vid a voman dat smart and
beautiful. But Pamela cannot see dat. She cannot infer it.
Vat she sees is everyone looking at her as sex object. It
is vat she is accustomed to in life."

When I did not respond for several seconds, Kristanna
added, "I have a friend in Hermansvark, vitch is city in
Norvay, voo is stripper. Her name be Ragnhild. I compare
her to Pamela because I see many similarities betveen dem.
Ragnhild has stripped for so long, and exposed herself to
so many strangers, dat she does not trust anyone anymore.
She is blind even to dose people voo are good to her. Vy...
Ragnhild does not even trust ME, if yew can believe dat."

"Pamela trusts me," I countered.

"Pamela trusts yew because yew are incredibly kind and
humble person," Kristanna mused. "Yew radder sit down and
talk vid a hot voman for hours at a time instead of having
sex vid her. No one else in da vorld is like dat. I dink
Pamela may look at yew, Jeremy, as her last, best chance at
happiness. Dat is vy she has clutched onto yew so hard and
heavy so far. Dat me opinion. I am not saying dat Pamela
is not da right girl for yew. In fact, yew and her are a
lot alike. Yew match up very vell."

"In what way?"

"Yew are male version of Pamela, but for many different
reasons," she said. "Yew lost yewr grasp on reality long
ago, Jeremy, because of vat Victoria did to yew." I gulped
my throat as Kristanna continued, "Dare is reason vy most of
dese girls love yew. But yew cannot see it, eedder."

"I'm a lot better than I used to be," I defended myself.

"Yes, yew are," Kristanna nodded. "Yew most definitely
are. But yew still have a long vays to go. Yew hot, sexy
man. But yew see yewrself as ordinary, plain man."

"Hot... and sexy?"

Kristanna laughed at my response. "See vat I mean? Yew
hot and sexy. Yew incredibly kind and gracious. Yew vould
give shirt off yewr back to anyone dat needed it. Yew are
most caring man... PERSON, I have ever met. And yew are
humble, and very loyal. Every voman dreams of marrying a
man like yew, Jeremy. Yew yust cannot see dat."

"What Victoria did to me, Krissy, it sh-shattered me..."

"Victoria vas 20 long years ago in yewr life!" Kristanna
exclaimed. "I know it hurt, Jeremy! I know vat she did vas
totally humiliating to yew! But yew HAVE to move on! Dink
how long 19 years is... I vas four summers old den. Only
four! I vas tiny girl playing on me farm vid da goats and
da cows. Yew have let Victoria rule and effect yewr life for
much too long. Yew live all alone on dis island for 17
years, shielded from da rest of humanity. Scared to death
dat someone may hurt yew like Victoria once did! But during
all dat time, life passes yew by. ALL DOSE YEARS! Yew could
have met a Devon a long time ago, Jeremy. A Pamela, a Trish.
Yew vould be so happy now. Yew vould have a vife, children,
a family. But yew choose to stay all alone on dis island.
I have never really fully understood vy yew do dis."

When I hung my head low and took a deep, painful breath,
Kristanna sprung up from her chair here in the voyeur room
and embraced me with both arms. She rubbed her hands over
and across my shoulders several times in succession, then
kissed the crown of my head. "I do not mean to hurt yew,
Mister Jeremy. Yew know yew are vunderful man in me eyes.
Vunderful man, vunderful friend. I yust do not like to see
yew vaste avay on dis island like yew have."

I sighed, then nodded my head, trying to hold back a rush
of tears. "I'm glad you convinced me, Krissy, to bring all
these women here. I really am. This is going to work. All
the time and trouble we went through, all the money this is
costing me. If I find happiness, it will all be worth it."

"Da money is drop in da bucket to yew," Kristanna grinned,
releasing me from her loving arms. "Yew can afford to lose a
few million American dollars." She kissed me on the lips and
cooed, "It vill be good for yew."

"Since when is losing money good?"

"Look at vat yew are gaining, dough," Kristanna smiled,
embracing me again. "I yust vant yew to be happy, Jeremy.
As long as yew are happy, Kristanna is happy, ya."

On the display monitor now, there was the image of me
blasting Trish from behind in the doggie-style position as
she busily slurped and lapped away at Lindsay's pussy.
Because the three of us were making a lot of noise with our
collective screams and grunts, Kristanna turned and eyed the
action. "Yew sure did have a lot of fun dat night!"

"More fun than you would ever imagine..."

Kristanna grinned once again. "Seems to me dat Devon
really, really like yew, Jeremy. But I like Devon too! Vat
do yew dink me chances are of getting up-close and personal
vid her? I am not talking yust about sex, eeder. I dink
she is really sveet girl, and I vant to get to know her."

"Talk to her," was my advice. "If there is one thing that
I know about Devon thus far, it is that she wants a very open
and honest relationship. Tell Devon that you like her, want
to get to know her. Don't be afraid to hold back with her,
either. I think Devon is a lot like me that way, Kristanna.
She wants others to give her positive re-enforcement. She
will eat up any and all compliments that you give her."

Kristanna giggled. "Hopefully she eat udder dings, too."

Suddenly, another monitor flickered to life here in the
voyeur room. The motion detector at the far end of the hall
which led to my personal suite picked something up, and those
images were now being relayed to the equipment here in the
voyeur room. Curious as to who it may be, Kristanna and
I both glanced at the monitor intently.

"Looks like Pamela and Amy vant to talk to yew, Jeremy,"
she observed. "Judging by dare choice of clodding, dough -
or lack dareof - I do not dink dey vant to talk for long."
I gulped my throat at the wondrous sight upon the monitor in
front of us as Kristanna added, "I vill stay here - in voyeur
room. I vant to catch up on some of da udder events dat I
missed dis past veek. I vill look into da archives."

"Are you sure you want to stay here?"

"Yes," she confirmed. "Go and be vid Pamela and Amy. Yew
promised da night to Amy earlier. But... yew supposed to be
vatching hockey with Trish tonight." Kristanna pointed to
the monitor that oversaw a live feed of the recreation room.
In it, Trish was seated at one of the computer terminals
watching an Internet broadcast of game five of the Western
Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago
Blackhawks. Sure enough, Trish had on a Toronto Maple Leafs'
jersey. She was quite the fanatic when it came to her hometown
team, the Maple Leafs. "Yew and Trish planned on vatching dat
game tonight, no?"

"It was gonna be tonight, but we decided a couple of hours
ago that we would watch the game on Monday night instead," I
told her. "Lindsay is even going to watch it with us. Trish
knew that Amy was itching to be with me tonight."

"Amy be itching to be vid yew in more vays dan one."

* * *

After giving Kristanna a full kiss on the lips, I exited
the voyeur room and closed off its entrance. I took a long,
deep breath, knowing what was soon in store for me, then
went over to the door and opened it.

Standing on the opposite side of the doorway were the duo
of Pamela and Amy, both of whom were looking back at me with
expressions of pure lust and desire on their beautiful faces.
Indeed, I knew exactly what was about to happen.

Pamela, the incredibly stacked blonde from Maryland who
had swung back-and-forth like a pendulum in being (or not
being) my favorite thus far, was wearing a skintight halter
top which hugged and clutched her formidable breasts in a
truly intoxicating manner. I could clearly see her nipples
through the thin fabric, so it was quite obvious that she was
not wearing a bra underneath it. The only other thing Pamela
had on was a purple G-string. What an inspirational,
mouth-watering and simply awe-inspiring body this woman had.

Amy, on the other hand, was wearing a see-through nightie
(with no bra or panties underneath). The mere sight of her
in the flimsy piece of lingerie caused my cock to ache in
total arousal. She obviously had no shame.

"Can we come in for a bit?" was Amy's question. I could
tell by the naughty look on her face that she and Pamela did
not come up here to borrow some sugar. Nor did they want to
sit down and have a heart-to-heart discussion for two hours.

"Step on in, girls," I said in a friendly tone, thinking
to myself what Kristanna was up to in the adjacent voyeur
room right now. She was going to get a quite a spicy, live
show here in another minute or two...

The two ravishing ladies strolled into my suite and first
looked around it, then turned their attention toward me as I
closed the door. I then remembered a few nights ago - before
my bicycle ride with Devon turned into something erotic - I
wanted to have a three-some with Pamela and Amy. Now, it
seemed as if my fantasy would become a reality.

"Is it okay if we show up unannounced like this?"

"Of course it is," I told Pamela in response. "Feel free
to stop by at any time... especially if you two ladies choose
to dress like this. I would have no objections."

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Now, both of
them knew they had me right where they wanted me - as if they
did not know that before. I was theirs for the taking...

Pamela spoke in a sultry voice, "Jeremy, the whole island
is buzzing with the news of what happened on Thursday night
between you, Lindsay and Trish. Not only did you get to take
Lindsay's virginity, but Trish was there too, and she made it
a three-some. Amy was going to spend tonight with you alone,
as she asked for earlier today. But now she says that since
we're all such good friends, maybe you would like to have a
three-some with us as well. So... let's have one."

"Right now," Amy concurred.

Direct, blunt... to the point. I liked that. Was it any
surprise that my cock was about to burst from being so hard?

The ladies did not wait for my verbal response. Instead,
they closed the distance between them and me, and literally
attached our three bodies together as one. Pamela's arms
were around my shoulders, squeezing hard, as she ravaged my
mouth with a heated, tongue-filled kiss. Amy wrapped one arm
around my lower back and the other around Pamela's slender
waist, then started to plant kisses along my face and neck.

Needless to say, I was disoriented for a moment. Two
gorgeous women basically having their way with me at the
same time was a very unique and scintillating experience.
It was certainly not an everyday occurrence in my life.

I then realized that from this point forward, because of
the island and its nature, this may very well be a common
thing for me. The ladies may expect to share me in group
sex settings from now on. Maybe nothing I experience would
be one-on-one again. A three-some with Devon and Kristanna
in the morning? Maybe another with Trish and Lindsay a few
hours later? Or, perhaps all seven of them would want me at
once in a big, full-blown orgy? I was just one man, mind
you. How was I going to survive the next five weeks?

I quickly regained my composure and returned Pamela's kiss
with all of the fervor and passion that she was exerting on
me herself. Meanwhile, I felt Amy grab my left hand and
place it on Pamela's sweet, perfectly-proportioned backside.
Amy kneaded the back of my hand for a brief moment, which
told me that she wanted me to pinch and squeeze Pamela's ass.
When I started doing so, Amy giggled and let go of my hand.

I used my other hand to reach around Amy's body and grab
hold of her round ass, too. Now, I was fondling both ladies
as they continued to assault my neck, face and mouth with
their splendid barrage of nibbles, licks and kisses.

The exchange of tongues between Pamela and I had become
rather intense in a very short period of time. Amy, who had
been munching on my neck and face, suddenly decided to enter
herself into the kiss that Pamela and I shared. She moved
her lips in close to ours and seconds later, I had the
tongues of two gorgeous women in my mouth at the same time.

Although our heads were all cramped together as one, the
triple-kiss lasted for several seconds. Soon, however, we
found a more comfortable position and began to play the
wonderful game of _tongue tag_ in the open air. At the same
time, Amy reached down and rubbed the bulge in my trousers
as I continued to squeeze both her and Pamela's sweet asses.

"You two girls are incredible," I moaned, trying to catch
my breath. "Simply incredible!"

Pamela and Amy giggled at my words, then focused their
attention on each other for a short time, first attaching
their lips together, then licking and slurping away with
their tongues. Seconds later, they broke the kiss and
gazed at me, giggling with an obvious sense of arousal.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" Amy said, now looking at her sweet
girlfriend and pecking her on the cheek. "Simply gorgeous."
Pamela smiled and snickered at those words. I could tell
that even though they had been together a very short time,
these two ladies already had something special together.

"Amy's my little fireball," Pamela chirped, kissing her
lover's cheek in return. _Fireball_, I assume, referred to
Amy's flame-red hair. What else could it mean? "My wild,
little, cock- and pussy-hungry fireball."

Amy was still massaging my erection through the trousers
I wore. Pamela noticed this and decided to join in on the
fun. As Amy rubbed away on my hard cock through the fabric,
Pamela dropped to her knees and undid my trousers, then
yanked them downward in a flash. She took off my shoes and
had me step out of my trousers, then pulled my briefs down
and tossed them off to the side as well.

"A big, hard cock can only mean good things," Pamela
observed with a grin. "Hmmmmm... my night-time snack!"

My body tensed with hot desire as Amy now latched onto the
base of my shaft, as well as my testicles, and squeezed. I
looked at her with a dazed expression, which brought a smile
to her lovely face. Her hand was _very_ skilled...

"Do you like that?"

"Yes, Miss Amy," I moaned. "I like that a LOT."

The excitement level within me increased tenfold when I
felt a pair of lips wrap themselves around the head of my
cock. I looked down and noticed that Pamela, still on her
knees, had done me the honor. She stared back up at me, a
carnal grin on her face, as she sucked and slurped the head
of my shaft with those soft, luscious lips. At the same
time, Amy was busy pumping and frigging the base of my cock.
However, all of my attention was currently focused on Pamela.

I could forever watch the blonde and bodacious 30-year-old
service my cock on her knees, and never lose interest. I was
intent to do so, too, until Amy used her free hand to cup my
chin, and turn my gaze toward her. A split-second later,
she attached her mouth to mine for a heated kiss. We traded
both our lips and tongues while out of the corner of my eye,
I saw Pamela still looking up at me as she sucked my cock.
Her luminous brown eyes, in fact, were trained on my face.

My right hand had never left Amy's sweet, beautiful ass.
I had been groping and massaging it thoroughly for several
seconds, but was soon joined by one of Pamela's hands as
well. She reached up and gently touched my arm, then sunk
her fingers into the lush skin of Amy's backside too.

Disappointment washed over me as the seductress suddenly
broke our kiss, out of nowhere. However, my feelings soon
changed to unspeakable desire as Amy dropped to her knees
right alongside Pamela. Still grasping the base of my cock
with her hand, Amy watched with interest as Pamela continued
to provide me with her own, special brand of oral worship.

I tossed my head back and sighed in utter lust as Amy
swiped her tongue over and across my very delicate, aching
testicles. I looked back down and noticed that the two
ladies, both on their knees side-by-side in front of my
erect cock, were now looking at each other. It almost
appeared as if they were communicating with their eyes.

Perhaps they were, because Pamela withdrew my cock from
her mouth and offered her lover a sweet smile. Amy returned
it, then she swallowed my shaft in one, easy motion.

I almost lost control of myself right there, but was able
to somehow keep my composure. Amy wasted no time as she
began to furiously suck my cock right away. I watched in
amazement as Pamela splayed a series of kisses alongside
Amy's face, while still cupping and massaging her ass with
one hand. "Such a pretty thing," Pamela commented, clearly
referring to her room-mate while kissing her.

The red-head, or _fireball_ as Pamela so affectionately
called her, continued forth with her oral assault on my
cock for several seconds until coming to an abrupt halt.

Amy withdrew my big erection from within her mouth, which
made me wonder if something was wrong. Why stop such a great
blowjob, so sudden? It made no sense to me. Everything was
perfectly fine, though - as I soon would find out.

Amy offered my shaft back to Pamela, who greedily stuffed
its full length back into her mouth. The two ladies were
taking equal turns, sucking my erection! Wow!

Pamela's head bobbed back-and-forth on my enlarged shaft
as I continued to moan and sigh in pure lust. Meanwhile, Amy
was keeping herself busy as she busily groped and squeezed
one of Pamela's full, luscious breasts through the incredibly
tight halter top that she wore. Again, what a body Pamela
had! No wonder she had $600,000 saved in the bank from 11
years of working as an exotic dancer...

I could feel my cock lodged somewhere deep within Pamela's
throat once she had taken its full length into her mouth. I
growled at the sensation, looking down and noticing that her
mouth and nose were jammed against my pubic hair. I reached
out and caressed her head, running my fingers throughout her
long-flowing blonde hair. Pamela looked up at me, then took
my cock out of her mouth and offered it back to Amy.

Shaking my head, I moaned once again as Amy jammed my
erection back into her hungry mouth. The young woman
emulated her room-mate by bobbing her head back-and-forth
on my throbbing cock. I could feel her tongue, inside of
her mouth, slipping and sliding like crazy over my shaft.

This type of encounter was something most men could only
fantasize about experiencing. I consider myself just your
typical, average guy... and definitely never dreamed that I
would be involved in a three-some such as this one day. I
was with two of the most beautiful women I had ever known in
my whole, entire life, and both of them were starved for my
erection. Absolutely STARVED! It was totally unbelievable!

My shaft was close to an explosion as Pamela nuzzled her
nose against my pubic hair, then used her tongue to swipe
and lick my testicles. This was incredible to experience!
One gorgeous woman was sucking my cock while another was
licking my testicles. Both of them, of course, were in very
submissive positions - on their knees in front of me.

At least for now, though, I was far from the one in
control. Pamela and Amy were in control at this moment in
time. I was their submissive! As you may have guessed, I
had no problem with that - considering what was happening.

Amy took my member out of her mouth, then fisted its base
once again. She began to lick and kiss its tip while Pamela
moved her attention from my testicles to the middle of my
cock. She used her lips to gently suck its diameter from
the side while Amy continued to pump and frig the base, all
the while kissing and licking its bulging tip.

The sensation of what basically amounted to a dual blowjob
by two luscious women was about to send me over the edge of
madness. I was very close to an orgasm, but felt as if I
could hold out for another half-minute or so. After all, I
wanted to prolong this feeling of pure, unequaled ecstasy.
This was the most stimulation that I had ever felt, bar none!

However, I suddenly erupted like a volcano when Pamela and
Amy exchanged tongues with my erection firmly wedged between
their lips. The first shot of sperm blasted out from within
my shaft and landed squarely on Pamela's shoulder.

Both ladies quickly moved so their beautiful faces were
directly in line with my cock. I looked down and let out a
wild groan as Pamela and Amy had their mouths wide open,
their tongues extended, their eyes locked on my face.

The second spurt hit Amy on the tip of her nose and her
upper lip. A big glob dripped down and fell onto her tongue,
which obviously made her very happy. My third cum-shot was
aimed directly at Pamela's wide-open mouth. A huge blast was
directly deposited onto her tongue... and quickly swallowed
down her hungry, greedy throat.

Both girls grasped my cock and began to pump it, wanting
more sperm. They put their tongues together - and that was
enough incentive for me to produce one final shot. Half of
it landed in Amy's mouth while the other half went to Pamela.
What better way to punctuate such an intense double blowjob?

I took a deep breath and collapsed into a seated position
upon the bed behind me. Both women knew that for the time
being, my proverbial well had run dry. I was tapped out.

I would need some time to rest and recover, of course,
but that did not stop Pamela and Amy from enjoying the
company of each other. The pair of lust queens looked at
one another and smiled, then shared a sperm-filled kiss.

I moaned at the sight of Pamela and Amy as they clutched
each other in a warm, passionate embrace. I watched as the
two ladies squished their breasts together tightly, their
lips locked, their tongues dancing. I could not help but to
grasp my deflated cock, and start pumping.

Amy slipped a hand between their pressed bodies, then
started fondling Pamela's large breasts through the small,
snug-fitting halter top she wore. The pair of lovers broke
their kiss for a moment, and used the opportunity to catch
their collective breaths. Seconds later, however, the two
hellcats were engaged in another heated lip-lock.

It did not last long, though. Amy broke the kiss and
immediately pulled Pamela's top up, and over, her head.
The stacked blonde, as I noticed earlier, was not wearing a
bra. Her big, heavy-set breasts came into view - which
brought an aching twinge to my cock. Amy reached out with
both hands to fondle and squeeze Pamela's heavenly rack.

The red-head looked back at me and smiled at the sight
of me pumping myself toward an erection. She licked her
lips for a moment, then grinned and asked me, "Isn't this
girl gorgeous?" She was referring to Pamela, of course.
"Look at those breasts... no wonder she's a stripper! Those
are what you call _God-given sweater busters_!"

"Absolutely," I agreed, watching the pleasure-filled
expression on Pamela's immaculate face. It seemed as if she
truly enjoyed having her breasts touched and groped. I would
have to remember that for future reference...

Pamela focused her attention on me long enough to notice
that I was busy masturbating to the sight of her and Amy
together. She motioned toward me with her head, then turned
and grinned playfully at Amy.

"I love it when guys whack off for me," Amy commented, her
green eyes flashing. "It turns me on SO MUCH..."

I stroked myself at an even faster pace as Amy pulled her
lover down to the floor with her, while disposing of her
G-string panties at the same time. The two ladies took a
seat and embraced quickly, their lips finding each other for
yet another tongue-filled kiss. When it ended a short time
later, Pamela used the opportunity to pull Amy's see-through
nightie up, and over, her head. She tossed it to the side,
leaving Amy completely, gloriously nude.

Realizing that the only one remaining in the room who even
had a single piece of clothing on was yours truly, I decided
to remedy the situation. I discarded my muscle shirt and
began stroking my shaft again, while focusing all of my
attention on the two angels making out in front of me.

Pamela tilted her head and attached her lips to one of
Amy's nipples, then began sucking away. The vixen tossed
her head back and sighed in obvious pleasure. I watched
with interested eyes as Pamela slurped and licked away on
Amy's delicate, sensitive nipple. She soon switched over to
the other breast and gave it the same type of oral treatment.

"Oh yeah," Amy moaned, cradling Pamela's head with her
hands. "Yeah... that's what I like. Suck my breasts. Suck
on them, baby. Get me all hot and bothered. Suck them."

Obviously, Pamela had no problem following through with
the nymphomaniac's request. She continued to feast away on
Amy's rigid nipples, alternating between each of them every
15 seconds or so. Eventually, Pamela slipped a hand between
Amy's spread thighs, then used two fingers to prod and
massage her swollen clitoris. Next, she extended her
tongue and lapped away madly on Amy's deepened cleavage.

"What a perv..." Amy snickered, looking at me. "Watching
us have sex while you whack off." She shook her head and
grinned, "I like it, though. I like it a lot."

Pamela glanced at me for an instant, then looked back at
her girlfriend. "Don't you know what Jeremy is doing? He's
getting his cock hard again so he can fuck both of us."

"He doesn't need his hand for that," Amy remarked in a
matter-of-fact way. "My hand could do that, or my mouth.
Get him hard, you know."

Pamela smiled and said, "Why don't you go over and suck
his cock while I lick your pussy?"

I almost blew another load right there...

Amy grinned and rose to her knees, then made her way over
to where I was seated on the edge of the bed. She spread her
knees on the floor, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away
from my erection. Seconds later, it was better replaced by
her own hand as she began pumping me furiously.

Meanwhile, I watched Pamela as she brought a hand to her
mouth and licked its palm thoroughly. Next, she laid down
on the floor and rolled onto her back. I smiled to myself
when she scooted along the floor until her head was directly
between her girlfriend's spread-open thighs.

"Lick my pussy, baby," Amy said to Pamela, just before
she closed her thick, pouty lips over my pulsating cock.

Amy's green eyes were alive with desire as she looked up
at me from her knees, her lips and mouth busy savoring the
taste and feel of my erection. At the same time, I could
look down and watch as Pamela - flat on her back with her
face between Amy's spread knees - started to go to work on
the 30-year-old's beautiful, wondrous pussy.

Moaning with hot desire, I reached down with both hands
and grasped Amy's head as she continued to feverishly suck
and slurp away on my erection. The seductress bobbed her
head back-and-forth at a blistering pace, while constantly
looking directly up and into my eyes.

Meanwhile, Pamela was thrusting two fingers in-and-out of
Amy's pussy as she continually lapped away with her tongue.
This was having a definite effect on Amy, too. As she sucked
my cock, Amy's body began to vibrate and writhe about in
obvious arousal. Clearly, Pamela had a very skilled tongue
and knew just how to please all of her lady friends.

However, Amy was not the only one at this point in time
who was experiencing the absolute ultimate in pleasure.

I let loose a wild growl as the suckstress swallowed the
entire length of my erection into her mouth, only to then
begin deep-throating me. I looked at Amy's face, noticing
those alluring green eyes staring right back at me as she
simply tried to devour my shaft. The goddess, without any
doubt, was a wonderful and extremely polished cock-sucker.
Obviously, Amy had a lot of practice when it came to fellatio.
Then again, I said inwardly, look at all of the guys - by her
own admission - that she had been with over the years.

Amy then screamed and wailed in unparalleled passion as an
orgasm suddenly gripped her body - courtesy of Pamela's
tongue. The young woman cried and rocked about in lust, but
somehow managed to hold onto my cock and stroke it the whole
time. A few more seconds of this, I told myself, and I would
most definitely blow my load all over that pretty face...

Once her orgasm subsided, Amy let out a content sigh and
stopped pumping my cock, but still held onto it. She moved
out from over Pamela, allowing me to the see that the blonde
bombshell's face was completely covered with a thick sheen
of orgasmic, female juices. Dear God... this was too much!

I moaned at the sight while Pamela looked at both of us
and grinned with pure, erotic delight. Amy's little pussy
must have tasted absolutely wonderful to Pamela...

"I want you to fuck her," Amy said to me, still holding
my erection as she glared down at Pamela. "I want you to
put that big cock in her pussy, and fuck her REALLY HARD."

Pamela let loose another smile, obviously liking this
particular idea. "Sounds like a good plan to me."

Grasping my cock, Amy yanked on it slightly until I rose
to a standing position. Then she pulled downward, causing
me to drop to the floor right beside Pamela.

"I want you to fuck her," the fiendish vixen repeated, her
voice full of passion. "I want you to fuck her, and spurt
off deep in her pussy." She paused and added, "After that,
I'm going to suck all of the cum right out of her pussy."

I took in a deep breath and sighed while an excited
squeal came from Pamela. This was going to be fun...

Amy released my erection and then pointed at her lover,
wanting me to penetrate her. I smiled and prepared myself
to enter Pamela. Fisting my cock, I watched with interested
eyes as Pamela dutifully spread her thighs wide beneath me.
I could see the look of pure desire in her own eyes as she
stared back at me, while Amy continued to egg me on.

"Fuck her, and fuck her HARD."

"Don't you worry," I told Amy in a low tone. "I will."

In a flash, I hooked Pamela's legs over my shoulders and
moved in between her spread thighs. Still fisting my cock,
I then mounted the exotic dancer in the missionary position
and proceeded to sink my cock into her hot, moist pussy.

"OH YES," Pamela growled in wanton lust. "YES! FEELS SO
GOOD! SO GOOD! FEELS SO GOOD!" She was quite the vocal
sort, for sure. I liked that quality in a woman...

"HARD!" Amy demanded. "FUCK HER _HARD_!"

Those naughty words, combined with the fact that I had my
cock buried in such a gorgeous, ravishing woman, simply set
me off. I clutched Pamela tightly to me and then started
slamming myself in-and-out of her at a furious rate of speed.
She roared out her approval while reaching up and wrapping
her arms around my shoulders. I continued hammering away at
her as she placed the side of her face upon my shoulder.

"OH YES!" Pamela screamed in total arousal. "FUCK ME!

Amy sat off to the side and watched with interested eyes
as I drilled Pamela with all of the strength I could possibly
muster. Thrust after powerful thrust, my cock pistoned
in-and-out of her silken pussy at warp-speed.

"OH YES!" Pamela continued to scream. "YES! FUCK MY

Amy moved up to her knees directly beside me, then turned
my face toward hers and put her lips to mine. The insatiable
tart literally jammed her tongue down my throat and kissed me
with an intensity and passion which could never be put into
words. All the while, I continued to pummel away at Pamela.

Sensing that a monumental orgasm was about to overcome me,
I slammed my cock deep into Pamela one final time and held it
there. Amy continued to kiss me as I growled, emptying my
man-seed into her hungry, willing pussy. Pamela screamed out
her obvious approval, her body writhing and squirming about
beneath me, until my cock was completely dry.

Amy broke the kiss with me, then looked down at the
quivering blonde and let out a tiny giggle. I pulled my
shaft out of her, then watched as Amy's eyes shifted to
Pamela's soaked pussy. She giggled once more while licking
her lips - obviously knowing what her late snack would be.

"I'm gonna suck all the cum out of that pussy now," the
minx proclaimed, with a nasty, erotic glint in her eyes.

I pulled myself away from the scene - at least a couple
of feet - so Amy could have ample room to indulge herself.
My cock was deflated once again. I wondered to myself if I
could possibly get hard one more time...

Her face flushed with desire and anticipation, Pamela
watched as Amy got herself into position.

Now kneeling in front of her, Amy caressed Pamela's knee
and then spread her legs apart. She began to lick and kiss
Pamela's calf, then worked up her leg, past her kneecap and
to her inner thigh. I watched as Amy traced her tongue in
slow circles across Pamela's inner thigh for several seconds,
until deciding that it was time for the main course.

Slowly and deliberately, Amy buried her moist, pouty lips
in Pamela's pussy. She probed the opening with her tongue,
as Pamela squirmed and writhed about in total, lustful bliss.
Amy used long, slow swipes with her tongue, obviously wanting
to tease and excite her girlfriend beyond any and all belief.

It must have worked, because Pamela reached down and
grabbed Amy's head, encouraging her to go further. Amy
did so, as she started to flick her tongue across Pamela's
silken opening at a rapid-fire speed. This set her off.

"That's it, honey," were her words. "Lick my pussy with
your tongue. Make me cum like only you can."

After what these two women had just put me through, I
was amazed when my cock started to get hard one more time.
I could not believe it. I felt totally exhausted, but my
shaft was springing to life once again.

I started stroking myself when Amy pulled her lips away
from Pamela long enough to look at me and extend her velvety
tongue outward, showing me a big glob of sperm which she
had just extracted from her room-mate's pussy. Amy put her
lovely tongue back in her mouth and swallowed the glob, then
returned to licking and slurping away on Pamela's slit.

I got an idea as I watched the scene unfold before me.
Pamela was flat on her back, her knees in the air and feet on
the floor as she writhed about in pleasure, massaging her own
breasts. Amy was on her elbows and knees, hovering just
above Pamela's pussy. Her rounded ass, looking sweet and
oh-so-scrumptious, was upturned and wiggling about.

Amy was in the perfect position for me to enter her from
behind, doggie-style. I could pound away at her while she
had her face stuffed full of Pamela's pussy. An excellent
idea, indeed. It became even better when I decided that
instead of drilling her pussy, I could plow her ass instead.

I wondered how Amy would react to something so big and
pulsing in her own ass. Judging from her preference of
gang-bang sex with her boyfriends back in Ohio, I figured
that she would probably enjoy it very much. It certainly
would not be anything Amy had not experienced in the past.

I got a tube of anal lubricant from a nearby drawer and
shined my cock up with it, then got onto my knees and moved
in behind Amy. My shaft was only about half-hard, but that
was fine. Once its tip barely touched Amy's little, puckered
anus, I knew I would have an instant, full-blown erection.

The red-head had been concentrating on Pamela, so she did
not know that I planned on entering her from behind until I
placed my hands on her ass. She turned around and looked at
me for an instant, offering a playful giggle, before diving
right back into Pamela's sweet muff.

Amy let out a very long and deep moan, however, when I
pressed the head of my cock to her anus. I think it is safe
to say that Amy did not expect me to penetrate her there.
Judging from her reaction, though, she wanted me to continue.

I had a perfect view of Amy as she licked Pamela's pussy.
She used two fingers and was thrusting them in-and-out of
her girlfriend, her tongue working overtime. Meanwhile, the
blonde was moaning and panting in lust as she looked up at
me. A smile was on her beautiful face as she realized that
I was going to perform anal sex on her lovely, wicked Amy.

I grasped the nymphomaniac's shapely ass with both hands
and gave it a hard, rough squeeze. I offered her a very
long and thorough massage, digging my fingertips into her
wonderful flesh. Amy had a truly beautiful ass...

"I'm going to enjoy this..." were my words.

It was not too long before I fisted my cock and nudged it
into Amy's small, incredibly tight anus. I grunted in
response, my shaft now fully erect, as the enchantress let
out a very hoarse, dry moan.

"OHHHHH YESSSSS," was her initial reaction. I watched as
Pamela, her pussy still getting a tongue-bath, continued to
look up at me and smile. This had turned into a three-some
if there ever was one. I was a lucky man, indeed...

I continued nudging myself further and further into Amy.
Soon, the entire length of my cock was embedded deep within
her bowels. I cannot describe how incredibly erotic it felt
to have my testicles stuffed against Amy's upturned ass.

"OH YEEEEEAH," the insatiable hellcat panted. "YEAH.

Amy's sounds of passion increased once I started to
thrust myself in-and-out of her tiny rosebud. I held onto
her backside with both hands and steadily increased the power
of my hips. Each stroke I gave her was a bit harder and
faster than the prior one. I felt so incredibly excited!...

I continually increased the speed of my thrusts for the
next 30 seconds - until I was pounding into Amy as hard as
humanly possible. The action had hit a fever pitch.

Amy cried and screamed out in wanton lust as I hammered
her from behind. At the same time, she still had her pretty
face buried between Pamela's inviting thighs and was busy
lapping away. She was also violating Pamela with a pair of
fingers. I had a perfect view of the bi/lesbian-style
action, and it did nothing but encourage me even further.

I pulled my right arm back, then offered Amy's luscious,
curvy ass a hard swat with my hand. Amy jerked in response,
obviously enjoying it, then I realized what I had done. I
did not even think about spanking her naughty, rounded ass
beforehand. It was as if my hand on acted on its own.

"SPANK ME!" Amy begged, now looking back at me with her
buried her face in Pamela's muff one more time, but continued
to voice her request. "SPANK ME, JEREMY! SPANK ME!"

I needed no further coaxing as my opposite hand joined the
fun. I started to pepper her lush ass with swat after swat.
I did not use excessive force on Amy with my hands - I would
never do that to a woman - but my blows were strong enough to
turn her ass a bright shade of red. That is, after all, what
she obviously wanted - to be a spanked hard.

Pamela let out a shrieking moan before she clasped her
thighs tightly around Amy's head. I watched as an expression
of pure ecstasy washed over Pamela's face. When her eyes
rolled into the back of her head, I realized that she was
having a ferocious orgasm - mainly due to Amy's oral work.

Her body rocking and writhing about in delight, Pamela
screamed and cried in satisfaction as Amy continued to lap
away at her. Though I continued to spank her, while also
drilling her ass, Amy did not cease her oral feast on Pamela.

In fact, she kept lapping away even after the stripper's
orgasm subsided. Watching Pamela get off like that, though,
had a definite effect on me. I was about ready to lose it.

I grasped Amy's hips as hard as I could and hammered away
at her ass with every last ounce of strength left in my body.
Seconds later I let out a wild growl, just before jamming my
erection into Amy one final time before it simply exploded.

"YES!" Amy screamed in desire. "CUM! CUM IN MY ASSSSS!"

I screamed too, while pumping glob after glob of sperm
into the young woman's incredibly tight anus. I had a lot to
offer this time, as well. This was my biggest load thus far.
Where it was coming from (considering everything that I had
been through thus far), I have no idea.

As I emptied the last of my sperm into her bowels, Amy let
out a wild scream and had an orgasm of her own. She then
collapsed onto the floor, her face still buried between
Pamela's widespread thighs. God... what an experience!

I pulled my cock out of Amy, then settled down on top of
her and massaged her shoulders in a tender fashion. Pamela,
who was lying in a heap upon the floor herself, looked up at
me and offered yet another grin. All three of us let out a
series of moans and sighs as we tried to catch our breaths.
This had been an remarkable encounter for everyone involved.

* * *

"I've never done something so wild and crazy in my life
before," Pamela commented moments later, breaking a stretch
of silence, as the three of us continued to cuddle together.
"I... this... WOW. That was downright incredible!"

Amy took a deep breath and sighed, then extended that
magical tongue of hers and licked away at Pamela's thigh.
"It will get much better, babydoll. Trust me. I have a
feeling that this will be the best summer of our lives!"

"Winter, sweetheart," I gasped in response. "Remember
that it is winter-time in this part of the world."

Pamela made eye contact with me and offered the most
heartfelt, sincere smile anyone had ever bestowed on me
before. A wave of love seemed to wash over her pristine
face all at once as she cooed, "This already is the best
summer-slash-winter of my life, Amy." Her face sparkling,
Pamela winked an eye and blew a kiss in my direction. "It
will only get better once it ends with me emerging from of
all of this craziness with a husband."

"Oooooh!" Amy squealed in response.

My world right now, to say the least, was hazy. I was
floating on cloud nine in some place far, far away. Yet
again, one question begged to be answered. How was I going
to survive the next five weeks? I certainly had no idea.
Over time, these ladies were going to become more and more
ravenous, and thus, expect more out of me in return. Just a
three-some today? Maybe a four-on-one tomorrow? Maybe even
a seven-on-one? I had the sense that a wild, free-for-all
orgy with everyone involved was going to happen here soon.

Of course, I could never forget about Kristanna. What was
she up to in the voyeur room right about now? Knowing her,
Kristanna was probably stripped naked, and she had been busy
masturbating to the sights and sounds of Pamela and Amy
having their lustful way with me on the surveillance monitor.
I could envision her now with a vibrator between her thighs,
having gotten off multiple times to what she had witnessed.

I also knew that Kristanna wished she could have come out
and joined in on the fun. That could not happen, however,
because if she did, the voyeur room would have been exposed
to Pamela and Amy. We did not want the ladies to know that
every single move they made was being recorded and archived
with high-tech spy cameras and microphones. Not yet, anyway.

Lost in thought, I soon realized that my wish from a few
days ago was going to come true when Amy suggested that I
climb into bed with her and Pamela, the idea being that we
would all eventually fall asleep together. It sounded like
an excellent idea to me, of course.

Thankfully, there was a comfortable sofa and a stocked
refrigerator in the voyeur room. Kristanna was stuck there
tonight. She would have to sleep in the voyeur room, but I
knew it would not be an issue for her. We had already
discussed the possibility of one (or even both) of us being
_trapped_ in the voyeur room because my personal suite had
company inside of it. Thus, we were prepared for it.

I got in and settled down upon the center of the mattress,
then had Pamela lay her head on one shoulder, with Amy's on
the other. Talk about living the high life!

As the centerpiece of a Pamela and Amy sandwich, I was
surprised that I got any sleep at all. It was difficult to
doze off - and when I did, stay that way and _not_ wake up -
because their beautiful, naked bodies continually squirmed
and writhed against me all throughout the night. It seemed
as if I had gone to bed with two world-famous centerfolds who
were not only crazy about me, but each other as well...

Maybe Pamela could marry me in the future, and Amy could
be our live-in girlfriend. Hey, that was my best idea yet!

<<<- End of Chapter 6 ->>>

==---- -- -- -- - --- -- -- - - --- -- -- --- - -- - - - - --- -- ----==
"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP

More chapters coming soon...

Thank you for reading!

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2014-05-23 08:51:00
Honestly I think the talking completes a well rounded story, without it, its just a lot of mindless sex

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2014-05-21 11:12:39
Honestly I think the talking completes a well rounded story, without it, its just a lot of mindless sex

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2014-05-15 13:21:26
Ok...that was some good sex scenes. But all the talking gets to me's like blahblahblah. I just stop listening to it.


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First I love that the horse that is basically named "horse". Why is Jeremy too stupid to realize his best friend is in love with him and wants to marry him??? And I find it strange that Jeremy is upset with several things that Camille has said except her declaring she was going to turn Devon into her sex slave to whore out to her employees. WHY DOES'N'T THAT BOTHER JEREMY?

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