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7 beautiful women and 1 lucky man

-Island Fever
-Written by:
-Chapter 11: "Assemblage"

Rain was still falling outside and the wind was gusting
quite fiercely when there was a knock on the door to my
bedroom on on this dark and dreary evening. Obviously, the
ladies had arrived. I could not make out any specific words,
but heard some silly giggles mixed with the dialogue. That
was typical for this group. After a few seconds, someone
made a "Shhhhh!" sound that was followed by another gentle
knock on the door. It was calm the before what promised to
be an even greater storm than what was happening outside.

I immediately composed myself. I realized that it would
not be wise of me to even give the ladies a hint that I was
aware of what they had in store for me. All seven of them
were, in fact, going to gang-bang me. I did not want them
to know that I eavesdropped on their conversations and sexual
encounters with the help of my hidden surveillance cameras.
The lone exception for that, of course, was Kristanna. It
was her idea that I set the cameras up in the first place!
Clearly, she was aware of the voyeur room and its existence.
But I did not want the others to suspect anything.

So I had to come across as being genuinely surprised to
the ladies - maybe even shocked - at what they wanted to do
to me. At the same time, though, I could not over-dramatize.
I did not want them to have any suspicions whatsoever. It
seemed to be a fine line to tread for me. I even worried
about it for several seconds before finally mustering the
courage to open the door. As things turned out, though, no
acting was needed. My reaction to them was totally sincere.

My jaw literally hit the floor once I got that up-close
view of the ladies. All seven of them were standing on the
opposite side of the doorway, completely and wondrously nude.
No one had a single stitch of clothing on.

Who could I possibly admire the most right now? Was it
Pamela or Trish? Both of them were very similar in the fact
that they were top-heavy blondes with charming smiles and
friendly, sweet personalities to match. Amy and Camille
had comparable figures to Pamela and Trish, but different
colored hair (red and black, respectively). Kristanna was
the leggy Norwegian that stood 5-foot-11 who belonged on the
runway of a world renowned fashion show.

It did not take too long for me to realize that two of
the women who stood before me were my definite favorites in
terms of their physical appearance and overall attitude.
One should be a given, while the other may be a surprise.

Was there any man alive who could resist a beauty the
looks and likes of which that were personified by Devon? She
was simply a goddess in every sense of the word. Devon
exuded the warmth and innocence of the girl-next-door, but
that quickly gave way as fast as her clothing whenever she
was provoked into a sexual encounter. Combine that with
Devon's strong will, loyal nature and her obvious feelings
for me, and you have a truly luscious woman who could very
well be my future wife. I was beginning to (very) seriously
entertain the thought of that - and what it would be like.

18-year-old Lindsay had the appearance of a delicious,
tempting, innocent little girl. Her long-flowing blonde
hair tied into a pony-tail, with bangs combed straight down
over her forehead, her pretty blue eyes and that lovely
face as she smiled at me in return... _WOW_.

Lindsay's compact, lithe figure (5-foot-3, 95 pounds and
34c-22-32 measurements) accentuated her youthful appearance
to an even greater extent. A woman does not need to have the
enormous bust size of a Pamela or Camille for me to notice
them, or become completely infatuated with them. Lindsay
was living proof of that. There was definitely something
unique about this young lady. During the coming days and
weeks, I had to get to know Lindsay on a more personal level.

However, I could not take anything away from the other
ladies. All of them looked absolutely fabulous as they stood
at the entrance to my personal suite. It would be impossible
for me to focus solely on Lindsay and Devon. Five lovely
blondes, a gorgeous Mexican and a very naughty red-head -
every single one of them totally nude. All of them, of
course, here for a single reason - to gang-bang me.

"Hello Jeremy," Amy said with a sneery giggle. "I hope
you're not feeling too tired tonight."

I gulped my throat and countered, "Why is that?"

"Oh..." Trish interjected, "just for the simple reason
that all of us have come here tonight for some satisfaction."

"And we're not leaving until we get it," Devon added. "We
don't care HOW LONG it takes, either!"

Trish laughed and proclaimed, "You and I will just have to
watch hockey some other time, Jeremy. We're not going to be
watching any sports tonight."

There was a moment of strained silence where I stood and
openly gawked at the collection of ladies while they stared
at me in return. All of them were just so beautiful!

As could be expected, though, the insatiable Amy was the
woman who first emerged from the group. She put her hand
on my shoulder and gently pushed me until my feet were moving
backward. Once Amy had guided me over to the round,
oversized bed, the others then converged upon me at once.
It was like a pack of hungry wolves going after their prey!

* * *

Shivers and chills of deep-rooted passion went cascading
all throughout my body once Amy grabbed my buttoned-up shirt
with both hands and tore it from my body in one quick motion.
She then smashed her mouth on mine for a searing kiss as I
stood at the edge of the bed. At the same time, Trish and
Camille dropped to their knees before me and began ripping
at my shorts and briefs. Within a matter of seconds, I had
been stripped completely nude. Unbelievable!

My heart started pumping within my chest as Trish took my
erection into her hungry mouth and began slurping away on
it. Camille held onto its bulging base with her right hand
and stroked it briskly. Devon grasped my chin with her hand,
then yanked my face toward hers - thus ending the kiss I
shared with Amy. Devon then pressed her lips to mine and
literally drove her velvety tongue right down my throat.

"This is better than any night-time snack I could ever
find in the kitchen!" Trish squealed, as her head bobbed
back-and-forth on my hard shaft. The sight of that lovely
Canadian upon her knees made my legs feel weak.

Off to the side, Pamela and Kristanna were engaged in a
spirited kiss and warm embrace as they slithered together in
the throes of mutual pleasure. Meanwhile, Lindsay stood a
bit away from the action, but kept an eye on everything.
She seemed to have a curious, inquisitive look about her...

Devon was really into the act of kissing me, but that was
put to an unexpected halt once Amy grabbed my face and
turned it back toward hers. "You'll get your turn," Amy
told the shapely blonde, before smashing her lips to mine
for yet another deep-rooted kiss.

Devon appeared disappointed for a moment or two, but that
changed once she caught a glimpse of sweet, little Lindsay.
The pair of ladies smiled at one another for a brief moment,
then Devon closed the distance between them and offered the
precocious teen-ager a fully-fledged kiss on the lips.

"Oh God..." I moaned on Amy's mouth, as the duo of Trish
and Camille were now taking turns sucking my cock. While
one would slurp away on it within their mouth, the other
licked and swiped at my testicles with her silky tongue.
Plus, Trish and Camille snuck in some quick kisses with one
another each time they traded positions with my shaft.
They switched off every 15 to 20 seconds, or so.

"Are you ready to satisfy seven women tonight?" Amy asked
me in a gruff tone, grasping my chin with her hand, once our
own kiss finally ended. "Are you ready to FUCK and SATISFY
every single one of us tonight, Jeremy?"

I gulped my throat at her aggressive demeanor and replied,
"I don't think it matters if I'm ready or not. I... I have
no choice but to take care of all of you. Co-Cor-Correct?"

"You're right," Amy countered, her green eyes flashing
with absolute desire. "It doesn't matter." She dropped to
her knees alongside Trish and Camille, but kept her eyes
trained on my face. "We're going to give you a night,
Jeremy, that you will never... EVER forget!"

I then took a deep breath and tossed my head back wildly
as Amy burrowed her face in and began licking away on my
shaft with her tongue, as Trish and Camille did the same
thing. All three ladies were perched on their knees in
front of me, paying oral homage to my hard, quivering cock.

Lindsay's eyes appeared glazed-over with lust once Devon
finally put an end to their mutual kiss. In fact, Lindsay
looked a little stunned and erotically bewildered. Did the
older, more experienced Devon just give Lindsay the type of
kiss that she had only dreamt about thus far in her life?
That was the impression I got, at least.

Lindsay still had that far-out look to her as Devon soon
noticed that my own lips were no longer occupied. With Amy
now on her knees in front of me - alongside Trish and
Camille - Devon returned and kissed my mouth deeply.

Pamela and Kristanna then made their way over to Lindsay
and started groping her young, nubile body with their hands.
Both of them were cupping those ripe, taut breasts when they
pressed their lips to either side of Lindsay's angelic face
and kissed her sweetly. Lindsay offered both a lustful smile
in response, then turned and traded tongues with them. That
little girl sure was becoming quite popular amongst everyone
here. Even better, Lindsay was opening up to everyone...

"This island is better than I ever envisioned it could
possibly be!" she observed, with a gleeful smile. "Oh dear
Lord... everything I ever dreamt about is coming true!"

Trish and Camille watched Amy work my cock over with her
mouth for several seconds, before smiling at one another and
backing away. They linked hands and shared an intimate kiss
of their own, then Camille reclined back on the carpeted
floor and spread her thighs wide. Trish took the initiative
as she licked her lips, then dove in face-first for what
promised to be a delicious evening snack.

"Hmmmmm... yeah," Camille purred, arching her neck and
back for emphasis. "Lick my pussy, baby. Lick it!"

Even as Devon continued ravaging my mouth with her own,
my eyes were wide with undeniable arousal as I watched Trish
orally service Camille's moist, sweet pussy with her lips
and tongue. Soon, Devon ended our mutual kiss and dropped
down to her knees just in front of me. She smiled and
looked at Amy, whose mouth was close to bringing my shaft
toward an enormous eruption. Amy withdrew my cock from her
mouth and returned Devon's smile with one of her own.

"Would you like to suck his cock, too?" Amy asked.

"You know I would!" Devon squealed in response.

"Just don't hog it," Amy said, her hand firmly entrenched
on the base of my shaft, as she offered it to Devon. "You
can suck him off, but you have to share. Remember that."

The enchantress then took my erection into her mouth and
began sucking on it with feverish abandon. Amy kept her
hand wrapped around its base, continually pumping away, as
she now licked and swiped at my testicles with her tongue.
Sounds of lustful hunger and intense passion then began to
come from deep within Devon's throat, while her pretty blue
eyes never lost contact with my own.

"Oh yeah... look at that!" Amy taunted, splitting her
glares between Devon and yours truly. "Suck that cock!"

Trish and Camille had changed positions and were now
locked in a _69_. Curled together on the carpet, with
their charming faces nestled between one another's thighs,
both ladies were reveling in the act of dual oral worship.

"Oh God, Trish... if you keep that up, you're gonna make
me cum!" Camille panted. "HMMMMM, that feels so good!"

"I'll make you cum!" Trish exclaimed. "Don't worry!"

Meanwhile, Pamela and Kristanna had backed Lindsay on
the far wall and were now working the little princess into
a blissful frenzy. Pamela's mouth was firmly attached to
Lindsay's - and it appeared as if neither wanted to break
the kiss anytime soon. At the same time, Kristanna was
massaging Lindsay's firm breasts with both hands, while
alternating her mouth between the young woman's nipples.

Considering that I had seven women all around me - all of
them wanting an eventual shot at me - it was a miracle that
I had lasted this long without experiencing an orgasm yet.

Well, the miracle was about to run out. I could not take
any more of this hot, luscious torture as Devon's blonde head
bobbed back-and-forth on my bulging erection, while Amy
licked and swiped away at my (very sensitive) testicles with
her tongue. My body betrayed me, so to speak, as my cock
then erupted like a volcano long before I wanted it to.

As I pumped Devon's mouth full with my sperm, she kept her
lips sealed tight around my shaft, obviously not wanting any
of its juice to dribble free. She swallowed a good portion of
it, but offered a sample of my gooey cream to Amy through an
open-mouthed kiss. All the while, my body jerked about in
the throes of orgasmic aftermath. This was incredible!

Amy wrapped her arms around Devon's body and then trailed
both hands down to that sweet ass, and clutched it tightly.
Both ladies, who were still perched upon their knees, shook
together with mutual desire as they now kissed one another.

A series of loud, shrieking screams was then heard as
Trish and Camille, who had been locked together in the
_69_ position, both experienced simultaneous orgasms. The
pair of goddesses continued to scream and vibrate together
in release, their tongues twirling on each other's pussy.

"Where's my toys?" Amy asked after breaking her kiss with
Devon. She quickly glanced around the suite, then found her
ominous gym bag laying on the floor near the entrance. The
naughty red-head had dropped it there moments earlier.

"You're going to use your toys on me?" Devon asked, her
expression full of hope.

"If you want me to," Amy replied, scurrying over to her
gym bag upon her knees. She retrieved it, then made her way
back to Devon. "Which one would you like me to use?" Amy
asked, opening the bag and allowing the gorgeous blonde to
look inside and rummage through its contents.

"Oh wow... look at that," Devon mused, pulling a gigantic
strap-on dildo out from within the bag. "Use this one!"

As Amy nodded her head and began securing the leather
harness around her slender waist, Trish and Camille made
their way over to me. Camille shoved me backward, causing
me to land flat upon the bed.

"I want his cock," Trish proclaimed, to which Camille
nodded her head. The lovely Latina then joined me on the
bed and eventually straddled my face, with one knee on
either side of my head. An instant later, she lowered her
intoxicating pussy to my mouth, and my tongue went to work.

"Oooooh yeah," Camille cooed, weaving her long, slender
fingers throughout my short brown hair. "That's it..."

Soon, I moaned as Trish straddled my hips. With Camille
already nestled atop my face, Trish impaled her pussy on my
shaft and immediately began rocking and thrashing about. It
suddenly felt as if a massive earthquake was taking place.
An earthquake courtesy of these seven hellcats!

Camille moaned and screeched above me while also mauling
her own breasts with both hands as my tongue swiped away at
her lush wetness. Needless to say, the 25-year-old tasted
absolutely fantastic. My tongue continually lapped away at
her damp folds, only adding to her level of pleasure.

Trish put her two cents in there too, as she now leaned
forward and cupped Camille's breasts from behind with both
hands. "Why touch yourself when you can have someone else
do it for you?" Trish asked, grinning, her hands now fiercely
gripping and squeezing Camille's large, firm breasts.

At the same time, of course, Trish continued to bounce
about on my hard shaft. The stimulation created from not
only that, but also Camille's pussy mashing itself on my
mouth was too much for me to handle. Thus, it should not
come as any great surprise that I had my second orgasm of
the evening. Much like the first, it was rather intense.

Trish growled and roared in extreme passion as I flooded
her sweet pussy with my sperm. Soon, Camille screeched
out in ultimate desire as she had an orgasmic release of her
own. She creamed my face with her gooey pussy-juice, though
I did my best to lap up the luscious nectar with my tongue.
Needless to say, it was a feast best suited for a King.

"Hmmmmm, yeah..." Camille sighed in the aftermath, a
little short of breath. "I needed that so fucking bad."

Once Trish and Camille finally dislodged themselves from
my cock and face, respectively, I was able to catch a glimpse
of the torrid three-some taking place against the far wall of
my suite. Her legs outstretched, Pamela was flat on her back
with Kristanna's tongue buried deep within her pussy. The
sweet-as-silk Lindsay, meanwhile, was on her knees next to
the quivering couple, leaning over while thrusting a pair of
fingers in-and-out of Kristanna's own slit. Kristanna, who
was positioned atop her hands and knees, vibrated about in the
sensations as Lindsay throttled her pussy with two fingers.
There was a deranged, yet highly erotic look, in her eyes...

I was once again blocked out from the action, however, as
Amy then shoved Devon down face-first upon the bed. In fact,
Devon landed right on top of me. Our faces were directly in
line with each other as Devon then rose up to her hands and
knees. She did that, quite obviously, in preparation for
what the oversexed, aggressive Amy was about to do to her.

With that humongous strap-on dildo securely fastened
around her waist, Amy positioned herself upon her knees
directly behind Devon's upturned ass. As Amy then shoved
the harsh instrument into Devon's wondrous pussy - stuffing
her full - I curled my head upward and found the blonde's
mouth with my own. I swapped tongues with Devon while she
squealed and yelped in response to Amy, who was already
thrusting the enormous dong in-and-out of her at warp speed.

"OH YEAH!" Devon roared against our shared kiss, as Amy
thumped away at her. "OH YEAH! OH YES, FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

I encircled Devon's voluptuous body with both arms and
hugged her fiercely as she continued to grunt and growl out
in total arousal. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed
Trish back Lindsay into the side wall. Next, Trish smashed
her mouth onto Lindsay's for a hungry, deep-rooted kiss.
That made sense. Lindsay was Trish's little honey...

My senses nearly exploded as I then heard Pamela scream
out in sweet, blissful orgasm. Again, my sight was shielded,
but I pretty much figured that Pamela owed those feelings of
satisfaction to Kristanna and that curious tongue of hers.
Soon, my beliefs were validated.

"Oh God, Kristanna!" Pamela moaned, her breathing ragged.
"You made me cream my pussy! It felt so FUCKING wonderful!"

Devon was the next to experience a mind-blowing release,
courtesy of Amy and the continual thrusts with the massive
strap-on dildo. I kept my lips pressed tightly on Devon's
mouth, somewhat muffling her squeals and yelps of passion.
However, her piercing screams still raised the roof. The
look in her eyes during her release was priceless...

When Amy shoved a satisfied and exhausted Devon off of me,
I was momentarily stunned as Kristanna suddenly straddled my
hips. The Nordic enchantress growled with intense desire as
she then placed her manicured, tender hands on my chest for
balance. Seconds later, her athletic body began to move and
squirm about as my cock filled her completely.

"Oh yes, Jeremy!" she moaned in that unique, sexy accent.
"Yes, Jeremy! Yes! Fuck me vid yewr big cock!" My body
shuddering, I latched both hands on her hips and held on.

Meanwhile, Trish - who had been worshipping Lindsay's
delicate pussy with her lips and tongue - retracted her
mouth and grinned at the sight of Kristanna riding my shaft.
She nodded her head as next, Amy reached into her trusty
backpack and pulled out a long, thin dildo. I watched as
Amy lubed it up, then inserted it into Kristanna's rectum.

Kristanna suddenly screamed out in an obvious mix of both
pain and pleasure. Not only was my cock stuffed deep into
her pussy, but now she also had to deal with Amy's nasty
dildo as it slid in-and-out of her ass at a blinding speed.

I did not know for sure, but to my knowledge, this was the
first time that Kristanna had _ever_ been double-penetrated -
in any capacity. The look on her face was simply priceless.
So were the sounds that she made as a result of this action.

"Oh God, Amy! Vat are yew doing? Oh me God, dat ding is
ripping a hole right in me ass! ASS! OH ME GOD!"

I was about to erupt once again, but was saved for the
moment as Kristanna screamed loudly and simply rolled off of
my body. The 23-year-old continued to wail out in desire as
Amy violated her anus with the thin dildo, helping her
achieve what may have been her most intense orgasm ever. I
had surely never saw Kristanna experience anything greater.
Not only had Amy totally pulverized Kristanna's rectum, but
my cock had been stuffed to the hilt within her pussy, too!

I did not have any time to catch my breath as Amy suddenly
straddled my body and lowered herself onto my erection.
Nothing about her movement was soft or gentle as she rode my
shaft with all of the energy and strength that her body could
generate. Within mere seconds, I screamed at the top of my
lungs as my cock exploded like a firecracker within her.

That was it.

There was no way I could possibly go any further. The
girls would have to turn to each other for the remainder of
their satisfaction. I was exhausted. There was absolutely
nothing they could do to squeeze another hard-on out of me.
Not tonight, anyway... no way. I was _finished_.

Camille grabbed Amy from behind, by the breasts, and
yanked her off of me. Camille nuzzled her face between
Amy's thighs and started licking away after I had blew my
load inside her. I figured that Camille wanted to extract
my sperm from Amy's pussy with her tongue.

Devon was openly masturbating, with a grin on her face,
as Pamela was now swiping her tongue across Trish's sweet
folds. Kristanna was laying on the bed, face-first, in an
exhausted heap. The double-penetration had really gotten to
her, and sapped all of her energy.

Myself, I was too tired to even move. I just lie there
and watched the other ladies do their thing. It was an
incredible scene to witness. This truly was the best night
of my entire life. Aside from getting married and then
having children (both of which will hopefully happen in the
future), nothing could ever top the events of this night.

After Amy experienced an orgasm of her own - thanks to
Camille's probing tongue - she sighed contently and then
reached for my cock. The red-head began stroking, but I
was spent. There was hardly any life left in me.

"No more," I moaned, barely able to speak. "I can't take
any more. I feel as if I have been in a train wreck..."

Amy did not listen to me. Instead, she continued to frig
my limp cock for several seconds. Finally, Amy looked at me
in the eyes and said, "You have to get hard one more time."

"I can't..." was my whimpering reply.

"You have to," she insisted, her tone demanding. "I want
you to fuck Camille for me. Out of all the girls on the
island, she is the only one that you have yet to fuck."

I felt a sharp pain in my back - due to overexertion -
as I slowly turned my head and gazed up at Camille. The
buxom Mexican, who had just finished orally servicing Amy's
pussy, shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me in return.

"That begs a question, Jeremy," she mused. "Why? Why am
I the only girl that you haven't been with yet?"

"Because... you haven't approached me... until now," was
my response. I was certainly not the type to initiate any
kind of sexual encounter between these ladies and myself. I
felt much more comfortable letting them make the first move.
That way, I figured, they could never think that I was being
too pushy or demanding of them. I wanted all of the ladies
to be totally comfortable, and at ease, while on my island.

The only exception to that rule was Kristanna, simply
because she and I had known each other for a good four years.
I had no problem initiating a sexual encounter with her, or
putting a _move_ on her. I knew that Kristanna would never
have any complaints or gripes about the way I treated her.
She knew that I was a good person and everything I did for
her was in her best interests - and not my own.

All of the other ladies had been the aggressor with me.
Amy showed up at my door the first night and seduced me.
Pamela sweet-talked her way into my pants the following day
at the pool. Then, it was Devon. We wound up becoming quite
intimate during her second evening here on the high cliffs
that overlooked the ocean. Lindsay literally begged me to
have sex with her, and take her virginity. She invited
Trish, too, who had no objections to a three-some.

As I think about it, Kristanna was the instigator of our
first time together following her return to the island last
Friday evening. It was just not in my nature to be forward
and aggressive. The reason I had yet to be with Camille,
sexually speaking, was because, until now, she had not made
a _move_ on me. That, quite obviously, was about to change.

Camille glanced around the room in every direction
before her gaze seemed to lock onto something. Those black
eyes were full of mischief and lust as she proclaimed, "I
want Lindsay's pussy while Jeremy does me doggie-style."

The charming and docile 18-year-old, who was seated in
Trish's lap at the other end of the bed and trading kisses
with her, suddenly looked up when Camille mentioned her
name. When they made eye contact, Camille licked her lips
and motioned with a finger for Lindsay to come closer.

"You're not going to deny me that pussy of yours now...
are you, honey?" Camille said to Lindsay, obviously making
reference to the near four-some they had with Trish and Amy
at the water basin last week. Lindsay, still a virgin at
the time, got cold feet at the last moment and thus, she very
politely refused to join her friends in the basin. Though it
was fine with Trish, Camille (and Amy) seemed somewhat angry.
I had watched that scene three times inside my voyeur room.

Lindsay shook her head as she wiggled out of Trish's lap
and crawled over to Camille on the bed. She answered the
25-year-old's question by pressing her moist lips to her
mouth, and offering up a blistering, tongue-laden kiss.

"Hmmmmm... that's more like it," Camille moaned once
their lips parted. "That's what I like to see."

"You want to lick my little pussy while Jeremy does you
doggie-style?" Lindsay cooed at Camille, who nodded her
head in affirmative. Lindsay squealed and added with a
toothy grin, "Me and Trish tried this position with Jeremy
last week! I loved it! WE loved it!"

"Just get on your back, honey," Camille instructed her.
"That's all I care about right now."

When Lindsay did as she was told, Amy - who had been
uncharacteristically quiet for a moment or two - smiled at
me as she continued stroking my cock. "Come on, Jeremy."
Amy was trying to urge another erection out of me.

"Do her while she licks my pussy," Lindsay encouraged
me, smiling sweetly, as Camille got into position.

"Yeah Jeremy..." Camille moaned, her voice breathless,
as she glanced over her shoulder at me with a lustful gaze.
"Go ahead and fuck me. Fuck me while I eat out Lindsay."

As Camille turned her head away and focused all of her
attention on pleasuring Lindsay's pussy with her lips and
tongue, Devon helped Amy as both ladies literally pulled me
up so that I was standing on my knees on the bed. Her hand
continually pumping away upon my cock, Amy was doing her
absolute best to get me hard one last time.

Although she was moaning wildly in response to Camille's
oral ministrations, Lindsay's eyes were locked on me. The
sight of that little angel, moaning, with a wave of pleasure
washed over her face, triggered something within my body.

"YES!" Amy exclaimed, as an erection began to take shape.
"It's like the little engine that could!"

The little engine that could? ...

Devon nibbled on my sensitive earlobe with her lips and
hushed, "Fuck her, Jeremy." She pointed toward Camille's
upturned ass and added, "Fuck her senseless..."

I do not know where the strength was coming from, but I
somehow found the energy to grasp Camille's rounded hips
with both hands and then pop the head of my shaft between
her inviting folds. As I slid myself all the way into her,
the young woman's body tensed and she let out a content sigh.

Now, it was time to hammer and pound Camille from behind
as Lindsay was sprawled out across the oversized bed, her
pussy getting a feverish workout of its own. I wasted no
time, either. Figuring that Camille would not mind, I
immediately began to blast my way in-and-out of her pussy at
an intense, blinding rate of speed. She started to grunt and
squeal in response, but was able to maintain her focus on
Lindsay's tight, little pussy. Yes... lick my baby, I said
inwardly. Lick her, and make her scream out in orgasm!

I kept eye contact with Lindsay even as I continued to
plow myself into Camille's burning pussy from behind. With
both hands latched on her ass now, my hips were a blur as I
thrusted away at her. The look on Lindsay's face as I did
so was unforgettable. She was incredibly turned on - and
that did nothing but make me feel even more excited inside.

Soon, even as I pumped Camille, all of my attention
shifted toward Lindsay. It was - crazy as this may sound -
as if Camille was not even there. Lindsay and the look of
sheer, unadulterated arousal on her charming, elegant face
was at the center of my universe right now. Nothing else
mattered. Not even a beautiful woman like Camille.

When the expression on Lindsay's face changed, I then
realized that she was ready for an orgasm. That set off a
trigger somewhere inside of me, and suddenly, I was filling
Camille's pussy with my sperm as Lindsay writhed about on
the mattress in her own hot, orgasmic release.

Then, I realized that I had all but forgotten about
Camille - even when I was having sex with her. Because she
was so tantalizingly young and adorable, as well as sweet
and polite, Lindsay had a very profound effect on me. Her
darling face. Those innocent eyes. The bushy pony-tail.
And oh... that tight, supple body. Lindsay was a doll!

This was - in no way - an injustice or slight toward
Camille. She was a gorgeous woman with an outstanding body,
and I can attest that her pussy felt wonderful wrapped around
my cock. Still, I had momentarily forgotten about her. No,
there was nothing wrong with Camille. It was, very simply,
a display of how much I was physically attracted to Lindsay.
Believe it or not, but the look of arousal on Lindsay's
pretty face, and her subsequent orgasm, were of far greater
importance to me than my own feelings and desires.

Nevertheless, Camille was not aware of the fact that I
had these thoughts running rampant throughout my mind. After
I had drained my cock within the depths of her pussy, she
looked over her shoulder and offered me a cheerful, vibrant
smile. Her face, I noticed, was completely saturated with
Lindsay's juices. I had the urge to kiss it clean. Not to
kiss Camille, mind you, but to taste Lindsay's release.

"WOW... that was downright incredible!" Camille took a
deep breath and added, "This is the best summer EVER!"

Suddenly, reality set in. My tired, overworked body gave
out on me, and I collapsed to the bed in an exhausted heap.
There would be no more sex for me tonight. I needed a rest.
I was only one man... certainly not an army!

The ladies, though, seemed to think differently. They
wanted and demanded satisfaction from me. How could I
possibly survive such divine torture until it was time for
them to return home more than a month from now?

<<<- End of Chapter 11 ->>>

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"Island Fever"

(c) 2014 JeremyDCP


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2014-05-13 06:11:01
Heh. Can't win for losing. A comment on an earlier chapter said it was a waste because there was no sex. Here, someone says this chapter was a waste because there was no story. ::::Shoots self::::. Proof that you can never make everyone 100% happy...

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2014-05-13 05:49:53
Really? That's it for this chapter??? One overly extended sex scene and absolutely no story progression? If your not going to try and balance sex with story, could you please at least do something to the titles to let us know which ones are actually part of the story, and which ones are just meaningless bait filler for the uneducated? Or maybe alternate each chapter and those of us actually interested in the story could just skip every other chapter.

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Theres no way jeremy will like camille, shes the only one that is never on jeremy list and i will like that to change and for jeremy to talk to camille so he could understand why camille was having a hard time believing in his good intentions.

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