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I've bee told the deion of the house is not confusing. I still think it is.
I was jarred awake at around noon by a knock at the door. Ellie stirred and groaned then fell silent again. Covering her with the blanket, I went to see what was happening.

“Your father, sisters and I are heading to Liz’s,” my mom said. Liz was an old family friend who lived in Rochester. She had two daughters about my sister’s ages, and was probably my mom’s best friend. Her husband apparently entertained my dad enough for him to go also. I hated her, her daughters were brats. I had long since refused to attend her annual fourth of July party because there was nothing for me to do in a strange house an hour away there and therefore no reason to go.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily, concealing my glee, “what time you gonna be back?”

“You know everyone starts to leave shortly after dinner. We’ll probably stay a while longer, then head back around nine.”

“Sounds good to me, can I go back to sleep now?” My mom rolled her eyes and walked away. I shut the door and locked it again. Best to wait until I was sure they were under way, just to be safe.

Ellie had apparently woken up, I noticed as I pulled the blanket off to be greeted with a yawn and a smile. She shifted to her back, grabbed one of the bottles of water I always kept on my desk next to my bed, took a large gulp, capped it and put it back. I climbed in on top of her, and kissed her.

“My family’s heading to a friend’s in Rochester for the day, they won’t be back until around ten.”
“Mmmm,” she smiled mischievously, submissively resting her hands on the pillow above her head. We laid there for another half hour until I went out to check. The garage was minus one van, they were gone. I led Ellie upstairs.

My house was basically split into three sections, two triangular shaped sections on either side, and a big rectangular prism in the middle. Facing the house, the right side triangle was the garage, the left the bedrooms. When you walked in the front door, to the immediate left was the hallway the bedrooms branched off of, to the immediate right was the living room, and a window overlooking the front yard. To the front was a doorframe leading to the dining room. Just before the doorframe, running left was the stairs leading to the one room loft which had cutouts that overlooked the living and family rooms.

If you walked through the doorframe, you entered the dining room, an immediate right took you into the kitchen which continued into the family room. More right turns brought you down the basement stairs which ran beneath the stairs to the loft.

I brought Ellie to the bedroom section, into the bath meant for the two rooms my sisters now occupied (my parents had their own off the master bedroom). Clothes were soon strewn about the floor as we stepped into a pleasantly warm, albeit somewhat cramped shower-tub. She pulled her soon wet hair back out of her face as I ran the soap all down her back, then sliding my hands around her waistline, then working my way up her stomach to her breasts. The warm water and soap allowed my fingers to slide with ease over her hardened nipples. I leaned my head over her shoulder and kissed her twice from behind.

Spinning her around to face me, I started to wash her hair while she washed over my upper body. She slowly and methodically worked her way down, pausing to grab my ass for a few seconds, and took special care to wash my balls and hard cock. I knelt down, going extra slow over her strong, sexy legs and firm ass. She moved back into the stream so the soap slowly washed down to her ankles. Her hands began to weave through my, till then, fairly dry hair. Grabbing her ass with both hands I began kissing and sucking her clit while she washed my hair.

I nibbled gently on her clit and both heard and felt her reaction. Her muscles tensed and her hands paused. “Ooo,” she squealed in surprised and delight. I resumed my gentle licks and kisses while she finished up and rinsed out my hair. I continued to lick her for a moment while the warm water mixed with her juices and ran down her pussy, then stood, facing her. I pinched her nipples, pulling her close, and kissed her. Feigning a pull away, I pressed back hard, sliding my tongue in between her wet lips. I slid my hands down to her hips and pulled her as close to me as possible. The water washed down our already hot bodies as I pressed my cock into her stomach.

Finally we parted and I turned the water off. We climbed out and began drying each other off. I made sure to give her nipples and clit a little and very welcome extra attention with the towel. We left our clothes and exited the bathroom, my hand around her waist, and her hand around my cock heading back towards the basement. When we passed the couch in the family room, she pushed me into it and dropped to her knees. I grabbed a handful of hair and let her get her lips over my head before stopping her. She looked longingly at me and tried to do what she could with her tongue. I let her go for a few minutes before pulling her away.

“It’s not that easy,” I said grinning evilly. I grabbed her nipples and guided her to her feet. “Wait right here,” I went to the basement and retrieved my backpack. I came back to find her standing right where I’d left her. I led her over to the opening that connected the family room and kitchen, standing her just on the edge of the family room carpet, facing into the room itself. With a short length of rope I bound her wrists together in front of her. Then, tying one end of the spooled rope to her wrists, I tossed the spool up through the cutout into the loft. I had her spread her legs about three feet apart and told her to remain flat footed. I walked up into the loft, measure the rope to make sure it was long enough, then cut. Pulling until it was tight, but not forcing her onto her tip toes, I tied the end off to a heavy metal desk then went back downstairs.

Her arms held tightly above her head and out of the way, I walked up behind her, pulling my bag next to me so she couldn’t see what I grabbed. I reached around to grab her breasts and kissed her from behind. I went into the bag, pulled out a pack of 50 clothespins and tore open the plastic. I dumped them out on the kitchen counter. I pulled something else out of the bag, reached around Ellie and buckled it tight. I walked around to face her. Her lips looked almost as good around the red ball of the gag as they did around my cock. Now she could only speak with her eyes. They pleaded with me, implored me to let her suck me, to let her drink from my dick.

I grabbed two clothespins, attached one to each nipple. She looked down at them for a moment before raising her head to again gaze at me. Then I evenly spaced eight more around the edge of her areola. She continued to stare at me. She couldn’t really feel them now…but she soon would.

Then I pulled out the device. The large vibrator she so loved and so despised. Her eyes went wide, she shook her head no and tried to move, but she had nowhere to go. I turned it on high, and moved it in circles on her stomach. Her muffled giggles sounded nervously through the gag. I ran it down towards her pussy, then stopped and took it back up just before. I put it on each clothespin letting the vibrations carry pleasurably through to her nipples.

I turned it off and held it to one of her still spread legs while reaching over to grab a roll of masking tape from the bag. Duct tape was a little too strong, and sometimes painful coming off. You had to use a bit more masking tape, but it stuck just right. I slid the vibrator until the head once again spread her lips wide and rested on her clit. She moaned long and loud, she knew what was coming. Once I had it taped tight, I stood back to admire my work.

It was an extremely arousing sight, her hands held high in the air above her head, immobile, the clothespins slowly increasing the sensitivity of her nipples, her lips wrapped tight around the gag, and the vibrator ready to figuratively bring her to her knees any time I wanted.

“No cumming until I say,” I warned her.
I put my hand on the controls for the vibrator, she winced and flinched. I kissed her forehead, her cheek, her lips over the gag.
“Cli-click.,” two rapid clicks, up to medium. I wrapped a silk scarf around her eyes, blinding her. Her moans combined with the buzz of the vib for a moment to make one sound. I sat back on the couch to watch.

Medium would be able to bring her to climax, but it would take a while. I sat back on the couch to watch. For a half hour she stayed strong, complaining moans coming through the gag every now and then, and then consistently as her pussy grew wetter. Then they started, barely noticeable at first, but slowly more apparent. Her twitches as the vibrator started to get to her. Every few seconds at first, trying desperately to pull herself away from the pleasure device, then more rapidly. I silently grabbed a stool from the kitchen and set it in front of her. She didn’t seem to notice. Then I started taking the clothespins off, two at a time starting with the ones around her areolas. She grunted softly with pain as the blood rushed back, then louder when I pulled the two off her nipples. Soon the pain turned to a pleasant heightened feeling of touch. I sat on the stool and grabbed a breast in each hand. She shuddered with pleasure, and I hadn’t even begun.

I kneaded and squeezed them for a few minutes, hearing her happy moans continue. Her moans grew more frequent, lines appeared on her forehead, it was getting harder and harder for her to hold off her climax. I turned off the vibrator, removed the gag and tossed it aside. We kissed, passionately; I slid my tongue in and out, moved down to her cheek, then back to her lips again. Finally we broke, and I put my cheek to hers to whisper in her ear.


I turned the vibrator to high, sat back down and again grabbed a breast in each hand. The vibrators assault on her already screaming pussy combined with my licks of her now over sensitive nipples. She rose quickly, her breaths grew to pants, she opened her mouth and…nothing. I had turned he vibrator off. She moaned disappointedly, I kissed her again. She started to speak, but I stopped her, put my finger to her lips. I traced them, then ran it down, down her chin, going back and forth across her neck to her breasts, over and around each nipple, over her belly button, back to the vibrator.

“OHHHHH GOD,” back to high again. Back down on her breasts, wild uncontrolled licks across each nipple, unrelenting vibrations across her clit, her lips, her entire vagina.

Her lips parted again, she went to scream, again no sound came out. This time because she was busy having the orgasm of her life. Juice tried to squirt out, was blocked by the massive head of the vibrator, dripped and flowed, coating the head, some ran down the shaft of the tool, some onto the floor. She came and came…and came some more. Her vagina muscles tightening and releasing faster and faster until they simply held tight. I turned off the vibrator and cut it free, ripping the tape off her leg and tossing it aside. She started to drip and squirt everywhere. I put my hands on her hips and entered her tight, dripping, still convulsing vagina, and took over where the vibrator left off. She was still climaxing ridiculously strongly, I had grown very hard and very horny just from watching her struggle. I started thrusting as fast as I could right away, I was already very close. For the first time in several minutes, moans began escaping her lips. The powerful orgasms had started to weaken just enough so she could talk again. Inside her pussy, my dick still felt her vaginal muscles tightening and releasing, juices started to rise within me, they continued to fall from her. My dick was soaked, there was a massive puddle on the kitchen floor and wet stain on the carpet. I continued to thrust, deep, hard.

Several more minutes passed until the final tightening of the walls of her pussy of her last orgasm, brought on a strong climax of my own. I squirted strongly for several spurts while continuing to thrust. My cum mixed with hers, together they started to drip from her vagina. I filled her with warmth and then some as it added to the mess on the floor. Finally as the last of my cum oozed out, my thrusts slowed. She gasped with each slow, deep penetration and sighed with each pull back. Finally my sopping dick left her pussy for good.

I untied the rope that held her arms up, leaving her wrist binds on for the moment and lay her on her back on the floor. We 69ed for a few minutes, cleaning each other off, both enjoying our combined tastes. My dick was almost all the way soft when I finally pulled it out of her mouth.

I cut her binds, picked her up and stood her on her feet next to the couch. Exhausted I flopped down onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Both still gasping for air, we drifted off to sleep.

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