He comes for me
There I was just looking at Taylor who was on the floor. He had remained like that ever since I came in his mouth. Time had seem to stop and we were just there. The tension was high but then again how could it not be after a rape. Taylor slowly got up and started fixing his clothes.

"Hey" he turned to face me, his hair was a mess, half of his face was covered with it. The facial expression he worn was avoid of any emotion at all.

"I'm about to take a shower" he said with as much emotion as he had on his face. I just watched as he walked out of the room. Man I must be a complete asshole. I'm ruining my friends life but all I can think of is getting more of his body. I decided to go home instead of staying and causing more harm or worse raping him again.

As I headed down stairs I ran into Taylor's father Jim.

"Hey Aaron what were you too yelling about?"

"Umm nothing just a guy's argument that all."

"Knowing Taylor I bet he was the one who started it. Still though for him to be that loud it must have been serious" He said

"Yea something like that"

"Well I hope that mouth of his doesn't run you off. If that kid got one thing going for him it's you. I remember when y'all first met all he would talk about was you. Even now he still talks about you"

"I know his friendship means a lot to me too. Umm I have to go so I'll talk to you later"

"Okay take it easy Aaron"

As I left I felt like the worse person alive. I had taken advantage of our friendship and abused him. The more I thought about it the worst I felt. If he didn't enjoy it then I would try my hardest to fight the urge. Maybe with some time we could go back to the norm of just hanging out.

It was around 7 o'clock when my mother finally went to sleep. I had kept myself busy with menial tasks all day to keep my mind off Taylor. The doorbell ringed, so I got up from the basement and walked to the door. I open it to find Taylor in some shorts and a pullover hoody. His hair was down and the clothes seem to accentuate his girly figure.


"Hey" I said

"Can I come in?" He asked

"Umm sure" I said as I led him in toward the basement. He took his seat on the same couch I took him on. I took a seat at the far end. As the shows picked up I could feel him inching closer and closer to me.

"Umm Taylor I would like...."

"You would like to what rape me again" he asked

"Apologize, look I'm sorry for doing that too you and if you never want to speak to me that's fine. But if you want to restart I'm all for it and I'll control myself."

"Are you serious?" He asked

"Yep I promise" I said. He looked at me for a minute then started watching tv. There was a strange awkward silence. I felt him fidget next to me and turn to see he had taken off his hoody.

"What it's hot, don't start staring at me with those weird eyes. I thought you said you was going to try to be normal."

"I am it's just the sudden movement caught my eye."

"Yea right you were probably imagining me sucking your dick right?" That had been the farthest thing from my mind but now it was at the front.

"No I wasn't really"

"Yea right your dick is probably getting hard just thinking about my mouth and tongue working your dick in and out." Okay was that just me or was that a powerful description? My dick was now on its way to a full erection.

"No, I'm not, I'm just trying to be normal like you wanted"

"Normal huh, yea right it will never be normal between us now." Was it just me or did he kind of sound disappointed. Maybe he did, maybe he actually wanted it. I couldn't be sure and if I guessed wrong I could be losing a friend for ever. Oh well I had already crossed the line before. So I took out my dick and started to stroke it. He looked over and stared at it.

"Why do you have to be so weird man?" He asked still staring at my dick.

"I'm sorry man I just can't resist you, I need you to suck this dick" I begged

"I told you I'm not gay man and what happened to your fucking self control" he asked still staring at my dick.

"I know but I am so hard it hurts, just help me out here" I said as I scooted closer to him. "Just let me use your hand man that's all I need" I said as I grabbed his hand and guided to my dick. He snatch his hand away but still stayed seated next to me.

"I told you am not"

"I know, I know just think of it as masturbation" I said as I grabbed his hand and guided to my dick. He reluctantly griped it, I guided his hand up and down on my hard dick. He was concentrating deeply on my dick. His hand gripped me tightly as he became more enthusiastic. Precum started to leak from my tip as he continued to work me. He licked his lips as his mouth slightly gaped open. My hips jumped up to meet his hand. I started to groan and moan as he pumped harder.

"Oh Taylor that's so good it would be even better if you would use your mouth"

"No, I'm a guy, I shouldn't be doing even be doing this" he said in a daze. I gently put my hand on the back of his neck and started to pull him down slightly. He resisted a little, but slowly the fight in him started to evaporate.

"Sure you can just relax" I said bringing his head closer and closer to my lap.

"No I" was all he got out until my dick slipped into his mouth. At first he just held it in his mouth. Then I felt his tongue swirl around my head. He began to slowly bob his head up and down. Every now and again he would take my dick completely out and just lick the head like a popsicle. Aw man this felt great, my best friend was sucking my dick and I was loving every minute of it.

"Oh yea that's it suck that dick"

His head began to bob even harder and faster. I placed my hand on his ass and grabbed it. He squeaked then slapped my hand away. I tried again and he slapped my hand away again. The next time I quickly slipped my hand into his shorts and grabbed his bare ass. He moaned around my dick sending shivers up my spine.

"You came over with no underwear huh, what was you expecting?" I said grabbing his ass again. My finger move between his ass cheeks and started teasing his anus. He start blowing me even harder, his ass squirmed to either get away from my teasing finger or have it inserted, when my finger slipped in he came off my dick and groaned. My dick was completely covered in his spit.

"You like that huh?" I said as I finger his ass.

"Fuuuuccckkk.......stop....isn't sucking your dick enough?" His ass tightened on my finger, through all this he never stopped stroking my dick. I put my hand back on his head and push him back onto my cock.

"No it's not." He continues to suck and slurp on my dick. His hand jerks me into my mouth as his other hand grips my thigh. I can see through his basketball shorts a very hard bulge.

"Mmmmmm that's good, now get on all fours" I told him. I pulled him away from my dick and turned him around on the couch with ass facing me. Then I slowly pulled down his shorts to reveal his supple bubble ass with his hard dick pointing straight to the couch.

"No stop don't fuck me again" he said with little resistance in his voice.

"I'm sorry I just have too, you just make me so hot I can't control myself." I say as I grind into his ass.

"This ass drives me crazy, if it wasn't for this girly ass I might not have raped you in the first place." I grab his ass in both hands, relishes the soft bounciness of it. I pull them apart and place my head against his anus. He groaned as my head slipped into him.

"Ooooohhhh shit, you're fucking big damn it" he groan as I pushed forward until his ass was flat against my groin. I grinded into his ass as he clenched his anus around my dick.

"Fuck this is the best feeling ever." I said. I pulled out of him and slide back in at a painstakingly slow pace. Which Taylor seemed to enjoy, his mouth was open with constant moaning. He kept pushing his ass back onto my dick hard as if wanting my dick to never leave his ass. We finally get a good pace going as my dick slams in and out of Taylor.

"Shiiitttt......uuggghhh......take it easy....fuck" Taylor moans as I continued to fuck him with nice deep strokes.

"I'm sorry but I know you like this dick in you so I'm rushing to put it back in." I said

"Ugggghhhh just shut the fuck up" he groaned. I pull out and flipped him onto his back. His hair stuck to his face and his dick was hard and sticking straight up. I slip into him again.

"Uuugggghhhhh shit" he groans as his ass stretches to accommodate my girth. I lift his legs unto my shoulders and my dick slithers deeper into his core. His hand shoots to my stomach too keep me from going to deep.

"Tell me you like this dick tell me come on" I tell him. The moans keep coming from him as my dick continues it onslaught. I lean down and kiss him. It takes a moment but soon he starts kisses me back. Our tongues fight each other as we exchange saliva. His ass tighten around my dick as I pounded it. As if realizing what we were doing he pushed me away and turned his head. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my stomach. It was definitely leaking precum, I could tell from the wetness between us.

"Aren't you going to tell me how good this dick feels inside your ass?" I ask breathlessly. He lifts his butt higher to meet my thrusts.

"Just give in already you know you like this" I say as I continue to give him long deep strokes. I looked at his face which is red from all the exertion and pleasure. I give him one hard thrust and his eyes pop open. For the first time really, I notice his blue eyes. I get lost in them as if they were the sea. My feelings start to overflow and I start to lose my mind.

"Taylor, be my girlfriend" I don't know why I asked that, it just happen to come out with my dick buried in his ass.

"WHAT?" He yelled. Immediately his ass tightened to an incredible level. It felt amazing, his ass had my dick in a vice tight grip. I couldn't last any longer even if I tried.

"Fuck here it cums" I say as I unload in him. My orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks as my dick twitches and releases my cum. I instinctively buck into him as my sensitivity rises. His ass takes three hard thrust followed by three spurts of my nut into his anal cavity. He jumps from the sudden spurts of hot cum into his ass. I feel his own dick twitching between us as he cums. His stomach tightens and his ass grips me again as his cum splashes against us. We are both breathing hard after our climax, I can barely string two words, I sit up on the couch as I look at him with his legs still spread. He looked at me as if to say something, but instead just looks away as he gets off the couch.

"Well ummm I guess I'll just go now" He said as he got up and fixed his clothes. All I could do was watch him as he got dress and headed for the door.

"Taylor I meant what I said I really did" I say. He stops as if he wants to say something but just leaves out the basement. This week looks like it's finally starting to go downhill.

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