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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
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Chapter 9: "Rhetoric"

I was making my routine rounds throughout the mansion on
this balmy Tuesday morning when I heard a series of feminine
grunts and yelps emanating from the central room, which was
located downstairs. I was overly curious, naturally, and
decided that it was time to investigate. Thus, I descended
the winding staircase and was quite surprised at what I saw.

Dressed in full workout garb, the duo of Trish and
Kristanna were honing their martial arts skills in a friendly
sparring match. In addition to their spandex outfits, the
two ladies wore protective equipment, including elbow and
knee pads, gloves, a chest protector and helmet. I could
tell that the contact between them was being kept to a
minimum, but still, it was good they took safety precautions.

I had only been aware that Kristanna was an expert in an
Israeli form of the martial arts called _Krav Maga_ - a very
detailed and effective self-defense system - for a couple of
months. It was totally shocking to me - and I certainly do
not mean this in a negative way, of course - that a woman as
frail and light-weight as Kristanna (5-foot-11 and a mere
115 pounds at her height) could pack such a lethal punch.

Trish, the physical fitness enthusiast from Toronto,
looked a little more the part (5-foot-4 and 118 pounds of
vixenish muscle). Trish was a student of the martial arts
as well, but her specialty was kickboxing. These two ladies
were a good fit together like this. Out of all the women on
the island, Trish was the only suitable sparring partner for
Kristanna because of her experience and background when it
came to controlled hand-to-hand combat.

As I stood at the bottom of the steps and watched them
trade a series of light (safe) kicks and chops, Kristanna
eventually noticed my presence and motioned for Trish to
cease. Kristanna slipped her helmet off, then shook her
head vigorously and smiled warmly at me. "Hi Jeremy!"

"Sweetheart," I nodded at her, turning my attention
toward Trish. The 30-year-old took her own helmet and
facemask off, then smiled at me as well. "Miss Trish."

"Hi," she greeted in her usual friendly manner.

Judging by the amount of perspiration on the bodies of
both ladies, they had been practicing their skills for quite
some time here in the central room. Where was Lindsay? It
was rare for me to see Trish and Lindsay apart. Aside from
a few instances here-and-there, it seemed as if Trish and
Lindsay had been glued together since their arrival.

"Have yew come down to vatch us?" Kristanna wondered, her
exotic, sexy accent bringing a smile to my face.

"Sure, I can do that," I chuckled in response. "I have
wondered ever since I learned about this side of you, dear...
why? Why do you focus so much of your energy and free time
into learning and mastering _Krav Maga_? Forgive me, but you
just don't seem the type cut out for this sort of stuff."

"Oh really?" Kristanna countered in a defensive tone,
placing both hands upon her hips and looking at me. "Come
over here for a second, Mister Jeremy."

"She's likely an expert in _Krav Maga_ to protect herself
from guys like you," Trish suggested, being playful.

Once I made my way over to Kristanna - just as she asked
me to - the gorgeous blonde suddenly reached out and grabbed
my left wrist. In the blink of an eye, she pulled me toward
her, and then I found myself flat on my back. Kristanna had
knocked my legs out from underneath me with a sweeping kick,
then shoved me backward - causing me to fall down - with a
hard forearm upon my upper chest.

Trish laughed and clapped her hands together in glee. "I
want to be that good one day!"

Disoriented for a moment, to say the least, I gulped my
throat and stared up at Kristanna in a mixture of shock and
awe. The Norwegian snickered in triumph, then placed her
bare foot upon my exposed throat and held it there gently.

"Do yew still dink I am not capable enough?"

"I never said that," I returned, once again gulping my
throat. Kristanna did not injure me physically, but her
sudden take-down maneuver still had my head spinning. I
could not believe the speed and ferocity of it. I was a
good 100 pounds heavier than her, yet she had treated me
like a rag-doll anyway. "All I said was that you don't seem
to be the type for it. That's all. Instead of a deadly
enforcer, you seem to be more the model type."

Kristanna laughed and slowly removed her bare foot from
my throat. I then reached up with both hands and grasped
that pretty foot, and held it just inches from my face. "If
I ever need a bodyguard, sweetheart, the job is yours."

Kristanna snickered once more as I tilted my head upward
and planted a gentle kiss on her big toe. I did the same for
the arch of her foot, then its heel. "I like dat!" she
squealed in response, wiggling all five of her pretty toes.

Trish reached down with both hands and grasped my right
arm, then helped pull me up to my feet. Kristanna smiled and
brushed up against me, then offered my lips a whispery kiss.
"Vould yew still like to stay and vatch us spar, Jeremy?"

"I don't think so," I told her, shaking my head. "I do
not want to get caught in the crossfire." Kristanna let out
an exaggerated laugh as I added, "Maybe it's best that I go
someplace else. Anywhere else. Away from you two ladies.
I don't feel like getting beat up again."

"Girl power!" Trish exclaimed, again being playful, as I
turned and quickly ascended the nearby staircase.

I am not quite certain whether or not my ego was bruised,
but I definitely felt the need to leave Trish and Kristanna
by themselves to do their thing. That was the first physical
confrontation that I had been involved in - playful or real -
in 22 years. I last recall getting into a fight when I was
17 years of age. It involved a dispute over baseball cards.

It felt somewhat eerie to realize that if Kristanna truly
wanted, she could take me out without exerting much effort at
all. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head at the mere
thought. I would just have to stay on Kristanna's good side
from now on. Did I really have any other choice?

On the flipside, Kristanna's prowess in the martial arts
was something that I should not really concern myself with.
It was wonderful that she could defend herself in any type
of physical situation. Could anyone blame Kristanna for
having such a vested interest in hand-to-hand combat? Young
women, especially those as charming and beautiful as my dear
and good friend, really need to know how to defend themselves
from the cruel predators in today's world.

Still, I had no reason to think all that much about this.
Certainly, I should not harbor any negative feelings about
it. But as I said earlier, I just found it... eerie, that
a woman such as Kristanna - who was very thin and looked so
fragile - could make mince-meat of me in seconds if she so
desired. It was a very difficult concept for me to grasp.

* * *

Perhaps this should not come as any great surprise, but I
found myself back in the voyeur room much later - in the
evening - and absolutely glued to the surveillance screen
directly in front of me. This place was way too addictive!

The image of Amy and Camille was gracing the monitor, with
both ladies completely nude as they lounged about in the spa
outside. Amy and Camille were huddled close, their luscious
bodies pressed tightly together, as they both openly kissed
and licked a humongous hand-held dildo between their probing
lips and tongues. There was also a mysterious-looking gym
bag laying on the ground between the spa and the outdoor
pool. It appeared out of place. What was it doing there?

Night-time had already fallen, so the only illumination
came from the bright overhead lamps and lights at poolside.
It was all I needed to fully watch and enjoy what promised
to be a scintillating encounter between these two ladies.

While holding the dildo up, Camille was really into the
act of licking and worshiping it with her lips and tongue.
So was Amy, as well, as she sucked and slurped on the huge
toy at the very same time. Both ladies also took the time
to fondle and squeeze the others' body, paying extra-special
attention to their full, heaving breasts.

Camille put the dildo down for a moment and then attached
her lips to Amy's for a heated kiss. Each of them swapped
their velvety tongues and a mixture of saliva over a deep,
open-mouthed exchange. Amy moaned shortly thereafter,
before encircling Camille's body with both arms and holding
her tightly. The simple move only intensified their kiss.

Using the tip of the dildo, Camille prodded it against one
of Amy's breasts. She traced circles around the red-head's
full nipple, before sliding the big pleasure tool into Amy's
vast, deepened cleavage and gently thrusting it up-and-down.

When the two women soon began to rub their heaving breasts
upon each other, their shared kiss reached its apex. Camille
and Amy were trying to devour one anothers' mouth with their
own now, their lips mingling and tongues diving deep. The
breathing between them was quite ragged and labored, too.

Speaking of such things, I already had my cock out and
was busy stroking it. Watching two beautiful women such as
Amy and Camille heat each other up like this was intensely
arousing for me. It would be that way for any normal man...

My excitement level doubled once Pamela suddenly appeared
on the monitor. She walked into the picture, standing just
above Amy and Camille as they were huddled close together in
the steaming spa. The pair of lust-lovers broke their kiss
long enough to glance up at Pamela and motion for her to join
them in the spa. Pamela smiled at the couple while rubbing
one of her big breasts through the bikini top that she wore.

Amy reached for one of Pamela's ankles and gently tugged
at it, wanting her to step into the spa. Still smiling,
Pamela did just that. She took two steps into the heated
whirlpool, then was yanked downward by both Amy and Camille.
The pair of ravenous hellcats brought Pamela between them
and immediately went to work on her hot, voluptuous body.

Pamela moaned with obvious arousal as Camille whisked her
bikini top off in one easy motion, before attaching her
mouth to one of those lovely breasts. Pamela continued to
moan and sigh in desire until Amy hushed her with a kiss.

With the two ladies on either side of her, Pamela squirmed
about as she and Amy shared a rather intensive kiss. At the
same time, Camille continued to worship the blonde's breasts
with not only her lips and tongue, but her hands as well.

Pamela squealed against Amy's piercing kiss as her body
started to vibrate about within the swirling water. I then
realized that Camille had slipped a hand between Pamela's
thighs, and was busy thrusting a couple of fingers hard
and fast into her sweet, intoxicating pussy. Camille must
have also slipped off Pamela's G-string bikini underwater.

Once Amy broke the hot kiss with Pamela, her lips were
quickly replaced by Camille's. The dark-haired beauty drove
her tongue deep into Pamela's inviting mouth, tasting its
vast, delicious recesses while also luxuriating in them.

Amy used the open opportunity to clutch and squeeze one
of Pamela's breasts with her right hand, while sliding her
tongue over and across the 30-year-old's delicate shoulder.

Camille produced the dildo she and Amy had been sharing
earlier, before breaking the kiss with Pamela. Then, she
shoved it into the stripper's mouth and giggled. "Suck
that cock, baby! Get it all nice and hard!"

Pamela's eyes were wide as she looked at Camille, who
continued to giggle and sneer while thrusting the thick,
12-inch dildo into her willing mouth. I could tell that
Pamela was also well aware of Amy, who continued to fondle
one of her breasts while swiping its nipple with her tongue.

"What do you think, Amy?" Camille asked, a huge smile on
her face. "You think Pammy here needs to be fucked?"

Amy giggled while pulling her lips away from Pamela's
breasts. "Yes! I do!" She paused and added, "I really
think that she needs a strap-on, though."

Pamela moaned and squirmed about in sheer arousal as
Camille snickered, "Better yet, I think Pammy needs TWO
strap-ons." She leaned over and offered Amy a quick kiss
before adding, "Think we should double-fuck her?"

"Oh yes," Amy replied, grinning. "But I want her ass."

With that incredibly naughty exchange of words, my stiff,
throbbing cock suddenly exploded all over my wrist and hand.
My heart was pounding within my chest as I leaned forward
and re-played their quotes in my mind. Amy and Camille were
going to double-penetrate Pamela with two strap-on dildos?
Was that what the gym bag was laying there for? Was it, by
God, a bag full of... toys? _SEX TOYS_?

"Would you like us to double-fuck you?" Camille said to
Pamela in a demeaning tone, while still thrusting several
fingers hard and fast into her pussy within the whirlpool.
"Me and Amy would fuck you REAL good. Want that, Pammy?"

Pamela's only response was a whimper, followed by a nod
of the head. I could tell that she was _really_ turned on
right now. I was also glad that Pamela had showed up and
changed this from a one-on-one encounter into a three-some.

Camille rose up and stepped out of the spa. I watched
intently as she, with her nude and soaking, wet body,
retrieved the gym bag. Meanwhile, Amy stepped out of the
swirling spa as well, followed quickly by Pamela.

My cock was getting hard once again as I was now able to
witness the three ladies in all their glorious, naked forms.
Amy spread a towel out on the cement deck next to the spa,
while Camille found a pair of suitable strap-on dildos from
the aforementioned gym bag. She stepped into the harness of
one; it was thick and appeared to be 15 or so inches long!

Giggling with an aura of confidence and superiority, the
busty Latina grasped the dildo with her hand and stroked it
before finally making her way over to Pamela. "On your
knees, Pammy! Just like a good, little girl!"

Like a trained submissive, Pamela offered Camille a look
of total servitude before dropping down to her knees atop the
spread-out towel. Camille's only response was to simply step
forward, and plug Pamela's pretty mouth with the big dildo.

"Yeah, suck that cock," Camille said in an abrasive tone.
"Suck that cock before I fuck you silly with it."

Camille giggled at her own words as she handed Amy the
other strap-on dildo. Not quite as long or thick as its
counterpart, this dildo was tailor-made for anal sex. Amy
quickly stepped into its harness, and snapped it into place.
Now, the red-headed siren had a truly devilish appearance.

I could tell that Pamela was even more turned on than she
was just a few moments ago. The wondrously beautiful vixen
was on her knees, sucking Camille's huge strap-on dildo as if
it were a real cock. Her head bobbed back-and-forth as she
took in as many of the 15(?) inches that she possibly could.

Amy stepped forward with her own strap-on secured and in
place, and offered it to Pamela. She took it into her right
hand and began stroking away, while frigging the larger dildo
with her left. All the while, she continually slurped away.
"Look at Pammy go!" Camille exclaimed, snickering. "She
must be really, REALLY hungry tonight!"

Pammy? What is up with that? A few weeks ago, I called
her _Pam_ during one of our telephone discussions, but she
quickly corrected me on how to pronounce her name - _Pamela_.
It seemed to be a pretty big deal with her, too. Now, it
appeared as if Pamela had no problems with Camille as she
continually used a somewhat degrading version of her name.

"Yeah baby," Amy said as she stepped closer, pressing the
tip of her dildo onto Pamela's face. As she busily slurped
away on Camille's pleasure tool, Pamela looked at Amy and
smiled. Amy responded by running the thin dildo over and
across Pamela's face, and through her silky hair.

"Pammy needs a," Camille snickered. "Oh!
Make that a double-fucking. Her pussy, AND her ass!"

"Oh God..." Pamela moaned as Camille withdrew the strap-on
dildo from between her lips. Camille then dropped to the
ground, and positioned herself upon her back. With the
enormous dildo pointing directly upward from her pelvis,
Camille motioned for Pamela to settle down and take a seat.

My cock was at full strength yet again as Pamela dropped
to her knees astride Camille's hips. She positioned herself
for entrance, then squinted and moaned with sheer abandon as
the head of the incredibly thick dildo popped into her. I
could sense her passion as she began squealing, while also
settling deeper and deeper upon the humongous pleasure tool.

When about 10 to 12 inches was embedded deep inside her,
Pamela must have sensed she could take no more. Growling
with desire, she leaned forward until her breasts were
nestled snugly against Camille's. Flat on her back, Camille
then smiled before finding Pamela's mouth for a heated kiss.

I continued stroking my hard cock as Amy smeared an ample
helping of lubricant over and across her own strap-on dildo.
She then dropped to her knees behind Pamela's upturned ass,
and inbetween Camille's widespread thighs.

Pamela squealed uncontrollably once Camille started to
pump her hips, thrusting the tremendous dildo further into
her pussy. At the same time, Camille kept both arms fastened
around Pamela's neck and shoulders, keeping her close and
tight, while also devouring her delicious mouth with her own.

A bit more foreplay here would have been especially nice.
I really enjoyed watching Pamela suck that dildo on her knees
as if it were a real cock. But I could not complain.
Camille wanted to stuff _Pammy_ - and no one could stop her.

Also, I noticed that despite a few earlier words, Amy was
being strangely quiet. Normally, she was the aggressor...

Pamela was now screaming in response to the hard thrusts
which Camille gave her pussy. Her screams, as well as her
passion level, increased ten-fold once Amy decided it was
finally time to insert her own dildo into that tight rectum.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Pamela roared, breaking her shared
kiss with Camille. Amy giggled and swooned with arousal as
she slid inch after inch of the dildo into Pamela's bowels.
The insatiable 30-year-old only stopped once she had stuffed
the entire length of the dildo deep inside of Pamela's ass.

"OH YEAH!" Pamela screamed out, her body starting to
churn as Camille resumed her thrusting motion. "OH FUCK

When Amy joined the parade and began thrusting away, I
had to take a deep breath as my heart pounded yet again.
The mere sight of Amy's big breasts as they bounced and
shook about while she busily slammed her dildo into Pamela's
ass from behind nearly blew my mind (among other things).

"Bitch in heat!" Camille screamed, laughing, while keeping
an eye on Pamela's facial reactions. "Bitch in heat! Look
at her go! Go Pammy, go! Go Pammy, go! Go, Pammy, GO!"

It seemed as if Pamela's entire body could explode at any
given moment. Amy and Camille were absolutely hammering her,
with one dildo violating her pussy while another was stuffed
deep inside her ass. Both ladies were thrusting and pumping
away at Pamela with all of the strength within their bodies.

At the same time, Amy latched onto Pamela's rounded ass
with both hands, then started to slap it in random places.
"She needs a spanking!" Amy exclaimed, grinning, as she
helped turn Pamela's sweet ass a bright, crimson red.

"Oh yeah!" Camille moaned as she sought out and found
Pamela's vociferous mouth with her own. She kissed her
roughly, but that did little to muffle Pamela's screams.

The double-penetration continued for several seconds, as
Amy's own brand of discipline became even more severe. She
made Pamela squeal with each hard slap on her ass, which
obviously only added to her already intense passion level.

"OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM!" Pamela finally thundered out.

Bearing down, Amy and Camille followed through on that
request as they viciously pumped her with those big dildos.
Pamela's body shook and shivered for an instant, then she
let out one final scream before collapsing on top of Camille
and going absolutely limp. Then - and only then - did the
pair of dildo-wielding hellcats withdraw themselves from
Pamela. She had been satisfied - and thoroughly drilled.

I was sweating profusely and breathing hard in response
to what I had just witnessed. I will go out on a limb here
and say that was the most powerful orgasm of Pamela's life.
I do not see how anything could have been more intense.

Camille wiggled out from underneath an exhausted Pamela
before whispering something into her ear. Pamela nodded
her head, then was greeted by a kiss on the cheek from Amy.
She obviously needed some time to recover.

Sensing this, Camille turned toward Amy and smiled at her.
She glanced down at the humongous dildo which protruded from
her pelvis, then offered Amy another smile. Amy got the cue
as she then unsnapped her own strap-on dildo and let it fall
harmlessly to the ground.

"Now it's your turn to be fucked..." Camille smirked.

I continued stroking my erection as Camille spread out a
large towel on the other side of the whirlpool. She pushed
Amy down on top of it, onto her back, and then mounted her
in the missionary position. An instant later, Camille had
the dildo shoved far and deep into Amy's burning pussy.

From the very start, the energy level between these two
lovely ladies was very high. Amy encircled Camille with both
arms and held onto her tightly as their bodies were slapping
so hard and violently together that I could actually hear
the noises that were being created as a result.

"FUCK ME!" Amy pleaded, screaming. "OH YES, FUCK ME!

Finding enough strength within herself to do so, Pamela
had turned her face toward the intense coupling. With a hand
stuffed between her thighs, and several fingers twiddling
away on her little clitoris, Pamela could not help but to
masturbate. She certainly was not alone in that regard. (!)

Camille showed no mercy or tenderness as she absolutely
blasted Amy with the monstrous strap-on dildo. The Mexican
also held onto Amy's large, heaving breasts and used them as
balancing points as her hips continually hammered away.

As Amy screamed out her orgasmic pleasure just seconds
later, I moaned along with her while my cock erupted like a
raging volcano. Sperm shot out and leaked all over my hand
and wrist again, as well as my legs, as Amy went through a
very powerful and explosive orgasm of her own. She held
onto Camille with both arms and hugged her rather fiercely,
while her mouth shot out expletive after nasty expletive.

Once Amy's body eventually settled down from her intense
release, I noticed that Pamela was up and about, and busy
sifting through Amy's naughty bag-of-toys.

For an instant, I imagined what Pamela would look like
with a huge strap-on dildo protruding from her pelvis. What
a sight that would be! The thought went away, however, once
she retrieved a hand-held dildo from the bag instead.

When Pamela turned and focused her eyes on Camille, I
smiled to myself. "Get her!" I said out loud, badly wanting
to see Camille get pounded mercifully.

Pamela crawled over to Amy and Camille as they were still
locked together in a warm embrace next to the swirling spa.
I squeezed my deflated cock as she did so, trying to pump
some more life into it. Pamela's next move was to latch
onto Camille from behind and pull her away from Amy.

Surprised for a moment, Camille turned around but was
immediately met with a searing mouth-to-mouth kiss from
Pamela. The two ladies were quickly writhing together in
unison as Pamela undid the harness which held Camille's
massive strap-on dildo in place. Now without any support,
the crude object fell harmlessly to the ground.

"You're gonna get it!" Pamela warned her girlfriend as
she broke the kiss, before pushing Camille down onto her
back. She immediately dove face-first between her thighs
and started to eagerly slurp away on Camille's pussy.

Moaning in response, the 25-year-old bombshell clutched
and squeezed her own breasts, which only added to her level
of arousal. I watched with interested eyes as Pamela had
two fingers stuffed deep in Camille's pussy as she used her
velvety tongue to flick away at her swollen clitoris.

Camille's moans became much louder as she soon clenched
her thighs tightly around Pamela's head. Camille continued
massaging her own breasts as she lay on the ground, her
head up so she could keep a watchful eye on her lover.
Pamela surely did not disappoint, as Camille's moans got even
louder as she put a vise-grip on her head with both thighs.

Deciding it was time to interject herself into things,
Amy joined the couple and made it a three-some. Her pussy
needed some service, it seemed, so she swung one knee over
Camille's pretty face and then settled down astride it. Amy
lowered her intoxicating pussy to Camille's awaiting lips and
mouth, and was quickly greeted by a wet, probing tongue.

Pamela watched what was happening, and it made her smile.
It also made her up the ante, so to speak, as Pamela then
produced the big hand-held dildo she had earlier retrieved
from the ominous bag-of-toys. In one motion, Pamela popped
the humongous head into Camille's slit, then jammed its
entire length hard and deep into her.

The mocha-skinned temptress growled in response as her
body tensed in obvious arousal. However, that did not stop
her tongue from its hot, joyous exploration of Amy's pussy.

Perched above her, Amy used one hand to run her fingers
through Camille's silky-smooth hair, while using her other to
grope and squeeze her own breasts. Amy's body was already
churning about atop Camille's curious tongue...

"A taste of your own medicine!" Pamela exclaimed, as she
began to thrust the gigantic dildo in-and-out of Camille's
womanly folds. She too, showed no mercy or even a trace of
compassion. Within seconds, Pamela was pounding Camille's
overheated pussy at an incredible, alarming rate of speed.

"Calling me a bitch in heat..." Pamela snapped, her arm a
blur as she hammered her lust-lover. "You little whore...
who's the bitch in heat NOW?" My eyes widened as Pamela
somehow increased the speed and strength of her powerful
thrusting motion. "SCREAM FOR ME!"

My cock was suddenly hard once more as Camille's neck and
back arched in response to the sensations which swirled
throughout her, as she screamed and yelled out her passion.

Pamela thrusted the dildo as hard and as deep as she
could into Camille's pussy, then dove face-first once again
and eagerly licked away at her engorged opening. The oral
work did not last for long, however, as Pamela withdrew her
face and began pounding Camille with the dildo once again.

Still nestled atop Camille's face and probing tongue, Amy
turned around as if she was on a swivel. Now facing Pamela,
Amy leaned over at the waist and found the blonde's chin
with her hand. She brought Pamela's face in line with hers,
then smashed their lips together for a blistering kiss.

I was about ready to blow yet another spermy load while
watching this memorable encounter unfold before me. These
ladies were locked in an intense three-some, with Camille
being the main centerpiece as she lay flat upon her back.

Camille's face was stuffed full of Amy's hot pussy, who
had settled herself astride the vixen's head. At the same
time, Amy was turned in a direction so she could keep an eye
on Pamela - who was nestled between Camille's thighs - as she
drilled the Californian's slit with the large dildo. Amy
then took it one step further, however, as she planted her
lips on Pamela's mouth for a blissful, rip-roaring kiss.

"OHHHHH, FUCK!" Amy screamed as her sweet pussy suddenly
exploded, creaming Camille's elegant face in the process.
Amy continued to groan out in undeniable lust for several
seconds as she roughly mashed her pussy atop Camille's face.
In the meantime, Camille kept busy as she eagerly lapped away
at Amy's hot, overflowing folds. She enjoyed the taste...

Once Amy finally removed herself from atop Camille's face,
Pamela now had the beautiful Latina all to herself. Pamela
seized this opportunity too, as she tossed the big, hand-held
dildo off to the side - and into oblivion.

My whole body began to tremble with unspeakable desire as
Pamela then secured the 15(?) inch strap-on dildo around her
waist and hips. I knew full well what was happening next...

The crude object in place, Pamela latched onto Camille's
round ass with both hands and mounted her in the missionary
position. An instant later, she was brutally pummeling her
with the use of that monstrous strap-on.

It was a bit of poetic justice for me to watch Camille get
blasted courtesy of the same strap-on dildo that she had
earlier used on Pamela. What made the situation even better
was that Pamela was the instigator of it, too. I wanted to
watch her absolutely split Camille in half with that thing!

Amy sat back and watched with very interested eyes - as
did I - as Pamela continued to hammer and pulverize Camille
in the missionary position. Once again, the noise created
from the slamming together of their luscious bodies was
incredibly loud and highly erotic.

Equally loud was the screams from Camille as Pamela's hips
pistoned up-and-down like an engine, while the huge strap-on
engulfed the squealy woman's pussy with each inward stroke.
Camille's screams were incoherent; I could not make them out.

Still watching the action unfold before her, Amy slipped
a hand between her thighs and began fingering her clitoris.

"OH YEAH... YOU'RE GONNA CUM!" Pamela roared at Camille,
her voice loud and ragged. "YOU'RE GOING TO CUM _REAL_ HARD
FOR ME!" She went silent for a moment but still thrusted
away at Camille. "DO IT! CUM FOR ME! DO IT _NOW_!"

Responding to those demands, Camille let out a thundering,
earth-shaking scream as she gave in to the passion which had
built itself up within her body.

With both arms hooked and secured tightly around Pamela's
neck and shoulders, Camille screamed again as her hot, little
pussy erupted in a fierce orgasm. Her body violently shook
and rumbled about in the sensations of release as Pamela
slowed her thrusting motion somewhat, but still continued to
churn herself into the loud, boisterous 25-year-old.

"OH YEAH..." Pamela growled in the aftermath, grinning,
as she stared down at Camille. "You came for me real good,
sweetheart. Just the way I wanted you to..."

Breathing deeply, Camille looked up at Pamela and offered
her a smile as her body slowly but surely crested downward
from the height of orgasm. I caught a glimpse of her eyes,
and noticed there was a total look of adoration in them.
Pamela and Camille sure did make a nice couple...

Pamela leaned down and placed her lips on Camille's for a
gentle, loving kiss while saying with a grin, "I want you to
remember one thing, though, honey - my name is _NOT_ Pammy!"

<<<- End of Chapter 9 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014

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2014-11-19 23:04:14
Okay, so I heard about you through How Does She and I don't live in Idaho or Utah but I would come to you if you would pick me for your Photo shoot give away. We taevrl to Farmington all of the time because my mom lives there and I would love to have a photo shoot of my 11 mo old soon turning one! Even a family portrait with him in it since it has been a while since we had a family photo. We have been shopping for a good photographer ever since our last one moved to Texas 2 1/2 years ago. So what do you say?

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2014-05-11 22:48:24
awesome story i cannot wait for more chapters thanks


2014-05-11 19:19:06
Oh, don't worry about the plotline going away. It will come back. In fact it will be back in the next chapter. And there will be chapters down the line where there is absolutely no sex whatsoever. I need to make both sides happy - the ones who want more action, and the ones who want more plot. This chapter was for the former.

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2014-05-11 18:41:28
The tags said there was "male/females" sex in this chapter. What happened to it? I honestly hope that kissing a girls foot a couple of times isn't what this author considers sex. -Confused Reader-

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2014-05-11 18:36:29
It feels like your chapters are getting a lot shorter, and they are definitely becoming less and less story/plot oriented. The last 2 chapters are basically just lame bait material with barely any plot use or purpose, which would be fine for one-shot bait stories, but completely disrupts the flow of story, and ruins a multi-chapter series (if sex is part of a series it needs to be balanced with story not overpower it). Hopefully you will get back on track with the actual story, and personally I hope Jeremy is smart enough to eventually ask Devon to stay with him as so far she seems to be the only one completely devoted and committed to him and willing to give up everything to start a new life and relationship of love and romance. Pamala and Kristanna seem to want to marry Jeremy but don't want to give up anything to make that possible. There is nothing wrong with their choice, they just aren't compatible with what Jeremy is searching for.

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