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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

Island Fever
Written by:
Chapter 10: "Ecdysiast"

The time was 11:15am when I was making my routine rounds
throughout the mansion on this warm and breezy Wednesday
morning. I was en route for the voyeur room (no surprise
there, I freely admit), but came to an abrupt halt once I
spotted Trish seated all by her lonesome inside the spacious
library. Of course, this was not the first time - nor would
it be the last - that simply seeing one of my lovely female
guests (especially if it happened to be Trish) would make me
stop dead in my tracks.

Trish did not notice me at first as I admired her from
afar. Dressed in a black tank-top and a pair of hot pink
shorts, along with white socks and sneakers, Trish was busy
reading a book at the center table. The tank-top that she
wore - which read _Canadian Girls Kick Ass!_ across its
front - gave no doubt as to where she hailed from.

Trish was so incredibly gorgeous. That was the exact
thought which went throughout my mind as I watched the young
woman play with her free-flowing blonde hair, twirling those
wavy strands around an extended finger. Trish was petite
yet also physically fit at the same time, standing 5-foot-4
and weighing a honed, sculpted 118 pounds, and had a truly
voluptuous figure which was built for pleasures of the flesh.
With a bright smile, smooth skin and 36d-24-36 measurements,
Trish was what most normal men (such as myself) usually
could only fantasize about. She was a _goddess_ to me.

What made Trish even more appealing was the simple fact
that she was one of the nicest, most friendly individuals I
had ever come across in my life. Trish was a sweetheart to
the highest degree; a people person. A warm, witty, clever
and thoughtful woman, this 30-year-old exuded light and
beauty in any room, and could enliven even the darkest of
situations with her mere presence alone.

Trish also had attitude, confidence and control, and the
wonderful ability to flirt and seem overly vulnerable all in
the same moment. Such words did not apply to most women.
Trish was truly a breath of fresh air whose charm, elegance
and fierce, loyal nature could endear her to anyone.

Over the past week or so, it had become readily apparent
that Pamela and Devon shared a vested interest in me. The
same could be said for Amy, but I believe the feelings she
had toward me were to a lesser extent. Perhaps Lindsay too?

Where these feelings were coming from and what was causing
them, I was not quite sure of at this particular moment in
time. Again, I tend to think of myself as nothing more than
your average, ordinary man. There is really nothing special
about me. Mind you, there is nothing truly bad, either. I
am simply an everyday guy... just a face in the crowd that
no one would have any real reason to notice. I have never
been one to exaggerate about myself.

Point is, if this were a week-and-a-half ago (when the
ladies first arrived on the island), I would probably be
flip-flopping literally every minute between Pamela and
Devon as to who my so-called _favorite_ was. I would be
racking my brain on a constant basis.

However, several days ago, I promised myself that I would
no longer be playing the favorite game. It was not very
healthy, or smart. I was going to sit back and wait, perhaps
even a full month into their visit, before I chose which of
the girls that I wanted to pursue a relationship with. With
any luck, the feeling would be mutual.

So, a little one-on-one conversation time here with Trish
in the library seemed very appealing to me. Oh, I know that
Trish had her eyes set on Lindsay. She had her entire heart
and soul set on Lindsay. That was clearly obvious. Trish
wanted to take Lindsay home with her, and never look back.

Still, why not take this opportunity? I was extremely
attracted to Trish. Was there a man alive who would not be
attracted to a woman so eloquently beautiful and classy?

Believe it or not, but there was also a part of me which
still wanted to explore the possibility of a relationship
with Trish. Why not? And, best of all, she was all alone
here in the library right now. How often would I catch her
without anyone else (especially Lindsay) around? Indeed, I
had to pounce on this opportunity and make the most of it.

Hopefully Lindsay would not show up out of nowhere - like
she did a few days ago - and take Trish away from me right
in the middle of what was shaping up to be a very good and
thoughtful discussion. In fact, I was still stinging from
that. I would never leave someone high and dry like that...

When Trish arched her neck to relieve an apparent crick,
she noticed me as I stood in the adjacent hallway. In her
own, patented fashion, Trish's brown eyes simply lit-up as
she offered me that dazzling, genuine smile. "Hi Jeremy!"
was her friendly greeting, as she waved her hand at me.

"Why, hello there dear," I returned, my heart fluttering
in response to her smile. I composed myself and then made
my way into the library - and over to her. I took a seat
at the table and grinned, "What you got there?"

"Oh... just a reference book about Peru," Trish told me,
lifting the cover and showing its title to me. "Just reading
about the history of Peru and its restaurants, the places to
go and see... that type of stuff." Trish placed the book
down upon the table and offered me an impish grin. "Game
one of the Stanley Cup Finals is tonight, Jeremy, between
the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. Are you going to
keep good on your promise and watch it with me?"

"I plan to," was my response. "I know you are looking
forward on continuing my education about hockey. Who do
you think will win the championship between Boston and
Chicago, Trish? Who is your pick?"

"The Blackhawks will win the series in six games," she
informed me. Was there any reason for me to doubt her?
Trish seemed like an expert when it came to the National
Hockey League. "My only wish is it could be a team from
Canada. No team from Canada has won the Stanley Cup Finals
since 1993. I was only age 10 then, you know. That was a
very long time ago. Much too long, in fact."

"Are you ever going to get Lindsay interested in hockey?"
I wondered. "All she did the other night during the game we
watched was play video games. That, and fall asleep for a
short while. Lindsay did not seem interested in the sport
at all. She only watched it for about two minutes."

"Meh..." Trish shrugged. "But as long as Lindsay is with
us, though, it's cool. I like having her around, you know.
She can play her video games and listen to music while you
and I keep track of the hockey game."

I quickly had to remind myself of something. I had Trish
here - and we were alone. The conversation was already
starting to drift toward Lindsay. Again, how many times
would I be presented with the opportunity of a one-on-one
discussion with Trish? It was time to change the subject,
and focus on Trish. Talk about her, and not others. Thus,
I asked the first question that I could think of.

"You're a physical fitness instructor back in Toronto?"

"Yes, I am."

"What is that like?"

She took a moment to answer. "I cannot complain. I love
physical fitness; I have been training and staying in shape
for the better part of a decade. I go to work each day and
I get to do what I love and, even better, help others too."

"You work at a gym? How long have you worked there?"

"Nine years."

"Nice place?"

"Really nice place," she stressed. "I started out as a
salesgirl nine years ago, then became a trainer shortly
thereafter." Trish giggled and went on, "It was bad at
first. I had to lifeguard the swimming pool. But, I got
to work with others soon enough."

"What type of money does being a fitness instructor pay?
That is, if you don't mind telling?"

"I get paid $19.33 an hour. Not bad, I guess. I usually
work from five in the morning until two in the afternoon. I
am used to waking up each morning at three o'clock and going
for a two mile jog. That is something I have had to adjust
to here on the island. I haven't been waking up until six.
My body is still all out of whack from it."

"Have you found any good jogging trails here?"

"Kristanna and I have actually been using the service road
that encircles the island. You know, the road you had built
for your _Jeep_. I don't feel right without a daily jog."
Trish laughed again. "I tried to get Lindsay to go jogging
with me. She lasted about a half-mile."

"I am certain that Kristanna is probably the only person
on the island who has a chance of keeping up with you," I
offered. "She is really into fitness herself."

"I'll whip all of the girls into shape!" Trish snickered.
"My first priority is Lindsay. You wouldn't think this about
a little 95 pound body like hers, but that girl eats way too
much fast-food. Lindsay says that she goes to _McDonald's_
three or four times a week. That's not good for her!"

Hmmmmm, the topic had drifted back to Lindsay yet again.
I was fighting a losing battle. Perhaps it was time to give
up and accept the fact that Trish had no real interest in me?
I certainly believe that Trish liked me as a person. She just
did not look at me as a potential lover down the road. The
thought - even the possibility of it - had probably never even
dawned on her. I needed to get that through my thick skull.

But damn... what a cool _chick_. It was difficult to let
Trish slip away and free quite so easily. I had never met
anyone like Trish before, and most likely never would again.

"At least Lindsay is eating right here," Trish added. "Of
course, she doesn't have much of a choice. None of us do."

"I like to think the food that I have here is healthy," I
said. "I certainly do not want to add to any bad habits for
any of the girls here, or even myself."

Trish nodded her head. "The food is not only healthy, but
delicious. Your housekeeper, Louisa, is an outstanding cook.
Best food I have ever tasted has been on this island, bar
none. Just don't tell my mom that I said that."

I chuckled at her. "Don't worry, I won't. Hey, I have a
question. Where is Lindsay, anyway? I do not see you and
her apart all that often. Is she feeling okay?"

Trish made a face. "Lindsay is with Amy right now. She
wanted to hang out with her and Camille for a while. Why, I
do not exactly know. But I'll hook up with her later on. We
are going to play some video games in the recreation room."

"Lindsay is exploring a bit. Opening her wings, so to
speak, and branching out. She is really young. It is okay,
Trish. I am certain when things are all said and done, you
and her will spend a lifetime together. You and Lindsay...
the two of you go together so very well. I have never seen
two people who belong together more than you and her do."

"Yeah... I like to think that way too," Trish murmured.
"I have never felt stronger for anyone in my whole, entire
life. I love that girl. I love her more than anything."

"I know you do."

Why couldn't she feel that about me?

Trish reached out across the library table and placed her
hand upon my wrist. "I have a favor to ask, Jeremy. I was
talking with your friend, Kristanna, earlier. She says that
you have a whole mess of scuba diving equipment here on the
island. Kristanna also says that you love to go diving. If
it is not too much trouble to ask, I would love to go diving
with you. I... I have nothing else to do until later on."

"Oh? Do you have any diving experience?"

"I'm certified, baby!"

"You're a certified diver?"

"Yeppers," Trish clarified, nodding her head. "I took
both basic and advanced scuba diving courses at this place
back in Ontario called _Scuba 2000_ a couple of years ago.
I also took courses in nitrox and advanced nitrox. Since
then, I have been diving off the coasts of Canada, New York
and, while visiting friends there, Florida. I also went
diving in Bora Bora while on vacation there last year."

"Excellent," I told her. "I would not have to hold your
hand and watch over you as if you were a novice diver. So,
dear... you want to go diving right now? We can get all of
the equipment from the storage room, then take the big boat
out to the ocean. Or, we can do something else first, if
that is what you want. Whatever you want is fine with me."

"I'd like to go diving now," Trish informed me.

I was more than happy and content to just sit here and
continue the discussion with Trish. I really liked this
woman, and wanted to get to know her. She was such a cool
and interesting person. I wish Trish's feelings for me were
as powerful as they were for Lindsay. I could easily toss
her into the mix with Pamela and Devon. Likewise, I could
easily envision her emerging from the trio as my _favorite_.
My feelings for Trish could potentially be that strong.

However, there was nothing for me to complain about. The
conversation may not continue, but apparently I was going to
spend a sizable portion of the afternoon with Trish. Even
better, it was going to be one-on-one time with her.

"You're the boss. Not me." I stood up from the chair
here within the library and extended my hand toward her.
"Let's go see what's swimming out there in the ocean today."

"Awesome!" she exclaimed, accepting my hand.

* * *

A few minutes past noon-time, while aboard the big boat,
Trish and I counted to three, then back-rolled into the 77
degree waters of the Pacific and let the current wash over
us. I felt the familiar calm wash over me all at once.
There is nothing like the serenity of being suspended in
mid-water and the concurrent rush of flying past dizzying
arrays of color and life. From 80 FSW (feet of seawater),
Trish and I could clearly see the bottom of the boat and
make out the coral heads nearly 50 yards in all directions.

Of course, the two of us came prepared with all of the
necessary equipment for the big plunge. An oxygen tank and
helmet, fins, gloves, weight belt, buoyancy compensator and,
needless to say, a wetsuit were the bare essentials for any
diver. I also brought along an emergency air source, an
underwater watch, blunt tip knife and a laser flashlight.

Our first close encounter with marine life was with a
colony of friendly sea lions, who were more than happy to
show us how slow we were when we attempted playing a game of
_catch me_ with them. Trish then pointed out a hawksbill
turtle which, unfortunately, had a ten-foot-long fishing line
attached to its mouth. I tried to cut the line, but the
turtle got scared and swam away before I could finish. We
then came across several spotted eagle rays, free-swimming
moray eels, streaming schools of French and blue striped
grunts, and gigantic grouper and lobster.

Since Trish was an experienced diver, I had decided to
bring my _Sony DCR-TRV315_ digital camera, complete with
underwater housing, along for the trip as well. My thinking
was that, because Trish knew what she was doing in the water,
I could get some really good snapshots of the various sea
life without having to worry about her safety. I wound up
taking about 200 photographs over the course of our dive.

Trish kept close to me as we explored the dizzying depths
off the eastern coast of the island. The visibility was
superb, and I could tell that Trish was fascinated with the
beautiful coral that lined the ocean floor 100 feet deep.
We spotted an even greater variety of marine life - aarawana,
frogfish, halibut, eagle rays and cichlids, just to name a
few. Trish and I were also awarded with a very pleasant
treat when a pod of affectionate dolphins streaked by us.

At one point, I found a dome-shaped eye looking back at me
in the sand. I stopped immediately, then gently swept my
flashlight from side-to-side, in front of and behind me. It
was a slumber party of stingrays, their wings overlapping one
another. I motioned for Trish to come closer (but not too
close, as stingrays can be deadly if provoked), and the two
of us proceeded to hover over the brute for quite some time.

If not for the competition - a pack of hunting squid, a
delicate octopus dancing clear of its den, a crab devouring
its lobster dinner (which made me jealous, by the way), a
giant parrotfish tucked under a ledge, prowling tarpon, a
curious snapper and free-swimming moray eel - Trish and I
could have passed the rest of our dive enraptured by the
motionless stingrays. They were beautiful.

I guided Trish a little further out into the ocean. The
canyons located here were not only breathtaking, but quite
dramatic as well. Trish certainly did seem overly enthralled
with those canyon tops encrusted with healthy coral and
sponge life. Plus, the marine life here was even better.

A single grouper joined us, tagging along like a friendly
neighborhood dog. Together, we swam close above the coral and
then floated over the abyss until landing upon the other side.
A pair of cherela emerged from the abyss as well. At the same
time, a duo of spotted eagle rays swooped onto the scene -
like two kites catching an updraft in the blue, triangular
wings outstretched and long tails lagging behind. They
circled us once, twice, vanished and then re-appeared. They
seemed just as curious about us as we were about them.

The reefs were gorgeous as well, with healthy coral, large
tube and barrel sponges, and abundant anemones with their
attendant brittle stars and shrimp. Each coral head was
crowned by teeming masses of colorful reef fish and cloudy
pockets of fish fry. Indeed, it seemed like a completely
different universe down here. It was simply breathtaking.

Trish returned to my side and we proceeded to ride the
currents and watch the circle of life unspool around us in
the reef's fairytale turrets and spires. Soon, I remembered
that there was actually a sunken ship in close proximity to
us. Knowing that she would find it interesting, I motioned
for Trish to follow me further into the depths.

Minutes later at 124 feet underwater, Trish and I were
standing on the sea floor with the bow towering way above
us. The wreck had corals and sponges growing all over it.
The sinking of this ship was a terrible tragedy, indeed, but
new life had since sprung up on it as it was a coral reef.

Unfortunately, the vessel - a fishing boat that was
reported missing in 1944 and not discovered until 1976 -
appeared to be in a lot worse shape than the last time I
visited it. The wooden deck and structures above it were
rotted away, but the steel skeleton remained, although it
was slowly but surely being destroyed by corrosion from the
salty sea. That was depressing to me.

Unlike the last time I went diving here (eight months ago
with Kristanna), there were large holes in the side of the
ship, with entire sections already caved in. Originally, I
wanted to take Trish on a swim through the cabin and engine
room. However, I chose not to in fear of that if either of
us bumped into something, we could be trapped inside!

While Trish and I were curiously exploring the wreck, our
dive computers indicated that we had stayed underwater too
long to safely return to the surface. Thus, we had to stop
on our way back topside and decompress before getting out of
the water. After 45 minutes of underwater exploration, Trish
and I finally returned to the boat and climbed aboard it.

Naturally, Trish claimed that she had a _whale of a time_
(no pun intended) and made me promise that I would escort her
back into the depths sometime soon for another dive. Also,
it should come as no great surprise that next time, Trish
insisted, she wanted Lindsay to come with us as well. That
would be most interesting. Lindsay had never even stepped
foot in the ocean (let alone went diving) in her young life.
I may be an experienced diver, but I am _not_ an instructor!

After we made our return to the island and docked at the
pier, the skies above us literally opened up all at once -
resulting in a thick, heavy downpour of rain. This was how
torrential rain usually started around here. The whole day
had been scenic and balmy, with blue skies for as far as the
eye could see. Then, a single heartbeat later, clouds form
and bring with them a substantial amount of precipitation.

By the time Trish and I had made our way to the mansion,
there were bright flashes of lightning and loud rumbles of
thunder to go along with that downpour of rain. Once inside,
I informed Trish that this was the beginning of what would
likely be three or four terrifying electrical storms before
she and the others went back home in four-and-a-half weeks.

* * *

"Isn't this great?" Trish mused several hours later, idly
relaxing at the dining room table along with Lindsay,
Kristanna, Amy and Camille. As I lounged within the comfort
of my voyeur room and eavesdropped on their conversation,
Trish slumped down into her chair at the table and sipped
her cup of hot chocolate. "We're in a tropical paradise if
there ever was one, yet we're stuck inside right now because
of a massive rainstorm. This is just like Toronto!"

"At least the thunder and lightning stopped," Camille
observed. "Be thankful for that. It was scary for a bit."

Amy turned around in her chair and glanced outside by way
of the big picture window. It looked cold and gray as the
rain continued to audibly bullet and pelt the glass. It was
definitely not the type of weather to be stranded outside in.
It was wise to stay inside and keep dry.

"It's not bad," Amy offered, turning to face her friends
once again. "Jeremy said it won't rain all that often. We
will get big storms like this even less." The red-head
paused and added, "I rather be stuck inside this mansion
during a storm than be back in Ohio on the nicest of days."

"You've got a point there," Camille nodded. "Where
would we rather be? We're in the lap of luxury here. I
could be back home in San Diego right now, working. Working
at the old, boring real estate office. I want to be here."

"I'm not complaining," Lindsay squealed with glee, holding
her little hands up and admiring them. She then extended her
fingers and added, "Look. I gave myself a manicure tonight."

"I guess everyone is right," Trish relented. "We have
been here for well over a week and this is the first sign of
any kind of bad weather. I better stop my complaining."

"It could be vorse," Kristanna remarked in her unique
voice and accent. "Yew could be at me family's farm in
Norvay, milking da cows and herding da goats!"

"Milking cows and herding goats?" Camille scoffed, her
dark eyes wide. As a long-time resident of California, I was
quite certain that Camille had never milked a cow or tried
her hand at goat herding before. I would like to see her
try! Her reaction to the idea, though, was quite amusing.

"It not be so bad," Kristanna giggled. "Of course, I
grew up as farm girl. It is in me blood!"

"Milking cows and herding goats will NEVER be in my
blood," Camille countered, her tone serious.

"That pet goat Jeremy has on the island is really cute,"
Lindsay said. "Vincent Van Goat."

"Dat is me goat!" Kristanna exclaimed. "Not Jeremy's!
Da pig here - Hogglesvorth - is mine too! Da lamb is mine
as well - Da Lambinator. All of da animals belong to me!"

"I've always wondered what it would be like to live on a
farm," Trish told the group. "I would like that."

"I wouldn't mind living on a sperm farm," Amy smirked,
gaining the full attention of everyone at the dinner table.
"You know... with hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS, of men
ready to pump me full of their sperm at a moment's notice.
There would always be someone available to fuck me!"

After a few seconds of silence - where the others simply
stared at Amy in pure bewilderment - Kristanna shook her head
and finally spoke, "Yew crazy, girl. Yust crazy!"

"Do you remember Hands Across America in the 1980's?" Amy
asked the group. "They had one big line of people holding
hands from one coast to the other. It was a big-time thing."
She paused and added, "Well... I would like to campaign for
Cocks Across America!" My eyes went wide as the nymphomaniac
continued, "Line them up... man after man, from Maine all the
way to California. I would get down on my knees and suck
every single one of them off until they came in my mouth! I
would start at one end and work my way across to the other."

"Oooookay..." Lindsay commented, stunned.

"Yew beyond crazy," Kristanna giggled. "Yew zany crazy!"

Camille shrugged her shoulders. "Seems Amy is always in
the mood for a good mouth-fucking."

"How about Muff Across America?" Kristanna inquired.

"Why stop at America?" Trish asked Amy. "Don't forget
Canada. We have a great country, too, you know. And trust
me when I tell you - plenty of hard cocks there, as well."

"Hard because of women like you," Lindsay told Trish,
which brought an appreciative smile to her face.

"Just go for Cocks Across Earth," Camille suggested.
"That may be the only thing that keeps her happy."

"Jeremy keeps me happy," Amy mused.

Camille's eyebrows raised as she said, "You better not
let Devon hear that. She has latched onto Jeremy and looks
at him as her personal property. Anything the rest of us do
with Jeremy, she thinks, we're just borrowing him from her."

"Borrow, yes," Amy nodded. "But maybe I don't want to
return him. Maybe I want to keep Jeremy for myself!"

As I contemplated the meaning of those words - was Amy in
love with me as well? - Devon strolled into the dining room.

For a moment, I was fearful that Devon overheard Amy's
words about _borrowing_ me from her, but then choosing not
to _return_ me. I was fairly certain that Devon would not
have approved of such words from Amy - or any other woman
on the island, for that matter. She seemed a bit possessive
and, quite obviously, had her sights set on me. All I had
to do to remind myself of that was think back to the very
poignant and candid remarks she made to Camille about me
last week. Devon claimed that she even wanted to marry me!
Of course, Devon and I had some rather candid discussions of
our own. She was definitely on my list of top favorites.

However, the joyous look on the 27-year-old's face told
me that she was unaware of Amy's aggressive comments. Devon
made her way to the center of the elegant dining room, then
turned toward the five ladies who were gathered at the table.

"Have I got a treat for all of you," she gushed, a big
smile on her luscious face. "Take a look at this!"

Once Devon pointed toward the entrance of the dining room,
I quickly panned the camera back as all of the other ladies
glanced in that same direction. As they nodded and smiled
at what they saw before them, I nearly had a heart attack.

Pamela gave a sexy expression and sashayed into the dining
room, her high-heels clanking loudly upon the tiled floor.
The sweet, beautiful blonde was wearing a long, brown trench
coat which went all the way down to her ankles.

I immediately knew what was about to happen. I remembered
the recent encounter I had with Pamela on Saturday night,
when she had come to my personal suite wearing that very same
coat and offered me a wicked, hot lap dance. Ultimately, it
resulted in the two of us having a wild, passionate round of
sex together. Could the same scenario play itself out here?
Could a lap dance from Pamela lead to an all-out orgy?

Inside the dining room, the other five ladies were all
seated together at the table, which was quite sturdy itself.
Meanwhile, Pamela, who was an exotic dancer in her Maryland
hometown, was decked-out in the trench coat. It did not
take a genius to figure out that she was going to give the
girls a steamy strip-show - most likely upon the tabletop.

Even in such a drab coat, Pamela was absolutely stunning.
She was the type of woman who looked beautiful no matter the
situation. Of course, I knew she that would look a _million_
times better without her coat on...

"Take it off, baby!" Trish snickered, coming across as a
patron at a strip club. "Show us what you got!" Apparently,
Trish quickly caught onto what was happening here, too.

Pamela grinned heartily before stepping onto a chair,
then the sturdy tabletop. Her moves were so fluid and
natural. It was easy to tell that the sexy bombshell was a
very experienced, professional dancer.

When Pamela slipped the coat off, all of the women smiled
with lust while I began to stroke the big bulge in my shorts.
That bulge, by the way, was instantaneous!

Her blonde hair was long and flowing, styled in natural
waves, and her lovely face had just a few touches of mascara.
That face did not require a lot of make-up to look radiant.
It was naturally that way - just like the rest of her.

Pamela was dressed in a lingerie-style outfit. She wore
a transparent lace bra which was black. Her perky nipples
were clearly visible through the light, thin material.
Below her waist, the exotic dancer wore a lacey black skirt
which was rather small. It clung to her upper thighs in a
delicious manner and was also of the see-through variety. A
bright, metallic orange G-string could be seen through the
flimsy skirt. The whole outfit was topped off with a pair of
black high-heels which accentuated her tanned, luscious legs.

In a nutshell, Pamela looked absolutely marvelous. One
could only wish that all of the dancers in clubs across the
world could look even _HALF_ as good as Pamela did. Pamela
was so gorgeous that she could easily sell out a 100,000
seat football stadium, with plenty of standing-room only
sections included, for one of her sexy, live performances.
I was absolutely certain of that!

When Devon produced a portable stereo and pumped its
volume loud, a rowdy, raucous song simply erupted from its
speakers. I quickly realized that this particular song -
"Girls, Girls, Girls" (performed by _Motley Crue_) - would
be ideal for a so-called _gentleman's club_. I also figured
that Pamela had performed to this tune many times in the
past. Now, it was time for her to do her thing again.

The group of ladies looked on with interested eyes as
Pamela pranced toward the center of the large table. Yes...
it was easy to tell she had done this sort of thing before.

Pamela placed both hands on her flat stomach and turned
her face to the side, then began twirling her hips in a
lusty, sensual motion. Some of the girls started to squirm
and fidget about with arousal in their seats. Meanwhile, I
kept stroking the pulsating lump within my shorts.

Pamela continued with that same motion for several
seconds before turning her face toward the assembled group
of ladies. She hiked her skirt up to her waist and let it
fall down just as quickly, teasing the ladies as only she
could, then slowly walked around the perimeter of the table
with a sensual ease and eroticism which I totally admired.

Pamela stopped and turned toward her room-mate and lover,
Amy. She stood before her and bumped her voluptuous body to
the music. Amy could do nothing but gasp and glance at the
others for a quick second before turning her attention back
to Pamela. It was obvious that she really enjoyed Pamela's
lewd, suggestive dance. Of course, I think it is safe to
assume that Amy enjoyed mostly _everything_ about Pamela.

The blonde smiled down at her friend and cupped Amy's chin
with her right hand, then blew her a kiss with her left hand.
Once again, Amy squirmed about in her seat as Pamela giggled
before moving onto the next woman - Camille.

The intoxicating Latina produced a dollar bill and held it
up. Pamela smiled and shrugged her shoulders, then took the
dollar bill from her. Because of the tip, the beautiful
stripper decided to spend more time dancing in front of
Camille than she did for Amy. Pamela moved her curvaceous
body toward Camille, still bumping and grinding to the lively
beat, and gave her quite an entertaining show.

Trish was next in line. It seemed as if she had a real
fascination with Pamela's shapely ass. Who could blame her?
The Canadian had been gawking at it, through the transparent
skirt, since Pamela had begun dancing for Camille.

Pamela turned and looked back over her shoulder, noticing
that Trish was staring right at her ass. She grinned, then
turned toward her. Trish looked up and gave an embarrassed
smile as the stripper continued moving to the raucous tune.

Pamela stepped away from Trish and turned around, then
leaned over slightly, causing her shapely ass to jut-out
toward the woman's face. Trish gasped, obviously enjoying
this, and then Pamela began gyrating her hips while looking
back at her, smiling sweetly the whole time. She continued
to flaunt her luscious ass at Trish for quite some time,
before finally stopping and moving onto the next woman.

Lindsay produced a dollar bill of her own, and Pamela
graciously took it. She placed both hands on the side of
her head and squatted down in front of Lindsay, then began
darting her body from side-to-side with a sensual grace and
ease which, very simply, could not be put into words.

Lindsay blushed and flashed another dollar bill. Pamela
took it and tossed her head back, and rolled it in circles.
Kristanna, who was seated next to Lindsay, giggled as she
offered four kroner to Pamela. Pamela did not accept it,
but got a good laugh out of the Norwegian currency anyway.
However, she did offer the 23-year-old a sumptuous routine.
Kristanna's thoughts were there, at least, with the kroner.

After giving each of the girls an individual show, Pamela
went back to the center of the table and began grinding her
body in unison with the music. She spun on a high-heel,
appearing sexy as ever, with a big smile on her lovely face.
Meanwhile, Devon stood off to the side and smiled with the
stereo atop her shoulder, enjoying the show in her own way.

Pamela undid the lone, single button on the front of her
see-through skirt and easily pulled it off in one, quick
motion. She turned, now wearing just the transparent black
bra and metallic orange G-string, and gave all of the ladies
at the table a good show. She held the skirt above her head
with a single hand, then began twirling it about in circles
while rotating her rounded hips at the very same time.

The assembled group of ladies began to hoot, holler and
cheer as Pamela tossed the skirt off to the side. She
placed both hands on her hips and moved her body in a lusty
motion, while slowly rotating in a full circle so everyone
could get a view of her from every conceivable angle.

As you may have already imagined, by this time, I had my
cock out and was stroking it madly. Pamela was just so very
beautiful - especially when she danced and stripped. There
was no way that I could resist stroking in this situation.

Was there anything not to like about this moment? Pamela
had an adorable disposition, innocent, doe-like eyes wide as
saucers and a body that looked like it had been designed by
a cyber-geek at _Pixar Studios_. No normal man could not
help but to admire Pamela for all of her physical charms,
with his mouth usually ending up on the floor. Pamela was
an out-of-this-world beauty who, truth be told, seemed more
like a fantasy than a reality to me. Everything about her
seemed perfect. Plain and simple, Pamela was astonishing.

Of course, while I theorized that Pamela despised being an
exotic dancer because of the way the common customer treated
her (that was one of many reasons, actually), I figured that
she was having a good time right now while putting on a show
for all of her lady friends here on the island. Otherwise, I
simply figured that Pamela would not be doing this. I did
not have a problem with her showcasing herself like this for
all of the others. After all, everyone here were becoming
good, close friends. Pamela was clearly enjoying herself, so
I was going to do the same, exact thing.

Lindsay, who had offered two dollars in tips thus far,
flashed another bill. Pamela strutted over to the petite
blonde and graciously accepted it. She then stood at the
edge of the table on that side, directly above Lindsay, and
bucked her hips as if she were getting pounded by a cock (or
dildo, perhaps) during sex. Pamela closed her luminous eyes
and sighed, pretending that an orgasm was forthcoming.

That little bucking display caused several of the girls
to reach into their pockets or purses and produce dollar
bills. Pamela took care of all of them, giving each the
same bucking motion after taking their money. Kristanna
even snatched a dollar from Lindsay so she could experience
some of the up-close and live action, too. No one was
going to grow tired of this particular routine.

The 30-year-old, who now had a wad of bills in her hand,
tossed them onto the floor beside the table. Apparently,
Pamela did not feel like holding onto the money any longer.

Her next move was to return to the center of the table.
Pamela unclasped her see-through bra in front and peeled it
from her breasts. All of the girls looked on in appreciation
as they got a full view of those tight, 38d-sized globes.
Like she had earlier done with the skirt, Pamela held the bra
above her head and spun it in circles, while also vibrating
her body in a way so her breasts would flop and bounce about.

The young woman fell to all fours on the dinner table and
positioned herself so that her shapely ass was directly in
front of Trish's view. She twitched and wiggled her hips
for Trish, who had admired her ass so much just moments ago.

After several seconds, Pamela turned toward Trish and
stood on her knees, then blatantly pinched her own nipples.
Trish smiled and shook her head, and offered another dollar.

Pamela took the money and rose to her feet, then went
back to the center of the table. All of the girls were now
squirming about wildly - obviously very excited - as the
seasoned dancer thumbed the side straps of her G-string.

In what best could be described as a simply awesome
display of eroticism, the blonde gently slid the G-string
down her hips and thighs as her body shimmied and shook to
the beat of the loud, raucous music.

Now completely nude, Pamela trapped the G-string on her
right foot and then lifted her leg, and planted the garment
directly on top of Trish's head. All of the other girls
laughed and cheered as Trish took hold of the G-string and
brought it to her nose. She sniffed it, and smiled.

At center table, Pamela shimmied her hips to the music
while running both hands over her large, ample breasts. The
seductress turned and twirled her ass before Trish once
again, giving her another show which was truly appreciated.

Pamela then grinned and clapped her hands together in
three second intervals, and soon the group of ladies caught
on and started doing the same thing.

Everyone in the room was applauding as Pamela, the only
one who had stopped, jumped down from the table. Then, she
sashayed over to the far wall and faced the girls.

As the end of the song approached, Pamela dropped to her
knees and sat back, then opened her thighs wide. All of the
ladies had a clear view of her pussy as she closed her eyes
and started bumping her body. Needless to say, the girls
were _still_ clapping. Pamela continued with the simulated
sexual motions until the rowdy song finally came to an end.

The applause continued for several seconds, during which
time Pamela opened her eyes and smiled graciously at all of
the girls. She was grateful for their enthusiastic response.
Likewise, it was readily apparent that the ladies had been
entertained greatly by this incredibly sensuous young woman.

Maybe I did not realize how much the ladies enjoyed the
show until Amy stood up from the table. I about blew my
load as I noticed that Amy's denim shorts were unbuttoned,
with the zipper down in front. Along with the dreamy look
on her face, it was quite obvious that she had been playing
with herself during the memorable strip-show.

Any doubt of this was squashed when Amy reached into her
shorts, and rubbed herself with three fingers. Her gaze was
totally fixated on Pamela as she stood, facing her.

"I dink SOMEONE needs a lap dance!" Kristanna giggled,
her eyes focused on Amy.

"Why don't you give a lap dance to Lindsay?" Trish said
to Pamela, which in turn, caused the 18-year-old to blush
red with embarrassment. "I think she would really like one."
Indeed, it was abundantly clear that Lindsay was aroused by
the display Pamela had just put on for all of the ladies.

"Oh... would you like a lap dance, honey?" Pamela cooed
at Lindsay. After a brief hesitation, Lindsay offered a shy
smile and nodded her head in affirmative. "Pull a chair out
to the center of the room, and I'll give you a lap dance."

Lindsay nodded her head in agreement before she rose from
the table and eventually brought a chair to the middle of
the room with her. Without a single stitch of clothing on,
Pamela positioned herself directly in front of Lindsay as
she took a seat in the chair. Then, with her back turned to
Lindsay, Pamela struck a pose and started to slowly grind
her beautiful, rounded hips to an unheard rhythm.

Lindsay smiled in total appreciation as Pamela then turned
around and cupped her breasts in a very seductive manner.
The exotic dancer soon closed the distance between them and
moved her bare pelvis onto Lindsay's lap and mashed herself
against it. Pamela flung her head back sharply, her blonde
hair whipping about, then offered Lindsay a friendly smile.
Indeed, Pamela loved flaunting her considerable physical
assets and charms for the others. She was enjoying herself.

Pamela smiled as she ran her hands along Lindsay's chest,
giving those luscious breasts a good squeeze in the process.
The vixen grinned in return, then cupped Pamela's own breasts
with her hands and squeezed them firmly. Lindsay moaned as
Pamela rewarded her with a faceful of her breasts. The duo
giggled as Lindsay them embraced Pamela with both arms.

Pamela shook her body vigorously, finally freeing herself
from Lindsay's curious clutches. She proceeded to twist her
body so that she was now sitting sideways in her lap, with
two arms hooked around her neck. Lindsay moaned in pure
desire as Pamela shot her a seductive glance.

Pamela turned so that her back was facing Lindsay, then
she placed her ass in her lap and did some more gyrating.
Lindsay blushed again as she took hold of Pamela's hips and
squeezed tightly. Soon, however, Pamela got up and took a
step away, but continued to dance and gyrate.

"Shake that ass, baby!" Lindsay encouraged, finally saying
something bold and provocative. She had been so shy during
these opening 10 days, but Pamela was currently bringing out
a side of her that I had never seen before. "Shake it!"

As Pamela returned to Lindsay, it felt as if my cock was
about to explode here in the voyeur room. She took another
seat in Lindsay's lap and jammed her large breasts hard upon
the teen-ager's face. Pamela shimmied and shook her large
rack across Lindsay's lovely face for quite some time as both
ladies now offered each other warm and inviting embraces.

The case could be made that Pamela was giving Lindsay more
than usual for the typical lap dance. It is not all that
common for the _customer_ to do such a considerable amount
of touching. On the other hand, however, lap dances usually
do not end with the two people having sex with one another.
Obviously, that was where this little tryst was headed.

Pamela managed to break free from Lindsay's arms and then
slid down to her knees. Now perched between Lindsay's spread
thighs, Pamela reached forward and placed the palm of her
hand across Lindsay's pussy and gently massaged her there.

After several seconds of the playful petting, Pamela
grinned with obvious desire and slithered back up across
Lindsay's little body. She caressed the sweetheart's breasts
with both hands while also planting a kiss on her lips.

Eventually, Pamela stepped away and turned her back to
Lindsay, and started dancing with her hot ass in the blonde's
face. Bent over at the waist while bumping her hips, Pamela
was offering Lindsay a nice view of her exposed ass and pussy.

She held this position for a while before taking a seat in
her friend's lap, her back still turned. Pamela took hold of
Lindsay's hands, pulled them around her body and then firmly
placed them on her bare breasts. Lindsay did the rest with a
smile on her face, as she cupped and squeezed the big mounds.
The two ladies were obviously enjoying what was happening, and
it was easy to see that both of them were very excited.

Pamela ground her ass across Lindsay's lap while saying,
"Are you enjoying yourself, babydoll?"

"Yes!" Lindsay squealed, kneading the dancer's breasts.
"Better than I ever imagined it could be." She moved a hand
downward, between Pamela's thighs, then blatantly massaged
the sensitive area. "Will you strip for me, all summer?"

"Oh yes," Pamela replied, her body stiffening in pleasure.
"I'll do anything you want me to, honey."

"This summer is going to be the BEST EVER!" Lindsay gushed.

Pamela turned around in Lindsay's lap, so that they were
facing one another, then pressed her lips onto hers for a
far-reaching kiss. Lindsay's body stiffened for a moment or
two, but then she relaxed and returned Pamela's tongue-laced
kiss with one of her own. The two ladies shared a very warm
embrace as well, their tongues mingling in erotic unison.

In a fit of passionate rage, Amy immediately closed the
distance between Pamela and herself, and then grabbed the
stripper by the shoulders and pulled her away from Lindsay.
An instant later, both ladies growled with intense lust as
Amy smashed her lips onto Pamela's mouth for a searing kiss.
Apparently, Amy could not take any more of this sweet,
divine torture. She needed a piece of the action, too!

A few of the other women grinned with obvious arousal
and delight as they got up from the table and made their
way over to the embracing couple. Trish reached out with
her right hand and placed it on Pamela's lush, perfect ass,
squeezing and massaging it roughly.

Kristanna went one step further by dropping to her knees
behind Pamela, then reaching around her slender waist and
linking her hands together there. Meanwhile, Trish grabbed
Pamela's ass with both hands and really went to town. At
the same time, Kristanna, who was still on her knees behind
Pamela, spread the 30-year-old's pussy with her fingertips
and immediately extended her tongue for a delicious taste.

As could be expected, Pamela was already squirming and
writhing about as three women worked over various parts of
her body. Obviously the anointed leader, Amy grabbed a big
clump of Pamela's hair and gently yanked on it, ending their
mutual kiss. Pamela's eyes were ablaze with passion as she
stared at Amy, while Kristanna was busy exploring the tender
folds of her pussy with her tongue. At the same time, Trish
continued to pinch and maul Pamela's ass.

"You nasty slut," Amy growled, giving her room-mate a
glare of mad lust. "Those dances you just did were SINFUL!"

"Let me have a taste," Camille sighed, as Amy stepped to
the side and allowed the Mexican an opportunity to share a
rather forceful, heated kiss with Pamela. Meanwhile,
Kristanna was now jamming a pair of fingers in-and-out of
Pamela's moist slit at warp-speed, while Trish had one hand
on her ass, and the other on her breasts. Amy used this
brief respite for herself to get rid of her own clothing.

Off to the side, Lindsay made a move to join the group,
but was stopped once Devon placed a hand across her wrist.
The two ladies gazed at each other for a moment or two,
then smiled and shared a tender, loving kiss.

Amy put an end to the shared kiss between Pamela and
Camille, only then to beckon Trish to come forward. The
Maple Leaf beauty from Toronto did just that, and then
smashed her own mouth onto Pamela's for a passionate kiss.
I grinned at the mere sight. This being her fourth big-time
kiss with as many people in the last few minutes, Pamela was
getting a bit winded. She would be all right, though...

"Oh yeah..." Amy growled, as she watched Pamela and Trish
swap their tongues together over an open-mouthed exchange.
"Oh yeah... ravage that stripper's mouth! RAPE IT!"

Now over at the dining room table, Lindsay was squirming
about herself as she and Devon continued with their kiss.
Devon had her hand inside Lindsay's blouse, and was busy
fondling one of her firm, scrumptious breasts.

Amy tapped Kristanna on the shoulder, giving her a signal
that it was now her turn to orally worship Pamela's pussy.
Kristanna withdrew her lips and tongue from the enchantress'
moist folds, then smiled at Amy before rising to her feet and
sharing a kiss with her. Once it was over, Amy dropped to
her knees behind Pamela and immediately began lashing away at
her puffy clitoris with her tongue.

Kristanna and Camille held hands and exchanged smiles as
they both watched the kiss between Pamela and Trish intensify
to even greater proportions. A moment later, Devon snuck up
to Camille and joyfully hugged her from behind. The pair of
ladies giggled before pressing their own lips together for a
deep, intimate exchange. At the same time, Kristanna walked
over to Lindsay and whispered a word or two into her ear,
then offered her a kiss directly across the lips.

Soon, Trish wanted to change positions with Devon. Now,
Trish and Camille were keeping one another occupied while
Devon explored the inner regions of Pamela's mouth with her
tongue. Trish and Camille began to rip at each other's
clothing, too. Needless to say, Pamela was now well beyond
the point of simply being aroused. She was burning up.

Amy was showing Pamela's tender pussy absolutely no
mercy or compassion as she violently jammed three (and
sometimes four) fingers in-and-out of it at a blistering
rate of speed. In the meantime, Amy's tongue was swirling
in mad circles. It was clear that she wanted to be the one
who helped Pamela experience her first orgasm today.

Devon broke her kiss with Pamela, which allowed the
exotic dancer a chance to freely breathe and catch her wind.
"Why don't you come back over and get another kiss from
Pamela?" Devon said to Lindsay, smiling.

Kristanna nodded her head at Lindsay, who grinned and then
made her way over to Pamela. She took a very deep breath
just before Lindsay placed her lips on hers for a loving,
tongue-filled kiss. Pamela responded by slipping a hand
inside Lindsay's blouse and fondling one of her breasts.

As I watched this torrid encounter from the prime comfort
of my voyeur room, I could not believe my eyes. I was
definitely stroking my cock into a dizzied frenzy. It
seemed as if all of the ladies wanted to focus their effort
and energy onto Pamela, as a way of re-paying her for such a
monumental strip-tease. They were going to _GANG-BANG_ her!

Pamela was squealing and grunting in response to the
expert oral and finger work being done upon her pussy,
courtesy of the feisty Amy. The red-head even managed to
land a few, stinging slaps across Pamela's sweet ass as
well, which I am certain did nothing but excite her more.

A few seconds later, Pamela's whole body went rigid as
she broke her kiss with Lindsay. The young woman let out a
loud, shrieking scream, which was followed by a giggle from
Amy. Pamela had just creamed her little pussy - as well as
Amy's face. The sight made me smile.

"Oh God..." Pamela moaned once it was over, dropping to
her knees in a sign of momentary weakness. Of course, Amy
had to take this and twist it around somewhat.

"Ahh... she wants to be on her knees now!" The other
ladies snickered as Amy added, "That's really not the right
place for her, though. On your back, girl!"

Pamela let out an exaggerated squeal as she did what was
instructed of her. Now on her back, she instinctively spread
her thighs and slipped a hand between them, and began to
openly masturbate in front of everyone in the room.

Camille moved forward and then dropped to her knees,
directly over Pamela's face. Amy smiled and nodded at her -
signaling it was okay - before Camille took the final step
and lowered her pussy to the vixen's hungry, awaiting mouth.

"Oh yeah..." Camille moaned, her face ablaze with lust,
as she mauled her breasts with both hands and began to gyrate
herself upon Pamela's probing lips and tongue. "OH YEAH...
that feels so good! So good!"

I then watched as Amy - who was now completely nude -
crawled over to her ominous bag-of-toys and began to search
through it. What would she pull out of it this time?

Lindsay and Devon were in another kissing contest, but
Trish and Kristanna were keeping pace right beside them.
Lindsay's blouse was now history, and Devon made sure her
bra was soon to follow. I moaned at the mere sight of
Trish and Kristanna each stripping one another of their
clothing as their heated, passionate kiss continued. The
Norwegian had been fully clothed, but all that remained on
Trish prior to ten seconds ago was her bra and panties.
Camille had ripped off Trish's other clothing earlier...

Devon broke her kiss with Lindsay, then licked her lips
in anticipation as she glanced over at Pamela and Camille.
It was obvious to me what was on her mind.

My thoughts were then confirmed as a short moment later,
Devon settled down between Pamela's outstretched thighs and
began lapping away at her pussy. At the same time, Camille
continued to moan and squirm about as she mashed her own
delicious pussy upon Pamela's swirling tongue.

My eyes went wide with arousal once Amy pulled out a
massive, strap-on dildo from within that infamous bag. It
was black and appeared to be at least 12 inches in length.

Amy held the tool in her hand for several seconds, while
keeping an eye on the three-way coupling in front of her.
Then, Amy turned toward Lindsay and gave her a curious look.
Soon, she rose to her feet and went over to Lindsay.

"I bet you've never used one of these," Amy said, holding
the nasty strap-on up for Lindsay to see. The blonde shook
her head in response as Amy went on, "Well... I think it's
high time you learn. You need to know."

Lindsay yelped with desire as Amy whisked her shorts down
in a heartbeat. Next came her panties, and then Lindsay
appeared a bit antsy as Amy placed the strap-on's harness
around her waist, before buckling it into place.

Lindsay looked down with wide eyes at the massive dong
which protruded outward from her pelvis, before turning her
attention to Amy. "I've never even SEEN one of these..."

"They're real easy to use, honey," Amy told her. "Here.
You can have a test run or two on Pamela over there."

A moment later, Devon smiled and accordingly withdrew her
face from between Pamela's quivering thighs as Amy escorted
Lindsay over. The red-head then tapped Camille on the
shoulder, signaling for her to dismount from Pamela's face.
When she did, the exotic dancer's eyes went wide with lust
as she got her first glimpse of the dildo-wielding Lindsay.

"You should do her doggie-style for now," Amy suggested,
her hand across Lindsay's tight ass. "It's better that way."
Amy's voice became more strict as she smacked Pamela on the
leg. "Come on, Pammy! On your hands and knees!" Like a
submissive, Pamela immediately did what she was told. Amy
smiled and gloated, "All fours! Just like a bitch!"

A moment later, Pamela suddenly hid her face and screamed
out in total lust as Lindsay - who was on her knees behind
her - jammed the massive strap-on dildo into her pussy.

Amy offered the teen-ager some pointers and advice, but
it seemed as if Lindsay really did not need all that much
help. A wicked smile came to her face as she began to
churn her hips back-and-forth, the huge dong invading and
piercing its way throughout Pamela's precious folds.

"Fuck her harder!" Amy encouraged Lindsay, offering her a
hard slap on the ass for emphasis. "FUCK HER HARDER!"

Obviously liking this new side of herself, Lindsay grinned
and then really started to blast Pamela with the strap-on
dildo. Pamela screamed and cried out in response, also now
burying her face and pounding her fist upon the carpeted
floor in the process. This was too much...

"Oh, come here, sweet thing," Devon said to Camille,
grasping hold of her wrist and pulling her closer. "Did
Pamela get you all hot and bothered with her tongue?"
Camille nodded her head as Devon continued, "Don't worry,
honey. I'll be happy to finish you off."

As Kristanna was in the midst of worshiping Trish's full
breasts with her hands and tongue, Devon pulled Camille
down to the floor with her. She offered the hot Latina a
deep kiss, before gliding southward and slipping her head
between her thighs. An instant later, Camille began to
moan out her pleasure just as she had before.

A wave of lust had overtaken all of the ladies in the
dining room. Fortunately, I was witnessing it live from the
voyeur room. Even better, this encounter was being archived
by my surveillance equipment. I could re-live it any time...

Meanwhile, Amy still found it necessary to repeatedly
swat Lindsay on the ass as she plunged her way in-and-out
of Pamela's pussy. A moment later, Amy finally relented
and, with a smile, backed away from the squirming couple.
Indeed, Lindsay's whirlwind education on how to use a big
strap-on dildo was over. She now knew what to do with it.

Amy retrieved her bag-of-toys, and began searching through
it once again. This time, she pulled out an even _BIGGER_
strap-on dildo. Snickering, Amy held it up for the others to
see. I simply shook my head in amazement.

Amy returned to the lust-couple, and tossed the bigger
dildo onto the floor directly beside Pamela's face. I
smiled to myself as Pamela's eyes went wide as she stared
at the obnoxious thing. It must have been 18 inches long!

"Make that nasty girl cum!" Amy exclaimed, her words
directed at Lindsay. "Make her cum! Other people have to
get their turn with her, too. So hurry up!"

Speaking of such things, Camille screeched and wailed
out in utter lust as Devon helped her achieve an orgasm with
her skilled, talented tongue.

Lying flat on her back, Camille continued to writhe
and squirm about even in the after-effects of her orgasm.
That was obviously because Devon's face had not left the
silken joining of her thighs yet. Her tongue just kept
lapping away at Camille's soaked slit. I could tell that
Devon was really enjoying the _fruits_ of her labor...

Meanwhile, Trish and Kristanna were locked in yet another
heated kiss. Kristanna, in fact, was perched upon Trish's
trusting lap as the two ladies traded both their lips and
tongues in the open air. Indeed, Kristanna was a big hit
amongst all of the ladies - just as I knew she would be.

It appeared as if Pamela's body was about to burst from
the harsh, rough treatment she was receiving courtesy of
Lindsay. On her hands and knees with her ass perched high,
Pamela screamed out and pounded her fist upon the carpeted
floor once again as Lindsay continued to blast away at her.

I smiled at the sudden realization that Pamela was in the
sweet process of orgasm - her second of the evening thus far.
Lindsay obviously caught on too, as she slowed her powerful
strokes but continued to barrel the dildo into her new lover
until Pamela simply collapsed onto the floor.

Lindsay unstrapped the dildo's harness and leaned over,
kissing the side of Pamela's face as the professional dancer
breathed in short, rapid gasps. Just a brief glimpse of
Lindsay's perfect, little ass as she bent over and kissed
Pamela sent an electric shockwave shooting throughout me.

An evil gleam came to Amy's eyes as she picked the bigger
strap-on dildo (18 inches?) up from the floor. Grinning,
she twirled it by its strap above her head and called out,
"Who wants to fuck our resident rag-doll next?"

Devon was still nestled between Camille's thighs, and
may have been on her way to bringing her another orgasm.
With those two out of the running, Kristanna broke her kiss
with Trish and raised her hand. "Me!" she said, smiling.

"You know how to put one of these on?" Amy smirked,
extending the strap-on with her right hand. Kristanna
slipped out of Trish's lap and made her way over to Amy, a
definite smile on her face. She took the instrument and
fastened it around her waist.

"I vant to fuck her missionary," Kristanna sneered.

"What's stopping you?" Amy asked, matter-of-factly.

"Oh God..." Pamela whined, as Amy flipped her over onto
her back. "N-Not again!" the stacked blonde cried, just
before Kristanna mounted her in the missionary position and
sunk that enormous dong directly into her pussy.

I smiled and shook my head at the sight of Kristanna as
she immediately began to hump away at the poor woman.
Pamela may have been nearing exhaustion, but I knew that
she wanted - no - she NEEDED more. I could see the look of
extreme hunger in her eyes. I grinned again while these
thoughts went through my mind, as I busily stroked my cock.

Another smile came to my face as I watched Amy take the
lovely Lindsay into her arms, and kiss her deeply. Amy was
still close enough to what was happening between Pamela and
Kristanna. Therefore, Amy could continue to oversee and
make sure that Pamela got what she deserved - a gang-bang.
Eventually, Amy released Lindsay from her clutches.

"Oh God..." I moaned out loud, as Devon had now risen up
to her hands and knees as she continued to orally service
Camille's sweet pussy with her lips and tongues. Devon's
picture-perfect ass was upturned and wiggling about slightly.
I nearly blew my load at the mere sight of it.

Things became even more interesting once Trish and Lindsay
realized that they were the only two in the dining room who
were not currently occupied. That quickly changed, however,
as the pair of lovers embraced and kissed each other. There
was a special chemistry between these two ladies. It also
helped that Trish was head-over-heels in love with Lindsay.


That loud, ravenous scream caused me to immediately turn
my attention towards its source, which was Amy. I looked at
her with wide eyes as she now clutched Pamela's hair with
her hand, looking down at her expectantly. Meanwhile, of
course, Kristanna was still hammering away at Pamela with
that strap-on dildo in the missionary position.

"Tell ME that you are a SLUT!" Amy demanded again, now
yanking on Pamela's hair.

The 30-year-old's face was full of anxious lust as she
glared up at Amy, while also grunting with each forward,
powerful dildo-stroke of Kristanna's. Indeed, she looked as
if her body could spontaneously combust any second now.


"I'm a slut!"

"SAY IT LOUDER!" the red-head insisted, now grasping her
chin with her hand. "SAY IT LOUDER!"

"I'M A SLUT!" Pamela exclaimed, her voice literally
echoing throughout the room. "Oh God, I'm a slut! I'M
A SLUT! And I want to be fucked HARD! FUCK ME _HARD_!"

That did it for me.

The verbal exchange between Pamela and Amy pushed me
over the edge. My cock simply exploded because of it - all
over my hand and wrist, and even my arm. I had suddenly
made a monumental mess here in my voyeur room, but thought
about how wonderful it would be if one of these women was
with me right now. A mouth would be a good cleaning tool...

Somewhere within all of this happening, Devon (and her
swirling tongue) helped bring another orgasm to Camille.
And while Trish and Lindsay continued to kiss and grope one
another, Pamela experienced her third orgasm - and her most
powerful thus far - of the evening.

When it was over, Pamela lay in an exhausted heap upon
the floor. Her whole body was soaked with perspiration.
Her large breasts heaved hard for breath, but despite all of
that, Amy was not quite finished with her yet. Splendid!

Pamela squealed as she watched Amy secure a new strap-on
dildo around her waist. This one was not near as long as
the other two; nor was it quite as thick. Pamela squealed
once again as she then realized what it was perfect for...

Anal sex!

Amy tossed a bigger strap-on dildo toward Camille, who
immediately fastened it into place around her waist. I then
realized that both Amy and Camille were going to penetrate
Pamela's pussy and ass simultaneously with their strap-ons.
It would be a repeat performance of what happened between
these three women just last night at the outdoor spa.

As Trish ended her kiss with Lindsay, Camille got onto her
back and pulled Pamela on top of her. Pamela was totally
exhausted, but showed some sheer enthusiasm with a deafening
scream once she took a seat upon the obscene, 10-inch dildo.
As it filled her buttery pussy in no time flat, my cock
began to twitch with newfound life.

Camille reached out with both hands and brought Pamela
down upon her. With the strap-on dildo still embedded
within her pussy, Pamela now had the opportunity to share
kisses with her new girlfriend, Camille. The pair of ladies
did just that, as Pamela's body vibrated gently in response
to that big dildo being jammed clear up her pussy.

Not to be outdone, Amy grasped her own dildo and then
squatted down directly behind Pamela's upturned ass. The
stacked blonde was purely focused upon Camille and the idea
of kissing her, but suddenly received a rather harsh (and
sudden) reminder of what Amy had in store for her.

Pamela roared out like a wild animal once Amy inserted
the dildo into her anus from behind. With that evil gleam
still in her eyes, Amy grasped Pamela's hips and squeezed
them tightly as the full length of her strap-on suddenly
disappeared. Every inch of it was in Pamela's rectum...

"OH FUUUUUCK!" Pamela then screamed out, as Amy and
Camille began to thrust their respective dildos in-and-out
of her. The two ladies quickly caught a rhythm, and then
it was off to the proverbial races.

As Camille pumped her hips upward - driving her dildo hard
and fast into Pamela's pussy, Amy would jam her own tool of
corruption into the woman's anus. Then they would both pull
back, and repeat the same process all over again.

As I watched Amy and Camille absolutely hammer Pamela into
D.P. Heaven, my cock formed its new erection rather quickly.
Trish was now busy with Devon (sharing each other in a hot,
blistering _69_), while Lindsay simply sat back in awe and
watched what was happening to Pamela. That left dear,
charming Kristanna, who turned toward the video camera,
which was hidden in the air conditioning vent, and smiled.

Of course, Kristanna was the only other person on the
island who knew that my voyeur room existed. She was the
only one who knew that I eavesdropped and spied on the
ladies during their most private and intimate moments.

Though she obviously could not see me, I smiled in return
at Kristanna. As if on cue, the Norwegian then winked at me.
"Vatch dis," she silently mouthed, grinning.

"YES!" Amy growled seconds later, as Kristanna secured a
strap-on dildo around her waist and then made her way over
to the three-way encounter. "PAMELA NEEDS A DILDO IN HER
MOUTH!" Amy screamed. "Make it a triple-fuck! YESSSSS!"

The three ladies and their bodies were in a constant state
of motion, all of them rocking together on the very brink of
madness. None more than Pamela, however, who glared up at
Kristanna as she dropped to both knees before her face.

"Oh God, Kristanna!" Pamela managed to get out in a hushed
tone, her body bucking about wildly. "OH DEAR GOD..."

Kristanna offered Pamela a smile, before grasping the
side of her head and inserting the humongous dildo directly
into her awaiting mouth. "Suck it," she told her, as Amy
and Camille continued to blast their way into her other two
orifices. With Kristanna's knees also on either side of
Camille's head, she used this opportunity to reach up with a
hand and twiddle away at her clitoris with her fingertips.

But my primary focus was on Pamela, who began slurping
away at Kristanna's dildo in a rather greedy fashion. I
smiled once more as Kristanna then added to her boiling
level of excitement by starting to thrust the crude object
in-and-out of her hungry mouth at a torrid rate of speed.

Now, all of them were triple-banging Pamela at once. And
best of all, they were going about their business _hard_.

Pamela cried and wildly shrieked in response as Kristanna
repeatedly jammed that thing in-and-out of her mouth. Her
hips kept churning about as I smiled at Amy, whose luscious
breasts were bouncing and flopping like crazy as she humped
her way in-and-out of her room-mate's ass. Meanwhile, as
she lie beneath Kristanna upon the floor, Camille inserted a
pair of fingers into her swollen folds and pumped away.

This time, however, the orgasm which Pamela experienced
was more intense and earth-shattering than any she had _EVER_
went through before. Whether that be today, yesterday or
even last year. This was her most powerful orgasm _EVER_. I
simply do not see how any other could have been more intense.
Pamela screamed so loudly that I literally feared people on
the other side of the world could hear her.

The 30-year-old's eyes rolled into the back of her head
and she nearly passed out from the indescribable sensations
which were running roughshod throughout her body. She went
limp, falling into a helpless, defenseless heap on Camille's
body. In the process, Kristanna's dildo slipped from her
mouth, and both Amy and Camille relented with their physical
assaults. In fact, Amy pulled her dildo out of Pamela's ass
while Camille used both hands to embrace and cuddle with her.

After growling out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, I
stroked myself to yet another full-blown explosion...

"Oh my God..." Lindsay sighed, as I took a deep breath
and reclined back in my chair. "I... I've NEVER seen anyone
treated like this before. Are... are you okay? Pamela?
Are you okay? Everything we did to you... my GOD! I never
saw something..." It took a few seconds, but the beautiful
stripper finally found the strength within herself to answer.

"N-Never felt b-b-bet-better..."

I sighed gloriously and smiled in pure happiness, as
Pamela's words validated everything which she had just been
put through. She needed to do more of those tabletop and
scintillating lap dances for the ladies...

"That HAS to be it," Lindsay said. "I don't see how she
can possibly withstand anything more."

I smiled once again, while Amy reached out with her hand
and tenderly stroked Pamela's face. She had never been so
thoroughly and completely used before. It was incredible!

"It's enough," Amy offered. "For her, at least."

"For her?" Lindsay asked, curious. "You... you're not
going to put one of us through all of that... are you? _ME_?
I... I was just a virgin until last Thursday!"

"Not one of us, no," Amy replied, with a wicked glare. "I
was thinking more along the lines of Jeremy." My whole body
stiffened in response to those words as Amy grinned and
added, "I say we go to his private suite right now, pound on
his door... and then DEMAND that he fuck us. _ALL OF US_!"

"I agree!" Kristanna exclaimed.

"OH GOD!" I moaned, a sudden chill overtaking my body...

<<<- End of Chapter 10 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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