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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

>> Island Fever
>> Written by:

>> Chapter 7: "Cryptic"

"Hey Jeremy!"

As I entered the front room of the estate on this bright
and sunny Sunday morning, I looked around in all different
directions for the source of that friendly, energetic voice,
but there was not a soul to be found.
"Earth to Jeremy!"

I looked again, but did not see anyone. I then shook my
head and wondered if, for some reason, I was hearing things.
Was I going senile in my advancing age?

When my face was turned toward the right, that same voice
made me look around and focus all of my attention to the far
left. I narrowed my gaze to the circular wet bar, as well as
the panels of sweeping, beveled mirrors directly behind it.
I noticed the back of a blonde head hidden behind the counter
of the bar via the mirror. With such thick and luxurious
hair, not to mention its healthy waves, I knew it was...

The beautiful and charming 30-year-old giggled with pure
delight as she stood up from behind the lavish bar, finally
revealing herself to me. "Hi Jeremy!"

I made my way over to her and smiled. "Hiding from me?"

"Just playing, actually," Trish countered. "I was hoping
that you wouldn't spot me for another few seconds. It was
fun to see that confused look on your face."

I tilted my head at her. "Do you like hiding from people
while calling out their name, Miss Trish?"

"Just playing," she reiterated, giggling. "Anyway, how
are you doing, Jeremy? What's up?"

I shrugged my shoulders and took a seat at the bar. "Not
much, I guess. No matter where you go - Canada, America or
even a tropical island like this - Sundays are always slow.
Everyone seems to be kicking back and taking it easy today."

Trish sat down upon the stool on the enclosed side of the
bar across from me. "Have you seen Lindsay since breakfast?"

"I think she is out back at the pool with Amy," I said,
having eavesdropped on a discussion between those two ladies
no more than 15 minutes ago with the help of the voyeur room.
I added another smile for Trish and commented, "You... you're
really attracted to that girl. You love Lindsay."

She nodded her head. "Yes, I do." Trish hesitated for a
moment and glanced downward. When she made eye contact with
me seconds later, I noticed that her face was suddenly a very
bright shade of red. Now Trish was the one blushing! "I
want to thank you, Jeremy, for what happened Thursday night."


Trish fidgeted about a bit upon the stool before finally
saying, "What you and me did for Lindsay. It... it was the
most incredible experience of my life. Bar none."

I nodded my head. "Was that the first time you had sex
with two or more people at the same time?"

"Yeah," Trish answered, her tone peppy and insightful.
"I think I am going to have the first time for a lot of
things on this island of yours. I've just... I've never
been the kind of girl to be so wild and carefree. So open.
But this island is opening new doors for me."

"You always WANTED to be wild and carefree, though..."

"Yes, most definitely," Trish remarked. "A part of me
always has, at least. But I pride myself in being smart and
sensible." And classy too, I said inwardly. "I'm not like
Amy where I have an army of boyfriends and girlfriends back
home. On this island, though, I can just LET GO. I have.
This is such a wonderful, WONDERFUL atmosphere."

"Why was Thursday night so incredible for you?"

"Lindsay is so sweet and beautiful, you know," Trish told
me. "I think Lindsay is a doll. I think she is perfect in
every sense of the word. It was... it was an honor for me
to be with her for her first time having sex. An honor."
Trish shook her head. Did I catch a tear running down her
cheek? "The way we treated her... the way YOU treated her,
Jeremy. It was... it was like a fairy tale to me." Trish
paused and added, "Where were you years ago when I lost my
virginity? THAT was such a terrible experience for me. But
you, Jeremy... you... were so kind and loving with Lindsay.
It is a memory she will cherish for the rest of her life.
It could not have been scripted any better."

"You were kind and loving with Lindsay too, sweetheart,"
I reminded Trish. "And you were just as much a part of the
proceedings as I was. Lindsay will cherish her time with
you for the rest of her life as well." I took a deep breath
before asking, "Why was losing your virginity such a terrible
experience? Provided, you don't mind sharing it with me..."

Trish made a face. "It was back in high school with an
old boyfriend of mine. I thought he loved me. He told me
he loved me. But all he wanted out of me was sex. It took
me a while to realize that. Unfortunately, though, it was
after I had already given my virginity to him."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Oh, don't be sorry," Trish grinned. "It wasn't your
fault, Jeremy. I just... I think back a lot, and wish that
my first time was with someone like you." My body tingled
as Trish went on, "You would have made it special for me,
Jeremy, just like you made it special for Lindsay." Trish
giggled and shook her head quite vigorously. "Oh... that is
too much for me to say to you. Too personal."

"Not at all," I insisted.

"I shouldn't go getting all deep and brutally honest with
you about my feelings. It's just... I cannot stop thinking
about what happened between the three of us Thursday night."

"I don't mind one bit," were my words. "You can say
whatever you want to me, Trish. Whatever you want. You
would never make me uncomfortable with anything that you
say, as long as it is the truth. I love total honesty. I
also love being open and honest with others as well."

The Canadian offered me an inquisitive look. "What was
your first time having sex like, Jeremy? Was it good?"

I stumbled over my thoughts for a moment, then composed
myself and told her, "It was extremely special for me."

"Who was it? A girlfriend from high school? College?"


"KRISTANNA?" Trish exclaimed, her eyes wide in response.
"Kristanna? You... you lost your virginity to _KRISTANNA_?"

"Yes." I knew what was coming next.

"If you've known Kristanna for what... four years, and you
are age 39 now... then you did not have sex until you were
age 35?" Trish was flabbergasted. "You were a VIRGIN until
you were _35_?" Trish placed a hand to her mouth and moaned,
perhaps angry at herself. It seemed as if Trish did not want
to offend me with her words, but feared she may have very
well done just that. "Oh God, Jeremy... I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to imply anything bad or negative with what I..."

"It's okay," I assured her, cutting her words off. "It's
a perfectly normal reaction. A lot of guys have sex before
they graduate from high school. A lot more by the time they
graduate from college. Me... I was a late bloomer, I guess.
Not until I was 35. But I don't have any regrets."

"Surely you had opportunities," Trish said, which brought
a smile to my face. "I mean... if you don't mind talking
about it, Jeremy. Why? Why did you wait so long?"

"I did have a couple of opportunities along the way," I
pouted. "I was even engaged once - Victoria was her name.
We were only 19 and made it all the way to our wedding day.
But something went terribly wrong, and it never happened.
Our marriage, our life, our future... everything. Gone."

"What happened?" Trish inquired, concerned.

I shook my head and spoke in a very bitter voice, "I am
sorry, Trish, but I rather not talk about that day."

"Oh..." She was taken aback with my tone.

I sighed and shook my head. "I am sorry. I did not mean
to snap at you." I shook my head one more time. "I did
have my opportunities for sex, as I said. I was engaged to
Victoria. We made it to our wedding day, but were never
married. I also seriously dated a girl in Oregon during the
few months that I lived there, but I never had sex with her,
either. Her name was Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany cared
more about my money than she actually cared about me. I
never came close to having sex with her. Victoria too."

Trish shrugged her shoulders. "I don't want to intrude or
be nosey, Jeremy. But you never had sex with your fiancee?"

I let out a begrudging laugh and responded, "I was hoping
to save myself for my wedding night."

"Oh my God!..." Trish gasped, now bringing both hands to
her mouth and momentarily covering it. "That's so sweet!
And so very noble! There are not many guys who would even
CONSIDER that!" She hesitated, perhaps lost in thought for
a moment or two. "How did Kristanna get you to change your
mind? I mean... I KNOW that you're not married to her."

"Kristanna is very different than me in the way that she
looks at life," I told Trish. "Kristanna is very happy and
jovial. She wants to go a million miles-per-hour in life,
ALWAYS have fun, and NEVER have any regrets. Basically,
when we met and became friends, Kristanna convinced me to
have sex with her. She knew that I was a virgin, too. I
told her. I guess you could say that Kristanna helped bring
out a new side of me, Trish. Just like you said the island
is bringing out a new side of you."

"Kristanna made it extremely special for you, eh?"

I smiled at Trish. "Kristanna treated me the same way
that I treated Lindsay. I'll never forget that night. It
is something that _I_ will cherish for the rest of my life.
I could not have asked for a better scenario."

"That is so neat!" Trish squealed. "I'll have to go and
give Kristanna a hug, and tell her _thank you_, next time I
see her." She shrugged her shoulders and added, "You and her
say that you are just friends, Jeremy, but I cannot see why
you and Kristanna have not hooked up for a relationship yet.
I mean... you and Kristanna seem like a really cool couple.
I know that she has been here just a few days, so I don't
know what has gone on in the past with you two. But from
what I've seen thus far, you and Kristanna are always happy
and laughing together. I think you two make a neat couple.
You seem like... like a perfect match."

"Kristanna is a farm girl from Norway and I am an island
dweller from the South Pacific," I explained. "Any type of
commitment between us would never work. Kristanna likes to
vacation here, but she loves Norway, and would never leave
it. Personally, I don't want to leave this island. I have
been all over the world. Born in Ohio, lived on the east
and west coasts, vacationed everywhere. This is my home. I
have no intention of ever living anywhere but this island."

Trish appeared confused for a moment. "I thought you said
that you have homes in both Ohio and California..."

"I do," I nodded. "In name only, really, though. My
father and his girlfriend live in the house in California.
I keep it in my name for tax and financial purposes. That
way, my father does not owe a cent on anything. Everything
gets billed to me. The same goes for the house in Ohio,
though no one officially resides in it right now. I mostly
keep that particular home so I have a place to stay when I
am visiting my family. Everyone in my immediate family,
except my father, lives in the general Cincinnati area.
But, this island is my one TRUE home. Always will be."

"You and Kristanna still make a cool couple, though. I
think that the two of you look really good together."

"Hi Trish," came a shy, humble voice.

"Lindsay!" Trish exclaimed, standing up from the bar and
making her way out from behind it via the swinging door.

When I turned around, my jaw literally hit the floor and
I nearly had a heart attack. There was the ultra-sweet and
darling Lindsay in a little, two-piece bikini. Her hair all
soaked and disheveled from the pool, the 18-year-old had a
white towel draped around her neck and shoulders. I felt an
all-too-familiar rustling within my shorts.

I watched as Trish ran over and offered Lindsay a lively,
spirited hug, even giving her a full, open-mouthed kiss in
the process. "How are you doing, baby?"

Lindsay blushed red with embarrassment, but actually did
something bold by reaching out and squeezing Trish's round,
spandex-clad ass with her right hand. Of course, it was
accompanied by a girlish giggle of great accomplishment.
God, I said to myself. Lindsay reminded me of _jailbait_!

"Oh..." Trish smiled at her. "You squeeze my ass, baby,
and I get to squeeze your ass!" Trish purred with delight
as she encircled Lindsay's body with both arms and then
trailed her hands down to that precious, tight ass. It was
followed by a healthy squeeze, then a series of gentle pats.
In turn, Lindsay seemed to sag and melt on her older lover.
She really seemed to enjoy other people touching her ass. I
had to make a mental note of that for the future.

"I need a shower," the young woman murmured in her soft,
timid voice. "I was hoping you would help me with it..."

Trish's eyes seemed to light up like a Christmas tree at
the prospects. "I'd LOVE to give you a shower!" Trish moved
her lips close to Lindsay's ear and purred, "I will have to
give your little pussy a thorough scrubbing with my tongue."

"Oh God..." Lindsay moaned in response, before turning
her attention to me. "Hi th-there, sir. I mean... Jeremy!"

I returned her smile with one of my own. "Hi doll..."

"Doll?" Lindsay giggled.

"Do you mind if Lindsay and I excuse ourselves, eh?" Trish
asked me. "The girl needs a shower!"

"Not at all," I answered, although I was suddenly feeling
terrible inside. "Have fun together."

"Let me give Jeremy a hug before we go off together,"
Lindsay said to Trish, an instant before breaking free of
her clutches and then strolling over to me. Lindsay wrapped
both arms around my neck and shoulders and squeezed quite
generously, then even offered me a little kiss on the cheek
to boot. Next, she pulled back and looked into my eyes. "I
was talking to my mom on the telephone earlier, Jeremy. She
wanted me to tell you _thank you_ one more time for wiring
all of that money to her bank account. She said that all of
our household bills and credit card payments have been taken
care of. And there is still plenty of money left over."

"It was my pleasure."

Lindsay kissed my cheek again. "And thank you, from me."
Another kiss, followed by a suggestive smile. "Much more
where that came from, too... when the time is right." Of
course, that suggestive smile was accompanied with a blush.
Slowly but surely, Lindsay was coming out of her shell.

Trish decided to close the distance between us and give
me a hug of her own. "You remember what I said to you," she
then spoke, grasping hands with Lindsay. "You and Kristanna
make a really neat couple, Jeremy. Remember that. Think
about it. You're a really great guy, and I want you to be
happy. You deserve it." Trish tugged at Lindsay's hand,
then guided her away from me and eventually out of the front
room. Lindsay did flash me a nice smile and wave, though...

Now all by my lonesome at the circular wet bar here in
the front room of the estate, I hung my head low and sighed.
Trish had been amongst my favorites of all of the ladies for
a while, but it seemed as if it would be in my best interests
to look elsewhere for that elusive soul-mate of mine. I had
nothing against Trish, mind you. She had all of the qualities
that I looked for in a woman. In fact, Trish seemed to be the
ideal, picture-perfect candidate for a wife. Could anyone say
one bad word about her? The simple problem was that Trish had
tunnel vision for one person, and one person only - Lindsay.

Ample proof of that was what just transpired seconds ago.
I was having a very nice and friendly discussion with Trish
which appeared as if it may last for well over an hour. But
when Lindsay showed up, Trish lost virtually all interest in
me. She ran over to Lindsay and promptly went off with her.

Oh... I should not feel bad about it, even though I did.
In no way was Trish intentionally spiting or ignoring me.
She was madly in love with Lindsay. Who could blame her?

Although this was just their seventh day together on the
island, it was clearly obvious that Trish wanted to devote
every fiber of her existence to Lindsay. No, I should not
feel bad that Trish discarded me the way she did. Her whole
universe completely stopped when Lindsay showed up. I
understood perfectly, and was not upset with Trish at all.
Again, who could blame her for falling in love with Lindsay?
Lindsay was the innocent, teen angel from my deepest, darkest
fantasies come to life. Obviously, Trish felt the same way.

I fidgeted about somewhat upon the stool at the bar and
took a deep, ragged breath. Although I was not upset with
Trish, it did hurt me - just a little - that she walked away
from our discussion in that manner. I also felt bad simply
because the subject of my ex-fiancee - Victoria - came up
during the conversation with Trish. Just the mere mention
of Victoria, who left me standing at the altar some 19 years
ago (and sent my whole life into a downward spiral which has
_STILL_ yet to cease), never failed to horribly depress me.

The saga of Victoria - why she abandoned me and all of the
many events leading up to that point - is a story in and of
itself. I will have to go into explicit detail about her at
some point during this story - but not now.

On a better note, I did find it interesting that Trish
felt as if Kristanna and I made a _neat couple_. I could
have fallen in love with Kristanna a long time ago, I guess,
and almost did. But it would have never worked out between
us simply because of geography. Kristanna and I were from
seemingly different worlds. Different universes, even. The
difference between this island and Norway was like night and
day. Kristanna loved her country and did not want to live
anywhere else. Me? I loved this island, as I said earlier,
and did not want to live anywhere else.

So, Kristanna and I were nothing more than friends. We
were very _CLOSE_ friends - there were a lot of sexual sparks
between us - but just _friends_ nonetheless. I could trust
Kristanna with anything. She was a wonderful friend to me.
Was I even capable of looking at her as anything more?

"I yust vant yew to be happy, Jeremy." I cannot even
begin to speculate how many times Kristanna had said that
same, exact quote to me. Her English may have been broken,
but the thought and sincerity were there, regardless.

Still, it was interesting to me that Trish believed that
Kristanna and I went well together. We really did, I guess.
She would be an excellent counterpoint for me as a soul-mate.
Whereas I went through bouts of depression and anxiety,
Kristanna was always so lively and cheerful. Kristanna
helped keep me feeling good even on my bad days because of
her limitless charisma and infectious demeanor. But it
would never come to fruition between us because of geography.

I quickly composed myself when I heard a pair of voices
somewhere off in the distance. I wondered for a moment if
Trish and Lindsay had decided to return to me. When I was
able to pinpoint on one of the two voices, though, there was
no mistaking who it belonged to. It was certainly not Trish
or Lindsay. Not _this voice_.

"Yew vant to go down to da beach and have picnic vid me?"

"I would love to, but I already promised Jeremy that I
would meet him in his private suite a bit later on," Devon
said in response to Kristanna, as both ladies entered the
front room and then noticed that I was here as well. "Hey
there, Jeremy!" Devon greeted, running over and offering me
a very warm, albeit quick-hitting embrace.

The thought crossed my mind that Devon was someone who
would never discard or forget about me the same way Trish
did when Lindsay stepped into the front room moments ago.
According to a series of discussions that she had with
Camille, which I eavesdropped on with the help of my voyeur
room, Devon was totally in love with me. And during my
private time with Devon this past week, she had done just
about everything to indicate that but actually profess her
love to my face. But her feelings for me were obvious.

I could definitely see Devon and yours truly getting
together somewhere down the line and making that bona-fide
commitment that I have spent my entire life dreaming about.
Devon's knockout form, heart-stopping beauty and luminous
blue eyes could cure almost any ailment that I had in life.
Even better, the 27-year-old from Pennsylvania had a warm,
loving heart and a sweet personality. The little touch of
sassiness that Devon possessed went a long way for her, too.

Each and every time I had laid my eyes on Devon thus far,
I was becoming more and more addicted to her. But at the
same time, I still wanted to keep my options open before
reaching a final decision on which of the ladies I liked the
most. Unfortunately, however, Trish was looking like a lost
cause to me. She wanted Lindsay and no one else.

"Hi Devon. Hi Kristanna," I said to the two ladies, who
were now standing just before me here at the wet bar.

"Vat do yew dink about going down to da beach and having
a picnic vid Devvy and me?" Kristanna asked me in that very
unique, sultry voice of hers. She turned toward Devon and
mused, "Dat is, if yew vant to go on picnic vid me."

Devon nodded her head at Kristanna. "I would love to have
a picnic with you." She then focused on me. "I will leave
it up to you, Jeremy. I know that I asked for some private
time with you today, but Krissy is so nice and fun-loving. I
like being around her! If you don't mind Krissy tagging
along with us, we all could have a picnic at the beach."

Kristanna's blue eyes flashed in a very mischievous manner.
"Maybe da tree of us could go skinny-dipping, too!"

"Krissy!" Devon laughed, gently smacking her shoulder.

I smiled at the pair of luscious, bombshell blondes, but
focused my primary gaze on Devon for now. "Kristanna is my
best friend. If you are comfortable with her spending some
time with us, Devon, then I am comfortable, too." I nodded
at Kristanna and added, "The more time that I get to spend
with you, the better. I love being around you."

"I love being around yew too, Mister Jeremy."

"It is good to see that the two of you hanging out and
doing things together," I told them. "I like that."

"Why do you like that?" Devon inquired.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I just want everyone to get
along and be happy. I want everyone to be friends."

"Jeremy vants all of us to be like one big, happy family,"
Kristanna advised Devon. "He vants perfect harmony." The
Norwegian turned all of her attention toward Devon. "I dink
dat everyding on island has been perfect duss far. But dare
is someding dat vould make it even more perfect, ya."


Kristanna winked at Devon. "If all da udder girls here
verr as sveet and as sexy as yew are."

Devon tilted her head to the side and offered a tiny laugh
in response. "Krissy! That's so nice of you!" I watched
with interested eyes as Devon gave Kristanna a very warm and
caring embrace, followed by a peck on the lips. "Thank you!"

"Yew are so very welcome, honey," Kristanna said, before
looking at me once again. "So vat da deal, Mister Jeremy?
Do yew feel like going on da picnic now, or later? Believe
it or not, but I already have picnic basket ready!"

"You feel like going now?" I asked Devon.


"Then let's go now," I surmised, glancing at Kristanna.
"Where is the picnic basket? In the kitchen?"

"Yup yup..."

"I'll get it," Devon said, before turning and venturing
off in the direction of the kitchen.

Now all alone in the spacious front room with Kristanna,
the 23-year-old stepped forward and offered me a gentle kiss
on the lips. "Dat girl really likes yew, Jeremy... Devvy."

"You really like her too, I see."

Kristanna smiled at me. "Selvsagt liker jeg henne. Men
alt jeg vil er at alle vi tre er sammen."

My eyes wide, I sighed and shook my head at her in a truly
exasperated fashion. "There you go again! What did you say?"

"Yew have to learn me language to find out vat I say!"

I folded my arms and glared at her in a playful manner.
"I bet you are cursing me out when you do that..."

Kristanna laughed. "I am not!"

One of these days, I would really have to sit down and
decipher what Kristanna was saying to me. Every now and
then, she would toss in a cryptic message like that when
talking to me. What did it mean? What was her point? It
nearly drove me insane whenever she would do that to me!

"Vat is vrong vid yew today, Jeremy?" Kristanna suddenly
asked, her eyes gauging me. "Yew do not look too cheerful."

I shrugged her off. "Nothing, really."

"Vat is it?" Kristanna insisted. "Tell me. Yew know dat
I am here to help yew, Jeremy. I vould do anyding for yew."

I shook my head and took a few seconds before deciding to
respond, "I was talking with Trish before you and Devon came
here." Kristanna nodded her head as I continued, "Lindsay
showed up, though, and it was like Trish forgot that I was
even alive. They went off together almost immediately. I
like Trish a lot, you know. But it was like I fell off the
face of the Earth. I just couldn't believe it. It... it was
sort of like a slap in the face to me."

"Yew know dat Trish is loco crazy over Lindsay..."

"I know," I frowned. "I really understand, too. I was
having a really nice talk with Trish, but she just STOPPED
everything when Lindsay showed up. I wasn't even there.
Just... Trish hurt my feelings a little bit. I know that
she did not mean to, but she did. A little bit, at least."

Kristanna offered me a sympathetic smile. "Personally
speaking, I vould never do anyding to hurt yew, Jeremy. It
vould be da udder vay around vid me. I could very vell
forget udders if I be talking to dem ven yew come into room."

"Really?" I asked, both confused and surprised.

"And I do not dink Trish vould villingly do someding so
rude to yew," Kristanna added. "She probably vasn't dinking.
Believe it or not, but Trish really likes yew, Jeremy. I can
tell. Da problem is, at least for yew, is that Trish likes
Lindsay a vull lot more right now. Nudding may change dat."

"I'm back!" Devon squealed as she merrily paraded into
the front room, a picnic basket made of wicker underneath
her right arm. "I have made my triumphant return!"

"Yew owe me anudder kiss," Kristanna said to Devon, who
dutifully stepped forward and paid her debt in full. "Hmmmmm
hmmmmm... tastes yummy. Devvy taste like sveet honey to me."

I chuckled. "That's because Devon _IS_ a sweet honey."

"Oh..." Devon cooed, grinning at me. "Thank you, Jeremy!"

"Vy do not da two of yew go down to beach?" Kristanna said
to us. "I vill meet up vid yew in few minutes, ya."

"Aren't you going to walk down with us?" Devon wondered.

"It be okay," Kristanna insisted. "Yew two go down to da
beach. I yust remembered dat I promised I vould call Momma
and Papa on da telephone at eleven o'clock. Dat vas five
minutes ago. I vill be down to da beach soon." With that,
Kristanna spun around and quickly exited the front room.

"Let me carry that for you," I said to Devon, snatching
the large picnic basket from her.

Devon allowed me to take the basket, but glanced in the
direction Kristanna had just ventured off to before turning
her focus back to me. "That girl is just plain kooky!"

I laughed at those all-too-truthful words. "Kristanna is
a comedian. She is so funny - even when she doesn't try to
be. I think her accent is downright hilarious."

"And incredibly sexy," Devon chimed in.

"That too," I nodded.

Devon flashed me a shy smile before saying, "I think you
are incredibly sexy too, Jeremy..."

Suddenly, I was doing my best imitation of Lindsay - my
face was a bright shade of red, and I was blushing like never
before. As I have stated in the past, I considered myself to
be nothing more than your typical, average man in terms of
physical appearance. Nothing seemed to stand out about me,
positive or negative. Yet a beautiful woman like Devon just
told me - to my face - that I am _incredibly sexy_. I was so
flattered by her comment that I could not even respond to it!

Devon hooked her arm around mine and tugged gently. "Come
on, Jeremy. Let's go to the beach and set everything up."

I carried the basket with my opposite arm as I allowed
Devon to guide me out of the estate and onto the front lawn.
"We got plenty of food and refreshments in here?" Before
saying that, though, I had to cough and clear my throat. I
was still feeling the effects of Devon's _sexy_ proclamation!

"Oh yes," she answered. "The picnic basket is stuffed."

"This way to the beach," I said, motioning with my head
toward the west. When we started walking, Devon glanced up
at me and offered my arm and shoulder a little squeeze.

"As I said, Krissy is so very nice," Devon mused. "I have
been with her since breakfast this morning. I love her
attitude and her zest for life. It is contagious."

"I know that Kristanna really likes you, Devon." She
perked up at those words as I continued, "Kristanna was
asking me about you last night."

"Oh yeah? What did she ask?"

Although I knew that Kristanna would later thank me for
telling Devon what I just said, I did not want to give any
specifics of our discussion from last evening. "Oh, little
things, really. I can tell that she is really attracted to
you, Devon. Kristanna is a great, great girl."

"Is she dating, or seeing anyone?"

I shook my head. "Kristanna is mysteriously un-attached.
Kristanna has all the guys in Norway chasing her, I am sure,
but she has not been in a serious relationship as long as I
have known her - for the past four years. The girl enjoys
partying and having a good time. I do not think that she has
found the person yet with whom she would like to settle down
and marry, though. Kristanna probably will not admit it, but
I think that is what she ultimately wants."

"To get married and be happy in life?"


"I cannot fault her for that," Devon sighed. "When I was
in high school, I had everything planned out. I was going
to be married by the time I was 21. A mother by the time I
was 22. But look at me now. I'm 27. I am nowhere close to
either. Not close at all. A lot of times, it seems as if a
big part of my life has passed me by. Once I broke up with
my last boyfriend, Barrett, I began to wonder if I will ever
get married. If I will ever be a mother..."

"I would say that you are still incredibly young and
should not feel that way, sweetheart," were my words. "But
I know where you are coming from. I am 39, and feel the
same, exact way you do. Still, people would tell me that I
am young, too. I should not feel this way. But I do. Truth
is, though, both of us have plenty of time."

"If the day ever comes, I will be a GREAT mother," Devon
nodded. "I will treat my children a lot better than my own
parents have treated me. I can guarantee you that."

I felt like asking Devon to expound on whatever problems
that she had with her mother and father, but held back for
the time being. I figured that Devon would tell me when she
felt more comfortable and at ease around me. I certainly
did not want to prod and/or possibly irritate her about it.
Obviously, whatever problems existed between Devon and her
parents was a very private and sticky subject.

"What were your parents like when you were growing up?"

I took a deep breath. "Oh, I knew they cared about me.
But it always seemed as if there was a distance between us.
My mom never wanted to listen to any of my problems or
troubles while growing up. My dad was always away. He told
us that he was working late all of the time. In reality,
though, he was cheating on my mom with other women. My mom
and dad separated three times before finally doing it for
good. That was 15 years ago. I was 24 then, and already
living on this island. My father is in Los Angeles. He
stayed there while my mother went back home to Ohio. I pay
her rent every month for a large condo... she doesn't want
to live in a house for some reason. I don't know why."

"That is sweet of you - paying her rent," Devon cooed.
"What about your father? Did you take care of him too?"

"Yes," I replied. "I bought him a large home in Rachos
Palos Verdes and gave him plenty of money so he could retire.
But my father does not want to retire. He is a work-aholic
to the highest degree. Still works his 40-plus hours each
and every week, even though I've given him millions in cash.
The man is so dedicated. In 52 years of being with that
company, he has never once called off sick. Not one day. I
can remember days when he was incredibly sick, too. Used to
drive 40 miles through nasty blizzards in New Jersey when we
lived there. Never missed a day of work for anything. He
could have too, and not lost anything for it because he was
always a salaried employee. My father would have gotten paid
regardless if he was at work or not. But calling off sick or
staying home from work for whatever reason... not him."

"You seem to have that same type of work ethic," Devon
observed. "I know that you are semi-retired, Jeremy, and
obviously do not do any job-type work on this island. But I
can tell that you are very goal-oriented. You have drive,
too. You must have got that from your father."

"I like to think that everything I have in life, I have
worked hard for it," I explained. "I never stopped giving
it my all, career wise, until my goals were met. I still
work hard in whatever I do, but most of my income nowadays
is from residuals and the American stock market. On the
other hand, my father once told me that if you reach your
goals in life, career-wise, you need to set higher ones."

"I quit my job as a project manager at that place back in
Pennsylvania in order to come to the island," Devon said. "I
do not know what I will do once it is time to go back home in
five weeks - _IF_ I go home (!/?/!) - but hopefully something
will pop up for me. I know what type of worker I am myself."

"It was probably for the better that you got away from
that company," I told her. "You did not get along with your
boss. You said you worked all those many hours - off days,
weekends, even vacations - and your boss would take all of
the credit for every project you worked on like it was his
own." I shook my head and surmised, "That's not right."

"Can I ask you a question, Jeremy? There is something
that I have been curious about since arriving on the island
last week. I was hoping maybe you could answer it for me."

"Ask me whatever you wish."

Devon smiled at me. "Can you tell me about the selection
process for the island? What I mean to ask you is this...
how did you go about choosing the women you brought here?
Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Camille, myself?..."

I nodded my head at her. "Do you remember that very long
and detailed questionnaire that I sent you in the mail after
you inquired about coming here?"

"How could I forget it?" Devon responded. "It took me
four or five hours just to fill it out. The questions on it
were hard and thought-provoking. What appeals to you more?
A, consistency of thought or B, harmonious relationships? I
really had to sit and think about some of the questions."

"That long questionnaire you filled out was put into a
computer, which processed all of your answers," I went on.
"All of the questionnaires - there were thousands of them -
were put into the computer. Matchmaker software, actually.
The computer took all the answers and matched them up with
mine. You and all of the other girls here - Pamela, Trish,
Lindsay, Amy and Camille - scored in the top 20 with me, in
terms of compatibility, out of what was nearly 20,000 women."

Devon's eyes went wide. "THAT many women applied?"

"I thought the number was very low," I shrugged. "The
promise of $100,000 with a chance at $500,000 for what
amounted to a six week vacation on a tropical island." I
smiled and added, "The questionnaire had 324 questions on
it. The computer processed all of the answers. It was set
up to automatically disqualify any woman who had too many
inconsistencies in her answers. It was also set up to
disqualify any woman, according to her answers, that it felt
was greedy, self-centered or money-hungry. Obviously, I do
not want or need a woman with those traits in my life. It
matched all of the answers up with mine."

"Oh wow..." Devon murmured, her eyes still wide. "I did
not even know what was a good answer or a bad answer on that
thing. I just tried to be as honest as possible with my
answers. Can I... can I ask you another question, Jeremy?"

"Fire away."

"You said me and all of the others ranked in the top 20."
I nodded my head as she asked, "Where did I come in?"


Devon's picturesque face lit-up with an even mixture of
shock and happiness. "REALLY? I was rated FIRST? Out of
20,000 possible matches for you? That's incredible!"

"Yes," I agreed. "The questionnaire was very detailed,
as you know, and very in-depth. It rated you higher than
anyone else who took it, Devon. Considering how much you
and I seem to like each other, sweetheart, I do not think
that the matchmaker software made a mistake."

"Wow..." Devon gushed, awestruck. "Where did the other
girls rank? Do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember," I told her. "Pamela was second, Trish
was third. Lindsay, 11. Amy, 17. Camille, 20."

"Why not just choose the top six?"

"There were only percentage points difference in the top
20. A hundredth, a thousandth of a point. That's it. You
scored a 84.68279, Devon, if I remember correctly. Several
spots later at number 17, Amy scored a 84.67415 - less than
a hundredth of a point behind you. All it had to be was one
answer... one inconsistency difference. Instead of going
with the top six, as you said, I expanded the finalists to
20 and then made my decision from there. I called you on
the telephone, remember, and did an interview. I called
everyone in the top 20 and did interviews. After a couple
of days, I was finally able to narrow the field to six."

"Where did Kristanna come in?"

I laughed. "Kristanna did not take the test. She is the
one who helped me write the matchmaker software. As I said,
I certainly did not want any woman who was self-centered or
more concerned about money than actual love. There was a
MAJOR emphasis on that in the questionnaire. According to
the computer, no one on this island would put money ahead of
happiness. That is really important to me, considering how
much money I have. But thanks to the computer, I am really
not concerned with the idea that one or more of you are
interested in me simply because of my money. I think that
the computer did a good job. And, aside from curiosity about
who ultimately gets the $500,000 grand prize five weeks from
now - which is human nature, I think - none of you really
even care that much about money."

"Money is nice and it is always good to have more of it,"
Devon murmured. "But it can only go so far."

"I used to date a girl when I lived in Oregon," I told
Devon, repeating an earlier comment I made to Trish. "Her
name was Tiffany. It turned out that Tiffany was more in
love with my money than she was in love with me. It broke
my heart. I do not want to go through that again."

"I can certainly understand that..."

"You want to get married and have a family so very much,
Devon," I remarked. "If anyone, you know that money does
not buy happiness. You know that just as much as I do."

"If the computer picked your top matches, Jeremy, why
aren't all of us the same?" Devon wondered. "I mean... it
seems as if you have quite a varied group here."

"I like different types of women," I explained to her.
"You are very loyal and family-oriented, Devon. You want to
get married and have a family more than anything else. The
other ladies vary from you in certain instances. They are
different. But as I said, I like different types of women.
Trish? Trish is extremely confident and hard-working. I
like total innocence, almost a too-naive nature - Lindsay.
Amy is a nymphomaniac. Pamela is a lot like me in the fact
that she seems to have some perception and social issues
when it comes to others. Down-deep, though, Pamela is a lot
like you, Devon. She wants to get married and have a family,
too. Camille is supposed to be a mix of all those qualities.
She might be proof that the computer is NOT infallible."

"What do you mean?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I think that it is safe to say
that Camille and I have yet to _click_ with each other. I
could be wrong, but I do not think that she even likes me."

"How long did it take to process 20,000 questionnaires?"

"About two months," I answered. "If you remember, it was
a _scan-tron_ test. All Kristanna and I had to do was drop
each questionnaire into the machine, and wait for the
computer to process the answers. It took five seconds."

"But you had to go through 20,000 of them."

"Yes," I nodded. "I trust, Miss Devon, that you will not
tell anyone on the island anything that I say to you. I have
trusted you with more information about myself, why you are
here and how you were selected, than anyone else. I do not
want the others to know that I am searching for a soul-mate.
Kristanna knows everything, of course, but not anyone else.
I would like it to stay that way."

"Your secret is safe with me," she implored. "I promise.
That is one thing about myself that I have always been proud
of. Tell me a secret, and I keep it to myself."

I smiled at her. "An admirable trait to have..."

"Here I am!" Kristanna exclaimed, sprinting up to us from
behind here on the path which led toward the beach. Somewhat
short of breath, Kristanna placed a hand onto my shoulder
once she caught up with us and mused, "Momma and Papa did not
answer da telephone, so dey must be doing someding on da
farm. I left message on answering machine and told dem dat I
vould call back a couple of hours from now. I do not like
dem calling here because da long-distance charges on da
telephone are vay too expensive."

"You have a wonderful relationship with your parents...
don't you?" Devon asked Kristanna. "You have mentioned them
four or five times in the past couple of days."

"I have da best family in da vull, vide vorld," Kristanna
beamed. "Not only Momma and Papa, but me sister, Tekla, and
her 'lil children. Tekla is much older dan me, and she have
tree kids - Stein, Tobias and Sophitia. I love me nephews
and niece like dey me own siblings, or even me children."

Devon appeared crestfallen. "It must be nice to have a
family like that. Everyone caring about you, loving you."

"Vat is vrong?" Kristanna asked, obviously sensing the
sudden change in Devon's posture and demeanor.

Devon shook her head. "Nothing."

"Vat is vrong?" Kristanna demanded.

"I said it was nothing." With those words, Devon bolted
away and walked rather briskly to the beach some 100 yards
in front of us. I could easily tell that she was upset. I
understood why, but such a reaction was uncalled for.

Confused, Kristanna looked at me. "Did I do someding
vrong? I vant Devvy to like me as much as I like her."

"Something happened between Devon and her parents," I
informed Kristanna. "I do not know exactly what, but I know
it was major. I have been trying to find out ever since I
was first with her on Wednesday afternoon. As for what is
wrong now, I think you talking in such glowing terms about
your family upset her a little bit. I think she is jealous.
Devon wants her parents, her whole family, to love her. From
what little she has told me thus far, most of them do not. I
am still trying to find out what the exact problem is."

"Ohhhhh..." Kristanna pined in a sympathetic tone, looking
at Devon ahead of us. "How could anyone be mad or not care
about dat girl? She be so sveet, so nice, so friendly."

Suddenly, Devon turned around and began walking back
toward us. Once the distance was closed, she grasped both
of Kristanna's wrists and implored, "I'm sorry. I really
am. I had no right to snap at you and storm off like that."
An apprehensive expression came to her lovely face as she
requested, "Could you please forgive me?"

Kristanna smiled at her. "I vill forgive yew under one
condition, and one condition only."


"Dat yew sit in me lap during da picnic."

Devon laughed. "I'm not sitting in your lap!"

"Yes yew are," Kristanna notified her, being her usual
zany and energetic self. "But of course I forgive yew,
Devvy. Yew vay too sveet and sexy to be angry at."

Her blue eyes glowing, Devon giggled and shook her head.
"This island, coming here... it was the best decision of my
life. Bar none. Never in my wildest dreams did I think
that I would have beautiful women talking to me this way."

Kristanna grinned. "Yew dink me beautiful?"

"Are you insane?" Devon asked. "Of course I do!" Those
words brought a definite smile to the Norwegian's elegant
face as Devon added, "Before coming here, I had never been
with another woman in any capacity whatsoever. Now, just
one week in, I've had sex with two and kissed five."

"Voo are da lucky ones?" Kristanna wondered.

"Amy and Camille for sex," Devon answered. "Kisses, there
is you, of course, as well as Pamela and Lindsay. Amy and
Camille too, quite obviously. The only girl here that I have
yet to kiss or do anything else with is Trish. Trish is so
focused on Lindsay, though, that I wonder if she even
realizes that there are other people on the island, too."

"Tell me about it..." I bemoaned.

"Trish vas telling me dat little Lindsay stepped right
out of her ultimate fantasy," Kristanna offered. "She loves
dat girl vid all of her heart. Trish vould go to all four
corners of da globe to make Lindsay happy."

"Lindsay is a real sweetheart," Devon commented, as the
three of us made our final approach toward the sparkling
beach. "I never knew just how sexy teen-age girls like her
are until I got to be much older. When I was younger and
her age - 18 - I was attracted to older guys and girls."

"Is tventy-tree a good age for yew?"

Devon laughed. "You're 23, Krissy! Yes, of course. 23
is a wonderful age. A friend of mine is 23. A new friend,
actually. She is so beautiful, so sexy." Devon paused and
added, "She is from a different country too - Norway. She
has a great attitude, is very funny. Name starts with a K."

Kristanna smiled. "I am sure dat yewr FRIEND really
appreciate yew talking in such high terms about her."

"And she has a funky accent, too!" Devon chirped.

* * *

"I am sure that growing up on a farm is a far cry from
growing up in the city," Devon said to Kristanna, perhaps an
hour or so after our picnic was over, as the two ladies lie
on the beach in close proximity to me over a collection of
towels. The three of us had been basking in the glow of the
sunlight and sharing idle chatter for quite some time.

"Oh, it be very different," Kristanna told Devon, looking
over at her. "Papa alvays had me doing yobs and chores for
him. I could drive da tractor and vork all da big machinery
by da time I vas ten years old." Kristanna giggled and shook
her head. "I remember one time ven I vas 11, I vas showing a
friend of mine, Erika, how I could drive and use da forklift.
Actually, I vas showing off." Kristanna giggled again. "I
drove one of da forks from da forklift right true Papa's new
cold storage unit by accident." Devon gasped and brought
both hands to her mouth as Kristanna ended, "Let me yust say
dat Papa vas not all too pleased vid me dat day."

"Oh my God!" Devon exclaimed, still holding both hands to
her mouth. "You must have been in a lot of trouble!"

Kristanna laughed. "Ya... yew could say dat too."

"Tell her about the top floor of your barn," I suggested.

Kristanna nodded her head and spoke to Devon, "Erika, voo
vas me partner in crime ven I vas little, helped me build a
loft on da top floor of me family's barn-house. Ve turned it
into a clubhouse vitch could fit four, maybe five people so
dat ve could sleep dare at night during da veekend."

"Did you ever take a roll in the hay up there?"

Kristanna smiled at Devon. "I vould have liked to take a
roll or two in da hay vid Erika, but she did not sving dat
vay. Ve vere platonic friends. Still, I learned an awful
lot up in dat old barn vid udders. I had many adventures vid
bode boyfriends and girlfriends up dare. Da barn has alvays
been me own personal sanctuary. Even today, I vill spend a
night up in da barn, sleeping, once every couple of veeks.
It bring back many good memories every time I go dare."

"So you still live at home with your parents?"

"Oh yes," Kristanna responded. "Da entire lower level of
da house is all but mine, so it be like having me own place."

"Kristanna is age 23 and lives in her parents' basement,"
I told Devon, grinning. Kristanna, in turn, held up a fist
at me and waved it about because of my playful dig at her.

"I have all da privacy dat I need," she said to Devon.
"I vork for Papa too. I run da ice cream parlor on da farm.
Dat is me only yob. No reason to get anudder yob."

"I have never heard of a farm with an ice cream parlor,"
Devon mused. "Yours must be unique."

"Dare is almost everyding on our farm," Kristanna informed
her. "First off, believe it or not, but it be 800 acres big.
It be one of da biggest farms in all of Norvay!

"800 acres?"

"Ya," Kristanna nodded. "Ve sell fresh fruit to grocers
and consumers alike. Vullsale, retail, pick-yewr-own. Dare
are people voo come from all over da area. Dare is a petting
zoo for young kiddies, a bakery, flower shop and da ice cream
parlor dat I be in charge of. Business be very good. Papa
has many truckloads of fresh product going out every veek.
Ve make great profit, but it be very hard work. Very hard."

"Are you going to run the farm yourself one day?"

Kristanna grinned and shrugged her shoulders at Devon.
"Perhaps... I do not know. I know Momma and Papa vould like
it if dey could pass da farm along to me. I am dare final
hope to keep da farm in da family. I have sister, Tekla,
but she be 40 summers old and has tree children, and has
life avay from da farm. She never got into da vorkings of
it and helped out quite like I did. I love farm life!"

As the ocean waves lapped the shoreline some 50 feet away
from where the three of us were lounging on the beach, Devon
turned her face toward the water and admired the sight for a
couple of seconds. Then, she glanced back at us and smiled
brightly. "Is this Heaven?"

Kristanna grasped Devon's left hand with her right and
brought it to her lips for a kiss. "No, it not be Heaven.
But it be as close as yew can get vidout really being dare."

Holding Devon's other hand as I lie on the opposite side
of her, I brought it to my mouth and offered a kiss of my
own. "I feel like I've been in Heaven this past week."

Kristanna giggled while looking over at me. "Yew are da
Emperor of dis island. An island vid seven hot chicks. No
vunder yew feel like yew are in Heaven, crazy Jeremy."

"Chicks?" Devon asked.

"Vell, six hot chicks," Kristanna corrected herself. "Six
hot chicks and one goddess. Devvy, da Goddess of Beauty."

"Oh my Lord!" Devon huffed, laughing. She shook her head
at Kristanna. "I think Aphrodite is the Goddess of Beauty.
Actually, love, beauty and sexual rapture. Not me."

"You know your Greek mythology," I noted. "Impressive."

"Den yew must be descendant of Aphrodite," Kristanna told
Devon. "No voman alive any sexier dan yew."

Devon sat up upon the beach towel and gazed down at her
new friend. "Are you trying to seduce me, or something?
All of these nice words and compliments from you lately."
Kristanna simply smiled at Devon as the young woman from
Pennsylvania went on, "Because if you are trying to seduce
me, you're doing an excellent job of it."

Kristanna reached out and gently placed her right hand
onto Devon's thigh. "Nudding vould make me happier right
now dan to be vid yew. Yew and..." Kristanna glanced over
at me and concluded, "Jeremy. Da two of yew, togedder."

Devon's blue eyes were suddenly flashing with arousal.
"A three-some? Right now? That sounds incredibly hot."
She grinned at Kristanna and crooked a finger her way. "If
you want some of me, baby... then come get some."

Kristanna did not need to be told twice. She immediately
leaned over and settled herself atop Devon's body, then found
her lips with her own for a searing, tongue-filled kiss. I
watched with interested eyes as Devon soon reciprocated by
wrapping both arms around Kristanna's thin, graceful body,
only to then slide a hand southward and maul that firm,
drum-tight ass with it. My own body started to vibrate with
pleasurable sensations as I was witness to the heated sounds
of passion these two ladies made through their frenetic kiss.

I could forever sit here and watch these two exquisite
women trade their lips and tongues between their open-mouthed
kiss. I was content to do so too, before I felt a soft hand
on my kneecap. Now out of this temporary trance, I looked
downward and realized that Kristanna was massaging my knee
with her left hand. Although she was still kissing Devon,
Kristanna raised a finger and motioned for me to join them.

After sitting up, I leaned over to the side and gently
caressed and stroked Kristanna's shoulder blades, as well as
the back of her neck. With my other hand, I trapped several
strands of her silky-smooth blonde hair between my fingertips
and tugged on them rather playfully. I even brought a few of
them to my lips and offered the long tresses a kiss.

Devon used her right hand to generously cup and squeeze
one of Kristanna's firm, modest breasts through the purple
top that she had on. When Kristanna moaned in response,
Devon added her left hand to the mix as well. Now, she
fondled Kristanna's luscious breasts with both hands. "Does
that feel good to you, sweetheart? Sure feels good to me."

Kristanna nodded her head in approval, her gaze literally
piercing a hole through Devon's eyes and soul. "I love yewr
breasts," Kristanna purred, sliding her hands between their
pressed bodies and latching onto Devon's full mounds through
the pink blouse she wore. "Dey are so big!"

"I love your body the way it is," Devon swooned, tapping
Kristanna's nose with a fingertip for added emphasis. "So
tight, so firm. How tall are you, Krissy?"


Devon giggled. "An amazon. I am only 5-foot-3." She
slid a hand downward and caressed one of Kristanna's thighs
with it. "Being so tall means you have long, long legs.
Hmmmmm... those legs are perfect. And they feel like silk."

Kristanna placed both hands onto Devon's face and held it
lovingly. "I dink yew are so adorable, Devvy. Maybe Lindsay
stepped out of Trish's ultimate fantasy, but I could say da
same for yew. Yew stepped right out of me ultimate fantasy.
If I could create da ultimate voman, it vould be yew."

"Ohhhhh..." Devon sighed, grinning broadly. Kristanna
had obviously taken my advice from last evening about being
up-front and honest with Devon. She was shelling out the
compliments at a quick-fire, rapid pace. In the voyeur room
last night, I told Kristanna that Devon seemed to not only
appreciate people who were totally open and forthright with
her, but plenty of positive encouragement as well. I advised
Kristanna not to be shy or hold back in what she said to
Devon, either. Suffice it to say, she had listened to me.
Devon was being bombarded with compliments from all angles.

"Vat do yew need, Jeremy?" Kristanna murmured, suddenly
turning her gaze toward me and extending her arm at the same
time. "An open invitation? Come over here and yoin us."

Kristanna took the initiative by hopping into my lap and
hooking an arm around my lower back. Devon rose up to her
hands and knees, then giggled and crawled closer to us. She
immediately honed in on Kristanna's mouth with her own for a
soft, tender kiss. My cock was definitely hard as I watched
these two luscious ladies swap tongues together just in front
of me. At the same time, I openly groped various portions of
Kristanna's lean, jet-stream body. She was so gorgeous...

An instant later, my eyes went wide as Devon lunged at
Kristanna - tackling her and knocking her off of my lap. The
two angels landed on another beach towel and promptly began
to assault and attack each other's mouths with their own.

"Oh my..." I moaned out loud, getting a tempting glimpse
of Devon as she hovered over top of Kristanna on her hands
and knees. Her sweet ass, which was concealed only by a
pair of snug-fitting shorts, was staring me right in the
face as she was bent over. Suddenly, I wondered to myself
if that should have been my picnic lunch instead of chicken.
I loved the flower-print design of her shorts.

My erection was full and raging as I kept an eye on that
tight, picture-perfect ass. Meanwhile, Devon and Kristanna
continued to eagerly kiss and grope one another with their
roaming hands. Clearly, they enjoyed being together. There
seemed to be a certain, undeniable chemistry between them.

Soon, Devon changed positions. She was atop Kristanna's
sternum and gazing down at her with nothing but smoldering
lust in her eyes. Kristanna returned the fervid glance with
one of her own, while also still holding and squeezing the
27-year-old's full, juicy breasts with both hands. Words
could not even to describe how incredibly aroused I was at
this precise moment in time. I was content just to watch,
but knew that these ladies expected a lot more from me.

When Kristanna made eye contact with me, I smiled, taking
that as an open invitation. I moved forward on my knees and,
with Devon's back to me, I hugged her and kissed her slender
neck and shoulders in a loving way. Devon moaned and tilted
her head in response. I then placed my right hand over top
of Kristanna's and held it as she continued to fondle the
blonde's immaculate breasts.

A moment later, I decided to unbutton and then discard of
Devon's little pink blouse. She looked absolutely wonderful
in the lacey blouse - no doubt - but I definitely knew that
her appearance would only improve with it off. Soon, her
white bra was a distant memory as well.

Now topless, Devon shot me a quick look before turning
her attention back to Kristanna. When she reached down and
cupped Kristanna's breasts with her hands, I made my move.
I slid in real tight behind Devon, then wrapped my arms
around her slender body and grasped her own breasts with my
hands. As I splayed kisses on her neck and shoulders, Devon
leaned down and placed her lips upon Kristanna's mouth for
their own blissful, open-mouthed exchange. Soon, Devon
slipped out of her shorts and G-string, only to then toss
them elsewhere. Both garments landed atop her blouse.

I sat back and watched with interested eyes as Devon, who
was on her hands and knees over top of Kristanna, worked and
explored the Norwegian's mouth with her lips and tongue.
Once again, Devon's beautiful ass was staring me right in
the face. Even better this time, though, was that her pussy
was also on display. _That_ should have been my lunch...

Finally, I had seen enough. I could not take any more of
this. After disposing of my shorts and briefs, I grasped my
cock with my hand and began stroking it. Of course, my gaze
seemed to focus on Devon's pussy, which looked oh-so-inviting
as she wiggled her ass in front of me in a provocative way.

The two ladies continued to eagerly kiss, now embracing
one another as well. They seemed to be an excellent couple.
My body shivered at the sight as I then moved behind Devon,
and prepared to mount her in the doggie-style position.

The enchantress was so involved in her kissing match with
Kristanna that she had no idea I was behind her. That all
changed, though, once I drove my erection far and deep into
Devon's tiny, little pussy. She immediately broke the kiss
and screeched out in a fit of mad passion, before turning
and glaring back at me with absolute, mad lust in her eyes.
She definitely did not expect me to do this just quite yet!

I noticed just beyond Devon's shoulder, Kristanna was
looking up at me with one of her patented, joyful smiles.
For four years, that smile of hers had warmed my heart
and made my senses swoon. Kristanna was an angel to me...

Returning her smile with one of my own, I then grabbed
Devon's hips and held them tightly as I started to thrust my
way in-and-out of her. The young woman snapped her head back
in response, her silky blonde hair whipping about wildly.
She was already squealing rather loudly.

Kristanna cradled Devon's face with both hands and pulled
it down to her, so they could share yet another deep-rooted,
intimate kiss. Of course, watching these two ladies swap
their tongues together did nothing but cause me to become
even more excited than I already was - if that was possible.

Suddenly - and without any warning - I was hammering away
at Devon and her sweet pussy as hard as I possibly could.

The stacked vixen broke off her kiss with Kristanna so she
could squeal out her erotic anguish and satisfaction for what
I was doing to her. My whole universe was centered on
Devon's pussy, and my ability to drill it as hard as possible
with my cock. My hands, clutching her perfect, shapely ass
with a vise-tight grip, did nothing but aid in my cause.

"Fuck her!" Kristanna exclaimed, offering a glimpse of her
aggressive side, as she looked up at me. "Fuck her good!"

Devon was grunting and squealing out like never before,
which was music to my ears. "OH! That feels so good! OH!

Kristanna grabbed Devon's chin with her hand and turned
her face toward hers, in order to do some taunting. "Yew
like Jeremy fucking yew... right? Oh ya, yew do..." Devon
nodded her head in response as Kristanna added, "After he
cums in yew, I am going to suck his sperm right out of yewr
tasty, 'lil pussy. OH YES I AM..."

With those words, I let out an excited groan. Leave it
to the intoxicating Kristanna to get me even _more_ excited.

All the muscles within my body were at work as I pounded
my cock into Devon with every fiber of strength I had. It
felt as if my cock could explode within her pussy at any
given moment, but I did my best to prolong the wondrous
feelings and sensations which were swirling throughout me
right now. Somehow, I needed to make this last...

Unfortunately, there was no way.

When I felt myself toppling over the edge of release, I
thrusted my way into Devon one final time, and buried my
cock to the hilt. An instant later, I roared out like a
madman as my erection exploded within her like a firecracker.

My world was hazy and disoriented as sperm jettisoned
outward from my cock, filling and overflowing her womb
completely. At the same time, Devon's loud cries and squeals
of passion and lust were somewhat muffled because Kristanna
had smashed their mouths together, and was kissing her with
great hunger and intensity once again.

I was so excited and aroused that it felt like my body
would just spontaneously combust. That did not happen,
despite the fact my heart was pounding within my chest at a
feverish pace. I could definitely get used to this!

Everything seemed to slow down, however, once my orgasm
had reached its peak. It all went downhill from there and
with a deep, exhaustive breath, I finally withdrew my cock
from the tight, unforgiving clutches of Devon's pussy.

Still upon my knees, I took a step back and collapsed
onto the beach towel beneath me... thoroughly satisfied and
happy. I closed my eyes and covered them with an open hand
for a brief moment, letting the last, final remnants of sweet
orgasm flow and pass gloriously throughout my entire body.

I heard some rustling noises, but paid them no attention
as I then arched my back and tilted my head. With the final
kinks out, I opened my eyes and literally found myself with
a new erection at what I saw happening before me.

Devon was pawing her own breasts as Kristanna's face was
now nestled between her thighs, her tongue eagerly lapping
away at that hot, velvety slit. Indeed, she was making good
on her promise from just moments ago. Kristanna was going
to suck all of my sperm directly out of Devon's pussy.

"Oh my..." I moaned out loud, sitting back and keeping an
eye on Kristanna as she continued forth with her oral work.
With my right hand, I reached out and gently massaged her
ass. She still had a pair of black shorts on, as well as a
purple top. Hopefully, they would come off soon. But in
the meantime, I used my left hand to tenderly stroke her
long-flowing blonde hair, as well as her back. Kristanna
was so very beautiful. Every inch of her spectacular body
needed to be worshiped for hours on end.

The quirky vixen acknowledged my gentle petting of her by
reaching out with her left hand and rubbing my knee. I
smiled in response, but it was rather obvious that Kristanna
was far more interested in delving into Devon's sweet pussy
right now. I certainly could not blame her. Who could?

Kristanna did just that, using fingers from her other hand
to open and spread apart Devon's swollen pussy lips. The
blonde had her tongue buried deep, trying her absolute best
to extract every last ounce of sperm which I had deposited
into Devon. Devon, of course, was enjoying all of this.
She was still massaging her own breasts while rocking her
face from side-to-side, continuously moaning and squealing.

Kristanna let out an excited sigh of her own, and then
withdrew her face from between Devon's thighs. My eyes went
wide with unspeakable desire as I then noticed Kristanna had
her tongue out and extended - with a heavy, gooey glob of
sperm directly in the middle of it. She moved her face down
toward Devon, who opened her mouth and gladly took that
delicate, extended tongue inside for a taste.

The pair of ladies kissed one another for quite some time,
exchanging and sharing that big strand of sperm between them.
They were actually trading it back-and-forth! Eventually,
Kristanna finally let Devon have it for herself. She smiled
in response while guzzling the glob down her throat, the look
on her face saying that it tasted wonderful.

Kristanna turned toward me on the beach, and her eyes
immediately shifted downward - toward my newfound erection.
She offered me a knowing smile, then used one finger and
pointed directly at her open mouth.

It was obvious what she wanted.

Rising up to my knees once more, I grasped my shaft and
moved it toward Kristanna's face. She settled down onto her
side and, an instant later, took my cock into her mouth and
began slurping away on it with great enthusiasm.

"This island is the greatest thing that ever happened to
me," Devon mused in a relaxed tone, her hand snaking around
Kristanna's front and squeezing one of her luscious breasts.
"Bar none. No doubt. This island really is a paradise."

Meanwhile, I kept an eye on Kristanna and what she was in
the process of doing with my hard, rock-solid erection. Of
particular interest were her ruby-red lips, which formed a
large 'O' around my shaft as she worshiped it orally. I
smiled at the sight, while also reaching down with my right
hand and gently running my hand throughout her hair. For
whatever reason, Kristanna _loved_ it when I played with her
hair. I did my best to make her happy at all times.

Holding onto the base of my cock with her right hand, the
Norwegian's head bobbed back-and-forth as she greedily sucked
and slurped away on me. I still caressed her head with my
hand, but now my neck was arched back as I moaned wildly.
Kristanna was intent on bringing me toward another orgasm, and
this time, she obviously wanted me to spurt off in her mouth.

As if the dual combination of oral sex and her little,
pumping hand on my erection could not do the trick, I lost
control of myself when I looked down and got just a glimpse
of Kristanna as she gazed back at me with her puppy-dog eyes.
With that look, she was _BEGGING_ me to unload in her mouth.
I could do nothing but oblige her hot, non-verbal request.

As I growled out my orgasmic passion, Kristanna kept her
lips sealed tight around my shaft, not wanting any of the
sperm to escape or seep out. She was successful in doing
so, managing to swallow and guzzle down the whole load.
Meanwhile, Devon looked on and smiled in acknowledgment at
what she saw. She was quite the happy camper, too.

When Kristanna finally withdrew my deflated cock from her
mouth, I leaned down and offered her a kiss on the forehead.
"You're incredible, sweetheart," were my heartfelt words, as
I then moved back and settled down on the sand. I turned
toward Devon and smiled as well, saying, "You're incredible,
too. Both of you are. I'm so lucky."

Smiling, Devon looked my way and then at Kristanna. "I
don't know about you, Krissy, but something here seems
totally wrong. I am completely nude, minus this pair of
beach sandals. Over there, all Jeremy has on is a shirt.
But you, my sweet angel... YOU are still fully dressed!"
Devon folded her arms and offered Kristanna an impish gaze.
"How 'bout we do something about that? Like... right now?"

"Yew vant me nude?"

"I wanted you nude yesterday," Devon answered. "Now take
your clothes off before I RIP them off of you."

Kristanna giggled. "Oooooh... kinky! Devvy dinks she is
hot stuff. Devvy dinks she be a big-shot now."

Devon shook a menacing, yet playful finger at Kristanna.
"The last thing you want to do is incur my wrath."

Kristanna giggled hysterically. "YEWR _WRADD_?" Still
unable to control her laughter, Kristanna swatted at me with
both hands and added, "Look out, Jeremy! Da WRADD of Devvy
vill strike down on us! Ve vill be vanquished!"

I laughed as well. "With vengeance?"

"Yew hot, little ding," Kristanna sneered, as Devon made
good on her threat by literally ripping the purple top from
her girlfriend's body. Kristanna removed her own bra, then
Devon immediately attached her lips to one of those rigid,
juicy nipples, and began working it over.

"Now dis is da high life!" Kristanna moaned as Devon
continued to lick and slurp away on her exposed nipple.
Kristanna looked over at me for an instant and smiled, then
planted a simple kiss atop the very crown of Devon's head.
As all three of us lounged upon the west beach and enjoyed
the mutual togetherness that we were experiencing, Kristanna
seemed deliriously happy as she said in her native tongue,
"Jeg vil tilbringe resten av livet mitt med begge dere to!"

Devon was suddenly lost. So much so, in fact, that she
removed her lips from Kristanna's pert breast and glanced up
at her with a quizzical expression. "Uhh... excuse me?"

"It's Norwegian," I informed her.

"What does it mean?"

Kristanna purred like a kitten and proclaimed, "Yew vill
find out ven da time is right, Devvy. Trust me on dat..."

<<<- End of Chapter 7 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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