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What a welcome home Liz was
The night my wife had our fourth, I got home about nine o'clock only to find the neighbor who was watching the kids asleep on her back on the couch.
Her soft sweat top was pushed up exposing the bottom of her DDD's! One hand seemed to have been playing with her tits while the other was jammed into her sweat pants.
I gently sat by her hip causing a slight roll towards me, thus causing her full soft tit to roll onto and fill my waiting hand! I gently moved my thumb across the nipple and asked, "Would you like a little help with that?"
She awakened, moved, ripped her hands (and clothing) away allowing access to her hardening nipples and fully exposed soft breasts.
I pushed her top to her arm pits laid over her softness and sucked a nipple deep into my mouth and gently chewed.
In the meantime, my left hand took full control of the other rolling tit. That is when I heard, "Bill, you shouldn't do this!"
I responded, "But, I'm going to!". And slipped my right hand into her lose pants where I quickly found a bare, wet, hairy, pussy and no sign of panties!
My left hand abandoned the tit to help with the panty search. I grabbed her pants at the hips, lifted her butt, and pulled them down to her knees.
She defensively pulled her knees to her tits, "Bill I don't want this!"
I bit her nipple, pulled her pants off, found a large, wet, clit in all that hair and said, "Your cunt says you do", and began to eat her quivering cunt.
She screamed, "NO!". She pulled me up, kissed me, tasted her cunt on my face, and started dry fucking my leg.
I moved in to shove my solid cock at that rocking pussy. After missing a few times, I hit the target and had a very strange sexual experience.
As it had been several weeks since my wife was available I wanted to savor and enjoy my "first"! I was fucking her very slow and deep and she was like a Sybian
set on top speed! For each of my deep thrusts her cunt would grasp and milk me three times. In defense, I tightly grasped her tits and held on for the ride!
It was not long before I blasted weeks of stored cum deep into her very hot cunt. At which point, I collapsed onto her warm bouncing body.
I looked her in the eye saying, "I am sorry I came too soon. I recover fast and I will make sure you cum the next time".
Liz smiled, "Don't worry Bill, with my dream and what I was doing before you came home, I came as soon as your cock head first slipped past my lips. And, I will be ready any time you are".
Hubby worked where I did so I called and was assured he would be there all night.
We moved to my bed and locked the door. I stripped her and dove in to eat pussy. Her mind went into I'm a nasty, dirty, slut, mode; her cunt went into cum mode; and I went into slurp mode. I soon discovered Liz was a squirter.
I have no idea how much we fucked that night but I assure you her 3to1 action never slowed down.
At one point, she informed me that I was her first "cheat" and she was happy it happened. We only quit when I needed to run her home to mom and her kids before "he" came home.
Over the next several months when he and mom were at work I would often walk over and drop in for an unannounced visit. She would send her kids out to play and for the next hour we would fuck like rabbits!
Then, something changed and there were times her door was locked. And, for a long time, the days she was available she was my Liz. But would not talk about the "lock out days".
Finally she broke down and explained. What Liz had not wanted to tell me that two men on her block had noticed my casual visits and guessed what might be going on.
So, one morning they knocked on her door and telling Liz one mom was at the park to watch them. And had her tell the kids to to go play in the park with their friends.
Liz kinda guessed what was happening, so she packed lunches, and sent them on their way and then asked, "To what do I owe this honor?"
The instant response was, "Your pussy".
She laughed, opened her house coat, asked, "You mean this one?", and gripped two hard cocks.
The younger one, Mike gasped, "You are right Joe".
Joe replied, "I can smell a slut a mile away. You are a slut aren't you Liz?".
"No, I am just one big sloppy cunt that needs to be used".
They were soon naked as they left a trail of clothing from the door to the marriage bed where Joe pushed Mike onto his back saying, "Okay Liz he's all yours. Go get em"
She smiled, crawled between his legs leaned over licked and planted a kiss on his cock.
Joe pushed her ass, reached in, grabbed Mike's cock and yelled, "Your CUNT!"
The momentum thru her forward, Joe aimed the cock, and Mike was in hot sloppy heaven!
Liz claimed the hot poker as her own and began fucking as only she knew how!
Joe climbed on her back and started dragging his cock from her wet cunt up to her puckered asshole and back.
Liz had heard of DP and quivered at the erotic thought.
But, much as Joe's cock delighted her, she also sensed that it was way to large for her tender ass. Though it did please her to realize how much effort Joe was taking to insure plenty of lubricant reached her itching pucker! Suddenly, pain, as Joe imbedded two fingers deep in her tender ass!
Her head reared back! Her butt squirmed! Joe's weight held her captive and all her thoughts were on the protection of her ass. Joe dropped slightly, she pulled up but remained hooked on Mike's cock. This slight opening at the rear of her sloppy cunt was all Joe needed. Using Mike like a shoe horn, he pushed, wiggled, pumped, and embedded somme of his oversized cock in Liz's wet tight cunt!
He lay there as she moaned, "It hurts sooo much!".
He eased back a bit, "Is that better?"
"Oh yes", she sighed. He pounded back in about two inches. "Yaooow! NO!"
He waited for quiet,backed off a half inch, and claimed a couple more inches of terrain.
Liz whimpered, "You will destroy me!"
Joe laughed, "No, I'm just breaking you in!"
He lay there for several minutes and felt her cunt pulsate slightly as Mike pumped a few strokes causing more moisture to flow. Then when Mike stopped Joe pulled all but the head out waited a bit and plowed HOME!!
Liz passed out! Her friends continually fucked her limp body slow and deep dumping many hot loads into her wide open cunt.
Actually, Liz was a very lucky lady for she came-to at the right time. Her eyes fluttered open as her body was enjoying another wonderful climax! She smiled in Mike's face and mewed, "Oooh.... My goodness..... So wonderful.... Fuck meee some more..... I am so exhausted.... I want to cum...... ".
Mike moved a fraction and Liz exploded again, "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......."
Joe smiled, "Well done! She will be available for anything we need or want".
Liz continued: Joe told Mike to go to the park to watch the kids and send Dona to the house. As soon as Mike left, Joe snickered, "Time for lesson two. Are you ready Slut?"
Liz whispered, "I think so".
Joe sat in the middle of the bed with Liz facing him, grasped her waist, picked her up, and dropped her sloppy lose cunt onto his spear. She grunted as she felt him slide thru her cervix and into her already filled uterus. He kissed her. Then lifted her clear for a few seconds and dropped her again. He hugged her to him and planted a longer kiss. This went on and on for several minutes only changing the increased hugging.
Then, as she was off his cock he hugged and pulled down imp-ailing her ass with about half his cock.
Luz screeched and struggled! Joe grabbed her shoulders and pulled down!
His pulling and her struggles caused that monster meat to slowly work it's way into her ass.
Soon her ass cheeks were tight against his thighs and the slow gut wrenching drilling was over.
But, Joe had additional plans. He leaned back a bit giving more room for her cheeks to slip down. He began twitching his cock causing Liz to think better of the situation. He grabbed under her knees and lifted spreading her ass and digging deeper causing Liz to lay there and gasp. At this point, Liz only wanted to cum and could not!
Just then, a naked Dona entered saying, "Damn you Joe! Couldn't you wait?" She pushed Joe down, sat on his face, leaned forward, wrapped her lips around Liz's clit and...........
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