Sherlyn fucks Nate to make an Heir - The third tests are revealed - Hillary works as a stripper
Hillary and her twin brother Peter took a deep breath as they looked down at the DNA report they had just been given by the laboratory receptionist. They were anxious to see the results. Was the reserved, distant surgeon who raised them their dad or was their Uncle Nate really their father.

The receptionist had folded the report back to the last page and told the siblings, “This is what you’re most interested in, this is the interpretation.”

Standing side by side, Peter and Hillary began reading. As she read she felt her pulse rate rise and her breathing pick up. She looked at Peter, and Peter looked at her and they both gasped out at the same time, “Oh, my, gawd!”

Nathaniel Randell was the father of the pair of fraternal twins. Uncle Nate already had two blood heirs. Heirs that would probably make their mother the center of the worst scandal possible if it were ever the leak out. Hillary was holding the most potent weapon possible that she could use against her tyrannical mother.

Hillary was trying to decide if she would keep the news from Sherlyn, who was to be Nathaniel’s surrogate mother. Hillary’s friend had volunteered to have the man’s baby when it looked like he had no living blood heir. Would Hillary let the girl go ahead and have Nathaniel’s baby so she could get her education paid for? As far as the baby being an heir, it would now be third in line behind Hillary and Peter.

Hillary’s Uncle Nate, her father, was dying of stage four melanoma. He probably had less than three months to live; optimistically, he might live six. The clock had already chewed up a week of Nate’s time left, just since Hillary met the man.

Hillary was struck with the implications of her relationship with her father. Nate had won her in a bid for her favors. By winning an auction where he donated $100k to charity, Hillary let him fuck her as much as he wanted throughout the night after he settled up. The man had made love with the young woman a half dozen times before letting her know he was her uncle.

Then, on the ride back to the city she fucked the man in the back of his limo—now fully aware of their relationship. Now she was being smacked up the side of the head, she hadn’t just fucking her uncle, she had fucked her father. Was there no end to her debauchery? What was next in her wicked relationships, a lesbian encounter with her mother? Not in a million years if she could help it!

Hillary decided that the lab results needed to be presented to her uncle—father--in person. A cell phone call wouldn’t do. She would have to drive out to the mansion on the cape after she was done with her classes.

She asked Peter, “I’ve got to tell Nate about the results, do you want to come along?”

Peter had never met his uncle—father--yet, so he replied, “Yes, it looks like it’s time that I met the man who fathered us.” Like Hillary, there wasn’t a lot of love lost between him and the surgeon he always believed to be his dad.

That evening, Hillary and Peter rolled up in the circle drive of the Randell family mansion in Hillary’s new BMW, which was bought for her by Nate. A young man claiming to be the valet asked her if she would like him to park the car in the Garage. Hillary handed over the keys.

Hillary and her brother walked to the front door.

George, Uncle Nathaniel’s personal servant, greeted them at the door before they could ring the bell. The older man smiled and said, “Ah, Miss Hillary, always a pleasure.” Turning to Hillary’s brother, the man added, “And you young man, you must be Peter. I’m sure that Master Nate will be delighted to have you visit with him.”

The venerable assistant led the couple into the mansion and into the library where Nathaniel, the twin’s father, was reading. Spying the couple, Nate jumped to his feet and walked to Hillary taking her in a big hug. Then he turned to Peter and offered the boy his hand. “Peter, I am delighted to be able to finally meet you!”

Peter was reserved, but tended to like the man already. Peter responded, “Hi, Uncle Nate, Hillary’s told me a lot about you.” Then to express his disapproval he added, “Even the nefarious way you two met.”

Nate appraised the boy, finally he responded, “Touché, your point is made. I already apologized to your sister for my deception, and now I tender the same apology to you. I understand your feelings for you sister, and I have no intentions of interfering with your relationship.”

Peter looked his Uncle in the eyes and said, “I’m glad to hear that.”

Nate, changing the tone of the conversation, said, “Come in, sit down, I’m being a terrible host, keeping you both standing on your feet.”

The twins took a seat on a settee directly across from their uncle’s favorite chair. The man settled himself back in the seat after his niece and nephew sat down. He asked, “So, how are you two doing this evening?”

Hillary, not much for small talk, announced, “Uncle Nate, the DNA results are back.”

Nate looked at Hillary, and then at Peter and back to Hillary, “Well, what do they say?” Nate already knew what the report had to say, he could read it in their eyes.

Hillary handed the report over to Nathaniel; she had the back page folded to the front so he could read the interpretation. Nate read the conclusion thoroughly. Then he slowly looked up at the twins with a smirk on his face. He blurted out, “Take that Howard! You bastard.”

Howard was the twin’s father—now step father, the surgeon that raised them.

Nate continued, “You don’t know how happy this makes me. Damn, all this time you were my children, and I have been kept from you for 18 years. It almost makes me want to commit murder.” Nate surprised Hillary with his vehemence and venom. It seemed to her that Nate had a deep seated hatred for the man the twins had considered their father for 18 years.

Hillary asked, “So, do you still want to go ahead with using Sherlyn as a surrogate?”

Nate pondered the question, “Good question. This does put a whole new light on things doesn’t it? I’ve had heirs, children, all along.” As his eyes began to mist, he added, “I wished you could have met Angelique, you would have loved her.” Angelique was Nate’s dead wife.

Hillary pressed, “What should I tell Sherlyn, Uncle Nate—Dad?”

Nate looked into Hillary’s eyes, “The question should be what do you want? I won’t be here to care.” Turning his eyes to Peter, “And you, young man, how would you feel having another sibling?”

Peter said, “I’ll leave that up to Hillary and Sherlyn.” Then adding his opinion anyway, he said, “I wouldn’t mind having a sibling. But, it would feel more like I was its uncle than its brother.”

Hillary chimed in, “Sherlyn wants to do it for her parents. My thoughts are that if she’s still interested after I tell her about the DNA report, that we go ahead and let her have the baby. You can’t really have enough heirs, can you dad?” She loved the idea of calling Nate ‘dad’, she liked the way it rolled off her tongue, the way it sounded.

Peter, who was also fond of Sherlyn, especially after fucking the girl silly during their little group sex adventure, offered, “I agree with Hillary. If Sherlyn wants to go ahead with having your baby, I say we keep the agreement and pay for her education.”

Nate smiled, “Then it’s settled. Sherlyn will decide. And, we’ll honor the agreement if she decides she wants to press forward.”

Both Hillary and Peter confirmed, “Agreed.”

Nate grinned wickedly, “That settled, and with my paternity established, why don’t we go for a swim?”

Peter stated, “We didn’t bring swimwear.”

Hillary giggled, “Well, in dad’s pool, you don’t need to wear any.”


When Hillary and Peter got back to Hillary’s dorm room it was fairly late. They quietly let themselves in the room to discover Terrance between Sherlyn’s legs, fucking away. They could hear both of the lovers moaning, grunting, and sighing. A wet slurping sound of sex filled the room.

The coupling couple stopped momentarily as the door opened, Hillary smiled and said, “Don’t mind us. Carry on.” Terrance and Sherlyn giggled and continued to fuck right out in the open.

When Sherlyn had a spectacular orgasm, Peter felt himself get royally aroused, manifested by the bulge in his trousers, as he watch the brunette writhe around on the bed in pleasure. He and Hillary watched on as Terrance announced to anyone who cared, “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum!” At the last second, he pulled his condom covered cock out of Sherlyn’s vagina. The fucking couple was being careful to make sure Terrance didn’t impregnate Sherlyn while she was off the pill.

After cumming, Terrance got up and headed to the bathroom. He pointed to the cum filled condom wrapped around his dick and said, “Let me get rid of this thing, and I’ll be right back.”

Sherlyn sat up, looking like she was totally enjoying her afterglow, her long, unkempt hair making her look extremely sexy to Peter. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them to her chest, and said, “You two were out late. How’s it going?”

Hillary smiled at her best friend and said, “Well, we got the news today.”

At first Sherlyn seemed to not understand the ambiguous statement, and then with a look of understanding dawning on her face, she asked excitedly, “You got the DNA results back, right?”

Hillary giggled, “Yes. We did.” She was pleased that her friend was so attentive to what happened in her life. Hillary never had a friend as interested in her as Sherlyn before. It was an enlightening statement that Hillary had to look outside her social class to find a true friend.

As Terrance walked back into the room, his penis gone limp, Hillary announced, “Sheri, Terrance, my Uncle Nathaniel is really Peter and my father.”

Sherlyn jumped up, totally unconcerned about her nakedness, and she gave Hillary and then Peter big hugs. She exclaimed, “That’s exactly what you wanted, right?”

Hillary blushed, “Yes, it is.”

Sherlyn turned to Peter, “How do you feel about it, Pete?”

Peter shrugged his shoulders, “Well, I can’t say I’m as happy about it as Hillary, but I’m not displeased either. Nate seems to be an alright kind of guy, even though he seems to like to skinny dip a lot as well as having everyone running around his home naked.”

Sherlyn giggled, “Yeah, he definitely likes to do that. I think he’s a closet nudist. The whole weekend I spent with Hillary and him, nobody wore a thing. Well, except for George.”

Then Sherlyn asked the big question on everyone’s mind, “So, are my services still required?” She understood immediately that there was no longer a need for an heir.

Hillary said, “Well, girlfriend, that’s entirely up to you. Dad said that he can’t have enough children. If you’re still interested in being a surrogate, he’ll honor the contract.”

Sherlyn had signed the paperwork two days before making the agreement binding. That was after she had it run by a lawyer of her own hire.

Sherlyn thought it over for several minutes. The room was dead quiet. Finally, she announced, “My reasons for volunteering are all still valid. So, if it’s agreeable with all concerned, Nate and I will still have a baby.”

Hillary grinned and pulled her naked friend, who smelled like sex, into another big hug. She exclaimed, “I’m glad you made that decision. Imagine, my best friend will be the mother of my little sister or brother. Awesome!”

They were all tired in the morning as they prepared to go to class. Both couples had fucked well into the night.


On the thirteenth of October, a Sunday, Sherlyn made her first trip out to the cape with the sole purpose of fucking Nate to become pregnant; it was the cardinal reason for the trip. George met Hillary and Sherlyn at the door and gave Sherlyn as an affectionate greeting as he would normally reserve for Hillary.

What the girls didn’t know was that George thoroughly enjoyed having the youngsters around, even with all the decadent behavior that went on. He knew his employer had a prurient mind and acted on it regularly. No matter, George loved the man anyway. The servant had watched Nathaniel, as a boy, grow into a man.

The girls were led upstairs to the sitting room. Nate spent a half an hour chatting with the girls as the three of them sipped on some expensive wine. Finally, Nate stood, took Sherlyn by the hand as he pulled the girl to her feet. He announced, “Well, Hillary, if you don’t mind, Sherlyn and I will see you in the morning. Does breakfast at 9:00 suit everyone?”

Sherlyn would spend the entire night, and the following one too, sleeping with and having intercourse with Nate frequently. As Hillary described it, they would have a royal fuck fest.

Sherlyn blushed as Nate led her out of the room and Hillary called out, “Have fun, you two.”

Nate called back and said, “Have George show you to your room for the night. I love you Hillary.”

Hillary giggled and smiled as she responded, “I love you too, dad.” The novelty of the new title was still on the forefront of her mind. She loved calling somebody ‘dad’ who actually deserved her affection.

Once in Nate’s private bed suite, Nate turned to Sherlyn and brushed back an errant lock of the girl’s hair, and then he lightly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. He smiled and said, “Sherlyn, you are a vision of loveliness this evening. I would be lying if I told you I haven’t been looking forward to this. Every man in the world loves trying to make babies, at least any of them with any senses at all. I have the pleasure of attempting it with a very attractive young woman.”

Sherlyn blushed prettily as she bit her lower lip. She looked up at Nate through her eyelashes. She had to admit to herself that she too had been anticipating the attempt. She whispered, “To be honest, I’m looking forward to the evening myself.” This caused the man to smile at the girl affectionately.

Nate slowly moved his mouth to hers as he started to kiss the tall, dark haired girl. Soon, Sherlyn was eagerly kissing him back. In the back of her mind she was thrilled that she would be fucking with the man soon; fucking with the man who would become the father of her baby.

Sherlyn knew that it was still a little early for her ovulation, she hadn’t experienced mittelschmerz yet, nor did she have an increase in secretions from her vagina, but she knew she wasn’t many days from it either.

She also knew from a little study, that sperm stayed sustainable for days, where once she ovulated, the egg, the ovum, would only be viable for a little over 24 hours. Their plan would make the series of copulations cover her fertile period perfectly. Hopefully, Sherlyn would be overflowing in the man’s semen by the time her ovum made its debut.

As the couple kissed passionately, Nate slowly unbuttoned Sherlyn’s white blouse. Hillary had bought her a silk top and an expensive pleated wool skirt for the occasion. Sherlyn had already pulled off the decorative scarf she had been wearing. Hillary wanted her friend to look nice for the occasion.

Along with the new clothing, Hillary all but hog-tied her taller, heavier friend and took a pair of scissors to the mop of curly hair between Sherlyn’s legs. Sherlyn’s pubic triangle now had a groomed look.

Sherlyn kicked off her pumps in preparation to being undressed.

Soon the two of them had their tongues dancing between their mouths, Sherlyn loved French kissing, it was so exotic, not to mention that it was arousing as hell. As their tongues played, Nate reached back and unclasped Sherlyn’s lacy ruby red bra. Sherlyn’s bright red created a counterpoint her silky brunette hair.

Removing Sherlyn’s bra was just the start of the couple progressively losing their clothing. By the time Nate was kissing down onto Sherlyn’s neck, she was only dressed in a lacy pair of red panties as well as a pair of knee high black stockings. Her lover was standing in just his boxer shorts.

Nate kissed the girls neck and ears. Sherlyn moaned and giggled as he took her earlobe between his lips and gently suckled it. Then he moved his mouth down and kissed her throat and up underneath her chin. Her charming breasts, with their hard, brown nipples, were his true goal--among other things.

Before long, with Nate slightly stooped, the man was taking Sherlyn’s nipples into his mouth, suckling them, teasing them with his tongue. His hands after roaming all around the young woman’s warm, smooth skin, caressed her inner thighs and found their way up between her legs. As he made love to her breasts, he used one hand to stroke her pussy through the panel of her lacy racy panties.

At 5’-8” tall, the dark haired Sherlyn was a perfect height for the 6’-0” man. Nate massaged her naked butt with one hand as the fingers of the other one slipped up inside of Sherlyn’s panties. He began fondling the girl’s soft, fluffy labia, smearing her wetness all around her delightful pussy. Keeping his hands busy, he continued to pleasure the girl by kissing and sucking on Sherlyn’s breasts; he kept switching back and forth between the hard, proud, and protruding nipples.

Sherlyn was trembling and making sweet little squeaking sounds showing her lover the how much she was enjoying his attention. She stood with eyes closed and her mouth hanging open, in almost a smile. It was a look of someone totally enjoying the situation she was in.

Sherlyn gasped out, “Gosh, I’m as horny as hell. Take me Nate. Fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me.” She found using the word cock to be much easier with practice, the word horny was one she learned from Hillary.

Normally Nate would have kissed down her chest and abdomen on his way to enjoying her femininity with his mouth. But, with the girl expressing her preference towards intercourse, and his own desire to be inside the cute girl for the first time, he altered his plans.

So he could continue making love to the girl, Nate guided the girl to his bed. He gently laid her back on top of the bedspread and then climbed up beside the young woman; he continued to finger her underneath the panel of her panties, his two middle fingers sliding in and out of her slick vagina, as he suckled her nipples. He tugged his boxers down his legs, freeing his raging hard-on as he moved himself up between Sherlyn’s soft warm thighs. She spread her legs in a wide, pulling her hot, wet, plump lips apart in a warm welcome.

Nate was so anxious to be inside the girl, he didn’t even bother to remove her panties. He just pulled the cloth covering her pussy to the side, giving himself access to her hot lips beneath. He deftly wetted the tip of his cock in her copious juices while holding her panties to the side with his two smallest fingers.

Wet enough for action, Nate pushed his cock head inside her vaginal opening and pushed. As he quickly worked himself inside her, he could smell her lovely musky scent waft up for him to enjoy.

Sherlyn gasped as Nate’s hard eight inch shaft pushed inside her. She felt him work it in and out, coating himself completely with her internal secretions until he was entirely coated and deep up inside her tummy. She felt his pubic bone collide with hers, letting the girl know she had been fully penetrated. Not that she didn’t already know from the fullness his long thick cock provided.

Sherlyn loved the feel of the man’s naked body pressing down on hers. She also enjoyed his scent, a mixture of his man smell, the soap he used, and an expensive cologne. She felt her vagina stretch as it formed itself around the man’s full thick shaft. She delighted in how he filled her, completed her, and made her feel whole. The feel of his warm naked skin riding against hers just added to her passion.

Then Nate started to rock his hips, causing his long shaft to slide up and down inside Sherlyn, his flange traversed her love canal, delightfully stimulating the nerve endings found inside her stretched vagina. His cock caused the wonderful feeling that made fucking feel so incredible for the girl.

She worked her hand between them and started to massage her clitoris in a tight circular motion helping the wonderful feeling inside her vagina build to a climax.

Nate delighted as the girl’s hot, tight vagina wrapped his cock. He could feel her snug walls sliding against the skin on his cock. It was sending a wonderful ache up throughout his being. He could think of no greater pleasure than to have a snug vagina wrapping him, gliding around his hard shaft. He could feel the pressure grow inside his bottom, he knew that soon, really soon, he would unleash his pleasure deep inside this charming teen.

As she fucked, Sherlyn worked her pelvis in little circles, and at the same time, she rocked her hips up and down. Up to meet Nate’s penetrating thrusts, back to help him make long sweeps down her canal. Her movements help her enjoy a full assortment of wonderful sensations up along the walls of her love canal.

With the clit simulation and the marvelous, delightful stimulation inside her tummy. The pressure inside her vagina had grown to an overwhelming intensity. She could hardly keep her body from thrashing in response. Then as it grew to the point it was almost agonizing, it released!

Spasms ricocheted up and down throughout Sherlyn’s stretched vaginal canal causing it to contract and release repeatedly around Nate’s hard member. Wave after blissful wave of sheer delight, incredible passion, coursed through her body. She screamed as it washed over her, overwhelming her, causing he whole body to quake in ecstasy. It was an incredible orgasm.

Nate ardor reached a peak as he felt and watched the lovely brunette; trapped beneath his frame, writhe as her pleasure washed throughout her body. Nate could think of nothing more arousing than to watch a woman find her pleasure. Mere seconds after watching Sherlyn begin to sink into her afterglow, Nate felt his own incredible agony run the length of his spine and down his legs as the pressure in his bottom overflowed its boundaries. As a result, his climax began to course through his hard shaft.

Sherlyn, feeling the wondrous feeling of deep satisfaction after her incredible orgasm, wondered that if her daddy had done that to her, would it have felt as nice. Tremors of delight brought her out of her odd contemplation; after all, letting her own daddy put his penis inside her would be a shameful thing, wouldn’t it?

She began to feel the tell-tale throb of Nate’s penis against her vaginal walls. She delighted in the knowledge that his hot, sticky cum was bathing her cervix in sperm; she knew a substantial amount of his semen would find its way up inside her uterus, the pollywog like cells would be looking for the microscopic ovum that two cells could turn into a growing human being.

It was early yet, but Nate’s cum would stay viable for days, waiting for the opportunity to fertilize the dark haired girl’s egg. A combination of their individual DNA would complete the process, turning mere cells into a fast growing fetus.

Spent, feeling unbelievably sated, Nate rolled off the girl as he pulled her tightly against his chest, wrapping her in his arms. He held her lovingly, feeling her warm naked torso tightly tucked inside his tender arms.

Sherlyn cooed, “Gosh, Nate. That was incredible. I really like making love with you.” Her hand went down between his legs, she started fondling his shrunken tool as an emphasis to her statement.

They lay quietly in each other’s arms, giving each other tender sweet kisses. After a bit, Sherlyn’s fondling paid off and soon Sherlyn delighted in feeling a hard cock snugged in between their tummies. Sherlyn giggled and asked, “Shall we continue trying to make a baby, Nate?”

Nate kissed her lips again, looked into her eyes and said, “Yes, by all means.”

He sat up and scooted up so he was sitting with his back against the intricately carved headboard and then he pulled the young woman into his lap. Sherlyn lifted up on her knees, positioned Nate’s hard cock inside her vaginal opening, and then she sat, impaling herself as a prelude to another round of intimate sex.

The couple copulated throughout the night, fucking in a variety of positions. While waiting for his body to recycle, Nate also spent a delightful amount of time between the naked teen girl’s legs, lapping up their comingled juices.

Sherlyn returned the favor by giving Nate fellatio, but never to the point of ejaculation. That was strictly reserved for deep inside her tummy. They didn’t want to waist a drop of the older man’s sperm.

In the morning, the couple wandered to the casual dining room, dressed in nothing but thin, silky bathrobes so they could join Hillary in having breakfast.

As the disheveled pair entered the dining room, Hillary announced, “You both reek of sex. I hope you don’t spoil my appetite.” They all laughed as Nate’s chef began serving up eggs benedict, bacon, white toast, and hashbrown potatoes with their morning coffee.

Later, after Nate and Sherlyn took showers, Nate suggested the three of them go play in the pool. This led to the three of them frolicking through the entire mansion completely naked. George spying the naked trio, just shook his head in disbelief.

Later in the afternoon, after the outside temperature warmed, the two girls and the man wandered the grounds outside, completely devoid of clothing. Hillary was beginning to really like the freedom that nudity afforded.

That evening, Nate and Sherlyn renewed their effort to create another Randell family heir.

Early Tuesday morning, Hillary and Sherlyn got up at an ungodly early hour so they could make it back to the University to attend their classes. After a hearty breakfast cooked and served by Nate’s chef, they climbed in Hillary’s BMW and drove off in the dark.

Sherlyn and Hillary made the trip out to the mansion every afternoon for a week. Sherlyn would spend the nights in Nate’s bed, making love with the man as many times as the terminally ill man could get it up. By the end of the week, Nate had ejaculated inside Sherlyn around 20 times. If she wasn’t impregnated, it wasn’t due to Nathaniel and Sherlyn’s lack of trying.

Sherlyn felt her mittelschmerz about mid-week, along with an increased flow of her secretions from inside her vaginal canal indicating she was fertile. Her flowing juices occurred even when she wasn’t being stimulated during lovemaking. All of it indicated that she had ovulated right on time.

Three and a half weeks later, well into the start of November, Sherlyn was pleased that she was a week late having her menstrual cycle. Her boobs were starting to get tender, and she was starting to have twinges of nausea in the mornings. It was still early, but the girl was pretty sure that she was pregnant.

If true, she had beaten the odds by became pregnant during her and Nate’s first months attempt to make a baby.

Another week later, the indicator from the home pregnancy test she bought turned blue. She was delighted to announce to Terrance, Hillary, and Peter during their evening get together that she was with child.


On Halloween, during the middle of a wild party put on by the sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi, in cooperation with their associated fraternity Alpha Lambda Zeta, couples would disappear upstairs all throughout the evening. The missing pairs would return to the party later scruffy and smelling of sex. Not that anyone in the inebriated crowd noticed.

Hillary and Sherlyn, who almost every evening enjoyed themselves with their perspective lovers--occasionally with their friend’s lover, felt no need to sneak off and have sex.

Additionally, neither girl felt a need to drink to a drunken state, so they both found the party to be somewhat oppressive. Drunken young people were more obnoxious than most.

The main reason for attendance was that the Sigma Epsilon Chi candidates would find out what their final test was before initiation. While surrounded by the members of the sorority and fraternity, each candidate drew a task out from a hat. Each girl would read out loud her own individualized test; one that would be completely at the mercy of luck.

Tanya, going first, pulled out a slip of paper that informed her that she would be dropped off, stark naked, 20 miles and three towns away from the campus. She would have to make her way back to the sorority house within a 24 hour period. Obviously, she would have to take great advantage of the hours of darkness. Fortunately, the fall weather was holding, they had been enjoying an indian summer.

Hillary went next, and to her dismay and embarrassment, reading her task out loud as required, she learned the details of her task.

She was to spend an entire night in a gentleman’s club, working as a stripper. This included dancing on the main stages as well as performing lap dances. Later, it was even suggested to her that the girls of the strip club she would be dancing in were encouraged to turn tricks.

Hillary was ready to cancel her candidacy on the spot; it was only with a whispered conversation with Sherlyn and Peter that she was convinced to accomplish the task to further her bid for membership.

Hanna was next, and to her horror, she was to spend and evening in a room with six boys from the fraternity. Before the night was over, she was to give each guy a blowjob as well as having sexual intercourse with each one of them. Finally, she would be required kneel on her knees as all six of the boys masturbated so they could cum on her face.

Sherlyn was getting worried. She didn’t want to do anything that might harm what she suspected was a baby growing in her tummy. She was only days from knowing for sure, it had been only two weeks, but was she showing no signs of her period.

Emily was next. She took her turn reaching into the hat. The girl was petrified; not knowing what kind of hideous task would be required of her.

Her worries were completely warranted when she discovered she would be spending an evening as the slave of a dominatrix. She was to have her very first BDSM experience. Her experience was to occur in a seedy bar on the other side of the city. She was told that she should expect to be given to complete strangers who would perform sexual acts with her right in public.

Emily screamed, “Fuck no! Fuck you! You’re all a bunch of demented ugly bitches! You can shove your sorority right up your over-fucked asses! I’m so fucking out of here.” With that, the girl grabbed her things and stormed out the front door, slamming it hard as she departed.

This only left two girls left to pull out a task, it was Stephanie and Sherlyn. Sherlyn decided it was now or never. Sherlyn was so happy that Emily removed her revolting task from the hat before Sherlyn had to draw. Sherlyn agreed with Emily’s assessment of the Sorority leadership. They were all cruel, perverted, amoral individuals.

Sherlyn pulled out her slip and read it silently before reading it out loud as required. The following Saturday, two days away, she was to strip naked, walk from inside the sorority house out onto the sidewalk and to the parking lot where she would climb into a car.

Once in the car, completely naked, she would begin a six plus hour trip while nude. She would be required to make four stops, where she would get out of her car, enter an establishment to buy designated items. She would be required take pictures of herself at each location, and she would have a video camera recording her the entire time she was driving.

Compared to Hillary and Hanna’s tasks, Sherlyn considered herself lucky. Even with the risk of having the law involved.

Stephanie, who was really in her cups, was the last one to draw. There were still several tasks inside the hat, several that would go unused. Stephanie pulled out a slip and began to read it out loud, giggling the whole time she did.

The drunken girl was to travel to Michigan and participate in the famed Naked Mile run. The silly blond girl, whose last name was O’Neil, certainly had the luck of the Irish. Every girl required to test would have traded with the drunken girl in a heartbeat, travel costs or not.

With the drawing over, and task dates set, Hillary and Sherlyn quickly left the party so they could return to their dorm room. Hillary was to report to the gentleman’s club the next evening at 5pm, November 1st, which was a Friday night. She was required work as a stripper until 3:00am.


Hillary drove up to the strip club. Fortunately, there weren’t many cars parked around it, but on a Friday night she expected later in the evening the lot would be full. Hillary parked around to the back.

Hillary was petrified that she was going to be dancing naked in front of a bunch of drunken men.

The only concession afforded Hillary was that she was required to wear a mask the whole night. The sorority didn’t want their reputation nor the good name of the University besmirched.

After her classes, Hillary went by a costume shop earlier in the day to find a mask that fit well, and one that covered her whole face at the same time not looking hideous. She also went by a lingerie store who catered to exotic (erotic) dancers. She was helped by a girl who was tattooed from top to bottom and had every possible piercing possible.

She left the store with a small variety of costumes for her dancing. Each was designed to be easily removed.

She was met at the door by the bouncer, who directed her to the back office where she was to meet with the owner, Tony. Tony welcomed her while leering at her the whole time. She was sure he could wait to have her stripped naked one of his stages.

Tony smiled and said, “It’s about time those girls sent me someone who’s a looker. Girl, you should do really well for yourself tonight. Matter of fact, I’m offering you a job—right here, right now. You can make a lot of money dancing honey.” Hillary politely turned him down.

He explained “You are expected to dance on one of the three stages every hour. In between dances you will serve drinks and make yourself available for lap dances.” Dropping to a whisper he informed her, “There are two rooms in the back with beds. If you decided you want to entertain privately, I expect a 30 percent cut. You know, to rent the room and all. I also expect you to clean the room up and make the bed before coming back out to dance, oh and use the air freshener, okay.” Hillary had no plan of taking anyone back there.

After Tony talked to her, she donned her mask and headed out into the main lounge. She was handed off to Trina, another stripper, who was to show her the ropes.

Trina explained to Hillary that she would dance three sets, or songs. Each one was about 4 minutes long. During the first song, she would be expected to lose her top about half way through the song. “Make a big show of your boobs once you have them out.”

Trina continued to explain, “During the second song, you take off your bottoms leaving you in whatever kind of panties or bikini bottom you have on; like with your top, you want you bottoms to come off about half way through. During song one and two, you should use the time to tease out tips.”

Trina continued to explain, “During the final song, you want to lose your panties relatively quickly and then you want to lewdly tease the men with your cunt. The third song is always the longest of the three.” Then Trina smiled and told Hillary, “Watch me during my first dance. I will be leading out on stage one this evening.”

Trina told Hillary “Put on a pair of thigh high stockings, that way you can take tips during your dances, even when you’re naked. The men will hold up a tip in the air to attract your attention. You let the man tuck his tip into whatever clothing you have left on. After you take a tip, you dance directly in front of the man giving the tipper an exclusive show for 5 to 30 seconds; how long depends on the size of the tip. For a full 30 seconds it really needs to be a really big one.

“Normally a guy expects a close-up peek inside your bottoms, or panties, if you still have them on, or a special look up between your spread legs for the tip if you’re naked.” Trina added, “Obviously, you go to the guys with the biggest tips first. If a guy gives you a ten or twenty, then let the tipper cop a feel for a bit. Just so you’re not caught by surprise, in some cases, it might be a woman. We have lesbos, and a few drunk wives who come into the joint.”

Then Trina gave her instructions for lap dances. She instructed. “You do a three song sets with those too. You lose your bottoms and panties much sooner though.

“A lap dance is $25.00, collect it in advance. For that amount, the man sits with his hands on his thighs. The law says he’s not supposed to touch you during the entire dance, but for the right tip, we kind of ignore the rule. It’s not like anyone is watching you know. Last week I let a guy finger fuck me through the entire last song for a $100.00 tip.

“After you get your ass naked, first you dance upright right in front of the man’s face, about 3 feet away. Then you’re expected to sit in his lap facing away as you grind your ass into his cock—it’s covered of course. That usually gets them good and hard.

“Finally, during the last song, you drape your legs over their hands on their thighs, and then you wiggle your cunt around for them to get a good look at it. You want to move your hips around, or rock up and down so you’re simulating fucking. A lot of girls will play with their tits while giving them a lap show too. I figure you might as well enjoy it too.

“I usually will let a guy play around with my boobs for a $20.00 tip, let him fondle my cunt for $50.00, but he has to really pony up to get to slip his fingers inside me.”

During the whole time Hillary was being shown the ropes, she was ready to vomit. She was as anxious as a snake dancing with a mongoose. Dancing in front of a group of drunk pawing men was bad enough; letting one fondle her at one of the back tables was belittling.

Even though the club was open for business at 4:00pm, the men didn’t really start arriving until around six or seven. Hillary performed her first dance at 5:45 in front of a group of eight men.

With her mask firmly in place, Hillary was wearing a cowgirl outfit. She walked up the steps to the small stage as the music began to play. The tune was fast paced and she did a lot of strutting around, throwing her hips around, mimicking the dance that Trina had done.

Her top consisted of a plaid western cut shirt that was modified so she could tie it together just under her boobs. It covered her breasts nicely, but only took pulling the tie apart to undo it, making it easy to remove. She had a pair of western cut jeans on that had Velcro up and down both the outer seams. Again, it made them easy to undo and remove. The back of the jeans had been cut out over each of her butt cheeks, so her naked cheeks were entirely visible even from the start. This was facilitated by Hillary wearing a skimpy thong underneath, which left her butt cheeks naked.

From the start, men were heckling her about the mask. They would call out things like, “Are you so ugly, you have to hide your face?”, “My wife looks just like your mask honey!”, or “What the hell, is this a game of peek-a-boo?” No matter what, Hillary wasn’t going to be taunted into removing the only thing keeping her anonymous.

Almost from the start, men were sticking up money, attracting her over for a personal show. Many of them would pull her pants away, they had a stretch waist band, so they could so they could tuck the bill inside the waist band. Almost to the man, they would stick their fingers inside her pants as far as they could so they could feel her hot smooth skin inside.

Those with larger tips copped a feels. Several of the men, wanted to put the money inside her top so they could run their fingers inside, grazing over her hard nipples with their fingers as they did. At first, Hillary felt disgust each time someone touched her intimately.

During her first song she got an amazing number of larger tips—several fives and a couple of tens. And, she had been fondled accordingly. It seemed everyone wanted to touch the masked girl with the lithe body. She spent so much time gathering tips, that she was late in taking her top off. After exposing her breasts, her hard nipples sucking in her areole, tips began to accumulate even faster in the waist band of her jeans. Twice she had to remove money to make room for more.

During the pause between her first and second song, Hillary took the money wadded up in her hand and quite a bit of what was stuck inside the waist band of her jeans and put it with her discarded top. She was done unloading cash just in time, the music for her second song started.

Hillary danced around, making all the teasing moves she learned from Trina. Surprisingly, she was starting to feel more at ease on the ‘theater in the round’ stage she was on. Men continued to call her over with tips. She had enough offering larger tips that she was able to ignore the men holding up just a dollar.

Hillary felt flattered that she would attract the bigger bills. She was getting fives, tens, and the occasional twenty by then. The twenties began coming much more frequently after she removed her jeans early. Everyone wanted to stick a bill in her thong, the big spenders wanted to fondle her pussy.

Astonishingly, Hillary discovered that most of the men gather around her were good natured, they were just in to see, and hopefully touch, a little pussy, before calling it a night and starting their weekends of lawn mowing and honey-dos.

Amazingly, Hillary was starting to feel aroused. She was amused that she was attracting all the attention she was. Trina, who had been at this for a number of years, didn’t get half the tips Hillary was accumulating. With the bigger tips, came longer time with a man’s hands between her legs. All the touching was beginning to have an effect.

For a twenty dollar bill, money Hillary would consider pocket change, she let a man actually run his fingers through her pussy lips that is after she made sure the man’s hands were clean. Hillary felt like a complete slut, a whore extraordinaire, but she was beginning to really enjoy the attention. Being publicly naked was turning out to be a complete turn on. Being groped by inebriated men was starting to make her moist between her legs. She knew that the bouncer would wade in if things go out of hand.

By the time the third song came along, Hillary was giving ‘her men’ a show to remember. One man motioned her over and had her bend over so he could whisper in her ear. He solicited her by telling her, “I’ve got a Benjamin Franklin for you if you let me stick my fingers inside you.”

Hillary took the money; cat calls rang out. The man pushed his fingers way up inside her vagina causing Hillary to tremble in delight. When the man pulled his fingers out, they were covered in Hillary’s vaginal secretions. The man made a big show of licking her juices off his fingers.

Before leaving the stage she accumulated two more $100.00 bills and had two more guys briefly finger fuck her as she stood on the stage. Hillary was amazed that she almost felt let down as the last song, a slow song, came to an end.

That’s when she discovered she had a lineup of men who wanted to have table dances. The first man out offered her another $100.00 tip if he could finger fuck her. She held out for $200.00. It wasn’t the money, she could have purchased the dive, making the monthly payments out of her allowance. She just wanted to see if the man would pay it. He did.

She felt him work his fingers in and out of her vagina for two songs with Hillary’s legs straddled over his thighs, her pussy spread open like a flower. The man quickly started to rub her clitoris with his other hand as he continued to finger fuck her.

With all the excitement of being so exposed, being the center of attention, and all the men who wanted to play with her pussy and boobs. Hillary actually tensed up, with all the pressure in her tummy that had been building released; she had a delightful little orgasm causing her to quake in the man’s lap at the end of the third song. The man added $50.00 more for the additional show.

Her second lap dance the man behaved and watched, as well as her third and fourth.

Soon, it was time for Hillary to mount the second stage. Number two of three. With new guys, she started to gyrate her hips, swing her boobs, and bend over to give them a peek from behind all over again. More tips, more fun. Hillary was having the time of her life. She felt safe behind the mask.

As the night progressed she gave many lap dances. Some of them men paying for extra privileges. She had a couple of them try to solicit her to go to the back room. She wasn’t interested. Getting finger fucked was as far as she was willing to go.

As she mounted the third stage and began to wildly gyrate her hips to the music as she starting the dance dressed in a teddy.

Then suddenly, she lost her rhythm as she almost fainted right on the stage. One of the men at the edge of the small stage was her dad! Not Nate, who was her biological father, but Howard, the man she grew up with thinking he was her father.

The normally distant Howard had a look of lust on his face and a smile like she had never seen before. On the third song, her dad motioned her over waiving a $100.00 bill. She was already naked, dancing lewdly in front of the men. For a hundred dollars she knew her dad was expecting to get to play inside her pussy. She felt angry, but mostly she felt betrayed--this distant man had time to fondle and enjoy strippers, but he never had time for her at all. That’s when she hatched her plan.

She let her dad fondle her, let him run his fingers up inside her. She was astonished that it aroused her, even as angry she was with the man. She figure ‘What the hell, what’s one more relative inside my pussy. Not only that, in actuality, he’s not even a relative.’

After the dance, after collecting her pile of tips, Hillary took her money and slipped it into a strong box provided for to keep her tips safe. At the end of the night, the girl would give the establishment 20% of her tips, and she would keep the rest.

To her delight, giving her almost sinister pleasure, one of the first men to approach her for a lap dance was dear ol’ dad. Howard actually gave her $100.00 to take her away from another man with just the introductory $25.00 rate.

As the music started, like Salome of biblical fame, the girl stripped for her dad. Teasing him as she took off her teddy top, and then making him drool as she teased him with the outfit’s skimpy panties. By the end of the first song she was naked. Not letting her down, dear old dad offered her the $200.00 she required for being finger fucked.

She was simply frothing between her legs as she felt dad slip his fingers up inside her. He began to work his two middle fingers in and out of her vagina. She had her back to him as he slipped his digits in and out of her pussy, she ground her ass into his hard cock. The man was making gasps and sighs as Hillary purposely caused him to be aroused.

At the end of the dance, she got the offer she was looking for. He whispered to her, “I’ll give you $300.00 to go to the back room with me.”

Hillary huffed, and then said in a disguised raspy voice, “You’re lucky to just be able to touch me for that amount.”

Her dad chuckled, “Okay, so how much?”

Hillary picked an amount, not too much to scare him away, but enough to make him pay. She said, “700.”

Howard countered, “500.”

Hillary giggled and said, “600, final offer.”

Her dad smiled and said, “Deal.”

Hillary took her dad’s hand and towed him towards the back rooms. Hillary noted all the envious looks around the room. Several were from guys who had made previous offers for the same treatment. Of course, Hillary didn’t have a bone to pick with them, she did with her dad.”

She didn’t even bother to put her teddy back on as she wound her way through the small back hall. Finding a room that matched the owner’s description, she pulled Howard in and locked the door.

Her dad asked, “Can we take the mask off now so I can kiss you?”

Hillary giggled and said, “No. no. no. It stays on until I decide otherwise.”

Soon Hillary was enveloped inside her dad’s arms. The distant man that she had believed was her father for as long as she could remember was going to be getting the surprise of a lifetime, but all on Hillary’s schedule.

Howard started to kiss her neck and under her chin. At the same time he had his hands down on the naked cheeks of her ass massaging them. She was surprised how aroused she was becoming; she felt a warm wetness build between her legs. From the start, she decided that she might as well enjoy her little deception.

She reached down and unbuttoned his trousers, unzipping them letting them drop to the floor. Hillary reached inside his shorts and started to fondle his engorged cock. She listened as the man moaned; he was enjoying her hand as she gently caressed his hardness. The man broke away briefly to pull his shirts up over his head.

Soon, Hillary’s dad was stooped over sucking her hard nipples. Hillary trembled and was pleased with the way it felt; she could feel her passion growing. She added to her amusement as she thought of Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’ quote from his book ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, loosely translated, ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’. Well, counter to the author’s advice, Hillary was going to serve hers up red hot.

What Hillary didn’t know was whom she wanted revenge against the most: Howard for begin so distant and unloving, or her bitch of a mother.

Howard laid her back onto the small bed in the correspondingly small room. His warm hands stroked her, caressed her skin, and it eventually found her inner thighs, slowly working its way up so he could fondle her soft folds. Within minutes, he had his fingers up inside her vagina yet again, gently finger fucking the girl.

The man chuckled and commented, “You know. You look an awful lot like my daughter.”

The man acted like he had made a decision, he moved his mouth down and started to kiss the undersides of Hillary’s soft breasts; he kissed over her ribs and around her diaphragm. Hillary knew what her dad was about, and it just added to her satisfaction, knowing when she unleashed her little surprise, that dear ol’ daddy would be completely stricken with shock and guilt.

Even with revenge in mind, Hillary was enjoying her dad’s kisses and caresses. She especially was enjoying his fingers stroking in and out of her pussy. It seemed that every time he pulled is fingers outward, her labia was getting wetter. She was feeling that delightful pressure growing that would eventually assure she had a wonderful orgasm.

Howard’s mouth moved down onto her tummy, as he gently planted warm, wet kisses all over her soft abdomen. Hillary especially liked being kissed on her tummy just above her pubic hair. Peter had become a master at teasing her there. Howard wasn’t doing badly.

Hillary’s dad gently pulled her naked thighs apart so he could move between them. Hillary felt his warm, naked shoulders press up against her thighs as he moved his mouth down inside her golden triangle as he kissed lower. His fingers kept stroking in and out of her vagina.

The girl moaned and whimpered as his mouth moved down forming a seal around her cleft. Hillary felt her arousal state double as her dad started to tease her labia with is tongue. When he moved is mouth lower and jammed his tongue up inside her vaginal opening, replacing the fingers that had been inside her with his tongue, Hillary couldn’t hold her hips still. She rocked them up against his face, trying to get his tongue deeper inside her.

The pressure in her tummy had grown to an unbelievable level, she wanted him to move to her clit so badly; she needed release. For a while the fact that she was being made love to by her father, her plans of revenge had faded to the back of her mind. All she could concentrate on was achieving orgasm.

Hillary knew that there were girls that weren’t particularly fond of getting oral sex, but to Hillary, it was almost like crack cocaine. She so utterly addicted to it. Daddy or not, what the man was doing between her legs, his tongue sorting through her lips, was driving up her passion.

After reaming her vaginal opening for several minutes, he replaced his tongue with his fingers again. This time instead of finger fucking her, he slipped them up behind her pubic bone and started to massage her ‘G’ spot. At the same time he moved up and bore down on her clitoris.

Hillary howled, she gasped, she moaned, and she giggled. The pressure deep inside her tummy released like a small explosion. She felt delightful spasms rippled up and down her vagina, causing waves of blissful pleasure to shoot throughout her body.

Hillary rode her passion for a good 15 to 20 seconds. The fantastic orgasm caused her to lose control; she writhed on the bed grabbing hands full of sheet. She felt her thighs snap together around her dad’s head. She may have resented the man entirely, but he certainly knew how to eat pussy.

Howard chuckled, “Well, my little lady, it’s time you earn your pay.” The man moved up, stripping his underwear as he did. Hillary reached down, gripping his hard cock with her fingers as she guided his long, hard shaft into her opening. She was so wet, her dad had no problem at all slipping his cock completely up inside her vagina.

Hillary gasped out, “Oh shit! That feels so fucking good!” Like most her lovers, Hillary loved the feeling of fullness; she loved how his cock stretched her vagina, making it conform to its shape, filling the emptiness.

As soon as Howard was buried up inside her, he began to piston himself in and out of Hillary, by rocking his hips. He held his body up off of hers using his arms to make a tripod. Hillary listened as the man moaned in pleasure. She figured he must have been really aroused by all that had happened out in the main room of the club, the lap dance, and now having given her oral sex.

Hillary decided she would spring her little trap as the man got off inside her tummy. That way he wouldn’t be trying to get away before concluding the act.

The blond girl was thoroughly enjoying the feel of her dad’s flange rubbing along her vagina walls, feeling the sides of his hard shaft gliding throughout her whole vagina. It felt magnificent. Even if her goal was revenge, she was enjoying fucking the man entirely.

Hillary was feeling her passion peak again. She was surprised at how long her dad was lasting. She was panting and gasping into the mask she was wearing, and then she let out another deep moan as she felt a second orgasm wash over her. Man, she liked to fuck.

Howard, after watching the young woman beneath him have a second, astonishing orgasm. Felt the pressure in his bottom reach a crescendo. As the girl melted back into the bed, he felt the agony claw itself up through is bottom as it burst out through his engorged cock.

Hillary felt him begin to pulse against her walls. She almost missed her opportunity, she felt so spent from her second orgasm, but with an iron will, she reached up and pull the mask up, as she did she purred, “Mmm, daddy, I hope you had a good time. Did you like fucking you’re little girl?”

Hillary thrilled in watching the look of shock on the man’s face. She knew he was going to be overwhelmed with guilt from what he had done. Knowing that she made the man cheat on her mother, it made her revenge even grander.

Then everything went all wrong. The man burst out laughing. He looked down with genuine mirth on his face as he stated, “My gawd, Hillary, what the hell were you thinking. Heavens girl, you were one hell of a nice fuck!” Then still grinning, he added, “My goodness, I’ve been dreaming of nailing you for years, and here you are with my cock still buried up inside your pretty, pink pussy.”

Hillary just lay beneath him, stunned that her little plot had backfired. Had Howard been dreaming of fucking her for years? She simply couldn’t believe it. She played right into his hands. This caused the girl to flush in embarrassment”

Howard continued to crow, “Doesn’t this just server that bitchy slut of a wife of mine right? And, even better, it serves that perverted, egotistical brother of hers right too. This is simply the best surprise of my life.”

Finding himself still hard, Howard reached down and forcefully rolled Hillary over onto her tummy. He lifted up her bottom so she was on her knees and he rammed his still hard cock all the way inside Hillary’s cum filled vagina. She gasped from the force of his thrust.

Hillary tried crawling away, but her ‘dad’ easily pulled her back and held her hips firmly as he pounded his had shaft up against her bottom repeatedly, forcefully.

Hillary had been fucked hard before, but this time it was making her sick. The man was fucking her with a lust she’d never seen or experienced before. He was delighted to be fucking the girl he thought was his daughter; fucking her as she was a cheap whore.

Hillary had no choice but to endure his shaft beating a quick tempo inside her vagina. It didn’t hurt, but it humiliated. Hillary was finding no enjoyment at all. She was crestfallen her devious little plan had turned on her so dreadfully. She had a sickening feeling after enduring a long period of time of him pounding into her, she felt him throb up inside her vagina canal again.

Finally, after pressing himself up against her ass for who knew how long, he pulled out of her. Hillary collapsed down onto the bed, feeling used. She had nobody to blame but herself. Before this evening she had no idea what a devious, depraved individual Howard was.

Howard slipped on his underwear, then his slacks. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a money roll, and he peeled off seven $100.00 bills. As tears coursed down Hillary’s cheeks as she lay against the sheets, he tossed the money in front of Hillary’s face.

He crowed, “Well, my dear daughter, I really enjoyed fucking you immensely. You were worth the extra hundred.” He pulled his golf shirt over his head and as he trooped out of the small room he said, “Why don’t you swing by the house this weekend. We can have another go at it. You really are an incredible fuck, Hillary.”

Hillary felt debased, she felt simply appalled. Not only because her little plot of revenge had backfired in the worst way, but she was felt guilty that she had let herself descend into such a state as to have attempted it in the first place. She knew all of it, the sorority, acting like a slut, getting fucked over by her ‘step’ father; it was all her own fault. She had nobody to blame but the girl in the mirror.

As far as Howard went, she actually enjoyed fucking the man up until the first time he got off inside her. But, the act of pulling off her mask seemed to have unleashed a demon in the man. It also brought her to the reality of all she had done since she placed a bid for membership in the sorority. She couldn’t believe she allowed herself to stoop so low. The man left her so drained; she didn’t even have the energy to hate him.

His callousness, his total disregard for her feelings, left the girl emotionally battered. That’s when she decided the sorority could go to hell for all she cared. She was done with it. She was done being treated like a lump of meat or nothing more than chattel.

Hillary slipped back into the main club floor, still naked; she had a mess of cum matting the pubic hair between her legs. She hadn’t bothered to clean the room she was in; she didn’t bother to collect her tips from her earlier decadent behavior; she just walked across the club floor butt naked, heading for her cloths.

She crossed the floor until she got to the dressing room on the other side. In ten minutes, she had cleaned herself as best she could, she dressed, and then with her mask still in place, she slipped out the back door of the establishment and made her way to her BMW. She needed to escape. She decided acting the slut wasn’t so fun after all.

The next day after classes, Hillary’s emotions had congealed into an ember. That ember was eventually fanned into a fire of fury.

Having made up her mind, she went to the sorority house to tell them she was withdrawing her bid for membership.

Melinda, the sorority president, was less than happy with Hillary’s decision. She blustered, “If you do this, Hillary, we aren’t going to reconsider you for membership later.”

Hillary looked at the other woman with a domineering stare, fortified from the humiliation she had suffered the night before. She stated, “Look deep in my eyes and count the number of give a shit’s you see.”

Flustered, Melinda tried to trump her previous threat, “You know we can make your life difficult if you turn us down like this.”

Hillary looked the sorority president in the eyes and said, “If you think you can, give it a try! But, I have a pretty long reach myself. If you even think about fucking with me, I will ruin your already fucked up pathetic life, Melinda. I will make ruining you a personal vendetta. If you think you can go head to head with me, let’s get it on. I’ll bury you, bitch!”

Melinda was shocked at Hillary’s acrimony. She knew Hillary had the resources and social position to do exactly what she threatened. If not Hillary herself, Hillary’s mother surely did. Melinda might have thought of herself a chess player, but she was smart enough to know when she was in check. She decided to take a new tact.

What Melinda was unaware of was that if Hillary was not to join the sorority, that her mother would be very upset.

“Listen, Hillary, I’m sorry for the threats.” said a more consolatory Melinda, “The truth is that we need you. We need women of your social status to maintain our political clout. We are the premier sorority on any campus in America, and we need people like you to keep us that way.”

Hillary dismissed Melinda’s plead. “I don’t have time for all the silly crap anymore. My mother is the one who wanted me to join your perverse little organization. I’m not really interested any longer.”

Melinda couldn’t let a stellar candidate like Hillary simply walk out the door. She said, “Okay, here’s the deal. We need you, plain and simple. I’m willing to make you a full sister, right here, right now.”

Hillary asked, “No more games? I can come and go as I please? My guests can come and go as they please?” She wasn’t going to let the bitches keep Peter from visiting.

Melinda visibly relaxed, “Yes, we can do that. No games; no hazing. You already have more honor points than any two of your completion already. I will go to the leadership council and get you approved.”

Melinda tried to hedge, “You’ll still have to go through the initiation.”

Hillary started the other woman down, “No.”

Melinda backed down, “Okay, but you still need to learn the signs and tokens that you get during initiation, but I can see to that. You probably don’t want to run around the woods naked at midnight, dancing around a bonfire, anyway.”

Actually dancing around a bonfire naked in the woods did appeal to Hillary, it actually sounded fun. Instead, she said, “That’s a definite no to the woods thing.”

Melinda said, “Yeah, it’s so 19th century anyway. You will also need to swear an oath of allegiance to the sorority.”

Hillary folder her arms and stared at the president, “No, no oaths.”

The other woman said, “Okay, but you have to promise you won’t do anything to disgrace the sorority. I have to insist on that.”

Hillary burst out laughing, “All the despicable, demented shit you all pull, and you’re worried about being disgraced?”

Melinda blushed, “Yeah, I guess some of it is over the top.”

Hillary grinned an anything but in a friendly manner, “Just a little.”

Melinda held out her hand, “So, do we have a Deal?”

Hillary smiled smugly having bested the sorority chapter president, “One more little thing, Sherlyn is accepted too. Even if she doesn’t measure up during her so call test. Unless she chooses to not join, she becomes a member and will not be subject to further hazing just like me.”

Melinda countered, “She still does her test, and she goes through the initiation. If she does that, I guarantee her membership.”

Hillary said, “Okay, I can agree to that.”

Melinda repeated, “So, do we have a deal?”

Hillary, knowing that the offer worked out in her favor, it would keep her mother off her back; she took the offending hand in hers and pronounced, “Deal.”

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