That's not cool
"Whoa, that’s a hot outfit," you say, looking your girl up an down as she dashes through the living room."What’s the occasion?"

“Do you like it?" She asks brightly. She pauses for a moment and cocks a hip so you can check out how her body looks in the tight mini dress “I told you I was going out with some friends tonight, didn’t I?"

"Oh yeah," you say, leaning back on the couch.

Your girl runs out of the room to finish getting ready. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings.

"Oh shit," calls your girl from the bathroom. "I’m still getting ready. I will call them and ask them to wait in the car for a minute."

"Why the hell do that? I will just let them in for a second." you shout back and go to open the door.

"No, wait," she yells, but you just open the door and are surprised to see two cocky looking frat boys with backwards baseball caps standing on your doorstep. One of them is carrying a camera bag.

"Can I help you," you ask suspiciously.

They exchange glances, the guy with the bag looks nervous but the other guy just smiles confidently.

"Hello, my name is Dick, and this is my associate, Richard. We are here for Chloe," he says smoothly. "You must be her boyfriend. We have heard a lot about you," he says.

Your girl, Chloe runs up to the door with her hair a mess. “Uh, can you guys wait in the car," she asks nervously, giving your a sheepish look. "I’m still getting ready."

"No problem," says Richard, hitching up the camera bag and turning to go.

"No, wait," you say. “Why don’t you guys come on in and wait in the living room?" You stand aside, and Dick confidently strides into the hall with Richard following hesitantly. Chloe has a sick look on her face, but she just runs back to finish getting ready.

"What’s with the camera bag," you ask Richard.

"Uh, we are… filmmakers," he says with trepidation, casting Dick a questioning look.

Dick shrugs his shoulders in response. "I guess she never told him. It wouldn’t be the first time."

You don’t like the sound of this and are starting to get annoyed. "She didn’t tell me what," you say testily.

"Well you see, buddy, we make porn videos of girls flashing groups of strange guys in public. Usually, one or two of the guys will either fuck the girl right there on camera or at least let her suck him off. Sometimes they get bashful and we have to find an alley or other secluded spot. It’s super hot," he says looking you in the eye, trying to gauge your reaction.

Your stomach drops and your palms feel suddenly sweaty. “Yeah, what’s that got to do with Chloe," you ask shakily.

Richard looks at you with regret and pity. “Sorry about this, bro. Sometimes the girls’ boyfriends are into this shit and they come along and watch…"

Dick cuts in,"...other times the girls try to keep it secret, and personally, I don’t think that’s cool." He gives you a tight smile and shrugs. "But it’s hard to find the right girl for this sort of thing, usually the ones slutty enough to debase themselves in public aren’t very hot."

"Not as hot as Chloe," add Richard helpfully.

"Fuck you guys, Chloe would never do that shit," you stammer, feeling cold and nauseous.

Dick purses his lips sadly and pulls a laptop out of Richard’s bag. "Sorry to have to break this to you, bro," he says and hands it over after clicking on for a second. “This is Chloe’s gallery."

You see a whole page of thumbnails of your girlfriend in various public places. You click one picture of Chloe on the train. It seems late at night and there are a group of guys who have obviously been drinking sitting together at one end of the train. The camera pans to show that the car is about a quarter full, with passengers scattered here and there throughout. You watch in sick fascination as the camera follows Chloe from behind while she approaches the guys and opens her coat. They all react wildly and then she drops her coat to reveal that she is wearing nothing but thigh-high stockings. She goes and sits on one guy’s lap and they all start fondling her and taking pictures. Pretty soon she is sucking one guy’s cock and getting drilled from behind by another. The camera swings around to show the bystanders. One old lady is watching with interest along with several young guys who are taking pictures or recording it with their phones. A young hipster couple gets up in disgust and goes into the next car.

"Oh shit, you guys," says Chloe creeping slowly into the room. "What did you tell him," she asks sheepishly. "Oh fuck," she exclaims when she sees you with the laptop.

You look up at her in shock, as Richard takes the laptop gingerly from your numb hands.

"How long has this been going on for," you ask shakily.

Chloe grimaces and twists her fingers before her bashfully. Her cheeks are flushed with embarrassment. "Oh a couple of months I guess. I didn’t know how to tell you. I don’t want to break up over this."

You feel a surge of anger at he betrayal. “You don’t want to break up," you shout. "You should have thought about that before turning into a fucking prostitute. Fuck, worse than a prostitute. You are some kind of deranged nympho."

She nods, "Yeah, I discovered that I am sort of a nympho. I always had fantasies about public sex, but aside from a few teenage experiments, I never acted out the fantasies…"

"But this is beyond… I mean, this isn’t like us having sex in the woods…You are cheating on me with these guys and everyone is watching… I can’t believe it, it’s disgusting." you croak, struggling to find words.

"Check your pants, bro. Your cock didn’t think that video was too disgusting," laughs Dick pointing to your crotch.

You look down and realize that you have had a raging hardon for the past few minutes. You cover your crotch with your hands.

"Honey, what’s going on over there," says Chloe with interest, approaching you. "Are you turned on by this?" She reaches down and grabs your stiff cock through your pants. "My god, you are hard as a rock," she says with surprise, squeezing your rod to make it even harder.

"Jesus, get off me," you sputter, pushing her away. “I need to think."

Chloe retreats and goes to stand by Dick and Richard. You are torn by conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you have to admit to yourself that watching Chloe in that video was incredibly hot. You never realized that you were perverted enough to get off on that sort of shit. On the the other hand… “I can’t have you cheating on me with other guys," you say peevishly. "And then it’s all on the internet, what if my friends found out?"

"Well some of your buddies know already because we made a video of them fucking Chloe on a pool table in a bar last week," says Dick casually. He yelps when Chloe punches his arm to shush him.

"What," you squeak, utterly horrified.

"Honey, look," says Chloe. “These guys mean nothing to me. I mean, look at these two, they are just cocky frat boys that pay me to be in movies. Sure, I let them do me sometimes, but I would never date douchebags like that."

"Wow, thanks a lot," laughs Dick, slapping her on the ass.

"Wait a minute, you fucked these guys, too," you ask incredulous. This is beyond surreal.

Your girl rushes over to you. You try to push her away, but she is insistent and sits right down on your lap. You stop struggling and look at her miserably as she cups your face in her hands.

"I love you, you are actually cool. We are like soul mates," she says earnestly looking you in the eyes.

"How could you do this to me, then," you ask, sulkily turning away.

"Well I am starting to view sex as sort of a bodily function… like eating and pooping. It’s something I need to do. I realized that I get a lot of satisfaction from sex with strange guys, especially douchebags and asshole types. So maybe I have some psychological problems, but it really gets me off. It’s like taking an incredibly satisfying shit."

"That’s nice," laughs Dick. He turns to Richard, “How do you like being called a douchebag, asshole who’s a shitty fuck?"

"Shut it," says Richard unhappily. “We should go, they’ve got to work this out."

"Tell him about the money," encourages Dick.

"I don’t want to hear anymore, I need to think," you say pushing Chloe off your lap.

"It’s never been about the money," she whines. “I discovered that I am a pervert. I never felt so sexually fulfilled in my life. I would make these movies for free. But there is more to life than sex. I need a good boyfriend who treats me well. I need you to stay with me and figure out how deal with my problem," she pleads. "Your dick got hard when you watched, maybe you could get into it," she asks hopefully.

"I really don’t know," you say sadly.

"Ok, enough of this soul searching," laughs Dick. “Look buddy, whether she’s your girlfriend or your ex-girlfriend now, we are taking Chloe out and have her strip down in front of a bunch of horny guys to see what they do with her. I personally will be slapping her in the face with my cock on camera somewhere public to get her back for calling me a douchebag."

Chloe laughs and looks at him devilishly. "That’s big talk," she says teasingly. He grabs her ass, but she pulls away and runs back to you. "No matter what happens, I still love you," she says sincerely. Then she kisses your forehead, and runs out of the room with Dick hot on her heels. You hear them laughing and struggling in the hall, then they are out the door and gone.

Richard pulls out the laptop and hands it to you. "I don’t know what to say," he says sympathetically. "Chloe does good work. Check it out." Just before he walks out, he turns and says. "Oh, and she does get $1000 a shoot, so you know, it beats waiting tables."

Then he is gone too and you are alone with the laptop before you. You are in a strange state of shock and excitement, sick and exhilarated at the same time. You decide to watch some more videos of your girlfriend getting screwed in public by strangers, so you open the laptop and unzip your fly.

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