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And once more into the breach
I can see Kori’s brain go from thinking to fight mode and the only thing I can think of to do is roll over on top of Natsuko shield her from Kori’s onslaught. Slaps, punches, claws and I think some jewelry hit me in the back and back of my head as Kori is swearing at Natsuko through me.

“You fucking bitch, I will fucking fuck you up you dirty lying cunt….,” Kori keeps going with more profanity than even I care to hear as she beats on me.

“Kori? Kori?! KORI?!!!,” I finally scream at her but to no avail as she’s in a full blown rage.

The beating stops and I hear the sounds of a struggle behind me and turn to see Imelda and Mathilda dragging Kori out of the bus. I get up and see watch as Rachael and Katy enter to see me sitting on the edge of the bed and Natsuko getting dressed behind me as I see Katy’s face turn sour.

“I ought to kick the shit out of you,” Katy says as I stop her by standing up naked and stomping towards her with a grumpy look on my face.

I get into the blinding sun and hear the girls struggling with Kori as I start to step down and end up on my face as my balance is not the best the morning after. Driveway is warm all over and I can hear the fighting has stopped as I start to get up and I hear more than just my girl’s voices.

“Someone grab him some underwear or something,” I can hear Rachael saying to whoever is able to listen.

“Why,” I hear Bethany ask with a smile in her voice.

I get up and I see Kori’s rage turn to shock and apparently it’s a trend as I feel my face and see blood on my hands. I’m fucking bleed out my nose and when a pair of underwear is handed to me I lean against the bus to get them on and not fall on my face. I’m barely dressed and everyone is looking at the principals wondering what happens next when I get pissed again and decide to do what everyone seems to come to me for, handle shit now.

“Everyone inside right fucking now, my girls and Natsuko in the TV room and everyone else outside,” I say waving off a helping hand from Matty as I stomp my way inside the house.

I get inside and pass Loretta who is standing shocked as I have blood on my face and am in my underwear as I stomp my way to the TV room and sit down in the chair facing the door. I feel a bit woozy but I need to focus on the now and get this done before someone other than me gets hurt. I watch my girls and Natsuko file in and where everyone tries to find a seat I point Natsuko to the TV to stand before everyone.

“Alright so we’re getting all this out right fucking now and I swear to god if someone speaks out of turn or interrupts I’ll stand up too fast and put my whole face through the glass coffee table. Are we clear,” I ask getting wide eyed stares and nods from everyone.

“Honey don’t you want some clothes or to have me look at your face first,” Loretta asks from the doorway next to the rest of my crew.

“No Mom, this is a priority but please come in and sit with Kori,” I say getting another set of odd looks as she does so,” Alright Natsuko let’s get this started with you. Did you tell Heather to have Kori beaten down last year?”

“No, when I was talking with her I was telling her to find some friends of her own. I didn’t think she would go so far as to get in your face and come at everyone,” Natsuko says trying to explain.

“So what did you actually do exactly and don’t keep anything back,” I ask still woozy and upset.

“I sent her pictures of you because she asked if I had seen you. I talked to her about moving on or to try getting through to you if she wanted to be around you,” Natsuko admits with more than a little fear.

“And why would you do that,” I inquire.

“Because Kori and I talked about it and I figured it’d be the best way to get you back into who we knew you were,” Natsuko asks as the whole group starts looking between her and Kori.

“When did I ever say we needed to get Heather to go psycho and make Guy’s life hell,” Kori asks hotly but sees my pissed off face and cools down barely.

“It wasn’t so much as Heather as you telling me that we were losing him and that he’s not pushing enough so I came up with a way to get him to be motivated,” Natsuko explains before looking to me and seeing my pain,” I didn’t want any of that last year. I didn’t want a war or Kori to get hurt, I just wanted her to push your buttons and then you’d get into being your angry but sexier self. Kori said that.”

“I’m sexier when I’m angry?,” I ask getting a couple of nods from my girls,” Aside from all that did you give her information on us? Did you tell her how to get at MY girls? Did you even give her my location at any point in time so she could fucking ambush me?”

“No, I didn’t tell her anything about anyone else. I just had her focus on either trying to get close to you or her getting her own friends. She started going on about how she was going to take over and until Kori got beat I had no clue how bad it had gotten,” Natsuko says scared,” That’s why I did everything you asked, it was my fault because I tried to get you back to being what you are.”

“And what am I exactly that all you women seem to need to hide behind the scenes,” I ask more confused and a little betrayed.

“You are a machine, a sexy machine that loves us and destroys anything that hurts us. You fix everything we ask and you never compromise for anyone which makes you better,” Imelda says speaking for the others.

“We thought you were going to start regretting everything that happened the year before when Natty and I started talking about it. I was scared I was losing you, that we were losing you,” Kori says quietly.

“We’ll get to that in a minute. Now Kori, what happened last night,” I ask turning my attention off of Natsuko.

“We were partying, Jun had won his fight and we were talked into having a celebratory drink since you weren’t around we just kept drinking. Then you came back and I realized what we were doing baby,” Kori says apologetically,” But I wake up this morning and find you’re not home and then I see you in bed with Natsuko and I lost my temper.”

“Yeah I’ll say so but you all got drunk then my bike gets brought home without me and I’m stranded at the races alone,” I say as everyone starts to wonder.

“Yeah Guy, that was Carlos’s people’s fault. They thought you said to bring your shit home and that you’d be along later,” I hear Lilly say from the back of the crowd outside the door.

“Everyone get in here and sit down on the floor now,” I tell everyone and wait till they’re inside and Devin closes the door,” Now you all got drunk, fine and I sent you home before something bad happened and planned to give you some grief about it today but in light of recent events I think we need a little show and tell of what happened.”

I look at Natsuko and she has her phone but shakes her head and I stare at her with my best ‘You fucking do it now’. I can remember last night in full detail but there are a bunch of blurred emotions and I can remember how I felt more than what was fully happening. Natsuko turns up the volume and plays the audio for the room to hear. I can hear the sounds of Marta and I talking, I sound fucked up and more than a little bit. I can hear us kissing and we get to me being cuffed which brings back some memories like a bolt. I’m feeling it all over again as it replays on the phones audio when I hear my own voice come blaring through the speaker.

“Please don’t do this Marta, I don’t want this. You’re going to ruin my life,” my voice comes blaring through loud and clear as I can feel my stomach knot up.

Everyone is either staring at the phone in horror or staring at me as the audio turns to the sounds of violence and a Japanese harpy screaming obscenities or threats before Natsuko’s voice goes to panicked and it cuts off as you hear Rachael start to ask what happened.

“That can’t be Marta,” Imelda says being the first one to speak, her face etched with horror.

“Oh I think it really could be,” I reply staring at everyone coldly.

“Baby we didn’t know,” Kori says as I cut her off with a glare.

“No you didn’t know, because you were drunk and Guy sent you home to be safe,” Loretta says with some pained authority,” He got left behind and he almost ended up being the one to pay for your fun. He paid for my fun for nearly nine years and that’s what we’re dealing with now aren’t we?”

“No we’re not. You drank and I sent you home to be safe, no matter what anyone says that is on me. What we are here for is her,” I say pointing to Natsuko,” We have a lot of opinions and I am calling a vote right now with everything in front of us about what happened. She fucked up and she went around our backs for the group trying to do what was in ‘MY’ best interested and bad shit happened. She’s had the chance to hurt us and get us in trouble and she’s stayed true even though I’ve been treating her like shit. Now when I had nobody around and nobody was able to be there to save me she was there and she helped me keep my word to you, MY women that I love more than myself, when I was going to fail you.”

“Wait what vote,” Jun asks confused.

“Either she’s with us or she’s out,” I say as everyone starts to feel the weight of the situation,” Everyone was wanting her gone when we found out now we see who’s willing to stand by what they say in front of everyone else. All those who say she’s out?”

The room is quiet and only one hand goes up in the air, Ben. I’m kind of confused and my staring has Ben looking at Kori before addressing me.

“She got Kori hurt, she didn’t come forward when shit was happening and she might have been able stop the violence before it all happened,” Ben says as everyone waits for their turn.

“And all who say she stays,” I ask as hands start to go in the air but Kori stands up to stop the vote.

“No, this is between Natsuko, Guy and me,” Kori says stepping around the coffee table and facing off with Natsuko.

There is a height difference between the two of them and I can see Kori is really pent up when everyone is treated to the shock of Kori slapping Natsuko in the face. It’s that loud smack across the cheek and while Natsuko doesn’t fall I can tell people are about to get involved including me when everyone is put in their place. Kori helps Natsuko straighten up and hugs her, there is a few seconds of confusion and awkwardness when we everyone hears Natsuko crying and Kori telling her thank you over and over.

“I want my pants, my coat and my boots from the bus,” I say standing up slowly,” Bethany we need to borrow your truck.”

“Whoa Guy what are you doing,” Hanna asks contributing her questions for the first time in a while.

“I’m going with my girls down to Marta’s house, I’m going to walk through their world and then I’m going to prove why I’m a very scary son of a bitch,” I say before turning to Loretta,” No offense Mom.”

Loretta waves it off and I get handed my clothing by Jun, I get dressed slowly and it’s the coat that takes the longest since I have some wonderful bruises and claw marks on my back. Katy get’s in the cab of Bethany’s truck with Kori and Rachael, I get in the back with Matty who is playing my crutch since everyone thinks I’m going to fall over again. I might but I need to do this now, you hurt my girls I don’t wait. If I get hurt my girls need to see the attacker first hand and I will bring terror and pain if my body allows it. Imelda leads us out on her bike and I’m being held my Matty as she plays blanket to me in my weakened state.

It takes us a little while to get there and it was barely after Noon when we woke up as we pull in front of Carlos’s folk’s home. I can see Marta’s car is in the drive way and it looks like Carlos has most of his people there as I take my time getting out. Imelda is the first one to start to head to the back yard but Hector comes out to greet/stop us. I can tell they’re speaking in Spanish and as my girls flank me all the hoods are up my head is down as we’re moving slowly when Hector tries to speak with me.

“Guy man this isn’t a good time, Carlos is on a warpath and something happened with Marta last night and its pretty bad homes,” Hector tells me placing his hand on my shoulder.

I take my hand and place it over his as we are friends but when I look into his eyes there is a dead feeling inside me and I can see his face register with an ‘oh fuck’ before he steps aside. Imelda looks to me and I see her nod, I reply and she proceeds to plow a path through Carlos’s people who stop talking as my girls and I step through the crowd of maybe twenty or twenty five homies. Carlos is going off about letting her out as we round the corner and I can see Marta sitting at a picnic table facing him with her mother sitting next to her. All eyes are on me and mine as my girls stare down Marta from across the yard. I start my very slow walk and I feel a very empty and painful emotion as words just come out of me from a song long ago.

“My girl my girl don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night. In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines and I’ll shiver the whole night through. My girl my girl where will you go, I’m going where the cold wind blows. In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines and I’ll shiver the whole night through,” I sing stoically as I cross the yard.

Carlos sees where I’m going and he’s telling me to stop while standing directly in my way but I will not be stopped. He’s panicking and I watch as he pulls a gun and places the barrel against my chest telling me to stop. I keep singing and stare my friend in his eyes, I can see fear of me and looking at me he sees I have none and that scares him the most. I calmly place my hand on the pistol against my chest and slowly take it out of Carlos’s hand and step past him as I cause my one of my best friends to stand in terror as I pass.

I drop the gun, I won’t need it for what I’m feeling right now and it’s not my way. I finally finish my crossing and am standing in front of Marta. She’s in plain jeans and a t-shirt as I stand there and motion for her to come to me. She is terrified and shaky as she stands up but I stop her at arm’s length before turning my song into a scream at her letting my emptiness out as I remember everything I felt as I do. There I am with blood on my face still, tears in my eyes from painful memory staring the woman who attempted to steal my life from me in her face.

“My girl my girl don’t lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night! In the pines the pines where sun never shines and I shivered the whole night through! My girl my girl where did you go, I’m going where the cold wind blows,” I scream at Marta as she breaks down and starts crying,” In the pines the pines, where sun never shines and I shivered… the whole… night through.”

I stop and want to fall down feeling drained emotionally and that’s when I hear Marta speaking in Spanish. I don’t know what she’s saying but the look on her mother’s face is one of horror and Carlos nearly knocks me over as he tries to figure out what his sister means by everything that she is confessing to. Imelda and Matty place their arms around me and help me step back before Imelda stands there looking at her cousins. Marta finishes her confession and stares up at Imelda. I can see just enough on Imelda’s face to know where she is with her emotions, disgust and bitter resentment. Imelda takes a moment and spits on the ground right in front of Marta before turning back to me and coldly walking away. We leave the yard peacefully and Hector starts clearing out Carlos’s crew before hopping into his own car and leaving himself. Back in the truck again with Matty and we’re off for home with some somber emotions riding through everyone. Normally I’d stay and hammer the point home but this was too much for me but I had to do it now.

We arrive back at home and the girls lead me in as everyone is walking on egg shells around me and I finally let have Imelda take me to a bathroom, the same one we had sex in the other night and clean the dried blood off of my face and out of my nose. She finishes and tries to leave but I close the door and I can tell she’s hurting, we both are and it’s that debilitating pain that just puts us in each other’s arms. I don’t know how long we’re in there but knocking on the door to check if it’s occupied has Imelda pulling herself together and we exit the bathroom past Ben who looks a little taken aback by me. I don’t know what his deal is this time but I’m not in a mood for it as I head down stairs and see Loretta sitting on the couch and watching TV. Something inside me shifts a little bit and I find myself walking in and lying down on the couch facing the TV with my head on her lap. She doesn’t turn the TV off but I get a blanket thrown over me and I just lay there as she strokes my head till I pass out.

I spend the remainder of Sunday mostly on the couch just being a bump people have to move around. Monday comes and goes along with Tuesday and I’ve just been not motivated to do anything. My friends are heading out to see the city still, some with Mr. Delauter, and some with Loretta or the girls. Mostly for those two days I just lay in bed and do not much of anything, my girls dote over me like a wounded puppy but I just feel unmotivated. I actually catch Ben and Bethany having a go at each other hard and barely remember to take a couple pictures from the open doorway for Liz before heading back to my room. I’m waking up lazy on Wednesday and the girls apparently all have plans out for most of the day, Loretta attempts to talk to me about getting out and finding Jackie but even that doesn’t seem important as I head back up to my room and hear my girls having a conversation where Katy is the one left standing in the room as my girls give me a hug each as they head out and I’m left alone with punk nurse.

An hour or two into everyone being gone puts me at about noon for the day and I’m just droning on TV. Katy is going through clothing and finally I’m watching her strip and put on some very ‘fuck me’ lingerie. I’m more curious than anything when she starts to model it in a mirror.

“You look really good,” I tell her as I observe the black lacy corset and thong combo Katy is sporting.

“Yeah well I hope it works for what I have planned,” Katy says not looking at me.

“What do you have planned,” I ask just casually from the couch.

“Well I was talking to Mark Jr. and he told me about a frat house that he knows if I show up I can probably get fucked by at least seven or eight guys there,” Katy tells me finally look at me with a serious expression.

“Are you fucking with me,” I ask more than a little shocked by her statement.

“No, nobody is fucking with you, you aren’t fucking with anyone. You don’t want to do anything so I’m going to go test out some new guys and if everything works out I’ll bring the rest of the girls down later this week,” Katy says finding a pair of denim short shorts to put on.

“Wait you all are going to just start fucking around with other guys just because I’m not feeling well,” I ask getting up off the bed to confront her.

“Listen to you,” Katy says leaving the room carrying a button up shirt,” ‘I’m not feeling well’. Did that bitch cut your balls off while she was at it?”

“Hey if anything like this happened with you I would wait and make sure you were better before trying anything,” I tell Katy now getting upset and following her, t minus 3.

“Yeah well we’d also be trying and you’re just, well you’re not even crying which makes me wonder which would be more sad,” Katy almost spits out at me starting to head down the stairs, t minus 2.

“Listen I know I’m not in the right head space but you want to just go out and fuck some random college guys because I’m having problems,” I say raising my voice as we get down the stairs, t minus 1.

“You know what Guy, fuck you. I’m tired of holding your fucking hand when we were all promised fun. We’re not your girlfriends we’re your fucking nurses. I’m not taking care of whatever this is you’re calling yourself now because it’s NOT the Guy I started dating, go find my number when he decides to come back,” Katy say starting to turn away and head towards the garage, and we have ignition.

Everything in my body kicks back on and the surge of adrenaline that hits me puts me into a more action and less thought category as I cover the few feet of distance and snatch Katy by the back of her head with a handful of hair. Her whole body stiffens is I start to drag her in fucking heels back towards the stairs.

“Owww Guy, you’re hurting me,” Katy says as we get to the stairs.

“You said ‘fuck you Guy’ and now here you are having doubts,” I tell Katy in a sinister tone while sitting her on her ass on the steps,” Take it out.”

“Guy you need to calm down,” Katy says trying to right herself.

“Lazy fucking bitch, well here, let me do the work for you,” I spit pulling my bed shorts down and freeing my cock.

“Guy I’m sorr…,” is about as far as Katy gets when I grab the hair on the top of her head getting a yelp of surprise.

“Open your fucking cocksucker now,” I order Katy as I rub my cock all over her makeup.

Cautiously Katy complies and I shove my cock into her mouth getting only half way inside. Katy tries to remove my hand from her head but I slap her a little on the cheek and that shocks her into putting her hands down to her sides. I’m not gentle as I use Katy’s mouth as my own personal hard on maker, going from semi hard to raging bull in only about a minute of her sloppy face fucking.

“See now we’re getting somewhere,” I tell her pulling out of her mouth and smearing saliva on her face with my cock,” Now take off your fucking clothes.”

I watch Katy start to take of her shirt and hesitate for a moment. That’s a bad move on her part because as soon as her shirt comes off I let go of her hair and grab her nipple, pinching it hard. She’s groaning in pain or pleasure, I’m not sure which and she stops stripping.

“I said take your fucking clothes off now or I swear I will pinch your nipple so fucking hard you’ll be able to use a pencil as a fucking piercing,” I growl twisting lightly.

Katy adjusts her ass and pulls the shorts off and kicking her heels off to the floor past me, I release her nipple and grab the very punk belt from her shorts. It’s all leather and studs but in my hands it’s a fucking instrument of punishment forged by the Devil himself.

“Up the stairs now,” I tell Katy who stands up and starts to head up when I just use the tip and connect it with her ass.

“I am going, Guy I’m sorry I’m doing it,” Katy howls in pain as her knees buckle.

“Now you’re getting the idea, you want to be fucked like a bitch you can crawl up the fucking stairs like a bitch,” I tell her as I adjust the belt to get a little more length out of it.

Slowly Katy in her black corset and thong slowly crawl up the stairs, every few stairs I bring the belt across her ass getting her to pause and make what I think is a whimpering noise. It takes us only a minute or two till we’re at the bedroom and Katy’s ass is red with marks from the belt. I didn’t draw any blood but then I didn’t want to make that much of a mess in the hall way. I watch as Katy, in a very dutiful and submissive move, sits her ass on her calves with her hands behind her back. I strip out of my shorts and t shirt before picking the belt back up which has her staring at me expecting the worst.

“Jesus you can’t do anything right can you,” I ask sounding annoyed,” I said to take all your clothes off.”

“But you stopped me from…,” Katy starts to get out when I slap her across the tit with my hand.

“The fuck did you just say to me? Because it didn’t sound like words that come out of a bitch,” I tell Katy as she’s reeling in pain.

“I’m sorry Guy,” Katy says stripping out of the corset and standing only to take her thong off.

I motion her to come over to the foot of the bed and I forcibly turn her towards it and bend her over at the waist. Katy places her hands on the foot board of the bed with her ass out and looks back at me waiting for what happens next. I drop the belt and head over to Kori’s goodie bag for the girls and after searching find a big clit stimulating vibrator. I have to plug the fucker into the wall and I’ve seen them used in some really hard core porn, the kind where the girl usually isn’t in a position to do anything but cum and cum some more. In essence it’s perfect for what I’m planning as I kick the thing on to medium and touch it to Katy’s clit. Immediately Katy moans at the contact and I can tell she’s actually enjoying herself now for the first time in minutes.

I can see Katy start to shake in the knees a little but a slap to her ass stops her from losing her composure or balance as I turn up the vibrator a little higher. Katy’s ass is shaking and I slap it again but that only spurs on the moderate orgasm she’s having as she cums to the touch of the vibrator. Katy’s pussy is wet and I smile at my work as I take my middle and ring finger jam them in her hole before kicking the vibrator up to maximum. Katy groans loudly and doesn’t stop as I am working my fingers in and out of her pussy hard. The sounds in the room are so simple anyone could tell you what was happening from anywhere in the house, Katy’s moaning like a good bitch, the vibrator is humming along loudly, and the palm of my had is making a slapping noise as it hits Katy’s shaved and wet pussy. I’m not flagging in the hard on department either and while I remember what I did with Natsuko and Rachael as being hard and impulsive Katy wanted to push my buttons, good work bitch.

“Katy are you going to cum again,” I ask taking my thumb and rubbing it against her asshole still fingering her.

I see her nod and then stiffen and groan as my thumb finds its way into her asshole. Katy is moaning and panting loudly and I can tell she’s enjoying herself a little too much when I start to move my hand faster and harder. Her legs are shaking, she’s out of breath by the sounds of it and I’m not stopping till I get the satisfaction I want and we’re not even half way there by my accounts.

“Guy, I’m gonna cum. You need to stop,” Katy says with a bit of real desperation in her voice.

“Oh you’re going to cum, well cum then,” I retort going at her harder with my fingers.

“No Guy I’m really going to cum,” Katy pleads starting to shake in the legs again.

I don’t stop, hell I don’t care if she cums so hard right now she passes out. She doesn’t mind you but one second she’s gasping and then she’s moaning loud enough to make a dog howl as I’m treated to Katy spraying cum out of her pussy and onto the carpet. I stop fingering and take the vibrator away as she continues to cum and I can see a very big wet spot on the pale blue carpet of the room. Katy collapses and I let her sit on her knees and shake out her orgasm as I lay down on the bed at the top with my erect cock resting patiently as Katy recovers.

“Well what are you waiting for bitch,” I ask Katy who looks up and I can see more hesitation in her eyes as she sees me not satisfied,” Get your ass out of your puddle and crawl up here and get back to sucking my cock.”

Katy is on shaky legs as she forces herself to stand before slowly crawling up the huge ass bed that I and my girls sleep on. I don’t know if this is a game or not but she wanted to piss me off and now she’s got it. I watch as she moves up and starts to take me in her mouth slowly, I feel hands on my balls massaging them sweetly. I don’t want sweet I want my bitch.

“Put your hands behind your back,” I order Katy as she quietly complies.

I watch as she takes her time and I enjoy the feeling of her mouth working me over, up and down slowly and in an effort to ‘please’ me. It’s a wonderful effort but I want more, as I start to guide her head down into deeper strokes. I can feel her throat opening up and taking me in as she keeps half of me in her mouth. I make her bottom out with me in her mouth and her chin on my sack, Katy’s green eyes looking up at me expectantly as she keeps her composure. I smile and reach a hand down and pinch her nose closed cutting off all but the small amount of air she’s getting past my cock in her mouth and throat.

If Katy was panicked before she’s losing her shit now as I watch her struggle to breath, a firm glare from me keeps her from trying to pull away entirely. I’m enjoying as she tries to ‘breath’ my cock into her lungs and I wait to see her eyes glaze over slightly before pulling her mouth completely off of me. Katy lies on the bed gasping and I’m moving in for the kill, so to speak, as I move behind her as she lies on her side recovering. I place the head of my cock against her asshole and with no subtlety shove my cock up her ass. Katy’s body tightens up at my invasion and I only take a few long deliberate strokes before hammering her ass hard and fast. I wrap my arm under her body and around her chest and keep her from running but I feel like the fight is all out of her as I’m driving myself towards an orgasm.

“Are you well fucked enough bitch,” I ask grunting.

“No Guy, I need your cum in me. I’m your bitch and I need your cum,” Katy moans leaning back into me.

“My bitch, my woman. FUCK I’m cumming,” I howl as my orgasm hits.

The first shot causes us both to freeze a bit as it leaves me and enters her, the next few has us grinding against each other. We’re milking my orgasm for all it’s worth as I finally finish and pull out of Katy who rolls onto her stomach and lays there breathing heavy. I step around to check her and marvel as she pushes herself up off the bed a little and cleans my cock with her mouth. I’m actually getting a little hard when she pulls off and just lies there lazily.

“I’m sorry I said all that,” Katy tells me quietly.

“No you’re not,” I tell her smiling.

“No I really am, I don’t want to fuck other guys but I just couldn’t take that anymore,” Katy admits to me with a few actual tears.

“Well maybe I need to be reminded sometimes that I have to take care of my bitch,” I chuckle out giving her a kiss on the lips.

I just watch Katy for a few moments, all fucked out with her makeup messed up and a light smile on her face. I cover her with a blanket and put on a pair of shorts, and relax on the bed next to her and wait. It’s only a few hours when I hear the garage door open and more than a few of my girls talking with Bethany and Abigail. I am bounding down the stairs as they get to the clothing pile and seeing me has them all confused.

“Guy are you okay,” Kori asks confused as I give her a kiss.

“Yeah I’m fine, I’m gonna be in the pool,” I tell them heading out the still broken back door.

I know they are confused by my new mood but I need to cool off as I hit the pool and just wade in the water relaxing. I swim around a bit and enjoy the shade that Mr. Delauter had built to cover the pool on days that were too much for the ‘fair’ skinned. I have never really enjoyed the pool or water because of the sun but I’m enjoying myself for a good bit when I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and stop to see Rachael walking past the pool in her pink two piece bathing suit.

“Having fun Guy,” Rachael asks as she sits down on the side of the pool with her feet in the water.

“Somewhat, checking up on me,” I ask in turn holding the side of the pool and treading water a little.

“Well kinda, the girls are wondering what happened and honestly I haven’t been around for as long so I’m just trying to learn,” Rachael tells me lightly kicking her feet.

“Do you know who I’m worried about,” I ask with a smile as Rachael shakes her head no,” Kitty.”

“You mean Katy,” Rachael says clarifying.

“Nope I mean Kitty, I was kinda mean to Kitty recently. I was forceful and didn’t really play very nice with her,” I tell Rachael moving to where her legs are in between my arms.

“Guy who is Kitty,” Rachael asks getting more confused.

I pull Rachael forward till her ass is barely on the side of the pool and separate her legs before leaning in and tugging on her bathing suit bottoms with my teeth. Rachael is giggling and trying to stop me when I snake my tongue barely inside the crotch of her suit bottom the games seem to stop for her.

“Guy people are going to see us,” Rachael hisses as I persist with getting to her ‘kitty’.

“And? Seriously I’m either going to do this right now or I’m going to pull you into the water with me and I’ll do it with less air to breathe,” I growl nudging her covered mound with my nose.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” Rachael whispers as she pulls her bathing suit bottom to the side.

As soon as I have access I dive in and start licking Rachael’s clit for all I’m worth, she immediately tenses up and starts trying to hold back her moaning. I feel her lean back and my tongue goes right to her sweet little hole, she’s lightly shaved and trimmed which is a different contrast to most of my other girls who prefer to be smooth.

“Guy you need to slow down,” Rachael tells me a little desperation.

“Here Kitty Kitty Kitty,” I mutter as I dig in for more of Rachael’s sweetness when I feel hands on my ears pulling me out.

“Kitty is hungry,” Rachael almost growls at me with a new intensity.

I watch as Rachael slides her body into the pool and I’m hard from playing around with her as she keeps herself afloat with one hand on my shoulder and the other tugs my shorts down. The cold water on me feels a bit more freeing with my shorts down and I can feel Rachael’s stroking me with a light smile on her face.

“So you’re going to have to keep us afloat aren’t you,” Rachael asks as I nod and she smiles at that,” So you have to just sit there and keep me up while I do whatever I

Oh I’m in some wonderful trouble and I grip the wall behind Rachael making sure we’re not going anywhere before I put my feet on the wall just to insure that I won’t fall away anytime soon. Rachael seems to be struggling with something and finally dips her head in the water for a minute before coming back up with her pink suit bottoms in her hand. I feel her adjust me for a moment and I know I’m at the entrance to her sweet folds and I stay still as she slowly dips down getting most of me inside her. We can’t get me all the way in as I’m ‘Spiderman’ on the wall of the pool but Rachael is taking her sweet times using long strokes up and down most of my length.

“It’s nice to have you hold out for me for a change,” Rachael whispers with her arms around my neck.

I grunt in satisfaction as she just takes her time letting me feel every little bit of her pussy as she’s feeling every bit of me inside her. My grip is good and I get greedy for a second and when my hand starts to slip I regrab the wall and shake off the idea of being more playful. I love the differences in all my girls and right now Rachael is showing her more possessive side as she starts to speed up making me grip the wall a little harder and grit my teeth a bit more.

“Is my ‘Kitty’ making you feel good,” Rachael asks enjoying her control of the situation.

I’m groaning in pleasure and Rachael is smiling as she starts to make sure that everyone knows we’re having sex by looking at the pool water. I’m not getting close yet but Rachael is biting her lip and I jokingly bite my tongue as she looks at me. I see her face frown a little before I get kissed hard and deep, my member is swirling around inside her as our tongues are playing tag in each other’s mouth. Rachael breaks our kiss and starts to bounce quickly and with a purpose. There are no words for her this time as she latches onto me with every limb and I feel her head against my chest as her sweet folds try to milk my non orgasming member. I feel her buck against me a few times before her senses come back and I wait for her to move again.

“Guy I’m sorry but I’m feeling really tired,” Rachael says pouting a little.

I start to crab walk along the wall till I get to the ladder spot and we settle for a moment with me inside her as she comes up with another plan. I feel her hop off of my member and the cold is a bit more intense and in the shifting of us getting organized Rachael’s legs get put together with my cock in between them and rubbing against her folds. I start to back up but the difference feels good and I push back in causing both of us to moan. I start moving like this and we’re both pushing out hips together and I’m panting as I can feel the intensity of my orgasm from this being so different change and as I start to tighten up Rachael start moaning.

“You’re big fucking cock is rubbing up against my tight little pussy,” she tells me nibbling on my chest.

I start cumming from her uncharacteristic dirty talk, the cold of the water with the warmth of her thighs and the sweet feel of her pussy all over me. The first few spasms have her jumping a little with surprise and I’m just hoping nobody else is getting in the pool for a while so they don’t get me on them as I pull out from between Rachael’s thighs. I help my innocent girlfriend get her bottoms back on and get a deep kiss before she turns and climbs the ladder out of the pool.

“Maybe you should cool off a bit more before you decide to come in,” Rachael tells me smirking before she heads inside the house.

I get out myself and do something that I normally wouldn’t do, just sit outside and think for a bit. Katy may have been getting me riled up so that I could get moving again but why. It is a bit of a problem and my mulling over it has me realizing that I’m covered in chlorine water from the pool and it’s going to start getting cold outside. I head back indoors and see Loretta working on dinner and all the crew is back and staring at as I pop into the kitchen.

“Guy are you feeling okay,” Loretta aka Mom asks with a little concern.

“Well I’m not feeling like I need to lie in bed all day with people waiting on me as if I were some baby,” I say with a bit of a smile.

I can tell she’s confused but I head off to get a shower when I see a pair of very muscular legs head into a bathroom on the second floor and I start to get an itch again. I take my time heading up the stairs and do a quick check in on my room. Katy is lying on her stomach with an icepack on her ass while Kori, Rachael and Natsuko are watching TV with her. Katy is the one that sees me and all I get is a wink before I head back down the hall and creep into the bathroom where I hear Mathilda showering. I am as quiet as I can be slipping inside and closing the door. After I get out of my shorts I wait a moment before pulling back the curtain and slipping into the shower behind Matty. She has her head in the water and I’m wondering how to play this when my other head tells me to go for it. I slide my hands around Matty’s waist and press my body against her back.

“What the fuck,” Matty hisses pulling her face out of the water.

“How do you have such soft skin when your muscles are so hard,” I ask my Amazon kissing her back.

“What is wrong with you,” She asks turning around in my arms and pulling me back so she can look me in the eyes.

I lower my hands from the small of her back to her ass and squeeze lightly before lowering my head and taking her nipple into my mouth. Matty’s confusion lasts for a moment but I’m playful and tender as I gently suck on her. I have strong but gentle hands holding my head as I feel one go down my back and keep me close. Matty is enjoying herself by the sounds of the moans and I slowly back her up against the shower wall and move in hand to her front slowly trailing my fingertips around her hip till I settle on the space just above her slit. I get my head lifted by the chin and once my face is turned upward my lips are met by Mathilda’s. All the time when we’re doing anything she is so powerful but right now we’re alone and I can feel her lip quiver as we kiss. It’s tender and I move my fingers down into her slit and slowly rub a circle around her clit. She tenses up a little but it’s more out of enjoyment when the hand from on my chin moves down my body and I feel Matty grip my growing erection.

My Amazon takes her time stroking me hard as I continue to trail circles around her clit with my finger, our mouths still locked together in a softer than I’ve had all day. We’re pressing our bodies together in the running water of the shower. Mathilda is locked against me as I trail my finger into her slit; she hikes her leg up letting me have more access with my finger rubbing her wet hole. Matty’s head leans back breaking our kiss and moaning as I feel her wet hole tense up, I start trailing kisses down her body and stop again taking her breast in my mouth this time being more needing and hungrier for her than before. I only linger on her breast for a moment before kissing further down Matty’s body, her hands moving to my head, I get to her mid riff and then down to her sweet folds. I take a few tentative licks of my Amazon’s clit as I work one finger inside her. She has a gentle grip on my head and I’m working her over when I hear some of my favorite sounds.

“Baby its good…. Keep going please….,” Matty whimpers as I feel her tighten up reflexively.

She’s moaning lightly and I’m taking my time giving her every single of my personal attention and effort as I work a little faster more intense. I don’t have much hair on my head but Mathilda is trying her best grip something on my head with tender need. I’m tasting more of Matty and quicken the pace of my finger and tongue, I hear my Amazon goddess moaning lightly and desperately when I feel her clamp down on my finger and I freeze my finger but gently suck her clit as she rides out her orgasm. I let her calm down and relax before feeling her paw at me to pull me up by my head. I’m hard and start to line myself up with her slit when I get turned around and put up against the corner of the shower I get a quick kiss before I watch Mathilda move down onto her knees in front of me and strokes my erection gently but purposeful.

“My turn, unless you need to rest first,” Matty asks with a questioning look.

I take her hair in my hand gently and guide my cock into her mouth. Matty is working the end of me in her mouth in short strokes while her hands stroke my shaft and balls in equal measure. I rest my head against the cold tile of the shower and Matty is persistent and consistent with her ministrations. I feel tongue over the head of my member and a different rhythm of my shaft as I’m now groaning as I can feel Matty smile. Her hand leaves my balls and grips my one free hand, interlacing our fingers together. Her difference in pace between her mouth and hand have me reeling and I’m about to reward her effort when she stops with no warning. I look down to check on what happened and when I see her pale blue eyes looking up at me. My head in her mouth and her hand falls away before I see her wink and proceed to shove almost my whole length into her mouth. I let go of her head and both of her hands are interlocked with mine, it’s only a few deep thrusts into her mouth and I’m grunting as body boils and I cum hard. Matty keeps half of me in her mouth and just takes my orgasm as best as she can considering we usually don’t finish anywhere but her warm pussy. I’m coming down from a wonderful moment as I feel her mouth come off of me and look down to watch my Amazon goddess take a moment and swallow the load I just gave her. I don’t have to help her to her feet but we latched onto each other in a warm embrace before we decide to finish our shower.

“So what brought all this on,” Matty asks taking her time with her hair in the towel.

“Don’t like it,” I answer her question with a question.

“I love it, just talk to us a bit more. Okay,” Matty orders me with a smirk.

We dry off and get back to our room where the rest of the girls are lounging around watching TV save for Imelda who is nowhere to be seen. I get some shorts on and with Natsuko on the bed next to Kori and Katy still lying on her stomach with her panty covered ass covered in an icepack. I lounge on my stomach next to her and all of us make small talk well into the evening until we fall asleep in bed.

I wake up and check the clock on my phone to see it’s barely past one in the morning but I’m awake and confused as I pry my arm out from under Katy and get Natsuko dislodged from my back before quietly exiting the room. The whole place is quiet and I even see Ben passed out naked on the foot of Bethany’s bed which makes me shake my head but remember that I don’t have my phone with me for a picture. I get down the stairs and into the TV room, quietly closing the door after me and sit on the couch before turning on whatever I can find that isn’t an infomercial or a straight to DVD movie. I’m not tired and it’s a monotonous boredom that I’m sitting through when I hear the door quietly open and Kori’s purple robe clad form creep inside. She closes the door after her and with me at one end of the couch I watch as she moves down to the other and sits pulling her feet up. It’s an odd quiet between us as I watch a cyborg chase a blonde woman through a club in a classic action flick before I can feel Kori wants to say something.

“I can hear you thinking,” I say quietly.

“I am worried about you, and us. I have been a mess and after our really bad night and shocker of a morning I know something is wrong. I feel like you’re slipping away from me,” Kori says breaking her gaze from the TV and facing me.

“Which us are you talking about? Us as in you and I or us as in me and the girls,” I ask waiting for some clarification.

“You and I, it’s like since that one night in the RV you’ve been all over the place with your emotions and all I seem to do is screw things up. I get drunk, again and it pissed you off. Then after everything with Natsuko saving our relationship I don’t wait to find out what happened I just assumed you were manipulated and flew off the handle and beat you in the process,” Kori says just dumping her emotion out all over.

“Well I have been all over the place but let’s switch places for a minute. If I was all messed up and the next day I found you in bed with Ben after all we’ve been through would I try to beat the fuck out of him, definitely. And what about Natsuko, we went through enough crap about you and her worrying about me losing my edge or whatever and I could be mad with you about it but it’s you looking out for what you thought was best for me, and it was,” I explain to her trying to help her understand me.

“But you’re not alright. Every time I look at you something is more off than it was before. I am worried about you going through so much I think we should consider heading home sooner than later,” Kori says and I can see some desperation in her eyes.

“No, so we got hit hard in a couple of spots. I was raped by someone I thought was my friend and my real friend who I treated poorly saved me. I’m not looking to go home; I’m looking to make this place learn that we’re not going down easily. Derek, Kamran, Heather, Kyle, Taylor, Heather again, Romeo. These are a list of names that I think of whenever I have doubts and I realize that I should have failed a long time ago and I would have failed but I have you,” I tell her finally turning my full attention to her,” I had you first, you worried you weren’t good enough and I wanted you. You saw room for more in my life and we added more. I don’t have five girlfriends because I can handle all of them; I have five girlfriends because it takes five to support me when I’ve got my back against the wall.”

“But you keep getting abused and hurt. How much longer till you can’t even work anymore,” Kori asks frustrated by my optimism.

“I don’t get up because I never learned to stay down baby,” I tell her moving to the middle of the couch and taking her hand,” I get back up because every day I need to prove that I’m worth five women supporting me and I love you just for being there to watch it.”

We’re both in a different mindset as we sit quietly on the couch, me holding her hand in mine. She’s still scared about losing me, like I’d go anywhere without her or any of my girls but she’s the heart and if she’s scared my work isn’t even remotely close to done. I watch her wipe her eye to keep herself from crying, I don’t like my best girl crying and she’s holding it back as we sit in silence save for gunfire on the TV. Kori isn’t looking at me but she knows I’m watching her and we’re too quiet for my liking as she wonders about me, our relationship and everything else that could be happening around us. I can see she’s about ready to cry and when she goes to say something I lean in and kiss her softly. I can tell she’s confused and I move my hands to her face gently cradling her and getting as much out of this kiss as I can before she breaks it.

Much to my surprise she doesn’t, in fact I get her hands holding my own face and feel our bodies shifting down so that we’re lying on the couch with me on top of her. I keep my body weight off of her with my elbows propping me up and we have a leg in between each other’s as we take our time slowly kissing and feeling. I love all my girls but Kori is like coming home after being away for too long and I press myself against her as she finally lets go of my face and wraps her arms around me. It’s tender and while I’ve needed all my girls in the past twelve hours or less this is what I’ve been craving since I woke up and with nobody else on the couch we are able to be alone. I feel Kori go from timid and nervous to passionate and hungry as she begins pawing at my back and the waist band of my shorts. I push myself up off of her a little and start to undo the cotton wrap holding her bathrobe closed. I barely get it open and I feel something very new pressed against me, silk underwear.

I don’t break our kiss to look and I have been keeping my eyes closed this whole time as I feel Kori’s hand work its way down the front of my shorts and her palm start rubbing the underside of my member. I groan a little and let her get me hard as I use one hand to knead her silk covered breast, it only lasts a moment as I feel a hard nipple under my hand. I don’t waste any time before putting my hand inside her top and the flesh on flesh contact is electric as we’re both moaning at each other’s touch as we kiss. I haven’t felt like this in a while with Kori and my hips are shaking as she reaches lower and cups my balls.

“Baby…. That thing…. Is gonna feel…. So damn good….,” Kori says in between kisses.

I take my hand off Kori’s breast and get my shorts down just enough and lower my hips to meet hers, no adjusting needed as I we line up and I press inside her slowly. I get seated fully and we both start groaning at the sensation, it a velvet furnace and I’m melting like butter as we hold our bodies together. I feel Kori start milking my member by flexing her muscles and I start making myself jump a little inside her. I can feel her smile as we sink all the way down onto the couch and I have her at my mercy or she has me in her trap. It’s one of those love situations that you can never pay for when you and your partner are trapping each other wanting everything you can get and you don’t want to detach from each other till you both pass out. I feel Kori squeeze me gently and I back out just a little to start pumping half of my near eight inches in and out of her. Every time I back up she relaxes and when I get all the way back in Kori pushes against me a little trying to get me deeper inside her and flexing on me. We keep to this slow rhythm and I’m in no rush when I feel Kori’s legs for the first time wrapping around mine and we both settle in for the only possible outcome. I don’t so much as speed up but every time I bottom out inside my first girl making us groan. It’s warm and welcoming every time and Kori’s whole body is hugging me like I’ll be gone after we’re done.

The whole thing is hard fingertips pressing into flesh, lips locked only to change position of our tongues trying to find each other again, legs wrapped up in each other with toes curled. I am trying to only focus on Kori and that is where I feel the ending coming up on me fast, Kori can feel it to and her hand slows my hips down from the sweet semi hard pace to a slow and soft rolling and grinding. I don’t even pull back from her as we keep grinding against each other and I feel her tense up and with me so close I just let go. I send my seed like lightening into Kori’s warm folds and she clamps down all over me hard and I even feel her biting my lip as we’re both groaning and moaning. My hips shake but I keep pouting until it feels like my balls have been drained completely, at least for now before we finally break our long kiss.

I am resting my head against the couch and Kori is rubbing my back when we barely unhook our bodies from each other and I take the remote and shut the TV off. I am still catching my breath as Kori lies in my arms thinking quietly and rubbing my hand to calm me down.

“I thought about getting pregnant on the trip,” Kori tells me shaking me a little out of my daze.

“You thought about it,” I ask propping myself up a little to look at her face.

“Yes but you’re not ready yet. I’m not either but I really just want to have your baby Guy,” Kori says rolling to look at me,” Is that weird?”

“I was terrified at the thought that you wouldn’t be the first to bear my children, I’d say if that’s weird then we’re made for each other,” I tell her smiling.

We kiss again and lay in each other’s arms on the couch before drifting off into a blissful sleep. I’m awoken not by noise and alarms but by silence and humming. I feel a blanket over the two of us and see Natsuko my little assistant is dressed and sitting in one of the chairs. I see Kori is still sleeping with a softness that I love to see on her face and while it pains me to do so I have to finish what I started yesterday and get up from the couch. Natsuko helps cover Kori up and shows me she has all my clothes, including my coat. I get dressed quietly and sit down to put on my boots when Natsuko surprises me by doing it for me, we quietly exit the room when I notice she’s using my phone and not her own.

“Okay boss since you’re putting shit back on track you should know that Imelda is at her mother’s house and her mother even texted you late last night asking if you’d come by this morning before nine,” Natsuko says checking the clock,” Which is in two hours. Bike is fueled up and I’ll make sure everyone is updated. Also I think we need to at least get some outside assistance in finding your friend Jackie and recommend we pump her ‘baby daddy’ for information. I have a plan about that to discuss with you when you get back.”

I take my keys and phone from my smart little assistant and give her a hard kiss, she yelps a little and I’m smiling as I get out of the house and down the road on my bike. I am zipping through the beginnings of Thursday morning traffic and pull up to the Ortega residence and park my bike. I get up to the door only to have it open and see Mrs. Ortega looking a little tired but smiling at my presence.

“You got my message, we need to talk about my daughter,” She tells me inviting me inside.

“Yeah I need to get with her about a few things too,” I say keeping my voice down.

“Boy she’s been drinking and is passed out,” Mrs. Ortega tells me as she notices my quiet voice,” I will have to wake her with a pot and pan before I leave. No she’s very upset and you are the center of some of it along with my niece.”

“Yeah I’m guessing you heard about what happened,” I say taking a seat at the dining room table with her.

“Yes and I understand if you are taking your time but Imelda isn’t very patient. She’s also upset because I’ve been thinking about selling the house,” Mrs. Ortega tells me plainly.

“Okay but why sell if you’re doing well enough to keep it,” I ask trying to learn about the situation.

“Because as much as I love my home I’m getting older and more tired as the days go by. Imelda doesn’t want to hear about us selling but her place is with you now and I want her there,” Mrs. Ortega tells me with some happiness,” I need to look at what’s best for me and working two jobs is killing me when I’m barely scraping by.”

“And with what happened involving Marta and I it’s Imelda thinking she needs to come back home and save her mom,” I say putting the pieces together,” but what would it take for you to keep the house?”

“Aside from a better job that pays more and has me work less most days I don’t see anything,” Mrs. Ortega tells me sipping her coffee.

“Okay so we get you a better job,” I say causing her to almost choke on her coffee.

“You think you can just get me a better job in a few hours,” She asks a little confused.

“Not a few hours but give me some time and I’ll have you in a new job and out of the two you’ve been doing before I leave,” I tell her getting a laugh but it stops when she sees I’m serious,” I am not joking ma’am. New job before the end of the summer, you have my word.”

We sit quietly for a moment and she just absorbs what I said, I am starting to turn the gears in my head about how and what to do but with so much on my plate I’ll have to start delegating and asking for help as I get a brilliant idea.

“Ma’am can I use your kitchen,” I ask hopping up and searching for pans.

“I guess so boy but what are you doing,” Mrs. Ortega asks me confused.

“I’m making breakfast,” I reply getting out my materials.

I have an interested audience for a little while as I start putting together just some basics for everyone to eat. Scrambled eggs, Bacon, toast and juice; not very fancy but considering I didn’t put every hot spice on the planet in it I know I can at least eat it. Mrs. Ortega changed while I was working and I serve her a plate with a fresh coffee and she’s buzzing past me for some spice in the kitchen for her own plate.

“Put some of this on my daughter’s eggs when you take her plate to her,” She says handing me a funny little bottle with green sauce,” It’ll help wake her up and get the sickness out of her.”

I start to dish up Imelda’s plate and say goodbye to Mrs. Ortega as she heads out for job number one. I get a serving tray from under the counter and take a full meal with coffee and juice down to my Latina’s room. I get the door open quietly and see she’s passed out on her bed face down and has her pants down like she was trying to get out of them when she fell. I adjust her a little onto her side and help her look decent, all of which she doesn’t even respond to. I douse her eggs with the green sauce her mother instructed me too and get an idea. I take a little of the sauce and put it on my finger and gently put said finger inside her mouth. I feel her start to suck on my finger and moan lightly as I move my finger from her mouth and sit her up on her bed with her back against the wall. I put the tray in front of her over her lap and watch as she starts to wake up. She’s groggy as hell and licking her lips before she sees the food and goes from sleepy to hungry demon in less than four seconds. Her plate, my plate, both juices and her coffee all gone and she’s looking around for a moment when she realizes I’m the one feeding her and not her mother.

“Guy what are you doing here, where’s mom,” Imelda asks me confused.

“It’s almost nine and she’s either at work or heading there,” I reply moving the tray from her lap,” We need to talk.”

“Yes we do, I am staying with my mother at the end of the summer,” Imelda tells me as I smile and shake my head.

“No you’re coming with me at the end of the summer,” I counter chuckling.

“Guy you don’t understand, she needs me,” My Latina tries to explain desperately.

“Well here’s what you don’t understand, there was a meeting of all parties involved this morning that you neglected to attend to so when we voted it was two versus and abstained vote saying that you’re coming back with me after the vacation,” I tell her getting a more than upset look.

“My mother doesn’t get that she can’t sell the house and she has to stop working two jobs,” She tells me frustrated,” I have to help her and that means moving back down. Besides that I need to square away my family.”

“You’re family will be squared away when it needs to be and OUR family needs you. I have spoken to your mother and we’re handling it,” I tell her going into the conversation Mrs. Ortega and I had earlier.

“Why aren’t you listening to me,” Imelda say starting to get up and pace.

“Why aren’t you letting me help,” I counter.

“Because my family broke you, my stupid cousin tried raping you and you’ve been so messed up that you can’t even be bothered to help your friend Jackie,” Imelda says as I stand up and get in her face.

“Do I look messed up to you? Do I look like someone who is lying down and taking his kicking from the world? Katy got me fired up and moving again,” I explain backing her out of her room and into the hallway,” I’m going to help your mother, I’m not losing you for any amount of time ever again and I’m telling you right now Ms. Sexy Ass, either get on board or I will make you get on board.”

“Don’t you tell me what to do,” Imelda growls putting her finger against my chest.

“No, you don’t tell me what I can’t have and what I can’t do,” I growl back.

I can see her register that we’re in a fight mode and with neither backing down I can feel myself getting ready for her to start screaming and shoving when my brain, the lower one, kicks in again. I move inside her arms and jam our mouths together in a passionate and fierce kiss. We’re pulling clothing off and I get my shirt off over my head before grabbing the front of Imelda’s white wife beater tank top and rip the whole thing open down the front before lifting her up by her ass and start sucking and kissing her breasts. Her legs get wrapped around me and I got her against the wall cursing me in Spanish as I get to her nipple and damn near try to suck it off. I feel Imelda start to pry my head off her breast and when she finally succeeds it’s the Spanish/Irish American mouth war of the week as our tongues and teeth fight for supremacy.

We’re like rabid horny animals as I yank her pants down while she fumbles with my belt. I finally help her and as soon as she gets it undone she goes down to her knees with my pants to the floor and starts greedily taking my cock into her mouth. There is no soft foreplay as Imelda is slamming my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and I feel her throat a little as I grab a handful of hair and just let her work the base around her lips. I feel her hands grab my ass and she tilts her head slightly before forcing me to hold my entire cock in her mouth. I am amazed and still the enraged version of horny as I growl at her when she starts to gag a little for me. Finally she pulls off and I stand her up and seeing where I bit her just last week has fully healed I lean in and start to suck on the same spot while hiking up her legs under the knees so that she’s off the ground with her back against the hall wall. I feel her guide me up and as soon as I feel her opening meet my cock head I stuff as much of my length into her getting a loud moan from my fiery Latina. I take a few simple thrusts to help her adjust in this position before I start slamming into her hard and deep. I have her little nails in my back and we war our mouths together again groaning like dogs in heat as I fuck her against the wall. It’s hard fast and brutal, if we weren’t pleasuring each other we’d both be bleeding as I’m going for broke. Imelda latches her lips onto mine and I feel her body clamp down and her teeth sink into my lip a little as she groans with a nice little orgasm. I keep fucking her through it and she’s still talking in Spanish to me but the fight is going out of her and the full pleasure centers are kicking in finally. I shake her to her sense a little and she looks at me with confusion.

“You’re wimping out on me now,” I ask continuing my thrusts.

“It’s too good right now,” Imelda says panting as her pussy takes the beating.

“So you want me to stop,” I growl starting to slow down.

I get a quick slap to my cheek and Imelda’s fire kicks back on as she starts pawing at me again. I watch as she touches my lip and pulls a little blood from it before sucking on it and then kisses me deeply. Our mouths aren’t fighting anymore and I feel her start to force me to put her feet on the ground and my cock comes out of her. We stare at each other for a moment when my instinct takes over and I grab her wrist and take her back into her room before putting her on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass right at the edge. My cock would air dry from her juices if I let it but a quick adjustment of my cock head against her wet hole and I’m slamming back into her in hard long strokes. Each thrust makes us both groan a little and I take her hips in my hands giving myself the leverage to make her feel every bit of my cock. I am giving it to my Latina biker babe in hard long strokes and notice her hand dart in between her legs and start to rub her clit frantically. Imelda starts moaning louder again and I can feel her body stiffen as her orgasm hits, this one a bit bigger than last time. I waste no motion or time and giving her no rest start fucking her as fast as she was rubbing her clit.

“Oh FUCK,” is the only intelligible thing to come out of Imelda’s mouth as I take her orgasm up a couple notches.

I’m in high gear and Imelda’s long brown/black hair is flailing about as her head thrashes along with the rest of her body as her orgasm starts growing instead of calming down. My hips are a cheetah on speed when I start to feel my own orgasm start to take over finally and I’m with Imelda thrashing around I can’t hold on and in a fever pitch I fall out of her. Imelda feels it and is quicker to respond and whips around from facing away from me to sitting in front of me with her hand on my cock jerking me as hard and fast as she can. My legs lock up and I feel the first shot come flying out as Imelda gives my orgasm the same treatment I was giving hers and doesn’t stop to let it rest. I’m groaning loud enough to wake neighbors as my head has rolled back and my eyes have gone up into my brain. I’m a little dizzy when I feel hands pull me onto the bed to sit and I flop onto my back and stare at the ceiling. I hear heavy breathing that isn’t mine and look to see Imelda staring at the same ceiling I was only she has some of me on her face and more on her chest.

“Who did you have sex with before coming over here,” She asks catching her breath.

“Kori last night and it was very loving, before her Matty in the shower, then Rachael in the pool before that, and then there was what Katy and I did,” I say as she finally looks at me confused,” I have no words for what Katy and I did but the little bitch had it coming.”

“I made you bleed,” Imelda says smirking.

“I made you cum,” I retort smirking back.

“I made you cum too,” She replies getting a little haughty.

“I made you cum twice,” I counter as my fight instinct comes back into play,” And I made you breakfast.”

“Wait you made breakfast,” She says sitting up slowly.

“Except for the coffee, even your mom had some,” I inform her sitting up as well.

We both do the best thing for us right then and shower, taking time to wash each other quietly and softly as we’re done with our argument and sex. I get myself some of the little food left and Imelda I explain to Imelda what Katy did the day before and how it all came about. We joke about it a little and she says she has to spank Katy when we get back home. I can tell she’s still worried about her mom and I take her head in my hands and kneel down in front of her.

“I will not let her suffer like this and I will not fail,” I promise her before getting a kiss on my forehead.

We clean up the dishes and get redressed, mostly her and a little myself when a knock at the door surprises both of us. I am sitting at the dining room table when I hear a familiar voice come in from outside as Carlos comes into the house. I stand up and he’s a little concerned as I head over to him and shake his hand before getting a brotherly hug. We sit in the same living room I was taking care of business in earlier only this time Imelda and I are on the couch while Carlos sits in a chair.

“First off man I need to apologize, I pulled on you and that isn’t right,” Carlos says more than a little embarrassed.

“And you were defending your sister, who didn’t deserve it, but she’s your family. No apology needed and besides it’s not like you shot me,” I say as he sighs a little relieved.

“Well Marta has been given the riot act by our mother after what she heard. I knew she was a little lonely after all the shit last summer but why you man,” Carlos asks confused.

“Who else has she seen that not only stood up to you and your boys but you actually apologized to on more than one occasion,” I ask letting him do the math,” She told me that she couldn’t get away because you never let her out of your or your crew’s sight. It made her desperate and she tried to escape not realizing that she was going to hurt me and my girls along the way.”

“Yeah that reminds me,” Carlos says turning his attention to Imelda,” My mom understands that you’re pissed but did you have to throw an empty tequila bottle at the house?”

“I was drunk and she’s lucky I didn’t think to go inside and whip Marta’s ass,” Imelda retorts in defense.

“Enough, both of you. I want Marta out and walking free again, make that happen,” I tell Carlos getting a shocked look.

“Dude if she went crazy and drugged you then why let her out when I should be keeping her away from people,” Carlos asks confused.

“You suffocate her and she’s going to do something even worse next time, like I don’t know, go into big brother’s room and blow her head off with his back up piece,” I tell him as the reality sets in.

We settle on my option considering I’m the one most wronged in the room and I tell Carlos to go see Abigail and do something with her nice soon and we part ways before I turn my attention back to Imelda who is still upset about Marta.

“I say you should talk to the bitch cousin and let me smack her around,” my fiery Latina says putting her feet on my lap after I sit down.

“I’ll talk to her when I’m ready and she’ll have to answer to all of my girls before a beating will take place,” I tell her quietly.

We sit in silence I rub Imelda’s feet softly when our phones go off almost simultaneously as Kori is awake and apparently upset that I’m not there. We both stare at each other for a moment and then quickly rush to get our gear on and head back to the house on our bikes as fast as we can go. We both pull in and don’t even park at the garage as I rush inside and find that Kori is dressed. I take my helmet off as I approach her and get a punch in the arm as the rest of my girls and Natty watch.

“You ever leave me to wake up and find you left like that and I swear you’ll spend a week in bed chained up,” Kori says with a happy grumpy expression.

“He was rounding out the set,” Imelda says as the girls all brighten when they see her.

I get my lip checked by Loretta who just laughs when I told her that Imelda gave it to me and no she didn’t punch me. Loretta hands me a cash card and tells me the number on it causing me to stand shocked for a second I hug her big and find that Mr. Delauter has already left for work but I’ll catch up with him sometime soon to go see where all this funding I’m burning through comes from. I rejoin my girls and find that Natsuko is briefing them on ‘my’ plans to find Jackie.

“So basically you want me to contact the police and find have them find out where she is,” I ask a little confused.

“You said you knew a detective around her and Jun found out she’s still on the force and doing well for herself so if you go to this spot,” Natty pulls up an address on my phone,” by one today you’ll be able to sit down and have lunch with her.”

“So what about the rest of us,” Katy asks a little put off about being on the back burner.

“I’m thinking tattoos,” I reply holding up the card Loretta aka Awesome Mom gave me.

My girls all go nuts at the idea save for Rachael who looks a little concerned. Everyone mounts up after getting our stuff on, everyone being my girls and Natty, before we head off to the tattoo shop. Abigail’s Prius is the only one in the parking lot and it’s surrounded by motorcycles of all shapes and sizes as we all dismount our various vehicles and I head in the front door to see Smitty coaching a few people on tattooing. The Old Man sees me and I head past Vicki at the counter and get a handshake from him before all my girls give him a hug. We go down the order of who wants what and who’s getting it where when Rachael pulls me aside.

“I can’t get a tattoo,” She says nervously.

“Why not,” I reply confused.

“Daddy said if I got a tattoo down here he’d ground me from seeing you till next summer,” Rachael says very nervous.

It sucks for her being the odd girl out but I explain the situation to the rest of my girls who understand completely and Vicki lets me know that she’ll keep Rachael company as I have business to attend to and head back out on my bike.

It’s not a terribly long drive to the spot where I’m supposed to meet Detective Escalante and I see plenty of business but as soon as I’m inside I can tell I’m a stranger in cop land. The whole place is full of police officer in and out of uniform and I take the one booth I can find at the back and just watch as I can tell I’m being eyed up as a perp. I get a menu from a very nice older woman whose badge says ‘Maude’.

“I’m waiting for a Detective by the name of Escalante. She doesn’t know I’m here but could you direct her back here when she arrives,” I ask politely as I start to look at the menu.

“Okay honey just let me know when you’re ready,” Maude says as she heads away to get me a soda.

I’m waiting patiently for what seems like forever but only ends up being fifteen minutes when I see my Detective come over quizzically. As soon as she sees me her eyes widen and it takes a second for her to regain her composure before she sits down across from me.

“What the hell are you doing here,” Escalante asks in a quiet voice.

“I’m on vacation and I’m saying hello to my friends,” I tell her smiling,” Hello.”

“No I mean what are you doing here,” She asks pointing her finger down on the table.

“I just answered that, I wanted to see you. I’d like to think that we’re at least friends of some sort,” I explain as I nudge her menu towards her with my finger.

We sit and while she thinks about her order I reexamine my friend. She’s still a shapely Latina with fuller features and she doesn’t have a wedding ring on still which gives me some headway if I get an urge later. We place our orders and I sit there wondering what to say.

“I need to ask you a favor,” we both get out of our mouths at the same time to our shock.

We chuckle a little and I let her have first crack at the requests.

“Okay so you didn’t tell anyone about us right, anyone who would be able to make my career a living nightmare,” the Detective asks quietly.

“No, my girls know and we keep our business as OUR business,” I explain simply.

“I’ve got a couple things that I need help with,” She says keeping her voice confined to our booth.

“Okay but I have a big problem and I need information,” I say as she give me the lead way,” I have a friend who is pregnant on the streets right now as we speak. I need
to know where the homeless camps are and I need to know that she’s not dead or in a hospital somewhere.”

“What’s her name and is it yours,” Escalante asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Her name is Jackie Alden and no it’s not mine. She’s important to me and I need to help her,” I say a little desperate.

“I can help with that but I have my own problems and one of them is right here,” the Detective says looking over her shoulder at a uniformed cop at the bar,” Recognize him?”

It takes me a minute but I actually do, he’s one of the asshats who arrested me last year when Hector got stabbed. I am not pleased that Escalante is having problems with him but I turn my attention back to her as we continue our conversation.

“I didn’t see him when I walked in but he’s been keeping tabs on me,” She says taking a sip of her coffee.

“He a snitch,” I ask getting an odd look.

“No, at last year’s Christmas party I had just solved a big case and we were all having a good time when I passed out and the next day he somehow had my panties. I immediately went to the hospital to get a rape kit done and it turned out negative, the pervert drove me home and took them while I slept but he keeps telling everyone that I’m some great lay and that I will come crawling back to him sooner or later,” She says biting on her rage,” He won’t do it in front of anyone important but I’m losing respect I earned and it’s not helping me with other cases.”

“So you want me to take him out back and beat him to death,” I ask smiling.

“I wish but I need something to shut him up,” She tells me gritting her teeth as we get served.

We eat and I can see him get served his meal and the whole time the detective and I are eating I’m just trying to get information about my old friend at the bar. Officer Dugan, been on the force for five years now but hasn’t promoted yet and he goes by the nick name Dickey because of turtlenecks he loves to wear. We sit and finish our meal which I pay for when I almost start laughing at myself.

“I am going to do something right now,” I tell the detective getting up and pulling my hood up,” wait for my signal.”

“What signal,” Escalante whispers as I start to walk up to ‘Dickey’.

I look shaky and scared as I approach him and the sweet waitress Maude is watching me close as I finally tap him on the shoulder. He turns to see me but doesn’t recognize me at all.

“Can I help you kid,” Dickey asks confused.

“Yeah Dickey, it’s me Allen,” I tell him getting a confused look,” You don’t remember me from last Valentine’s Day with Jamie?”

“Kid what are you talking about,” He says turning around to face me confused.

“Listen Jamie and I never did anything like that before or on camera but she says that she found it on the internet and she wants…. We want our money too,” I tell him as you can hear every cop in the area go quiet at the statement.

“Kid I don’t know what you’re talking about but you might not want to make shit up,” Dickey tells me getting quiet and angry.

“I’m not making up that you keep lube in your underwear drawer and that you said it doesn’t hurt when you put it in if I just keep breathing,” I say out loud raising my voice,” I want my cut of the money you made selling that video.”

“Is there something going on here,” I hear Detective Escalante ask as she approaches me from behind.

“No Detective this kid’s just mistaking me for someone else and needs to get his facts straight,” Dickey replies standing up.

“If he’s so wrong about who you are then why are you so nervous when he’s obviously talking about something that he is intimately acquainted with,” Escalante asks getting into a defensive questioning mode.

Dickey starts to leave and I shamble quickly after him calling his name and asking him to stop. I finally get to him at his car and Escalante is hot on our heels as Dickey starts to get pissed.

“Listen to me you little shit stain I don’t know you and I am warning you to back off now before something bad happens to you,” Dickey says trying to get into his car.

“But I know you Officer Dugan, we’ve met before,” I tell him dropping my act and straightening up,” And if you think you know bad you haven’t heard what I’m planning to do so let me break it down for you. I will have boys and girls parade themselves around everyplace you are in public. They will go into restaurants, they will sneak into the movies, they will find you in the bar. It doesn’t matter where you go and they will want their money for the sex acts you are making them do. After a while nobody will believe anything you say because if I say it once people can play it off but when the thirtieth or the fortieth young man or woman comes to you crying or demanding their money then everyone is going to go through your life with a fine toothed comb. They may not find me there but they will find something won’t they?”

I watch him freeze and Detective Escalante is holding her distance. Dickey is petrified at the prospect and I pull my hood back enough to let him see my face. It finally hits him who I am and that’s when the fear comes into his voice.

“Oh god you’re the lawyers kid. Just tell me what you want and please don’t come after me,” Officer Dugan says with a trembling voice.

“I’m glad you remember me, I’d ask how the old Captain is but we both know what happened there. First off I want the Detective’s undergarment, it doesn’t suit you. Second I want you to start taking back everything you said about her and you, you lied and now you need to pay for it,” I say before pausing.

“And the third thing,” Dickey asks as he searches his pockets for something.

“You apologize to her, in front of the other officers at shift change today,” I say before starting to walk away,” And Dickey? Don’t think I won’t know because you watch me with two eyes and I watch you with everyone’s eyes.”

My crypticness has them both confused and I hop on my bike and head back to the tattoo parlor grinning like the Cheshire cat. I get in to find that not only are my girls coming along swimmingly with the tattoos but Imelda has even got the Sixth tiger on her started. Smitty directs me to a chair where I pull off my shirt and let the man get his prep work starts so I can get my last tiger, the red one. Rachael comes over to hold my hand and watch as Smitty begins. I got that ball rolling now I just need to see what the Detective has to say about Jackie, I hope the news will be good as the needle kicks on and Smitty begins his work.

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