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Tease, denial, ass rape and fat clergy cock
Part I.

“Bless me Father for I have sinned” Clara spoke. Her voice full of repent.

“Tell me child, what is it that you have done?” the Priests voice beckons from the other side of the confessional.

“I have these… desires, Father. I find myself lusting for men; married men as well as single men. Men of colour too.”

The priest exhaled. He felt a slight twitch underneath his tunic. “Have you acted upon these… desires Clara?”

Clara paused for a few seconds. “Not yet, Father. But I ache to do so. I lust for sexual fulfillment.”

“Do you pleasure yourself Clara? Thinking about these men?”

“Yes, Father”.

The priest exhales again; harder this time. The twitch in his groin becoming more persistent.“You will come back again tomorrow Clara. 6pm”. He moves as if to get up and adds “and the self-pleasuring stops now”.


Clara was sixteen years old and relatively attractive in a pure virginal kind of way. She was slim without being skinny and her breasts were an ample C cup. Typically Catholic Irish she had long naturally red hair which was always tied back in a ponytail and pale skin with light green coloured eyes. Her lips were a pale pink and pouty.

She went to an all-girls private school where she made good grades and wore a uniform every day; tartan skirt, stockings, patent leather shoes, blouse, school tie and blazer. She was a quiet girl; always in her own head and found herself stifled for conversation in social situations. Clara had been attending a Catholic church with her parents from a young age. She was an only child which had always seemed most unusual in the Catholic Church. She had often longed for brothers or sisters – especially an older sister. Perhaps if Clara had had an older sister she wouldn’t have found herself confessing her sins to the Priest; an older sister might have saved Clara from what was soon to ensue.


The Priest was sitting in one of the aisles of the church when he heard the large doors open and Clara step in. She walked slowly – she was nervous. So she should be he thought to himself. The priest was a large man; 6’3” and solid with a deep voice. Despite being just mid 30’s he considered himself to be quite an old fashioned priest; he didn’t believe in the progression of the church and would stop at nothing to keep a member of his flock under control.

“Clara come in, sit down”. Clara did as he instructed. She was wearing all white.

“Do you know why you are here?” the Priest questioned Clara.

Clara paused to think. “I suppose you wish to talk to me Father. Set me back on the right track.”

Suddenly the Priest was angry. “You are a whore Clara. Do you understand me? All women are whores in the eye of God and you are no different. Despite whatever virginal attire you try to put on” he sneers gesticulating in her direction.

Clara was taken aback by his harsh comments and she felt herself sinking back into the pew.

“Like all whores you say you repent but you don’t mean it. I’m going to make you mean it Clara. You will be sorry”.

Clara thought about what he had to say. His anger scared her but it brought back the ache she had been feeling recently. The ache between her legs. She squirmed in her seat. What had gotten into her recently?

“You little slut. Look at you now, squirming in the pew. Does it feel good? Pressing your thighs together like that?”

Clara felt her body responding to his language. She was a good girl; why did she like being called a slut and a whore. Inadvertently she found herself letting out a slight moan and biting her lip.

This seemed to fuel the Priest. “If it feels so good with your legs together slut we must make sure that you don’t get that opportunity too often from now on. Not whilst you’re in my presence anyway”. He grabs her by her elbow and pulls her up. “Walk” he bellows at her and points in the direction of the alter. She does as instructed. They arrive at the alter. “Spread your legs slut. Remember what I said”.

Clara responds and dutifully spreads her legs. The priest walks right up behind her and places himself behind her ass. His erection pressing into Clara’s back.

“We are giving ourselves to God Clara. Entirely. If you wish to show your devotion to God you will keep yourself chaste. I will enforce this for both of us. You are virginal now and I want to keep it that way”.

“Mmmmmmm” Clara lets out a moan and presses back against the Priests erection. He feels big all over. She can feel herself starting to soak her underwear with her excitement. Why does he want to keep her virginal when he could take her right here, right now?

The priest leans forward and whispers in her ear “You’d like me to fuck you wouldn’t you Clara?”

It’s almost too much for Clara and she pushes her ass backwards grinding herself against his erection. “Please” she gurgles.

He moves quickly; pinning her against the alter with his knee, lifting her dress with his left hand and dealing a hard blow to her ass with his right hand. It’s not too hard but it’s enough to make Clara need to catch her breath and whimper. Suddenly the blows are coming hard and fast to her ass. Clara knees weaken and she feels herself faltering, her pussy wedged up on his knee. He moves himself and she falls to the ground. “Don’t move” he growls at her.

Clara was turned on but very frightened. The priest was a big man and he obviously had no qualms with hurting her. She pondered making a run for it but she just couldn’t get the thought of his penis out of her head. It had felt so thick, hard and urgent right up against her ass.

Before she knew it she spread her legs and moved a finger towards her clitoris. It was aching for attention. She thumbed her underwear aside and slipped a finger underneath. Wow she was sopping wet. She daren’t move too far but her head did relax backwards as she toyed with her clitoris. She imagined the priests cock teasing her up and down, him pushing the head up against the outside of her vagina. She exhales as she starts to lose control imagining him pushing his cock inside her. Filling her up. Lost in her thoughts she circles her clitoris furiously. She knows what is coming next. Her whole body starts to tense up and she feels the spasms start.

Next thing she knows she is being jerked back to reality. The priest has pulled her hand away from her drenched pussy and is turning her onto her back. He binds her arms together with rope. “You fucking whore. What did I say to you? I said the self-pleasure STOPS NOW.” He grunts to himself. “I just ruined your orgasm. You’d better get used to it”.

Clara looked up at him. What did he mean “ruined” her orgasm? She wanted to ask him and licked her lips in anticipation of speaking the words.

“No more time for talking whore. I want you to put those pouty lips to good use” he said. He lifted his cloth and exposed his erection. It was a lot like she’d seen in the pornography she’d seen on the internet. He didn’t give Clara long to stare at it, moving close to her he shoved his penis between her parted lips and forced it down her throat. Clara immediately panicked and started to gag; short of breath. He withdrew his penis but only for a few seconds before forcing it back between her lips. He did this over and over again – each time with more vigour. He was grunting and she noticed perspiration forming on his brow so she figured she must be doing something correctly. He spoke. “You like that Clara. Sucking on my big Priest cock. Feeling my length slide down your throat? You’re not a bad little cock sucker slut”. Clara gurgled around him, her moans muffled by his cock. “Open your mouth wider whore. Feel my girth. If your jaw isn’t sore by the end of this, you’re doing it wrong!” He grabbed her ponytail roughly and pulls her head backwards; pushing his penis right down her throat. Clara’s eyes were sinking away; rolling back in her head as she concentrated on nothing but his thick, lengthy penis. “Look at me Clara. Look at me as I violate you in the name of God” he screams at her. She hears him and looks him straight in the eye. “Ohhh… fuck Clara”. Suddenly he pulled out of her throat. His hands clutching around his testicles. He seemed almost in pain. She looked at his penis and noticed it twitching but no ejaculation. He stood back from her turning around, letting the cloth fall down. He leaned up against the wall regaining his composure.

After a minute or two he looked down at her “Look at you. Sitting in a puddle of your own filth. Does my Clergy cock make you that horny?” he sneered.

“Uhuh” uttered Clara. Struggling for breath.

“Rhetorical question Clara. I have very little interest in what you think or in what you want. Which reminds me, we need to discuss the rules. Get up, Bend over and spread your legs”.

Clara reciprocates. Using the alter to prop herself up she spreads her legs as wide as she can manage. The priest parts her labia with his fingers. He doesn’t waste any time going right for her vagina. He inserts a finger inside her... but not too far. She lets out a moan of pleasure. “Yessssssssss” she moans. The Priest feels inside for her hymen with almost medical precision and pulls his finger out. “Good. You weren’t lying. You are a virgin Clara. This is how I expect you to stay and I will check every time we meet to ensure that this remains the case. I forbid you to pleasure yourself. Any time you feel you need to touch your clitoris you are to come straight here to me – you understand? Soon I will get a chastity belt for you that will cover up all the places you want to touch”. He feeds his finger into her mouth “taste your own filth Clara”. Clara licks his finger clean – she has never tasted herself before. Sweet and salty at the same time.

“For goodness sake, Girl, straighten yourself up. Look at you, you’re a mess”.

Clara reaches to her dress and straightens it out, she wipes her mouth and attempts to pat down her freshly roughed up hair. He stands there. Cold and clinical. Not at all like he spent the last five minutes with his penis down her throat.

“This was just the beginning Clara.”

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