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This is an almost completely True Story, that was an actual experience a little enhanced.
On the first pretty, warm and sunny Spring day of the year, I headed out to the State Park to recover from my restricted and Winter depressed life. This park is rather large, 10,000 acres actually, with 2 good size lakes and 1 or 2 small ponds. There are many hiking trails, biking trails, horse trails, birding trails, camping sites, cabin rentals and enough friendly people to make this a very popular destination for locals as well as folks from around the rest of the state. I have loved going to the park all my life.

I find myself a somewhat difficult guy for me to live with at times and frequently am in big need of being alone to consider and discuss problems with myself and find workable solutions, so spending a day or two at this park is very productive and refreshing. I enjoy it often.

I had set up my tent in the furthest campsite from the entrance to afford myself peace, quiet and solitude. Today, I had been enjoying several hours of contentment and bliss, leaning back on my recliner, totally relaxing. It was a warm enough day that I had been sipping water from my cooler steadily and about 3:30 or so, I had to pee. I prolonged the necessary until I could wait no longer. I got up, stretched and walked into the wooded area behind me. I was only about 25-30 feet away, but far enough to assure no unpleasant odors. I had a "piss hard-on" and I was wearing only swimming trunks, so I pushed them to thigh level to accommodate the need, and had to hold Jr. down to aim my stream. Before I got started, I heard a low moaning which made me look up. About 15 feet away was a girl squatting, facing me, with nothing on but a loose tee shirt. Her right hand was flailing her clit as her left hand clawed at her boobs.

Just as her orgasm began, I stepped on a twig and she opened her eyes and looked up and saw me, but couldn't stop herself.

I smiled, nodded in agreement and immediately began pumping my dick. She had close to a full minute of orgasmic pleasure while staring at me . When I shot my load, she got wide-eyed, gasped and sat her naked tail down on the ground and started crying her eyes out. I put Jr. back into my trunks and quickly went over to her, stopping a couple of feet back, not wanting to accelerate her emotions or cause alarm. She looked up at me and quickly covered her exposed pubic area with her panties and shorts. She was as cute a girl as I had ever seen. She began apologizing profusely, and I told her that she had made mine a hundred times more intense as I watched her having hers. She looked into my eyes and said "Really"?

I told her that she had just made my day and that I would never forget her. She said that even if my seeing her had embarrassed her, that her seeing me there was totally fascinating and that my hard 'thingy' was only the second one that she had ever seen, the first being her brother's when she had found him masturbating.

She said that she had almost fainted when she saw my orgasm.

She told me that she was the daughter of a Baptist minister and had only dated a few times, but had never had sex. She said that sometimes she just had to relieve herself of the dominating yearnings, fears and urges that she had lived with since she was 13. It turned out that she was now almost 19. I told her that it was hard to understand how a girl as pretty as she and with the body that she walked around in was not already married and having children. She laughed and said that she appreciated my flattery, but that no guys ever asked her out more than once because she wouldn't have sex with them. I told her that would be difficult to endure under those conditions. She hesitated and said that she guessed that she understood that, but what was she to do. I told her to just realize that she is an adult and if she wants to experience sex, then she could and should. I told her that she could have any man or boy that she wanted and that she should start looking.

She then offered the objection that she had always heard that it was painful the first time. I told her that having never been any girl's first lover, I couldn't honestly say. She said that when she first saw me holding my 'thingy' she had instantly fancied it inside her and when I shot off my load she was completely overcome with lusty desire but then fear when she realized the sizes of my 'thingy' and her vagina. I told her that mine is not big, only about average at a little over 6 inches. I told her to rationalize that babies are born through women's vaginas and that I had never heard of any guy with one remotely close in size to that.

She knew that it was the hymen that hurt on the first penetration, but that she had never been able to locate her hymen. I told her where it should be and she said that she had felt all around and found nothing. I asked her how far in she had gone and she said she had put her whole middle finger in. I told her that she probably had never had one or else had torn it without realizing. She couldn't remember any such incident.

I asked about bicycle and horse riding and she said that she loved horseback riding but not bicycling so much because of riding one sitting in front of her older cousin and slipping forward onto the bar as a child. I asked if it had hurt and she said she couldn't walk for nearly an hour. I told her that I suspected that that was the cause of her not having a hymen. After some thought, she agreed that it was probably so. She then asked why a guy's 'thingy' needed to be so big. I told her that it is likely that 4 inches length would probably be sufficient to easily impregnate a woman, but longer would make sure.

She was a bright girl and able to process the information, although having to make some changes in her long held concepts regarding sex. It seemed that, if I were extremely fortunate, that I could be her welcoming source of practical sexology, complete with 'hands on' demonstrations.

She then asked me to please turn around while she put her panties and shorts back on and I laughingly noted how sad I was going to be at not seeing her nakedness again. Then she admitted having a burning desire to see and understand guy's bodies. She thought a moment and said that if I would take my trunks off, she would take her tee shirt off and then we could see each other, as we had done earlier, but closer. I told her that I would really like that and to watch my 'thingy' and see what it was going to do as I dropped my trunks. She watched in amazement as I quickly regained my erection. After a minute or two, she swallowed hard and said that it was beautiful.

I told her that I expected that she had 2 beautiful items under her tee shirt. She said that she doubted that I would find hers to be beautiful and, hesitantly, pulled the tee shirt off revealing two perfectly shaped, probably large B or small C cup sized breasts. I told her that I could see nothing that could be done to make them more desirable. I then asked that she stand up and let me see her completely. It was all I could do to not reach out and feel those gorgeous boobies and that astoundingly big thatch of pubic hair!

She stood about 5'5" and I'd guess about 100 pounds, with light brown curly hair, hazel eyes, flawless skin, the cutest little tail and a long, curly bush of pubic hair.

I told her that she was a beautiful creature even if she did have leaves and twigs stuck to her hiney from sitting on the ground for so long! I reached over and brushed her as clean as I could, but told her that I could do a better job with water, which I had right over at my tent.

I led her over, checking for other people, and stood her behind the tent while I filled a cooking pot with water from the hydrant. I rinsed her tush, happily wiping with my hand and then discovered traces of her orgasmic juices on her thighs. She laughed and said that her parents would have probably seen that and known what she had done, and that had her brother seen it, he would have used it against her in blackmail.

As I rinsed her thighs, I briefly brushed her bush with my hand. I found it to be amazingly soft and willowy.

After I got her all rinsed off, she thanked me and I told her that I should be thanking her! "For what"?, she asked. "For seeing the most erotic thing today that I think I have ever seen", I told her. She went beet red right down to her perfect boobies and told me that she just realized that she was standing naked and talking with a naked guy as if it were an everyday thing, and how completely at ease she was being with me. I told her that I wished that it could be an everyday thing. She smiled.

She asked how long my 'thingy' was going to stay so hard and I told her it would until I did again what she had seen me do before. She asked if I wanted to do it again while watching her do it again. I told her that I would love to do that and then asked if she might like to do it to each other. She took about 3 seconds to look into my tent, pull me in, sit down on my air mattress and ask how on earth we could do it to each other.

I laid down and told her how to assume the classical side-by-side 69 position. She complied and I told her how to proceed with my 'thingy' as I reached over and began stroking and petting her incredibly soft pubic nest. She played with mine and I played with hers for a little while until I began to smell her sweet lubricating fluids. Then I started probing her slit up and down, finally lightly touching her clit, which seemed huge to me. She cried out and squeezed my dick so hard that I thought she was going to pinch it off. I let go with a goodly issue of pre-cum, which she noticed, and asked if I was about to pee that white stream that she had seen the first time. I told her that this was called pre-cum, and that the orgasmic product is called ejaculate, or cum in common parlance. I then lightly touched her clit again and pushed back that huge bush of hers and discovered that she had nearly a quarter inch of projecting clit which very closely resembled a tiny 'thingy', which made me chuckle and tell her how lucky she was to have her own nice little 'thingy'. She was flowing copious amounts of fluid now, and I had to exercise tremendous self control to not lean in and taste. I did manage to get a lot of it on my fingers and lick from them. She was delicious!

Oh, how I wanted to lick the very source of her nectar until she orgasmed into my mouth!!

I worked on her clit, driving her wild, then put my middle finger up into her love canal. She started bucking into my finger and had an orgasm. That got her shifted into high gear, telling me that was the best orgasm that she had ever had, even better than the one she had given herself while we were watching each other earlier. I told her that there were other ways to give other people orgasms that are far better than that. She said that she expected that having a guy's 'thingy' inside her was probably better, but that she was not ready for that yet. I told her that was most likely true, but that there were still other ways of giving orgasms to other people. She asked how and I immediately licked her clit and with my tongue, very lightly manipulated it side to side, underneath its head, down both sides, on top and everywhere within a half inch of it. She put her arms around my hips and butt and dug in. She was not giving me any oral stimulation, but I could feel my hard dick being pressed between her face and my lower abdomen. I started licking downward in her slit and back up to her clit with quick licks , up and down, up and down and then, eventually reaching her entrance, pushed my tongue as far as I could inside and resumed fingering her clit. She lasted for maybe a minute, then squeezed my head between her thighs and opened the floodgate. She screamed into my stomach and covered my face and air mattress with her passionate orgasmal love juice. As she was coming down from it, I was able to get my mouth and tongue back on her clit and send her into round two!

After resting for 5 or 10 minutes, she released her vise-like hold on my pleasure department and in a state of complete disorientation asked me what had just happened. I told her that I had just introduced her into a phase of her life that she would probably never want to leave. She turned around and lay down beside me and gave me the most grateful, beautiful and passionately lustful kiss possible.

I held her in my arms for a long time, softly singing in her ear sweet love songs and risque old English madrigals from the 16th and 17th centuries. I had never sung to any of my sexual partners before, and was astonished that I was doing it then. If I stopped, she would kiss me while mumbling for me to not stop singing.

I was singing in my best attempt at an Early (Modern) English accent and several times she asked me to repeat words that she hadn't quite understood. I was royally impressed. I was exhilarated that I made her so happy and, by damn, if she enjoyed me singing to her, then that made me happy, too.

I realized that I was, in fact, treating her exactly as I would treat a girl whose 'cherry' I had just popped. I did administer her first orgasm other than her own, so it was a sort of 'first time' after all.

Suddenly, I stopped singing and she opened her eyes and asked why. ....NAMES!!.... We did not even know each other's names, and apparently, we did not really need names to communicate! It was as if we were telepathically connected but still learning to use it.

I grinned and told her that I must know her name and phone number

She looked incredulous and said that she had not even considered that. We agreed that it meant that our meeting and subsequent developments had to have been arranged and designed by Fate.

We had another very long and passionate kiss after which I said "Hi, my name's Tim, and I have just realized that my job with you is not over." She said "Well hi, Tim, my name is Susan, and what could you possibly have left to do?"
"I have completely neglected those glorious mounds of such seductive nature that are on your very pretty chest," I said.

Then she asked why some guys seemed to like boobs better than the other parts of a girl's body. She said that a couple of the guys that she had dated had felt hers and that she had later had erotic thoughts about it. I said that some girls' boobies (like hers) were so enticingly sexy that maybe guys who had never actually touched any, may have a terrific desire to. I told her that I like all parts of a girl's body, and especially hers. I then leaned down and kissed both of her pretty pink nipples. She cooed and stroked my hair as I gently licked and sucked one while holding and fondling the other. She gasped that she had fantasies and dreams of this being done to her. I told her that I would be glad to fulfill ANY of her dreams and fantasies any time she wanted. She sighed, cooed and whimpered as I gently made love to those delicious boobies of hers. She had another orgasm while I was gently sucking and continuously licking her left boobie while tweaking her right one with my thumb and forefinger.

She went to sleep curled up like a little girl, spooning into me with my arms around her. I drifted off into a light sleep myself, feeling very happy and satisfied, my still unrequited and raging hard dick leaking ounce after ounce of demanding pre-cum all over Susan's pretty little hiney. I would have taken care of it but didn't want to disturb her restful and trusting sleep. I considered this to be Susan's day, and I tried to recount the number of orgasms that I had given her, but couldn't.

I awakened in a little while and noticed that the sun was going down and darkness was approaching. I gently touched and shook Susan. She opened her eyes, looked into mine and told me that I had made her a very happy girl that afternoon and delivered another of her long and passionate kisses.

I knew that I was going to remember her and her kisses for the rest of my life!

I told her what time it was and suggested that her family might be worried and looking for her. She said that her parents and brother had gone into Birmingham for a church activity and shouldn't be back for a while. I then recommended that we go to a camp facility and take showers. She thought that to be a very good idea. As we stood up, she looked at my 'thingy' and suddenly realized that she had never brought me to orgasm. I laughed and told her that it was all right, and that I had a supreme orgasm while watching her watch me. She insisted on making me cum, but I told her not to worry and she finally got her clothes on to go shower. I lent her a towel and we rode over to the showers and toilet building and we each went into our respective areas. I was finished before she was and waited in the car. When she finished, she got into the car and we started back to their campsite, which was about 500 - 600 feet before mine. As we approached she suddenly ducked down and told me that her family was back. I said that I would turn around, and go back to just out of sight of their camp. I did remember to swap phone numbers and promised that we would get back together. She asked me how long I was going to be at the park and I told her that I would be leaving the next day. She told me that they were going to be camping for another week, that her dad was going back and forth to the church and that they enjoyed camping so much that they did this two or three times a year. Susan got out and walked back. I noticed that all three of her family were standing around their car and taking things to the fire ring where they had set up a nice smoker/grill. I was able to see them well enough to insure recognizing them in the future. I also noticed that they had three tents.

I went back to my camp and stayed on the recliner for a long time, regaling in what I had every reason to be the smell of their wood burning smoker/grill while reliving one of my most enjoyable encounters. I decided to not masturbate, hoping to have a wet dream starring Susan, which would be almost as good as reality.

At some point, I got up and went in my tent, zipped up the door panel, took off my clothes and lay naked on the air mattress enjoying the fragrant smells of her juices which were soaked into the cover sheet.

I went to sleep with a contented smile on my face and deliciously lovely thoughts about Susan.


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What a sweet and thoughtful guy. I would love to meet up with him.


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