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Here's a story I wrote in one go with no editing. It's about a young guy called Will who has some unexpected fun in his hotel room.
It had been a lovely hot sunny day on the island of Rhodes. Will had been busy exploring the island and taking in the beautiful sights. This was his first holiday alone and he was enjoying the freedom of being able to go where he wanted and do whatever he felt like doing without having to worry about anyone else.

He let out a relaxed sigh of relief when he saw his hotel out of the taxi's window. He was exhausted and couldn't wait to take his shoes off and have a nice relaxing bath in his room. The car stopped, he gathered his things, paid the driver and headed into the hotel as the taxi drove back off up the hill to the main road.

While walking through the main lobby area, Will couldn't help but notice the hot guy stood next to the reception desk, talking casually to the female receptionist. He was busy admiring the young man when he turned his head and their eyes met briefly across the large room. Will smiled politely and then continued on his way, not wanting to seem rude or like he was staring. He left the lobby and waited for the lift to his room thinking nothing more of it.

When Will got to his room he swiped his key card over the electronic device on the wall, opened the door and threw his backpack over onto the bed. He walked over to the large window at the other end of the room, kicking his shoes off as he did so. He stood at the window for a few minutes and admired the view of the sea and the mountains which surrounded the cove in which the hotel sat. It was an amazing location. He could also see the pool area from his room, and he couldn't help but catch a view of all the hot shirtless guys lounging around in nothing but a pair of shorts, trying to catch the sun which was beating down on them, even at this late time of the afternoon. He stood there and stared for a while until he noticed he was starting to make himself slightly horny by thinking too much about all of the things he could do to their hot toned bodies.

"Enough"! Will thought to himself as he turned and headed for the bathroom.

Will removed his t-shirt to reveal his smooth freshly shaved torso which he had taken care of a day ago before he left home for the airport. He rubbed his chest a little feeling the smoothness of his tight pecs. He turned the hot tap and began to run his bath.

After waiting for a little while for the bath to fill with water, he pushed the button on the side of the bath to turn on the water jets. He hadn't had the chance to try out the "whirlpool" bath yet and was looking forward to trying it, but unfortunately when he pushed the button, nothing happened. He tried a few more times but it was no use, it didn't seem to be working. Will was slightly disappointed by this situation as he had been really looking forward to trying it.

He debated whether to forget the jets and just have a normal bath but then he had the idea to call reception to see if they could send someone up to see if they could get it working for him. So he walked out of the bathroom and over to the phone which was on the small table next to the bed. He dialled 0 for reception and waited for someone to answer.

"Hello, reception, can I help"? The receptionist answered.

Will explained the situation to her and she kindly offered to send someone up to have a look at the bath straight away.

Within seconds there was a knock at the door and when Will answered he was surprised to see the hot guy from the lobby.

"Hi there, I'm here to see your bath" the attractive young man said in very good English, but with a very strong Greek accent.

"Hello," Will said after pausing a little, "please, come in"!

He couldn't help but notice that the man took the opportunity to have a good look up and down his naked torso as he entered the room. Will felt slightly embarrassed as he had forgotten to cover up before the receptionist send someone up, however he was flattered by this guys need to check him out. The thought crossed Will's mind that he might be able to persuade this guy to stay a little longer and do something a little more exciting than taking a whirlpool bath! But he quickly dismissed the thought.

The stood and waited for a few minutes while the guy played around with the button on the bath, trying to get it to work. He watched on as he then bent over, reaching over the bath to turn on the tap again. Will had the perfect view of the young Greek man's pert bum which was covered by a pair of white shorts which sat fairly high up his legs, revealing a small section of his also white boxer shorts underneath. Will felt himself twitch slightly in his own shorts before he looked away, trying not to get carried away with the moment. A minute later the man shut of the tap and pushed the button again and sure enough the jets roared into life.

"It needs to be more full is all" the man said smiling at Will.

"Great, thank you so much for fixing it for me" Will replied smiling back.

There was a moment of silence between the two young men as they looked each other in the eye, smiling before the hotel's handyman glanced back down at Will's smooth body and said "Is there anything else I can help you with sir"?

Sensing a little bit of mischief in his voice, Will paused before answering, wondering if he should risk it. He decided to try his luck!

"Well that depends on what you can offer me"? Will questioned, doing his best to be suggestive.

"I can offer you what you need" was the reply which was said with a devilish grin!

As Will smiled back, he felt his eyes light up and the sexy mystery man from the hotel lobby took a step closer to him. He saw the mutual excitement in his eyes as he approached and he felt himself twitching in his shorts once more, only this time more intensely! be continued...

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2014-05-20 06:10:01
nice prologue, jerk #notasexstory

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2014-05-14 17:22:31
who the hell keeps posting ads everywhere? There quite annoying. great suspense by the way.

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2014-05-13 18:42:52
heyyyy i live in rhodes ;) haha

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